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Vivienne Murad releases debut album

Vivienne Murad says the Iraqi singing style requires sensitivity. [File / Mawtani]

Vivienne Murad says the Iraqi singing style requires sensitivity. [File / Mawtani]

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Nine years after she entered the art arena, Vivienne Murad released her first ten-track album, titled "Fawq el-Kalam". She worked with director Randa al-Alam to film a music video for the album's title track.

Murad said she is confident in herself and her voice, and she seeks to create a unique image.

Mawtani sat down with Murad to discuss her new album.

Mawtani: Why has it taken you nine years to release your first album?

Vivienne Murad: I took my time because I wanted to present a high level of art, especially in light of the quasi-art that has spread in the music field. It makes me embarrassed to introduce myself as an artist, so instead I chose introduce myself as a landscape engineer.

It is because I am an artist who respects herself that I gave this album all this time. I worked on each song and got involved in every detail of each song, including the production. I recorded them only after I was confident that everything was good. I am a perfectionist in everything I do.

Mawtani: Why did you release your first album now, when other artists are waiting?

Murad: I insisted on releasing it because we are approaching summer. The songs are cheerful, and people will love them and dance to them at nightclubs. The songs are going to become hits. I could have released a single, but I insisted on making available a complete, first-class work at Virgin Stores. Among the album’s ten songs are four songs that would be a shame not to turn into music videos.

Mawtani: But you filmed only one song so far?

Murad: I waited six months for director Randa al-Alam to return from America so that I could film it with her because I thought she would make me unique and highlight the charming and attractive woman in me, in a classy manner. As for the four songs, they will be filmed consecutively starting at the beginning of March with Randa.

Mawtani: How would you describe your songs?

Murad: Happy. They speak about love, tender feelings and melody through soft music and quasi-techno style production. They are songs that can be played anywhere.

Mawtani: Do you sing in a foreign language?

Murad: I sing in French, English and Spanish. I am considering including in my next Gulf album a Spanish-Arabic song. I will have special songs in these languages later on.

Mawtani: You also sing in several different dialects, which ones?

Murad: Tunisian, Iraqi and Swayhili, which is gypsy. However, this is not my identity, my character or my image, even though I sing in all these dialects, especially the Iraqi dialect because there is always a large audience at my concerts from Iraq.

Mawtani: You have no problem singing in the Iraqi dialect?

Murad: Not at all. I sang this style many times in Dubai. I was learning famous Iraqi songs to perform for my Iraqi audience, which I cannot ignore. One cannot sing the Iraqi mawwal any way one likes. You either sing Iraqi or you do not. The Iraqi singing style requires sensitivity.






    I love this songstress very much. She is elegant and beautiful.