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Tribal leaders pledge support for Iraqi forces

[Ahmad al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images] Iraqi soldiers train on US-manufactured M1A1 Abrams tanks.

[Ahmad al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images] Iraqi soldiers train on US-manufactured M1A1 Abrams tanks.

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More than 60 Iraqi tribes and clans expressed their confidence in the ability of Iraqi forces to manage security issues in the country after the complete withdrawal of US forces.

Tribal and clan leaders of all sects met at al-Andalus Hotel Sunday (August 22nd) in Baghdad to declare their support for Iraqi forces in the war on terror and to exhibit national unity, they said.

Sheikh Hasan al-Fuzan, leader of Iraq's al-Tamayma tribe, read from a statement at the end of the gathering.

"Iraqis see the ability, confidence, and steadfastness of the Iraqi forces. They stress the need to stand by their side and support them to shorten the duration of the battle and declare the resounding victory against the remnants of terrorist groups and criminal militias," al-Fuzan said.

Iraqis from a variety of professions and sects echoed the confidence and support the tribal leaders expressed.

"Iraqis have remarkably agreed on the support of the security forces in their war on terror," said Farid Abdul Ghani, a professor of sociology at the University of Baghdad. "Everyone sees the importance of supporting Iraqi forces and providing them information on the movements of terrorists."

"[All Iraqis] believe that doing the opposite is a disgrace, an act devoid of patriotism and ethics, and is considered like involvement with the terrorists. I think this consensus will be the biggest strength for Iraqi forces in their war against terrorism -- it is more dangerous against terrorism than tanks and artillery," he said.

Soufian Khalifa, 31, a resident of Baghdad, agreed. "Standing against terrorism is the first issue that no two Iraqis differ about."

"It is extremely delightful thing to see Iraqis, whether Muslims, Christians, Arabs, or Kurds, taking pride in their forces and insisting on supporting them after the departure of US forces," he said. "We reject intervention by any neighboring or regional country in our internal affairs."

Fahd al-Bakri, 76, a worker at a zalabia bakery in Baghdad, said the strength of the army is the strength of the Iraqi people. "Defeating terrorism is decided by the people by rejecting it and clamping down on the terrorists."

"Our strength lies in our unity," al-Bakri said. "If we are united, we will not need any weapons, tanks, or armored vehicles, and this is what we are seeing these days."

"I often talk with passengers in my taxi, and these conversations lead to debates and different opinions," said Faez Issa, 51, a taxi driver in Baghdad. "However, supporting the security forces and standing by their side after the withdrawal is the only thing that everyone agrees on."

He also said he was optimistic about the capabilities of Iraqi security forces. "We see that the black cloud of terrorism that was haunting the skies of our country has cleared, and only a little of it remains."

The US military has been training Iraqi forces for several years to take over the country's security matters. In accordance with the security agreement signed between Iraq and the United States, the last US combat unit left Iraq last week.

The mission of the 50,000 remaining US troops will be to further train and advise Iraqi forces. They are scheduled to leave Iraq by the end of 2011.




    شعيب ناظم الاطر قجي


    The stance of the honorable Iraqi tribes is not strange to me, as they have announced to the whole world that they will always remain the solid supporters of the heroic Iraqi forces and that they will always assist the security forces in eliminating terrorism and the dirty Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Announcing their full support to the Iraqi forces means that each Iraqi tribesman is responsible for the protection of his home. This would strengthen the spirit of responsibility and citizenship among them and urge each one of us to monitor the terrorists and report any suspicious movement to the security forces, so they can take the necessary measures. We will also stand by our heroic security forces in confronting terrorism, on the front lines when necessary. Iraq needs all efforts of its honorable citizens, and we all carry the ancient heritage of Iraq inside us. We should never forget the favors of Iraq, which embraced this harmonious social tissue over generations.

  • سعدون نصار


    The Iraqi tribes in Iraq have had a great influence in Iraqi, since ancient times with its Iraqi revolt against the British until today. The Iraqi tribes have played a fundamental role in maintaining the stability of Iraq and preventing the saboteurs from profaning its land. Hence, these tribes stood in the face of terrorism and prevented Al Qaeda from spreading among them, by taking a unified stance against terrorism and its elements. Hence, when the Iraqi tribes interfered in the security crisis, this put an end to all the violations. Moreover, these tribes confronted the sectarian strife among the Iraqis and prevented any party from committing any crime against the other, until things cooled down, thank God! Hence, the Iraqi tribes have played a great role in Iraq and in ending the security problem, as well as in fighting terrorism and supporting the security forces.

  • عبد الله محمد العمري


    The dirty terrorist organization of Al Qaeda in Iraq has actually ended, thanks to the support of the Iraqi tribes to the security forces. This allowed these forces to have control over the hot areas, relying on the support of the honorable Iraqi tribes to the Iraqi security forces and army. The evidence is that the Arab tribes in Anbar have organized the Conference of Iraq’s Sahwa, which contributed along with the security forces to eliminate terrorism and Al Qaeda from Anbar and its districts. The Sahwa forces then spread everywhere in Iraq to help the security forces in maintaining stability and the security. This great role is acknowledged by all Iraqis who appreciate the positive role of the Iraqi tribes in supporting the Iraqi security forces.

  • لبيب حسن


    Since the beginning, the government should have sought assistance from the heads of tribes to combat terrorism, since they could actually control the situation. The tribe as a social structure has certain moral rules and regulations, according to which it prohibits its members from committing any criminal or moral act. Anyway, thank God, the government has started cooperating with them.