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Al-Muthanna Police Arrest Women’s Smuggling Gang

Iraqi police

Iraqi police

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Al-Muthanna province’s police chief, Brigadier Kazem Abu Hail Jahil Al-Giashi, announced the arrest of a gang that was smuggling girls to Syria and another gang that was trading narcotics. “This gang is composed of people who live in the cities of Najaf and Samawah, where they got three girls from different provinces and abused them against their will and then used them in blackmail schemes,” Al-Gaishi said in an interview to

“We have arrested the gang members after observation, which lasted more than two months,” he added. “The head of the group is from Najaf and needed to renew his passports in the in the Al-Samawah passport office.”

“The person who supplies the narcotic pills to the province which is brought from Baghdad for the distribution in Samawah was arrested with more than 40 thousand pills in his possession,” he added. “The supplier distributed this number during a period of less than two months and he is one of the suppliers who sell narcotics in the province. We are monitoring the other movements and watching them to catch them in the act.”

He emphasized that the segments that buy these pills are teens and some who are less than 30 years, especially the unemployed and the residents of the neighborhoods such as Al-Jmhori, Al-Omal, Al-Haidariya, Al-Thjerih, Al-Kassal and others.





    God bless Al-Samawah police. They are the heroes who are combating these actions that God and his Prophet will not accept. The Iraqi people are magnanimous and chivalrous, Sunni and Shiite; this is the nature of the true Arab. My enduring brethren, Iraqis, do not follow foreigners who arrived with the occupation. They hold now top positions within the sectarian Iranian-backed Government. I commend the tribes in the south who always stood fast. I tell you not to follow the corrupt religious figures because they are fomenting sectarianism. Don�t follow their Fatwas (religious rulings), which serve only their interests. God save and unite Iraq and liberate us from the Iranian and American occupation.