Elissa: I Will Not Marry Someone from the Entertainment Industry

Lebanese singer Elissa

Lebanese singer Elissa

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In an interview with media personality Lamees Al-Hadidi the Lebanese entertainer, Elissa, said she is not involved with anyone, her heart is not beating for anyone, and she is not thinking about marriage.

According to the website Al-Nogoom, Elissa was a guest on Fish wa Tashbih on the Egyptian Channel One, where she talked about the knight of her dreams. “I’d like him to be a self-made man who does not rely on my money and fame, and I do not want to be involved with anyone from the entertainment industry,” said Elissa.

Elissa also expressed her admiration for Nancy Ajram’s songs, Shereen’s and Asala’s voices. She denied reports in the media of differences with Haifa Wahbi. Elissa also denied having attacked Amr Diab, saying “Who am I to attack such a great and distinguished artist of Amr Diab’s caliber? I’ve loved his songs since I was young. I have never attacked him. It is all media hype.”

About her albums, Elissa said Ayashalak did the most to achieve her reputation and popularity, and established her as a singer, advancing her many steps forward. She said that her success prior to this album was tied in to others, as was the case with the duet Betgheib Betrouh with Ragheb Alama. She also said she does not like to dance on stage, “I am a singer, not a dancer, though I might move with the lyrics of the song without reaching the point of dancing.”

Elissa also spoke about the music video for Baddi Doub, in which she appeared wrapped in a bed sheet. She said she was not trying to earn any kind of reputation from it, but it was the director’s idea, and she regretted it afterward.

Elissa stressed that she was influenced very much by the Lebanese singer Fairuz and the Egyptian-French singer Dalida, saying that she hoped to perform songs that never die and live on forever in the memory of Arab art.

Elissa admitted to having plastic surgery, but she stressed that she changed nothing about her face or nature. She said she cares very much about her voice as well as her appearance, especially now that image is such a big part of the artist due to visual media.

Advertisements dump fame and fortune over artists, said Elissa, but she refused to allow her appearance in advertisements to detract from her as an artist, saying that the successful artist is the one who gets targeted by advertising companies’ campaigns.






    She is truly one of the best singers in the world. I love her very much.

  • احسان نيکومرام


    I love her. Please publish more photos.

  • 2009-9-12

    This is because you are secure financially and don’t think of marriage as an urgent necessity to guarantee your future. But life is more than just success and financial security. Companionship and sharing with a loving and affectionate man is required. Find a man who loves you without thinking of money.