Iraq seeks more Chinese investment

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki (left) met with Chinese President Hu Jintao in July to discuss bilateral economic relations. [Andy Wong / Reuters]

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki (left) met with Chinese President Hu Jintao in July to discuss bilateral economic relations. [Andy Wong / Reuters]

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The Iraqi government is looking to strengthen economic ties with China by encouraging more Chinese companies to invest in Iraq and by increasing trade.

Mehma Khalil, member of the Iraqi parliament's economy and investment committee, said Iraq seeks to benefit from the experience of Chinese companies in reconstruction and other fields.

"Iraq has promising investment opportunities, especially in the sectors of electricity, industry and communications. China, with the huge economic force it represents in world markets, can be a key, important investment partner," he told Mawtani.

The volume of trade between Iraq and China has increased by more than 75% since 2009, rising to about $6 billion in 2010.

"This undoubtedly indicates that there is development in joint economic relations," Khalil said. "However, we aspire to raise this volume to more than $10 billion per year."

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki visited China in July, heading a high-level government delegation to hold talks to strengthen bilateral relations. The visit resulted in the signing of a memorandum of understanding on technical and economic cooperation in energy, transportation, housing, agriculture and workforce training.

During a meeting with al-Maliki, Chinese President Hu Jintao promised to cancel all debts Iraq owes to China and to support the country's efforts in building and reconstruction. China had already canceled 80% of Iraq's debt owed to Chinese companies -- about $8.5 billion -- after the two countries signed a joint agreement in 2010.

"China's important standing in the world economy and international politics encourages us to strengthen our relations with it and share our mutual interests on various levels," said Zala al-Naftaji, a member of the foreign relations committee in the Iraqi parliament.

Al-Naftaji told Mawtani that it is important to attract many Chinese investment companies to work in Iraq, to provide the necessary agreements and resources for them, and to try to enhance political and diplomatic cooperation.

There are more than 100 Chinese investment and commercial companies currently working in Iraq.

China National Petroleum Corporation is working with French, British and Malaysian companies to develop three giant oil fields in southern Iraq: Ahdab, Halfayah and Rumailah. These projects are worth about $20 billion.

Shanghai Electric also has a major role in renovation projects in the electricity sector. The company is developing the Zubaidiyah thermal power plant in Wasit province, raising its production capacity to 2,500 megawatts.

Iraq is also a major importer of Chinese products, including Chery cars. The Chinese automaker opened a showroom in Baghdad this year to market its products directly to Iraqi consumers.

Abdul Rahman Nejim, an economics professor at Mustansiriyah University, said the prime minister's visit to China would open new horizons for strategic partnership in investment and trade, and support Iraq's efforts to develop and improve stability.

"The Iraqi government is counting on China's willingness to implement more projects in the oil industry sector and other sectors under the deferred-payment system, whereby Iraq would pay over the course of years," Nejim told Mawtani.

"It is important to work to create an active and effective investment and business environment in the country, especially as estimates say the Iraqi economy will be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world in the next two years."




    جلال شمس الدين


    It is necessary for Iraq to work on attracting investments due to their importance in the lives of the Iraqi people, who today are mostly in need of this in order to provide all the humanitarian services that the Iraqi people do not have access to. Today, they are suffering considerably from the lack of these services, in addition to the fact that enabling these investment opportunities will prove to be greatly positive in terms of gaining expertise from these investing companies, which could be further developed in order to benefit from it in the future. Moreover, this will provide many job opportunities for the unemployed in Iraq, and their economic and financial situations will improve as a result of their participation in these projects, hence reducing the number of jobless people and mitigating the problem of widespread unemployment that has affected the whole of the Iraqi society, and from which most people are currently suffering. We have to take into account the fact that there are concrete indications of the potentials that Iraq has when compared to other countries, which proves that it is capable of successfully launching many development projects and thus transforming itself into one of the productive countries that occupies a very important position in the region.

  • هادي ياسين


    Following the improvement of the security situation in Iraq, investment activity has grown and become promising. In fact, the total amount of investment, services, contracts and trade activities of foreign companies in Iraq has doubled that of the previous year, and particularly in the southern provinces of the country. Indeed, each province has managed to attract high levels of foreign trade activities and become equal to those in the Kurdistan Region. Real estate has become the most important among the different trade sectors, since it has managed to attract one-third of the foreign trade activity in Iraq. In addition to that, the other sectors have occupied a privileged position, namely the transportation sector, with its infrastructure, including the marine, air, roads, railways, electricity, industry, and the oil and gas sectors. The latter is of utmost importance in the Iraqi economy, in spite of the challenges that still face economic development in Iraq. However, Iraq has largely proved that it represents a big investment market that enjoys huge potentials. In this respect, the Iraqi government has sought over the current year to strengthen its economic ties with China, through encouraging Chinese companies to invest in Iraq and work on increasing the amount of trade with China, as well as benefiting from the experiences of Chinese companies in business projects in the various fields. In fact, China is very experienced in this sector, which has promoted its progress through its quantum leaps in the fields of development, reconstruction and the acquisition of technical expertise in all areas.

  • كرار صديق


    It is certain that foreign investment will benefit both Iraq and the foreign investor, because Iraq has experienced many events that have led to the destruction of the infrastructure and of the civil and governmental institutions. This is due to the arrival of the terrorists and the armed groups in Iraq in order to implement a foreign agenda. Thus, the presence of foreign investment companies will solve many problems that have affected Iraqis for decades, such as the problem of water, electricity, roads and bridges. This is in addition to the lack of economic projects. In the beginning, investment companies refused to work in Iraq, despite all the facilities, due to the state of riot and the sectarian and political conflicts in the country. However, today Iraq has restored the stability of the security situation and life has been resumed in the country, and the armed groups have been arrested. Thus, the environment has become suitable for attracting foreign investors. In fact, Iraq has made many investment deals with large amounts of money, thanks to its economic growth. Thus, many Iraqi regions have become profitable investment markets. That’s why many foreign companies have started to invest in many fields in the Iraqi lands, such as the field of construction and services. This is in addition to various economic activities in the different Iraqi regions. In fact, the government has allocated many facilities to investors. This has attracted many investors, especially in the southern provinces, thanks to its security and political stability. Thus, the investment rate has increased in these provinces, and the number of investments has doubled compared to the previous years.

  • درويش


    This is a positive step for the sake of reconstructing Iraq and restoring it to its former position or even better. Therefore, the Iraqi government is currently longing to grant bigger facilities than those in the past, and to strengthen its relations with some world countries which are considered investors to come and work in Iraq.

  • حسن صديق


    Yes, Iraq certainly needs Chinese investments in the country, because it has been going through many events in the past eight years that destroyed the infrastructure and the different services, such as roads, bridges, water networks, drainage networks and electricity generators, because of the terrorist attacks of the terrorist al-Qaeda organization against Iraq and Iraqis. Due to these repetitive wars, Iraq turned into a black, burned-down, lifeless land. Therefore, we are currently in desperate need of foreign investors in Iraq to reconstruct what has been destroyed due to terrorism. Currently, the Iraqi government is providing many easy conditions to attract as many investors as possible, including Chinese investors. Therefore, the Iraqi government is attempting to strengthen its relations with the Chinese government in order to raise the level of commercial exchange between the two countries, because the activity of the investment movement is beneficial for both parties; Iraq and the investors. This is because everyone knows that investment corporations have great experience in the field of reconstruction and other projects, which shows good promise and indicates that Iraq has a great opportunity in investment, especially in the sectors of electricity, water, industries, communications, road networks and bridges, because China is a big country with great economic power in the international markets. It is worth mentioning that enhancing the relationship between the two countries has resulted in signing many memoranda of understanding in the economic field, the artistic field and the transportation field, as well as the fields of agriculture and housing. This is in addition to training human resources. China has also promised to help Iraq to develop once more, which will remove all the debts Iraq has to China. This is something that encourages strengthening relations between the two countries. In return, Iraq is offering easy conditions and the necessary guarantees to attract investors to Iraq and to also to strengthen the diplomatic cooperation between China and Iraq. The number of the Chinese corporations operating in Iraq is about 100 investment and commercial corporations working to reconstruct Iraq again

  • ثامر مهدي


    Iraq has gone through many difficult conditions that greatly affected the infrastructure of the country and caused the deterioration of many important and vital sectors that touch the lives of Iraqi citizens. This led to the delay of many vital projects or the absence of vital projects, in a way that affected the country’s progress and its prosperity in a way that would allow it to keep up with the developments in the region and in the entire world. As such, we have to realize the important of opening the doors to investment in Iraq for Chinese companies and other international corporations to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, and opening many investment projects that will further the interest of the country and the interests of its development and its reconstruction. Iraq currently needs investments the most in different fields that have suffered from deterioration during the past years.

  • زاهد قاصد


    I wonder whether the Iraqi government was informed about how much money and time Iraq needs to be reconstructed and how much work time is allocated to the companies that are working in Iraq. In fact, unemployed Iraqis are the people who need these companies the most, in order to get rid of unemployment and raise their living standards, so that they will contribute to reconstructing their country. The most important thing that we want is for companies, the government and the Ministry of Industry to reconsider their calculations in order to restore the suspended projects. May God rid Iraq of any thief who does not want the wellbeing of this country. In addition, we call for the resignation of the Ministry of Industry, because it is not able to carry out serious and appropriate work. Besides, Iraq must witness some development.

  • خالد شاهين


    As an Iraqi citizen, I personally encourage Iraq to rely on Chinese investments or on investments from any other country, because Iraq needs some development and must solve its problems. In fact, I am one of the Iraqi people who are most interested in this issue, because it is an honorable issue that will help Iraq move towards the best. Indeed, I have mentioned China in particular, because it is a developed country that has a great history in investment, and it is based on substantial assistance. In this respect, different Chinese products have entered Iraq and we have been informed that they are of good quality. Besides, the relationships of Iraq must be strong so that it will be able to improve its situation. Also, investments must become the most important thing in the lives of Iraqis. Since China is one of the countries that possesses a very strong economy in all international markets, it is really delightful that the Iraqi government has concluded contracts with Chinese firms. This will urge Iraq to feel more proud of itself, since the situation has become more secure than before.

  • دنيا اسماعيل


    Today, Iraq deserves to achieve all its wishes through taking advantage of all the experiences and the strong investments. This is in order to improve the Iraqi infrastructure. This is also in order to develop our situation, so as not to remain in this bad and unacceptable situation. These projects and investments will help bring other investments from other Arab and European countries. Thus, it is important to achieve a radical change in Iraqis’ life. This is in order to achieve advancement in terms of the economy. It is also important to benefit from the stations of the electricity generators. This is in addition to many other economic and industrial fields. Thus, Iraq is ready to be the best in the field of investment that can achieve the country’s well-being. May God help Iraq in order to have investments with China and with the other developed countries.

  • نضال فارس


    We desperately need to develop the economic and investment situation in Iraq. This issue needs continuous work to attract foreign investments from all countries, not only China. There should be dealings with all the foreign companies that have the desire to invest in Iraq, as this investment will have a big role in reviving the movement, work, economic and industry sectors in Iraq. We need to re-build Iraq in all aspects, so there is a chance to have investments in different fields in Iraq, and not to concentrate only on China as the first investor in Iraq. It is true that China is a developed country and has a lot of companies, but there should a competitor, and the government should work with all the authorities, not just one, to attract all the companies that want to invest in Iraq. There should be cooperation and real deals with those companies, because in the end, all of that will return to the benefit of the country, and to the extent that investment increases in Iraq, that means that Iraq is fine and there will be a better stage after that, God willing.

  • معن العربي


    Iraq needs a lot of investment activities and cooperation, whether with China or with other countries, in order to invest Iraqi money. They should focus on the development of Iraq anew, in order to follow the path of progress. A long journey should start with a single step, and thus Iraq should start with many steps that are characterized by integrity and sincerity in doing the job, together with honesty. If these features are respected, then Iraq will witness significant and noticeable progress in its investment operations with China. Iraq has successful opportunities when cooperating with China. It will also benefit from the investment projects. We hope that Iraq will cooperate with other countries in the future, God willing. At the moment, there is no harm in cooperating with China in order to make investments that will have great benefits for Iraq and its people. They should work according to plans and projects previously studied by specialists and supervisors. They should control all the operations and plans between Iraq and China. First of all, they should learn from their mistakes in order to have experience and thus, Iraq will benefit in the future when it cooperates with other countries, God willing. Everything should be studied and planned.

  • زبير محمود


    China today is the country of the industrial revolution. This country has a large population and giant corporations that control the markets throughout the world, in the Arab world, the European world and America. China is considered one of the biggest economic powers today and it serves as a supplier for the market in an unbelievable way. It is also considered one of the biggest investors and contributors to all fields. I certainly encourage the mutual cooperation and transactions in different fields with this country, with which we have long-term relations. Today, we need all the Chinese expertise, as China was able to develop the Chinese economy and to provide a good life for this large number of citizens it has. I believe that China could be the first step for Iraq to open the horizons of cooperation and investment with other different foreign corporations, and even the other big countries, because they will see that there is great interaction, openness, investment and grand agreements being signed with Iraq. This will contribute to and encourage increasing the investments levels in Iraq, and a great competition will start among the corporations. Yes, the government and the Iraqi corporations have to work on attracting more contracts with China and more Chinese investment to the country to raise the level of the Iraqi economy and to strengthen it.

  • سمير حمد


    By God, it would be nice if officials were sincere in their work for Iraq. Iraqi citizens want to see their country the way they hope to. As such, officials’ efforts to attract more investments will serve the interest of the reconstruction and building process it is currently witnessing, especially since China is one the countries that have many corporations and experiences and that could contribute, through its economic capabilities, to the building of Iraq. In addition to that, when Chinese investment corporations start working in Iraq, they will contribute to increasing the experience of the Iraqi figures through the two-way transactions that will take place between them. Also, I support attracting Chinese investments to Iraq in order to acquire much of the experience China has built and to make use of the Chinese experience that made China the considerable economic and developmental power it currently is. At present, Iraq needs to open up to the great industrial countries, including China, to reconstruct this country, which desperately needs to work with the developed countries of the world today that have capabilities and experience in many fundamental sectors. Today, China has the ability to revive many fundamental sectors that concern Iraqi citizens, such as the services sector, electricity, sewage networks and other sectors as well. Therefore, we support the constant effort exerted by Iraq to open up to China to sign investment contracts, because I believe this has many positive aspects that will help Iraqis build their country.

  • حصين خالص


    By God, this is shameful. We are a rich country and the situation remains as it is. Brothers, Iraq is the focal point of many international countries’ attention, along with the attention of their investment corporations, because it is witnessing a great reconstruction movement right now. However, I think that Iraq today is trying to attract investments from many countries that have great economic power, including China, which is one of the world’s biggest countries in that field. This is one of the positive things that I encourage, as Iraq needs to work to attract more Chinese investments. We are living in the phase of reconstructing Iraq, especially since our country desperately needs many service projects. However, we should be diverse in attracting investments, and not always count on China.

  • عمار فرصت


    Iraq is currently going through a phase of reconstruction in order to bring the country into the light once again. In fact, all of us hope that, like the rest of the world countries, Iraq possesses the facilities and the services which are considered the most important demands of the Iraqis at present. Given the current reconstruction revolution witnessed in the country, I think that foreign investments will bring a lot of benefits to Iraq at this stage and in the coming ones. In fact, foreign investments have many advantages for the Iraqi economy, since they will contribute to reviving and boosting it a great deal through a lot of important issues, namely the trade exchanges which will be brought about by the investments. Such trade exchanges will, of course, boost the domestic market. In addition, investments will help promote the employment market for many jobless people, through providing job opportunities for the youth by the investment companies. Besides, Iraq and its engineering and technical staff in the different sectors will acquire a lot of experience through attracting foreign investments, which enjoy much expertise and development.

  • معين سائر


    Cooperation with the State of China in the field of investment is very important, because China is very advanced in investment, production and trade. It is one of the oldest civilizations on earth, and it has a very long history, and therefore investing with it will be very beneficial for Iraq. We hope that we also cooperate with the other countries as soon as possible for the sake of the benefit of Iraq and the Iraqi people. We hope that our country achieves development and advancement again, God willing. I encourage Iraq to seek investment with China and with all countries that want good for Iraq and the Iraqi people, and to work on providing all the things that are beneficial for the Iraqi people, whether in the field of trade, tourism, building and construction, economy and banks and all the things that will contribute to restoring hope again for Iraq and the Iraqi people. We aspire for the best, of course, but we have to start with the first step to achieve the ultimate success, God willing.

  • حسين محمود


    Foreign investments have a lot of advantages, especially for the economic growth in Iraq, which I think needs to provide all banking facilities in order to attract the largest number of investors, capital owners and owners of companies to Iraq. This will help develop the country, especially since Iraq today is in need of expertise in many fields that will enhance the strength of its internal economy. I do not deny that investments in Iraq could have some disadvantages, but its advantages are more than its drawbacks. Investment is now one of the most necessary things that must continue flowing into Iraq, because foreign investments have always contributed to the construction and rehabilitation of many countries. Thus, investments have a lot of benefits that we really need for the sake of constructing our beloved country, Iraq.

  • كامل جهاد


    It is certain that it is very beneficial to have investments in Iraq, whether by the Arab or foreign companies, especially since the foreign ones have great expertise in the field of investment. This will encourage investment in Iraq, and it will improve the Iraqi economy, which is in great need of refreshment. Thus, the government must deal with foreign companies in order to facilitate investment in Iraq, which will include all fields including construction, reconstruction, import, export, sale, purchase, commercial exchange and many other investments. In fact, Iraq will pass through a new stage of openness which requires a lot of cooperation by the government and its ministries with the investment companies, and especially the foreign and well-known ones. Thus, it is not sufficient to deal with small companies, as happened sometimes due to the government’s mistakes. In fact, many companies are still reluctant to invest in Iraq, due to the difficulties and the routine steps and procedures that can significantly affect the investment. Thus, I encourage supporting foreign investment in Iraq, in order for Iraq to be like the other Arab and Gulf countries that have achieved great development, thanks to these investments. This is in order to benefit from investment in the right way.

  • تحسين


    This is considered a positive step to restore Iraq and return it to the way it was before, and even better than it was. Therefore, the Iraqi government is currently working to provide easier conditions, and to strengthen its relations with some countries of the world that are considered investing countries in order for them to operate in Iraq.

  • نزار


    Yes, with all certainty foreign investments in Iraq will be beneficial for both parties; Iraq and the foreign investors. This is because, as everyone knows, Iraq has been through many events that have led to infrastructure destruction along with many civil and governmental organizations due to terrorists coming into Iraq with armed groups that work to further foreign agendas in Iraq. Therefore, the presence of foreign investment companies will solve many problems Iraqis have been and still are suffering from for decades now, such as the problem of water or electricity, the problems of roads and bridges, the lack of economic projects, and other problems. In the beginning, the investment companies were reluctant to work in Iraq, no matter how easy the conditions given to them were, because of the disturbed conditions in Iraq and the state of chaos and sectarian and political fighting in Iraq, which was left behind by terrorism in Iraq. However, today, after the stability of the Iraqi security situation, even if it isn’t complete, and the return of life to its previous state and the destruction of many armed groups, we can say that a good environment that could attract foreign investors to Iraq has been provided, as many investment deals worth loads of money were sealed. This is due to the economic growth of Iraq, which turned many Iraqi areas into lucrative investment markets, as a great deal of funds were invested by foreign companies in the Iraqi lands in many fields, such as construction, services and in various economic activities all over Iraq. This was in return for the leniency of the Iraqi government towards investors. This has been a reason behind the flow of investors into Iraq, especially in the southern governorates, as a result of the state of political and security stability, compared to the remaining parts of Iraq, as the investments rate increased in these areas and even reached double what it used to be in past years.

  • رمزي


    This is one of the demands of the Iraqi people. They want to see the projects and buildings because these will be in the interest of our country. In addition, the fact of attracting the Chinese investments will contribute to the increase of experienced national cadres who are working in the field of reconstruction in Iraq. In addition, Iraq will be one of the investment poles in the world, and this will contribute to the revival of its economy again, thanks to its openness to other economic powers in the world, such as China.

  • طالب حميد


    Today China is the most important pole of the global economy, because of its huge economic position and its experience in many various fields, including investment and trade. In this respect, the Chinese have succeeded in imposing themselves on the world stage through the continuous success and progress that China has achieved at the present time. And given that Iraq is going through a stage of reconstruction and making programs that enable it to become a developed country in this world, I believe that the Iraqi policy, which seeks to attract more Chinese investments to Iraq, is one of the positive things that will contribute to Iraq's development and construction in many sectors. In fact, Iraq must benefit from the Chinese experience and its economic might in order to succeed in its reconstruction revolution which Iraq seeks to achieve in order to move forward. At present, Iraq is in a dire need of strengthening and consolidating its relations with all countries of the world, especially China, because of its weighty economic position at the international level. Indeed, China is a country which has made significant progress in such sectors as industry and trade. Accordingly, Chinese companies have rich experience in many fields, such as electricity, oil extraction industries, and all types of industry. It is possible to take advantage of their experience through keeping such cooperation and contracting with Chinese companies so that they contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq and help it restore its normal urban position. Besides, many service projects that are interesting for Iraqi citizens could be established. Therefore, and as far as I am concerned, we ought to create investment possibilities for the People’s Republic of China. We, in turn, support this effort to reconstruct and develop Iraq.

  • طاهر محمد


    The Iraqi government should form bodies responsible for attracting investors, company owners and commercial banks for the sake of expanding the movement of investments and cooperation with all countries. These movements have to be closely and strictly monitored, so as to achieve the best results that will help Iraq become developed and advanced again. The fact that Iraq is seeking to attract more Chinese investment is a good thing, and it should do so with the other countries so that work is carried out at at the highest levels. This work should be done according to solid guidelines and it should be to the benefit of Iraq and the Iraqi people. Therefore, there is work being done for the sake of developing the field of investment and to put directions in place that will help a lot of rich people to benefit the country through cooperation with owners of companies, contractors and merchants and for the sake of enabling movement from one State to another in order to revive economic activity in Iraq and help it recover. This will bring about a large and intensive movement that will provide all services to the people of Iraq and that will be first and foremost for the benefit of the country.

  • قاسمي


    I wonder why we would not need larger investment in the country, especially since China is a very developed country. In fact, the latter has become one of the most developed countries in industry, progress and industrial revolution. It has a very strong economy and a great many investment companies. Indeed, we could use China in beneficial sectors, namely the extraction and refinement of oil or gas or the like, but not in industrial fields. If we want to become the investing partners of China in different fields, including the industrial one, we must study and follow up all the movements and the materials which are going to be used, namely in the fields of industry, power, electricity or the imported materials. In fact, all the imported materials which are going to enter the country and be used must be examined. Therefore if the imported materials are of good quality and meet the conformity standards, there is no problem in that, and such deals must be agreed upon in the contract from the beginning. I personally agree with the government in inviting not only China to invest in Iraq, but also all of the international companies from all over the world. In fact, China has long-term friendly and diplomatic relationships with Iraq. Besides, China currently enjoys a high status in the world and it is one of the most important superpowers in the world. In this regard, I believe that inviting Chinese companies to invest in Iraq is a positive measure and has been met with much appreciation from China, which sent a lot of companies and signed many contracts and agreements that would contribute to increasing investments in Iraq in the different sectors, namely economic, vital and industrial fields, together with reconstructing Iraq.

  • حسني بكر


    The Chinese investment companies in Iraq are strengthening the Iraqi investment in order to reach an advanced stage of progress. Officials should sign contracts in order to improve these investments. I personally think that the cooperation between the Iraqi and Chinese governments is evidence of the development and strengthened relationship between the two countries. We also want to have highly skilled Iraqi cadres in order to have better investments. Of course, this is very important because Iraq needs a lot of electrical products and other things that serve the citizens. I personally think that investments in Iraq should be developed. Iraq has always looked for a suitable partner to work with. I know that China is among the developed countries, and at the moment it is exporting goods to Iraq. For this reason, officials should pay special attention to those who are working in the fields of investments, imports and exports. As we have said before, China is always trying to provide the best quality. I am very proud of this and I want the Iraqi government and investors to pay more attention.

  • R.O


    Iraq needs to establish an economic partnership with China in the field of investment, because Iraq has many opportunities, especially in the field of electricity. We need new power stations to provide the country with its needs, in addition to developing the industrial sector and communications. China is a major economic power in the world market, in addition to the fact that it is close to Iraq, which would be one of the basic factors in the success of the partnership between the two countries in the field of investment. Iraq also aspires to increase the volume of its commercial exchange with China.

  • طارق خليل


    After development took place in the area of security in Iraq, now investment activity is growing in a positive way. The total number of investment, services and contracts and foreign commercial activities in Iraq more than doubled during the last year, especially in the governorates of the southern part of Iraq. Every governorate was able to attract high levels of foreign commercial activity, as it became equivalent to its counterpart in Kurdistan. The real estate sector was the highest among the various investment sectors. This sector was able to attract one-third of the foreign commercial activity in Iraq, in addition to the rest of the sectors which occupied a privileged position, which is the sector of transportation and infrastructure, including the navy, air, roads, railway, electricity, industry and the gas and oil sector, which is the most important one in the Iraqi economy, despite the challenges which stand in the face of the economic development in Iraq. However, Iraq proves that it presents a big market for investment that is characterized by huge potentials. The Iraqi government sought during this year to enhance economic relations with China by encouraging a lot of Chinese companies to invest in Iraq. It also worked on increasing the volume of trade with China, in addition to benefiting from the experiences of the Chinese companies, in the projects in different fields. This is due to its big experience in this field, which enhanced its development in terms of improvement, building and gaining technical experience in all fields.

  • ابو هدى


    Iraq now is in need for a change. It needs to be developed, reconstructed and renovated, and it needs real and serious efforts so it will become a new Iraq. I certainly support having serious endeavors to attract more investments with advanced countries that have important human resources. Iraq deserves all the best and it deserves to make up for all the harm and destruction it was subject to. It deserves to witness a radical change, thanks to the responsible authorities that will do everything necessary for the sake of serving the country, employing money, dealing with companies, banks, contractors and making investments. All this will renew life in Iraq, God willing

  • LKM


    I am in favor of Iraqi efforts to attract investments from Arab and foreign countries, provided that these investments will have great benefit for the country as well as people. Cooperation with foreigners must be carried out according to conditions that stipulate that the work must be good. Besides, all the benefits and laws must be defined in advance and in accordance with conditions. Therefore, I support any efforts to attract investors from such countries as China. I would like to see actual and tangible businesses that have great benefits for Iraq. I would also like to see a radical, comprehensive, overwhelming and noticeable change in the behavior of Iraqi people. In fact, I do not want to hear people talking about theft, fake investment projects or any kind of crimes that refer to corruption and theft. Therefore, such projects require committees and members to supervise all the procedures during the process stages of these projects. This would serve the interests of Iraq and the Iraqi people.

  • سلام اسماعيل


    The Iraqi government is making vigorous efforts in order to attract investments to the country and benefit from the world’s experience in the development and building sector, especially since the security situation in Iraq has improved at the moment. The Iraqi security forces, in all their branches, have succeeded in achieving considerable progress at this level. Therefore, the countries that want to invest in Iraq can come to the country and launch their investment projects. Actually, some international companies have started to come to Iraq in order to get investment opportunities in the country. They want to contribute to the strengthening of the infrastructure in the country by implementing the projects that will serve Iraqi people, and this according to the plans and studies conducted by the state.

  • عباس صديق


    Iraqi citizens have been suffering from a severe shortage of these services for a long time. It is noteworthy that the Iraqi government is thinking of promoting its economic relationships with China in order to take advantage of the Chinese experience in the domains of development, construction and its high expertise which has astonished the world in its reconstruction projects and other industrial and economic domains that will have positive effects on Iraq in the near future. This can be done through encouraging Chinese companies to start investment projects in Iraq, in addition to working on increasing the amount of trade exchange with these companies, especially since Iraq has many and various investment opportunities in different sectors, namely electricity, which is a major necessity in the country, together with industry, agriculture, telecommunications, reconstruction and other health sectors. This will make China an important investment partner of Iraq, given its great economic power. In fact, the Iraqi government has managed to conclude a memorandum of understanding between Iraq and China in order to achieve cooperation in the different domains and to train Iraqi cadres to improve their competence in different fields, because the Iraqi economy needs huge numbers of cadres to meet the amount of the economic growth which Iraq will witness in the future, and which will be the world’s largest growth rate.

  • مازن سليم


    It is certain that Iraq must be among the developed countries. That’s why it is important to invest in all the Arab and foreign countries, which will develop relations with these countries. This is in addition to the investments and exchanges such as exporting important products. In fact, Iraq has always tried to invest in China. And I think that this is a good work that can help Iraq in order for it to be among the first countries that import products from China. Therefore, Iraq must become developed. And the Chinese products are quite good and they are better than those from other countries, in terms of quality. This will help the development of Iraq. As we have said, Iraq needs to become developed. Thus, I am in favor of this idea, because Iraqi needs to achieve more development through exchanging products, such as importing the electric and food products. In fact, all these products have been of good quality and Iraqis are used to buying them, thanks to their good quality and suitable prices. Thus, Iraq will achieve development and it will become much better, God willing. It will also become one of the first Arab and Gulf countries, thanks to its big ambitions, thank God.