Iraqi police arrest 51 suspects in Diyala

Iraqi police inspect a car for explosives. [Mohammed Ameen / Reuters]

Iraqi police inspect a car for explosives. [Mohammed Ameen / Reuters]

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Iraqi security forces in Diyala province arrested 51 suspected terrorists and criminals during a five-day security operation carried out across the province, police officials announced Friday (May 6th).

"The security operation also succeeded in thwarting a terrorist plan to target the oil derivative distribution center in the city of Baqubah a few hours before it was supposed to be carried out," said Diyala police chief Maj. Gen. Abdul Hussain al-Shemari.

Provincial police and the emergency brigade took part in the operation with direct support from the Iraqi Army. The campaign included the areas of Baqubah, Meqdadiya, Khalis, Balad Ruz and Medhatiya.

In a press conference held at provincial police headquarters, al-Shemari said, "The arrests were made according to the law and based on arrest and search warrants issued by the judiciary."

"The element of time was taken into account and was something that played a decisive role in their arrest," he said. "The intelligence that the police obtained from citizens and security sources was subject to change because of the swift movements of the wanted individuals who were changing their locations on a continuous basis."

Al-Shemari noted that a number of the suspects had been involved in acts of violence and terrorist attacks in Diyala, including a recent attack on a hussainiyah in Balad Ruz, an attack on a police station in Khalis and the killing of citizens on their way to Karbala two months ago.

The security operation also led to the seizure of three tons of highly explosive C-4 and TNT, medium and light weapons, Katyushas, mortars, Strela rockets and a number of vehicles.

"Thirty of the detainees are wanted in connection with terrorist cases; they represent different terrorist groups, such as al-Qaeda, Jaish al-Naqshabandiya and Ansar al-Sunna, while the other 21 will be brought to trial in connection with purely criminal cases," Diyala provincial police spokesperson Lt. Col. Ghaleb Attia al-Karkhi told Mawtani.

Al-Karkhi said Iraqi forces would launch other security operations in the near future, without announcing them in advance in order to protect such operations and achieve their desired goals.

Lt. Col. Majeed al-Jubouri of Diyala Military Operations Command said, "The detainees are now under investigation. We will discover new names through our investigations with them."

"The detainees will be allowed to appoint lawyers to defend them," al-Jubouri said. "As to those who cannot do this, the judiciary will name lawyers for them."

A number of citizens and clerics in Diyala welcomed the police's efforts to maintain security and stability.

"We should not stand idly by with our arms crossed and tongues tied about the achievements that are made by our brothers and sons in the security forces," said Sheikh Wael Mohammed, imam and khatib of Rahma mosque in Baqubah. "We have to help them and show them that we are grateful for them, and that our loyalty is for them rather than al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups."

"Recent operations by the security forces prove that they have the upper hand and that the initiative is now in their hands rather than terrorism," Mohammed added.

Mukhlis Salem, 38, a worker in Baqubah, said, "The arrest of more terrorists and the seizure of their deadly tools mean fewer blasts and more spared blood. The security forces are giving life to each citizen in their security operations against the terrorists and their malicious plans."

"This makes us sure that the number of terrorists will decrease little by little until they finally disappear," he said.





    Thank God security is spread throughout the Iraqi regions. O God, save Al Maliki!

  • basim


    Diyala was among the Iraqi governorates that suffered terribly because of terrorism, Al-Qaeda and the terrorist operations that took place there. Many of the suicide attacks in this governorate killed many of the residents of Diyala, and the displacement operations affected many families there, let alone the difficult deterioration of all economic activities and the halt of the projects in the governorate.

  • جاسم


    The blind terrorism affected the governorate and its people significantly; however, we thank God, because after long suffering, the people of Diyala started feeling some security improvement, thanks to the success of the security forces in controlling the governorate and all regions, in cooperation with the people of Diyala, who wish to get rid of the terrorists. We hope that terrorism will not return to the governorate as a result of the deterioration in the security work in the recent period. We hope that this stability will continue, because the government needs more stability and continuity to develop their governorate again and to improve life in it. We also need to launch the projects and the services that the people of the governorate need, after years of neglect and preoccupation with the war on terrorism. We also call for compensating all those who suffered at the hands of terrorism in the governorate of Diyala on the part of the government, because they have suffered terribly because of the blind terrorism during the past years. We need to improve the security situation in the governorate and hunt the terrorist sleeping cells and groups, to deprive them of any chance to launch new terrorist attacks.

  • منصور


    We would like to thank the brave people in the security forces in Diyala governorate and would like to congratulate them on this brilliant victory that pleases us, because we got rid of the terrorism of these criminal gangs that have abused us and our country. May God bless your hands and bless you all for what you are doing to keep our country safe from these criminal terrorists, whom I curse along with their cowardly terrorist operations which have no conscience. Those misguided people have carried out the most horrible types of crime and murder towards the Iraqi people through the bombings and mass murder operations. May God curse them and their criminal organizations, because we have not seen anything from them except for their evil vices.

  • وفي حسين


    May God guide the Iraqis.

  • عتيق الناصري


    The brave people of Diyala province deserve respect and appreciation, because they have proved to Iraq that they are heroes and strong and deserve trust. They arrested terrorist criminals because those terrorists do not want the best for Iraq at all, while Iraq is a country of civilization and good things. They want to distort the reputation of the true Islam. I ask God Almighty to shake the earth under their feet and defeat them. We thank those courageous forces, and they deserve all the good and appreciation, because they have proved to the world that they are the bravest and the best people. We want them to focus on their work more, and we want the officials to monitor terrorists and find out what is going on in their minds and what they are planning on. We want them to find out who the mastermind is and who is supporting them, in order to get rid of them. We are afraid that there will be something planned for the future, such as violence, beatings and cruelty, and we hope the Iraqi government supports these forces in order to improve the Iraqi situation, and that they will work together to defeat terrorism. completely.

  • جعفر مصلح


    It is necessary to get rid of the cowardly terrorist members whose only concern is to undermine Iraq’s security and stability, in order to implement their aggressive plans against the sons of Iraq, and particularly against the citizens of Diwaniya, since it borders the eastern gateway of Iraq and is a direct route to the center of Iraq. Thus, it is beneficial to arrest these groups of saboteurs that want to destroy Iraq and Iraqis. In turn, I personally would like to congratulate the Iraqi security forces for tracking and hunting down these terrorist sabotage groups; may God curse and disgrace them in life and in the Hereafter. In addition, the Iraqi security forces must hand them over to specialists, in order for them to be punished and to get their just punishment as soon as possible. They should be an example for whoever wants to destroy and sabotage Iraq, sow murder and shed the Iraqi blood in any province without any distinction; may God curse and disgrace them.

  • مسعد عبدالجبار


    The arrest of terrorists in Diyala province has led to the strengthening of security and stability, especially since these members of Al-Qaeda have carried out many crimes in Diyala in previous years. While the security forces have been in the process of development and training, these accursed terrorists have claimed the lives of innocents and controlled everything. In fact, they have closed markets, killed religious men, displaced families, sowed sectarianism in Diyala, placed improvised explosive devices and booby-trapped cars, kidnapped children and traded in their organs. Thus, religion, laws, ethics, and norms have condemned the practices of Al-Qaeda and its terrorist members. In fact, these criminals have no conscience and that is why they have a passionate interest in killing and criminality. However, the heroic security forces in Diyala have stopped the movement of these miscreants, got rid of the terrorist leaders by killing a large number of them and arresting some others. Thus, they must work continuously in order to get rid of terrorists and to prevent them from carrying out other crimes. Besides, the Iraqi judiciary must be more stringent in dealing with these terrorists, by arresting and punishing them with the severest penalties. Thus, it is important to execute all those who have carried out terrorist operations and bloodshed against the innocent Iraqis in order to make an example of them to other terrorists. May God curse them in this life and in the Hereafter. And we hope for the destruction of this infidel organization that has claimed the lives of young and old people.