Iraq security forces arrest scores of suspected terrorists

Security forces arrested 27 suspected terrorists in Kirkuk and Mosul. [Helmiy al-Azawi / Reuters]

Security forces arrested 27 suspected terrorists in Kirkuk and Mosul. [Helmiy al-Azawi / Reuters]

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Iraqi security forces arrested 27 suspected terrorists and killed four others on Thursday (August 18th) during operations across the country.

In Baghdad, a joint police and Iraqi army force raided a house in the center of the capital's Yermouk neighborhood after obtaining intelligence about the presence of four suspected terrorists, according to Col. Abdullah Mumshit al-Dayeni, director of the neighborhood's operations command.

"The force surrounded the house and succeeded in storming it, and found inside it four suicide bombers, two of them of Arab nationalities. They were ready to blow themselves up in various parts of Baghdad," al-Dayeni told Mawtani.

Security personnel killed three of the suspects on the spot, he said, but the fourth suspect blew himself up, wounding seven soldiers.

"The four terrorists belonged to the terrorist al-Qaeda organization, and their elimination is considered a remarkable achievement for the Iraqi forces," said al-Dayeni, adding that security forces also found explosives, weapons, and a suicide belt.

According to Hassan al-Kinani, a member of Baghdad Provincial Council's defense and security committee, the raid wiped out a terrorist cell that was operating inside Baghdad.

"During the operation, the security forces obtained extremely important information that shows how al-Qaeda operates in Baghdad and Adhamiyah, the covers it uses in its actions, and the sources of its funds," al-Kinani told Mawtani. "It is hoped that there will be a positive outcome from this operation in the coming weeks."

Sixteen arrested in Mosul

In Mosul, security officials said 16 suspected al-Qaeda members were arrested during a large security sweep targeting the city's northern neighborhoods.

Maj. Gen. Nasser al-Ghannam, commander of the Iraqi land forces' 2nd division, said the army launched the eight-hour military operation Thursday based on intelligence indicating the possible presence of terrorist activities in 22 different houses.

"The houses were stormed and 16 terrorists belonging to the al-Qaeda organization were arrested, including a Syrian gunman who occupies the post of 'emir' in the al-Qaeda organization," al-Ghannam told Mawtani.

Security personnel seized 51 sticky bombs, a remote-controlled car bomb, and various light weapons and rocket missiles.

Ghannam said that the most prominent detainees are Mulla Waleed, who was wanted by Iraqi forces on charges of mass killings, and Sheikh Sufiyan al-Taie, who officials allege is responsible for rigging car bombs and providing the city's terror cells with landmines.

"Five of the detainees are involved, by irrefutable evidence, in crimes of sectarian and ethnic-inspired assassinations, and targeting churches, universities and doctors," said Ninawa province security advisor Kamil Khattab.

"The security operation is considered key to uncovering many of the crimes committed by al-Qaeda in the past, which caused much pain and division within the various communities of the city," he told Mawtani.

Eleven arrested in Kirkuk

In Kirkuk, security forces detained another 11 suspects during two aerial landing operations Thursday in the villages of Safra and Komat in the Riyadh district, southwest of the city.

According to Riyadh district police director Brig. Gen. Serhad Qader, "Eleven terrorists were arrested, including six who belong to the al-Qaeda organization," adding that their interrogations are still underway.

"Four of the terrorists will face charges of killing a large number of victims a few weeks ago, including the murder of a citizen by affixing an explosive charge on him, and then detonating it from afar," said Col. Basil al-Sheikhli of Kirkuk city police.

Iraqi Ministry of Interior spokesman Maj. Gen. Adel Dahham told Mawtani, "These security operations came in answer to the terrorist attacks launched by the terrorists of the al-Qaeda organization lately."

"Attacks by security forces on the terrorists, and the destruction of their hideouts and foiling their plans, are the best answer to the bloodshed made by those criminal groups."




    احمد إسماعيل سلمان


    I congratulate the Iraqi police on their victories.

  • عمران المحمودي


    The judiciary must be fair and become role models for everyone because the judiciary is one of the noblest and most accurate professions which are concerned with the future of the people and the fate of the oppressors and criminals. The judiciary’s work is a profession filled with trust and honor, and needs people who are characterized by these. For this reason, the judiciary should be different from the others in terms of patience, wisdom, and justice in order to deal with the perpetrators very carefully so as not to oppress anyone, even slightly, as judging people must be in accordance with the religion and Islamic law, principles, values, and ethics. Thus, it is very necessary for the Iraqi judiciary to be distinctive, fair and equitable. It is also characterized by honesty. It should not be biased to any party, side, class, or position because God is above all and the law of God must be applied against every criminal and terrorist that had caused serious harm to the innocent people. Every criminal should receive punishment and the Iraqi judiciary must teach the terrorists a lesson that they will never forget so that they will remain an example to everyone who dares do the same atrocities.

  • ابن العراق


    It is necessary to arrest the wanted people who are carrying out terrorist acts against the innocent. They should be punished and brought to justice, so that they will get their just deserts. Thus, the security services must carry on their work, for which we would like to thank them, given that they have managed to reach a lot of the terrorist groups which have launched many attacks and have been responsible for harming the innocent. Therefore, the arrest of the wanted people by the security services, because they have been responsible for carrying out terrorist acts, is a very good act, which has many positive and promising results for Iraqis. They will feel that they are under the protection and care of these brave security services, which are working day and night in order to provide protection, security and stability for the sons of Iraq. The security services are also working on getting rid of and eradicating all the terrorist members, in order to prevent them from launching their terrorist and malicious attacks that aim to shed the blood of the innocent Iraqis. This just proves the extent of determination and dedication of the security services, as well as their continuing to carry out their honorable duty and to prove the extent of their courage, originality and loyalty to Iraq.

  • hameed


    These works which the heroic Iraqis will carry out, by thwarting the attempts to attack, will reduce and facilitate the matter for the Iraqis and will increase security and safety in Iraq. They will make free work and commitment increase, and the Iraqis will work on building their country again. They will work on restoring everything that has been destroyed through the war or the war on terrorism and terrorists. We want the Iraqi Ministry of Interior to take the first initiative in those works, and we are grateful to them, and we pray to God to bless them.