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Singers greet the new year across the Arab world

[File] Haifa Wehbe is one of the dozens of stars celebrating the new year with fans.

[File] Haifa Wehbe is one of the dozens of stars celebrating the new year with fans.

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As the countdown approaches to bid farewell to year 2009, preparations are complete for Arab singers to meet their fans during New Year's Eve concerts in Lebanon and across the Arab world.

Many of them are expected to present new songs during these concerts, while others will present their most famous repertoire of songs.

Sultan al-Tarab George Wassouf will hold a New Year's concert in the National Exhibition Center (BIEL) in the center of Beirut with singer Fares Karam, who will also appear at the Edde Sands complex in Jbeil for a concert with singer Yara.

Superstar Ragheb Alama and singer Haifa Wehbe will hold their New Year's Eve concert in the BIEL Royal Pavilion, and Haifa will also participate with Wael Kfoury in a concert at the Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel.

Egyptian star Amr Diab will hold a New Year's concert along with singer Melissa in Martyrs' Square in downtown Beirut.

Fadel Shaker and the Egyptian Shireen Abdul Wahab will appear at Hotel L'Oreal al-Dhabia, and Fadel will also perform at the Hotel Habtoor in Sin al-Fil alongside Nancy Ajram and Assi al-Hellani.

Composer Melham Barakat will hold a concert at the Marina Complex in Dabia, in which singer Roula Saad and comedian Elie Ayoub will participate. The artist Bassima will celebrate the holiday at the restaurant Le Barticolier in Sodeco.

Walid Toufiq will appear at Atlal Plaza in Tabarja alongside Elie Ayoub, while singer Darine Hadchiti will hold a holiday concert at the Hotel Raphael in Jounieh.

Najwa Karam will greet the new year with a tribute concert in Hotel La Cigale in Doha, Qatar, with Aymen Zabib. Nawal Zoghby, who has a new album produced by Melody coming out soon, will appear in a concert at Hotel City Stars in Cairo alongside Gulf artist Hussein al-Jasmi.

Singer Elissa, who released her new album "Tsadiq Bimeen," will hold a concert with Wael al-Jasaarin at the Hotel Semiramis in Cairo.

Singer Carol Samaha will hold a New Year's concert at the Hotel Intercontinental in Amman, Jordan, and singer Diana Haddad will perform in Dubai.

Pascal Mashalani will share the joy of the holiday by hosting a party with the Arab communities in Ottawa, Canada.

In other art news, singer Assi al-Hellani completed filming a music video with director Said al-Marouq, with lyrics from Nabil Khalaf and music from Walid Saad.

Tunisian artist Latifah launched from Beirut her album in the Gulf dialect titled "Atahada," while Algerian singer Fellah recorded "Dio" with Moroccan artist Mahmoud al-Idrissi.

Meanwhile, Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherji is preparing to film the series "Cleopatra" next January, once director Wael Ramadan completes the plans to film in Alexandria, al-Aqsar, Aswan, and Cairo. The series is produced by Media Production City with a script by Syrian writer Qamar al-Zaman Alloush.

PHOTO: [File] Haifa Wehbe is one of the dozens of stars celebrating the new year with fans.






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    In the name of [God], the creator of love and beauty! My friends; I am one of the millions of people who are in love with this gorgeous angel, Haifa Wahbi. I have only one wish in this world and that is to meet her in person. I think she has been treated unjustly and no one understood and cherished her true values. Instead, everyone is just after her body and wants to damage her image, one way or another. In my opinion, she is the purest, the most beautiful, and the most companionate woman in the whole world! I ask god to give her eternal life and make her a hundred times prettier. I ask god to join all lovers find their loves. I am begging you to pray for me. May one day you and your love finally find each other.

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    I’d like to have an email or website for artist Haifa Wahbi, to cooperate with her artistically.

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    Haifaa Wahbi is very beautiful, but she hides great sadness inside herself, which appears always in her eyes. She is using her body more than her voice in her songs, as if she is revenging from a specific person by her act. I read about her and her sad story. Haifaa Wahbi entered the world of fashion , when she was relatively young, about 15. She worked in this profession for a long time. She obtained the “Miss South” award when she was still 16 years old. Haifaa Wahbi moved from the world of fashion show to the world of acting to obtain fame. She acted in one of the series that was viewed on Future T.V., but this series was stopped by orders of Mr. Rafiq Al-Hariri, the owner of the T.V. station. Rotana Company provided endless support for Haifaa Wahbi, through press interviews with the biggest Arab newspapers and magazines, and produced an album for her, which the company imposed on the screens on daily basis. Moreover, Rotana organized strong concerts for her. Her album, which has been just released, was a big faliure in the music world. Haifaa Wahbi was deprived of her only daughter, Zainab, since she was only one year old. Her ex-husband prevented her to see or contact her daughter. This may be the secret of the concealed sadness in her eyes. I wish her success and guidance. I hope that she can meet her daughter again.

  • slam aaisa


    Arts play effective roles in the human society in all fields. Art is the means through which artists express their feelings towards society, nature or any aspect of life. It lets them give their impressions of what they are witnessing around them, either by means of a lovely painting, or through a musical piece. Arts develop men's moral side, so it works against the materialistic aspect in this world. I’m one of the strong admirers of arts, songs and beautiful words, because they help move ideas inside men. Art liberates men from many restraints. Artists show many merciful acts in relation to donating for cancer patients and orphanages. They convey their ideas to the listener with loyalty and they widely participate in supporting nations through their voices and their participation in ceremonies, wedding parties and anniversaries, including the New Year feasts, which all the world eagerly looks forward to. A happy and peaceful year for all people. Thanks.