Iraqi Ministry of Youth to open youth clubs across country

The biggest youth club in Baghdad has two swimming pools -- one for adults and one for children. [Ceerwan Aziz / Reuters]

The biggest youth club in Baghdad has two swimming pools -- one for adults and one for children. [Ceerwan Aziz / Reuters]

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The Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sports seeks to open new clubs to develop the skills and interests of young people in sports, culture and social activities.

"These clubs aim to make use of youths' interests and desires and turn them into productive energy that will benefit them and society as a whole," said Adnan al-Seraj, director general of the ministry's coordination and follow-up department.

Al-Seraj told Mawtani that the ministry opened 17 youth clubs this year in Baghdad and various provinces, and hopes to expand that number to 50.

Each club organizes more than 20 activities a month for 200-300 young men and women. Activities include sports contests, training programs to develop craft, artistic and scientific skills, and recreational and educational trips to archaeological sites.

The most recent club, Nasr neighborhood youth club in Baghdad, was opened by the ministry in July, and is considered the biggest club to date.

The club covers a total area of five dunams, cost 6.5 billion dinars to construct, and features four sports halls for martial arts, three large courts for basketball, volleyball and handball, and an indoor swimming pool for adults and another for children.

The club also features halls for teaching music, drawing, sewing and internet skills, as well as two theaters -- one for winter and one for summer -- a library, cafeteria, and other service facilities.

Walaa Hussain, supervisor of the women's club in the Amin neighborhood of Baghdad, told Mawtani, "The club has helped a large number of women learn various trades and develop their scientific and cultural abilities, which will greatly help them in their daily lives."

In recent months, the women's club organized free training courses in various trades and crafts, such as sewing, nursing, first aide, cosmetology and photography.

The club also organizes literacy programs and computer learning and maintenance courses, as well as monthly health awareness lectures given by female doctors.

The courses take place daily with each one attracting between 30 and 50 women.

"Two months ago, I took part in a course to learn additional nursing skills," said Baghdad resident Hanan Mohammed, 32. "I have benefited a lot from it in my work as a nurse."

"I hope that these youth clubs will be expanded because they are extremely useful," she said.

Feras Kadhum, 16, said he was one of the first participants at the Nasr neighborhood youth club.

"I love swimming and would like to join the diver unit in the river police department in the future," he said. "These clubs encourage us to achieve our ambitions and to chart our own futures."

"They also stop young people's inclinations toward extremism and terrorism," he added.






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  • منتصر علوان


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  • عبدالله فهمي


    The youth are tired of loitering in the streets as a result of unemployment, and they decided to search for other alternatives to pass their leisure time. This led to the spread of the factors of moral disintegration in the society, because the Iraqi government did not contain this crisis by providing the employment opportunities to college graduates and other individuals of Iraqi society, in order to protect it from the intellectual backwardness and the weakness of loyalty to the home. Of course, this is one of the key responsibilities of the ruler, who is the leader of the nation and its trustworthy guardian. The ruler is responsible for taking care of this nation and making it happy and elevating it materially and spiritually, through checking the conditions of his subjects and achieving their interests and rights. The ruler must also maintain security and stability, and improve the health, social, moral, and non-structural aspects in the society, through working on spreading knowledge and improving the methods of protection, treatment and moral refinement. The ruler and the government are also required to take care of the industrial, agricultural and commercial development through basing it on modern scientific methods and the utilization of the natural resources in the best possible ways, which encourage the talents and release the powers to be creative in these fields. This purpose requires caring for the creative Iraqi youth to strengthen their economic foundations and to achieve a renaissance and development. In this way, the bonds between the ruler and the subjects will be stronger, and the people will love him sincerely and always remember him for his good deeds. That is because he seeks to achieve justice, fairness and equality among the individuals of the society, in compliance with his responsibly for protecting the rights and security of society. The ruler must do all of this away from partiality or marginalization, which would affect the role of any social group in this life.

  • عمار جليل محمد


    In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the ever Merciful. Best regards to the officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sport. First, I would like to confirm that the activities of the youth are very important in all of their types, given their important role in cultivating our youth in different aspects. This is what is done by most of the civilized countries of the world. They earmark large funds for these sectors, due to their ultimate belief in the role of the youth in the society and its progress, and in order to involve a wide range of the vigilant and educated youth and students in these cultural, sporting, scientific and social activities. We need to develop the skills and talents among the youth and students and take care of the talented among them, to continue practicing their hobbies in order to continue developing and working creatively. We also need to have debates and journeys in order to exchange ideas and information with the advanced countries, and conclude protocols with them to help us keep up with the other countries after these long years of deprivation and neglect that characterized the life experience of our youth since the 1980’s, as a result of the circumstances that we all know. I am sorry for this long comment, but my belief that the Ministry of Youth can have close links with all the other institutes and ministries is the reason for it. It plays a role that is similar to the role of the Ministries of Education and Health. The Ministry of Education takes care of the learning and education of the students and provides them with knowledge that develops their capabilities. The Ministry of Health takes care of the physical health and treatment of all diseases and fighting the epidemics that affect man. This is the essence of the role of the Ministry of Youth and Sports; its leading role in developing the thoughts of the youth and immunizing them culturally, scientifically and physically, through adopting continuous strategies to help the Iraqi youth realize their value and social role. It also should immunize them not to fall victim to the deviant intellectual and cultural ideologies that the enemies of Islam and Iraq try to spread among the people, to marginalize this social class under the influence of ignorance and backwardness. Hence, the ministry must assume its responsibility for the youth, because the people have forgotten that there is a ministry dedicated to the affairs of the youth in all fields. Under the influence of the events and circumstances in our beloved country over the past decades, and the social idea that the Ministry of Youth is concerned with sports only… to be continued...