Al-Maliki Promises More Work to Achieve Goals

Al-Maliki meets Al-Hakim after returning from London

Al-Maliki meets Al-Hakim after returning from London

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Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki returned to the homeland after undergoing medical examinations in London. In statements made upon his arrival at Baghdad airport, he renewed his readiness to achieve the goals and aspirations that have been set for this year, including the implementation of building and construction projections.

Al-Maliki left Baghdad last week, after announcing he was not well. Three days after his departure from Iraq, in a recording broadcast by official government satellite channel Al-Iraqiya, Al-Maliki assured everyone that he was in good health. The recording was made from his place of residence in London. The message coincided with New Year’s.

While in London, Al-Maliki met with his British counterpart Gordon Brown and held discussions with him on the latest developments in the case of the five British hostages kidnapped by unknown gunmen last May.

Al-Maliki and Brown discussed Iraq’s reconciliation plans. They also discussed British government support for economic development projects in Basra and other Iraqi provinces.

Upon his arrival in Baghdad, Al-Maliki was greeted by a large number of people who had boarded buses to come to Baghdad International Airport. They were holding his picture and waving Iraqi flags.

A reception party was held for Al-Maliki at the prime minister’s office building. It was attended by the leader of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim, Vice-President Tariq Al-Hashimi, Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih, and a number of other government ministers, including Defense Minister Abdul Qader Al-Obaidi and Interior Minister Jawad Al-Polani. Also in attendance were a number of representatives from the Iraqi Parliament and officials from the office of the prime minister.