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American Ambassador in Baghdad Confirms his Country's Commitment to Help Iraq Move Out of Chapter 7

Christopher Hill, the American ambassador in Baghdad

Christopher Hill, the American ambassador in Baghdad

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Christopher Hill, the American ambassador in Baghdad, confirmed his government's concern with relations between Iraq and neighboring countries, in particular Kuwait. He noted that the American government is committed to gaining international support for Iraq to be removed from Chapter VII, as stated in section 25 of the Security Agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington. He also confirmed the U.S. government's commitment to carrying out the departure of American fighting forces from cities, towns and villages on the 30th of this month.

Meeting at the embassy building in Baghdad with representatives from print and audio media outlets (including Mawtani), he said, "The United States began discussions with the Iraqi government, the United Nations, and various governments involved in this issue." He added, "The American government is doing the most it can to help remove Iraqi from Chapter VII." He expressed his hope that relations between Iraq and neighboring countries, in particular Kuwait, will be excellent.

"It is necessary for Iraqi diplomacy to work toward finding adequate solutions that rely on dialogue," Hill added, "in addition to bringing Iraq into the Gulf Cooperation Council"

Regarding the nature of American investments to help develop the Iraq economy, Hill said that he is working to bring American capital into Iraq for investment, especially in the oil sector. He noted that the American government hopes for "expansion in the sectors where assistance will be directed, especially agriculture and the economic development sectors."

He noted that the nature of relations between Iraq and the United States will depend on future events related to the country, while emphasizing the importance of focusing on economic rather than military aspects.

Hill added that while the focus in past years has been on rebuilding the country, we must now –particularly following the departure of American troops- work with the Iraqi government and commit to the Strategic Framework Agreement to achieve economic development in all sectors, especially agriculture.

Hill said he had become convinced that regional neighboring countries have understood that an unstable Iraq is not in their interests. He added that the U.S. Army will be fully prepared to defend past national achievements alongside Iraqi security forces.

Hill reported that President Obama said, "Iraq will enter a new period following the departure of the Multi-National Force from the capital." He confirmed American commitment to achieving the departure of fighting troops, adding that a failure to carry out what was agreed upon with Iraq is not in his country's interests. He noted that relations between the two countries will be based on respect and common interests.

Hill said that Iraq, the United States and the world all realize the importance of June 30. This is the date when the Iraqi government and its security forces will become fully sovereign. The security forces have now reached a high level of capability and preparedness to confront armed attacks and terrorist operations targeting innocent civilians.






    We, the innocent citizens, are always right but unfortunately we cannot express what is inside us. For how long shall we remain incapable of talking? For how long shall we remain weak? We have to talk, we have to express our opinion. For how long shall we remain silent? We have to be brave and express our opinion. We have to take a step forward. O Lord, I hope we take a step forward. For how long shall we remain standing still? Till we die, or what?

  • 2009-7-1

    Iraq is still in need of the American support in all areas of science and security. We hope that this relationship will continue and strengthen over the years. We both have passed through bad times, pain and confusion. But God willing, from now on there will be nothing but good things for us, the Iraqis, and all the good people of the world.