Iraqi Muslims condemn attacks against Christians in Baghdad

Security officials accused al-Qaeda of attacking Christians to try to sow fitna among Iraqis. [Saad Shalash / Reuters]

Security officials accused al-Qaeda of attacking Christians to try to sow fitna among Iraqis. [Saad Shalash / Reuters]

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Six Iraqis were killed and 33 others were wounded in a series of terrorist attacks that targeted houses owned by Christians in Baghdad on Wednesday morning (November 10th), Iraqi security forces said.

"A series of terrorist attacks, mostly carried out by improvised explosive devices, targeted houses owned by Christian citizens, killing and wounding a number of innocent victims," said Maj. Khalil Ahmed of Baghdad Operations Room, al-Rasafa Sector.

Ahmed told Mawtani that the attacks mainly targeted the areas of al-Dora, Camp Sara, al-Karrada, al-Khadhraa, al-Mashtal, and Zayouna. Six Iraqis were killed, including four Christians and two Muslims. Thirty-three others were also wounded in the attacks.

The attacks took place between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. as terrorists detonated ten bombs and launched two mortar shells.

Meanwhile, four other explosives were discovered by security forces. The explosive ordnance disposal unit detonated these explosives without causing any damages after they evacuated citizens from the area.

Al-Qaeda accused of attacks across Baghdad

Ahmed said al-Qaeda carried out the bombings as part of a desperate plan to return to the spotlight. He also accused al-Qaeda of targeting Sunni and Shia Muslims recently.

Three bombs exploded simultaneously near Issa Ben Mariam Church in Camp Sara area in eastern Baghdad, killing one Christian citizen and wounding 12 others.

Two civilians were wounded when an IED targeting their house in al-Ghadeer neighborhood, east of Baghdad, exploded.

Two more people were killed and eight others were wounded when two bombs exploded in al-Sinaa neighborhood.

A mortar shell fell and three bombs exploded in al-Dora area, southern Baghdad, wounding three citizens.

Three more citizens were killed and eight others were wounded in attacks in different areas across Baghdad, where terrorists targeted houses and apartments owned by Iraqi Christians.

"A special committee has been formed to investigate the series of attacks against Christian Iraqis," said Baghdad police spokesperson Lt. Col. Talib Mushtaq. "It is a new episode of terrorism exercised by the terrorist gangs in Iraq."

Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari, spokesperson for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, told Mawtani that security forces were proceeding with their investigations and have discovered information on the attackers.

He added that the arrests of those responsible would be announced soon.

"I do not know where the jihad is that those terrorists are looking for in a small child or an old woman," said Dr. Feras Abdullah, of al-Kendi Public Hospital, where some of the wounded women and children were taken.

'Our nation is for everyone'

Sheikh Faisal al-Hendawi, a member of the Permanent Fatwa Committee, said his organization issued a fatwa in response to the attacks.

"We decided to issue a fatwa that not only prohibits the targeting of Christians, but also prohibits and criminalizes those who do not provide services and assistance to them," he told Mawtani.

Boutros Korkis, 45, said his Muslim neighbors were quick to help when there was an attack in his area.

"After the blast, I returned home quickly as I was at work at that time," he said. "I found the Muslim residents of my neighborhood surrounding my house like a mother who holds her children in a time of danger. They were even ready to die to prevent any terrorist from attacking my house."

Baghdad resident Abdullah Mohammed said al-Qaeda's goal is clearly to sow fitna, violence, and discrimination among Iraqis.

"However, shouldn't they have said in their statement on the internet that their campaign is to target innocent Iraqi citizens?! This would have been better, because in this case, the world would know them for who they really are," he said.

Sallam Khalid, 36, lives next to an Iraqi Christian.

"My friend and neighbor Jameel, I will not let anyone pass over to your house," he said. "And whoever wants to do that will have to go over my dead body. We have only one destiny. Religion is for God, and our nation is for everyone."




    ثامر عودان


    God curse terrorism since the day it appeared, and all those who have contributed to the establishment of this deviant group of murderous criminals who permit the violation of sanctuaries, the killing of innocent people and the desecration of sacred places. God curse all the terrorists who entered Iraq after the last war in 2003 and committed many crimes in Iraq, such as killing, the dissemination of strife, mutilating of corpses, and the bombing of holy shrines, mosques and churches. No house in Iraq escaped this scourge of terrorism. Those who have not been subjected to destruction by terrorist acts have not suffered the pain of losing relatives or friends because of these cowardly acts of terrorism. We know that the security situation has improved, but we still find that terrorists are planning to disrupt the atmosphere and breach the security and safety in the country. The heinous crime in Basra by a stray group of suicide terrorists of al-Qaeda elements is a repetition of those vicious images of terrorism, which aims at Iraqis in various colors, shapes, religions and nationalities, and does not differentiate among them, because terrorism wants the destruction of Iraq and wants evil to prevail in the country. The insistence of the terrorists on carrying out such heinous acts is evidence of their criminal tendency. But woe to you, worshipers of bin Laden and those who are working under the devil’s control. We are the people of Iraq, and we will not be shocked by difficulties, and we will not bow our heads to the wind of terrorism that is coming from your dark caves. We will remain steadfast against the criminals and merciful to one another forever. These terrorist acts will not benefit you, but they will serve as another catalyst to be added to our determination to eliminate you and expel you from our home, God willing, or to crush your heads under our feet, you villains who do not have any iota of honor or human conscience.

  • سامر الفهد


    Glory be to the pure blood that flowed on the prayer niche of the church and the house of God of the Christians, which was profaned by the filthy bodies of those brutal people, who do not respect God, or the covenants. I swear by the One God that the Iraqi Christians are noble, and they are in our hearts and conscience, because they have contributed to the civilization of this country since the ancient times and they defended its pure lands. Peace be on the Muslim blood, when it is mixed with Christian blood to wash the pure land… I ask forgiveness and mercy for the martyrs of the church and the martyrs of Iraq, the guests of God in glory; praise be to God in heaven, peace on earth and love for people….

  • صادق هادي


    I would like to express my deepest condolences to all the Christian brothers over this disaster that afflicted us all at the hand of the accursed terrorism, which has killed many Muslims and Christians over this pure land….

  • بشار علي


    God will send those terrorist and evil villains of Al-Qaeda to hell forever, after their attack against those who were praying in the Lady of Salvation church in Karada. They killed the civilians in a shameful crime that will disgrace terrorism forever and strengthen the determination and the unity of the Iraqis.