Eid al-Adha security campaign nets 16 suspects in Anbar

Iraqi security forces have stepped up security in the days leading up to Eid al-Adha. [Mahmoud Raouf Mahmoud/Reuters]

Iraqi security forces have stepped up security in the days leading up to Eid al-Adha. [Mahmoud Raouf Mahmoud/Reuters]

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Only a few hours after a new security campaign was launched Thursday (November 3rd) to provide security in Anbar province during the Eid al-Adha holiday, Iraqi security forces announced the arrest of 16 suspects.

Security officials said all branches of the Iraqi forces in the province are taking part in the campaign, which focuses on providing protection to tourist and leisure areas, tightens search measures at gardens and public parks, and bans parking cars on both sides of the streets near popular markets.

Weapons and explosives detection devices were distributed to all security checkpoints in the province. Security forces are using police dogs for searching cars, and the number of watch towers in crowded areas and near government buildings were increased as part of the campaign.

Maj. Gen. Hadi Erzaij Kassar, commander of Anbar police, said the security campaign covered the areas of the Tharthar basin, the western desert, the Zawbaa villages and districts in eastern Fallujah.

"During the first hours of the security campaign, 16 terrorists and suspects were arrested, some of whom had targeted civilians and members of the security forces at earlier times and were planning to detonate two car bombs and improvised explosive devices in various areas of Anbar's cities during the coming days," Kassar told Mawtani.

"The security operations aim to achieve security and peace for citizens during the days of Eid al-Adha and to prevent any terrorist attempts from targeting the innocent as they celebrate Eid," he said.

Security forces deploy intelligence operatives across province

Iraqi forces also found two car bombs east of Ramadi, a weapons cache in the Karma district of Fallujah, and quantities of explosives, and heavy, medium and light weapons.

Col. Abdullah al-Alwani of the Anbar police operations room told Mawtani that initial investigations of the detainees "proved they were involved in launching a number of terrorist operations, such as the attack on police centres in Qaim and Karma, the assassination of five officers from Ramadi city police during the past few months, in addition to blowing up a number of civilian and army personnel houses in various areas in Anbar".

Al-Alwani said the security campaign will continue throughout Eid al-Adha, during which security forces will deploy a large number of intelligence operatives across Anbar to obtain important information.

"There will be dependence on intelligence that the security forces will obtain, in addition to the information provided by citizens to help security forces," he said.

"The terrorist plans that try to undermine the citizens' Eid celebrations will be foiled."

Maj. Khalifa al-Halbousi of the Anbar emergency battalion urged tribal leaders and citizens in Anbar to collaborate with security forces by providing information that may lead to foiling terrorist attacks, arresting suspects, or discovering weapons and explosives caches.

"The role of the tribesmen and citizens is very important in the security campaigns," al-Halbousi told Mawtani. "We encourage citizens to present any information they have that could be useful in reducing the menace of terrorists in Anbar."






    It is a pleasing matter indeed that we hear that the brave Iraqi forces have dismantled and thwarted five cowardly attempts through which the al-Qaeda organization tried to attack the people during the feast days, after the month of welfare had gone by peacefully. The brave Iraqi forces have saved a lot of souls and protected them from the cowardly terrorists, who wanted the feast days to be funeral days. But the heroes struggled so as to please the Iraqi citizens and to complete their happiness. We know that this matter was supposed to happen in the last days of Ramadan, when the accursed people bombed Umm Al-Qura mosque, which claimed the lives of many innocent people between the injured and the martyrs. The Iraqis were more encouraged through this matter and they knew that the terrorists’ aim was for the bombing to hinder them from performing the feast prayers in the mosques, and that they wanted the feast to be full of disasters. The Iraqi heroes have proved the opposite, as they went to the mosques and the shrines in large numbers so as to prove to the malicious terrorists that they cannot affect the Iraqis and cannot prevent them from the matters that they carry out, and that Almighty God has spread mercy and tranquility in their hearts and made them stronger than the mean terrorists, who had bad intentions.

  • ناصح شريف


    The government must comply with the law and execute all the convicted terrorists, first to establish justice, and second to punish the terrorists. They must realize that Iraq is a state of laws, not an estate where the criminals kill as they wish and then are arrested to enjoy good sleep and food in the prisons. The law must be above all, including the terrorists. Is it logical for a state to fear applying the law against the mean terrorists and keep them in prisons until they manage to escape from time to time, through organized operations in which many names are involved? The state has to respect the souls of the victims and their families, who demand that the government execute the terrorists who killed their children as soon as possible; but no one listens to them. This stance weakened the state and made it unable to fight terrorism as required. Therefore, how can we leave them in prisons without executing them, knowing that this vexes the Iraqi citizen, because those terrorists are responsible for everything that is happening in our country. Hence, they do not deserve to be treated compassionately, and we should never fear them again.

  • ماهر سعيد


    It is extremely necessary to put an end to all the ongoing events. The end of the groups of al-Qaeda must be at the hands of the citizens. We have to get rid of them through our cooperation with the security forces and the other security agencies that are responsible for maintaining security and stability in all areas. In this way, we will get rid of the gangs, the terrorist groups and the militias that threaten the stability of the country.

  • مؤيد جليل


    I call for the execution of all the despicable criminals who have followed this dark and desolate way. In fact, they have been the reason behind our families’ loss, because their pure souls were claimed by the deviant and extremist members. Thus, we call for the execution of these members, because they have shed our people’s blood. These infidels must be executed, in order to get rid of their sick souls and rotten minds. In fact, we cannot deal with them in this way, because we are peaceful people. And we are no longer able to endure these criminal members, gangs and bandits. Besides, we are no longer able to endure their criminality. In fact, our people have been patient for many years. Thus, I call for their execution in order to get rid of these infidels and terrorists, who have shed the Iraqis’ blood. It is important to apply the law of God in order to make these criminals an example to all those who want to target our beloved country. In fact, these criminals have no place among us, because they do not deserve to stay alive.

  • عبدالغني


    We all knew that the police in Anbar province play a big role in ensuring the safety and security of the citizen. Their achievements in terms of security over the years are really remarkable in dealing with terrorism and evil cowardly organizations that want to abuse Iraq, this province and the innocent civilians. The police in Anbar province are still doing their best in order to direct blows to the terrorist Takfiri members and criminals who want to undermine security and stability in Anbar province.

  • خالد جبران


    I congratulate the Anbar police for all their security achievements. I should praise their brave men for their hard work in order to address and eradicate the terrorist organizations. I congratulate you for all these achievements and accomplishments that made us proud of you. Today I would like to congratulate you, the heroes and chivalrous sons of Anbar province, the police. You added another victory over terrorism, as you carried out your latest security operation in which you managed to cause all our people to rejoice through the arrest of a number of terrorist members. The latter are considered the most brutal criminals. Then praise be to God for His help. Long live the heroes. We appreciate their heroic acts which express their patriotism and their love for their country. God bless you! Congratulations for these victories, which represent the fruit of the great efforts made by the police of Anbar province and those who made it and were able to strike terrorism through the arrest of these murderers and criminals. The latter were the main cause of the spread of terrorism that appears from time to time in Anbar province. Such operations claimed the lives of innocent civilians and undermined security and stability in the cities. They terrorized the civilians. God bless you. Congratulations for this brilliant victory, which is added to your bravery.

  • عادل وسيم


    I am really very proud of the brave people of Anbar, given that they have made great efforts in order to rid the Province of the so-called terrorism and the terrorists. In fact, the inhabitants of the region are responsible for looking constantly for, and reporting on, any suspect in collaboration with tribal leaders, the army and the police. In addition, the police in Anbar are really serving the people, as I have often said. Yes, the police are really serving the people in Anbar. Police members are Anbaris, and this means that they are always working on making Anbar more secure and better. May God guide them to the good and the right, so that they will bring security and safety to their brave province.

  • جبار مصطفى


    The criminal acts which they are carrying out against the Iraqi citizens are really brutal acts which we should not tolerate at all. In fact, terrorists have become present in all the Iraqi provinces all over the country. In this respect, Anbar is one of the Iraqi provinces which has been most subjected to the acts of terrorism and terrorists. Indeed, they have murdered a lot of innocent children, women, men and the elderly. However, God supports the right, and the Anbari police have arrested a lot of those who have carried out criminal acts in the brave province of Anbar. In addition, the police have carried out a continuous search for them and arrested them so as to rid the inhabitants of their evil. Thus, I would like to congratulate the Anbari police from the bottom of my heart and pray to God the Almighty to grant them success, strengthen them and encourage them, so that they will be keener than before in their work. In fact, the Anbari police have always been brave, since they have always fought terrorism and terrorists through their intensive raid actions in a lot of places in the province. Besides, Anbar is one of the Iraqi provinces which are most eager to get rid of terrorism and terrorists. Thus, they are currently doing their utmost to rid the region of the terrorists. As a matter of fact, Anbar is the best and most developed Iraqi province, since it cleaned the region of terrorism and the cowardly terrorists, given that the tribal leaders and the inhabitants of the region and the province are working at maintaining security and safety there. They are constantly trying to track them down in order to find terrorism and the terrorists. Thus, God the Almighty is dealing with them, given that the inhabitants have been hurt because of their hostile criminal acts. In fact, the inhabitants of the region are always reporting on any suspect, in order to rid their province of the acts of murder and sabotage.

  • احمد نبيل


    God willing, no more terrorist acts will occur in the province. Therefore, we have to work on ridding Iraq of terrorism and the terrorists so that the country will live in security and safety. As an Iraqi citizen from Baghdad, I have the honor and am proud to praise the brave in Anbar and their amazing actions against terrorism and the terrorists. In fact, they have cleansed the region of their unclean acts. God willing, they will maintain security and safety in all the Iraqi provinces. Besides, I call on all the sons of the security forces, the police or the army to work at watching constantly, for terrorists and whoever wants to carry out criminal acts against Iraq. God shows the right acts and destroys the wrong ones, God willing.

  • نجيب شاكر


    I would like to congratulate the police in Anbar Province for their generous efforts to track down terrorist groups and members. The latter are committing all kinds of crimes against innocent citizens. Police there have managed to address all the cowardly terrorist attacks which had claimed the lives of the inhabitants in the Province of Anbar. In fact, operations that led to their arrest prove that the police forces are always seeking to track down terrorist groups in order to reach them and arrest them. All these operations are meant to bring terrorists to justice, so that they get their deserved punishment and send the right message to whoever wishes to carry out cowardly terrorist attacks. Such operations show their violence, criminality, brutality and cruelty against innocent citizens. The arrest of many members of terrorist groups has helped to impose nearly total control over the situation in the Province of Anbar. The inhabitants of this province have started to enjoy comfort, stability and safety, since they know that there are some people who are keen to protect them and offer them security. In fact, the police there represent the watchful eye. They are ready to sacrifice themselves in order to protect the sons of their nation. They are addressing terrorist attacks day and night in order to track down terrorist members as well as criminals who are carrying out bombings, booby-trapping, kidnapping, assassinations, murder, slaughter and the displacement of many innocent people. Therefore, we rejoice at the recent events in Anbar Province, because it is a positive thing that contributes to the restoration of security, stability and tranquility in the region. These operations will also play a big role in fighting terrorist groups in all other provinces. In fact, we hope that Iraq will be devoid of any single cowardly terrorist member who seeks to hurt and harm innocent citizens.

  • Ahmad


    We congratulate the Iraqi police in Anbar Province for their success in carrying out their duties to the fullest and with much accuracy in follow-up operations. In fact, the police have detained terrorist groups which are responsible for the tragic events in the Province of Anbar. Terrorists carried out terrorist attacks and operations against innocent people in the Province of Anbar. We are very thankful to those who contributed to ensuring security and stability in the province.

  • ابو شهد


    What the Iraqi security forces are carrying out in terms of arresting operations of the suspected persons of the terrorist elements, groups and gangs within the campaign of Eid Al-Adha is a good piece of work. It is clear evidence that the Iraqi security forces are performing their duties and they are working on preserving security, so that the situation will be safe, stable and free of any terrorist operations. These may be launched by terrorist groups against the innocent people, exploiting the period of Eid Al-Adha. Therefore, what happened in Anbar governorate in terms of intensive and extensive arrest operations is to provide the needed protection and security, so that the citizens could live in happiness and rest during the days of the Eid and not have to be afraid of the terrorist operations of bombings, killings, kidnappings, assassinations and suicide bombers Thus, what is happening has become a normal matter to the Iraqi people, which is witnessed every day and on every occasion, so they will not be subjected to death.

  • باسل


    Many of the leaders of the former Baath party have played a considerable role in destabilizing the security and stability in the country. Therefore, we have to stop these elements, since we have experienced enough suffering in the past, when they were in power in Iraq. Also, they must stop harming Iraqis. The arrest campaign which is targeting the Takfiri and terrorist members and whoever wants to harm Iraq will play an important role in establishing the pillars of security and stability in the country, especially since the US troops will soon withdraw from Iraq.

  • سمير صادق


    We wish a happy Eid al-Adha, or Festival of Sacrifice, to the Iraqi security forces. God bless the soldiers of the armed forces and all the Iraqis with goodness and well-being! We hope to have peace and happiness on our blessed lands that are attacked by the birds and bats of darkness from everywhere. We congratulate the security forces and we praise their performance in the continuous attacks against terrorists and the issuers of takfir, which declare others infidels, and the arrest of every suspect involved with the criminal gangs. I applaud the arrest campaigns launched currently by the security forces, because I am sure there are many terrorist cells spreading and working in al-Anbar. It is not possible that terrorism in this governorate, which was the terrorist base and capital of their so-called country, has suddenly disappeared with the establishment of al-Sahawat, the awakening councils, and the appearance of the Iraqi forces in al-Anbar some years ago. I think the terrorist groups blended into the society to hide behind the masks of peace, pretending to be regular citizens, but in the dark, they are working to harm Iraq, al-Anbar and the good people.

  • ابو مهدي


    The constant pursuing and following of every suspect by the government is the natural and logical thing to do. It is necessary so that we do not give those killers the chance to reorganize themselves. Knocking them repeatedly on their heads will make them unfocused and aimless; they will never be able to take the initiative and attack, and they will be busy trying to escape from the pursuit of the government and the Iraqi forces. Accordingly, we will decrease their threats, as they will be destroyed and confused. This way it will be easy for the security forces to arrest them. As for the people who say the government should arrest people from a certain sect on terrorist charges, I say to them that the duty of the government is to clean al-Anbar of all kinds of terrorism. The security forces did not say that the arrested individuals are terrorists; they said they are suspects. That means that, after interrogating them and based upon on the findings, those who are innocent will be set free. As for the ones found guilty because of the evidence or because of their confession that they belong to the organization of evil and destruction called al-Qaeda, they will be punished and locked up in prisons. God bless the heroes of the Iraqi security forces, who stay up mornings and nights to protect Iraq and the Iraqis.

  • سلطان حميد


    With the approach of every occasion that the Iraqi people want to experience with all the joy and happiness, the al-Qaeda terrorist organization, the Takrifi and the terrorist elements, are trying to gather themselves again in an attempt to spoil the happiness of the Iraqi people. This is the approach of the mean and foolish criminals and murderers from the terrorist elements. Their cowardly plans have been aborted, this time, thanks to the greatly exerted efforts made by the heroic security forces in Anbar governorate, which directed a preemptive strike at the remnants of terrorism and its dormant cells within the military on the campaign before the coming of Eid Al-Adha. This blessed campaign had a significant and positive impact, by not giving the terrorists the chance to spoil the happiness of Anbar’s people, who were preparing to celebrate Eid Al-Adha.

  • فتحي غانم


    Our heroic security forces had targeted the terrorists by this process, during which they were able to arrest about sixteen of the terrorist and extremist elements that are considered the most dangerous elements of the Takfiri and the criminals who carried out many of the terrorist acts over these past years. These acts targeted the security and stability of Anbar and this through targeting the civilians, the service and governmental institutions which work on providing the comfort for the people of Anbar. Those degenerates of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization were preparing to target civilians in the days of Eid Al-Adha, by targeting public places, the tourist and entertainment sites which would be visited by the Iraqi families of Anbar’s people, where those criminals were trying to spoil the joy of the Eid that the people of Anbar were enjoying.

  • نعمان صلاح


    Thanks be to God for the control of the heroes of the security men, who had a significant role in the arrest of this misguided category and who also found many of the weapons, explosives and some bomb planted cars that had been prepared by the enemies of security and safety. We thank God for the great victory, and I would like to salute the men who are faithful to their country from the security forces on this courageous process, which had a significant impact. This allows Anbar’s people to live through the days of the happy Eid in security and stability. Thank you, chivalrous men, for this work that we praise and which frustrated the plans of the criminals and saved many of the Iraqi people from the disgrace and the shame of the terrorists and their mean and dirty acts, which are mean like them, and like those who work with them from among the criminals.

  • غسان عبدالفتاح


    The government and security authorities are supposed to avoid holidays and days of religious events when they plan to launch their security campaigns. In fact, those periods are sacred for Iraqi people. Thus, launching such campaigns would raise dissatisfaction and hostility among people. Meanwhile, suspects could be kept under control till the end of the holidays. We do not know whether these campaigns are meant to eradicate the remnants of the Baath Party or not. I wonder why they delayed it till the holidays. They could be obliged to do so because of a very serious emergency.

  • غالب محمد


    From time to time, the security forces in Anbar governorate put a new security plan in place and carry out security campaigns that target the terrorist organizations in all cities and villages of the governorate, to maintain security control in the governorate of Anbar. They follow the movements of the terrorist organizations and attack their hideouts, to arrest them and to save the society from their evils and their criminal acts against the innocent people.

  • ياسين حمود


    The security forces in Anbar governorate have launched a new security campaign that targeted the locations of the presence of the terrorist organizations, as part of a preemptive security plan prepared by the security commanders in the governorate, based on intelligence information. This allowed the security forces to carry out attacks on the hideouts of the terrorists and arrest 16 suspects in this successful campaign in Anbar. The security forces managed to arrest the terrorists, and the Iraqi security forces were ready to participate in this security campaign, to provide security and protection to the tourist and entertainment cities in Anbar. They search and monitor all the tourist locations in the governorate and dedicate special places for parking. They do not allow any car to park on the roadside or near the areas where the families enjoy their picnics. All these procedures aim at securing the families and protecting them from the terrorist attacks that want to transform the happiness of the Eid into a tragedy. They want to steal the happiness from the souls of the Iraqis and transform the smiles of the children into bitter tears.

  • طه عبدالعزيز


    I believe that one of the benefits of arresting this deviant faction is that this constitutes a strike directed against the remnants of terrorism in the organization of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq, which has lost many of its prominent terrorist cells. Arresting this group would then contribute to weakening the blind terrorism. Also, this will be a response to the remnants of terrorism who commit some crimes every now and then. We believe that this quality operation is of the utmost excellence and distinction, and will thus have a great role in further stabilizing the security situation in Al Anbar governorate and in reassuring the people there after witnessing the crimes committed by this cell’s members who killed and shed the blood of innocent people. Thank God for His victory, and may He curse terrorism.

  • راتب فريد


    The Iraqi security forces have made many arrest operations against the suspicious terrorist members in the city of Al-Anbar during the campaign of Eid al-Adha. This is in order to protect the lives of many Iraqis, who have been exposed to the bombing and killing operations, due to the criminal members of al-Qaeda. In fact, these criminals have exploited gatherings and events in order to sow discord, death and terror among the people. They have also planted explosive devices and sent in suicide bombers. This is in order to bomb people. Thus, the Iraqi security forces carried out wide and extensive operations during Eid al-Adha in order to prevent any terrorist attacks against innocent citizens. That’s why it is important to get rid of all the criminal members who have caused the death of women, children and the elderly, especially during the blessed days of Eid al-Adha. These criminals have pretended to be Islamic groups that have worked on fighting injustice. However, in reality, these members don’t want the well-being of Iraq and Iraqis, because they have exploited religious events in order to implement their destructive and malicious plans which have proved the extent of their hatred and evil. Thus, the Iraqi security forces must arrest all the suspicious members, because these terrorist groups and gangs have constituted a threat to the innocent citizens’ security and safety, especially during the days of the blessed Eid al-Adha.

  • مازن


    We pray to God to make all the days of Iraqis Eids and to get rid of terrorism and of whoever belongs to this filthy group of terrorists. We also pray to God to see Iraq in the coming Eid become the country of security and safety that is free of the criminal al-Qaeda. In fact, I feel that the Iraqi government has offered us the Eid present before the Eid day in the steadfast Anbar province, by arresting a considerable number of terrorists in the province. God willing, all terrorist plans will be thwarted in Anbar and in all the other Iraqi provinces. In addition, I would like to thank the brave Iraqi forces, the soldiers and police officers, for working day and night for the sake of maintaining our security and safety, sacrificing their lives and leaving their families and loved ones in order to be the watchful eyes of this wounded nation.

  • فارس محمد خالد


    The security situation has not settled down yet; on the contrary, it has gotten worse and worse and the Iraqi people are suffering from a great deterioration. Everyone is in a state of frenzy and anger as a result of what happens to many of the people of the other governorates, whether Anbar, Salah al-Din, Basra or Baghdad governorates, and the other governorates, which are seeing an increasing escalation of tension among its people. Therefore, the situation is unstable and unsafe for those citizens, and the terrorist organization may exploit this situation to carry out terrorist attacks against the gatherings that are held by the citizens. They are suffering a lot and they do not have the support, backing or services, so that these organizations do not witness a major development. The reason for this is the chaos that is going on in the country, in addition to negligence, default and the great failure that is happening in Iraq. Everyone is in a state of extreme anger and excitement. This has led everyone to unemployment, poverty, hunger, suffering and the lack of the most basic elements of simple life, which works on the comfort of the Iraqi people in all the Iraqi governorates, which live in a state of great tension and resentment. Therefore, the government and the competent authorities and the people in power in the state and everything that concerns the Iraqi citizen should provide all the needs of the people, and provide them comfort and service, and not the opposite. It is necessary to support these organizations that continue their work in Iraq, and to provide all the needs of the Iraqi people who do not have anyone to contribute in their relief and support, as the situation has become very difficult.