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Al-Taji Gas Station to Resume Work

Iraqis weld a pipe at a new plant for gas production

Iraqis weld a pipe at a new plant for gas production

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The spokesman of the Ministry of Electricity, Sultan Aziz, said that last week in Amman, the ministry signed a contract with a Japanese company to complete the Al-Taji Gas Station project. This comes as part of a grant provided by the Japanese government to Iraq.

Sultan added in a statement to Mawtani that the ministry is now completing the Al-Taji Station unit’s production capacity, amounting to 300 MW. The Japanese company will supply all the equipment in addition to the necessary experience and will oversee the completion of the operations. An Iraqi company will build and a Jordanian company will oversee the work. He also said rehabilitation work on the station will begin soon.

Sultan said that next year will see a major development in the electricity sector at three major axes, namely energy production, transportation to places of need and delivery to the consumer.

”At this level of production, the Ministry of Electricity concluded a number of contracts with a number of foreign companies to build electricity plants producing in the various provinces of the country,” Sultan said. “This is within a plan of work that has been implemented by the ministry since 2006. It includes the building of power plants. The ministry also has a number of other contracts to be implemented by 2015.”

Speaking about the power carrier lines, Aziz stressed that the ministry was seeking to establish a production plant in each province to reduce dependence on production lines between the provinces. Many lines are being improved and developed and authorities are now building another parallel line to it.

As for the distribution and delivery of energy to the suburbs and cities and the development of the new service in the old quarters, Aziz confirmed that it will be done through switching networks from above the ground to underground. Work has already started in Baghdad such as the work in the Cairo neighborhood. Work will take place by a Turkish company in Al-Adhamiyah.

“In 2008, Iraq will witness an expansion in solar cell use and 5200 solar cell units will arrive in Baghdad soon,” Sultan added. “The ministry has concluded many contracts in this area for lighting the streets and squares of the capital and will transfer a number of them to the provinces for the same purpose.”