Nazim Shakir Appointed Interim Coach for Iraqi Team

Iraqi national soccer team

Iraqi national soccer team

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The Iraqi Central Soccer Federation appointed captain Nazim Shakir interim coach to ready the Iraqi national team for friendly matches to be held in Iraq, in preparation for the complete lifting of the embargo on Iraqi soccer teams taking [players] from neighboring and regional countries.

The Iraqi Federation said that they are in contact with Serbian coach Bora Milutinovic, who is currently on vacation with his family in Mexico. In the meantime, Shakir, a former international star and one of the key players in the dream team that participated in World Cup Mexico 1986, has been appointed interim coach.

It is hoped that Iraq will face the Tanzanian team in Baghdad’s Al-Shaab International Stadium on August 12.

The Iraqi Federation’s decision to hold a game in Iraq came after they got the green light from the Asian and international federations.

Shakir, 51, played in 67 international games and participated in four Gulf Cup Tournaments. He was instrumental in our team reaching the 1986 Mexico World Cup. He is a former Al-Quwwa Al-Jawiyya player and coached many clubs, including Al-Quwwa Al-Jawiyya, Erbil, Al-Naft and Dohuk.

Following is the Iraqi team roster Shakir called up:

Goalkeepers: Muhammad Kasid (Al-Zawraa), Udayy Talib (Dohuk) and Alaa Kati’ (Al-Najaf).

Defenders: Ali Hussein Irhima (Al-Wakra--Qatar), Salam Shakir Ali (Al-Khor--Qatar), Basim Abbas (Al-Talaba), Muhammad Ali Karim (Al-Jazira--UAE), Mu’ayyad Khalid (Al-Quwwa Al-Jawiyya), Samal Said Majbil (Erbil), Dara Muhammad (Al-Sulaimaniyya) and Nabil Abbas (Al-Najaf).

Midfielders: Nash’at Akram Ali (FC Twente--Netherlands), Salih Sudair (Al-Ahd--Lebanon), Karar Jasim Muhammad (Al-Wakra--Qatar), Mahdi Karim (Al-Khor--Qatar), Hawar Mulla Muhammad Tahir (Anorthosis Famagusta FC--Cyprus), Farid Majid (Al-Kharitiyat--Qatar), Said Muhsin (Al-Najaf), Samir Said Majbil (Al-Ahli Tripoli--Libya) and Ahmad Abdul-Jabbar (Dohuk).

Forwards: (Captain) Yunis Mahmud Khalaf (Al-Gharafa--Qatar), Imad Muhammad Riza (Subhan Isfahan--Iran), Alaa Abdul-Zahra Khashan (Al-Khor--Qatar), Ahmad Salah (Erbil) and Ali Salah Hashim (Al-Wahda--UAE).

All of the players who participated in the Confederations Cup are on the roster except goalkeeper Nur Sabri (Al-Talaba), Abdul-Wahhab Abu’l-Hail (Subhan Isfahan--Iran), Isam Yassin (Al-Amana), Hilkurd Mulla Muhammad Tahir (Al-Sulaimaniyya) and Luayy Salah (Erbil).

New names were called up too, but they have represented Iraq on previous occasions: Alaa Kati’, Ahmad Abdul-Jabbar, Said Muhsin, Ahmad Salah and Ali Salah Hashim.






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