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Maysam Nahhas plans acting debut

Nahhas's song "Ahla al-Ursan" is a favorite among couples getting married. [File / Mawtani]

Nahhas's song "Ahla al-Ursan" is a favorite among couples getting married. [File / Mawtani]

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Maysam Nahhas is gearing up for her first acting endeavor, a television series called "Wirthit Khali". As she waits for filming to begin, she is enjoying the success of her song "Ahla al-Ursan", released about a month ago.

Mawtani interviewed Maysam Nahhas about her latest song and upcoming television role.

Mawtani: What is the story behind your popular song "Ahla al-Ursan"?

Maysam Nahhas: A year ago, my fiancé Majd [Muawad] and I began to work on this song. The idea of the song "Ahla al-Ursan" came about after people asked us about our wedding date, so we decided to make a song for our wedding. The lyrics of the song were written by poet Tony Abi-Karam and the music by my fiancé, Dr. Majd Muawad.

Mawtani: Does this mean you have a new composer?

Nahhas: This might be true, but he will not compose music, except for my songs. My fiancé is a dentist who knows a lot about music, as he studied it for 13 years.

Mawtani: Will you be turning this song into a music video?

Nahhas: Definitely. I will be working with MTV director Joseph Tawil after we worked together recently on a hymn for Easter.

Mawtani: Before you released this song, your song "Bhibbak" came out and occupied one of the top positions.

Nahhas: "Bhibbak" paved the way for "Ahla al-Ursan", which told the story of the situation I am in. The music and the lyrics were written by my fiancé Majd.

Mawtani: Have you set a date for the wedding?

Nahhas: We have decided to have our wedding in 2012.

Mawtani: Tell us about your transition from singing to acting.

Nahhas: I was totally against the idea of acting. But lately, I thought to myself, why not? Last year, I met producer Marwan Haddad, who offered me a role in the series "Wirthit Khali", in which actor George Khabbaz plays the main role. The story is by Claudia Marshalian and the directing by Ziad Najjar. I agreed to take part because I was confident about the professionalism of the producer, the author, the director and the crew.

Mawtani: What role will you be playing?

Nahhas: I play the role of a wealthy woman who is admired by a simple young man. She views him as a friend, but feelings change with time.

Mawtani: How many episodes is this series? When will you begin filming it?

Nahhas: The events of the series take place over 15 episodes. We will begin filming it in the middle of May.

Mawtani: Are you nervous?

Nahhas: No, because I am used to standing in front of the camera. This is why I have self-confidence. Besides, the story and the crew working on it are wonderful.

Mawtani: Would it be safe to say that this series will draw you more into acting?

Nahhas: At the end of the day, I am a singer. I love to sing for myself, for the people and for the Lord. As for acting, I consider it a good, attractive step. Later on, if I feel comfortable, I will not have any problem with acting. However, acting will not be the main thing in my life.




    ميسيم نحاس


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