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Iraqi Ministry of Education to build nearly 1,000 schools

The Ministry of Education will focus on building schools in rural areas and areas damaged by terrorism. [Stringer / Reuters]

The Ministry of Education will focus on building schools in rural areas and areas damaged by terrorism. [Stringer / Reuters]

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The Iraqi Ministry of Education announced last week the start of a fast-paced, national plan to build hundreds of schools in Baghdad and other provinces.

The World Bank provided $100 million to build elementary, middle and high schools.

Jassem Abbas, an engineer in charge of school construction at the Ministry of Education, said the ministry intends to build 987 schools for boys and girls. Each school will include at least 18 classrooms, three science labs, a conference hall, a theater, a sports hall, green areas, a football field and a basketball court.

"We shall pave the roads leading to these schools, as well as provide internet service, electricity and drinking water supplies," he told Mawtani. "We will also supply wooden school chairs, magnetic blackboards and podiums for the teachers."

Abbas said the ministry hopes to complete construction of the schools within 14 months so students can begin attending classes in them at the start of the next school year.

Ministry of Education spokesperson Waleed Hussein said the ministry is looking to build even more schools and has started asking provincial councils for money from the regional development plan for construction.

Hussein said improved security has prompted more students to come to school and many dropouts to return, creating overcrowding in schools and forcing some buildings to hold two school sessions, one with morning classes and another with classes in the afternoon.

"This is what we are trying to end by building new, modern schools in every area," he said. "The objective of the education ministry is to spread the culture of Iraq to all, to refrain from sectarianism, religious and ethnic extremism, and to promote contemporary ideas. We shall focus on this objective in a big way.''

The Ministry of Education has also been working to equip schools with necessary supplies. Tens of thousands of school chairs have been manufactured and the ministry has provided examination booklets and texts promoting peaceful coexistence and the culture of non-violence.

Parliament member Waleed al-Mohammadi told Mawtani that the ministry will focus on building schools in rural areas and cities hit hard by terrorism.

''Those who were deprived of education by the terrorist groups will have the chance to go back to schools in a better way than in the past," he said.

Iraqi citizens praised the project to build new schools.

"With work and knowledge we shall build the new Iraq," said Haifa Salih of Baghdad. "The future belongs to education and learning, so let us give the coming generations the chance to live in a progressive, stable Iraq.''

Khalaf al-Dulaimi, a resident of Habaniya, said, "Building new schools will send a message to the Iraqi people that the future is here and we should fill it with knowledge and scholarship.''




    خليفةالله :جرى جمهورية مالى


    In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the ever Merciful. May peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, peace be upon him. Peace be upon you…. This is a message from the Caliph of God in Mali Republic, Gomakro village, Siqo province. For the sake of God, please helps us provide education for children by building a school for them so they can learn easily. Peace be upon you…. Thank you.

  • سلامة انور


    As an Iraqi citizen, I love my country, Iraq. I hope that it will become advanced with architectural achievements, knowledge and science, until it rivals the advanced and civilized countries in all spheres of life. This is why I urge the Iraqi government and the officials in the Ministry of Education to build new schools in my area, because of the dire need for them, in order to accommodate more students and relieve the pressure from other schools, and to allow the students who come to register at these schools to be able to join them, instead of leaving them without education and letting them suffer from the lack of education and knowledge, which causes their ruin. Education is necessary in order to contribute to the development of our country by means of knowledge and science, with which the individual arms himself or herself in order to realize progress and advancement, because knowledge is light, and ignorance is darkness, and countries make progress thanks to their educated people, whom they consider an object of pride within their societies, since they contribute to the building and advancement of their countries.

  • ebrahim


    Iraq is among the countries that have an ancient civilization, and it was the first to invent writing and teach it to the rest of humanity. This civilization emerged from the Land of the Two Rivers, Iraq, and it has enriched the world with knowledge and science, because it preceded the rest of the world in creating a wealth of cultural and scientific achievements, which caught the attention of the whole world. This is one of many objects of pride that history has recorded, and science will always be attached to the civilization of Iraq. As a result of the extremely difficult circumstances that Iraq has gone through, education has suffered from a lack of progress and poor performance levels, because of many factors. We need reform and change in this area.

  • ذاكر فالح


    The education sector should be given immense consideration, by the construction of schools in villages and rural areas, as well as in cities. They should be supplied with teachers of all the various subjects in order to improve the standard of education in a way that befits Iraq’s history. Also, this will help future generations to continue along the path of science and knowledge, by constructing new units to accommodate students, or building additional schools and equipping them with the required amenities for advanced learning, in order to raise a generation that is aware and knowledgeable, and that is able to embark upon the scientific undertaking of transferring this knowledge to the next generations.

  • كاظم خطار


    As a resident of the capital Baghdad, I say the province needs continuous work to build larger numbers of schools to meet the shortfall due to the increasing numbers of students, especially as the capital is overpopulated. Therefore, we call for giving heed to this area, in order to reduce the lack of schools that have started to attract larger numbers of students than they can hold, because of the shortfall in the construction of schools. This is clearly evident in some regions of Baghdad, which contain only a limited number of schools that cannot possibly accommodate the huge numbers of students. Such an action will be a positive step in the educational process and will create an atmosphere that will help students understand their lessons and materials of study. Today, we see that there are many schools that have become outdated, as many years have passed since they were built, and they need to be remodeled, if not replaced. We call for building modern schools that have laboratories that help students to learn effectively.

  • قاسم طارق


    We live in the district of Mahmudiyah, south of Baghdad, and we are suffering from the lack of schools in the city, and many students drop out of school because they are too far away. We know the circumstances experienced by the country, which have been a great obstacle to the students in getting to and from their schools comfortably and safely. This is one reason, and another reason is that the small number of schools negatively affects the educational process, because the number of students within each class is very large, and the students do not have a good study atmosphere so as to understand well. They cannot find a place to sit inside the classroom. So I call upon the government and the Ministry of Education to pay attention to this issue and to save the students and the youth of Mahmudiyah from the ignorance that may affect them, by building more schools in the city; elementary, middle and preparatory schools, especially for girls and for young people. I do not think this will cost the government a lot of money, and I hope these schools will sophisticated and broad, and will contain the services needed in schools.

  • ليث جواد


    We have addressed many specialists and decision-makers in the Ministry of Education and submitted several complaints to them, but no one listened and we have received no response to our appeals. Therefore, we have come to you, hoping that our voices would be heard by the concerned government officials via your free podium. My problem is summed up in the lack of schools within the geographical area where I live, and this has had a negative impact on education in the region. By the way, this problem is not only in our region; it is a general problem and a phenomenon that deserves a serious approach, because the Ministry of Education has not built any new schools in years. Thus, the problem is continuously escalating, and I live in Al-Ilam District in Baghdad, and everyone knows that this area is only twenty years old or slightly more. Consequently, the schools that were built in this area were designed to accommodate the population twenty years ago, but they are no longer capable of accommodating such a large number of students. Here, I am not speaking about any particular level, because the problem is in all primary, preparatory and secondary schools. We want the Ministry of Education and the Iraqi government to launch a campaign to build schools in the capital Baghdad immediately, to eliminate this uncivilized phenomenon of the lack of schools and teaching staff. For if we want we want to build Iraq, then we have to take care of the students, because they are the future of our home. O gentlemen, who are in charge of such affairs in the new Iraq, take action, please.

  • شرهان موسى


    I am one of the parents of the students at a school in Al-Hurriyyah Second District; I want to describe to you the suffering of the children because of the lack of schools in our region and the inability of these schools to accommodate the large and increasing number of students. The students are piled up in the classroom in large numbers that may exceed forty and sometimes fifty students per class. Does this make sense? How do we expect the teacher to run this class? How can he explain the material to such a large number of students? Believe me when I tell you that some of the students sit on the ground because there are not enough seats in the classroom. Through your website, I would like to ask the Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Education in Karkh to sympathetically consider these children, and to earmark funds and a plot of land to build a new school in Al-Hurriyyah Second District, Baghdad Governorate, Karkh, in order to save our children from this tragic situation in which they live inside the old, crowded schools. In this way, we will lighten the workload on the teachers and achieve the results that we all need, as to providing a suitable educational and learning atmosphere for the students. We should give them the opportunity to benefit to the fullest, because controlling the students in the classroom is not an easy task, especially if their numbers are greater than what is appropriate. Thanks to all those who will take swift action in order to solve this problem.

  • عبدالخالق


    The establishment of a new school in my city is very important for me. That’s why I ask any person who is competent in this aspect to take the issue seriously, in order to eradicate ignorance and backwardness, and to let all people have the opportunity to learn and study. This will help preserve the interest of my city’s inhabitants.

  • مازن


    I’m a citizen of one of the Iraqi cities which lacks a school from which students can graduate. The people of this city really need to study, through establishing one or more schools. Thus, it is important that professionals pay attention to building schools, because many people have been deprived of an education, because other schools are far away and it is difficult to attend them. Thus, I call for a school to be built in our region, so people can study without facing difficulties. Indeed, if a school is built close to their homes, parents will be reassured about their children, because they will get to school quickly, without any fear of the risks that can face them. Thus, we need the involved persons to give a helping hand to these students who need an education, and we hope our request will be answered.

  • عبدالاله


    I call for more attention to the education in order to promote cultural and educational awareness. Also, I ask our children to pay attention to education, and to call for acquiring knowledge through the establishment of schools in the cities and villages. Thus, we can say that we have contributed to making education available to all the children without any failure or error that would affect their rights.

  • مصطفى شاكر


    It is not a difficult thing to work on constructing schools in every district and village. And I want to ask the government to allocate funds for education, in order to provide the correct path to get knowledge and to learn reading and writing. In fact, it is a priority for the government to create an educated and cultivated generation holding degrees who will serve the people by being qualified in their fields. All this depends on the school, which is the most important pillar and the first step for all students, to get an education and culture, and to attend the next educational stages. Thus, education is a necessity in life that makes people safe by having the weapon of knowledge.