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Iraqi parliament stops demolition of squatter homes

The government is executing several housing projects to provide citizens with legal housing. [Ceerwan Aziz / Reuters]

The government is executing several housing projects to provide citizens with legal housing. [Ceerwan Aziz / Reuters]

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Iraqi lawmakers unanimously approved a draft resolution on Monday (December 20th) to freeze the demolition of houses belonging to citizens squatting on state-owned land in all provinces until further notice.

"Voting for the resolution came after several complaints were filed by squatters, especially from Basra province, in which they called for suspending the demolition of the houses they built on state-owned land," said Naheda al-Daini, a lawmaker representing al-Iraqiyah.

"The parliament has responded to these requests on humanitarian grounds until the problem has been resolved once and for all," al-Daini told Mawtani.

The new resolution prohibits citizens from building new homes on state-owned land without legal permit, and urges the new government to pay attention to unplanned housing when implementing development and service programs.

The resolution stressed the need to quickly form a committee comprised of representatives from the government and parliament to take practical measures to resolve the issue of unplanned housing.

Muhsen al-Saadoun, a lawmaker representing the Kurdish Alliance, said the resolution is a first step to enacting a binding law that creates a taskforce in every province to count and follow up on the cases of illegal housing.

"Some cases of squatting were not due to compelling reasons," he told Mawtani. "Therefore, when we assist squatters, we have to differentiate between those who were forced to squat because they do not own a house and those who squatted on state-owned properties for business-related purposes."

Intissar Hasan, a lawmaker representing the National Alliance, called for providing land to squatters and creating a comprehensive database on the causes of this problem.

"This will enable the government to find suitable solutions for this problem that would preserve these properties on the one hand and protect citizens' right to proper housing on the other," she told Mawtani.

The Iraqi government previously announced the launch of a number of housing projects as part of an investment plan extending until 2014.

Last November, Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding with South Korean company TRaC to execute a project that builds 500,000 homes in all provinces of Iraq. Work on this and other housing projects are ongoing, including al-Dhafaf project in Karbala and al-Rasheed City in Baghdad. These projects are also part of a huge investment plan to build one million housing units for low-income citizens.

Citizens who constructed homes on state-owned properties expressed their relief about the resolution, calling it a "generous gesture by the parliament".

"The parliament's resolution made me very happy, as it did with other people who had to build simple homes on state-owned lands as a result of the housing crisis and high rental values of houses and flats," said Muthanna Abdul Hussain, 23, who lives with his five-member family on state-owned land in al-Baladiyat area in Baghdad.

"We will be really happy when they provide alternative housing for our families with flexible financial installments that would not burden our daily or monthly incomes, which are already very low," he said.

Janan Mohammed, 38, who lives with her family in an illegally constructed home in al-Ameen area in Baghdad, said the resolution was "generous" and made her "optimistic".

"I call on all officials to extend a helping hand to us so that we may own land and build our own houses on it," she said. "In my opinion, this will be an effective measure to put an end to the sufferings of many squatters."






    In the name of God. To whom it may concern, just why is it that only officials have 2 houses? Are they the only ones who are Iraqi, and the others aren't? What's this racial discrimination? A citizen that has no heritage in this country has everything, and the rest, who do have heritage, they don't have even a lease. What's all this, Lord? Where will you go to avoid him, it is he who protects you from his punishment, because you have tortured his servants. Man, on that day no money and no sons will be of any good, only he who comes to God with a pure heart.

  • قانع سيد


    The Iraqi people have been deprived of a plot of land in Iraq for more than 35 years. They were denied ownership to plots of land unless they were part of the former regime.

  • موفق ذنون


    The housing crisis is one of the biggest and most important crises suffered by Iraq, especially during the past several years. This crisis has cast its shadows over Iraqi society. This crisis had many negative effects, the most important of which is that many families have trespassed upon state property by building houses, which later looked more like housing plots on state-owned land. This happens through the building of many houses on public spaces that are not meant to be built on, and this distorts the image of the cities and their centers, which is a negative thing that we all reject and criticize. If we examine the problem and its reasons, we find that many Iraqi families do not have a residence of their own, because they cannot afford to buy or rent a place to live in. This is why these families resort to the infringements which occurred in the Iraqi governorates. What happened has made the infringement upon the state's property a matter of fact. Here, we observe that the problem, which keeps getting worse, must be treated, and this negative phenomenon must stop in our society.

  • قاسم الطائي


    The state needs to perform its role in solving this major crisis, by seriously studying this issue and putting in place the appropriate solutions for it, by building residential blocks in all the governorates of Iraq. This requires a great constructional revolution, through allocating enough funds for these construction projects, which would solve many of the residential problems we all suffer from.

  • شكري محمود


    We have to distribute apartments to those who are eligible for them, especially those who have limited incomes, and we should let them pay the expenses of the building in long-term installments, so that they can pay them without affecting their living incomes.

  • حميد الجباري


    The housing crisis could be solved through giving land plots to the citizens who do not have houses, and giving them enough money in the form of loans so that they would be capable of building houses for themselves. This is how we would help, even if simply, with the residential crisis, which is growing day after day.

  • عبدالوهاب الرعدي


    This encroachment upon these lands has led to a halt in the establishment of projects of services for the cities where people have built houses on the lands belonging to the state, which are allocated to those services in the future. This work has prevented the residents in those cities from obtaining the necessary services needed by the citizens of such areas. In addition, some areas contain an unhomogeneous population, because of their different cultural levels, as well as their engaging in different practices that are considered disgraceful, especially in the capital, Baghdad.

  • عمار سليم


    After the new Iraqi government was formed, it showed signs that indicated relative stability of Iraqi security, as the Iraqi forces have taken control of the security situation in recent times. Now the government should make plans to establish residential complexes in order to provide adequate housing for these families, as well as all the other services. It should compile statistics on the families dwelling within the encroached regions, to distribute houses to them and collect the money for these houses on installments as soon as possible, in order to avoid this problem, which has appeared recently. The government needs to instruct the relevant authorities to remove these violations from the cities and impose criminal penalties on all those who violate the laws.

  • هاشم محمد


    Recently, a new social problem has emerged, namely the country's need to build new housing units. That is because of the increase occurring in the population of Iraq, especially since the state stopped all building projects and housing units because of the exceptional circumstances experienced by the country. In addition, there are the terrorist acts, which disrupted most of the projects that had been planned to be implemented in order to advance progress in Iraq to meet the necessary requirements.

  • كميل عبدالقادر


    Some poor citizens, as a result of the increase in the number of their family members, because of marriages and the formation of additional families, have violated the law, which protects the property of the state, and have built houses on the land that belongs to the state and is dedicated to the services of the cities. Most of these houses are randomly built, due to the lack of planning for construction by the competent authorities, and they also lack the essential services of water, electricity, and municipal or health services.

  • جميل نعيم


    Townships have demolished many of the houses and shops, which were built through infringing upon state-owned land. They would not give citizens time to look for alternatives before they start the demolition, which is even worse, because this has contributed to making the citizens poorer. Is this the only solution you have, officials? Would you accept it if somebody tore your house down or damaged it in any way, God forbid? No, I swear that if that happened, they would make a great deal of noise about it. What's the solution, then?

  • زكريا محمود


    We want to find a solution for those poor people who have been displaced and whose homes were demolished. We demand that you provide job and housing opportunities. You have to help them by giving them financial loans and financial assistance, even if it is simple to rely on this. May God help those poor unfortunate Iraqis. We call on the Iraqi government to find the fastest solutions for this category of people, and to be harsh with corrupt government employers who accept bribes, particularly those working in municipal councils, who collect money from people and give them hope that the city will be more beautiful, but do nothing about it. The municipal councils should pay attention to the piling up of dirt and garbage in the alleys and streets, and to the rubble left behind after the demolishing of the offending houses and shops. Citizens made use of these shops to earn a living. We want Iraq to be better than before; and we want safety and security to be restored here. We also want the government to increase the attention it gives to Iraq and the Iraqi citizens. We demand that the government put together well thought-out and agreed-on plans, to prevent any recurrence of this situation and to restore citizens to their homes through reconciliation and solidarity. The government should make them understand that these actions are acts done by cowardly terrorists who do not want good for our country, Iraq. We must come together, become one and the same and become brothers in the love of God and in patriotism, to defeat terrorism and to build our homeland, Iraq. We should do this in order so each expatriate will come home. We know that all Iraqis abroad desperately want to come home to their country, if they could find available job opportunities and security.

  • ناصر هشام


    There must be several solutions to prevent citizens from violating the property of the state. This is not in their best interest, and it harms all Iraqi citizens.

  • عصام قصي


    We remind the Iraqi government, if reminders are useful, that many Iraqi families have been displaced and have suffered hard conditions, due to the wars and consecutive crises every now and then.

  • امير شاكر


    The poor Iraqi citizens are the only victims. Cowardly terrorists have sabotaged Iraqi cities through cowardly terrorist acts. They demolished many homes which belonged to Iraqi citizens and many residential buildings inhabited by people with limited income. Where would the Iraqi citizens go then? This question has to be answered by the Iraqi government, the provincial council, the municipality and the officials responsible for the Iraqi affairs which concern the Iraqi citizens.

  • تحسين خلف


    The cowards have incited strife between Muslim sects at one point, especially between Sunnis and Shiites. They made them live through tough and hard days, as many families have been displaced and many others have left their residences in fear for their children and themselves. These criminal acts, which were engaged in by Al-Qaeda and its cowardly followers, was an act of making use of such incidents. Many families, especially poor ones, have been harmed. They will not find appropriate housing, because they have abused state-owned land plots and built on them. It is true that they did not have the right to do that, but poverty and need were what pushed these families to commit these violations. Some of the people who own big houses have divided them and used them for rent to benefit themselves and the needy displaced families. Isn't the government harmed by this? Does the government know that most people have lived in tent cities, in spite of shivering cold or severe pain? Is this what the condition of the Iraqi citizens has become?

  • باسل رعد


    What would a person who has a big family do? Where will he get them money and food? Most citizens have used the land as a space to sell food products or other supplies needed by the poor Iraqi citizens, who have never known comfort throughout the reigns of the governments which have ruled Iraq.

  • غالب حسين


    The violations which take place to build houses on state-owned land are multidimensional. What happens is due to a shortcoming of the government, because many families desperately need a place to live in, even if it is small, assuming that this is happening because those families couldn't find places to live. This is because these families have a large number of members, which is why they need places to live that provide them with a omfortable lifestyle, and that are spacious enough to accommodate the whole family. The government should build residential compounds to make comfortable living spaces available for all the families that need stability. What is happening is an infringement by people upon state-owned land.

  • مجدي حماد


    I am in favor of demolishing these houses in return for compensating the families by building residential blocks and providing spacious apartments for these families who can't find anyone to help them. The government should be more attentive to Iraqi families and provide everything they need, because these families might have been displaced or might not have enough money to buy plots of land for housing. There should be broader attention given to this aspect, which causes suffering to many Iraqi families who can't find places to rent because of the increase in the number of tenants, and because of the increase in the rent prices, which is the reason behind why many of these families take these lands and build houses on them.

  • ابو شهاب


    The Iraqi government should be more attentive to such aspects, because they cause suffering to Iraqi citizens who have limited or no income due to the difficult financial and living conditions in which Iraqis exist. The entities concerned with housing and construction should help many of the families that are suffering from difficulties. They face these difficulties because of the very hard situation, which includes displacement, persecution, and the forcible confiscation of their houses against their will. They have lived in camps where they suffered both during summers and winters, which is a grave violation of the rights of Iraqi citizens in their own homeland. They are on their land, but still have no plots of land to live on, or small houses to protect their families from the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter, which is in itself a violation.

  • كريم العراقي


    The government should care for land which hasn't been built on. It should divide it up, for housing and residential blocks to be built on them, to shelter many of the persecuted families that have no shelter. This will save Iraqis a lot of suffering; they have suffered much from terrorism, as they have gone through much harm, displacement and homelessness. They have remained without housing, and they asked for help from the government, but to no avail. The new government has to be attentive to these families, because they have chosen this government to represent and help them, and to provide them with comfortable housing, not to expel them once more from the houses they have built. They have chosen this government to compensate them for the harm and tough conditions they have been through. The hardest thing is for somebody to have no shelter and no house, which is a loss in itself, especially if they have a family. These families suffer from homelessness and loss, because they don't have a house. We are very hopeful that the new government will include in its priorities giving attention to the displaced families, which have suffered the most. They lost their houses because the houses had been stolen from them. They then couldn't buy houses or rent them because of the increase in prices, which is why they built primitive houses to protect them from the heat of the summer and the shivering cold of the winter.

  • قاسم المهران


    The demolition of houses and shops which had been built by people took place in a few areas. The demolition of these houses and shops was done by the townships of the areas where violations took place, after which the rubble was left there as is, without even being removed. This constitutes an obstruction of people's livelihoods and is harmful to the people, because they need a basic living, and they desperately need those places because of their hard conditions. Unemployment has forced people to occupy and build on state-owned land, and that they are doing it out of necessity, not for fun. The government has to be aware of this very important and sensitive issue, because the population is increasing and the people need residential spaces. They have to care for Iraqi families more, to prevent Iraqi citizens from committing such violations.

  • مثنى صلاح


    There are many regions in Iraq that have seen this phenomenon, particularly the region of al-Ghazaliya, which was a name that suited that region. But now things have changed, as the region has suffered from neglect and abandonment. Garbage, dirt and huge potholes fill the streets. I saw this uncivilized phenomenon with my own eyes. There were some people who had moved to that region, and they had built some shops and other open markets for selling foodstuff or for auto repair. All this was a violation against government property.

  • علاء الدين الحويزم


    The municipal authorities have unabashedly razed and demolished all the buildings that were built. But why, Municipality of Baghdad? Is this action good? Okay, they did not have permits from the municipality, but they went through difficult, bitter hard times, which were unbearable. Help them; give them a chance to look for other places which they can benefit from and make a living. Now, what you have done is to pour more fuel on the fire. Where will the poor citizen go? How will he live? You should have provided them with places to live or job opportunities, and then proceeded to demolish those buildings. But you demolished these buildings and left the rubble on the ground to this day. You haven’t even cleared these areas which you demolished.

  • غسان العوضي


    We ask the Iraqi government and all the municipalities in all the regions in Iraq, not just one particular region, to provide shelters for the families whose homes have been demolished, and who have been forced to migrate. They should be given sufficient amounts of money so that they can be duly compensated and so that they can make up for the harm that they have suffered. We ask you to take care of the Iraqi citizens, and the poor Iraqi families, those that have suffered losses and those that are in need, and help them. You should see to it that the municipality of Baghdad and the other municipalities carry out their cleaning services, especially at the locations that they have demolished in many regions. We ask that you offer solutions before taking any action against citizens who are homeless, and who have no place which they can use in order to earn an income. Wealth comes from God, and as the Arab proverb says, “Better dead than hungry.” May God protect the Iraqi people from poverty, diseases and need.

  • عمرو عبد السلام


    The terrible conditions that followed the multiple wars in Iraq since the era of the previous regime to this day, with the emergence of terrorism and the terrorists in Iraq, all of this has weakened the abilities of the Iraqi citizens, because the wars and bombings caused the destruction of the homes of ordinary citizens in Iraq, who have limited means. Many residential buildings have also been destroyed in many regions of Baghdad, in addition to the emigration of many families, especially during sectarian conflicts between the Sunnis and the Shias, which were incited by Al-Qaeda and the minions of the defunct regime. All of this led to the deterioration of conditions in Iraq, particularly in Baghdad, because it is the Iraqi capital. This is why we see that most families that own large houses have subdivided them into apartments. For example, one large house could be turned into three apartments, and the owner of the original house would rent the other apartments. This phenomenon is considered a contravention, because the owner of the house has not obtained a permit from the municipality to build these apartments. However, the poor economic conditions and need overpowered him, and he did so in order to help himself out of poverty, to help others who live in the streets and to give them a shelter where they can house their family, and everyone benefits from this arrangement. But there are some people who trespass on government property, despite the fact that they are not in need, while there are those who have not had the chance to have a home, and they are forced to build on these vacant lots of land which are uninhabited, and this is an exceptional situation. Some of them have built shops in order to make a living, in view of the fact that these Iraqi citizens have not had any opportunity to get a job in government departments or in the private sector, especially the youths among them who wish to complete the other half of their lives and their religion, and start a family. All of these things have pushed many unemployed people to build these shops so that they can earn a living.

  • محمد عبدالجبار


    I think that the government should give these lands to those who will benefit from them, in case these lands are not part of future plans that the government has for construction projects. If it turns out that it is necessary to evacuate these families from these lands, then at least let it not be now, as we are going through difficult times, and people are looking forward to the new government with the hope that this government will represent change and the start of a new direction in Iraq. Is it conceivable that the new government would start its journey by demolishing houses?

  • جمعة شملان


    I think that the government should not rush things, and it should examine this issue and compensate these families by offering them land grants in other regions. They should be financially compensated for the properties that are to be demolished, because I am certain that these families have spent everything they had in order to build these houses.

  • محفوظ محمد


    I swear that the government has to find out what caused citizens to trespass on state-owned lands and use them to build houses of their own. Later on, it is decided whether to demolish them or not. I firmly believe that no citizen likes being a trespasser on the property of the state, to take an empty piece of land and build houses on it. It is the present hard and tough conditions; these are what forced citizens to do this. I think it is the role of the state to allocate plots of lands to citizens who don't own any estates registered in their names in the real estate registry, so they can build houses of their own. This is not hard for the Iraqi government, because we in Iraq still have a great deal of empty land. Then why don’t they distribute it among the citizens who don't own plots of land, especially given that the prices of these plots have increased astronomically during the past years, and this caused the citizens to trespass on lands owned by the state and build houses on plots that belong to the state. I don't agree with those who call for the immediate demolition of those houses, because we need to think of the fates of those families who live there, and about where they will go if their homes are demolished by the government; will they live in the streets? This is of course unacceptable, because the state has to provide the means of dignified living for citizens, not throw them in the street.

  • ابو رياض


    We note that this phenomenon has many negative impacts, as some people build houses and sell them or rent them as if they were their own property. This is actually a very serious problem. The other important issue is that these buildings do not have adequate services and care, as they were not included in the state's construction plan to provide them with services, such as electricity, water or similar services that we need in our daily lives, due to the fact that these building are built illegally, without official approval. I, as a citizen, respect the law, and I am annoyed of those who trespass on the state's property. I endorse the idea of removing these abuses against all the state's property, including land and other government buildings, because this has a negative impact on society. These abuses have a significant impact by delaying the implementation of some construction projects that benefit all people, because this phenomenon hampers the undertaking of some construction projects to which plots have been allocated and these plots were seized by the citizens to build their residential buildings. We know the difficult circumstances that affect the citizens, because of the events experienced by the country, and we also know that these events have had a significant effect on all segments of the Iraqi society. But these difficult conditions do not give us the right to violate the laws of the country and trespass on its property, which is originally the property of all citizens; it is not appropriate for a particular class to build their own residences.

  • ماهر حسن


    Despite our opposition to such abuses, we call on the state to find appropriate solutions to these problems, to prevent these issues from developing and becoming a common matter in society, because people will try to follow the example of those who seize the property of the state or public places, especially those who live in leased buildings at exorbitant prices and do not pay the rent.

  • تحسين عارف


    We must develop radical solutions to this important issue, by having the state follow up on them and monitor those who abuse the state’s property. The state needs to build residential complexes and hand them over to those who do not have houses, in order to solve this big problem, which will have negative effects on the community, and in order to implement and have respect for the laws issued by the state. Everyone must respect them and comply with them.

  • طارق احمد


    I agree with removing these abuses on the territory and property of the State, as it is an uncivilized phenomenon.

  • ايمن جمال


    Speaking about the issue of building houses on state property involves many aspects. We have seen the growing phenomenon of people seizing the state's land over the last few years, because of the special circumstances that took place in the country, and which have had a significant impact on making this issue grow day after day.

  • قيس محمد


    Many families have built houses on large tracts owned by the state. These are considered the property of the people, as they fall within the framework of public property that cannot be seized by anyone under any circumstances. We see other families living in public facilities of the state, such as government buildings that have been left vacant for various reasons. Here we note that the unauthorized operations of building are considered trespassing on the public property of the state, which already belongs to the people and not to a particular group or a particular person. This is negative, illegal and uncivilized, as it has a negative impact on many aspects of life. We are now witnessing the establishment of many complexes which have spread through all the Iraqi provinces, and they have a significant impact on the appearance of many of the cities. They affect their aesthetic element and their construction planning. This happens because some people exploit these public places by building residential buildings randomly, taking advantage of the absence of strict control over them, as the state is concerned with countering terrorism, which has significantly affected the country and helped to exacerbate this negative phenomenon in Iraq. Anyone who follows up on the abuses that occur on public places through the establishment of residential buildings by some citizens in this way, which we have never heard about or seen before, will be aware of the seriousness of the situation that will be caused by building these compounds indiscriminately. These will have a negative impact in the future, through building such houses in public places that had not been allocated for this purpose; they were originally designated to provide public service. For example, the public places and squares which were originally located in most areas for the convenience of the citizens, or the soccer fields, which were reserved for young people to practice their hobbies, such as soccer, are now occupied, because they have been seized by some citizens.

  • محمد صادق


    The government must show further interest in the Iraqis and provide them with all their required legitimate rights, if it really wants the well-being of Iraq. In fact, oil revenues should allow Iraqis to live comfortably. I wonder why people are becoming homeless in such a rough way. Indeed, Iraqis are so good, generous and kind that it is sad to see them go through such a dreadful situation in their nation and home territory. In fact, they did not find a shelter where they can live in peace and feel secure from the heat of summer and the bitter cold and heavy rain of winter. Iraqis deserve to live better than other people since Iraq is a wealthy country. Thus, we hope that the government takes care of Iraqi families who have suffered a lot because of difficult conditions. It must also provide the homeless with well-equipped houses to live in as eminent Iraqis rather than as refugees or vagabonds.

  • شريف عادل


    Many families are homeless and have an urgent need for housing. They were either displaced or incapable of paying the rent. In fact, the rent expenses have increased considerably and such families cannot even afford to buy small houses.

  • حسام خلدون


    Some poor citizens resorted to trespassing on the state properties nearest to them. They usually build a small shelter to settle in, even temporarily. In fact, many families have been displaced and remained homeless for a long time. Although they have asked the government for help, no one responds. Thus, they live in camps in very dreadful living conditions. They suffered a lot from the summer heat and the freezing winter. In addition, they lived on subsidies from people. All these conditions resulted from the abhorrent sectarianism, terrorism and violence in the country. Indeed, these people seized the opportunity offered to them by building small houses on pieces of land owned by the state. They were obliged to do so, as they urgently needed houses to protect them from the dreadful living conditions.

  • عبدالحكيم


    None of us can live without a shelter. Thus, government officials must take an interest in displaced people by building residential units and providing the poor Iraqi families with shelters, instead of demolishing the houses the poor have established on state properties, under the pretext that they are trespassing. As far as I am concerned, the government must provide job opportunities as the only solution that will enable people to rent a house. Or, at the least, it must build housing units that contain many flats and grant them to citizens at a low price, in order to prevent Iraqi families from becoming homeless. These families were either displaced, or robbed of their houses in public, because of the sect they belong to, or they were obliged to sell them and migrate. Yet, as it is very difficult to live outside Iraq, they come back short of money to their country. Therefore, we must take good care of the sons of this wounded country, as they do not feel comfortable in any country except Iraq. Therefore, they should feel comfortable and safe in this wealthy country, where they got nothing but harm, displacement, homelessness, loss, murder, bombing, terrorism, sectarian violence, kidnapping and theft.

  • جواد الجلالي


    Trespassing is rejected under any circumstances. In fact, if everyone who has a housing problem violates the state’s lands and properties, there will be chaos. Indeed, Iraq is ruled by law, and no citizen is allowed to behave in this manner.

  • حسن


    I am against trespassing.

  • رافع سرمد


    We must counter such trespassing, since it hampers the work of the state departments. Some people have built houses over a water pipe which passes underneath, and carried out some other things. In addition, I hope that all those who violate the law will not make a crisis out of this issue. They must leave and let the state demolish these houses, as required by law.

  • جميل سعود


    Although I take into consideration the current situation, I disapprove of the phenomenon of trespassing on state property, since it reflects backwardness and is rejected everywhere in the world.

  • سليم ناظم


    These houses must be destroyed, so that the state would make proper use of the land on which these houses are built.

  • محمد شوكت


    I totally disagree with citizens’ trespassing on state lands. However, at the same time, I disapprove of demolishing houses and displacing the families who built simple houses on those lands. In fact, if the government ever thinks of destroying such houses, I wonder where those displaced and poor families will go. As far as I am concerned, the government must at least study the issue well and try to find solutions in advance, before starting the demolition process and causing many problems with these violators of the law, since the latter are going to be annoyed and greatly worried. For instance, the government might build a residential area as soon as possible for such families, to please them, or give them some money as compensation, which could enable them to find a solution to this problem. In fact, it is impossible and unreasonable to expel them and demolish their houses without thinking of where these families will be able to live under the current difficult circumstances.