Iraqi security forces kill suspected al-Qaeda leader in Ninawa

Police near Mosul came under fire during a routine search operation. [Stringer Iraq / Reuters]

Police near Mosul came under fire during a routine search operation. [Stringer Iraq / Reuters]

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Iraqi security forces killed an alleged al-Qaeda leader and arrested 16 other suspected terrorists in Ninawa and Babel provinces, officials announced Wednesday (March 30th).

Brig. Gen. Abdul Kareem al-Jubouri, spokesperson for Ninawa Operations Command, said security forces killed "a leader of the terrorist al-Qaeda organization" and captured nine wanted suspects during clashes on Monday (March 28th) in Mansour neighborhood, south of Mosul.

Al-Jubouri told Mawtani that Iraqi police were conducting a routine search operation in the neighborhood when they came under gunfire from a nearby house. The force requested assistance from the Iraqi Army, which successfully cleared the area of civilians before engaging the shooters.

"The terrorist al-Qaeda leader, known as Yunus Shehatha, who is an emir of al-Qaeda in the Mansour neighborhood south of Mosul, was killed. Nine other terrorists were detained after five of them were wounded by the fire from security forces," he added.

Al-Jubouri said among the detainees were four men of Syrian nationality who had illegally entered Iraq a few weeks earlier.

The clashes resulted in the death of one member of the Iraqi security forces.

Capt. Suhail al-Qaraghouli of Ninawa provincial police told Mawtani that, "Iraqi security forces were in control of the security situation in the province after eliminating the armed rebellion in less than half an hour."

In Babel province, security forces announced the arrest of seven suspected members of terrorists cells linked to al-Qaeda.

Speaking at a press conference at the police command in al-Hilla, Maj. Gen. Fadhil Raddad al-Sultani said Iraqi police and army forces received intelligence from citizens in Mussayeb and Iskandaria regarding suspicious activity at two houses in the area.

Security forces raided the two houses and arrested the seven suspects.

"The two cells are involved in terrorist operations targeting security personnel and former al-Sahwa members, in addition to planting improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and firing rocket missiles at Iraqi military targets," al-Sultani said.

Al-Sultani praised the citizens for collaborating with security services and informing them about suspicious activities.

Col. Ghanim Abdullah al-Musawi, spokesperson for Babel military operations, told Mawtani that "the raiding force was able to storm the two houses and detain all the terrorists very quickly, and this is evidence of the remarkable development of Iraqi forces."

The force confiscated 34 IEDs, 63 mortar rounds and five magnetic sticky bombs in the two houses, in addition to communications devices, SIM cards for mobile telephones, and documents containing telephone numbers and addresses that are currently being investigated.

"Security operations have now become easier and swifter for police and army forces, and security personnel now have perfected their work much better than before, such as in drafting plans, speed of execution, protecting civilians and reducing losses," al-Musawi said. "This is due to training and acquiring expertise with the passage of time."






    O God! Protect Iraq and the Iraqis.

  • سعد عطار


    The terrorist criminal operations and atrocities carried out by al-Qaeda groups against the people of Iraq, such as bloodshed, bombings, suicide attacks, kidnappings, threats and slaughter, especially in the province of Nineveh, are ugly acts of violence. The Iraqi security forces must prosecute all the elements and criminal gangs, the leaders and those who are under their command, and arrest them to be investigated of involvement in criminal acts against the people of Iraq and staining their hands with innocent blood. Then the snakes’ heads must be executed, to get rid of these terrorist groups and subversive elements that do not want good for Iraq or Iraqis, especially since the province of Nineveh has suffered a lot of pain and tragedies as a result of al-Qaeda's carrying out of criminal operations against the people of the province. All this is under the name of jihad and the name of Islam. But their acts are evidence that they do not have values, ethics or the principles of Islam. They are harmful elements and we must get rid of them, because they are a burden on the Iraqi society, which is now suffering from the presence of such dangerous armed groups that do not have anything but hatred and a grudge. Our Iraqi security forces should do their duty towards the nation and the people of the homeland, and eliminate these gangs that have killed many Iraqis who have no sin, particularly in the province of Nineveh, whose people have long been characterized by kindness, humility, simplicity and tolerance, and they are people who do not hold any hatred. It is very important to reach the leaders of al-Qaeda and sentence them to death, because they were the first and main reason for shedding the blood of the Iraqis and they instructed and trained others to carry out terrorist operations, in order to get rid of the people of Iraq from all sects and religions. They are the source of evil, malice and hatred and the reason for creating sectarian discord, destruction and sabotage. Therefore, these terrorist groups must be eliminated, so we can get rid of them forever.

  • عادل صديق


    The crimes of al-Qaeda groups have come to be countless. They have spread throughout Iraq in an unnatural way, which enabled them to spread their operation everywhere to kill innocent citizens of Iraq, especially in Ninawa governorate. This governorate witnessed many tragedies, agony and suffering. They killed many of the people of Ninawa governorate for no reason except to get money as a price for the blood of Iraqis that has been wantonly shed by terrorist groups. These groups are the cowardly Al Qaeda, whose evil has affected everyone. It has kidnapped, tortured, killed and slaughtered citizens and exposed them to threats, displacement and violation of their honor, in addition to stealing their money. Therefore, the security forces need to pursue all the lost factions, to present them to the justice system in order to execute them and murder their leaders, who directed them to commit ugly and savage killing operations against the innocent citizens of Ninawa governorate. The people of this governorate have always been distinguished by kindness, tolerance, generosity and good morals. As such, I do not know why they sell their consciences to kill innocent citizens for no reason. The al-Qaeda group, may God curse and shame them, really have no conscience, no mercy and no sense of humanity. Therefore, the idea of getting rid of them has come to be very important and necessary and must be implemented this time, so that these filthy operations would not be back on the scene again, and so that they will not resume their activity to spread their despicable schemes, which have targeted innocent citizens. They have committed many savage and criminal acts against all Iraqis without exception, which is why the government, the Iraqi security forces, the courts and the judges have to work on getting rid of the lost and criminal factions. Also, work must be done to get to their leaders, so that they will get their fair punishment, to get rid of them once and for all because they are the reason behind the destruction of Iraq, its ruin and the spread of terrorist acts in it. They are the main and first reason behind all the things that happened on the land of Iraq. This way, we will have achieved an opportunity for Iraqis to live safely and in stability, by destroying the members of al-Qaeda and their leaders in Ninawa governorate.

  • رافت شاكر


    The members of the criminal Al Qaeda in Mosul committed different crimes that shame humanity. This is obvious proof of the extent of the ugliness of this organization and its deviation and hatred for the unsuspecting societies that seek to achieve betterment, development and reconstruction. This is because this criminal organization came to Iraq to further the agendas of foreign countries, whose target is to destroy safety and stability in Iraq and to terrorize unsuspecting people in order to create an atmosphere of tension and division among the people of the one country and the one city, to impact the economic and developmental aspect in the country by committing criminal terrorist acts. These acts will have a great role in impacting the security aspect, which will negatively reflect on the country, as it would create a state of economic and developmental instability. The enemies of Iraq halt the achievement of this development by intensifying the presence of Al Qaeda organization’s agents in all Iraqi cities and supplying them with money and weapons. This is in order to be able to carry out the schemes of dominating Iraq and confiscating its wealth, to make it an estate of these imperialistic states that seek to loot the wealth of Iraq and kill its people in order to achieve their dreams in extending their influence over the area to further their economic, political ambitions in Iraq. They further such ambitions through their obedient instruments represented in Al Qaeda organizations and other terrorist organizations, which came together with the devil to murder the innocent and to spread strife and calamity over Iraqis. It has become the duty of Iraqis to step up to their patriotic role to fight these horrible terrorist acts, due to the threat of terrorism in Iraq. They should then work on making all people aware of the threats of terrorism, extremism. They should cooperate with the security forces to besiege these deviant organizations and to observe their movements in order to find out about their locations, to report them to the security entities that would then follow them in each neighborhood, city, mountain or cave to arrest them and refer them to the courts, which would punish them for the crimes they have committed against innocent people.

  • فتاح عادل


    Al-Qaeda has its hands everywhere, and what it carried out against the inhabitants of Nineveh was not normal. Al-Qaeda has carried out a lot of crimes in Iraq, including acts of sabotage, bombings, assassinations and kidnappings of VIPs in the official departments and of competent scientists, prompting the displacement of many of them out of Iraq. All those big problems burden the poor Iraqis. Al-Qaeda has targeted important units of the Iraqi army in all parts of Baghdad or the provinces, and they have fallen victims for no reason. Al-Qaeda kills innocent citizens and strikes children's schools or hospitals or other important places that belong to the people of Iraq. We must find a solution to these cowardly armed groups, in order to rid Iraq and the Iraqi people of them and of their collaborators. They must be severely punished for what they have committed in Mosul in particular. Terrorists have relations with al-Qaeda or Iran or other organizations, which want to destroy the Arabs and Muslims and implement discrimination. Unfortunately, the young people who died as a result of the criminal act carried out by coward terrorists are the young people whose only interest is to defend the unity of Iraq and the Iraqis. The martyrs are more honorable than we are, and they are promised to dwell in paradise, God willing. But the terrorists will be in the Fire, because they are despicable and deserve torture and all kinds of executions. The people of Nineveh did not keep silent about the crimes of terrorism, but defended their city with honor and courage. I am reassuring them, because they are really heroes. The terrorists want to ruin this beautiful city that attracts tourists each summer for recreation and for the revitalization of this beautiful city. I pray to God Almighty to guide them and save them from terrorism and terrorists. I want the people of Mosul to remain steadfast and to be determined to stand against terrorism and terrorists.

  • جنيد احمد


    Al-Qaeda has its hand everywhere and it has committed criminal acts in Ninawa. The men of Mosul are among the most noble of men. They are really strong. The security forces have tried hard to contain the security situation and to strengthen it. They have really achieved that end already, and they’ve arrested many criminals from the cowardly members of the al-Qaeda organization who don’t want the well-being of Iraq and Iraqis. Now, they’ve recently arrested another leader of the cowardly al-Qaeda organization, because they were able to arrest him. They are now questioning him to get information on the filthy, cowardly and criminal acts that al-Qaeda is planning. I hope the security forces will further tighten security measures.

  • فتحي رزاق


    The crimes carried out by al-Qaeda in Nineveh are very numerous, and they target innocent people and civilians in Mosul. Al-Qaeda does not exclude any citizen from any doctrine or religion. They sometimes kill and displace Christians and attack Muslims, and then Kurds at other times. All this is to sow dissension in the province of Nineveh and to eliminate brotherhood among the inhabitants of the province, but they cannot, and we will remain siblings forever. I call upon the Iraqi government and the judiciary to execute all the arrested criminals of al-Qaeda and their leaders, who kill the people of Nineveh. Arresting and putting them in prison is not enough, because it does not compensate us and will not compensate for the blood that was shed because of the bombs exploded by those vile people amid the public markets of Nineveh, aiming at killing more innocent people. In addition, they attack places of worship, including mosques and churches, and carry out other crimes, such as killings of Muslim and Christian clerics and scholars, the displacement of families, killing tribal leaders and exposing the personnel of the military and police forces to attacks, and lots of crimes committed by the elements of al-Qaeda in Nineveh. They want to deprive the province of safety and stability, to serve the interests of this takfiri organization and to bring terrorist suicide bombers into Nineveh through Syria, and train and send them to blow themselves up amid civilians. All these crimes are carried out by the leaders of al-Qaeda and its members, who were planning such crimes. How can they be dealt with mercifully? We reject this principle, and they must be aware of the punishment for their disregard for Iraqi blood, which they think is cheap. They are killing many Iraqis without taking their innocence into account, so they must be executed quickly, to apply earthly and divine law, which condemns criminals and orders the killers of innocent people to be punished.

  • ابراهيم ياسري


    The province of Nineveh is among the Iraqi provinces that have suffered from the crimes of terrorism that affected everything in this city, which has experienced lean years because of terrorist acts. Al-Qaeda committed many crimes that are shameful to humanity, including killings, assassinations of innocent people, and car bombs, used by this criminal organization to blow up the service institutions of the state, in addition to sticky bombs that claimed the lives of many innocent people. Al-Qaeda, the takfiri organization, committed the dirtiest and most heinous acts against the people of Nineveh, destroying this province, terrorizing its people and spreading fear in the hearts of its children. Such criminal acts made this province into a ghost town, where terrorists hindered life in Nineveh. They left a large number of widows and orphans, after they had deprived them of enjoying their childhood in the bosom of their parents, who died because of terrorist operations that targeted all walks of life. I therefore call on our government and our fair judicial authorities to impose the death sentence on all the elements and leaders of al-Qaeda, since those criminals have committed many crimes of genocide against the innocent people of Nineveh. These elements do not deserve to live on earth and in our communities, so execution is the sentence that we call for, because they deserve it, in order to eradicate them and their crimes that have affected everything in Iraq and the province of Nineveh. These criminals cannot be reformed, especially as their hands have been stained with the blood of innocent Iraqis who have died as a result of al-Qaeda's operations and its elements and terrorist leaders. We must get rid of them forever by executing them, to put an end to their evil ideas and acts. The criminals should not have place among us, and we must banish them from the earth and get rid of them. They must be executed so that security and stability will prevail in this province and hope will come back, after the murder, terror and destruction that were caused by those criminals.

  • عيسى اسماعيل


    I don’t think that any resident of Ninewa province will ever forget the crimes of the organization of al-Qaeda and the suicide attacks that have been perpetrated everywhere, and which caused many civilian victims. They have not spared children, women, the elderly or the youths in the beautiful Ninewa province, which they have turned into a sea of blood, and the criminal al-Qaeda has destroyed it by engaging in killing, bombing and destruction. This is in addition to their suicide bombings that they carried out in the midst of busy marketplaces filled with civilians. They have launched attacks against government buildings, police stations and army posts, they have desecrated mosques and killed clerics and sheikhs, and they have attempted to sow sectarian dissension among the people of Ninewa. All of these crimes were perpetrated by the leaders and elements of the organization of al-Qaeda, and the damages and losses that they have caused are immense. Today, now that the security forces have been revitalized, thank God, the day of reckoning has come, and they should not be left without being held accountable. Every filthy terrorist that has caused the death of a single Iraqi should be arrested, tried and executed within the shortest period of time, and in the streets of Ninewa, in retaliation for their crimes against the innocent people of Ninewa, because these base criminals do not deserve to live at all. Their crimes are legion, and there are many proofs for these. They have defied religion and the law, they have shown disregard for everything, and they need to be retaliated against. Every leader or emir or terrorist element is a base and immoral individual, and they are all equally guilty, and they are the cause of the destruction and the devastation that have taken place in Iraq, and particularly in Ninewa. The rights of the innocent and the martyrs and those who have suffered injuries and those who have been maimed by these terrorist operations have to be restored. Their blood that has been spilled for no reason should be avenged, and the terrorists should be retaliated against. This is the only thing that will satisfy the victims’ families. So, the government and the judiciary should not show any mercy to the terrorists, who have shown none to the Iraqi people all these years, and they have not stopped killing innocent people.

  • عقيل منصور


    The al-Qaeda organization members and the members of other terrorist organizations in Nineveh governorate have practiced different forms of different crimes that reached all the social segments in the governorate. They have carried out murder and random bombing operations, because they are not Iraqi people; they are aliens who entered Iraq for the sake of carrying out foreign agendas assigned to them by their masters from outside Iraq. In this way, Nineveh governorate became a place for armed operations since the fall of the previous regime, despite the efforts that the security forces exerted upon it in order to arrest many of its leaders and members; it is still suffering from terrorist acts every now and then. Therefore, we call for the execution of those who have been proved guilty of these acts, to make them an example for others.

  • عمار الخطيب


    I would like to point out that the operations carried out by the terrorist Al-Qaeda groups, in terms of shedding the blood of the innocent citizens who are not guilty of anything, especially in Nineveh governorate, and the many crimes carried out against Nineveh people should not go by unpunished. All the cowardly terrorist elements and groups that kill the Iraqi people should be pursued. Moreover, it is very important to address them and stand in their faces, and they should get their fair punishment; these misguided, useless groups should be executed. In addition, all the leaders that work on directing those criminals should be killed, so we can get rid from them completely, as they tampered with the Iraqi security and stability and killed many Iraqis during recent years, and so that the Iraqi citizen can enjoy safety, security and stability.

  • نعمان شاكر


    The criminal gangs following the al-Qaeda organization in Ninawa committed several criminal operations against Iraqis in Ninawa governorate. They also assassinated some of the officers of the Iraqi army in order to shake security in the governorate and to cause chaos and bloodshed and the looting of money. This is in addition to other criminal acts, represented in violence and the use of force to terrorize and scare the unsuspecting people. The Iraqi security forces launched a great campaign to follow the moves of the suspects, in addition to setting up traps to enable the security forces to arrest a group of terrorists, including some leaders in the terrorist al-Qaeda organization who are involved in acts of murder, assassination and looting of money in Ninawa governorate. The last of those was one of the leaders in the al-Qaeda organization who was recently arrested by the heroic security forces. This led to the improvement of the security situation in Ninawa governorate.

  • عبود عبد الواحد


    The men in Mosul are among the noblest men, and they are mighty indeed. The security forces have tried hard to contain the security situation and strengthen it, and they actually managed to arrest many cowardly criminals of al-Qaeda, who do not wish Iraq and the Iraqis well. Recently, they have arrested another leader in al-Qaeda, thank God, and they are now interrogating him in order to get information about the dirty schemes that al-Qaeda is planning to carry out. I call on those heroes of the security forces to increase security and prosecute other senior criminals. I thank them and call on God to protect and strengthen them. Amen, O Lord of the Worlds.

  • مولود خضير


    I really hope to achieve more, especially since the situation in Nineveh is very good nowadays, thank God. In addition, things are on the right path without murder because of identity, and the control of terrorists over some places, as was the case in the past. In fact, hunting down some of the al-Qaeda leaders in Nineveh delighted me greatly, and brought joy to all of Mosul’s citizens. The security forces are doing a great job, since they are influenced neither by the political nor by the security situation in other regions. They are interested only in carrying out their duty, which consists of protecting the innocent and eradicating both terrorism and al-Qaeda. Thus, these days, you can go out at night, go to work, enjoy whatever you like freely and safely, and get around with your family, since the security forces have hunted down all of the al-Qaeda leaders who were murdering the innocent in Nineveh under the cover of Islam.

  • بشار


    The security forces in Mosul have performed their duties very well. In fact, the province has achieved stability after being exposed to many terrorist operations and bombings that have been carried out by the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda. This has been accomplished thanks to the returning of the governmental departments to work. In addition, markets have been reopened, thanks to the improvement in security conditions in Mosul. This is also thanks to the continuous arrest of terrorists as well as those suspected of cooperating with this terrorist organization.

  • زين هاشمي


    The government, the Iraqi security forces, the army and the police should provide everything the Iraqi citizens want, especially those people living in Mosul, so that the citizens can feel that they are provided with protection, and in order to spread a safe environment that provides the comfortable conditions putset worry, fear, and horror behind the Iraqi people living in Mosul governorate, where many of its innocent people were killed. All this depends on hard and serious work in order to get rid of these criminal groups, and on the continuity of following up on the cowardly elements that want destruction for Iraq and the Iraqi people. I hope for the best for the people of Mosul, who have witnessed much long suffering. I pray, saying, may God protect Iraq and all the Iraqi people from any dangers, God willing.

  • حازم علي


    It is very necessary to chase all of those who are suspected of and those who are responsible for sabotage, tampering and destruction. This is where the role of the Iraqi security forces come in, who should arrest all the criminal elements who kill the Iraqi citizens, especially in Mosul governorate, which has witnessed many sabotages, murders, shedding of blood and slaughtering operations. Therefore, the Iraqi security forces should follow the terrorist groups and arrest them along with all suspects in order to be sure that they are involved in carrying out these operations and that they actually murdered, kidnapped, slaughtered and bombed. By doing that, we will manage to get rid of all the corrupt elements that manipulate, sabotage, destroy and terrify the people, and spread terror among them. Therefore, they should be an example for others who think about doing that, and they should be brought to accountability to get the punishment they deserve. The broad and expanded arrest operations that are always carried out in Mosul are clear evidence that the Iraqi security forces perform their duties to the fullest accuracy and follow-up, and that they are keen on imposing justice and eliminating the misguided terrorist groups that have murdered many young people. The government should provide and spread out many of the Iraqi security forces that will follow up with the cowardly elements and also get rid of them within a shorter period of time. They will get rid of them by tracking them, arresting them or killing them, as they are criminal groups that have killed the Iraqi people who were not guilty of anything, and they also killed women, children, many of the elderly, men, and youth, and they carried out bombings that ended a lot of innocent lives.

  • سلطان حميد


    The Al-Qaeda organization has begun to go extinct, as the terrorist groups from the Al-Qaeda organization in Nineveh governorate are often pursued, arrested or killed. It has become an easy matter to reach these misguided groups that corrupt and shed the blood of the innocent Iraqi people, who are not guilty of anything, especially the people of Nineveh governorate. The people of Nineveh governorate are very kind and generous people, and they do not deserve the violent and very cruel operations of murder, slaughter, bombings, kidnapping, threatening and displacement that have been carried out against them. Therefore, what is happening is that the Al-Qaeda organization is becoming very weak, and this leads to a feeling of pleasure, as the situations will be stable and there will be secure environments free of the terrorist operations that were organized in order to eliminate the people of the governorate. Certainly, there will be great comfort for the citizen, as he will witness a state of stability and he will enjoy complete freedom without any restrictions, concern or fear of the attacks that are carried out by these cowardly and misguided groups.

  • حبيب ضياء


    If we talked day and night about terrorists and the dirty cowardly operations they carry out, we will not finish. They have carried out bombings; they have booby-trapped cars and they have incited gangs to abduct children for the sake of trafficking in their internal organs; and all this has worried and terrified Iraqi citizens. Now, however, and thanks to Almighty God, Al-Qaeda has begun to weaken, especially in Mosul, because its people are strong and up to the responsibility. Al-Qaeda has caused much harm to all Iraqi provinces, and there must be a strong united effort to get rid of it. And that’s exactly what the men in Mosul did when they assumed full responsibility for their city. The cowardly al-Qaeda carried out acts of sabotage, bombings and assassinations, and they kidnapped VIPs in official circles and competent scientists, which forced many others to migrate abroad. They also attacked many important Iraqi army positions in all parts of Baghdad and in all the provinces, leaving many victims behind. Not only that, but the cowardly al-Qaeda members kill innocent citizens and hit children's schools and hospitals and any important place in Iraq. The poor Iraqis are suffering from all of that, and we should find a way to save them from those armed groups and those who collaborate with them.

  • رياض قدسي


    Suspect arrests in the province of Mosul are a good step, and prove that the Iraqi security forces are doing their job to the fullest. They are pursuing all suspected and terrorist groups that carry out terrorist operations against the citizens of the province of Mosul, killing, slaughtering, sabotaging, destroying, bombing and booby-trapping cars. It is the duty of the Iraqi security forces to pursue suspects and arrest them, to find out whether they were really involved in those cowardly acts. Those criminals must be brought to justice and held accountable for shedding the blood of the people of Mosul. They should be made a lesson to all the cowardly terrorist gangs that have shed the blood of a lot of innocent people and destroyed everything in Iraq. Thus, the arrest of suspects by the heroic Iraqi forces is the greatest proof that there are criminal groups that attack the citizens of Mosul, and that the Iraqi forces have chased them in order to get rid of them and provide the sons of Mosul with peace, tranquility, security and stability. They are working to provide Iraqis with a normal life without fear and anxiety caused by the cowardly terrorist groups. I hope that all Iraqis will live in a state of stability and safety, God willing, and that it becomes free of the deviant cowardly groups that want to sabotage and spread fear, terror and death everywhere. If this happens, it will of course be thanks to God and to the Iraqi security forces that are doing their job to the fullest, for the sake of imposing security in all the provinces of Iraq.

  • عزت فريد


    I believe that the arrest of a leading figure of the criminal organization of Al-Qaeda in Ninawa will have its ramifications on security and stability in this city that has seen many terrorist operations by these criminals. They have plotted many criminal activities that caused the death of hundreds of innocent people. The arrest of the criminal leaders of the organization of Al-Qaeda is a boost for stability, and this heroic action will help considerably in containing the activities of the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda, and it will improve security in the governorate.

  • فاضل عبيد


    I believe that the arrest of a leading figure of the criminal organization of al-Qaeda in Ninewa governorate will have its ramifications on security and stability in this city that has seen many terrorist operations by these criminals. They have plotted many criminal activities that caused the martyrdom of hundreds of innocent people. So, the arrest of the criminal leaders of the organization of al-Qaeda is a boost for stability, and this heroic action will help considerably in containing the activities of the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda, and it will improve security in Ninewa governorate.

  • عوض عارف


    There is no longer an Al-Qaeda organization in Ninawa. This year will be the end of these terrorists, God willing. In fact, all the citizens of Mosul are united against these terrorists in order to get rid of them. And every citizen has sworn that he will protect his city, honor, and land for the sake of expelling all the terrorists. Today, Ninawa is witnessing a state of stability, thanks to the presence of security forces in the province. In fact, they have continuously worked on getting rid of these terrorists and all those who have tried to enter Ninawa in order to carry out terrorist operations.

  • عبدالقهار احمد


    I believe that Ninawa governorate is considered one of the governorates which have bcome a theater of terrorist operations since the fall of the former regime. In spite of the enforcement of security plans in the governorate, it is still living through a condition of instability. This is because of the acts of violence practiced by different terrorist organizations there, with the Al Qaeda organization at the top of the list, because it is close to the regional borders between this governorate and neighboring countries, which makes infiltration easy. Today, however, we notice that there is a great development in the security situation. Security forces are still searching and investigating the locations of terrorists by making use of the great cooperation between security forces and citizens in Ninawa, in order to trap terrorist organizations and completely destroy them, as they suffer from weakness today and they are unable to conduct terrorist attacks as they did before. Iraqis have dug the grave of al-Qaeda, and they are now waiting to bury them and get rid of their evils forever.

  • انور هلال


    Certainly, the arrest of the suspected terrorists in Mosul is a good thing, especially since this province has witnessed a lot of terrorist operations that have been carried out by the criminals of al-Qaeda. This will help the security forces to discover the whereabouts of this organization and to reveal its future plans and the targeted places. I think that the security forces are making great efforts in order to get rid of the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda in Mosul. This is also aimed at protecting the province’s citizens from bombing, destruction and assassination.

  • يغقوب العسيري


    The terrorist rats must be punished for their crimes against people and their violations of human rights. They must be brought to justice, because they are infidels and do not know God, because God never commanded us to kill the innocents or carry out suicide attacks against civilians in the marketplaces, universities and mosques. God never commanded us to kidnap and rape women. The dirty terrorist organization of al-Qaeda and its accursed supporters follow no religion whatsoever, and we have to fight and kill them, depending on the abilities of the security forces and the cooperation of the civilians, the clergy, students and all people in Iraq. We have to fight off the takfiri, atheist, and terrorist organization of al-Qaeda, which is accursed in this world and in the hereafter.

  • وهاب سليم


    The process of arresting a number of suspects in Nineveh is one of the positive acts that the security forces operating there have carried out. Nineveh governorate has been harmed by terrorism and it leads to innocent people there being hurt. These military operations and arresting the suspects are like pre-emptive strikes that will have a great and effective role in order to uncover many of the terrorist cells that are sleeping and hidden, perhaps in the residential areas in Nineveh governorate. I think that this city needs to be continuously calm, and it needs more operations to arrest the terrorist elements and the suspects, so that the security stability condition that Nineveh governorate witnessed in the last months will continue. This stability needs to be supported with these pre-emptive military operations on the part of our brave security forces, in order to remain and continue.

  • ساهر بقال


    The security forces in Mosul have demonstrated a great level in defending the province and the country as a whole. They have also arrested the terrorists who have come from outside Iraq. In fact, most of these terrorists had settled and trained in Mosul before moving to Baghdad, Diyala and other provinces. In fact, the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda has tried to dominate these provinces. And I think that the arrest of these suspected terrorists in Mosul is a great achievement. Thus, the security forces must investigate the issue of these terrorists in order to know who participated in these terrorist operations, because we are not certain that all the arrested persons are involved in these actions. In fact, I’m sure that most of them belong to Al-Qaeda. I think that the fact of being convicted is proof that they may have a link with this terrorist organization. Thus, I want to congratulate the heroic security forces in Mosul, and as I said, it is important to investigate the terrorist issue in order to get all the information. Certainly, the security forces have gathered all the information about the suspected persons before arresting them.

  • محمود مبارك


    Nineveh governorate is one of the Iraqi governorates that are most vulnerable to armed terrorist and criminal acts that the criminal terrorist organizations have carried out, and which make the cities of Nineveh governorate a stage for many of its operations and terrorism that Nineveh’s people have suffered from for many years. In my own opinion, the military operations and the operations that the security forces have carried out against the terrorist operations and its cells are heroic acts, because through its acts, it managed to arrest a large number of suspects and criminals in this field. These operations are some of the positive aspects that will have a great role in reducing the phenomenon of terrorism that this governorate was suffering from, which led to the death of hundreds of people in this governorate, martyrs and injured, because of these misguided elements and criminal acts. The heroic acts and deeds that the security forces carry out in order to arrest the suspected elements who are relevant to the terrorist operations will undoubtedly contribute to limiting the role of terrorism and reducing its criminal plans and acts. Moreover, they will reduce the activity of terrorism and its cells that still going out from time to time in order to carry out their evil, barbaric and mean schemes against the innocent citizens of Mosul. In my opinion, these brave acts that the men of our security forces carry out by pursuing terrorism and arresting its elements have contributed greatly to reducing the percentages of these terrorist operations, limiting their role and decreasing the risks that were undermining security and stability before.

  • خلف محمود


    We congratulate the Iraqi security forces and we appreciate their heroic operations of following the Al-Qaeda terrorists and the other criminal organizations, by monitoring and killing them. This has increased people’s happiness and confidence, in addition to strengthening the relationship between the people and the security forces. Thus, many people have supported these security forces, who are always working on returning the Iraqis’ security and stability, in addition to making sacrifices for the country. Thus, they have achieved this great success, thanks to people’s support and to their tracking down of these criminals’ movements. Today, Iraqis have become like the security forces who have worked to get rid of these terrorist organizations that have spread killing and terror in the country. Beside, people have informed the security forces about the terrorists’ movements. This is in addition to the high training of the Iraqi armed forces, who have contributed to the success of the security operations that have led to the arrest of the terrorist members. They have also contributed to the stability of the security situation in the country.

  • راجي عادلي


    I would like congratulate all the security forces and the Iraqi government for killing terrorists from al-Qaeda, particularly the leaders who were arrested, and some of them were killed once in a while. Such victories are honorable for every Iraqi, not only for the families of victims, because these low people were targeting all of us and our dear country. I would like to congratulate again these brave people and hail their heroic spirit, which knows that it is right. God is helping you and will always help you, because you are right and brave. You are defending our nation, money and honor. May God bless and protect you from any harm, help you eradicate the terrorists and protect you from losses.

  • حسين اجمد


    The terrorist acts of the criminal Al Qaeda organization and the other organizations associated with countries with personal interests in Iraq prove the extent of the moral and intellectual deviation of these organizations that have sold their souls to the devil in order to achieve the goal they are aiming for, in getting money at the expense of robbing the lives of innocent people of the country, who have different walks of life and religious and sectarian convictions. These organizations carry out acts of violence against the people of Iraq randomly, in order to reach the goals set by their masters with the foreign agendas. Those masters seek to shake security and stability in Iraq, in order to control its wealth and to displace its people and kill those of them who are left, or to force them to work under them with their lackeys who execute their sabotage schemes. This is to expand their influence in Iraq, based on spreading chaos and practicing inhumane acts against the people in the society, claiming their lives and controlling their possessions by spreading violence and stirring up sectarian strife among the people. This leads the people to fight among each other, as they committed cowardly acts that affected many of the Iraqi people in all the governorates of Iraq, by using booby-trapped cars sometimes, and explosive belts and planting Improvised Explosive Devices, or IEDs, in streets and cars at other times, to the extent that this has reached this inhumane state, which is even far from the morals of animals. This state clearly shows by their use of children and mentally challenged individuals to plant them in human gatherings and blow them up in the middle of these gatherings, for the purpose of continuing the bloodshed caused by the criminal organizations supported by the regimes of evil and darkness that adopt this deviant methodology, in order to continue spreading terror and fear among the unsuspecting people, thus overstepping all values and human conventions, along with traditions and social norms. This has become obvious to the world, as people are getting to know the ugliness and savage nature of the acts committed by these terrorist organizations against the safe, unsuspecting people. These criminal acts led to reactions in the face of the acts of violence against the people, each of whom has become a security member who monitors the movements of evil people everywhere.

  • خالد


    At the beginning of my comment, I would like to give thanks and appreciation to the Iraqi security forces, which are the watchful eye over the security of the country, and which protect the Iraqi citizens from evil, sick people.

  • زامل محمود


    I congratulate the Iraqi forces for performing their duties and sacrificing to protect the security and stability of Iraq by following the lost criminal agents who want to tamper with the security and sovereignty of Iraq and Iraqis. The Iraqi security forces work consistently, day and night, to chase and hunt down all the cowardly terrorists who want to kill innocent children. Armed groups are decreasing in Iraq, because Iraqi forces are working better and on a greater scale than before. These forces got to most of the leaders of these armed groups, which has made it easier for them to work by reporting on their hiding places and their dens, along with those of the people who commit acts of sabotage against the people of Iraq. The Iraqi security forces represent the watchful eyes which protect and secure the Iraqi people, who are becoming reassured by the presence of these forces, which control the current situation, as these forces chase and follow all the corrupt agents, whether they are criminals or lost groups that tamper with the security and stability of Iraq. As such, I would like to give my utmost thanks to each and every zealous Iraqi concerned with their country and their people, who want the betterment of Iraq by chasing all those who harm Iraqis and innocent people all over the earth.

  • حسون عبدالله


    May God bless the heroic Iraqi forces in the face of the takfiri, infidel and dirty gangs. We will eventually be victorious, and the flag of Iraq and the Iraqis will remain lofty, God willing.

  • احمد عامر


    All of you are liars and lousy officials.