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Death of Syrian Terrorists in Iraq Another Sign that Al-Qaeda Uses Foreign Nationals

Iraqi soldiers stand guard near their armored vehicle during a military operation

Iraqi soldiers stand guard near their armored vehicle during a military operation

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Signs revealing the isolation of the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization and Iraqi society’s rejection of it have increased lately. The organization’s activity has as a result become more limited to foreign terrorists that have been brought to Iraq via smuggling networks and deceived into carrying out terrorist attacks.

On Monday, May 25, the Iraqi authorities disclosed the killing of two Syrian terrorists and the arrest of a number of others during a raid carried out in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. This follows the announcement only a few days ago of the arrest by the Iraqi forces of another Syrian terrorist during an attempt to detonate his suicide vest bomb in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

In a statement of which Mawtani obtained a copy, Baghdad Operations Leadership said that acting on intelligence information, a joint force from the Directorate of Internal Affairs in the Interior Ministry along with a force from the 8th Brigade of the National Police raided a terrorist den in the 702nd quarter in the Al-Ghadir region east of Baghdad.

The statement added that during the raid, the force clashed with the terrorists and was able to kill two Syrian nationals and arrest two others. The force also seized and disarmed a Kia that had been rigged as a car bomb carrying sand and aluminum pipes.

The General Director for Anti-Explosives, Major General Jihad Al-Jabiri, said during a press conference on the affair that the Iraqi forces found nearly 1.5 tons of explosives in the terrorist den.

Al-Jabiri explained that the house was completely booby-trapped and that the Iraqi forces were successful in dismantling the bombs as well as the booby-trapped Kia truck.

For its part, Iraqi Government Television (Iraqiya Channel) showed pictures of the booby-trapped Kia and the explosives that were found inside the terrorists’ house, along with bomb-making materials.

The station reported Interior Minister Jawad Al-Bolani’s statement that the raid began at 3AM in the morning on Monday and ended at 7AM the same day. He confirmed that those arrested were Arab terrorists.

Al-Bolani said that the operation was successful by all measures and that the Iraqi forces did not suffer any losses, with the exception of three wounded policemen.

The operation reveals that the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization has not succeeded in gaining the goodwill of the Iraqi citizenry and that it has been forced to rely on foreign terrorists to carry out its attacks and killing of civilians in Iraq.

The operation also reveals the growing capabilities of the intelligence arm of the Iraqi forces, which succeeded in surrounding the den of the terrorists and killing a number of them while arresting others in only four hours, even though the target was a major Al-Qaeda one.





    God bless the brave and zealous sons of Iraq, the watchful eye against the greedy criminals who come across the borders. God damn them to the end of days. No one supports you in Iraq except those who sold their country for a fist full of dollars. God bless the sons of the country, the people of the Interior and Defense Ministries. Son of Iraq, Qusai Salim Al-Anbari.

  • 2009-5-27

    Thanks to the site for this article, and I hope for more cheerful news, so Iraq will be back safe and prosperous, God willing. I am an Egyptian, but God knows that this brave country is in my blood. God give Iraq peace, goodness and security. Mohammed Al-Ashol.

  • 2009-5-27

    Yes, Iraq is a symbol of love and peace, progress and civilization. The criminal acts that occur in Iraq are alien to the ideas of this peaceful country, and came from beyond its borders. Iraq poses a risk to the neighboring countries. If the political process in Iraq succeeds, and the Iraqis are able to achieve the dream of building the first democratic state in the Middle East, supported by all the civilized nations of the world, then this state will be a threat to them because their oppressed and deprived peoples who are denied any right of expression and respecting the opinions of others will ask, “why can’t we also be as the advanced democratic Iraq?” These are the bases of their problems with Iraq, and that is why they don’t want the good for its people. Mohammed from Baghdad.

  • 2009-5-27

    Hi, Thank you for your efforts and hard work. One of the outstanding shortcomings of your website is the lack of any links between the news and the dates. This makes your visitors confused. I would be appreciative if you could solve this problem as soon as possible.

  • 2009-5-27

    May God reward you, valiant heroes of Iraq.

  • 2009-5-27

    I hope the day comes that there won’t be even one vampire terrorist in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Pakistan, or elsewhere in the world. If the mercenaries of Taliban think that they can get to heaven by dying, they can kill themselves. Why are they taking the lives of innocent people then?