Actor Khalil Fadhil Khalil dreams of working in Hollywood

Khalil said the love he feels from the audience motivates him to work harder.  [Mahmoud al-Mulhim/Mawtani]

Khalil said the love he feels from the audience motivates him to work harder. [Mahmoud al-Mulhim/Mawtani]

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Young actor Khalil Fadhil Khalil won the love of Iraqi audiences after playing King Faisal II in the television series "Akher al-Melouk".

Khalil has played several important roles in recent years. In 2009, he won the best young actor award at the Cairo Arab Media Festival for his role in "Sahabat Seif" even though he was still a third-year student at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Baghdad University.

Mawtani met with Khalil in Baghdad for the following interview:

Mawtani: Do you think the fame of your father Fadhil Khalil contributed to your own fame?

Khalil Fadhil Khalil: Of course, this has been an important reason for my fame. My father has also had a positive influence on me ever since I was little. Although some people are saying that I am getting roles thanks to my father, I think that the critics, artists and audiences have a different opinion.

Mawtani: How do you feel about titles, such as the "King", which audiences gave you for the role of King Faisal II?

Khalil: I do not look for titles. However, this title is good and it makes me happy when fans call me "King" or "Our King". Some of them even call me "Your Excellency". This shows that I have succeeded in playing that character, which makes me happy.

Mawtani: Were you afraid to play the role of King Faisal?

Khalil: This role was offered to me by artist Ali Jaafar al-Saadi. I found that all the artists, including the director, script writer, producers and others, agreed that I would play the role of King Faisal II.

Of course, the selection was difficult because this character is loved by Iraqis, who greatly sympathize with this young king. He was a cultured, informed person who had all the features that would qualify him to be a king.

I took a long time to make the right decision. I read a lot about the king and I listened to old people who lived in that era. When I was by myself, I found out that there were certain characteristics in the king's character that were close to my own character. The most important of these characteristics is that I am quiet like the king.

I also have the ability to play any character. I can excel at playing a beggar or a king. I was of the opinion that if I studied the character well and worked hard to play it, I would succeed. Based on that, I agreed to do it.

Mawtani: How do you feel about your fame?

Khalil: Fame is a wonderful thing. I am always surrounded with the love of people who I meet everywhere. To be loved by people is the most beautiful thing in life. This encourages me to offer the best and also motivates me to work harder and give more in order to please them.

Mawtani: Do you dream of working internationally?

Khalil: I hope to play roles in front of world actors. I dream about acting in Hollywood.






    You're wonderful, just lovely.

  • فطومة العراقية


    You are great.

  • فطومة العراقية


    Khalil, you are awesome and all Iraqis love you and your role in the Saleema Basha Series is thrilling. Keep up the good work, you are a creative person.

  • حبيبي خليل


    You are the pride of the Iraqi art and a beautiful role model for the Iraqi youth. You represent the Iraqi youth with a good image of a distinguished performance and the ability to embody the characters. You are one of the people who appear in their natural look to the audience and people, and this makes your fans love you and keep up with the news about you. You always inspire me. I am sure that you will become a world star and Hollywood will be honored if it embraces a classy star like you. I love you and I wish you success and health. You are the sweetheart of the Iraqi drama; you are the king!

  • عاشقة بل مهوسة خليل


    Wow, you are my beloved in the Iraqi drama.

  • عاشقه خليل


    You are right, our king! You are the most beautiful Iraqi artist and young man. Thanks for the great works. You are the moon of the Iraqi drama.

  • samer


    You deserve everything that is good, as you are the real and unparalleled star.

  • علي الساهر


    A thousand congratulations to the artist, who is beloved of the masses, Khaleel Fadil. There is no doubt that he is a very experienced and talented actor. Through this gift, one can attract the confidence and love of the fans. This is what happened through his works, especially the latest TV series The Last King. You deserve to be crowned king. Best regards and I wish you success and good health.

  • معجب


    Though the process is very long, brother artist Khalil, I am confident that your dream will one day come true. Frankly speaking, and without compliments, you are truly a gifted artist. Dreams can become a reality especially if a it emanates from a creative soul such as this respectable artist.My sincerest regards and I wish you the best of luck. An Iraqi admirer.

  • هيثم


    Why do the artists of Iraq not dream of international fame and stardom? In my opinion they deserve such fame, especially the respected artist Khalil Fadel Khalil. We wish this artist's dream would come true and that he goes to Hollywood to reach the international stardom which he seeks. This is possible for the artists of Iraq, who have presented a lot of famous works of art, which really amused and still amuse us. We salute the art and artists of Iraq for their noble and wonderful works. Thank you.

  • احمد سلطان


    Greetings to this wonderful artist from an Iraqi fan who very much likes his unique art. I pray to God that all his dreams would come true, because he is an artist who deserves all appreciation. We salute this creative artist and hope to see him as a global artist. Regards.