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Iraqi committee to study airport construction

Iraqi Minister of Transportation Amer Abdul Jabbar said Iraq will soon be one of the most important countries in region in the field of air transportation. [Mushtaq Muhammad / Reuters]

Iraqi Minister of Transportation Amer Abdul Jabbar said Iraq will soon be one of the most important countries in region in the field of air transportation. [Mushtaq Muhammad / Reuters]

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The Iraqi Ministry of Transportation formed a new committee to draw up an extensive work plan for building civilian airports in the provinces of Maysan, Salah al-Din, Anbar, Kirkuk and Dhi Qar.

Nassir Hussain al-Shebli, chairman of the Airport Construction Committee, said the ministry decided last week to draw up the plan after it received many requests from provinces to build airports.

"At first, we will study all these requests," al-Shebli told Mawtani. "They will be approved as per special criteria that we have set for this purpose, including the economic feasibility of the project, population density in the province where the construction of an airport is requested and the growth of investments in it."

The Ministry of Transportation plans to sign an agreement with France's Aeroports de Paris International (ADPI) to provide consultancy services and draw up engineering designs for the airports, which will be offered to international companies as investment opportunities.

There are six international airports in Iraq located in the provinces of Baghdad, Mosul, Basra, Najaf, Sulaimaniyah and Erbil.

Najaf airport is the most recently constructed airport. It was officially inaugurated on July 20th 2008 on a former military airbase. The airport currently accommodates about 30 million passengers a year.

Minister of Transportation Amer Abdul Jabbar confirmed in press statements published November 22nd that his ministry was determined to construct additional airports, especially in the provinces that are witnessing an influx of international investment companies.

"Iraq will soon be one of the most important countries in the Middle East region in the field of air transportation," Abdul Jabbar said. "This is due to the country's success in attracting many countries and strengthening their aviation role in the country."

ADPI has already drawn up designs for the construction of Karbala International Airport, a giant project that the ministry will start constructing early next year. The cost of the project has been estimated at $100 million and it will be completed over three stages extending for five years. The airport is expected to accommodate about 22 million passengers a year and to create about 70,000 job opportunities.

Meanwhile, a Lebanese architectural company has completed designs for Duhok Airport, which will be constructed on an area of about 12 kilometers at a cost of $5.25 million. The airport will accommodate about 1 million passengers a year and construction will begin early next year.

"The expansion through building many airports entails different positive aspects, the most important of which is the enhancement of country's openness to the outside world and facilitation of domestic and international movement of goods and persons. This is in addition to the other economic and touristic benefits," said Baghdad resident Omar Hadi, 46.

Sanaa Jassim, 34, also of Baghdad, said the airports would connect Iraqis in different provinces and internationally. "It is a great thing to have an international airport built in each province."




    نصار احمد


    In any country of the world, infrastructure is a sign of development and advancement. Airports are one of the most important features of civilization and progress, wherever they are, because of their importance in transporting passengers from one place to another, keeping in mind the issue of reducing the time people take when traveling by air from one place to another. The construction of airports in the provinces of Maysan, Anbar, Salah ad-Din and Dhi Qar, as well as in the other Iraqi provinces, is one of the things that the state should pay attention to.

  • كاظم هلال


    These airports will have a significant effect on the transport of passengers and will provide opportunities for the unemployed while they are being built. They will also provide revenue to the state, as these airports will work in transporting foreign tourists to the country where air transport has become the most reliable means of travel, compared to land or sea travel. So there should be construction of airports, and an integrated air fleet of the latest types of airplanes should be provided in these provinces. Iraq should be like the other countries of the world and the region, in having a qualitative development in this important area, which became directly connected with the lives of the citizens and their movements during their travels from one place to another, as is the case at Baghdad International Airport or the international airports in Basra or Najaf, or the other airports. These airports also would be useful in terms of rapid movement between provinces, as well as a way to increase tourism in the country, and they are also infrastructure in the country, so I encourage this idea.

  • حمزة خالد


    It is pleasant to hear in the news that the Ministry of Transportation intends to build several airports in Baghdad as well as other governorates. We hope that each of the Iraqi governorates would have at least one airport, as the presence of airports in each governorate would lead to the development of the transportation movement between governorates, whether regarding people or goods. This is in addition to the development that the transportation sector would witness in this case, due to the inevitably bigger movement of air navigation between Iraq and other countries.

  • احمد جواد


    Establishing airports at the present time is important. However, it is more important to choose the locations and the governorates in which such airports would be built, according to certain conditions and regulations, to control this construction movement. This is because there is no point in building an airport in a governorate which is not going through a phase of construction and development in other fields, as it would make the whole thing a waste of money. I think that cooperating with the best international companies specialized in this field is required, by opening the door to investments by corporations specialized in building airports, which would be the best way to get the best designs. This way we can achieve the benefits we wish for from building airports in our Iraqi governorates.

  • مجيد الرياش


    Where is the electricity? Where is the drinking water? Where are the modern buildings in Baghdad? Why isn't unemployment eradicated yet? Why do we still not have new bridges and highways in Baghdad? Why isn't corruption being fought? Why isn't Baghdad green and free from pollution? Terrorism is targeting all the countries in the world: London, USA, Spain and others are all subject to terrorist threats, but why don't they stop building their countries in the context of terrorism?

  • مهدي بصيرزاده


    Hi. In Iran there are great experiences in the field of building airports. We hope for more communication between Iran and Iraq, as well as stronger relationship between the two Islamic countries. Best of luck to you!