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Literacy Centers Resume Their Activities in Iraq and Resurrect Adult Education

An Iraqi woman reads a book as she attends an adult literacy class

An Iraqi woman reads a book as she attends an adult literacy class

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Literacy centers have restarted their activities across Iraq after years of discontinuation and decline in the field of education. These centers have recently made significant strides in adult education.

In a statement obtained by Mawtani, the Department of Education in the Najaf governorate said that it organized, in cooperation with the Iraqi Al-Amal charity, a celebration to commemorate World Literacy Day. A number of provincial council members, Najaf General Director of Education Ismail Khalil Al-Madhi, and literacy center directors from the province attended the event.

The statement quoted Al-Madhi as saying “Our World Literacy Day celebration affirms we care about this important section of society and about contributing to literacy and adult education projects.” He said the Department of Education has opened 48 literacy centers to take in “our brothers and sisters” from around the province.

In this regard Safaa Al-Muhanna, director of the

Al-Muhanna said that students have completed two stages, but the lack of funds has prevented the continuation of the program. However, he said, “This will not undo our aspirations to educate adults and eliminate this disease that eats away at education.”

Dr. Sina Al-Musawi, director of the cultural and charitable Women’s Center and supervisor of many literacy centers in the governorate, called on the Ministry of Education and the Najaf provincial council to work toward a national program for adult education like the accelerated education program adopted by the United Nations Children's Fund and the Ministry of Education.

Dr. Al-Musawi also called for support of the literacy centers through providing good wages to lecturers, curriculum books, and stationary for the students. At the same time she showed her appreciation for the efforts of the Department of Education and Amal in commemorating World Literacy Day and honoring the centers.

The bygone regime’s preoccupation with frivolous wars and political exploits kept many illiterate adults from receiving the necessary care and attention, which exacerbated the education crisis in Iraq.

The growing interest in literacy centers indicates the Iraqi education system’s dedication to revive the education situation for all sectors of society in order to build an educated and cultured Iraq.





    Knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness.

  • 2009-9-14

    I am the president of the goodness path humanitarian organization. The organization is registered under the number (1z72656) on 22/6/2008. We organized many workshops since the collapse of the previous regime, including adult education, in cooperation with our members and many volunteers. At the present time we have a joint project with Mercy Corps for adult women education. We have vast experience in this area. Our staff is made up of professional men and women. Our wishes for success. Hassan Al-Ogaili, president of the organization.

  • 2009-9-14

    The Iraqis are busy trying to survive, manage their daily welfare, and deal with the bombing. All these factors kept them away from knowledge and reading. We used to be the most who read in the Arab world.