Al-Qaeda attacks on civilians demonstrate the organization's weakness in Iraq

Iraqi officials say that recent random al-Qaeda attacks on civilians show that the terrorist organization is floundering. [STR New/Reuters]

Iraqi officials say that recent random al-Qaeda attacks on civilians show that the terrorist organization is floundering. [STR New/Reuters]

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Al-Qaeda in Iraq's recent random attacks on civilians reflect the organization's weakness and floundering, Iraqi defense officials said, crediting Iraqi forces' successful operations that killed and arrested dozens of al-Qaeda leaders since February.

"Investigations and analysis conducted by Iraqi security forces of recent suicide attacks and armed and bomb assaults by al-Qaeda in Iraq indicate that the organization is experiencing serious problems and has become aimless," said Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Askari, spokesman for the Iraqi Defence Ministry.

Al-Askari said al-Qaeda has resorted to attacking easy targets such as popular markets, shops, as well as the homes and businesses of citizens.

"The army's success in arresting the organisation's top planners and killing a number of its prominent leaders made it an aimless, headless snake attempting to send a message that it still exists by launching wretched attacks such as the one on the Church of Our Lady of Salvation and the attacks on markets, funeral halls, and blowing up citizens' cars with sticky bombs," Al-Askari said.

Al-Askari said that al-Qaeda is in its last throes and trying to project a perception that it is powerful and relevant. "The reality is that it is trying to accomplish that by bombing safe citizens and not targeting specific areas that are important or sensitive".

"During the past few months, al-Qaeda has failed to reach 60% of its targets as security forces were able to block its routes to important targets and thwart a number of attacks," said Major General Jaafar Ibrahim of the Operations Unit of the Ministry of Defence. "This forced al-Qaeda to alter its plans and unleash its terror on civilians instead."

Such attacks include the November 2nd car bomb attacks that targeted civilians congregating in popular areas, the attack on a billiard hall in Sadr City, the targeting of holiday shoppers on street 20 in the Bayya area, and the explosion of an IED near a funeral hall in al-Shaala area.

These bombings were at locations that were far from security forces or government posts, proving that al-Qaeda cannot reach those forces or posts, opting instead to "prove their existence" through bombings civilians, said the official spokesman of the Baghdad Police Command, Lt. Col. Mushtaq Talib.

The head of the Sons of al-Rafidain Movement, Dr. Salam al-Zawbai, said the recent al-Qaeda attacks are radically different from past attacks in terms of type, timing, and place, which confirms the weakness of the organization.

"All recent terrorist attacks targeted civilians. The terrorists were unable to reach the targets they threatened to attack in their statements and postings on the internet, and failed to prove or carry out their terrorist threats against oil refineries, gas fields, the state’s sensitive facilities, army bases, or police compounds, which proves that they have become defined strictly by words, not deeds," al-Zawbai said.

Anbar Operations Commander Lt. Gen. Abdul-Aziz al-Obeidi said al-Qaeda quickly reached its death throes because its funding sources have been dried up both inside and outside Iraq. Security forces in the country have successfully traced and cut the lines of funding, he said.

"We do not exaggerate our optimism when we say that al-Qaeda is floundering and is merely stomping its feet and can’t see beyond the ground under its feet since it is surrounded and its followers are unable to move as they did in the past," al-Obeidi added.

Iraqis no longer care about or fear terrorist threats, said Dr. Walid Mohammadi, a representative in the Iraqi parliament and a leader in the Iraqi Centrist Coalition. "This because [terrorists] do not back up their threats with action, and most of their recent attacks were on civilians," he said.




    جبار التميمي


    The acts of the groups of al-Qaeda, which target peaceful citizens and innocent civilians who have no sin, indicate the weakness of al-Qaeda groups and that they are no longer in control of the situation, because of the dispersal of the elements belonging to this cowardly terrorist organization. Those criminals are floundering and do not know what they want. They no longer have any specific goals, but only want to attract attention, and they want to appear on television and in the media in any way they can, even if it is by killing innocent civilians who are in markets, government offices, mosques, churches, parks, or any gathering of women, children, elderly and young people. This is called the last kicks of a raging, slaughtered bull that is trying to stand up again, but to no avail. This is thanks to the Awakening groups and the Iraqi army and police, who tried to eliminate these groups, and actually, this is what happened to these cowardly gangs that were defeated by Iraqi forces. Now, they are giving their last kicks, to draw attention, to appear in the media and to have the news about them publicized in the newspapers, magazines, television and media in general. So what we hope is that the Iraqi security forces will eliminate these terrorist groups completely, so that they no longer have a presence in Iraq, God willing. We ask God to grant Iraq and Iraqis safety and security, that peace would prevail, and that terrorism would be defeated, and that we would get rid of these criminal gangs forever.

  • نصر اكرم


    In my opinion, the reason for the recent terrorist operations of Al-Qaeda is very clear. They attacked the church and focus on innocent Iraqis in the public markets, crowded areas and civilian gatherings, because Al-Qaeda feels that the mass media neglects them and does not cover the news about them, as part of a media war against them, in addition to the severe collapse among the ranks of Al-Qaeda, which we all know about. Consequently, those villains resorted to targeting civilians, to attract the attention of the mass media and to appear again on the TV channels. Hence, they commit these crimes, because they feel that they are weak now. Things have changed radically, because in the beginning, they dreamed of controlling the whole country, but the development of the abilities of the security forces ended the dreams of those wretched terrorists. However, the question that poses itself here is: is it acceptable for those infidel terrorists to kill such a large number of innocent civilians every now and then, just to attract the attention of the mass media?

  • نجم مويد


    I have an influential story that affected me greatly and represented a shock to me. I am a relative of an Iraqi family that lives in Karada district in Baghdad. The family is composed of a son and two daughters, in addition to the mother only, because the father has died. The son was still a young boy, and he died too in the attacks on Karada four years ago. This was the first shock to his family, i.e. the mother, the two daughters and to me, because he was a child playing in the street outside his house. Over the next three years, the family lived in severe shock, but they were unaware that there is a terrible tragedy that will wreck the family. We all remember the explosions of Bloody Wednesday, which targeted the ministries’ headquarters in Baghdad. On that day, the young girl was happy as she had finished the preparatory level, and she was heading to the university to submit her papers. However, the car in which she was riding was passing over the bridge that is near the Ministry of Finance, at the same moment when the suicide bomber detonated the car bomb to kill the young girl, who was very happy to be going to the university. She was martyred in the street, and her body was uncovered because of the so-called jihad. Does jihad mean killing a young woman and blowing her up in the street? What kind of infidel action is this? Believe me! When I remember this story, I could not help crying, so what about her sad mother and sister, especially since they lost their little boy for the same reason. Shortly afterward, the mother died out of grief. What is the destiny of this family? Is there any human being, even if he is insane, who believes that those who did this to this family will go to Paradise? I can do nothing but to say that we belong to God the Almighty and to him we shall return, and I ask God to admit them to Paradise and curse the terrorists.

  • عبدالله اسعد


    After the dirty terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda and its elements had been weakened, they became incapable of carrying out any specific terrorist operations. Currently, Iraq witnesses an auspicious political situation, and the performance of the government is getting better, in addition to the growing abilities of the security forces. All these factors vex the terrorists and have caused them to resort to exerting pressures on the government by targeting the innocent civilians, with the aim of creating a gap between the government and the Iraqis. Of course, this shows the serious confusion in the plans of the dirty terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda, which has lost many of its leaders, who were either killed or arrested at the hands of the security forces. Consequently, Al-Qaeda adopted a new terrorist strategy and plans that aim at carrying out any kind of operation just for the propaganda.

  • 2010-11-29

    Al-Qaeda is an infidel, stinking, vile, and ridiculous organization that assaults the innocents, as we have seen every day since the advent of those dogs to our country. They have proved clearly that they are criminal outlaws who respect nothing and have no religious conscience or respect for the lives or the blood of the innocent Muslims. Many Iraqi families were targeted by the elements of the dirty terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda, and some families have been annihilated completely, including the children and women without any hesitation. What religion or faith are you speaking of? O mean liars and mean people, you have nothing to do with religion, Islam, manners and conscience.

  • كاظم عطية


    We are used to hearing about the terrorist crimes of Al-Qaeda from time to time, whenever they had a chance to target civilians in the most horrible, inhumane and unimaginable way. They enter the crowded markets and the places where the workers gather, to blow themselves up among them, believing that this will send them to Paradise. What is the Paradise that will receive such pagans? The Al-Ghazl Market witnessed the bloody crimes of this criminal, infidel and terrorist organization. This market in Baghdad’s downtown opens only once a week, and it is for selling animals and birds. Do the takfiri terrorists consider trading in animals prohibited, or what? They blew up the civilians who were gathering to see the different animals in this market. Many innocent civilians were killed in this market at the hands of the infidel aliens, who had come from outside Iraq to transform themselves into human bombs and kill the Iraqis.

  • محمد ظاهر


    Those who collaborate with Al-Qaeda, or help the suicide bombers to blow themselves up among the innocent civilians in the Iraqi markets from time to time, are like apes and freaks. They help them and prepare the crime scenes to kill the civilians, who are not guilty of anything, and have no reason to lose their lives in this horrible way. The infidel organization of Al-Qaeda claims that it defends Islam, while we know that Islam has confirmed in many Quranic verses that assaulting the innocents and the civilians is unequivocally prohibited, and that it will be severely punished, both in this world and in the hereafter. What is the real religion of those accursed people? It is enough that all Iraqi families, whether they have been victims of terrorism or not, supplicate against those apes and pigs, and invoke the curses of God on them, in this world and in the hereafter.

  • سالم جاسم


    The infidel organization of Al-Qaeda and its criminal elements was not satisfied with targeting the innocents in the streets or outside their houses, but they moved to another stage. Those dogs now target the innocents and the Iraqi citizens and families inside their houses in different regions. They annihilate whole families in the targeted houses, including the women and the children. This happens to the families of the members of the security forces, public employees, families of the members of the Sahwa forces, and the families that are attacked on a sectarian basis. What is this criminality and brutality of these dogs that have no honor, religion, conscience or religion? What backward ideas are these that are adopted by those backward terrorists?

  • jamal


    Oh Brothers “The Iraqi Islamic Nation,” as it is called by its friends,is no more than a killing, aggression, sabotage and destruction machine. In fact, its members cause sabotage and destruction wherever they exist. It is no wonder that Iraqi economy was terribly affected by its members. Indeed, the lack of security in any country will affect the economy a great deal. Thus, the acts of murder and aggression that were carried out by this criminal group have impacted the commercial and economic activity in Iraq. In addition, this terrorist nation has terribly affected Iraq by ruining its economy. In fact, the reconstruction process was hampered, and investors did not enter Iraq in order to start projects, which the country desperately needs. However, I think that the effects of this terrorist nation have weakened a lot, since the Iraqi Islamic Nation has collapsed and is no longer able to carry out its filthy crimes as before. Thus, I believe that it is high time to start investment and reconstruction. And as far as I am concerned, the Iraqi economy will start to improve once again in the near future, since security has improved considerably inside the country, now that the Iraqi security forces have taken tight control of the situation.

  • غازي حميد


    I am very proud and have the great honor of being an Iraqi citizen who belongs to this pure, good land, the origin of civilizations and wealth. Yet, it has suffered a lot from the pains of wars, bombings and booby-trappings, which were committed by the enemies of God and Islam. In fact, Iraq has hosted many pious martyrs and good people who are guilty of no sin, except that they were born in a country that is doomed by God to suffer and be put to the test. Some countrymen are put there to defend this country, and to achieve victory and safety once again. Thus, some forces are still there to maintain order. They are putting together studied security plans like those which are set by the government together with the army, mainly in the holy Eid Al-Adha. In fact, thanks to God, they helped reinforce order, mainly in Baghdad, where security was maintained as required. Therefore, we must thank the government, the army and the Iraqi security forces very much, because they tried, and they are still doing their utmost to maintain security. Besides, the citizens must participate more effectively and cooperate in assisting the security forces and the Army, in order to eradicate terrorism and terrorists, who aim to undermine people’s hopes. In so doing, they want to hamper the reconstruction process and prevent Iraq from keeping pace with the developed countries. Thus, the Iraqi government must increase its activities and reinforce security and safety for people. It must also put greater and safer plans in place, in order to increase people’s trust and security, with the help of God the Almighty, God willing. Let me thank them again, because they proved to be the men of hard missions, and they are trustworthy. May God grant them success in the things He loves and that please Him.