Natasha's priority is education, not singing

[File] Natasha released her first album and is planning a music video for the song "Aywah".

[File] Natasha released her first album and is planning a music video for the song "Aywah".

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Natasha has returned with her first album, "Natasha 2010", four years after releasing her first song, "Tayr al-Finiq", when she was 12 years old.

Mawtani interviewed Natasha about her priorities in life and her future career plans.

Mawtani: What inspired you to start singing at an early age?

Natasha: I have loved art and singing since childhood. I was six years old when I surprised my parents with my talent when I performed the song "Atouna Tufouli" by Remi Bandali at school.

I live with a family that loves classical music. Both my brother Elia and my father write music, and they always encourage me.

At the age of twelve, I recorded my very own first single titled "Tayr al-Finiq", with lyrics by Nabil Abou Abdo and music by my father. I then followed it with my second song called "Shaghilni Hawak", with lyrics also by Nabil Abou Abdo and music by Rabih Baroud. Later on, I released my first album.

Mawtani: The songs on the album are addressed to people who are older than you. Why not direct your songs to people of your own generation?

Natasha: I sing what I like, and I am certain the songs will appeal to children, those who are my age, and adults. I did not sing songs that would appeal to my generation because I did not find an appropriate subject. I sang for my country in "Tayr al-Finiq", and if a beautiful theme for a song becomes available to me, I will not turn it down.

Mawtani: What is your priority, art or education?

Natasha: Education is my priority. Art is a hobby. Even the production company that I collaborate with takes into consideration my priority to study.

Mawtani: Does your art prevent you from living your life?

Natasha: Art does not take a lot of my time. Since the beginning, I have organized and arranged my life. I live my personal life to the fullest in a way that is suitable for my age, and my art has its special time.

Mawtani: What about acting?

Natasha: I received two scripts for two Egyptian series for the month of Ramadan. One of them was "al-Harah", starring Afaf Shuaib, Mahmoud al-Jundi, Khaled al-Sawi, Nelly Karim, and Dina Samir Ghanem, and directed by Sameh Abdul Aziz.

But I declined it because I want to focus on singing, and it is too early for me to enter into the world of acting.

Mawtani: You have filmed the song "100 Sana" as a video clip. Is there another clip on the way?

Natasha: I am preparing to shoot the song "Aywah" very soon with director Mazen Said.

Mawtani: Are you holding any concerts?

Natasha: I do not have any concerts at the present time. But last summer I participated in a series of festivals, and it was a great experience that I am ready to plunge into again.




    نام شما لازم استerfan


    Kudos Natasha! You are fine!

  • ریحانه


    Darling, I love you so much! You are so beautiful, and so is your voice!

  • محمد


    There was no mention of her biography. What is her complete first and last name?

  • ايمي


    Beautiful voice Natasha, but singing in Egyptian is better.

  • راوية


    I am a big fan of the singer Natasha and I love her. I send her messages from Algeria.

  • هيثم عبد النبي


    The artist Natasha is considered among the most famous, thanks to the beauty of her voice. She has a large audience and many fans. In fact, her performance is very expressive. She can influence a large audience, which made the number of her fans multiply and enabled her to continue in the field of art. Thus, she will quickly reach the peak of stardom, especially with her latest album, which delighted her fans. We wish her continuous success in her career, and we expect the most beautiful songs in the album to come.

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