Iraqi officials accuse al-Qaeda of Baghdadi police attack

Security personnel stand guard outside the Baghdadi police station after the gunmen were killed. [Stringer Iraq / Reuters]

Security personnel stand guard outside the Baghdadi police station after the gunmen were killed. [Stringer Iraq / Reuters]

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Security officials in Anbar province accused al-Qaeda of carrying out an attack on Monday (October 3rd) that targeted the police center in the town of Baghdadi, claiming the lives of 11 Iraqis and wounding 18 others.

A number of gunmen, including two suicide bombers wearing explosives belts, attacked the police building on Monday morning. The two suicide bombers detonated themselves at the building gate, opening the way for the other gunmen to storm the center.

"Five security personnel were killed in the explosions, and 18 others were wounded. Then, six terrorists stormed the building and were able to control it. They took all those who were in the center as hostages," said Maj. Gen. Hadi Kassar Erzaij, commander of Anbar police.

Among the hostages were the commander of Baghdadi district police, his deputy, the mayor and a number of policemen.

Erzaij told Mawtani that the gunmen controlled the center for three hours until special forces from the Iraqi army arrived with a force of local police.

"Fierce clashes raged for about 40 minutes, which ended with the liberation of the hostages, including the mayor, security officers and members of the police."

Erzaij said the gunmen executed the commander of the local police, his deputy, three policemen, and one civilian before the security forces stormed the building and killed all six assailants.

The police commander accused al-Qaeda of the attack, saying, "This was an obvious operation. But the terrorists should know that we will not negotiate with them or with any other terrorist. There is no way to deal with them except by killing them and getting rid of them."

Brig. Gen. Emad Ali, who led the operation that stormed the building, told Mawtani that the situation was under control.

"Al-Qaeda will be dealt a harsh lesson for this failed attempt."

He said the killing of the police chief and his deputy "was a loss for the Iraqi forces because they were competent men who loved their country".

Mohammad Fathi Hantoush, spokesperson for Anbar province, said the gunmen stormed the Baghdadi police center with the aim of liberating a number of suspected al-Qaeda members who had been detained by Iraqi forces.

"The terrorists failed to liberate the prisoners because they were surprised by the Iraqi forces surrounding the building within a few minutes after they entered it," he told Mawtani.

"The Iraqi forces will keep fighting until the last minute and will not allow the terrorists to control Iraq."

Chairman of the defense and security committee in the Anbar Provincial Council Saad Mansi said, "The terrorists thought the Iraqi forces would resort to negotiations with them, which made them seize the hostages, but our forces quickly stormed the place, liberated the hostages and killed the attackers."

"The courage of the Iraqi army and police blocked the release of the terrorists who pose a grave threat to Iraq and the Iraqi people."

A large number of residents of Baghdadi condemned the terrorist attack on the police center.

"These terrorist ways no longer pay off because our heroic forces are always ready for them," said Bilal Hardan, 41, a farmer in Baghdadi.

"The terrorists should realize that Iraq will not submit to their terror, and Iraqi citizens are determined to be victorious and we shall triumph."

Tariq Ismael, 37, a government employee, said, "We lost heroic people in the attack but thanks to God, we did not lose our strength or our morale in fighting the terrorists. They have failed to realize their sinister objectives."






    Terrorist groups have a purpose in attacking the Al Baghdadi center, and that is to feed their addiction to temperance, ruin and destruction of everything, to control the situation in Iraq and enforce their control and presence. That’s why they always target the centers that pose a threat on their presence. They do this through sudden attacks. Therefore, they should be fought and destroyed, so we can completely get rid of them, so that Iraqis could live in a state of security, stability, tranquility and peace.

  • مامون سعيد


    We do not want to return to this miserable life again. The situation now is much better and all matters are within the control of the security forces; but we need to concentrate and to exploit this opportunity, and to get rid of terrorist elements in the desired way, so as not to give them the opportunity to carry out any terrorist operation or any breach of the security barrier, even if it was a simple one. We want to completely destroy them, and the search for information should be continued, to chase them as required. It is true that there are a large number of security men, but I wonder how such a breach happened at the security controls. This indicates that there is some kind of a fault in the security duty being performed. Thus, the security forces should be more firm with the soldiers and with the security leaders of the regions, so they will concentrate more on their work and not give the terrorists the opportunity to carry out any security breach that may claim the lives of many of the innocent people, due to the fault in performing the security duty. Every security leader of every region must know that he will be held strictly accountable, along with those who are with him, if any region is infiltrated by terrorists and they carry out attacks against innocent people.

  • رشيد حماد


    The blind terrorism that had planned the criminal act that targeted the Baghdad police station in Anbar governorate was trying to send several messages to the security leaders and the Iraqi people. However, the heroism of the security apparatuses and their unprecedented bravery had a great role in thwarting this terrorist scheme, which claimed the lives of innocent policemen and civilians. Terrorism was trying to send messages, one of which is that it committed this cowardly act to prove to everyone that it is still present on the scene in Anbar governorate. After it had received many painful blows to its terrorist remnants in Anbar, and after the failure of many of its plans, this organization tried to do something with a bigger echo. It has thus chosen to target a security center, to create increased media attention that might restore hope to terrorism’s evil followers and supporters. Also, one of the goals of this terrorist scheme was to shake the confidence of Iraqi citizens in their security apparatus, and consequently create much noise and confusion in the Iraqi public. In addition to that, the excommunicating terrorists attempted to break into this security establishment and to hold a number of police affiliated and civilian hostages to bargain for the lives of innocent people in return for releasing some of the terrorists, who had been arrested and put in prisons to get their fair punishment. However, thank God, terrorism wasn’t able to achieve these terrorist goals and it failed in furthering all the goals it hoped to achieve. This is thanks to the valiance shown by security individuals who thwarted this scheme and were able to control the situation in an ideal time, which made us proud of this performance and the wonderful and heroic effort of the security individuals, who proved that they are ready to deal with all situations, no matter how difficult they are. Thank God for His support, as He disgraced terrorism. This is one more slap in the face of terrorist organizations, at the top of which is the radical al- Qaeda organization. Today, this organization adds one more defeat to the record of the defeat of its remnants and excommunicating cells. The Iraqi security forces are stronger, and they do not have to negotiate with criminals, murderers and blood shedders. The hands of the heroes who contributed to liberating the hostages who had been detained by the terrorists are blessed.

  • عامر صالح


    How long will this bloodshed continue in Iraq? It is a shame for the Iraqi government and the leaders from the army and the police. The Iraqis are being killed and their possessions have been attacked cruelly for more than 8 years. Is this the destiny of Iraq, as hundreds are being killed every day? I swear that the trial of the officials will be very hard because of their negligence and laziness to protect the citizens of this wounded homeland. We, the people of Al-Anbar, are being killed, and have been since the occupation. There is no family in Al-Anbar that hasn’t lost one of its members; isn’t that enough? The terrorists are spreading in Al-Anbar; they do whatever they like and no one faces them, so I want to know how they can bring the weapons, explosives and the bombing vehicles to the governorate. We have large numbers of army and police that are enough to protect the whole country of Iraq, if they work accurately and precisely. This indicates nothing but the penetration and the complicity of those security authorities, and I pray to God to punish those who sell their brothers for money. I don’t want the government to send contributions to Al-Anbar; I want it to send military men who have experience in this field, in order to fight terrorism and to eliminate it for our good and interest.

  • غانم حسين


    The attacks carried out by the terrorists on the Baghdadi Center in the province of Anbar is evidence of the feelings of hatred and resentment that terrorists bear towards Iraq. They don’t want Iraq to be a stable country and they don’t want Iraqis to have any rest. For this reason, the attack on the Baghdadi Center is evidence of the feeling of hatred that terrorist members bear. They are always trying to direct their operations at the side that threatens their existence. For this reason, I would like to ask for reinforcements in the province of Anbar. They have to increase their military presence so that the Iraqi security forces can continue their job of protecting the citizens, getting rid of the terrorist groups and chasing down all those who are suspected of being part of the armed and terrorist groups in Anbar. We want to bring stability to this province, after it witnessed many consecutive operations and attacks carried out by terrorist members who are still active, despite the existence of the security forces and the army.

  • نعمت


    We ask God the Almighty to protect the blood of the innocents form going in vain after they have lost their pure souls for no good reason. Shame on the blind and cowardly terrorism, as well as its mean elements that committed this crime, which we condemn strongly. Those cowards must realize that they will never escape the punishment after committing this cowardly crime. The law will get to you, wherever you are, even after a while. You are bastards and we are full of hope that you will be arrested sooner than you imagine. We ask God to make this a reality soon.