Dirjal Praises National Team Coach

Iraqi soccer star Adnan Dirjal

Iraqi soccer star Adnan Dirjal

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Captain Adnan Dirjal praised the Iraqi national team training camp in the Qatari capital Doha and called upon everyone to support Serbian Bora Milutinovic, coach of the Iraqi national team.

In an interview with the MBC1 channel, Dirjal, nicknamed “The General,” said, “Personally I am a follower of Serbian coach Bora Milutinovic. He is a coach with great plans who has led well-known squads. There is no doubting his abilities.”

He added, “If we reach the semifinals of the Confederations Cup, which would be considered a success, credit will first go to the players and then to the coach, his medical and administrative staff and also the Iraqi federation, which recruited him and did everything to make the national team’s task easier.”

Dirjal also spoke of the players currently in South Africa. “In my opinion, they are the best,” he said. “If I were the coach, I would have chosen the same players.”

Regarding Dirjal’s prior refusal to become national team coach, he said, “The Iraqi federation, via its president Hussein Saeed, contacted me personally. I appreciate their trust in me, but I declined. I did however say that if the federation was unable to hire a major foreign coach I would accept the offer, as this is my country and it is an honor to go back to coaching the national team, which I did back in 1993.”

Adnan Dirjal said that he has his own philosophy in managing players. If one of his players does not carry out his ideas or does not follow his instructions, that player does not belong on the team.

Adnan Dirjal concluded by wishing the Iraqi national team success and honorable results in its difficult path in the 2009 Confederations Cup.





    Peace be upon you…I swear to God that I don't know what to say to the Iraqi players, who destroyed the national team, especially Younis, known as the mercenary, Nashat, the Maestro, and Hawar, Iraqi football mace. These players have no affection for our dear and beloved Iraq. May God protect the three players Basem, the rock, Mohammed Kassed, the mountain, and Salam Shaker. They gave their all for Iraq. Thank you.

  • 2009-6-13

    It is an honorable stance by Adnan Derjal, the former “general” of the Iraqi team’s defense. This proves the love of this hero for his country’s national team. God Bless him! Indeed, Bora is a shrewd and good coach. God willing, the Iraqi team will achieve great results under his leadership.

  • 2009-6-13

    Thanks to coach Adnan Drjal for this statement. I hope that coach Bora will keep away some of the players who didn’t care for Iraq like Younis Mahmoud, Nashat Akram, and Hawar Mulla Mohammed. They didn’t give anything to the team, especially Younis and Nashat who play independently in the Al-Gharafa Club. Nashat can’t even hit a penalty kick or set up a corner kick. Stop compromising. Our loss will be very heavy with Australia and New Zealand. Our draws with South Africa was just a coincidence or luck.