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Anbar security committee chairman says terrorism is declining

Sheikh Aifan Saadoun al-Issawi says residents' cooperation with security forces has helped reduce terrorist attacks in the province. [Saif Ahmed / Mawtani]

Sheikh Aifan Saadoun al-Issawi says residents' cooperation with security forces has helped reduce terrorist attacks in the province. [Saif Ahmed / Mawtani]

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Sheikh Aifan Saadoun al-Issawi, chairman of the security committee in the Anbar Provincial Council, says the influence of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups is coming to an end.

He said Iraqi forces have all but eliminated the terrorists' sources of funding and killed or arrested their most important leaders in recent years.

During an interview at his office in Ramadi, al-Issawi discussed the progress Iraqi forces have made fighting terrorism.

Mawtani: How is the current security situation in Anbar?

Sheikh Aifan Saadoun al-Issawi: The security situation is good, compared with previous years. The reason for that is support provided by the government for the development of police and army forces and for the training of security members and officers to establish security and stability. This is in addition to the successful security operations that security forces have recently carried out.

The security situation in every district and sub-district of Anbar is largely stable. This has been achieved thanks to the cooperation of Iraqi tribes and citizens with the security agencies in chasing wanted individuals and uncovering the strongholds of terrorists who target innocent civilians.

Mawtani: Are al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups still operating in the province?

Al-Issawi: The case of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and the rest of the criminal groups is about to end and we are about to turn its last page. There are many reasons for this, such as the loss of their sources of financing, the ability of Iraqi forces to discover their strongholds, and the arrests of their top leaders who were involved in killing innocent people and targeting state institutions.

Another reason is the cooperation of tribes, tribal sheikhs and even young students in finding suspects and arresting or killing the terrorists.

Mawtani: How many security breaches are there today as compared with years past?

Al-Issawi: There were too many security breaches in 2005 and 2006. However, it is clear that since 2007, security breaches have largely dropped. For example, we recorded 13 security breaches per day on average in previous years. This year, we are recording three to six security breaches a month, which is a very low rate.

In addition, the number of victims, whether martyrs or wounded, was high during the years of security tensions due to terrorist acts. However, today, there is a big difference as compared to the past.

Mawtani: What is your evaluation of the army and police forces in Anbar?

Al-Issawi: In the past two months, a study was conducted and Anbar Provincial Council and security leaders implemented it to identify problems and obstacles hindering security development and to evaluate general performance. Based on the results, new divisions were created in the security agencies to provide the services that citizens need.

The proof of the success of Iraqi forces and their disciplined work is that they have moved from security work alone to include service work. They support state projects and launch many cleaning and renovation campaigns, such as removing waste and barriers, supporting government institutions, and training young people in various industrial trades and crafts in areas across Anbar.




    غسان علي عبدالجواد


    The Iraqi security forces today are more effective and more advanced that they were years ago. The proof of this are the consecutive victories achieved by our heroic security forces against the groups of terrorism, especially during this past year. This has led to limiting the extent of terrorism and the supporters of its criminal acts in a great way. However, at the same time, I believe that the security forces still have a lot of training and hard work ahead of them, through which they can develop their fighting skills in combating terrorism and its various criminal acts. Our security forces still need continuous training and must be supplied with all the weapons and equipment, in spite of the victories they achieve in the field, as they save many of our areas and governorates from the dominance of terrorism and its criminal organizations. This training and equipment are meant so these forces will be better able to face the country’s enemies, the agents of criminality supported from outside the country with different kinds of military equipment and advanced weapons that are used against our innocent people. Therefore, our security forces need to develop more of their capabilities.

  • جودت علي


    We really become happy when we hear that there are many Iraqi security forces that are working on cleaning places of terrorists and those suspected of terrorist acts, and for thwarting terrorist acts which are carried out by some despicable groups that do not want the well-being of Iraq and Iraqis. In addition, the terrorist acts which are carried out in Iraq are aimed to cause chaos and claim the lives of the innocent. Yet, terrorists are really cowardly people, and they do not know that the Iraqi security forces will thwart their malicious, cowardly acts. In fact, we pray to God the Almighty to rid Iraq and Iraqis of the evil of terrorism and terrorists, and to strengthen the will of the heroic Iraqis who are working on maintaining security and safety inside Iraq. Thus, all the acts which are carried out by the cowardly al-Qaeda can be attributed to the fact that the despicable Ayman Zawahiri has taken responsibility after his accursed friend Osama bin Laden. In fact, Zawahiri would like to carry out the same acts that the cowardly Osama bin Laden did, but the brave Iraqi security forces will eradicate this cowardly person and confront him in the same way they did one day and more than once against Osama bin Laden. So far they have arrested many of the al-Qaeda leaders and brought them to the Iraqi Judiciary, so that they got their just deserts for their acts. Indeed, only God the Almighty is able to rid Iraqis and Iraq of such impure people who never want the well-being of the Islamic and Arab nation. Thank God, Iraq is the country of wealth and civilizations that contains many brave people who are very keen to maintain Iraq’s security and safety. May God protect Iraq and its people; Amen.