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Iraqi Ministry of Education opens new institutes for preparing teachers

There are 2,400 school buildings under construction across Iraq. [Mohammed Ameen / Reuters]

There are 2,400 school buildings under construction across Iraq. [Mohammed Ameen / Reuters]

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The Iraqi Ministry of Education announced on Tuesday (March 29th) the founding of 32 new institutes for preparing male and female teachers throughout Iraq.

The institutes are part of the ministry's plan to meet the needs of districts and sub-districts that are far from cities and provinces. The ministry aims to open new schools in villages, rural areas and the desert region, to eliminate illiteracy and the obstacles that prevent children from learning.

"The aim of opening new male and female teachers' institutes is to back up the ministry's plans to eliminate mud schools, build new school buildings and expand the small buildings of other schools, as well as expanding and increasing school curricula and modifying previous ones," said Waleed Hussein, spokesperson for the Ministry of Education.

"To achieve that, it is required to graduate additional teachers from the new institutes, which should be sufficient, based on a previous study made by the ministry," he said.

Hussein told Mawtani that the locations for the new institutes were chosen based on each province's need for training institutes, shortage of teaching staff, current number of schools and shortage of school buildings.

The new institutes are spread across the provinces of Ninawa, Muthana, Karbala, Wasit, Najaf, Dhi Qar, Basra, Diwaniyah, Maysan, Babel, Diyala, Kirkuk, Baghdad and Anbar.

The Ministry of Education has instructed the directorates of education in these provinces to provide suitable buildings and nominate teachers with at least three years' experience, preferably with higher degrees, to teach at the institutes.

Teacher training at the new institutes will start during the 2011-2012 school year, and will include major subjects such as English, Arabic, Islamic education, social education, mathematics, history, geography, physical education and art.

Students applying for enrollment at these institutes must have a middle school certificate with an average grade of no less than 70%. The program will last for three years, after which students will graduate with a diploma and be assigned exclusively to government elementary schools and kindergartens.

"The current institutes are overcrowded with a large number of students," said Mohammed al-Khafaji, an adviser to the minister of education on preparation and qualification. "This project will be a beginning for opening new schools to absorb students and those who have not been enrolled in rural areas and remote villages, which are located more than 100 kilometers away from city centers."

Ismael Waleed al-Hitti, educational supervisor at the Karkh education office, told Mawtani, "These new institutes will help supply the educational sector in Iraq with 6,000 male and female teachers a year."

He said this will allow the government to open new schools and reduce the shortage of school buildings in Iraq, which is estimated at more than 6,500. There are now 2,400 school buildings under construction in various parts of the country.

Al-Hitti also said education officials aim to decrease the number of students in each classroom from 40 per teacher, to between 15 and 20, which will improve students' performance.

Alaa Mohammed, an English teacher in Baghdad, said the opening of new teacher institutes is an "important step for wiping out illiteracy in Iraq and in reducing the load and pressure on current teachers".

"Graduating new teachers is no different than training new soldiers in the armed forces, as both play an important role in the road to building the new Iraq, for which we all dream," he said.




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    Hello, are there any additional institutes except for medical and teaches' institutes? I'd appreciate your response.

  • بهاء الطائي


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  • بان


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  • مريم


    I graduated from third grade in 2000. Accept me so I can join an institute.

  • زهراء طارق


    Hello, I've graduate from sixth grade of humanities school with an average grade of 82. Can I apply for the Teacher's Institute of Basra? Kindly reply.

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  • حاتم wps


    I ask for God's forgiveness; there is no god but God.

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  • محمد


    Yes, Zainab [زينب], from third grade and above can get accepted.

  • علي


    Is there an institute of media technology in Baghdad with an average grade of 60? Please reply, I’m fed up with searching.

  • علي عدنان


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  • عثمان عبود


    To all the brothers, I am a stage 5 English student. The institute in Ramadi stopped all admissions 2 years ago so it could change and become a teachers’ institute for graduates of sixth grade of preparatory school and above. Thank you.

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    Please, we are students of the teachers institute in Al-Abbasiya. Why did you merge our institute with the Najaf institute? It’s really exhausting and causing us a lot of trouble. We are from the suburbs and it takes us an hour and a half to the Najaf institute, and on visiting days it’s two and a half hours or more to the institute.

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  • احمد


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  • ايات


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  • ايات


    But I think students who have graduated from third grade are not capable of educating [young] generations, they need to get a lot of effort. True, Iraq needs much progress and there are many graduates who do not have a job.

  • ربحان شويط


    Recognition of the teachers' institute

  • نونة


    Do you mean that it is will be open until the end of 2013? Ok…this is fine. I am from Baghdad, and I graduated from the third level this year. I want to make sure whether I can apply to the Female Teachers’ Institute, or is it canceled already?

  • ﺍﺣﻤﺪ ﻋﺒﺪ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻴﻢ ﻓﺎﻇﻞ


    Is application open right now?

  • بان


    The female teachers institute is now open for 2013.

  • منت



  • عباس نجم


    I graduated from the third year in the preparatory school with a score of 60%. I applied to the scientific branch in one of the worst high schools, which takes bribes to grant you success. If you do not have any money, then there is no success. The chemistry teacher must take money from the students to allow them to succeed. I will apply to the industrial high school, because I want to work as an electrician with my father. I think that this is much better for us.

  • Ahmed Hafez AL kaabi


    Is there a ministerial in the third phase in a teachers training institute?

  • عامرالعابدي


    Of course, this would be a successful step if it was honest. Rather than mere ink on paper, because we have used up both paper and ink in Iraq.

  • وسام هيثم العراقي


    Peace be upon you…. Will the exams of the Teachers’ Institutes for the Third Stage be Ministerial? Thanks.

  • علي صباح عبد الامير /خريج معهد معلمين /عاطل


    They do not appoint the fresh graduates, so why do they open new institutes? Do they want to increase the number of the unemployed?

  • سرى


    Will they open an institute in Mosul at 2014? What is the required minimum score? Please, reply to me.

  • مرتضى


    Is the Teachers’ Institute in Diyala still open for the academic year 2013/2014?

  • حسن


    I ask of the honorable minister, if they have a shortage, why won’t he hire thousands of graduates who are waiting for an opening? I am one of them, an English graduate from a teachers training institute in 2008, and there’s nothing. By God’s grace, I work as a laborer, one day I get work and another ten days I do not. Trust in God, Minister.

  • اسراء


    I graduated from the College of Commerce in 2002 and I want to apply to the Teachers’ Institutions in Baghdad. Is there any night institute? Please, reply to my question.

    • مرتضى



  • هيثم عبد الخالق اسماعيل


    Hello and God’s greetings. I have dropped out of sixth scientific grade and wish to apply for an institute of teachers. What information and qualifications are required? All thanks and appreciation to you.

    • علي عراق


      I am like you but I did not find any result.

  • بلال محمد


    Is the teacher institute open in Diyala, and what average grade is required for application?

  • محمود الجبوري


    Can I know the required scores to enter high school?

  • ثائر


    Will they open the institutes in Basra for us this year? Could you please tell us? Thank you

  • حوراء حسين حنون متوسطة الرحمن لقبي فارة مزنجرة


    I would like to be a teacher and then a professor at the institute, so please pray for me. Thank you. To the Ministry of Education, office of His Excellency the minister

    • ثائر


      Was this project opened? Will it receive the graduates of the preparatory schools? Is there any similar institute in Basra? My score was 83% and I graduated this year.

    • علي


      Is there any teachers’ institute for the graduates of the third year in the preparatory school in 2013? Thanks.

  • اياد صباح


    Building the character of an institute students so that he become a teacher is the duty of the institute. But we see the opposite in the teacher training institute in Al-Bayaa'. The professors in this institute try to do away with students and get back at them in methods of psychological warfare, and by breaking the students' personality, rather than building it. It's as if the students were an enemy. There are also the high failure rates, in order to make the institute last longer. The reason is that the senior commissioner, Ali Ibrahim, closed all acceptance to training institutes. This is therefore an act of rebellion against the decision, and you have the saying in the matter. This is to make things clear, because a greater thing was hidden.

  • علي عبد الحسين عكار


    Nice article, but I appeal to the government to find a solution for us. They closed the institute while we are in the fourth year. What should we do?

  • ابو حنين الشاعر


    We hope that this project will serve our oppressed state in a better way and improve its conditions, God willing. We ask God to guide all those who contributed to this project.

  • طالبة معهدمعلمات الحويجة


    I demand changing the institute headmistress, because she does not fulfill the mission of educating the generations.

  • علي حميد


    If they opened registration in 2013, I would register my daughter’s name in order for her to serve her home.

  • نرجس


    Greetings. I have a sixth certificate in 2007 in Basrah and my GPA is 69. Am I eligible to apply to the teacher’s training school and are there morning or evening classes? Please reply to me. Many thanks.

    • اسراء


      Why aren't they hiring graduates of evening institutes from previous years?

  • حسين


    Peace be upon you…. I graduated from the third year in the preparatory level and I was born in 1990. My score is 60%. Am I eligible for applying? Please, send the response to my email. May God bless and reward you.

  • احمد الشطري


    I don’t know why they cancelled the institutes for training teachers. Why have the curricula not been given to the students until now? I don’t know why the delay in distributing them? Are they nuclear rockets or electric power? Fear God, officials of the Ministry of Education!

  • انتصار عبد الحسين كنص


    When are you going to return the news?

  • محمد العراقي


    Ministry of Education, unite your word! Do not say different words each time. In 2011, you decided to open some institutes, and in the same year you issued a decision to throw out all the male and female teachers of the institutes. In 2012, you printed a new curriculum for the institutes. How can this curriculum that you printed be taught? Who will be teaching it? The second decision is that you want to do the same for the third stage according to the ministry. Yet, the curriculum has not been sent yet to the institutes. How many decisions did you issue? Do you want the student to become a computer? You decide as you want. Put God in front of your eyes, officials. Think about the condition of the student.

  • رنا رعد الجنابي


    Hello, I would like to ask something. I graduated from the sixth scientific grade, can I apply to the Teachers Institute? What is the required grade average? (Which time shall I apply at), the morning or the night shift? I was born in 1985 and I graduated in 2005.

  • ريان


    Is there an Institute of Educating Teachers in Mosul? Please reply. God bless you!

  • زينب قاسم عباس


    I am a grade three graduate with an average of 65%. Would I be admitted? Please accept me, and may God reward you for that.

    • kadhim ali


      What's the required average grade to get into a teachers' institute for 2015? I'd appreciate your accurate response.

  • كرار


    Enough of this talk; we are bored…We have grown old, and the jobs are still reserved for the favorites and favorers!

  • سلام


    Peace be upon you! My name is Salam. I have a certificate from the third grade of middle school. Can I join the Institute of Teachers, the morning shift? I was born in 1992. Can I apply now for the year 2012-2013? What is the best time to apply? Please answer my email as soon as possible! My sincere thanks to you! Please reply as soon as possible! Good-bye! Please answer me and don't delay it…I hope so!

  • يزيد خالد


    There are many students who graduated years ago from teaching faculties and institutions, who didn’t get jobs or appointments in the Ministry of Education which would have enabled them to perform their teaching tasks and achieve their normal status in building the community. Therefore, the Ministry of Education sould give some regard to the conditions of this segment of graduates, in order for them to get the natural positions they deserve. I entreat the Ministry of Education to work on finding solutions for the graduates by opening the door for recruitment and through hiring them within this ministry. We know that the Ministry of Education has great teaching facilities. However, it suffers from the problem of opening the door for recruitment, because of the great number of its employees. We also entreat the Ministry of Education to accelerate the issuance of the law of retirement, through which a great number of teaching institutions could be subject to retirement, especially the older ones who have done the service required of them, to make room for employing new graduates. I believe that the Ministry of Education has to issue this law, in addition to doing the recruitment. The Ministry of Education and the teaching figures today need to be provided with young energies who can contribute to refreshing the educational process and elevating its level through the young blood of youth who are starting their lives and have the ability to give more. This is the standpoint from which our entreaty to the Ministry of Education comes to hire more teachers.

  • ابو علي


    Iraqi women are champions and honorable wherever they go. In fact, unemployment has increased as a result of the bad conditions that overwhelm Iraq from the north to the south and because of the lack of job opportunities in the government departments and institutions. Unemployment rates have also risen because of people’s increasing needs, particularly life's urgent needs, without which life cannot be completed. Thus, Iraqi women resorted to earning a living on their own and have overcome these deteriorated conditions without engaging in suspicious acts, namely adhering to terrorist organizations or carrying out illegitimate, irreligious and illegal acts. For instance, women decided to work in small projects that make use of a limited number of workers that do not exceed 10 persons with small capital, according to the teachings of the Iraqi economy. In fact, these small projects run by women are mainly suffering from a lack of funding. Thus, as Iraqi citizens, we should encourage these projects, because they contribute to establishing the Iraqi economy and employ unemployed people. In so doing, they benefit the country and solve some problems, namely the shortage of domestic products, which leads to importing. This costs the country huge amounts of money. This also contributes to stabilizing the security situation in Iraq, because hiring the unemployed will deprive terrorists of the opportunity to recruit unemployed people.

  • ايمن محمد


    I am a graduate who completed the secondary level four years ago with a score of 75%. Do I have the right to enter the Teachers’ Institute? Please, reply to me. Is the Teachers’ Institute at Rusafa 1? If so, what is its address? Thank you.

  • وسن


    Peace be upon you. Please ask the Ministry of Education if it is really opening new institutes because people are saying that this is not true. If this correct, then when and where will they be opened? Please reply quickly so I can manage to apply. Thanks.

  • الياسري


    There are many important, capable teachers in Iraq and they have to be rewarded for the enormous work they do. I call on the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research to allocate trainings outside of Iraq for the teaching staff and in the Iraqi institutes, to increase those teachers’ efficiency. This is their right, because there are unimportant departments for teaching, whose members travel thousands of times for trainings and to view life outside. As such, we don’t want there to be differences among the Iraqi people, especially since teachers are the people who need these courses the most, in order for them to view the progress of education in the remaining countries.

  • ايمن محمد


    Peace be upon you…. When will the institute start receiving the applications? Waiting for your kind reply. Thank you.

  • امير موسى


    It is very important to improve the performance of teachers in Iraq, and for them to be trained by specialized staff working for the graduation of teachers, so those teachers can raise generations of educated Iraqis who can understand and learn easily. Those teachers will be very important for the future of Iraq, which depends on this teaching staff. There should be training courses for those teachers that will give them new ideas on how to benefit the students and provide information to them simply and easily, and this will enable students to excel. These ways will help students to get information quickly, and this will depend on the way of teaching adopted by teachers and their level of teaching and how to deliver information to students. They can be real mentors and models to many of our fellow students. Our education system should care for the future of Iraq by reducing class, sectarian, ethnic and doctrinal differences. All of this depends on the basic education of the students and what they will receive from teachers and the responsibility entrusted to teachers, because they are teachers, mentors, supporters and guides who support our children with a lot of ideas that will accompany them until they become adults. The teachers' role is very important in the lives of children; they are either good models that influence students or a source of concern and inconvenience that make the students hate school and study materials, and this often stays with them. Therefore, we should be cautious not to subject our children to complexities in their lives. This can be done by developing the levels of teachers, by involving them occasionally in educational courses and directing them to use modern and sophisticated methods in delivering ideas to our fellow students, to make them love school and not to scare them or thwart their morale or cause them to have a distaste for school and study.

  • اشرف عبدالله


    It is very important to improve the standard of educational figures in Iraq, whether they are male or female teachers. There should be improvement in the performance levels, so that Iraq will have educated, intellectual and well aware people who have a lot of experience and information. All this depends on graduating male and female teaching staff, their teaching styles and their knowledge of how to deal with students through conveying ideas and clarification. Education is considered one of the priorities and necessities of developing civilization, because our small children are like young branches; they need somebody to care for them and communicate with them, to give them everything that benefits them in a correct way that enables them to understand and receive everything. Therefore, the role of male and female teachers is a basic and very important role in the lives of all individuals. They are the role models who should be followed, to produce a well aware generation with correct ideas, values and habits. The government needs to support the Ministry of Education and needs to support all male and female teachers. It also has to provide the institutions from which many of those teachers graduate, to benefit the country and contribute to the education of our children in the required way that helps in delivering all that is beneficial to our children, to develop them and educate them. The role of teachers is a great role in the lives of children. Therefore, it is very important for there to be capable teachers who are greatly responsible and greatly trusted and respected. It is also very important for Iraqi teachers to remain the first basis of building the coming generations. Therefore, the government has to support those specialized in graduating these male and female teachers, so that there would be teaching staff who are successful in performing their duties in a correct way that qualifies them to be really good role models who can be counted on regarding what they provide to students. It is then necessary to develop and improve the standards of those male and female teachers, and it is also indispensable and could not be ignored or neglected, because it is the history, the present and the future of Iraq. This is why attention must be given to male and female teachers, as I consider them to be the supreme factor in the life of all educated, intellectual people who want the betterment of their countries.

  • قحطان عادل


    The educational process in Iraq needs a lot of attention and development to make advancement in this important sector. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the development of the teaching staff and the improvement of their performance in teaching methods, which is the basis of the educational process, as well as in the educational aspect that is important in terms of psychological preparation of the new generations of male and female students. It is known that the educational level in Iraq has dropped significantly in the past years, and this has reflected on the quality of graduate students and thus on the performance of Iraqi universities and scientific research. Therefore, if the state wants to promote the overall educational process in the country, it must focus its efforts on the development of the efficiency of teachers by opening sessions of educational rehabilitation and psychological counseling, which help teachers to know how to deal with students from a psychological point of view and understand their problems and help them to solve them. There should also be other courses for qualitative development in the specialties of those teachers, so that they can enrich their students with correct theoretical information and associate it with practical experience that is an application of what they have learned from axioms of information during their studies. Speaking of this issue, we should not forget that the educational process is a hierarchy based on three pillars: the teacher, the learner, and the curriculum. If teachers have been adequately developed and prepared in terms of information and experiences and also in terms of psychological preparation, that would qualify them to develop the educational curricula they teach. Thus, we will strengthen two important pillars of the three upon which the educational process is built. Therefore, the involvement of teachers in developmental courses supervised by the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, or even through the foreign expertise, is one of the necessary things needed for the advancement of this important aspect of our lives and the lives of our children. Its good results will benefit the country as a whole, because the foundation of the success of other countries is the success of its educational system.

  • حبيب عوني


    Education in Iraq has become useless, and I think that it has failed to a very large extent. In fact, I cannot describe the educational situation in Iraq, because there are many circumstances that have led to this situation. Thus, I think that it is very important to develop and ameliorate Iraqi education. I ask the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to form special committees in order to provide a good education and suitable places. In fact, education has witnessed some kind of decline, despite the cleverness and the efforts of the Iraqis. Thus, I think that it is important to establish new schools for teachers, because they are the cornerstone of building students. Children actually care a lot about their teachers and it is important to provide real opportunities for teachers by establishing educational centers and new specialized schools. This is in order to develop the teachers and Iraqi education. And I ask the Ministry of Education to take interest in this important issue, by caring for the Iraqis’ situation, especially since teachers are the basis of education. Thus, we must develop the level of teachers in Iraq, because education depends on them; they are the only ones who can convey ideas to the students in a direct way. I call for establishing new schools to make teachers more qualified and to help them understand more the importance of education. This is in addition to helping them convey the proper ideas in a more serious and suitable way. I hope the ministry is willing to establish new schools because they are important to developing education in Iraq which can be achieved through helping teachers acquire all new scientific methods. Besides, these schools must be equipped with modern and important techniques for the sake of a better understanding. Thus, I ask all the teachers to join these schools in order to improve their levels. May God help them.

  • منتصر رعدي


    The world is currently living in a fast-paced phase in different sciences of life, as the enormous development of knowledge which occurred in the world during this phase has characterized one of the most important phases of intellectual development in our present time. This has led to great development in intellectual methods of education, because development has reached the globe. It is a time of scientific and intellectual advancement which compels us to follow the modern, good teaching techniques. These would contribute to the upbringing of students according to the right methods of teaching. This would affect students and make them love the subjects and understand their content quickly and easily, because they would then be compatible with their interests and desires. As such, the officials in the Ministry of Education must come up with new advanced plans, in order to develop the scientific and educational capacity of male and female teachers, who are considered to be the most basic element in developing students through the scientific and educational capacity of teachers, which would enable them to deliver different scientific and human subjects to students in order to be able to enable them to excel. The Directorate of Education needs to open training courses for male and female teachers during their service, which would be considered an important requirement for the professional growth of male and female teachers towards achieving educational development, because male and female teachers are effective tools of change, instruments of development and key to renovation in the scientific and educational process in different schools. This is because no matter how much curricula are developed, no matter how many modern means are introduced and no matter how much educational planning is prepared, without enhancing the professional capacity of male and female teachers, all efforts will be less effective. Therefore, educational training of educational figures is an inevitable necessity to develop the performance of male and female teachers. This is truly the best that could be achieved regarding educational goals, plans and programs which will grant strength to the educational and scientist process in all schools.

  • حمدان شهيد


    Attention must be given to teachers, because they basically convey good ideas to children correctly. I am among those who love teachers more than the workers in any other profession, because it is an honorable profession of real leadership. As they say: “Teachers are almost like prophets.” This means that teachers are like prophets, in that they convey clear and sublime messages that lead to understanding in the life of students, and they teach them all good things. Primary schools here are the specialization of teachers. Teachers should specialize in their work and their education of children and even more than that, as teachers should be more educated, and study new ways to enlighten their minds and the minds of the children of the future. I call for opening important institutes to further develop education in Iraq through their own education, using all serious and new, scientific methods. I call strongly on the Ministry of Education to care for teachers, because they are the basis and the beginning of mature and aware education. If the Ministry of Education didn’t pay teachers money for their work, we would get nothing, because nobody teaches for free, as they exert efforts and work hard, and they want to cultivate the results of their efforts and feel their significance in the society. I say that there must be a solution to this problem. I call on the Iraqi government to study this subject well, because Iraqi teachers need to build their lives with their own efforts, instead of seeking shelter with private tutoring, God forbid. I hate private lessons, because families pay a great deal for their children’s private lessons. As such, private lessons are the doom of students, because they will be losers in their lives as a result, and they might not finish their study. I emphasize for the thousandth time that there needs to be great attention given to teachers.

  • عزيز الكبيسي


    I believe teachers in Iraq now are not qualified to be teachers for the new generations of young children, or to be educators of our future generations, because of the lack of follow-up. Most of them do not have the knowledge that makes for competent teachers. I call on the Ministry of Education to give many tests to anyone who applies to be a teacher, and not to open the door wide for appointment without testing and without attending special sessions for scientific development. I think that the decline in the scientific level of teachers is a result of the prevalent weak teacher colleges, which do not provide scientific material and teaching methods at the required level, because they consider those graduates as just teachers for the elementary stage. In fact, this stage is the most important one, because it prepares children and makes them love or hate school from their childhood. Therefore, we have to develop teacher training colleges in the country and follow up on teachers, especially new graduates. The government should not allow the graduation of any students who will be teachers through favoritism or payment of money, because that will destroy our new generation, which will shape the future of the country and lead Iraq. Imagine what will happen if this generation is brought up at the hands of a failed teacher who has no knowledge. The state should now provide special attention to teachers and recognize their important mission and their role in the graduation of generations. It should be keen to make teachers have good morals, as well as good knowledge and other features that qualify teachers and shape their character and thought.

  • مصطفى الراوي


    The education sector is one of the most important sectors which can contribute to the advancement of the country and to moving it forward. The teaching staff in Iraq need to receive doubled care, by involving all teachers in courses that will increase their expertise, which will have an impact on the raising of the scientific level of the students in various stages of study, especially in the primary stage, because that is the foundation on which students build their first knowledge in their early years. We believe that many of our teachers do not have sufficient experience that would enable them to perform their educational duty properly, particularly those who have recently graduated. Therefore, the Ministry of Education should shoulder its responsibility by following up on this issue and involving all teaching staff in training courses. We call for these courses to be opened, in order for teachers to benefit from them and increase their efficiency. These courses will improve the educational levels of many of our teachers, who are in a dire need of development of their teaching abilities and their way of dealing with students, in a manner which facilitates their teaching job. The development of levels today has become an urgent necessity, in order to make teachers able to deliver educational materials to students in ways that help them understand more easily. It is important to develop the capabilities and increase the awareness of teachers in all schools, and to develop the educational skills they have, to contribute to the development of the education sector in our country. Thus, we will have advanced generations in science and knowledge, and this will serve one way or another in the development of the ability of our students and the increase of their knowledge, to restore the education sector in Iraq to its earlier status. This will also help the graduation of a generation of young people who will be able to contribute to building the country's future. This cannot happen without having competent teaching staff who can undertake the responsibility entrusted to them.

  • سيف زكي


    The Ministry of Education should pay attention not just to the academic performance of students, but also to that of male and female teachers. We will not be able to improve the academic performance levels of students without developing the level of male and female teachers who are primarily responsible for the students’ performance and conveying information to them in an effective manner. If the male or female teacher does not have the proper academic background, how would the students perform well academically? This issue has become clear and obvious through the difference that exists between the students in schools that have highly qualified male and female teachers, and that have a good curriculum and good teaching methods that they have acquired through their courses, that have equipped them to become teachers of the future generations, and those that have taken their studies as a leisure and a pastime, and have graduated and become teachers, and the students have become their victims, as they will be responsible for these students’ academic performance. This is why I say that there need to be real efforts to enhance the levels of male and female teachers in Iraq, especially the newer batches of graduates from teacher training institutes which produce teachers. If we would monitor and plan for the development of the levels of teachers, starting with their pedagogical training, we would ensure that our new generations would have a satisfactory academic performance. We should not forget that the role of the teacher vis-à-vis the student is an important one, as he is the one in charge of the student from the primary education, which is the most important one, as through it the schoolchildren can become fond of learning and the school and knowledge, or they could come to hate these things and reject them. The teacher’s role in all of this is significant. And this is where the Ministry of Education has to play its role, in terms of monitoring the male and female teachers, by subjecting them to exams or giving them continuing education courses in order to improve their academic level, as this will be beneficial to the country generally, and it will enhance the levels of our future generations.

  • غسان عبدالحي


    The development of education begkins and ends with the development of the performance of the male and female teachers, as well as our perception of the profession of teaching itself. Before the start and the end, we can take care of other educational issues, which are not as important as the decisive educational aspects that are assigned to these indispensable educational needs. While education is deteriorating in Iraq, as a result of the difficult and irresistible conditions that faced the country in the past period, today the male and female teachers desperately need to develop their educational abilities and competence, which can be achieved by attending training courses continually, to improve the capabilities of the teachers who are responsible for promoting the scientific and cultural aspects in Iraq, by providing the students with developed modern information that is in keeping with scientific progress worldwide today. This requires following good teaching methods that can raise the students and teach them how to be intellectually productive and participate in scientific discussions by playing the role of teacher successfully. These factors will eventually contribute to the educational development that depends mainly on the teacher, who represents the tool for making changes, development, and intellectual renewal, which would lead to giving full reign to the scientific capabilities of the students and would give them a chance to be creative in the field of modern sciences. Those students can make the country one of the advanced countries. Hence, the training courses for the teachers are one of the main requirements, because they are considered the effective method of achieving educational development in Iraq. That is because, regardless of how good and developed curricula are or good educational plans, there will be no real fruit without improving the skills and capabilities of teachers. Hence, education in Iraq today faces a serious challenge that is represented in developing the reality of education, which will happen through the development of the skills, capabilities and information of the teachers, and providing them with the necessary potentials for renewal and creativity, utilizing suitable means.

  • خيري ياسين


    In my opinion, the most important category in society is the teachers’ category, as they represent the cornerstone for building the generations and the communities through which all the nations advance. Therefore, the Iraqi government should work on improving and developing the levels of teachers, so as to give the best of them and to contribute to establishing a generation based on building the country; a generation that holds correct thoughts and principles and has ethical values, and one that holds on to everything that is beneficial and good, and contributes to building the new Iraq. Therefore, it is highly important to care for preparing teachers that have methods, thoughts, principles and opinions that will contribute to building civilized and educated generations, and the deterioration happening today at the level of teachers raises concerns. The Ministry of Education should reconsider this matter again, and provide successful teaching cadres that graduate healthy generations that hold good values, ethics and thoughts, and that have their history and roots, and also it should care for the teaching cadres, which are considered the base for building the generations, and that it has a great, important and effective role. The Ministry of Education should monitor all the matters of the teachers who teach our children, so that there will not be any negligence or retreat. Moreover, each teaching element that abuses our children by teaching harmful things or introducing incorrect thoughts, or contributes to the scattering of the Iraqi people, or fails to provide the scientific aspect to our children and occupies them with secondary matters, should be punished. Therefore, the government first, and the Ministry of Education second, should pay due attention to the teachers’ aspect and work on developing the levels of the teaching cadres. They should be trained every now and then on teaching methods and how to deal with the students in a better way, which will contribute to their accepting the syllabuses and encourage students to study the syllabus and not the opposite, or to resort to private lessons that are offered for money; the time taken to give lessons and lectures during official working hours should be sufficient.

  • رفعت المفرجي


    The main target in opening new institutions for male and female teachers in Iraq is the desire of the Iraqi Ministry of Education to improve the deteriorating educational situation in the country by building new schools in each of the governorates of the country, in addition to villages and other parts of the countryside. This is to accommodate all students, to eradicate illiteracy and the causes that pose an obstacle to the children on their way to getting an education. The Iraqi Ministry of Education will hire all the fresh graduates of institutions with respectable salaries in order to fulfill the shortage in the teaching staff, which is required by the new situation.

  • علوان المهدي


    There should be new institutes for teachers, because they are responsible for educating children in the primary stage, and it is necessary to establish special institutes for teachers in Iraq. It is the primary stage which receives the kids first, and, therefore, we should prepare teachers specialized in teaching children to help children to have a bright future. I call for establishing these institutions, as they qualify teachers to understand the meaning of education, and they will help them convey ideas clearly and simply. The Ministry of Education will be ready to open these institutions for the development of education in Iraq, by preparing teachers using new scientific methods. If the Ministry of Education will not pay good salaries to the teachers, we will harvest nothing, because no one will work for free. Teachers want to make efforts and receive the wage. I want to say that there should be a solution to that problem, and I ask the Iraqi government to consider this issue well, because the Iraqi teachers need to build up their lives by the sweat of their brows, instead of resorting to private tutoring, God forbid.

  • حسن الجويني


    The establishment of new institutes for teachers is important and very necessary. I encourage building institutes that graduate teachers on the condition that these teachers find jobs and decent salaries, so that they do not feel disappointed when they find out that what they have studied was in vain, and that they have wasted four years of their lives. Therefore, the government and relevant bodies should appoint all the graduates and allocate salaries to them, to ensure that we will have teachers who are able to educate new generations and bring up educated and cultured Iraqis. So it is very important to take care of this segment, which is the most important in the Iraqi society, as they are responsible for educating and teaching the new generations. Undoubtedly, education is one of the pillars of the country, and it should receive attention and never be overlooked, since education builds the future generations and creates a better future. The government should support the graduates of the institutes and appoint teachers and allocate respectable salaries for them, to encourage them to do their best.

  • داود الجنابي


    What is the importance of the new institutes? They announce the building of these institutes in order to encourage the youth to register in these schools designed for teachers. What is their importance if we can’t provide them with jobs and salaries that will be sufficient for teachers, in order for them to live comfortably? For this reason, I advise the government to focus on solving the problems that teachers are suffering from. They should also help the new graduates who are looking for job opportunities. They have become weary after having contacted the Ministry of Education many times. The officials tell them every time that they don’t have any job openings.

  • منصور عبدالغني


    Teaching is a double-edged sword. Either it benefits the student, or it becomes a burden to him, and this could follow him into his adult life and he will always hate learning. This is the result of the first stages of the student’s learning process. So, it is very important to take great care of the institutes that train male and female teachers, because they represent one of the main pillars in the building of society, in spite of the fact that education in Iraq does not receive much attention and care. It is necessary to focus on this issue, and to train outstanding students who are willing to study how to use methods and ways that are comfortable for the students, and also by using explanation methods and carefully studied curricula that help expand the knowledge of the students, so that the learning process becomes a positive experience. Thus, this will produce good results that will make the families of these students proud, because their teachers have studied successful ways and methods of teaching students and giving them successful ideas, and transmitting information to these students in attractive ways, which encourage the students and do not scare them and cause them to avoid learning.

  • غازي كريم


    It is very important to build new institutes for male and female teachers in Iraq in order to develop the cadres that will take care of and specialize in teaching and pedagogy. New teaching methods should be adopted for teaching students. As such, these institutes will play a great role in graduating students who wish to become teachers in the future, so that they can play their part in educating our beloved children. This will help create educated generations by continually educating, teaching and offering guidance in these new institutes. There should be cadres that work on using new teaching methods that will contribute in the development of education in Iraq, so that the student acquiring knowledge at the hands of these people who are studying in these institutes will be in a better situation, and they will be able to convey information to the students in ways that are attractive and entertaining to them. This will create a desire to learn by using teaching methods that help students acquire knowledge, and encourage them to study properly without feeling bored, etc., which cause some to avoid studying. This depends on the methods used by the teacher in the learning process for little children. So, the professors in these institutes should graduate students who are desirous of joining these institutes, so that they can enter the teaching profession, and they should be mindful of the fact that education is a huge responsibility that has been entrusted to them, because “whoever has taught me a letter has become my master.”

  • وفاء صباح


    I think the level of graduates from teaching institutes in Iraq is not at the required level, and the graduates are still young. They cannot work in the field of raising and educating new generations that need great and continuous support from specialists in educational and teaching aspects. They should be brought up according to the correct methods, as they represent the future generations. Therefore, the institutes that graduate classes of teachers should be prepared well, and Iraq should have the teaching cadres that will raise educated generations with good manners. Consequently, parents will feel reassured that their children are acquiring knowledge at school. Teaching is a responsibility and a trust given to the teaching cadres, and they represent the most important category in Iraq. Therefore, they should be supported and provided with everything they need, so that Iraq will have successful teaching cadres that have strong and solid foundations that can help graduate successful generations.

  • اسماعيل نصبف


    Today Iraq is greatly in need of developing its academic and pedagogic cadres, because teaching has undergone development, much like other aspects of life. New institutes should be opened for male and female teachers in Iraq, because there are many who desire to enter the field of teaching in Iraq, and most Iraqi young people, both men and women, believe that by entering the teaching profession in Iraq, they can help build a civilized society in Iraq that will be able to keep up with the development and progress taking place across the whole world. So, the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Ministry of Education should set up new teaching institutes for men and women, and develop the curriculum of these institutes so that they are compatible with the current situation that Iraq is going through, because I think that the current methods of teaching in Iraqi schools are somewhat outdated. There are many teachers and instructors who would like to get out or retire and receive a pension, so that they can rest after so many years of teaching that they have practiced in schools. Now the mission should be handed over to the youth, and by doing so, the Iraqi government would eradicate unemployment to a large extent, because there are many young Iraqi men and women who want to practice this honorable profession through which they will be able to serve Iraq and the Iraqi people, and the children in Iraq in particular. They will be able to raise a new generation that is educated and academically competent, and this generation will lead Iraq into the future. This is why it is important to build new institutes for male and female teachers in Iraq.

  • مهدي اسكندر


    I think that there is a big difference at the level of ethics between the new and old generation of the students of teachers’ institutes. In the past, teachers were considered as role models in society and they had very high ethics. However, the quick development and the difference between generations were among the main reasons behind this difference. After graduation, teachers should have an idea about their roles in building society. They shouldn’t only think about getting a job, but also they should be aware of their educational and parental roles toward all students.

  • راجح هادي


    I think that it is meaningless to open institutes for training male and female teachers, especially after so many of the graduates from these institutes have been without jobs these recent years, because of the unavailability of vacancies in the Ministry of Education. This has exacerbated the hardships of many of the graduates of these institutes, who have not had any job opportunities. There are many graduates that should be employed and for whom jobs should have been created, instead of thinking about building new institutes which will increase the number of unemployed people, which is on the rise year after year. I am against the idea of creating other institutes, because they will contribute to worsening the unemployment situation among those who have graduated from these institutes.

  • ام سجاد


    We thank God and we hope that there will be serious progress and development in the sectors of education, in addition to opening more horizons to the youth. I also wish that the former graduates would be appointed, so as not to be disappointed. If there are vacancies in the teaching cadres, why did you leave the graduates suffering for over 8 years, during which we never stopped rightfully demanding to be appointed, to no avail? Please, listen to us, because we are lost and life has become very difficult. Please, appoint the former students, may God protect you. There is an army of unemployed graduates.

  • عبدالقادر المفرجي


    I think that it is futile to open institutes for training male and female teachers, especially after so many of the graduates from these institutes have been without jobs these recent years, because of the unavailability of vacancies in the Ministry of Education. This has exacerbated the hardships of many of the graduates of these institutes, who have not had any job opportunities. There are many graduates that should be employed and for whom jobs should have been created, instead of thinking about building new institutes which will increase the number of unemployed people, which is on the rise year after year. I am against the idea of building other institutes, because they will contribute to worsening the unemployment situation among those who have graduated from these institutes.

  • هاشم عبدالسلام


    The teachers who have graduated from the institutes in order to teach pupils in schools are not sufficiently qualified to assume this responsibility. Thus, I think that it is important to establish new institutes for teachers, who are the main foundation of producing successful Iraqi students. In fact, children are interested in teachers. That’s why it is important to establish new teaching centers and specialized schools in order to give opportunities to these teachers and to develop them. Thus, the Ministry of Education must take an interest in this important issue, because teachers are the main foundation of education. That’s why it is important to give them the opportunity for the sake of pupils’ schooling. It is also important to provide modern and important techniques in these institutes, in order to accommodate the largest number of teachers. And I ask all the teachers to join these institutes, in order to develop their skills and to eradicate ignorance and backwardness in Iraq.

  • ايوب عبدالوهاب


    The institutions of male and female teachers have had a great role in providing Iraq with many intellectuals and teachers who have higher education certificates. These institutions were unique in Iraq, and took it upon themselves to educate the consecutive generations of male and female teachers, in order for them to play their role in educating the members of the Iraqi society and in caring for them from infancy and until adolescence. However, this virtuous institution has been exposed to corruption, like many governmental circles. This is because of the unprofessionalism of its managers at the present time. Many of them are not educational figures, but rather imposed themselves on this institution just to make financial gains without caring for education, which is considered the main duty of the affiliates of this institution. This led to the spread of corruption there that resulted in the graduation of classes of male and female teachers who are not qualified to play their role and do their human duty in raising the new generation, upon whose shoulders falls the responsibility of leading the country in the future and working on its building and prosperity.

  • ليلى


    They have not appointed the jobless graduates, but they are opening more institutes and colleges!

  • الياس


    It is important to establish new institutes for teachers in Baghdad and in all the provinces, in order to increase students’ attendance and to provide a new generation of teachers who will be responsible for preparing the next generations. Thus, it is important to increase the attendance to such teachers’ institutes in the country.

  • سامي الزبيدي


    It is important to establish new teachers’ institutes in Iraq, in order to accommodate all those who want to be future teachers, and to reduce the congestion taking place in the existing institutes due to their small number and size. Thus, it is important to establish big institutes for teachers in order to accommodate this large number of applicants. It is also important for these institutes to be spread in all the regions in order to facilitate people’s attendance and to reduce the traffic jams taking place in the country.

  • ثامر سعيد


    I call for establishing new institutes, because all the available ones are very old and unsuitable. In fact, some of them used to be schools; then they were converted to teachers’ institutes, and some others are old and in small buildings. Besides, in the previous time, such institutes did not attract many persons. However, today there is a great turnout, especially with the growing population of Iraq. Thus, these institutes must accommodate all those who want to be teachers for our next generation.

  • اسماعيل روؤف


    Education is among the most important sectors that can contribute to providing a lot of young capabilities to society, in order to improve the country’s situation in various fields. That’s why it is important to establish new schools and to rehabilitate teaching cadres. In fact, education is in need of these cadres in order to improve the condition of this sector, which is suffering from a shortage of teaching cadres, especially in scientific and basic subjects. These schools will contribute to providing teaching cadres for many remote districts and regions. In fact, students have faced difficulties in attending their schools due to the cost of transportation, especially with their families’ limited income. Thus, establishing such schools in most of the Iraqi provinces will benefit the education sector, especially by improving some regions’ educational conditions. I think that this is a good step that will yield many positive results and lead to the speeding up of the educational momentum in Iraq. Thus, education is in need of attention by establishing new schools and providing teaching cadres for all the Iraqi regions.

  • يحيى نعيم


    I hope that there will also be interest taken in the quality of the graduates from the Institute of Teachers’ Preparation in Iraq. We should not only take interest in quantity. I also hope that the training and preparatory curricula for teachers that will be adopted would be similar to those of the developed countries, such as Japan and Singapore.

  • كرم


    We do not need more teachers, but we need more jobs.