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Iraqi Ministry of Health to build 32 modern hospitals

A woman is treated at a hospital in Kirkuk.  [Ako Rasheed/Reuters]

A woman is treated at a hospital in Kirkuk. [Ako Rasheed/Reuters]

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The Iraqi Ministry of Health started the process of building 32 new hospitals on Thursday (September 29th) in various Iraqi provinces.

Ministry officials said the hospitals would have 400 beds each and be supplied with the latest medical devices and laboratories. Seven hospitals will be dedicated to treat cancer and one to mental illness.

Dr. Jassib Latif, general manager of the Ministry of Health's planning and development department, said in a press conference that the "construction of these hospitals will not exceed 30 months, and some will be built before the end of next year".

Turkey's Universal and Germany's GMG will build the hospitals in cooperation with local Iraqi companies.

Latif said the hospitals would feature emergency, pediatric and burns units, operating rooms equipped with the latest medical devices, obstetric rooms, and prosthetic limbs units. They will also include consultancy units for cardiac and internal medicine diseases, dentistry and other areas of specialization.

All hospitals will provide their services free of charge.

"The hospitals will be built in cities that lack modern and specialized hospitals, especially in remote areas that are located away from provincial centers and in densely populated districts and sub-districts," Latif said.

Ahmed Abdul Karim Hammoudi of the inspector general office at the Ministry of Health said the final cost of the projects might exceed $5 billion.

"The Iraqi government has paid 20 percent of the total cost to the executing companies upon the start of building," Hammoudi told Mawtani. "It will pay the remaining amount on a regular basis upon the end of each stage of building."

Hammoudi said the ministry used the modern designs of German hospitals built a few years ago as the basis for the new hospitals.

"The designs of cancer hospitals, which will be built in Baghdad, Fallujah, Basra, Mosul, Wasit, Diyala and Najaf, will be different, given their specialized nature," he said. "Meanwhile, the mental disorders hospital will be the first of its type in the Arab region."

Ministry of Health spokesperson Ziad Tariq told Mawtani that the new hospitals would provide many job opportunities for Iraqi citizens.

"The new jobs will include doctors, nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists and service workers," Tariq said.

A few days ago, the ministry announced the creation of 10,000 new jobs in all provinces with the aim of filling shortages at health institutions.

A total of 7,500 jobs were allocated to the nursing sector, while the remainder will be for supporting roles at various ministry institutions. Fifty percent of the new jobs are allocated to women.

Jenan al-Obeidi, a member of the health committee in the Iraqi parliament, said her committee was monitoring the work of the Ministry of Health in executing the new projects, "which are considered the biggest of their type in Iraq".

"The new hospitals will solve the problems of patient congestion, shortcomings in services, and slow responses in emergency situations because of the lack of hospitals and the increase of patients, especially during terrorist attacks," al-Obeidi told Mawtani.

"The Iraqi people deserve more than that," she said. "We look forward to executing bigger projects in the health sector to provide the best services for citizens."






    I call on the Ministry of Health to provide better medical and healthcare services. The latter should choose suitable areas to build dispensaries and big hospitals which are capable of serving the number of patients. In fact, the actual dispensaries and hospitals are not large enough to serve the huge number of patients, the wounded people and others, especially since the country is in a precarious and abnormal condition. This means that we should increase the capacity of hospitals to receive a larger number of patients. Indeed, they must be sufficient to receive all patients. Besides, there are many regions which still lack medical clinics, especially in cities, villages and agricultural areas that are far from the city center of Baghdad and the other provinces. We need a real “renaissance” in the medical sector, through a national strategy in order to improve the healthcare situation in the country, so as to treat all patients and the injured people. When the clinics and large hospitals are everywhere, this means they will be able to save the largest number of people. On the other hand, I hope that these amenities will be equipped with laboratories and diagnostic machines. We should not be contented with building hospitals which lack the required medical cadres and expertise.

  • عبادة


    I wish that my area would return to its normal conditions, and that it had a clean and good hospital or medical center. We ask God to guide all those who do good deeds. Amen, O Lord of the Worlds.

  • عيسى بدير


    I want to tell them to fear God, because the adults can wait, but the children, who are a blessing from God, birds of Paradise, are delicate, and I do not understand why you harm them. Anyway, we believe that God is generous, and we call on the government and the officials to find solutions to save Iraq from this serious problem. I am one of the people who suffered because of these Iraqi hospitals. I underwent surgery in an Iraqi hospital, but I wish I had not undergone it, because I am suffering from worse repercussions. Is this fair? We need to complain, but we will only complain to God, because complaining to people is humiliating. I swear, this is the situation in Iraq, and the Iraqi government must consider the situation in the other countries and tell us whether they are better than we are or not. We are the supposed to be the richest Arab and Gulf country, but actually, we are the poorest state in the region.

  • عيسى فاروق


    I would like to call on the authorities to build a dispensary and to provide all the doctors, medications and treatments that are needed by patients. They should also determine the prices of medicines so as to serve the Iraqi citizens, especially those who cannot afford treatment because of poverty and the widespread unemployment among people. Therefore, building a dispensary in the Shuala region is very important. The government should support such projects in order to provide services for the people and facilitate their lives, because it is very necessary. Besides, the Ministry should contribute to this subject, which is very important, because there are a lot of patients who need doctors and specialists’ care, as well as follow-up treatment. Therefore, we hope that the clinic will be built in the Shuala region, in order to serve and comfort the citizens.

  • محمود حسن


    Building hospitals will help in employing more of the labor force in Iraq. This will decrease the percentage of unemployed people, which is something we have hoped for. I request that you build more hospitals because we are in desperate need of more, in order to stop having to go to doctors in their private clinics. They have become beyond our ability to pay, due to their very expensive fees, and this is very tiring. So, hospitals are the only solution that will ease this suffering. We demand more hospitals, because they are the only solution for improving the health sector in Iraq, to help it be at its best, especially with the proper capabilities and experiences. This will improve the health care offered to patients. We support building hospitals and dispensaries in all the cities and the surrounding areas. Accordingly, we will see more health services, which will ease the burden of the citizens, especially if the governmental hospitals offer their services for free. This is one of the positive things that would help the Iraqi citizens.

  • عماد تحسين


    I swear, Iraq is one of the best and richest Arabic countries, but stealing its fortunes will never let it develop. If the Iraqi government and Ministry of Health paid more attention to hospitals and health centers by spending money on developing the medical sector, Iraq would have been one of the most developed Arabic countries medically. Yet, what shall we say? They put all the money in their pockets. If you walk into any Iraqi hospital, you will see the dirt, garbage and mold everywhere. I am one of those who were harmed because of going to a hospital, especially in Baghdad, keeping in mind it was a private hospital. If private hospitals are like that, what will the public hospitals be like?! I underwent many operations for a mild illness, yet because of the old, dirty equipment, I was very tired because of the many visits to the hospital. Who is to blame? The Iraqi government, the Ministry of Health or the hospital managers? All the devices are old and not working. The health situation of the Iraqi citizen is bad. If he goes to the hospital, he returns home with many diseases. We want the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Health to find a solution to this problem. They should buy new and modern devices. I swear we have very skilled doctors, but they have left Iraq because of the bad circumstances and the dirtiness of the hospitals. They cannot stay with the diseases and germs. Iraq needs cleaner hospitals and professional doctors, especially for emergencies, because the difficult and urgent cases are many here, and they need more attention. We, the Iraqis, are very miserable. We have been through many crises and we are still suffering because of bombings and terrorist operations committed by the terrorists of the cowardly al-Qaeda. We want local health centers in every area. We need good hospitals with reasonable fees to be able to sort out our health and financial problems.

  • عبدالخالق سالم


    I wish that the announcement about the building of new hospitals in Iraq were true, not mere propaganda and empty government promises made by the Ministry of Health. Iraq needs these hospitals urgently, because the population has increased significantly, while the number of the hospitals, which were built decades ago, is still the same. In addition, most of the hospitals lack the most basic conditions of cleanliness, medical capabilities and equipment that is necessary for treating the different diseases and for serving the patients. Therefore, I think that this step is very necessary, and it must be implemented as fast as possible. This project must be given ultimate precedence. We should build one large public hospital in each governorate, at least. Such hospitals must be equipped with all the necessary appliances, labs and medical staff that can serve the patients in the best possible way. We have to build a number of first-aid centers in most of the Iraqi cities, districts and villages, because the health situation in Iraq is not good. Recently, we noticed that some contagious diseases have spread among Iraqis in certain areas, due to the poor medical services and the lack of medicines and vaccines, in addition to the lack of interest on the part of the Iraqi government and Ministry of Health in this regard. Of course, the official excuse is the security situation, but I am not sure that the government would fulfill its promises in this respect by building new hospitals in Iraq, simply because we have heard many promises about similar projects in all fields, but they have never seen the light, for reasons unknown to the Iraqi citizen. The citizen lacks his most basic rights, such as proper healthcare, which is one of the main responsibilities of the government, which is required to build a healthy generation that can grow up and continue its journey into the future. However, we now have a generation of people full of chronic and incurable diseases, as well as disabilities, and thus they will be a burden on the shoulders of the Iraqi state in the future.

  • سهيل صبحي


    A lot of provinces also need to establish health clinics, in order to save poor families from spending a lot of money, particularly in buying medicines or on ticket fees. We will witness clear changes very soon, God willing. In fact, such medical clinics are very important for children, so that they will be able to get vaccinations, because hospitals are usually overcrowded and too busy to carry out this work. Thus, I call on the Iraqi government to take further interest in this issue and help the Iraqis preserve their health, given that the latter is very important. Besides, without enjoying good health, no one will be able to do anything. In addition, Iraqi hospitals need a lot of attention. In this respect, I am one of the patients who underwent an unclean and bad surgery in the Yarmuk hospital. In fact, I am still suffering from severe pains and am unable to pay in order to buy insurance and get treatment. I really could not find the responsible officials. In fact, if anyone wants to speak, he is expected to be supported by some party and backed by an important person. He should also talk with much patience, in order to solve his problem. Yet, no one will listen to you. God is the most generous and the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Ministry of Health are responsible for finding the solution. In fact, all Iraqis hope to possess good hospitals with further care and interests, so as to preserve the lives of all Iraqis. Thus, I pray to God the Almighty and the most Merciful to protect the entire country of Iraq, Amen.

  • طه عبدالعزيز


    It is really Haram that Iraq, the country of wealth, resources and oil, is going through such very bad conditions. In addition, the Iraqi hospitals are among the worst in the world, given the lack of interest in patients and the shortage of hospital equipment. If you go to these hospitals, you will become sicker, given the abundance of trash and dirt, as well as the patients who are infected because of the dirt and the lack of care and interest. Moreover, the hospital employees are not clean. Hospital service workers in the European countries should be qualified and experienced. Thus, they are held accountable if they make any mistake, whereas workers in the Iraqi hospitals make a lot of mistakes. You should notice the great difference in terms of hygiene, given that we are a Muslim state and our religion calls for cleanliness and for looking after human beings. Yet, what should we say, except that God is the most generous. In fact, hospital employees are not at fault, but we here blame the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Health, which have greatly neglected this issue. Anyway, we would like today to open a new era and call on the government and the Ministry of Health to grant further interest in the hygiene of hospitals, look after the patients, and care for the medical equipment. They should also work on developing this equipment. In fact, although some medical equipment is very simple, it is not available. I wonder whether such things are acceptable, especially if we would like to make a radical change in all the Iraqi hospitals, and particularly in the southern provinces, which are suffering from an abundance of diseases because of the flagrant neglect, the lack of services and the lack of interest. Yet, we call on all the Iraqi provinces to pay attention to these important issues and not to underestimate them. As far as I am concerned, the Iraqi government will not do anything, because if it wanted to do something, it would have acted before. What should we say except God is the most Powerful? God willing, we will witness clear and preplanned changes in the coming days.

  • هيرو


    Iraq has been suffering from bad health services. In fact, the hospitals cannot provide the services and the health care for the patients. The reasons are the small number of doctors and we all know the situation of the emergency rooms which have been suffering from the lack of medical equipment. Thus, patients have been obliged to go to many places in order to find the required device. And they have been obliged to wait for their turn, which may be after days or months. And sometimes, they have been obliged to leave the hospital and to go to the clinic, because the hospital does not have the required specialist or testing devices. Thus, the Iraqi patients and injured have faced this big problem. That’s why it is important to establish big hospitals everywhere. It is also important to provide all the best equipments and services. And the government must take an interest in the issue of building the clinics in all the villages and rural areas. Thus, the Ministry of Health must ask the government to establish these projects, because healthcare is among the humanitarian services. In fact, many human beings need healthcare. Thus, I call for establishing big clinics that must include more than one, two or three rooms, and they must be equipped with medical devices and doctors. It is also important to provide pharmacies that must have all the kinds of medicines. And it is important to provide emergency rooms. In fact, all these things have been unavailable, and the clinics have been working short hours. Thus, they have just provided a formal service. In fact, we no longer want formalities.

  • صديق قاسم


    Peace be upon you. The Iraqi Ministry of Health is well aware of the health sector’s importance to the Iraqi citizens. It also realizes that Iraqi citizens suffer from a grave shortage in the field of hospital construction, and the small number of hospitals there that provide their services at the present. I think that these hospitals cannot meet the citizens’ needs, especially now that Iraq is currently witnessing an increase in population. This requires an increase in the numbers of hospitals that provide their medical services to patients. In addition to that, many governorates suffer from the absence of specialized hospitals, like cardiology hospitals, for example. Therefore, I believe that the Ministry of Health has done something new when it started signing contracts with a number of companies, some of which are foreign, in order to build hospitals in a number of the Iraqi governorates, especially the governorates that suffer from the great shortage in hospitals. As such, the Iraqi Ministry of Health is taking steady steps today in this field, represented in signing contracts with the corporations that will implement these health projects that have already been started. We support these projects that we hope they will be accomplished in a timely manner too, so that these hospitals would go into service and provide health and medical services to the Iraqi citizens, who desperately need attention to be given to the medical sector in Iraq, especially in dealing with the emergency cases that affect civilians due to terrorist acts. Some hospitals cannot receive many of the injured. This matter contributes to aggravating the crisis of some of the injured. In addition to that, Iraq needs to have advanced hospitals built with specialized medical personnel who contribute to treating patients, especially the elderly, who suffer from chronic diseases that require total care and periodic monitoring. As such, I believe that the Ministry of Health realizes the amount of responsibility that falls upon them, and I believe that it thinks about this responsibility seriously, and tries to keep up with the developments witnessed by the medical field. This is being done through starting to build hospitals and to compensate for the shortage in this field and to meet the Iraqi citizens’ needs in the medical services field.

  • وليد العادلي


    The Iraqi mass media stated that the Iraqi Ministry of Health is currently getting ready to build eleven new hospitals, to be distributed over some Iraqi governorates that suffer from a shortage in hospitals and that have a high population. These hospitals would contribute to raising the level of medical services presented to the Iraqis, who are suffering now from a great shortage in the medical services presented to them, as a result of the small number of hospitals and the fact that the currently available medical equipment is old and does not match the evident advancements in the sector of medicine. In addition to this, there is the small number of medical staff because of the unstable security conditions Iraq has been through with the political changes in the country. We, as citizens, hope that these projects would definitely be executed in the country, because of their great importance in helping people get rid of the diseases they have, and in this case, we hope that total medical care is provided for them through these hospitals, which will be established and equipped with different equipment, machines and medical staff to treat the different diseases people get, even the malignant ones. This also makes it possible to conduct surgical operations in the country, instead of patients having to travel to neighboring countries for treatment and operations, which could cost patients large amounts of money that they may not be able to secure, in order to receive a treatment for a cure, rather than leading to their death, which happens in most cases. Therefore, we ask the honorable Iraqi governorate to assume its role in securing the medical tools to protect Iraqis’ health and safety from many of the present diseases and chronic illnesses as well, in case this vital sector is left neglected. This sector provides medical and human services to all Iraqis. We wish that the Iraqi governmental authorities would actually take these steps to rid the Iraqis of the great suffering they go through, due to being infected, once they have the advanced medical services to prevent the spread of diseases among people, instead of neglecting this humanitarian sector.

  • احسان فليح


    The government should work on building new hospitals in Iraq, and these hospitals should be equipped and modern, and they should include technologies which prove technical development and progress. Therefore, such projects need credibility first, as well as honest and integrated work, so that there will be honesty and faithfulness in performing the work. The implementation of such projects is considered servicing and important at the same time for the Iraqi people. They are in dire need for such places that treat and cure a lot of patients, injured and those who suffer from diseases and need to have surgeries and have their health condition monitored. Therefore, we wish that such projects could be a real step in terms of implementation and establishment, so as to work on implementing other, similar projects which work on serving and comforting the Iraqi citizen, who has remained deprived throughout these years of such services, especially in the northern and southern governorates and all the regions which need the provision of services. Therefore, the government should support such service projects which contribute to making the Iraqi citizen feel the provision of the service which he needs. Moreover, the implementation of this step should be supervised by specialized people who are characterized by having integrity and being devoted to their country. They should be honest and not work on planning for the sake of implementation, and when the time comes, it would be discovered that there are very big mistakes and that there are fraud operations so as to steal the money. This matter has, unfortunately, been repeated many times. Therefore, it is very important to work faithfully to serve the Iraqi citizen, who is in need for everything contributing to enhancing his situation and to find his comfort and to put an end to his suffering and tragedy which has been long, as a result of the great deterioration in the situations and the lack of attention paid to everything that concerns him and provides comfort to him.

  • صلاح عبدالله


    I hope that these would be real steps and projects to improve the medical and healthcare services that are offered to the citizen in Iraq, because the medical services in Iraq are very weak, due to the small number of hospitals and the lack of equipment. There are also very few medical centers. Hence, we really need large and well-equipped hospitals in many areas in the Iraqi governorates, to receive all the cases and injuries. Of course, these hospitals must be equipped with large emergency rooms and halls. I hope that these statements would not be mere promises, because we have heard many promises in the past made by concerned officials, in which they confirmed that they would build hospitals; however, we did not see any large hospital on the ground. This is a very positive step and we have to work to achieve it through securing the necessary funds to build these hospitals, because we are in urgent need of these hospitals, and the government has to meet its commitments and honor its promises to implement such important, necessary, and humane projects to serve the Iraqi citizen. Hence, we should commence work now and we must work seriously to finish these hospital projects by signing the contracts directly with the companies that want to implement the project. I hope that our government would succeed in establishing these hospitals and honoring all of its promises. In this way, we will see that the Iraqi citizen will get the best medical services, after the return of many of the doctors who were living abroad, when they noticed that the security situation became more stable in Iraq. We thank God for this, because this is the period of construction and development.

  • خيامي


    I want a job for myself. I live in Anbar and I am married, and have a family that consists of 7 members. I need to work urgently, and I ask the government to provide me with that.

  • ghayth


    I am one of the unemployed, and I don’t have a graduation certificate. I did not graduate from any college, and I want to find a job, but I can’t find any in Iraq. I want the government to solve this problem, and to open the way to anyone wants to volunteer in the police or army at least, as I feel that it will be the only suitable chance for me. It is impossible to have a job in the governmental sector, as I don’t have a certificate in order to be accepted. At least we want to protect this country and to get salaries as volunteer soldiers in the army to serve this country. I want to live in dignity in my country; I want to volunteer in the police or the army, but though I tried a lot, they always tell me there are no opportunities or vacancies, and you can’t be accepted by the police or the army. I want from the government to help us and to take care of those who don’t have certificates.