930 Cadets Graduate from National Police Academy and Join New Divisions

930 element graduating from the School of the National Police

930 element graduating from the School of the National Police

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The National Police Academy graduated 930 trainees who will join various police divisions. The trainees paraded before a platform where National Police Commander, Major General Hussain Abd Ali; Academy Director, Major General Basim Muhammad Al-Gharawi; and a number of Interior Ministry officers and Academy leaders stood to congratulate the cadets, including those from commando and military apparatus units.

National Police Commander Abd Ali stated, “These days the Ministry is working to establish new divisions of the National Police in all provinces of Iraq. These new graduates will be distributed among these divisions.” He noted that, in accordance with the plan that had been drawn up, members of the National Police leadership in Baghdad had been integrated and could assume command of any assigned location.

Abd Ali told Mawtani.com, “Terrorism in Iraq is in its final phase. The training the National Police receive enables them to control the security situation and counter terrorist elements. Because of the high level of physical fitness and training they acquired, they will comprise a new inflow for the National Police divisions.”

Academy Director Al-Gharawi said, “This is the seventh round of graduates to progress through the school and was dubbed the ‘People of Iraq Unit’. The lessons trainees received were divided between how to combat terrorism, uncovering hideouts, and attack and defense operations, in addition to theoretical and practical lessons in safeguarding human rights.”

Al-Gharawi remarked, “The school’s instructors strove to promote feelings of nationalism among trainees, steering clear of sectarian concepts. The trainees belong to various Iraqi sects, including Christians and Kurds.”

The academy’s walls and procession area were adorned with banners renouncing sectarianism and proclaiming the need to belong to one Iraq. Cadet Kamal Al-Isawi said, “The school’s officers all have a high degree of professionalism and belong to various Iraqi sects. Iraq today is in a new stage and the officers assure us that we are children of one country before being from this sect or that religion.”

Trainees expressed their happiness over graduating from the school and entering life in the police corps, where they will apply their newly acquired teachings in setting up detachments and pursuing terrorists while helping citizens live in safety.

Amin Naji Al-Azzawi, from Diyala, said, “[Participating in] the training stage at the school in Al-Kout before my colleagues and I came to the National Police Academy in Baghdad provided me with strong relationships.”

Fellow trainee Samer Al-Abbadi, from Kazimiyya, said, “I am happy because I heard we will serve in the Mosul province, and I want to see all the regions of Iraq through my police service.”

Academy instructor Nors Al-Samawi, from Samawa city, likes when the cadets belt out an enthusiastic song containing the names of all the Iraqi provinces—from north to south—and said, “These are our feelings—we are Iraqis and terrorism cannot separate us.”





    I do not know when we will eliminate the terrorist dogs.

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    Peace be upon you. If anyone has information about the start of the Al-Numaniya session please let me know a soon as possible.

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    I have a question: Why are you refusing to update articles in this section? Maybe the webmaster has totally forgotten this section? Are there only these two pieces of news here? Killing of members of Al-Qaeda in the operation of reaping of warriors Arresting 13 head members of the Ansar Al Mahdi group including its spiritual leader in Najaf Is that all?

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    You have published very nice photos. May God liberate the kind and suffering Iraqi people from the wicked terrorists and Al-Qaeda dogs.

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    Why the job pays money and the price is 6 books ($600.00).

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    Iraqis must hold on to the Sunni teachings, because its nights are as its days.