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Security forces arrest al-Qaeda 'wali of southern Baghdad'

Above, Iraqi soldiers raid a house south of Baghdad. [Mushtaq Muhammad/Reuters]

Above, Iraqi soldiers raid a house south of Baghdad. [Mushtaq Muhammad/Reuters]

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A special unit from the Iraqi Interior Ministry's counter-terrorism agency arrested the "wali of southern Baghdad" along with 14 other suspects, the ministry announced Thursday (September 20th).

"A force from the anti-terrorism agency raided a residential building in al-Latifiyah, south of Baghdad, where an al-Qaeda-affiliated cell was holding a meeting," ministry spokesperson Maj. Gen. Adel Dahham said.

"The force arrested Najib al-Qara Ghulli, who is known as the 'wali of southern Baghdad', and 14 other gunmen inside the building and seized different weapons and explosives," he said.

Dahham said the raid was based on precise intelligence information.

"Al-Qara Ghulli took over the post of 'wali of southern Baghdad' after the death of Amin Hameed Majeed, another al-Qaeda terrorist who committed suicide when Iraqi forces besieged him north of Fallujah in July," said Col. Dhia al-Wakeel, spokesperson for the Baghdad operations command.

"The 14 other terrorists who were accompanying al-Qara Ghulli represented a dangerous terrorist cell, known for its boldness in conducting violent attacks and not showing mercy to any child, elderly person or woman," al-Wakeel told Mawtani.

"The gunmen confessed during the initial interrogation that they were holding the meeting to discuss launching terrorist attacks over the next two weeks, using a number of car bombs and explosive charges," he said.

"These attacks were supposed to coincide with the inauguration of […] a number of energy projects and housing compounds, as well as other projects in the capital Baghdad, with the aim of inflicting the largest number of casualties among civilians and government officials," al-Wakeel said.

'A new lease on life'

"A special engineering unit managed to uncover about 800 kilogrammes of explosives, found hidden in an underground storage room in the building," Maj. Gen. Nasser al-Ghannam, commander of the Iraqi army's 17th Division, told Mawtani.

The room "was sealed off completely, and explosives were taken out of it whenever cell members needed them," he added.

Hassan al-Sunaid, chairman of parliament's defence and security committee, told Mawtani, "The arrest of al-Qara Ghulli and his group meant that terrorist attacks, which were about to kill dozens of people within the next few days, were aborted."

"The raid the security forces conducted gave these innocent people a new lease on life, and provided an opportunity for the Iraqi people and the world to glimpse the scope of terrorist schemes aimed at undermining life in Iraq," he added.




    منصور سلمان


    The Iraqi Forces accomplished heroic and historical wonderful deeds. The most important result is to restore security in the State which will help greatly in developing the other areas and activities. Security is the most important element in the progress of the State because it helps it to harness its efforts in developing the fields of industry, tourism and agriculture in a stable and calm atmosphere because these areas cannot be successful without the presence of high levels of security and safety. Therefore, we offer everything thanks to all the security forces.

  • عبدالله سعيد


    The importance of arresting the leaders of the terrorists is that if the leader has been arrested, it is as if all the members of the organization have been killed because they all consider him the heart of this organization and without his presence, they are not able to move, they feel completely paralyzed, and unable to take any decisions. They are not able even to think after he is assassinated, and they enter a state of dispersion and commit mass murder to avenge him. Therefore, arresting the leaders and killing them is of paramount importance to eliminate these terrorist movements. Most members of these movements are not doing these operations on their own, but they carry out specific instructions addressed to them from their leaders, therefore, arresting these leaders is a good step in the elimination of the extremist terrorist movements.

  • عبدالعزيز حسن


    The benefit of the elimination of terrorism and the forces of evil in Iraq is very large, since terrorism is a stubborn obstacle to Iraq's economic development and it even hinders the continuation of life in Iraqi society as a whole. With the demise and collapse of this hindrance, the current of growth and development will be launched and will complete its journey of the revival of the Iraqi society again. The Iraqi security forces pursue and hunt down the terrorist elements and guerrilla formations, which terrorize citizens and destabilize the national security in the country by carrying out crimes of kidnapping, murder and robbery. They interrogate the terrorist detainees to find the other members of the terrorist cells and finally pick up their roots off the country, which led to the withdrawal of some terrorist groups who fled from Iraq, fearing that they might get caught, arrested, presented to justice, and get a hard punishment.

  • محمد باقر


    The arrest of the leaders of terrorism is among the national acts that the Iraqi government should do and America has helped it in the war against terrorism in Iraq. America helped until they got rid of the fascist, tyrannical regime of the government led by Saddam Hussein in Iraq throughout the years of his rule in which they adopted terrorism, established their houses there and introduced the ideology of terrorism. This ideology brought religious extremism and created conflicts between the native Iraqis and the Kurds as well the Sunnis, Shiites, and Alawites. These conflicts led to the deaths of Iraqis and to the unknown life that was not obvious politically and internationally. From this sense and under the slogan of getting rid of terrorism, the government should care for this issue and get rid of the terrorist ideology, its members and leaders of Al-Qaeda, and all the jihadist organizations that exported terrorism to the whole world. We condemn these terrorist acts that the Iraqis suffered a lot from and led to the deaths of many Iraqis as well destroying its development and made foreign investors flee from Iraq as well many other categories because they cannot live in an unstable and unsafe country.

  • احسان موسى


    The arrest of terrorist leaders in the world and getting rid of the terrorist organizations are something very important in these days because terrorism is among the crimes that kill humans, destroy the economy and the infrastructure of the state and makes it face the global storm like cutting off relationships or economic penalties and putting it in the international black lists. Terrorism in Iraq may take a long period to be eliminated and it may take years in order to be able to get rid of the terrorist ideology in Iraq, but we should work together to get rid of this blind crime that does not see anything except blood and killed people. The arrest of terrorists generally in Iraq is among the most important acts that get rid of the terrorist organizations and reduce their number.

  • فيصل منصور


    The arrest of terrorist leaders in Iraq is very important since the survival of such groups depend on their leaders. They are as important as the presence of men in their families. Similarly, the terrorist organizations are in desperate need for the presence of the leaders who guide the ordinary members to commit evil operations. Indeed, the leaders are the masterminds of the suicide attacks and other dangerous terrorist operations. Thus, the competent authorities should arrest the “imams of disbelief”, as called in the Holy Quran. We must cut off “the head of the snake” in order to restore safety and peace. When we cut off the head, the tail of the snake would not represent a threat. Likewise, the Government should focus on the arrest and assassination of the leaders of violence and terrorism.

  • مختار محمد


    Despite their obscene behaviors and extremist tendencies, terrorist leaders are considered as the model for terrorist members in the terrorist cell itself or even in other cells. In fact, it is noticeable that minor members want to become like the senior ones and do their utmost to achieve this objective given that the latter is considered as the ultimate objective for them. Therefore, the Arab and non-Arab countries must know how to deal with these leaders since they are considered as an example for others. In fact, we should either respect these models more than other members if it is a good example or punish them more than others like the terrorist models whom we are talking about.

  • علي سالم أحمد


    In the current time and since many years, our beloved Iraq has witnessed a lot of brutal acts of violence and cruelty. This is due to the terrorists and the occupation forces that still exist in Iraq up to now. In fact, they have harmed the innocent Iraqis without mercy or compassion. Thus, the Iraqi Government and Security Forces must protect the Iraqi citizens. Besides, all the Arab Governments must support Iraqis. In fact, the arrest of the strong heads such as the leaders, organizers and founders will be among the successful steps to fight these terrorist organizations that have constituted a big danger to Iraq.

  • علي سهيل علي


    There is no doubt that the arrest of the terrorist leaders by the Iraqi police will lead to the division of these groups. Besides, the police will be able to get a lot of information about these groups and about those who supply them. And they will be able to know their future plans and the whereabouts of arms. In fact, they can learn all this information from the leaders of these groups instead of making a lot of efforts with the ordinary members of the terrorist groups. In fact, these members have not got sufficient information because they have just followed orders and they don’t know the important financing parties of these groups or from where they have got aid.

  • شريف عباس فضل


    We know that it is important to arrest the terrorist groups in Iraq. This is in order to restore Iraq’s position among the rest of the world countries especially in terms of its internal security. This is in order to achieve the country’s stability in terms of trade and industry. In fact, after the war Iraq has become a barren desert because it had no real president or balanced governments. Thus, Iraqis must cooperate in order to stand against corruption and to arrest all the terrorist elements. In fact, the arrest of the terrorist elements in Iraq can consolidate the idea of rejecting terrorism in all the countries even if these countries include different religions and tribes. This can also improve the image of Iraq in front of the world people because it has become aware of the terrorist danger that has threatened the Arab and international society. In fact, Iraq has played an effective and prominent role in tracking down the terrorist symbols. Thus, it has proved its competencies in managing its internal affairs without any external interference. In fact, the Iraqi Government must make a lot of efforts and it must cooperate with the Iraqi Security Forces in order to protect Iraq and Iraqis from the evil of these terrorist crimes and ideas.

  • عبدالحميد حسن


    It is very important for the punishment to fit the crime, meaning that there are many crimes whose punishments are not appropriate. Terrorist operations have more than one aspect. Firstly, there is the organizing aspect, then the thinking, then the participating, then the plotting and then the executing aspect. There are a great many steps involved in the terrorist operation until it is unfortunately carried out. It is necessary to give the harshest type of punishment, as it is a crime that is genocidal for humanity, and it is necessary to hand down the most severe retribution against all those that attempt or even think of engaging in these terrorist operations that result in the mass murdering of humanity as a whole. Based on this, we have to commend Egypt as it has fought terrorism in its own lands in all the governorates, and this is because terrorism was on the verge of destroying the infrastructure in Egypt, and it also damaged tourism for many years. The Egyptian government was able to punish and hunt down the terrorists everywhere, and Egypt was successful in this experiment, and those implicated were given sentences for these operations. Also, the government attempted to provide security for all the tourist facilities and administrative buildings with all kinds of security measures. We in Egypt have made great efforts which resulted in the elimination of the terrorist hotspots in Egypt. This is why all the countries should hand down the most severe punishments to the terrorists, and they should strike with force at those that participate and those who are guilty of being implicated. Also, terrorism was the cause for the undermining of security in Iraq, as we see many acts of terrorism taking place in Iraq, and we do not know how to stop it or when it will be eradicated.

  • مجيد سلمان داود


    The collapse of al-Qaeda in Iraq has several fundamental reasons, which the Iraqi people had participated in along with the security forces and members of the organization themselves. First, the Iraqi people have always been on every occasion or dialogue, in newspapers, magazines, television, and all places express opinions that confirm the complete rejection to the rule of the Islamist organization for several reasons. They exercise power over people in everything that is very hard and they say religion is their reason. Religion is innocent of what they say and they do too many things totally at variance with what they are saying they do. Members of the organization themselves argue and kill each other. This is including many quarrels and rivalries to the point that they were killing each other because one of them had said in the debates that we were working on things quite far from religion. For example, we steal sometimes, steal for ourselves, say booty, and kill sometimes, and this is not in religion. They differ from each other and the security forces have found them killing each other. The security forces stood up to fight al-Qaeda in order to destroy them and do organized attacks on them to try to pin them for sabotage, destruction, killing, bloodshed, theft, looting, and pillaging with the pretext of religion. Security forces fought and chased them. They killed each other and were chased by the security forces everywhere to control their unacceptable behavior, and all the people rejected them and demonstrated that to them. They began to slowly crumble with time, permanent quarrels happened among themselves, coup on themselves, and rivalry among them.

  • عقيل عبدالله محمد


    There are substantial disagreements among the members of al-Qaeda because of arresting the leaders and because of the disputes about who wants to be the leader in these organizations, and so on. Their mastermind was arrested by the Iraqi Security Forces and here there is considerable concern for them, their plans and terrorist ideologies. We know very well that the main reason for the weakness of alQaeda in Iraq is having another force which meets and struggles with their attacks. The Iraqi Government is the authority responsible for building and protecting Iraq. Therefore, the Iraqi Government is responsible for protecting the Iraqi citizens from terrorism. Progress in Iraq begins by developing the political life in various aspects and unity on one single national goal. We must know that the political structure is very important to unify the community and make it difficult to be breached, as a result of unifying and social solidarity. Society needs political reform, which will provide a fertile environment for the success of the Iraqi Security Forces inside the country. The level of Iraqi security must be improved in order to achieve economic prosperity in the State and also to eliminate terrorism. The Iraqi State must unite to support the government against terrorism for the success of the State. The war against terrorism needs hard efforts and the struggle that should be the true goal of all societies. Evolution, civilization, excellence, and success start from reforming the State and developing it. The Iraqi Government bears full responsibility for what happens in Iraq from terrorism to bombings, injustice, and oppression of the Iraqi people, so it must follow the proper policy of security that enables the Iraqi Government to control the lawlessness, weaken and arrest terrorists, hand them over to justice, and to control terrorism which causes destruction and ruin, and oppresses the unarmed and innocent citizens. It must be eradicated and the collapse of al-Qaeda in Iraq is the result of the strength and steadiness of the Iraqi security

  • سلمان عبدالله عتيق


    I urge the Iraqi Government to do its utmost in fighting and combating the terrorist groups in the country. Besides, I strongly denounce those terrorist acts, carried out by al-Qaeda terrorist cells over the past few days. The terrorist members targeted Iraqi Security Forces and killed them in Baghdad and other Iraqi Provinces. This attack represents another episode of al-Qaeda terrorism. Once again, al-Qaeda is condemned. The operation is solid evidence on the deviation of this organization. The terrorists wanted to undermine the position of Iraq and its people through such attacks. We heard, through the media, about the attacks on Iraqi Security Forces. We really felt distressed and sad for the brave martyrs who sacrificed their life for the sake of the country. The victims were providing humanitarian services to the Iraqi people. I was really surprised by the targeting of the Iraqi Security Forces by blind terror. The criminality of those terrorists against Iraq has become unbearable.

  • مرزوق علي حسين


    We are quite aware of the importance of the arrests carried out by the Iraqi Security Forces against the terrorist cells. In fact, those operations will definitely undermine the influence of those terrorist groups. In this context, al-Qaeda operations in Iraq are really horrible. They show the ruthlessness of those terrorists. Many women lost their sons or husbands because of such crimes. The mere presence of al-Qaeda endangers the future of Iraq. I really rejoice at the arrest of any terrorist cell member. Of course, I hope that those operations continue for longer. Indeed, we should track down the members of al-Qaeda groups in Iraq and, hopefully, eradicate them altogether. Al-Qaeda operations have a terrible influence on Iraqi citizens as well as the national economy. In short, the presence of al-Qaeda affects the aspirations of Iraqis to make a brighter future. Thus, the eradication of this terrorist organization will improve the situation in Iraq in all respects. In fact, the security situation in Iraq is totally unstable. For this reason, we need to restructure the Security Forces. The Iraqi soldiers need to get more technical training sessions in order to deal with terrorist attacks. They should cope with al-Qaeda fighting tactics, namely the street battles. Indeed, the terrorists know how to move in every street in Iraq without being arrested. Therefore the Government is supposed to support the Security Forces and the Army. Such support would have a significant impact on eradicating al-Qaeda in Iraq.

  • محمد نور احمد


    The arrest campaign which was carried out by the Iraqi Security Forces is considered a difficult and great security work which will have a lot of repercussions on the stability of the security conditions in the country. Indeed, the terrorist al-Qaeda has started to receive successive blows over the few last months, which have affected the Organization a great deal. In fact, its acts have become very limited in Iraq. Thus, the arrest of these criminals who belong to these criminal gangs will contribute to the destruction and gradual weakening of this Organization given that these criminal murderer leaders are responsible for all these problems and these terrorist and criminal plans. Therefore, targeting and arresting them will sow major divisions in al-Qaeda and its work which has become confined to launching attacks which are targeting civilians. Yet, we have lately recorded a kind of decrease in these attacks because of the military acts which have been launched by the Iraqi Security Forces against terrorist al-Qaeda followers and the heads of criminality and evil from the leaders of this Organization. Thus, the victories of the Iraqi Security Forces lie in undermining the leaders of al-Qaeda and arresting these fools who are carrying out the acts of these criminal gangs which represent the cells of al-Qaeda that exist in Iraq.

  • محمد يوسف مشكور


    As far as I am concerned, the arrest of terrorists in Iraq will contribute to granting every citizen his human rights so that Iraqis will restore their dignity. In so doing, people will feel that they are human beings just like any other individual in the world. In fact, Iraqis should feel safe in their country and in their houses. They also need to feel that their families and children are safe so that they could go to work safely in order to provide their family with a decent life. Children will also manage to go to school safely and patients will go to hospitals fearless of bandits. Besides, women will go out of their houses feeling protected rather than fearing being kidnapped, and that they will come back to their children and houses safe.

  • صادق جعفر علي


    We know that it is important to arrest the terrorist groups in Iraq. This is in order to restore Iraq’s position among the rest of the world countries, especially in terms of its internal security. This is in order to achieve the country’s stability in terms of trade and industry. In fact, after the war Iraq has become a barren desert because it has no real president or balanced governments. Thus, Iraqis must cooperate in order to stand against corruption and to arrest all the terrorist elements. In fact, the arrest of the terrorist elements in Iraq can consolidate the idea of rejecting terrorism in all the countries even if these countries include different religions and tribes. This can also improve the image of Iraq in front of the world people because it has become aware of the terrorist danger that has threatened the Arab and international society. In fact, Iraq has played an effective and prominent role in tracking down the terrorist symbols. Thus, it has proved its competencies in managing its internal affairs without any external interference. In fact, the Iraqi Government must make a lot of efforts and it must cooperate with the Iraqi Security Forces in order to protect Iraq and Iraqis from the evil of these terrorist crimes and ideas.

  • عبدالله حسن راشد


    The security forces have proven during the past few months a new ability to secure public facilities and archaeological sites. The security forces managed to arrest more than one suspect trying to carry out attacks on these vital places in the country and also a number of terrorist active cells that were planning for major attacks in several separate cities. However, thanks to the vigilant security forces, most of these attempts ended effortless and the forces succeeded. As we criticize them when they fall, we must now bless them when they strive because these victories open the door of hope, and show that there is nothing impossible, and that the Iraq Security Forces are able to fend off any terrorist attack aimed at their homeland if they have the potentials.

  • داود سلمان


    We congratulate the Iraqi Security Forces on their victories for they have proven that they really can walk on the right path without weakness or slowdown. Our sincere appreciation and respect, and we wish you further progress, and we hope for a lasting stability in Iraq, thanks to your efforts.

  • فاضل محمد


    I applaud the security forces and salute them out of respect and appreciation for this effective role in addressing the terrorist organization in the Iraqi territory. Greetings, appreciations and blessings for each of those people who sacrificed themselves in order to make these helpless people feel happy. For how long were the people displaced because of this painful danger? This step consisting of striking the strongholds of terrorism and their spots, and killing the leaders of corruption in Iraq, as well as turning them against each other did not come from nothing. Thanks, after thanking God, goes to the Iraqi Security Forces represented in the Iraqi intelligence and the Iraqi special officers and brave soldiers. All of this was my dream regarding the opportunity to come and to work in order to build and develop Iraq as well as completely finishing off this terrorism, which is corrupt and extreme all over Iraq.

  • حسين جابر


    The terrorist crimes which are carried out by the terrorist groups have a negative impact on the tourist, political and trade relationship of Iraq and the Arab and Western countries, including health, education, industrial and other relationships. In fact, all the relationships of Iraq are affected by terrorist crimes. Indeed, everyone is aware of the suffering of Iraqis and its dire need for the Arab and Western countries which are helping it achieve development and progress in all life fields given that the Western nations enjoy an amount of development and progress which Iraq lacks. Yet, terrorism is hampering all this and causing serious damages to the relationships and politics in Iraq. Therefore, the Iraqi Government and Security Forces should do their utmost in order to topple terrorist groups in the country and rid Iraqis of them and of their acts which are always increasing the pain and the suffering of Iraqis namely the loss of their beloved ones. In fact, Iraqis have always been leading such a life for a long time. Thus, this suffering will come to an end unless the Government and the Security Forces will take a major firm stance to eradicate these groups and to work on facing and fighting them with all the possible means that could eradicate the plans of terrorism in Iraq. In this respect, the Security Forces are expected to carry out security plans and to study well the hideouts of terrorism in order to eradicate terrorists and arrest any member of them or anyone who is collaborating with them. This aims to intimidate other people and make them aware of the danger of this terrorist act on their life. All the latter will serve the interest of Iraq and Iraqis.

  • جمال محمد حميد


    I personally congratulate the Iraqi Security Forces for their victories against the terrorist groups. In fact, these Forces have done their utmost to provide Iraqi citizens with the adequate protection so that they could live comfortably in their country and enjoy all its wealth.

  • عبداللطيف راشد


    There are many reasons behind the terrorist operations in Iraq. In fact, the population density, ignorance and religious extremism are among the most important factors. This is in addition to the restriction of freedom and the oppression of scholars. In fact, the Government must benefit from the population density. However, some Governments have considered it as a burden on their shoulders. Thus, how can we benefit from this population density in order not to constitute a danger to the State due to negligence? In fact, we can profit from this population in the field of agriculture because Iraq includes a large agricultural area which is very fertile. Besides, it is important to take an interest in the role of science and scientists especially that we are in a new society. Thus, the scholars have more than a role. Firstly, they must play the role of leadership. Secondly, they must build the Iraqi State and they must benefit the nation because their role must not be only in the mosques. It is also important to spread the cultural and political awareness. This is in order to achieve the nation’s development. Thus, it is important to work on cutting the hands that try to destabilize Iraq and Iraqis. In fact, it is necessary to wage a war against terrorism in order not to claim the innocent lives every hour and every moment. Thus, the Iraqi Government must spread political awareness in order to prevent terrorism. And it must use its power in thwarting the terrorist operations.

  • جمعة حميد


    I offer my sincere congratulations and applause to the security forces in Iraq for their great achievements. They deserve all the appreciation and they draw the attention of the whole world to such achievements which is the elimination of the terrorist movement in Iraq because those movements represent a major threat to Iraq as a whole for its bombings, burning, stealing, and looting in the country. Congratulations to you and to the Iraqi people who bear the imminent danger, helped to face that threat, and did not provide sufficient material assistance but instead offered spiritual and psychological assistance to the security forces.

  • يوسف حيدر


    Greetings and blessings to every security man who sacrificed himself as a martyr or injured, or nothing happened to him. Everyone has encountered terroristic movements and all of them have Allah’s greeting and ours too. Iraq was in setback against the threat of terrorism and because of you. Iraq gets out from the darkness of murder, devastation and destruction. Long live for Iraq and may Iraq live free with pride and safety.

  • جواد صادق


    We congratulate the Iraqi security forces that have fought the terrorists and criminals in the great State of Iraq. These terrorists have constituted a big danger to Iraq. Thus, the Iraqi security forces must make a lot of efforts in order to fight them.

  • خالد ماجد


    We congratulate the Iraqi forces on their victories against terrorism, terrorists and extremists who have caused much destruction and devastation, and afflicted Iraq with pain and death, and they have subjected the citizens to physical and moral torture, and the terrorists have caused this pain by means of killing, looting, rape and assassinations, as well as continual bomb attacks that take place every day, and the sending of suicide bombers to booby-trap and bomb. They were the source of recklessness and corruption throughout all of Iraq. And the credit for all this goes to Iraq's security forces and its armed forces that have always been the cause and the main force responsible for capturing many of the terrorist groups and elements. It is necessary for the security forces to continuously track and monitor all those that engage in the destruction and undermining of the security and stability of Iraq. The efforts of the Iraqi security forces in terms of monitoring all the terrorist elements and tracking them only go to prove that the Iraqi security forces are making enormous efforts in order to hunt down the corrupt terrorist elements that engage in the killing of noble citizens inside Iraq. The elimination of the terrorist leaders at the hands of the Iraqi security forces is something that brings joy to the hearts of the noble Iraqi people because Iraq has gotten rid of these harmful and corrupt elements in Iraq who are engaged in causing harm to the innocent, peaceful and noble citizens who have done no wrong other than the fact that they wanted to live a good life.

  • الــعــــــــــــــــــــــراق


    God bless every Iraqi who is protective about his house! May God give victory to the security forces which protect Iraq! God bless you, by the will of God, you will be victorious on the disbelieving people, for the Sake of Muhammad and His Kind Pure Family!

  • mohammed azeb



  • [email protected]


    God suffices us for He is the Best Disposer of affairs!

  • علي عيسى


    The Iraqi Security Forces have made many achievements and victories that have aimed to provide stability to Iraq. Thus, Iraqis want to thank the Security Forces who have achieved stability in the country. And they will achieve more victories, God willing.

  • ابراهيم جاسم عليوي


    The Security Forces have made a lot of efforts in order to eradicate terrorism that has spread in Iraq in the period that follows the entry of the American Forces. In fact, the Security Forces have not taken any rest in order to spread security and safety in Iraq. This is also in order to make Iraq a great country. Thus, these Forces have deployed security patrols in all the regions that may include hotbeds for the terrorists and criminals. In fact, these terrorists have caused the Iraqis’ suffering due to their terrible operations. Thus, we must thank and commend these Forces who have achieved great results during the previous period. In fact, they have proved their competence.

  • محمد عبدالله خليفة


    Every day, we hear about the occurrance of many assassinations in Iraq. The latter usually target senior icons in the Iraqi regime or important personalities or even religious scholars or Security officers. Such reasons may be declared or not if the responsible for these operations are revealed. If we examine these operations, we will come to the conclusion that they do not harm or reach the targeted person. However, they harm many people around him. For instance, when an assassination operation is carried out through a booby-trapped car, the victim is usually not the targeted person but this operation may claim the lives of many innocent people. If the Iraqi State wants to develop and achieve progress, it must do its best to eradicate such operations which make the people not feel secure. Thus, all the classes of the Iraqi people must cooperate to develop their country. Thus, we must sensitize people to the importance of helping the security bodies in arresting the perpetrators of these operations in order to thwart any operation targeting any person. At the same time, we will save the lives of many people.

  • عيسى حمد


    We salute the brave Iraqi Security Forces which sacrifice their comfort in order to eradicate terrorism and crime in Iraq. They have achieved successive victories over the last period.

  • جعفر جواد ناصر


    The mothers, the wives, the brothers, the husbands of every martyr who lost their loved ones because of the terrorist attacks, despite their total innocence, are calling on the Iraqi Judiciary to take revenge on the perpetrators. It is time for the Iraqi Judiciary to avenge the innocent victims who lost their lives. The latter could have been the siblings or the children of the judges. Thus, we urge them to issue tougher penalties on those oppressors. The terrorists should realize that the Iraqi people are so unified that all citizens would show solidarity with the victims. I urge the protectors of this country to seek the national interests through issuing the most severe penalties on those who try to sow sectarian strife or to shed blood. The judges should issue death penalties against the terrorists. I really appreciate the judges who will represent a bright memory in the history of Iraq. The coming generations will also appreciate the efforts of the current judges. If ever the Iraqi Judiciary fails to fulfill its duties, corruption will spread on Earth because of the cowardice of the judges. However, we expect them to carry out their duty to the fullest, God willing. We need more stability, security, safety and peace. Then, the economy and the education will make progress. Everything depends on the courage of the judges who should issue the most severe penalties on the damned terrorists. The Iraqi Judiciary should seek the development of the country. They should not show weakness because their burden is really heavy. They must prove their fairness by issuing death penalties against the terrorists.

  • عبدالله ابراهيم


    The Iraqi Government should deal with anyone involved in terrorist acts. In this respect, it should punish them in order to restore security in Iraq.

  • خالد هلال


    Every one of us must show enough courage to ask the Iraqi Government and Judiciary to impose the most severe penalties on all those involved in the spread of terrorist movements in Iraq. It is shameful and regrettable that the terrorist organizations are still able to carry out crimes of vandalism in this country Iraqi. Unfortunately, the competent Iraqi authorities, represented by the Government and the Judiciary are totally absent. Anything taken by force can be restored only by force. Still, there is a big discrepancy between the violence of the terrorist organizations which kill the vulnerable defenseless Iraqis and that of the Government and the Judiciary. In fact, the role of the Government is to bring the heads of the corrupt terrorists to justice. The executive branch should provide evidence of the involvement in the infringements stated in the merits of the fair verdicts through which we could eradicate terrorism materially and morally. Indeed, the eradication of those involved in terrorist acts is the right punishment for them. This is the material side of the issue. As for the moral side, the rest of the perpetrators who are still at large will live in horror and panic. For this reason, they would withdraw from the Iraqi State institutions simply because they would realize that the Government and the Judiciary are too strong. Otherwise, they would alter their approach and quit terrorist organizations. Indeed, they would seek to lead a normal life, hoping that the Iraqi security authorities will not reveal their past. Thus, the control would shift to the Iraqi Government and Judiciary instead of the terrorists. This would be attributable to the severe punishment of the terrorists.

  • مصطفى نجم


    Iraqi Governments must stand firm in their attempts to tighten sanctions against any terrorist.

  • عادل


    The terrorist myth in Baghdad was bigger than the terrorist organizations were in Iraq. It was unexpected they collapse one day. Yet, terrorism will inevitably come to an end.

  • نضال صالح


    Terrorist acts lead to destabilizing the security of people and forming an entire generation which lacks safety and confidence and is psychologically destroyed because of the death which they see in all the streets. In fact, laxity toward this enemy may increase in an invisible and imperceptible way given that the innate nature of terrorists consists in giving vent to their inner energy or thought using bloody methods since young terrorists need to give vent to their inner feelings. As for the senior ones, the impacts are also mentioned for us. In fact, the demonstration using such methods will be as a reaction to whoever disagrees with them at the intellectual level. It may also be a method to get what they want. Indeed, the issue here is that violence is not confined only to the sons of the other country who contradict with them at the ideological, intellectual or even sexual levels but it extends to the sons of the other nations. This aims to extend the revenge circle to the family surrounding terrorists. Therefore, it is inevitably essential to eradicate them.

  • مهدي سمير احمد


    With the escalation of terrorist acts in the last period, the situation has become complex and we have to deal with it quickly before it deteriorates. Thus, all Arab and non-Arab countries have to grant the severest punishments to whoever has been involved in such acts in order to eradicate terrorism to set the example for others. Therefore, it is necessary to grant the severest kinds of punishments against these people in order to eradicate this phenomenon. It is also necessary to publish the punishment in all means of media so that every terrorist will be aware that the issue has become unbearable especially that countries have imposed severe sanctions against them to eradicate terrorism.

  • عبدالله ابراهيم


    Arresting terrorists is undoubtedly considered as a positive and effective step in order to eradicate terrorism in all the world countries. In fact, Iraq is known for having a lot of terrorist organizations but it is sometimes considered as the den of terrorists. Therefore, arresting the terrorists who exist in Iraq is positive for them since when the country will be known at the international level for containing a lot of terrorists who are enjoying all their rights in the country, this will have a negative impact on Iraq and its people. Indeed, this will make it an unsafe country that lacks safety for its people. In addition to that, this country is not able to enjoy safety compared to other countries since this country will be in the international list of prohibited countries for hosting terrorist members. This will result in economic and tourist losses for this country as a natural result given that it comprises terrorist members. Therefore, the arrest act is extremely successful in Iraq even if the issue has delayed a little bit.

  • محمد علي مراد


    There is no doubt that the murder, destruction and bloodshed acts which have been carried out by the terrorist groups have conveyed a heinous image about the culture of terrorism, murder and extremism. In fact, we are certain that terrorism is a the outcome of extremism and when extremists try to bring religious holiness to their political project through their distorted and sick ideas especially with the resulting terrorist practices, the scope of the danger of terrorism will extend to involve the people, religion, the brain, freedom and life. Indeed, there is no doubt that terrorism is the first and most dangerous enemy of the higher interests of all the countries which have been harmed by this epidemic and paid and are still paying a heavy price for the expensive bills of terrorism. Thus, the latter has currently become a project to undermine the future of these countries not to mention that the deviant ideology and the bloody criminal practices of terrorism, it represents a definite danger on freedom and the common human values in which there is no room for violence and bloodshed. Therefore, the ideology of terrorism will never change and we have to be aware that their ideology concerning fighting and expelling the foreign forces and the puppet governments is nothing but a justification for their filthy acts to commit murder, booby-trap cars, destroy buildings and displace people.

  • حسين محمد حسين


    In reality, I can’t find the words to describe the criminal extent of the terrorist operations and the extent of their harm to the Iraqi lands. Unfortunately, they have made great efforts to destroy these lands through searching for new means to torture the Iraqi people. And it is strange that they have tried to find excuses for these acts and this has raised people’s anger, especially as they have watched all kinds of terrorism through the TV news. In fact, they have killed the innocent and they have arrested thousands of people. This is in addition to killing children and raping women which are among the most heinous crimes. Besides, they have violated people’s honor and they have practiced all kinds of torture, and despite that they provided many excuses in order to kill the civilians. In fact, they have pretended that carrying out these terrorist attacks is a duty to restore their land. Thus, the language of killing and bloodshed has become normal for them like the shark whose appetite increases when seeing blood.

  • محمد موسى


    We congratulate the Iraqi Security Forces for their great victories over terrorism which has often threatened Iraqi people. And we congratulate the Iraqi Security Forces from our hearts because they have arrested the elements of the terrorist organizations during the previous period. This will allow the building of a better Iraq in the coming period, God willing. May God help you, and we wish you continuous safety and security. In fact, this has been achieved thanks to the great efforts. That’s why you deserve gratitude.

  • حسن عبدالواحد محسن


    Terrorists represent a thorn in the side of Iraq, because their first and latter goal is sabotage and spreading corruption on Earth and disrupting economic activity and construction in Iraq. Thus, paralysis occurs in the state and fear is grown in all its corners. If we review the case that the government began strategic operations to share with the security sector in Iraq, and they cooperate together, that is, the government and security forces in the face of this terrorism and terrorists, many have been arrested. Many cadres of terrorist organizations in Iraq will find that economic factors will start to grow and prosper; the civilian employers will go to their work safely and securely, as well as working women and all workers. They all work for two complementary goals; that is, to elevate the country and to help it prosper, and on the other hand, everyone is working for his own glory, contributing to raising his own standard of living and the future of his sons. If we look at the system in general, work will start and production will start without fear or threat under the rule of the Iraqi law, under the rule of a strong government that detains anyone whom it deems to be extremist or who intimidates the security and safety of Iraqis. It arrests anyone who wants to stop the wheel of production and the movement of reconstruction with bombings, banditry, bullying or other acts of terrorism. Detention is reserved for categories of terrorists hidden in Iraqi society, and it makes the society clear and active, working for construction and development, and not afraid of terror and sabotage. Iraq lived many years under pressure, wars, colonization and destruction. It is time for the people of Iraq to live in dignity and respect, and this will happen only by force, because what is taken by force must be restored by force, and we prepare our strength and gear to intimidate them before they terrorize others.

  • احمد يوسف


    Do many people know that the significance of the detention of terrorists in Iraq would be a bridge for crossing to the start of a new era for Iraq, and building a new civilization? Everyone knows that Arab investors and foreign investors are waiting for the end of terrorist acts in Iraq in order to begin the process of reconstruction, building and construction. All this and more will be the goal of the development of Iraq, but not until it goes after terrorists in Iraq. This step will come by arresting those terrorists who will feel fear and terror because many of them are haunted before they think about committing any crime or sabotage. Extremism in itself will be useless on the Iraqi soil, if these terrorists and extremists are arrested.

  • جاسم ابراهيم


    There is no doubt that arresting the terrorists and the heads of corruption of terrorist organizations in Iraq will lead to ending the tasks of terror in Iraq. The realization will be generated within the hearts of those terrorists and terrorist organizations that all their work which they intend to do is merely exposing what they are and revealing their location; thus they will lose a great number of their force, one by one. No matter how strong the thorn of terrorists becomes, we will not forget that cowardice lies in their hearts. So the principle of detention, deprivation of life and ill-treatment which they will face by being thrown in Iraqi prisons, will be the biggest motive for them to think before committing their sabotage and their subversive acts. The policy of detention will surely impose the control of the Iraqi government on all the suburbs, cities and villages of Iraq.

  • محمد عبد الله


    “The sanction is of the type of work.” This saying is known to everyone, and everyone knows its causes and knows its consequences, and therefore it refers to terrorists in Iraq and the extent of the offense which is produced from ravages and heinous crimes which they commit against humanity in Iraq. What is the penalty for doing this but arrest and trial, including the death penalty? The penalty is for the same kind of work, no harm nor reciprocating. Anyone who wants to hurt and harm Iraq, the Iraqi government should impose the same penalty on him, which is to arrest him, and then give him the death sentence. It is clear to all of us that in case these criminals are arrested, the instigators of crimes against humanity in Iraq will generate two important impressions in the skies of Iraq. First, each one who is tempted to commit any crime of terrorist sabotage under any terrorist organization, both the actor and the planner must be certain that punishment is coming inevitably, and detention in prison is his only way. And second is the people's sense of security and safety, feeling that the government has hit all terrorists with an iron fist for the sake of Iraqis.

  • يسى حمد الكواري


    Various countries must stand like a shield, which will help them to address the risk that probably comes to them. This time the danger is not yet here, but it is close to it to some extent, and it has become terrifying. This monster is approaching us and will devour everything that stands in front of it. It has no deterrent or repressor: it is terrorism. All countries, particularly the Arab countries, are suffering from a large terrorist base. Some countries have probably managed to face them and perhaps could not, which led them to ask for external protection to confront this phenomenon. But what is strange about this subject is that terrorism is not the outcome of the twenty-first century and it is not linked to a group or a specific organization in the world. It is the result of an idea of a person who enjoys murder and bloodshed. These two are the best basic principles and the foundation it is based on. Trying to combat terrorism as it is, in the form of groups facing terrorism and responding to other terrorism in other groups, is also considered to be terrorism, because addressing has to stem from an international organization or from the legislature in the country, because violence is not allowed by one individual against another individual. It must be through the law, even if he is a terrorist. It is undeniable that these days the massive technological advances have led to an unprecedented flourishing in the terrorist world, including weapons of mass destruction and modern weapons, explosives and communications, so when addressing them, we must follow extremely good intelligence in dealing with them.

  • حسين محمد حسين


    The feat of the proliferation of terrorism is becoming amazingly wonderful, causing a mixture of fear and anxiety, not towards our own country only, but also towards the entire world, with the need to address this dreaded disease. The question is: is terrorism considered the other side of the Islamic religion or even any other religion? Is terrorism already, as they say, hidden behind the beard and extremist ideologies, which do not tolerate disagreement with them? The last question here is how can we address this disease with a radical and effective solution? First, terrorism, as they say, is a religion, and it is frequently repeated on our tongues and in our ears that it has no religion, and that Islam is innocent, just as the wolf was innocent of the blood of the son of Jacob and of this brutal act. Islam is based on morality in the first place and the correct application of its teachings. The Islamic religion prohibits us to kill the unarmed; how can it be a religion of terrorism? The one who is killed or treacherously murdered is considered to be a martyr. But for the Christian religion and other religions, the religions are all based on a single approach; there is no disagreement among them or with all the different Apostles. There is only one goal, which is to worship the Almighty God and develop the land.

  • عباس


    O God! Support the heroes of the Iraqi army over the criminal mercenaries of Al-Qaeda and the other scums.

  • ابن العراق الاصيل


    I call on the security officials to know more about the terrorist thought and think as they think to anticipate their planning. This is advice to the zealous Iraqi to hit the head of the snake while it is in its hole. If you did so, the Iraqis would raise their heads God willing and you make the people stand with you. Do not treat the Iraqis as if they are terrorists. Good word is akin to charity. Do not act as if you are above the law. I swear the people are tired.