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Iraqi parliament contemplates 'ideological warfare' against al-Qaeda

A wounded citizen lies in the hospital after a bomb attack in Baghdad's Shula district on September 10th, 2012. [Mohammed Ameen/Reuters]

A wounded citizen lies in the hospital after a bomb attack in Baghdad's Shula district on September 10th, 2012. [Mohammed Ameen/Reuters]

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The Iraqi parliament's security and defence committee is calling for the swift launch of an "ideological warfare" against al-Qaeda to support the war that Iraqi forces are waging against the organisation.

Iraqi officials said on Monday (September 10th) that the call is timely, as al-Qaeda seeks to rebuild its armed cells after many of its strongholds were wiped out by Iraqi forces.

Aifan al-Essawi, secretary of the parliamentary committee, told Mawtani the call was made during a discussion held by committee members and a number of Iraqi security commanders about the country's latest security breaches, for which al-Qaeda had claimed responsibility.

"The committee proposed that the government should develop a mechanism to implement an ideological warfare, which we believe is just as effective and important as a real military war against this harmful body in our society," he said.

"The parliament has urged the government to take speedy measures to begin the project -- with help from religious leaders of various faiths and sects, intellectuals, authors, writers and journalists -- to unmask the truth about this organisation, refute its arguments and isolate it from the rest of society as a cancerous, contagious disease," al-Essawi said.

Enhancing citizen co-operation with security forces

Interior Ministry Undersecretary Adnan al-Asadi told Mawtani that ideological warfare "would greatly help security forces in their war against al-Qaeda, especially in what pertains to information co-operation between citizens and the police".

"The intelligence efforts of our security forces would not succeed fully without help from Iraqi citizens, and without familiarising them with the crimes of the terrorists," he said.

"Refuting the pretexts of terrorists, who target innocents, would convince people to pick up the telephone and inform security forces about terrorists hiding in their neighbourhoods," al-Asadi said.

Sheikh Ahmad Abdul Ghafoor al-Samarrae, head of the Sunni Endowment office in Iraq, told Mawtani that "Islam, which emphasises that killing one person is like killing all people, and which banned cutting down trees and inflicting harm on animals, could not represent these [actions] in any way imaginable."

"Thousands of mosques in Iraq are ready to co-operate to fight al-Qaeda, although [religious leaders] have never stopped exposing their methods, warning against them, and calling to fight them and discard extremism, since many years ago," he said.

"Religious leaders are ready to step up their efforts and mobilise public opinion against al-Qaeda, which does not represent any of us," he said.

Debunking al-Qaeda’s ambiguous messages

Culture Ministry Undersecretary Fawzi al-Atroushi told Mawtani, "The ministry will support writers and intellectuals by printing their books and works documenting terrorism and the catastrophes it inflicted on Iraqis, thus exposing terrorism's ugly face."

He said the ministry will take charge of printing and distributing such books to the public.

"Any such effort would be a holy war against the killers and criminals that are shedding Iraqi blood," he said.

Alaa Jabara, 42, who works as a taxi driver in Fallujah, welcomed the parliament's call.

"[Al-Qaeda] are masters in the art of conversation, slogans and impassioned speeches, and can make many issues seem ambiguous for us, especially through their printed leaflets, which they throw in the streets sporadically," he told Mawtani.

A campaign of ideological warfare would thus help "the naïve, the uneducated and those who are not well-informed about their own religion, to recognise al-Qaeda and the terrorists as they really are, and hence fortify themselves against [their message]", Jabara said.




    خالد ماجد


    Terrorism is a strong and fatal power with extremely bad and dangerous effects to any country plagued by its presence on its territory because it deprives the nation of its safety, stability, and freedom, and makes the country live a life full of fear, anxiety, chaos, turmoil, and grief. Therefore, efforts, minds and ideas must be harnessed in order to solve this crisis and eliminate it, save the homeland from it, try to prosecute and punish the perpetrators of those crimes, and save the nation from real destruction that would certainly result from the permanent presence of terrorism and its masters. Thus, it is necessary to get rid of terrorism. Terrorism must be the issue of the hour which should also be the concern of the government and its people.

  • محمد صالح


    Everyone must believe that if we wanted to face terrorism and eliminate it completely, then we must first eliminate radicalism and the terrorist goals that originally follow radical ideas. We cannot face ideas with actions, but this must be done with ideas and methods adequate to the level of these radicals. In order for this to be done, specialized individuals must talk and communicate with the believers of these ideas harming us and our societies for what they do regarding the terrorist operations to achieve completely wrong goals and also to exploit these people in something beneficial to their countries instead of being useless to their countries or themselves by following these ideas.

  • يعقوب يوسف


    We often hear the word radical thought a lot while not knowing what it means. Now, we will know what it means in detail, how dangerous it is and how to deal with this radical thought. Radical thought is the anomaly in individuals’ thoughts and their deviation from the normal path, or holding on to a thought tightly and trying spread it in any way possible, no matter what the dangers were. Whether spreading it through terrorizing other individual persons, killing or other means, this radicalism is either religious radicalism which is the most widespread, or it is political radicalism. The danger of this radicalism is determined by how quickly it spreads among the individuals. If the radical thought reached a school student, it would easily spread through the student’s influence to his fellow students. Also, the reasons that led to its spread were poverty, ignorance and unemployment ruling the youth as they were searching for any safety pin to save them from the poverty and ignorance that they live in, and the leaders wanting to spread this radicalism find these youth easy prey, easily influenced, recruited to these radical thoughts, and encouraged to spread it. That is why it is the responsibility of every individual of the society to fight these thoughts, like the individuals who try to guide the individuals like themselves towards the right path and repel these radical thoughts from their minds, the universities, schools, and all knowledge. The homes also have a huge responsibility to fight these thoughts by spreading the right and correct thoughts, the moderate doctrines, and spreading the correct teachings of Islam. Also, there is a huge responsibility on mosques to spread our right teachings in order to avoid the spread of these thoughts and the growing of the problem until it reaches terrorism.

  • يوسف عبدالله


    Radical thought is a serious problem. If it was not dealt with correctly, it would cause a massive crisis in the country, as the radical thought is the beginning of deviation and the start of terrorist groups forming and spreading, which is the huge problem that Iraq is facing right now. Before any person becomes a terrorist he is first radical in his thought and does not accept any discussion. All he thinks about is widely spreading his thought. Truly, he tries to spread this radical thought amongst his friends, siblings, and neighbors, then they form radical groups with one orientation, whether this radicalism was political or religious. Then, they become more and more militant in their opinion and try to spread their thought by force while every individual believes in his heart that he is on the right path. However, they are completely unaware of the truth and reality. The terrorist operations start and they believe that these operations are martyrs’ operations, but the Islam is innocent of them. The religion forbids killing the human soul without right and also, our religion works to spread peace. Therefore, how could these people be convinced of these cheap radical thoughts? If they really knew their religion, they would not have been convinced by these radical thoughts. All the people of Iraq must fight these thoughts through spreading the proper awareness in schools, universities, also mosques, and through the media. This is in order for the problem not to grow bigger and so that Iraq does not fall in the hands of the terrorists and terrorism, thus, attention must be made to how dangerous the spreading of these thoughts is.

  • عيسى كاظم


    The Arab governments have to face extremism with the use of new thought. We don't need learners who just get certificates and we don't need ignorant people. Terrorism addresses the minds and thoughts, regardless of education, culture or even religion. We must commend, meanwhile, that the true Islamic religion and the message of Prophet Muhammad discourages terrorism and extremism of all types. All governments must tackle extremism with the same weapon that it uses in its attacks. Therefore, governments should raise awareness about religion among the sons of the nation and political awareness must be spread among the community, also, all aspects of freedom of opinion and thought must be practiced. The Arab governments must develop the young people's thoughts, and all security and legal means must face these types of extremism. Many Arab countries like Iraq, Syria and Yemen suffered a lot from the extremist ideologies because of the terrorists, jihadists and extremists that take Islam as a mask. These groups with their ideas must be permanently excluded because they are a serious threat for the coming generations.

  • جابر عباس


    Extremism is one of the poisoned arrows in the belly of nations but also in the belly of young people; all states must confront all kinds of extremism through the media by broadcasting positive thoughts to the citizens, supporting the culture of patriotism and belonging to the homeland. Also, governments must provide all the rights and freedoms to their citizens, and support programs that would deal with issues, and develop the popular thinking for the better. The government should provide serious job opportunities for the youth; it must support the true religion and normal creed in order not to slip into extremism and religious or political intolerance. The Arab governments must take advantage of the Western trials in all cases for addressing extremism and terrorism, and youth must help the Arab governments by working in the agricultural, industrial and business sectors, and all aspects of investment. They must take advantage of the young and make use of their energy in all areas of the economy. They must exploit the capacities of young people, work to help return the proper religion, and to keep them away from religious extremism. The Arab states like Iraq, Syria and Yemen adopted the policy of suppressing thoughts and freedoms.The government has taken one position which hears itself only, and does not listen to the others, and it wants the people to be obedient and to carry out orders, which make it impossible to have the freedom of expressing their human rights. Where are the governments that deal with their people in a civilized and cultured manner? Where are the freedoms in the Arab world? Where is self-determination, which is the hope of every Arab citizen in his own country?

  • ماهر محمود


    We all can fight extremism, which has become widespread within the Iraqi State, especially after the internal situation that had been worsened until it became as we see now. The explosions, the dead and the wounded are everywhere. They could not find a place to receive treatment and assistance, and the citizens feel dismayed and terrified every day and night. For all this, we have to support the process control of those with all of our experiences and with all our power and energy to provide a safe life for the citizens of Iraq who deserve our full appreciation, pride and respect. We call on everyone to participate actively and positively in that fight against those serious ideologies strongly and firmly.

  • محمود حمودي


    The problem of extremism is one of the risks that face the Iraqi society at the present time, especially after the increasing number of crimes carried out by these criminals and their increasing organizations and communities. All this is due to the loss and lack of security, and the alliance of a lot of political and foreign powers that achieve its interests in the absence of security and stability in Iraq with the cooperation of those extremist and terrorist organizations, which helped a lot to increase that dangerous increment which we are talking about. In order to solve this serious problem, we must adhere to a number of ways to help us fight extremism and terrorism first before they enter into the minds of the innocent citizens in order to stop this increase and prevent any citizen from believing that these ideas are sound and correct, and then joining these groups.

  • عيسى سلمان


    Extremism is one of the most dangerous risks faced by Iraq, which should be addressed by the Iraqi government by using all the available and possible means.

  • أيمن خليل


    Publishing the cultures and religious and moral consciousness which are hostile to extremism and terrorism in Iraqi society is one of the most well-known processes that insist on officials and all members of the current power inside Iraq because it has become apparent to all that the spread of extremist and terrorist groups is very dangerous, especially after the lack of security and after the coalition of many criminals and extremists with stakeholders inside Iraq whose ambitions and interests are realized as long as Iraq is bleeding and suffering from losing control and instability. It is without a doubt, along with the flaws the occupying forces are causing within the ranks of the Iraqi people, which aims at staying in Iraq for a longer period. We must ask ourselves if the proud ancient people of Iraq deserve all this! Do they deserve that we stand idle while members of extremist groups wage the ugliest crimes against them? There are lots and lots of ways which we call on the Iraqi Government to use and take as a platform forfighting and controlling the ideas of terrorism and extremism, and to stop their spread within the Iraqi society, which if it can achieve progress and produce results, will be a major turning point in the future of Iraq. It has become vague because of what we see every day in the media such as atrocities and crimes against the citizens. Therefore, we Arabs are dramatically responsible in that process.

  • مصطفى علي مصطفى


    Extremism must be fought by all the available means and methods. There is no society that cannot stand up, evolve and advance with its conscious people and its diversity, and at all levels of cultural, social, and economic differences. Therefore, it is necessary for the young people to integrate into the civil societies and open the way for the creation of new forms of free events, expressing their energies and abilities to develop a civil society capable to meet the needs of the youth. Also, young people are the largest class in our society today, which confirms the essential role of this social sector in the era of change, evolution and development. Moreover, they suffer from discrimination and marginalization of problems and obstacles to achieve their ambitions and aspirations of the community in the work and development of the social fabric and construction with the aim of achieving the missed development.

  • داود عبد الرحيم


    We really cannot put an end to the issue of intellectual extremism, particularly in such a country as Iraq, until we see true and reliable statistics carried out about the parties which have betrayed the nation and undermined its unity. In so doing, we will be really able to truly know our nation and its strategies but as long as the country is directed in such a barbaric and random way, we cannot distinguish the oppressor from the oppressed. In fact, in such a nation as Iraq, there are still new ideologies every day which the country must embrace. Indeed, we can take America as the greatest example in the world in this respect since it has worked on embracing all the new ideologies.

  • عادل يوسف


    There are many reasons behind the intellectual extremism in Iraq. In fact, every group wants to dominate the land as if it is among their properties and does not belong to everyone. Although Iraq has been transformed from a tribal society to a civil one, Iraqis are still influenced by the tribal system because it is a cultural heritage. Unfortunately, each group has become extremist and isolated from society and from its policy. Thus, we will find a lot of policies in the land. The only way we can fight this thought is by cooperation and by building a strong generation that knows that unity means strength.

  • ابراهيم عيسى


    The concept of terrorism is outdated in its significance but its name is new on the legal, international and domestic levels. In fact, the concept of terrorism has come as a natural reaction to the imbalance of power in the world and as a natural outcome of what is happening to these powers. As for the Iraqi territories, the spread of terrorism has become almost international for Iraq’s terrorist reputation. In fact, the legal community has become almost unable to face this phenomenon and this has required foreign powers to interfere to thwart terrorism and eradicate this terrorist den in Iraq which has become the first source of the terrorist ideology for the entire world. Indeed, terrorism is committing acts that it likes, namely murder, intimidation and destruction and there are certainly a lot of innocent people who are paying the price of these extremist ideologies and trends. In this respect, the Government has tried to face the threat of these crimes which have become largely widespread since ten years or more through issuing the Anti-terrorism Law. Since terrorism has not been confined to the Iraqi territories, it has penetrated many other places such as the Afghani territories. Thus, terrorism is no longer a new or new-born phenomenon but it has come to be considered as a phenomenon or virus of the era which is spreading at a lightning speed among countries whether Arab or non-Arab ones. This lead to the gradual decline of humanity until it has lost its real meaning starting from intellectual extremism until reaching the concept of terrorism. In fact, the danger of terrorist acts is compared to the beehive which is expanding to include the entire world.

  • عبدالرحمن خالد


    There are various methods in order to reduce and eradicate extremism which is widespread in every corner of Iraq for the sake of forming an Iraqi community which provides safety for its people and the population of the world as a whole. In fact, this can be achieved through building a conscious Iraqi community starting with children so that the latter will be able to distinguish between sound and extremist ideologies at an early age. Therefore, this will be beneficial for the community, especially when children apply this in their education and become a model to be followed by other community members. In fact, children are considered as the first nucleus of the community which could allow the spread and the promotion of a lot of ideologies and beliefs. As a matter of fact, the Iraqi community needs a cultured and aware generation in order to manage to resist extremism.

  • عبدالرحيم مصطفي


    The Iraqi Government is supposed to eradicate those who are seeking to disseminate extremist religious thought among the Iraqi people. In fact, the authorities must eliminate extremism as soon as possible. They should resolve all the scourges that might endanger the future of this country. Iraq is experiencing many uncontainable problems. The overspread of extremism represent a serious threat to all State departments and plans. Intolerance is the main source of extremism. The intolerant tend to exaggerate in everything. Perhaps the current situation of women in the Arab world is the most expressive example of that. The Arab women claim equality with men. In fact, the rights of females are totally denied because of the intolerance of men who prejudge women under the pretext of Islam. Many Arab males exaggerate in this respect. Thus, I supplicate Allah Almighty to guide them to the right path and to rid them of their extremist thought in the application of God’s commandments. We also noted that some Muslims punish the people who do not carry out their prayer severely. Here comes the role of the clergy who must issue Fatwas in order to calm down the situation and urge the overzealous to behave wisely in all life aspects. We should bear in mind that Islam is based on easiness and moderation. Those are the commandments of the Prophet, blessings and peace be upon him. We must respond to his teachings in such matters in particular.

  • سلمان احمد


    It is important to hold cultural conferences in order to fight extremism. These conferences have aimed to raise people’s awareness about the meaning of extremism and how it has spread in our society. In fact, the spread of extremism has led to discord and it has caused the country’s destruction. Thus, the extremist thought means the destructive thought that can destroy the nations and separate people. In fact, the discord among people has led to many dangers that can cause many people’s death. This thought has also destroyed many societies due to the lack of religious awareness. In fact, extremist thought has sown hatred and blind bigotry in people’s hearts. And this has led to the decrease of people’s intellectual levels. Thus, it is important to hold conferences in order to raise people’s awareness and to protect them from destructive thoughts. These conferences can limit the incursion of this thought into our nation, especially as this thought has negatively affected the youth. In fact, the extremist thought has come in the form of religious fanaticism which has proved the extent of its backwardness.

  • ايوب ابراهيم


    I would like to talk about the numerous problems of Iraq. In fact, we consider Iraq as one of the major Arab countries. This nation was really glorious and invincible. It was very powerful in the international arena. The economy of Iraq was very prosperous with active tourism and huge natural resources. Unfortunately, the economy of this country declined because of the fierce Iraqi- Iranian war which claimed many young people's lives. During this war, many people were killed and the infrastructure of Iraq was totally devastated. Iraq has lost its past international position. It has reached a turning point. The economy has declined because of the lack of resources. The situation worsened even further with the war on Kuwait which is attributable to the greed that plagued the regime and the Government of the former President Saddam Hussein. This man did not hesitate to invade a brotherly Islamic and Arab State. In fact, this President was addicted to leadership. He was responsible for many crimes against his own people, claiming the lives of many people. Saddam committed crimes not only against Iraqis but also humanity as a whole. He led humanity to delusion and darkness. Saddam Hussein was an arrogant leader addicted to power and wealth. During his rule, Iraq was plagued by injustice, suppression of freedoms, acts of murder and religious extremism. All these crimes were rampant in his era. Still worse, the international community hated Iraq because of the spread of religious extremism. He also sowed sectarian strife between Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds and other social categories. On the other hand, the emergence of terrorism devastated Iraq from east to west. Indeed, Iraq is exporting terrorism to the parts of the world. In this respect, the al-Qaeda organization has become very influential in this country. The terrorists are making schemes to export terrorism to all parts of the world through the Iraqi soil. The number of assassinations against the high official has increased because of the lack of control on political and religious extremism. The terrorists are targeting important State personalities.

  • سلمان أحمد سلمان


    All the Iraqi cities should unite namely the Security Forces and scholars. The opinion of the media also plays a significant role in this issue in addition to Iraqis. The latter should be the first to forget the past disagreement between Sunnis and Shiites or Muslims and Christians in order to achieve national unity. If this unity will be achieved at a large scale and succeed, it will prevent these despicable people from existing in Iraq and planning to destroy the country in order to achieve their personal interests. Thus, if national unity succeeds, these terrorist groups will leave and be convinced that they have failed to topple down Iraq.

  • سعيد اسماعيل


    Many suicide acts and assassinations of figures and influential State icons are carried out every day in Iraq in order to maintain the continuity of tension and anxiety in the country. This also aims to urge the authorities to lose control of the State and maintain the state of insecurity in the country. As a result, we are required to examine and think about what is currently taking place there, who is carrying it out and who possesses an interest in committing these heinous crimes against civilians. We should also know who is carrying out these continuous assassinations against political, religious and social icons in Iraq. Thus, if we say that terrorists are responsible for these crimes, bombings and suicide acts, we have to know who helps them carry and smuggle weapons into Iraq. We must also know who helps and supports them materially and morally. In fact, if we think well and use our brain appropriately, we would certainly recognize those who have interests, objectives and greed that enable them to do that or more than that, given that Iraq is endowed with a lot of wealth and treasures which are considered as a wish for a lot of people, and also a target that many people are longing to fulfill. Indeed, if we examine the former situation of Iraq, we will find that it used to be one of the largest Arab countries in terms of power, strength and influence on the entire international community. Iraq used to be the largest economy among Arab countries thanks to its oil and petroleum wells. In fact, Iraq was one of the largest oil exporting countries and its economy largely relies on the exportation of oil worldwide, given that oil has been considered as one of the largest financial resources of Iraq and the basis of its strong relationships with other countries. Eventually, because of all the previously mentioned circumstances and due to what is currently taking place in the country, the lack of security and the Government's loss of control over the situation, Iraq has become a target and coveted by a lot of people who have been doing their utmost to achieve it.

  • سلمان حبيب


    Every day, we hear about the sof dozens and even hundreds of people in Iraq due to acts which have been carried out by terrorist criminals, extremists and outlaws against the good Iraqi people without showing any mercy or pity. In addition, we hear about accidents, crimes and bombings in the media, but we do not hear about them or know the number of the dead and the wounded. In fact, terrorists exploit Islam as a banner and slogan that will enable them to carry out heinous crimes which have nothing to do with Islam. Such crimes are forbidden by this religion which punishes them severely. In this respect, murder, whether of Muslims or disbelievers, is one of the major sins that vibrate the throne of Allah, let alone those who are murdering the innocent Muslims under the banner of Islam. In fact, they are murdering people and harming Islam at the same time, since they are presenting a despicable image of it, portraying it as a religion of murder, terrorism and extremism. However, in reality, it is totally the opposite, since Islam is the religion of mercy for all mankind. Thus, if we want to talk about Islam and its mercy toward Muslims and all the worlds, we will never finish describing this holy and great religion. We are really not praising Islam, but we are praising our speech about this great religion and our illiterate great Prophets -the blessings and peace be upon him. Therefore, all of us, as Muslims, must work on eradicating the criminals who are exploiting Islam to carry out their crimes. They are also claiming unjust things about Islam and tarnishing its image in front of all the other people. Indeed, Iraqis are mostly suffering from the brutality of terrorists and their heinous crimes in Iraq every day and hour. Consequently, hundreds of people are losing their lives, safety and security every day, in addition to losing their relatives, family members and children.

  • عادل عبدالله


    Terrorism is the nightmare that makes all the citizens of Iraq worry. It is threatening their lives, security, safety, businesses and the stability of their beloved country. Indeed, the rate of criminality against the safe and innocent citizens of Iraq has increased. The poor Iraqis are vulnerable. The terrorist perpetrators are ungodly killers who do not appreciate the importance of human life. They do not realize that Allah the Almighty and His Messenger hate the cruel murderers. The terrorist ignores the fact that those heinous crimes are severely punishable both in worldly life and the Hereafter. Still worse, those criminals are carrying out their despicable massacres under the pretext of defending and supporting the Islamic religion. Under this respect, they take advantage of the commandment of Allah Almighty to carry out Jihad against those who offend this religion. Unfortunately, the extremist terrorists misinterpreted the message. Thus, they carry out Jihad in the wrong way. They are killing the innocent Muslims who believe in God and His Prophet Muhammad and bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. The crimes of those despicable terrorists include many types and manifestations but they are all crimes against humanity as a whole, and not only against the people of Iraq. The terrorists have different dogmas, laws and principles. They defy the whole world through their crimes. They might think that there is no power, Government or individual that could prevent them from achieving their ambitions and goals. Damn them all! I supplicate Allah to destroy them and eradicate their organizations. All peoples and Governments must strive to deal with them. They should help Iraq to get rid of their serious danger. The terrorists are threatening not only Iraq but also the Arab world as a whole. We must fight them all and help the brotherly people of Iraq. The latter aspire to get rid of their danger and their crimes. All Arab peoples and States are supposed to give a helping hand to the Iraqi people in order to enable them to reform their State and to reconstruct their country. Indeed, Iraq has gone through a period of destruction, devastation and disruption that lasted for decades. We pray Allah to rid us of all criminals, who distort the image of Islam and offend religious icons.

  • موسى جميل عبدالوهاب


    All the TV channels and media must play a big role, especially in the countries that have witnessed the presence of the terrorist groups. These terrorists have constituted a big threat to people. Thus, all the journalists must spread the terrorism dangers and they must show how to deter these terrorists. They must also broadcast the laws that can punish those who commit these crimes. Besides, they must raise people’s awareness in order to protect them from these terrorist ideas. And they must show the bad results of terrorism that can affect their societies and all the countries of the world. Thus, their role has become very important in raising people’s awareness. This is in order to prevent people from being deceived by the terrorist ideas and principles that rely on the Islamic religion using false ideas. In fact, they have tried to attract people’s minds, especially those who have weak souls. This is in addition to the youth who have no experience in life. These terrorists have sown their ideas and their poison in the youth’s minds using many means of communication such as the internet. Thus, we must be more conscious than them and we must immunize ourselves and our children from their ideas and poison using all the available means and capacities.

  • هشام شريف


    All the citizens should forget their internal disagreements and focus on their unity for the sake of Iraq’s development and in order to help it out of the dark tunnel that it is in. It is necessary for the citizens to work together in order to develop the existing sectors in their country. Cooperation eliminates all that which causes the destruction of countries. In cooperation lies power, and all the movements are afraid of cooperation, and they rejoice at the existence of disagreements, because this is the only path for them to be able to infiltrate into societies. If the Iraqis work together, the terrorist organizations will become incapable of recruiting individuals because they will not be able to have power over them. The Iraqis need to strive towards mutual love so that they can develop their country. We have to think about the positive aspects that will come out of cooperation. There is a proverb that says “one hand cannot clap”, so we have to put our hands in each other’s hands so that we can cleanse our country of all crimes, and so that we can work urgently to build our country.

  • عيسى حبيب


    Terrorism is a strange phenomenon in our Arab and Islamic society. This phenomenon has appeared due to those who have been involved in these brutal operations under the name of religion. These terrorists have succeeded in spreading violence among the people of the same society. Thus, it is important to conduct awareness campaigns against terrorism. And we can start by conducting campaigns against violence because it is the main reason behind the spread of terrorism, especially as many people have become convinced to participate in the terrorist operations that have harmed societies. Thus, it is important to conduct campaigns in the schools and universities in order to raise the students’ awareness about the dangers of terrorism and violence. In fact, all the divine religions have indicted this brutal act. Thus, it is important to use all the audio-visual means in order to raise awareness and to achieve safety in our societies. This is also in order to make people feel secure because they know that their country can protect them by any way and means. Thus, our country must not witness any terrorist operation that can lead to the loss of our people’s lives.

  • فهد محمد عبداللطيف


    Raising the awareness of ordinary people about the dangers of terrorism and educating them on how to deal with terrorists is not less important than tracking them down and arresting them. In fact, every citizen in any country must know the dangers of terrorism and its repercussions on whoever lives in this country. In fact, if people are sensitized to the dangers of terrorism, they will be able to fight them and assist the Security Forces in arresting the terrorists and besieging them in their dens. This will make things easier for the Security Forces given that the ordinary citizen knows better what is happening around him if he suspects someone or a place. In order to raise people’s awareness about such things, we must use the media channels, be they public or private, such as official TV channels, Satellite TV channels, the press which play the major role in this issue. In fact, they are the major media in any country which reach the largest number of citizens. Thus, they will be the best solution or the best means in such a work if we wanted to raise the awareness of the largest class of ordinary citizens. If a TV channel is used in the proper way to convey the information to the citizens, this will be among the main reasons behind eradicating terrorism, God willing.

  • ياسر محمد


    Is it still possible to eradicate terrorism altogether? Are we really doomed to suffer from the presence of terrorism forever? These are the major concerns of the oppressed Iraqi citizens. Every day, there is a poor civilian who witnesses the demolition of his, or a neighbor’s, house. The people are really frustrated, the mothers are sad and children are homeless. For this reason, all the Iraqi citizens are supposed to feel responsible for this nation. They should protect their country through the dissemination and application of the principles of tolerance and the preservation of the neighbors’ rights. It is really regretful that those terrorists are totally ignorant of the principles of all religions. Besides, they do not accept the universal human values. Thus, it is very easy to defeat them. Indeed, we could preach to them the true principles of Islam which calls for peaceful coexistence. The peace agreement should be based on good intentions and solid grounds rather than mutual hatred and hostility. In fact, the vulnerable peace agreements lead to everyday conflicts simply because every party is waiting for the right moment to attack the other. On the other hand, the fight against terrorism is not the responsibility of the Government only. In fact, every individual in the nation must participate in the efforts to disseminate goodness in the country. The terrorist organizations are financed in order to carry out very complex external and internal schemes. Therefore, it is impossible for a single party or individual to defeat the terrorists alone. I admit that the fight requires much effort. Nevertheless, such an effort is insignificant, compared to the devastation caused by terrorism. The effort of every Iraqi citizen to sensitize his compatriots to the importance of peace and the respect of neighbors would take only one year's time. It would be enough for several future generations. We must start this process right now. There is no time to waste. We must accelerate the development of this country in order to restore the lost prestige in the international arena. Besides, we must address the greedy enemies. Iraq should be for Iraqis only. Indeed, the terrorists have affected the patriotism of the people.

  • محمود خليفة


    Terrorism is a feature of this era since all countries are hardly protected against it. In fact, the definitions of terrorism have become varied ranging from physical terrorism, namely murder and injury, to psychological terrorism which almost murders more than the physical one. Thus, in order to eradicate terrorism in the entire world, we have to face it with another culture, that of balance and self-restraint. This will not come from a void and it is also impossible to achieve overnight. Indeed, terrorism is a counterproductive result of the long years of abuse which have taken place in Iraq. Of course, every action has a reaction. However, this daily brutality proves nothing but the lack of any religious or moral link as well as the lack of value in the same person. Therefore, I wonder what human being legitimizes the murder of a person, prevents him from going in and out and imprisons him in his house or prevents him from saying what is right. It is really the terrorism of the soul before that if the body which is the greatest kind of terrorism. In so doing, the country will never manage to recover given that terrorism is a considerable epidemic which everyone should do his utmost to combat. In addition, everyone should assume the responsibility of convincing others to change so that other people will consider him as an example for change. In fact, we should not be confined to condemnation and denunciation but we have to make actual change through sowing the forces of the actual rather than the theoretical forces of tolerance inside us. We should also explore the goodness inside us. It is right this will not take place in one day but we should at least think of what we could do and remember that the interest of the nation and our personal interests are similar. These terrorists have really nothing to do with any approach except the one which they have invented. In fact, not all those whom the country considers as terrorists are terrorists in reality because things have unfortunately become mixed up.

  • كمال


    The tragic past of Iraq has obliged the country to continue witnessing bloodshed. However, it must get stronger and people should be more cooperative and brotherly. In so doing, we will build a tolerant and coherent community.

  • ثائر حامد


    Since terrorism is our hidden enemy, it is always seeking to harm us and our community. It is also trying to tarnish our Holy religion through carrying out murders and assassinations and it is murdering and displacing our children. Thus, all the forces in the Iraqi community should unite in order to undermine these hidden forces, destroy them in their hideouts and get rid of their extremist ideas which could lead community to the bottom of the abyss where fire is burning everything that gets near to it. These are really the ideologies of the blind extremist terrorism which aims at nothing but destruction, the annihilation of people and the sabotage of communities. In fact, terrorists neither follow any religion nor possess any nationality. They follow the religion of Satan and belong to the people of Hell, given that they neither show mercy toward the weakness of children nor respect the gray hair of the elderly. They are the devils of the earth who want to wreak havoc on it. In addition to that, terrorists carry out mass murder acts, hijack aircraft and take hostages in order to fulfill their requirements and objectives such as the release of some terrorist elements, paying money or facilitating their escape out of the country. They also kidnap Iraqi influential community members and release them as soon as their demands are fulfilled. Therefore, we have to kill these foolish people who are wreaking havoc on earth. Thus, the Security Forces and Services must get ready to face these deviant people and look for their hideouts where they meet in order to plan their criminal acts. In addition, the Intelligence and the Investigation Bodies must track down their sabotage attempts and discover their criminal planning methods, their plans of political assassinations and their armed looting acts against Police Stations and the vital and important State Institutions in Iraq.

  • بدر عبدالرزاق جابر


    The Iraqi government should warn the Iraqis against the extremist terrorist groups for what they do, such as brainwashing the minds of weak people to join them. We need the Iraqi government and the Ministries of Interior and Defense to emphasize security and give Iraq a chance to live like the rest of the countries. I think it depends on the security forces in Iraq. The prosecution of terrorists will help the people to live in peace and work on reconstructing Iraq to provide the needs of the Iraqis. We must denounce to ask for the arrest of the terrorist groups in Iraq and the government should work on that to get rid of the corruption of these terrorist groups that made the Iraqis suffer in the difficult times they live over and over.

  • حمد سيف حمود


    The Iraqi people have offered up many innocent victims. They lost their lives after the terrorist attacks that targeted the innocent citizens with explosions, slaughtering and shedding more blood of unarmed civilians. These are criminal operations that do not have any reason to occur. Iraq was a country of security, grace and peace that did not have any terrorist existing on its land. Where were those cells and terrorist organizations sent from? What do they want and aim to achieve from spreading panic and sedition among the Iraqi people? Their vile goals become clear and open to the world. Everyone knows what they want, and what they are trying to reach. Nevertheless, what was the guilt of all those innocent deaths and those we see victims in those explosions? Are the explosions, killing, slaughter, and targeting of civilians the solutions until they reach their goals, which we all know? Those straying groups of terrorist organizations are not the people of Iraq.

  • جاسم خالد


    The ordinary people are expected to renounce the violence-advocating thought and to keep away from the ideas and principles of terrorism. They should be aware of the danger of the terrorist crimes on society as a whole. The organizers of the terrorist groups are responsible for acts of violence. We should also emphasize the importance of living in peace and security and promote moderation, freedom and equality. These are the most important issues that must be discussed in a country such as Iraq, where the number of crimes of terrorism increased in the past few years. Terrorism is really a very serious concern among all the Arab peoples in general. However, the Iraqi people are the first potential target of the terrorist crimes. In fact, the Iraqi citizens have become seriously threatened by the members of the terrorist groups who seek to damage human life and private properties. The terrorists want to undermine the State and weaken its control over the internal situation in Iraq, which helps them to achieve their own objectives. For this reason, we should never give them the opportunity to disseminate their thoughts and opinions freely. We must also hamper their efforts to recruit more terrorist members. Unfortunately, some people are likely to embrace the ideas of extremism, violence and terrorism.

  • عمر خالد عبدالله


    The Iraqi Forces should make the utmost effort to face these terrorist groups with all their strength and rigor. They should maintain the safety and security at times for the citizens’ contentment. They should also protect them from terrorist attacks, which are intended to harm them as well as the explosions that reach them and use these gatherings to kill as much as they can of the Iraqi citizens. The Iraqi Government must work to protect the innocent Iraqi citizens at all costs of money or any other, so that the citizen will see the light and the sun of life that he wants to enjoy in his country, which he is entitled to, and should be available to him, and that is the responsibility of the Iraqi Government.

  • خليل ابراهيم رضواني


    Everyone must come together and unite against their true enemy and against each other. They kill and fight each other with their minds lacking in nationalism that is in them and common between them. Therefore, they must strengthen their minds, have the knowledge that they are the sons of one nation, and leave the conflicts and discords that affect Iraq, and the first to receive harm would be them.

  • ابراهيم طارق


    For a long time, Iraq has been suffering from conflicts and wars between different tribes’ sons. There are also disagreements between the Sunnis and Shiites as well as some crises between the Muslims and Christians. Now, we know that the culture of violence and intolerance is not limited to a certain political party or certain category, which our political field introduced to our society. It exceeded all that, considering its various acts in the intellectual, cultural, educational, and social fields, which suffer from countless defects, including the ease in using and spreading weapons, claiming it, urging on customs and traditions, and protecting privacy in their belief. Confirming the above, we can say that the political consensus in our homelands to convict terrorism and extremism can open the way to building national units against that follow danger and urge formulating a comprehensive national strategy to get rid of its cells, reaching to a comprehensive integrated national project to update the countries and communities. This intolerance must end and there must be a solution in order for the people to unite and not become divided because that is what makes the nations weak against terrorism as they use these defects and spread their great disorder. Therefore, the nation and the country will become easy targets to penetrate, and they will not be able to stand against it.

  • حاتم شاتي


    Some people think that Al-Qaeda, this baffling secret, is an illusion. Some others believe that it is funded by some American parties. Yet, many others think that it really exists for the instability it has caused to the entire country. In fact, al-Qaeda had not got a basic pillar which enables it to practice its activities regularly. Thus, it has gone through a lot of conditions that led to destabilize its origins in Iraq. Besides, the activity of Governments and the concerned parties has totally reduced its activities in Iraq since they have not kept motionless or watching what is happening. They have rather worked on scrutinizing the country and helping restore the Iraqi regime, especially as Iraq is not a marginal nation but it possesses a civilization and an ideology. Thus, it will be reconstructed as soon as possible. In fact, former regimes used to live on the basis of corruption that worked on growing cultural and intellectual repression. However, once everything, including the good and the bad, has become clear, there will be no room for anyone who wants to harm the country. Unlike the past, Iraqis are working on knowing all the facets of truth. Eventually, a lot of parties have contributed to ending the role of al-Qaeda in the country, namely Government, individuals, media and many other things.

  • حسين البحيرى


    To hell with all Americans

  • ابوصلاح البكري


    Al-Qaeda and those who support it financially should be combated intellectually.

  • حافظ مفلح


    I ask the Iraqi Government and the Iraqi Security Forces to take more strict procedures to stop the terrorist attacks and operations. These terrorist attacks are carried out by the terrorist organizations targeting and killing the biggest number of innocent noble Iraqis, planting terror, spreading strife and fear inside the Iraqis, and never leaving them. I see this fear walking with them along the streets like their shadows. These terrorist attacks are imposed on them. They did not choose them as if they had become a basic aspect of the Iraqi life that does not stop or end. The terrorist attacks live everywhere in every street. All the terrorist attacks are targeting many Iraqi citizens. These people are loyal and innocent. The terrorist attacks send bombs and explosive cars among thousands and thousands of innocent noble Iraqis who can do nothing but die. The terrorist attacks that have become the biggest nightmare in the life of the honorable Iraqi who is waiting for the time to come and end this nightmare, restore the sense of security again, and live his life easily, safely, and comfortably.