Razaq Farhan May Join the National Team Roster

Razaq Farhan

Razaq Farhan

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There is no doubt that Iraqi fans are wondering today about the possibility of Razaq Farhan being called onto the Iraqi National Team roster.

Razaq Farhan, who plays for Jordan’s Al-Faysali club, may join Coach Adnan Hamid’s roster in preparation for the match against Qatar this March 26, as part of the second leg (Group A) of round three of qualifiers for the 2010 South Africa World Cup.

Talk about Razaq Farhan being called up come on the heels of our team striker Ahmad Mnajed Abbas (Lebanese Al-Ansar) suffering an ankle injury, which will keep him off the field for three months.

Our National Team Coach Adnan Hamad depends on Razaq Farhan to lead Al-Faysali’s attack. This, however, does not necessarily mean that he will depend on him for the roster of the Lions of Mesopotamia, in light of the presence Younis Mahmoud (Al-Gharrafa, Qatar), Mustafa Karim (Al-Ismaily, Egypt), Ala Abdul Zahra (Al-Merrikh, Sudan), Imad Mohammed Ridha (Sabahan Isfahan, Iran) and Ahmed Salah (Erbil, Iraq).

Thus the competition for the honor of being called up is vicious among these stars. Adnan Hamad, though, may use a single, open striker against Qatar, or maybe two at most. It is well known that Adnan Hamad likes to play a (3-5-2) lineup, occasionally a (4-4-2), and he may even play a (4-5-1), as he did in the 2004 Athens Olympics. This lineup may be the most appropriate for our national team’s abilities, and it was effectively used by Akram Ahmad Sliman (presently Erbil’s coach) in the Gulf-18 Tournament. He was followed by Brazilian Jorvan Vieira (2007 Asia Cup), and finally came Norwegian Egil Olsen, in the present World Cup qualifiers.

Razaq Farhan was thrown off our National Team by the Iraqi National Soccer Federation, in light of events that happened in the Gulf-18 Tournament. He nonetheless maintains a good relationship with Federation President Hussein Saeed and Permanent Secretary Ahmad Abbas.

We hope that matters will return to their course. It is important for everyone to show solidarity with the federation and with the training corps, players, media, and fans in working to push our Iraqi National Team forward. A difficult task awaits them in the Iron Group that includes: the Australian Giants, the Chinese Dragons, and the Qatari Maroon, alongside the Sons of Mesopotamia.





    Our coach, Adnan Hamad, depends upon three strikers. The third striker only is allowed to play if the team takes control of the match. Not only does this allow the strikers to play, but the defenders can also strike. Adnan Hamad should depend upon the entire team, and every Iraqi player should contribute his share to the matches. Thanks.