Construction begins on Anbar's first orphanage

The orphanage will be staffed with trained educators to help orphaned children keep up with their studies. [May Naji / Reuters]

The orphanage will be staffed with trained educators to help orphaned children keep up with their studies. [May Naji / Reuters]

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The local government in Anbar province started building the province's first orphanage in Fallujah on Thursday (May 14th).

The project is being executed by a group of specialized government and local companies under the supervision and support of the Iraqi Ministry of Social Affairs and the Anbar Provincial Council. The orphanage will offer services to the needy free of charge.

"The construction of the orphanage is a step from the local government and the provincial council to pay attention to orphans of different ages to ensure a healthy atmosphere for them to proceed with their studies, provide integrated health and educational supplies for them, and to alleviate their suffering," said Sadoun Obeid al-Shaalan, deputy chairperson of the Anbar Provincial Council.

The companies have drawn up modern engineering designs for building the orphanage, which will cost more than 290 million dinars to construct.

Al-Shaalan told Mawtani that the orphanage would include a large number of bedrooms, kitchens, a health center, classrooms, sports gyms, and scientific labs that will be supervised by specialized training and teaching personnel. The orphanages will also be supplied with the necessary medical supplies and other amenities.

"Orphanages will not be built in the city of Fallujah alone, but other ones will be built in the future in Ramadi and the district of Anah in western Anbar, as well as other areas that will be specified in the upcoming period based on the actual need of each city," al-Shaalan said.

Khalid al-Muhammadi, an engineer on the committee that is supervising the construction of the orphanage, said the local government decided to build the orphanage near residential areas and other service departments in order to provide all necessary services the orphanage needs, such as electricity, water, rainwater drainage networks and phone lines.

The orphanage is also located close to the government school complex in the mid-town area.

"The attention paid by Anbar officials and the Iraqi government to improve all the services that are provided to citizens, especially to orphan children, is clear in the projects that are executed by the government in this regard," al-Muhammadi told Mawtani.

The local government will train a number of teachers and instructors, as well as a number of sports trainers, to be among the full-time staff of the orphanage. The tasks of the staff will be to educate the orphans and follow up on their studies at government schools and help them understand their coursework.

The local government will also provide a number of specialists trained in caring for children under the age of six.

"The project to build the orphanage is one of the most important steps that provincial officials have started to take," Mazal Hassoun of the Social Welfare Department in Anbar told Mawtani. "The orphanage will help protect orphan children against homelessness and loss after they lost their parents in terrorist operations that targeted innocent people in recent years."

Educational supervisor Saleh al-Dahham of the Anbar Provincial Educational Directorate told Mawtani, "There are a number of orphan children who lost their families in the criminal operations that took place in recent years in different cities across Anbar. They need care and projects to support them and provide the supplies they need."

"The project to construct the orphanage came as a part of the steps taken by the government to pay attention to orphans," he said. "It is a big first step and we hope there will be more steps in the near future."




    طه دويش


    In all the countries of the world, we see that the orphan is distinguished and everything is available to him and every care is required not only because he is an orphan, but in order to create a healthy society and for the orphans to gain merit. We, Iraqis, are the only country where the state gives up its explicit required responsibility and gets busy in the positions, and the theft of money unfortunately.

  • سامي عبيد


    The existence of many care homes for those orphan children will contribute to keeping them and bringing them up according to correct methods and ways and make them competent people who will work so as to benefit themselves and others as well, through providing them everything that they need in terms of love, care and attention, as they have lost one or both of their parents, and there is no one to care for them. Therefore, it is necessary that there should be staff working to provide attention to those children; moreover, they should be educated and provided with food and clothes and all the other requirements so as not to feel deprivation or neglect in their rights, and for them to feel that they have been compensated with all the best. The people of fortune, the traders, the companies and the kind people should contribute and participate so as to provide support and all the requirements to those children, as Almighty God has recommended caring for them. They do not have a mother or a father and there is no one caring for them, and the orphan is still a young person who needs attention and love, and he has been deprived of his parents. The prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, recommended caring for the orphans. He said in his Hadith, peace be upon him, "I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this," putting his index and middle fingers together.

  • سلام عبدالحميد


    Iraq is witnessing the killing and death of many of its sons, as a result of terrorist acts carried out by criminal armed groups and criminals, who carry out bombings and booby-trapping. This has claimed the lives of many fathers and mothers and consequently led to the increase of the number of orphans in Iraq who are the victims of criminal cowardly terrorist attacks carried out by those terrorists. The latter are responsible for the death of innocent mothers and fathers.

  • نورس


    The role and duty of the government is to establish many orphanages in all the provinces of Iraq for those children. They should also hire specialized cadres in order to care for them as is appropriate, so that they do not become easy prey for criminal and terrorist gangs. Quite the contrary, we would create a good generation which contributes to the reconstruction and development processes. On top of that, orphans would find some people who care for them and provide them with all the needed love and interest. In so doing, we will compensate them for the loss of their mothers, fathers or both. Such projects depend on the generosity of good people, the government, and non-governmental organizations which care for orphaned children. This is the best thing a person can ever do. In fact, the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, was reported as saying: “The orphan's sponsor and I are in Heaven like these,” and he raised up his index and middle fingers. In fact, the custody of an orphan is one of the best deeds that are preached by the Islamic religion and in all societies, since these children have a special position in society. They receive the care and interest of all people. Thus, they will not feel that they are deprived of their parents, since they enjoy love, interest and care from all people. In this respect, the position of those who adopt orphans is big and great in Islam.

  • فراس ارشد


    We ask all the concerned authorities to support this project in order to build orphanages. In fact, we must take care of children in orphanages using specific strategies. Usually, the child goes through different phases after joining the orphanage. First, he undergoes a medical examination in order to assess his health condition. Then, the type of health care required during the first months is determined. At the same time, a volunteer woman who is like a mother is assigned to take full care of him. The orphanage must be equipped with all facilities, having areas to play and others to exercise. We must also ensure that a public health physician, an artistic education teacher and a computer teacher visit the orphanage periodically. We must provide different care, one for healthy orphans and one for orphans with disabilities. There is an increasing number of orphaned children in general. Most of these children in the orphanages face many psychological and social problems, whether in their relationships with their peers, with their supervisors or with their colleagues at school. Thus, we must take an interest in this phenomenon.

  • زهد بندر


    The small amount of money that has been provided by the government cannot meet the orphans’ needs. This has obliged them to work in very difficult conditions, and they are thus exploited by some people. In fact, they have been exploited to carry out operations of stealing and killing and sexual activities. This is in addition to taking part in terrorist operations that have threatened the country’s security and stability. All this happened due to the government’s lack of interest in providing the orphans’ requirements. The government has also failed to provide a decent life for these orphans. In fact, it is important to improve their living conditions in order to protect them from delinquency. It is also important to provide them with healthcare and education services in order to have a good generation that will participate in the country’s reconstruction and development. In fact, Iraq is a rich country and it can provide good living conditions for orphans.

  • عزت احمد


    Orphans have experienced significant suffering in Iraq. This is due to governmental neglect. Thus, these orphans have suffered from loss and displacement. Besides, they have been exploited by those who have weak souls. Thus, many widows have urged their children to work for the sake of improving their living conditions, especially with the current increase in the prices of food products. Besides, the Iraqi government provides the orphans with small amounts of money that cannot meet their daily requirement. In fact, they are in need of food, medicines, drinking water, electricity and means of transportation.

  • حيدر فلاح


    Iraq has become a country of orphans and widows due to the many wars and battles waged by the country. Iraq also has witnessed many acts of terrorism, which claimed the lives of many parents as a result of carrying out bombings, planting bombs, assassinations, sectarian killings, kidnappings and suicide attacks. So we believe Iraq has become a country of orphans, and many of them suffer from a lack of sponsors who would embrace and take care of them. Those orphans are now without breadwinners or someone to take care of their lives. The government and relevant authorities should look after those children who have no families. There should be orphanages and salaries should be allocated to these children. They should receive an education. They should not be left to drift and suffer from displacement, loss, ignorance, poverty and corruption. Therefore, these children should be looked after and embraced, to let them enjoy a happy life, because the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, said in the hadith: "I am with the sponsor of orphans like this in paradise (and he gestured with his forefinger and middle finger)." In other words, whoever takes care of an orphan will have a superior position in paradise, as he will be accompanied by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

  • مشعل عامر


    We have many orphans in Iraq as a result of the consecutive wars and the cowardly terrorist acts carried out by the terrorists. There are many orphans, and they need someone to care for them and comfort and embrace them. I say that this is the duty of the Iraqi government in addition to taking care of them and providing all that they need. The Messenger of God said: "I will be in Paradise with sponsors of orphans like these,” and he made a gesture with his forefinger and middle finger. A long time ago, all people cared for the orphans, because this was commanded by God and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. No matter what we do for orphans, we can never provide them the love that their mothers or fathers could give. Nevertheless, we should not stop helping them in various ways in order to make them feel that they are not strangers. It is our duty to protect the orphans and pay attention to them, because they are an important segment in society and they should be guided to do good works instead of drifting off into violence and evil. In that sense, we need to take care of the orphans in our countries and we must offer them everything they need, to keep the society free of disintegration. We need to hold special festivals for them and emphasize the Orphan Day so that they do not feel that they are strangers.

  • ظاهر كميل


    The orphans in Iraq are the poorest on earth. In fact, they deserve total governmental interest. For instance, Iraqi orphans suffer from a lot of problems and they are currently living in very difficult conditions. They need someone to relieve them from their deteriorating conditions. In fact, everybody has cared for the orphans for a long time, since they have a great importance for God the Almighty and the Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him. Indeed, whatever we do for orphans, we could never compensate for the love of their parents. Despite that, we must not stop supporting them by all means, so that they do not feel alienated. In addition, we should help and take good care of the orphans, because they are an important part of society. Thus, instead of carrying out despicable acts, it would be better for orphans to do good deeds. Therefore, we must take care of the orphans in our countries and provide them with required help and do good things. In so doing, we will raise a good generation. Besides, the Orphan’s Day must be an important day in their life, and they should never feel alienated. The government must also look after them and provide them with all their necessary requirements, according to what Prophet Mohamed said: “I and the guardian of an orphan are like these,” and he pointed with his forefinger and middle finger. Thus, taking care of orphans is something wonderful.

  • مازن عجيل


    Orphans are continuously suffering in Iraq, given the lack of support and neglect. In fact, there is not enough care in orphanages and in the adoption program of these orphans for families who want to adopt. In fact, this concerns those orphans who are already living in orphanages. On the other hand, orphans who do not live there are totally marginalized, particularly those who were orphaned because of the bitter conditions and the terrorist attacks. In fact, the latter were the main reasons for the considerable increase of the number of orphans in Iraq, since many children have lost their fathers in terrorist attacks. Consequently, they are living in miserable conditions, since their mothers have become unable to earn a living for them, especially since the nation does not provide them with steady material support. For instance, the government may provide them with salaries and ask about their situation or their educational level. As a matter of fact, many of those orphans have become homeless, standing at traffic lights, in markets and streets to sell some things or to beg money from passersby because of their suffering. Can you imagine the type of delinquency of these homeless orphans who were brought up on the streets?