Scores of Iraqi children die in recent terrorist attacks

An Iraqi woman and her son visit the hospital morgue after a terrorist attack killed a family member. [Kareem Raheem / Reuters]

An Iraqi woman and her son visit the hospital morgue after a terrorist attack killed a family member. [Kareem Raheem / Reuters]

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Soumia Farhan al-Akkashi sits on a couch in her home in Baghdad watching video footage on her mobile phone of her daughter playing and singing the children's song, "The Net and the Sparrow".

"I lost my only daughter because of the terrorists' crimes," said Akkashi, 33, as she wiped her tears away.

Shrapnel struck the head of her 5-year-old daughter, Asawer, when a car bomb exploded in front of the Baraem kindergarten in Baghdad's Deragh neighbourhood in October 2010. The shrapnel killed Asawer along with several other citizens, including four children.

"I arrived at the kindergarten after the explosion and found my daughter dead," Akkashi said. "The terrorists did not even give her a chance to open her purse to eat the egg and tomato sandwich that I prepared for her, or drink the water from her bottle."

Hundreds of children like Asawer have died in similar explosions.

Dr. Khamees Saba al-Janabi, acting director of statistics at the Ministry of Health, said figures for July, August, and September alone reveal that 79 children died and 123 were injured in terrorist attacks carried out in several Iraqi cities. The ages of the children ranged between two and 14 years old.

"The worst strike was in August, when an explosive charge struck an elementary school in the Tarmiya district, north of Baghdad, killing eight children and wounding 22 others," al-Janabi told Mawtani

Intissar al-Juburi, chairperson of the Iraqi parliament's childhood committee, told Mawtani, "The continued random criminal explosions by the terrorist al-Qaeda organization and other terrorist groups carried out in Iraqi cities, without any concern for the lives of children who died in these explosions, is evidence that the terrorists are not affiliated with any faith, sect, or ideology, or even a real family."

Al-Juburi said explosions that kill innocent people are criminal acts rejected by society, "but explosions that kill children are the ugliest".

"The terrorists should think and pause before killing children because they would see the tears and the grief of the children's mothers and fathers. If they put themselves in their place, would they accept that the parents of the victims would take revenge by killing their children?" she said.

'Children are not guilty of anything'

Hussein Mawhoob al-Ani, chairman of the psychological review section at Rashad Hospital in Baghdad, said studies indicate that individuals who carry out terrorist attacks and explosions targeting civilians do not usually have a long history with their families.

Ani told Mawtani that Rashad Hospital treated five convicted terrorists a few months ago who were suffering from psychological disorders. They were receiving treatment under a strict security regimen.

"They suffer from psychological disorders because they are directly responsible for the death of their own sons through terrorist attacks or when explosives that they had stored inside their homes detonated and killed members of their families," he said.

"The misguided terrorists should think before committing themselves to such acts because their fate would be the same as that of the previous ones. They would be rejected by society, and their hands would be stained with the blood of those closest to them."

Iraqi Ministry of Interior adviser Maj. Gen. Tariq al-Asaal said more than 30 terrorists surrendered to Iraqi forces in the past few years after members of their families were killed in explosions they had carried out themselves.

"The terrorists confessed that they killed one of their own sons or [the son of] an acquaintance, and we know they were disowned by their families," Asaal told Mawtani.

"The terrorists should avoid targeting children in their despicable crimes because the children are not guilty of anything."




    رائد الساعدي


    The leaders of the party blocs and the parliamentarians are responsible for these crimes, because they are ready to sell their families, not to mention their people, in exchange for money, to the extent that even the devil felt ashamed of their crimes.

  • خادم الحسين


    We belong to God the Almighty and to Him we shall return. Let them kill and let them launch as many attacks. They are the followers of the devil and we will be the ultimate winners as we follow God, God willing.

  • غسان الكعبي الكربلائي


    O God! Send peace and blessings upon Muhammad and Al Muhammad. O God! Have mercy upon our martyrs in Iraq and admit them to Paradise. O God! Make them the companions of the prophets and the righteous people. O God! Cure all our wounded people and allow peace and security to reign in our beloved Iraq for the sake of Muhammad and his household. I swear that the destiny of the filthy terrorists, Wahhabis, Takfiris and Salafis will be dark. They are the followers of Yazid, and they will face the same evil end, as is the case with their accursed grandfather. The graves of the followers of Yazid will be full of garbage and they will face the same destiny in the hereafter. The end of those filthy people and the gang of Banu Umayyah and Banu Sufyaan is coming. Woe to those disbelievers because of the approaching evils and the darkness, which will reign over you. May God curse you and all the Takfiris and Wahhabis.

  • محمد


    God is sufficient for us, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs!

  • مازن النعيمي


    Shame on all the politicians and other groups who have stained their hand with the blood of Iraqis. They will go to hell forever. May God bless Iraq, and victory to Islam. Amen, O Lord of the Worlds.

  • ياسر العاني


    I think everything that is happening in our beloved nation, Iraq, is due to politicians who have nothing in their hearts or minds except offices and positions. If these positions were permanent for other people, they would not be appointed; such public offices never last. I pray to God Almighty to rescue every Iraqi from any kind of terrorist attack that targets the dignity of Iraqis and agitates the sectarian feuds. Amen!

  • ابومحمدالحلفي


    God is our God, Muhammad is our Prophet, the Quran is our Book, and Islam is our religion. What blessed, wonderful and great words. The non-Muslims cannot understand these great words, because they do not know Islam. Iraq is our home, and the land of Iraq is our mother. The water of the Euphrates is our nurse. The terrorists do not know the meaning of the home, because they have no religion. Treachery is not a trait of the honorable Muslims. We ask God to guide us.

  • وتالي ياوطن؟؟؟؟


    There is no one worthy of worship except God. There is no power except with God the Almighty. We have been patient for years, and we were the victims of the conflict of the giants. We do not know the parties that are responsible for the murder and bombings and for whom they work. I swear we trust only in God, as there is no safe place in our country.

  • صباح الزهيري


    There is no power except with God the Almighty. We belong to God the Almighty and to Him we shall return. We ask God to curse all those who kill the women, children and men without any right and for no reason but to say, “There is no one worthy of worship except God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God.” O God! Make the infidels destroy each other and curse the Takfiris in this world and in the hereafter.

  • جبار الديراوى


    God willing, the end of terrorism is coming soon. Victory will be for Iraqis soon, with the help of God! May God have mercy on all the martyrs! May they dwell in Paradise! We will destroy terrorism and its supporters.

  • ابو خالد


    As a father, I have greatly suffered because of terrorism and its violent crimes against my beloved country and people, who have been harmed by these sinful hands which target everything in this beautiful Iraq. What increased my pain and agony is that I am the father of an innocent child at the age of the roses whom I lost as a result of one of the criminal operations, carried out by terrorism in public places, to murder a number of innocent Iraqis as victims of this cowardly and hideous act. My young, innocent son was one of the victims; terrorism claimed his pure soul to rise to the vicinity of God, leaving me suffering pain and grief that has changed much in my life and made me wear the dress of grief on my heart for the one who has been added to the martyrs of Iraq. I am in so much pain and I suffer because of the acts of terrorism that caused me pain that wrings my heart thousands of times every day over the loss of my poor son, who was harmed by the terrorist operation and its crimes. These crimes kill all the Iraqis without any sin that Iraqis have committed.

  • كامل غازي


    What is happening today in terms of terrorist acts against the innocent people in Iraq, of killing based on identity, targeting adults and young people and killing children collectively, are shameful criminal acts that all religions and traditions reject. These evil acts of violence are conducted to achieve the objectives of certain terrorist organizations, which are seeking to mislead the ideas of the people through the issuance of religious opinions, or Ifta. The Ifta that these organizations issue are not in conformity with the concepts of the noble Islamic religion. They issue them through wrong selection in the introduction of the exercise of violence, terrorism and easiness in killing the human and destroying properties. This has led to an increase in the acts of terrorism everywhere. But we can see that there is some sort of awakening that happened to many of the people who were affected by the terrorist acts in the country, or of those who did not accept terrorism’s violent ideas that call for the aggressive killing of innocent people. This made them denounce and deplore the collective killing of innocent people, because it causes damage to many individuals and human communities, and this is one of the most prohibited acts in the Islamic religion. The Islamic religion came to bring mercy to the people, and its clean image has been tarnished by these cruel terrorist acts that falsified the facts.

  • teba


    I can say nothing but that I seek God’s help against those who harm the innocents.

  • Dfar


    One of the difficult things that one can experience and that breaks the heart of a human being is to lose one’s son in an incident, which leads to his being killed or his death in the sight of his parents. At those moments, the father or the mother wishes that he or she had been the one murdered, not their son, because of the parents’ substantial emotions towards their children, who are the most precious thing for them. What has increased my suffering was the loss of one of my children in one of the terrorist bombings, which was conducted by the criminal organizations which came from outside. These organizations came up with these deviant ideas and criminal acts, which were unknown in Iraq. These extremist organizations had taken a special route through which to practice terrorism. They practiced terrorism through random mass murders in multiple forms and methods against unarmed civilians, without distinction of the target of their criminal acts. These criminal acts aim at spreading fear and terror among the people, to reach their evil goals in applying the one ideology and indisputable policy. Their policy includes the non-acceptance of dialogue with the other, and the elimination of all his ideas and opinions, leaving no choice for him but to accept their ideas, whether by force or death for him or his family members! These terrorist organizations think that they can only achieve their objectives through the use of excessive and illegitimate force, which destroys the lives of many innocent people and properties. The terrorist acts create situations of panic, fear and various kinds of grief for the people who have lost their children, or the people who are afraid to lose whoever is remaining to the persecution of these terrorist organizations. These organizations seek to make the bodies of our pure children the fuel of their evil war, to drown society in blood flowing from the bodies of our innocent children, increasing our agony, pain and sadness. We call on the Iraqi security authorities to take the necessary measures with the terrorists who have been arrested, and to work on quickly bringing them to the specialized courts in order to bring down the most severe penalties against those who have their hands stained with the blood of our innocent children. This will be a measure to reduce crimes of terrorism against innocent people.

  • عراقي افتخر


    All I want is to ask God the Almighty to make the one who is going to blow up others blow up his own family by mistake, to see them in front of his eyes, to know how people feel when their children are killed.

  • ادم


    May God send you, your supporters and anyone wants you to keep killing and destroying Iraq to hell, O villains. What are the thousands of innocent victims and children guilty of, whose bodies blew apart because of the car bombs, explosives and the barbarian mass murder that has no purpose?

  • حمودي كريم


    Those cowards kill our scholars and revered sheikhs. We ask God to take revenge upon them. God provided them with the evidence that invalidates all their claims when the Americans managed to kill the criminal Osama bin Laden, who used to allege that he defended Islam and the religion. However, God exposed the truth about him and did not protect him or any other leader or member of al-Qaeda. O God! Curse those mean people who violate the sharia, religion, and law, and who want to make this world a jungle, where the strong destroys the weak and where they can kill the innocent people and oppress the patient believers.

  • malak


    May God curse you… what are the children guilty of?

  • احمد جبوري


    All these news are bad for us

  • سعدسالم البدري


    O God! Have mercy upon the Muslim nation.

  • سلام الكعبي


    I wish I could find out the objective of those people who commit acts that have no relationship with humanity in any way. I would like to say that if their objective is to depose the government of Iraq, then killing the children, women, and elders in this horrible way would not make them get to anything other than keeping away from their Lord and people.

  • الوطن المسروق


    Peace be upon you…. the terrorist who kills innocent children must have his own children killed in front of his eyes, and then he should be tortured severely in the streets before all the people until he dies. In this way, we will prevent him from being a terrorist. This should be done for the sake of the children of the world. That is because everyone is dear and precious in the eyes of his family. In addition, God the Exalted says what can be translated as: “And We prescribed for them therein: The life for the life, and the eye for the eye, and the nose for the nose, and the ear for the ear, and the tooth for the tooth, and for wounds retaliation.” God has said the truth. The same thing was stated in the Law of Hammurabi.

  • محمدسالم


    There is no power except with God the Almighty. We seek God's help.ammad Muslim

  • [email protected]


    May God bless Sheikh Ali Hatim Suleiman, as he is a hero and the son of heroes. Your brother Ahmad Al-Kubaisi. May God bless our heroic sheikh.

  • عباس العلوي


    We ask God to help us. I swear everything that is going on in Iraq is caused by the regional alliances and the politicized people, not the politicians. Iraq will not witness stability unless they become loyal to Iraq only. Your brother Abbas Al-Alawi. Saturday the 17th of December.

  • طه تايه


    These crimes break the hearts. Where is the religion or politics? The criminals have protection and guidance and this will not end without the rule of the law, because they started beheading people and depriving them of the livelihood.

  • رياض حسين


    O God! I ask you to save us from all the malicious terrorists who work in the evil al-Qaeda terrorist organization that does not wish well to the Muslim nation, for the sake of all the good people. O God! Save the world and the Arab nation from their evils. O God! Save us from the terrorists who slaughter and bomb us. Al-Qaeda always works on spreading fear among the Muslims and kills the people, unfortunately. They allege that they follow Islam, while they are not true Muslims. However, what can we say other than asking God to take revenge upon them? Those people are evil and they want to defame Islam and the Muslims through killing people and children who know nothing about this world. I want to supplicate against Al-Qaeda, and I ask God to destroy them and embitter their lives. O God! Make them destroy each other and save the Arab and the Muslim nation from their evils, for the sake of the Prophet, peace be upon him. O God! Save the Arab nation from the mean terrorists of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and the other criminals who foment sectarian and ethnic strife in all the Arab states, such as Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria. We seek God's help against this deviant and mean group.

  • salam


    There is no power except with God the Almighty. Killing an innocent soul without right is akin to killing all people as stated in the Quran. I do not know how those people will face their Lord tomorrow to be questioned about their crimes and those who were killed at their hands. How would they respond to the victims when they come to Allah and say, “O Lord! Ask them did they kill us?” they should prepare the answers that they would provide then because in front of God there is no place for the justifications and all those who worked for them will disassociate themselves from them as also stated in the Quran. What did they get in return? Did they take dollars? They were spent and vanished, but their hands will remain stained with their blood and they cannot clean it at all until he meets God in the hereafter. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “one may repent at any time until he kills a soul without right.”

  • الصباح


    The execution of the convicted criminals must take place without any delay.

  • بطيخه


    We suffer a great deal and nobody care about us. It seems that we will suffer all the time.

  • عيسى المطيري


    Peace be upon you…. we ask God to have mercy upon the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, who lost their lives because of the cowardly and hateful terrorists. I want to adopt an approach that differs from the approach of the other commenters, despite the fact that our purpose is the same in all countries of the world. In the developed states, the intelligence agencies play the role of the shield of their peoples and countries, and they protect them from such terrorist operations. However, this intelligence success will not happen without cooperation between the aware people, the intelligence elements, and all the concerned agencies in the country. Hence, we are required to do our best and work hard to report any suspicious activities, and then allow the concerned security agencies to assess the situation. In this way, we will protect ourselves and our Iraqi brothers from the crimes of the criminals.

  • Saied Al-Ghurbali


    O God! Make their conspiracies of the oppressors turn against them and save us from you wrath, as you are forgiving and merciful. O God!!

  • ناصرحنون


    Peace be upon you…. we ask God to have mercy upon our martyrs.

  • عقيل


    One hand cannot clap. This is an Iraqi proverb. We have to help the Iraqi brothers and the wounded people. The government is required to do its best to defeat the plans of terrorism, which destroyed the great Iraq in all fields.

  • Raad


    We ask God to be with you.

  • فاضل كريم


    I think we should correct anyone who fails in performing their duties. We should also put on trial anyone who fails his country. Many innocent souls are killed by the murderers and terrorist agents, because of the delays in fulfilling security duties, and this leads to tragic security breaches. So, we have to hold the security leaders accountable for any security failure that happens under their authority, so as to limit such incidents, leading to the death of innocent people from time to time. It causes a lack of stability and security in our country. The punishments meted out to the security leaders who do not fulfill their duty might make other people very aware and responsible, and then accordingly they will be on the alert in their districts to stop criminals from executing terrorist attacks on civilians and the Iraqi security forces.

  • رعد الهلالي


    There is no power except with God the Almighty. We ask God to have mercy upon all the living and dead Iraqis. May God curse all those who abuse the Iraqis and I would like to demand that Mr. Talabani approve the death sentence, because you are responsible for avenging the death of all those martyrs, and you will be held accountable on the Day of Judgment. Trust God and imagine that this happened to any one of your family; would you accept this? Please, sign the death sentence and rely on God. We seek God's help against all the criminals.

  • اسماعيل الاوسي


    The deliberate terrorism and killing the childhood, which represents the future, unveils the true face of terrorism, which reveals bitter hatred and envy. The solidarity among all the groups of the patient Iraqi people aims at delivering a message to all those who bear grudge against the Iraqi people. We are a civilized people and our civilization goes back 10000 years. So, none of these insects can destroy a 10000-year old civilization. We belong to God the Almighty, and to him we shall return.

  • asmaa


    The government is solely responsible for all that is going on in Iraq, because our current suffering is because of its participation in the mass murder that targeted us.

  • جاسم العراقي


    This work is not only inside Iraq; it is inside all the neighboring states that have a hand in all the explosions, because the stability of the country is for the benefit of the country.

  • محمد الاجباري


    Falsehood may achieve victory for hour, but the victory of the truth will continue to the Day of Judgment. We belong to God the Almighty and to him we shall return.

  • goldeye098


    This is a criminal and a horrible crime. Those are terrorists and criminals. We ask God to curse them and those who help them until the Day of Judgment, because those children are the birds of Paradise and they are innocent.

  • الماستر الذهبي


    There is no power except with God the Almighty. Whoever considers himself a human being and a believer can never accept such acts that target humanity. May God curse all those who support, finance, and help the terrorists, even if they are their friends, brothers or sons. The Iraqis will never despair, because all trials will end.

  • sara


    We seek God's help against anyone who is behind the killing of an innocent man.

  • رعد الطائي


    Peace be upon you…. O honorable and heroic Iraqis, be patient, because patience is the key to relief. We have suffered terribly. As for the girl Asawir, who was martyred, she is only one of the countless horrible cases that have confronted our oppressed people. The day will come when we will expel terrorism and all those who have helped those villains. We belong to God the Almighty and to him we shall return.

  • ثامر عيدان


    I think that it is very important for the government to follow up on this matter and not to exclude any person from being subject to punishment if he committed any failing, negligence or default. The human beings are not infallible, especially the officials; but as for the security officials, they must be punished, because they are responsible for the security condition in the country. Any failure or negligence will cause the occurrence of disasters which may claim lives, as a result of the failure and the negligence in carrying out the duties. The government should require the application of laws to everybody, not excluding anyone, even the president himself. Justice is the base and the equity, and the people's right is very necessary for the people, so they can witness that the country is following the right path, and so that nobody's rights would be denied. If this actually happens, the country will witness great well-being, and everybody will abide with what is right and true, and will contribute to providing a secure, stable and calm atmosphere, which is characterized by justice and equity among all people, as there is no distinction between one person and another, even if he is one of the security officials.

  • lebeb


    These are the results of the backward peoples who ignore reason and adhere to fallacies and illusions and look to the past, rather than the future. They do not learn the lesson from the present. Unfortunately, we are dependent upon the peoples and we are divided by the difference in the religions, sects or the nationalities. We have lost the sense of the other, and we will remain the worst peoples on earth.

  • عبدالخالق محمود


    After all these crimes that have been committed by the criminal and deviant members during all these years, I think that terrorism and its criminal leaders are still characterized by arrogance and tyranny. In fact, their consciences and sick souls have enjoyed the targeting of Iraqis in this terrible way, which we denounce and condemn. Thus, as an Iraqi citizen, I denounce terrorism and its Takfiri and bloody operations. And I hope to get rid of the evil leaders who have led the terrorists. Thus, I call for the execution of the terrorist leaders who have been involved in the operations of bloodshed against Iraqis. These terrorists cannot be treated in this way, because they must be executed so we can get rid of them. In fact, this is the only solution, in order to make these deviant groups an example for their followers and members who still target the innocent civilians in this criminal way. This is a proof of their hatred for the beloved Iraq and for Iraqis, who have been exposed to many crimes. This has led to the loss of many people due to car bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices, or IEDs. This is in addition to the attacks that have affected Iraqis in an illegal way.

  • مجرد مواطن


    I cannot find the words to express myself. But, if this terrorist has excuses to kill children and kill Iraqis in the inside, then it means one thing. It means all Iraqis are the origin of terrorism. The question is how?! Because all Iraqis have their concerns, sadness, plights, wounds, martyrs and tragedies of life. Does this mean we should all be criminals because of that?? No, no, no! Never! Some of the characteristics of Iraqis are patience, beauty of the soul and kindness of the heart. He will never become a criminal or murderer. Some people justify why this terrorist turned out that way. This terrorist is born a criminal. All the reasons in the world are not enough to justify why he killed a butterfly flying in the sky of Iraq. Thanks to you all.

  • بدير


    May God the Almighty damn and disgrace terrorism and all its criminal acts which are carried out against our children and citizens. May God respond to our invocation against them and disgrace them. Damn you bastards and your criminality. We really hate you, because you are fools, murderers and criminals. In addition, your acts will never prevent us from standing up to you, fighting you and freeing our country from you. Your acts will not prevent us from retaliating for our families and children, whom you have targeted with your criminality. Also, we will never stop cursing you, because, as criminals and terrorists, you deserve nothing from us but that we should continue cursing you, your terrorism and your cowardly acts.

  • منير مجيد عباس


    Peace be upon you…. We belong to God the Almighty and to him we shall return. We seek God's help against the oppressors. Whoever kills an animal that is not guilty is not a human. So, what about those who kill the humans and the helpless and innocent children? They committed nothing but they are the apples of our eyes. The worst thing is that their killers claim that they are Muslims. May God curse them in this world and in the hereafter.

  • hamza_215@


    The commenters are deceiving themselves and the public opinion. Most of the explosions are masterminded by the neighboring countries and their intelligence agencies. Why do you deceive yourselves?

  • saharkamel


    We belong to God the Almighty and to him we shall return. We ask God to take revenge upon the supporters of Yazid. We seek God's help against the takfiri terrorists.

  • حسن سلمان


    Whom do you want to destroy through your explosions that target the poor and the innocent? The thinkers and intellectuals need to work on eliminating corruption through devising new and advanced methods. This is better than carrying out explosions, and you must fear God and save yourselves from the severe punishment of God.

  • احمد +سجاد


    God is the greatest and we seek God's help against them. I swear those are not true Iraqis. They will be doomed to hell. We will be one hand against them, God willing. All the Iraqis including the Sunnis, Mandeans, Muslims, and Kurds, are united and agree that they should never allow anyone to sow the seeds of dissension among them.

  • بغدادي


    Dear brothers and sisters, why do you fear the Mahdi Army or al-Qaeda? Is it because they execute and kill whoever does not appeal to them immediately, while the government fears and compromises on the penalties or even releases the criminals in return for money? The sentences can be also alleviated according to the amount that you can pay. And Talabani will not sign any death sentence, so do not panic. If there is any imaam who does not agree with them, then our filthy government and the terrorists will harass him. We will never move forward unless we have a strong and fair state. However, this seems impossible and you will see.

  • عبدالعزيز العبوسي


    God the Almighty said, “Those who do wrong will come to know by what a great reverse they will be overturned!” Quran 26:227. I seek God's help against them.

  • سعد جميل


    May God curse every despicable terrorist who has claimed innocent lives. In fact, these criminals have targeted the heroic Iraqis, and especially the heroic security and military forces. That’s why I hate terrorism and terrorists. And I hate the criminal organization of al-Qaeda, due to its criminal and hateful operations. In fact, we don’t need to explain it, because the reality is obvious, especially since the cowardly terrorists have worked on killing and recruiting the innocent children. Besides, they have obliged them to carry out bombing operations through wearing explosive belts in order to claim the innocent lives. The despicable organization of al-Qaeda has worked on terrorizing the people. May God curse them. And may God save us from their terrorism and sow fear among their ranks. May God Almighty punish them severely.

  • ياسري


    The terrorists of al-Qaeda want to sow discord among people. In fact, they have worked on killing the innocent everywhere, in the streets and shops. This has constituted a big threat to all Iraqis, especially since the cowardly organization of al-Qaeda has carried out all the terrorist operations. However, Iraqis have prevented them from achieving that. And they have worked on making Iraq much better than it was during the previous time. In fact, the groups of al-Qaeda don’t want the wellbeing of Iraq and of the Arabic and Islamic nation. Thus, Muslims must protect the blood of their Muslim brothers. In fact, the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda has pretended to follow Islam. And it has worked on terrorizing the innocent children. Besides, they have worked on killing the innocent people. Thus, terrorists have no religion and they have worked on killing and booby-trapping the innocent. May God save us from them forever, God Almighty willing.

  • 2011-11-27

    There is no power except with God the Almighty.

  • سلام المياحي


    Dear brothers, we speak from different perspectives, but we have to put ourselves in the place of the mother who lost her beloved child because of religious extremism and the grudge against those killers, who depicted Islam as a religion that promotes murder and bloodshed. Whoever feels safe from the punishment will misbehave. Hence, the government is required to use an iron fist and to adopt a hard line in treating the terrorists who must be executed publicly. We should stop treating them with extra humanity, because they do not deserve this. We should act like a mother with a wounded heart. The pious will be the final victorious people.

  • حسن السعيدي


    I wish that children would live away from the violence and terrorist crimes and I wish that they would not be a part of the malicious operations of the gangsters of al-Qaeda and the militias. The children must live in peace and security, which is also needed by all Iraqis, regardless of their age. Security and stability should prevail in order to allow us to build our homes with diligence and dedication, as well as security and stability.

  • صباح الربيعي


    First, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the patient mother, and we ask God to provide her with more patience. I would also like to ask those criminals of al-Qaeda and their supporters about the guilt of this child and her mother. May God curse you and those who have supported you. I also ask God to make peace prevail in Iraq, and the Muslim nation as a whole. Best regards.

  • عثمان سالم


    I wish to know what argument the terrorists use to explain committing these cowardly terrorist operations against civilians, such as women and children, in that barbaric and brutal way. The terrorists use explosives, car bombs and explosive belts in their crimes, and they say, “We will go to paradise”?! What paradise do you expect?! The Islamic teachings are quite clear, as they very clearly ban any kind of attack on civilians, the innocent, women and children. Every terrorist attack leads to the death of many children, women and young girls. So, what kind of Jihad are those terrorists talking about? They are crimes against humanity by shedding blood in such careless, inconsiderate ways, with no regard for the souls and bloodshed. All religions, including Islam, have banned such crimes. There is no scholar, cleric, sect or religion that permits them, at any time to kill children and women or to attack them in this horrible way.

  • مؤيد جوزي


    We have never heard before that Jihad is to kill civilians, women or children. This is not Jihad at all. Terrorists are liars; they want to spread chaos, killing, terror and the intimidation of people. They make them afraid through these cowardly methods. They say this is Jihad, but they know deep inside that this is a huge mistake. It is unforgivable in the present life and in the hereafter. These actions are forbidden; no sane person accepts them. Those retarded criminals do not have any religion or belief. They try to cover up the crimes they commit by claiming they are doing it in the name of religion and Jihad. Everybody knows that these are a bunch of lies and delusions. They will be held accountable and they will be punished severely. They will end in hellfire, which is the worst destination, God willing.

  • محمد


    We seek God's help against them, because the children are innocent. Stop the killing and bloodshed in Iraq forever.

  • محازم


    May God curse the terrorists, who have deviated from the path of truth and righteousness. May God destroy their groups and blacken their faces in order to be a lesson for the others who want to follow this dark path. These terrorists have violated our sanctities and they have claimed our families’ lives. Thus, may God take revenge on these criminals and terrorists. And may God destroy their criminal organizations. I pray to God to prevent them from raising their flag, because God is able to do everything and God is the source of strength. In fact, terrorism has destroyed our country and it has claimed innocent people’s lives. It has also targeted everything in order to fight humanity. Thus, we pray God to destroy the oppressive terrorists in order to get rid of these criminals, because we want to live in peace and brotherhood without the phenomena of terrorism, criminality and bombing. May God destroy the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda that has been the basis of evil and criminality. May God curse them because they have claimed innocent lives and have tarnished religion. Thus, we pray to God to achieve the country’s security and peace in order to make people enjoy stability, God willing.

  • مصطفى داود


    We pray to God to curse terrorism and to curse its criminal members in life and in the hereafter. These criminals have carried out many operations that have caused God’s wrath. And they have violated all the divine teachings that forbid criminal operations that can claim people’s lives.

  • اشرف بدرالدين


    May God damn the terrorist groups, the armed gangs and the members who represent a threat to the security, safety and stability of Iraq and Iraqis; particularly to children, given that the latter represent the future of Iraq. In addition, they are targeting a lot of innocent citizens who have been subjected to brutal and treacherous acts of murder; may God curse and damn them and undermine them, God willing. In fact, the terrorist attacks and acts reflect the extent of hostility and hatred of these groups. This also proves that they do not want the wellbeing of Iraq and Iraqis. They are also devoid of a conscience, mercy, ethics, religion and human rights. They are really monsters. Therefore, the Iraqi security forces, the army and the police must do what is required in order to eliminate this dangerous presence for the Iraqis. They are aliens. Therefore, we must eradicate and get rid of them through tracking them down, arresting them and bringing them to justice, so that they will get their just punishment and be a lesson for those who think about carrying out malicious, terrorist and criminal acts against the innocent, namely women, children, the elderly and the youth. In fact, all people have been harmed as a result of the dangerous acts of the terrorist gangs. In addition, it is very important to ensure a kind of cooperation between citizens and the security forces, in order to get rid of the cowardly terrorist groups and gangs who are always undermining the security and stability of Iraq. This can certainly be achieved through making calls using the private lines of the Iraqi security forces. The latter should be guided and directed to all the suspects in order to facilitate the work of the security forces, so that they will reach terrorist groups rapidly.

  • وسام علوان


    May God curse the terrorist and criminal groups that don’t want the wellbeing of this nation. They have tried to carry out operations of bloodshed. They have also tried to tarnish the image of the Islamic religion through pretending to follow Islam. These terrorists have also pretended to defend Islam. In fact, they have claimed the lives of women, children, the elderly and the youth under the pretext of fighting the corrupt members. They have also fought religion. This has claimed the lives of many innocent victims due to the killing operations that have been carried out in order to get money. In fact, they have lured the youth with money in order to carry out their dirty operations of violence, criminality, brutality and cruelty. Therefore, may God curse all those who have caused the innocent people’s deaths and all those who have carried out violent operations of bombing, killing, booby-trapping, kidnapping and assassinating. In fact, these terrorists have caused the displacement of many families. They have also worked on spreading terrorism among people. This is in order to control the situation and to impose violence and terrorism among people. They have tried to sow fear and terror among people through these operations.

  • مجيد خالد


    All people must fight these cowardly terrorist groups and gangs that have claimed people’s lives in all the malicious ways, whether they were children, women or the elderly, and without any discrimination. Thus, it is important to get rid of them in order for them to be a lesson to all those who want to carry out such terrorist operations. In fact, it is important to get rid of them forever.

  • رعد بارق


    God is stronger than the oppressors. Childhood, life and beauty are stronger and purer.

  • جودت الحسيني


    Yesterday, they killed the children of Al-Hussein and today they kill the others and repeat the same scenario, but at the hands of their grandchildren. What is the guilt of those children? The reason is that whoever knows that he will not be punished, will misbehave. We seek God's help against them.

  • hussam


    In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the ever Merciful. We belong to God the Almighty and to Him we shall return.

  • لبيب الحمداني


    The parties in Iraq must first be judged for these crimes, because this issue is clear and their fingerprints are well-known. We seek God's help against those who came to us while they are loyal to our enemies.

  • كاظم محب الصداقات


    What should I say, while the disasters are countless? What can I comment on while the crises are numerous? Iraq has become accustomed to offering sacrifices. However, the sorrowful thing is that you will see the killers and the criminals alive and breathing the air of Iraq.

  • بتول الحسناوي


    We seek God's help. In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the ever Merciful. God the Almighty said what can be translated as: “And when the girl-child that was buried alive is asked for what sin she was slain…” God has said the truth. I ask God to provide all the Iraqis and Arabs with patience in the face of the terrorist tide that swept our beloved country and the other precious Arab states. Victory is from God; this crisis will certainly end, and our beloved country Iraq will survive.

  • حسين مناف


    When will this end?

  • قاسم


    All the militias in Iraq follow no religion, because they break the hearts of the Iraqis and kill their innocent, helpless children. There is no power except with God the Almighty. The oppressors will face a dark end

  • فوز المحبة


    There is no power except with God the Almighty. We belong to God the Almighty and to Him we shall return.

  • قاسم الطائي


    Whoever does this to his fellow Muslims is not a true Muslim. Is this what the Prophet, peace be upon him, and Islam have taught us? Did the message of the Prophet, peace be upon him, mean killing the innocents in the streets, who were not guilty of anything? What is the reason for doing this? Do you seek to take revenge or to implement religious teachings? Woe to us because of you, O mean people. Islam, Islamists‎, and the Muslim scholars ‎have nothing to do with you. Woe to you because of the torment on the Day of Judgment.

  • ابو جعفر


    The oppressors will certainly face a dark end. We seek God’s help.

  • كامل سعدون


    All religions disavow these deviant members and deplore these cowardly and decadent acts, which we strongly reject and condemn. I wonder what approach these atheists, Takfiri and unscrupulous people who lack the simplest feelings and humanity are following. In fact, everyone knows that whoever targets the poor children through terrorist and bombing acts is mentally ill and has a deficiency in his personality. The latter is built wrongly, in a way that allowed these foolish people to target children in a way that hurts all of us. God damn terrorism and the failed creed it is following and believes in, this creed which has blinded these deviant groups. In fact, these fools and decadent people have neither a religion nor a creed, except for that creed which violates religion. It is the creed of criminality that has been ingrained in their filthy minds, and which we hope to get rid of once and for all, God willing.

  • عمار


    Terrorist members are the deviant people who are devoid of a conscience and honesty. In fact, they are Takfiri people who have nothing to do with religion and the nation. Indeed, through targeting children and the innocent, these criminal murderers prove that they are mentally ill. I wonder what kind of Jihad this is, especially since is allows the murder of the innocent Iraqi children in such a bloody way, which we reject and condemn.

  • عادل وسيط


    May God disgrace and shame these villains for their criminal acts, which do not distinguish between people. I wonder what creed these people believe in. I can only describe them as Takfiri, atheist and decadent, given that all divine and positive religions prohibit the targeting of children in any way. On the other hand, the terrorist al-Qaeda and the armed groups are not aware of this issue, and they only care about destabilizing security and stability in our country at any price, even if this means targeting innocent children. In this respect, criminals and Takfiri members have resorted to a lot of cowardly criminal acts to target our innocent children in their schools and public places, while this act is totally rejected. In fact, the Takfiri ideology urges these decadent people to carry out their terrorist attacks and target children. May God damn the Jihad which the criminal and Takfiri members are pretending to engage in. It is really a false Jihad that has caused a lot of pains and tragedies for all Iraqis, particularly when we see our children, these lovely roses, murdered by terrorist groups in such a heartbreaking way

  • عدنان الزويني


    Dear brother, how can you ask the terrorists to stay away from the places where there are children, while their main purpose is to kill everything that is beautiful, and their attacks aim at spreading terror among the citizens, whether young or old? Those barbarians and the Baathists and fake Muslims who provide them with shelter will not last long, because the Iraqi people have found out the truth about them. O God! Take revenge upon them and upon those who support them with money or propaganda. O God! Make them destroy each other. O God! Take revenge upon all those who have accepted their sayings and deeds.

  • سلمى الجنابي


    Whoever thinks of doing this to our children must remember that God may give respite but He never forgets.

  • مهند


    We seek God’s help against all oppressors who do not know God or Islam. We belong to God the Almighty and to Him we shall return.

  • ساجد


    God is the Greatest, and glory to God and the believers. If you do not feel ashamed, then you can do whatever you want. What are the children guilty of? Are they politicians? You are cowards, O terrorists. Whoever does a good deed will see it, and whoever does an evil deed, whatever it is, will see its dire consequences in the hereafter. Only the pious will eventually win.

  • anas


    We seek God’s help against them.

  • 2011-11-17

    May God compensate all those who have lost their loved ones at the hands of the damned terrorism.

  • تاصر


    The terrorists and the politicians have to keep the children away from their crimes, because the children are not guilty of anything, and this also applies to the people. There is no power except with God the Almighty.

  • خميس ياسين


    I swear by God, all the prayers I say against you are not enough. You have become like the defiled Taliban, who recruited children to be scapegoats for what they do. They dress them in explosives and blow them up along with the people they claim to be their enemies. God is Greater! God is Greater! I pray to God to punish every dirty terrorist that wants to kill a child by tearing him up in front of people. I pray that the birds and animals would eat his body. I pray that God will return his spirit to him and make him alive so that he would suffer over and over, like the suffering, depression and psychological destruction that we live in because of those cowardly terrorists. May God make the destiny of those who kill His beloved ones, i.e. the children, to end in hellfire, the worst destination ever. May God show us the day when they are destroyed. Hopefully, this day will be soon, so that we can gloat over their misfortunes. We will say to them, this is the payback for what you did to the children. God made you pay for it. I pray to Almighty God to save all the children of the world from the evil of every despicable terrorist, and to save the Arab and Muslim nation from the schemes of those criminals. Amen, O Lord of the Worlds! Finally, I would say, thanks to God, the Lord of the Worlds!

  • ناصر حمد امين


    Our religion is the religion of mercy; all the teachings of Islam encourage people to adhere to mercy and peace, even the greeting of Islam starts with peace. So, can anyone answer this question: From where did Bin Laden and his fundamental followers bring these beliefs that permit killing innocent Muslims and non-Muslims, who are not guilty of anything whatsoever? How can they justify the killing of children and women? Based on what claim or for what reason is this Jihad?! If this is what the foolish killers believe in, then I say to them that God will punish them in the present life and in the hereafter for what you do, such as killing the innocents and defaming the image of the kind Islamic religion. Sadly, this has made other people think that Islam means terrorism and killing.

  • شهاب حسين


    Glorified is the Lord! Compassion is an obligation, even towards animals; yet the terrorists of al-Qaeda kill innocent children. They are lower than animals, animals are better than they are. They are defiled, Heaven forbid, because they kill children. What is even more distressing is that they say that it is Jihad in the path of God. For God’s sake, what kind of Jihad is that??! They have made people hate Islam. Unfortunately, they have defamed the reputation of Islam and Muslims. I swear I only want to say to them: “What kind of accursed hearts you have?”

  • Ero


    I want to remind you of the days of Jihad by the Prophet of God, who struggled for the sake of Islam. He was fighting infidels so that you can live peacefully now. I want to remind you of the Jihad of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, al-Abbas and Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, peace be upon them. Those were true men; they were Mujahidin, for righteousness, peace and the preservation of the dignity of women, children, the elders and everybody. What should I say to you, you spiteful infidels? Even God calls in his Holy Book, the Qur’an, to preserve the dignity of humans, mothers, women, children and all of humanity. Yet, you do not have a religion or brains. You are just crazy people. Sadly, you are humans, but I think that, even though you have the body of humans, what is inside you is worse than animals.

  • Hazim sahm


    Terrorism targets all the beautiful things. The best things in this world are money and children. We should not find it strange when we hear that they target the children directly.

  • ahmed


    Those criminals have committed crimes against humanity. What is little child guilty of to deserve to be killed? They are terrorists and have no religion. They are accursed and they will remain so until the Day of Judgment. They will always feel ashamed for their crimes against the peaceful people in their homes.

  • عودة


    In fact, this is a real tragedy, because the children are not guilty of what is going on in the arena. The government has to intensify its efforts in order to get to those people as soon as possible. We ask God to have mercy upon the child Asawir and all the children, and provide their families with patience and fortitude. Peace be upon you….

  • راغب محمود


    There is no religion that allows shedding the blood of innocent civilians, whether they are men, women or children. Thus, those terrorists who have blown themselves up are certainly sick persons who have been exposed to brainwashing operations. Or they may be extremists who have reached the height of extremism. That’s why they think that they have done a good thing by killing and attacking the innocent. In fact, Jihad must be carried out against the oppressive and criminal members, and not against the innocent, who have left their houses in order to meet their living requirements. Thus, it is illogical to target a woman who has gone to the market in order to do the shopping for her children, or a child who has left school or who has gone to work in order to meet his brothers’ and mother’s requirements. In fact, there is a man who has sadly informed us about a woman who was killed in the market while buying vegetables near Al-Alwa, which is the vegetable market. This woman is a widow who had been providing for her children. Imagine the fate of these children, who have become orphans due to the loss of their parents. And the children who have gone with their father in order to buy clothes for the Eid have also been exposed to the bombing operations. Thus, they have lost their feet or their hands. In fact, there is nothing in the world that can justify such criminality. Besides, Islam and all religions have prohibited and condemned killing and bloodshed.

  • سامي حمودي


    Why did al-Qaeda not attack Israel or the Gulf States? Why did they not attack Kurdistan? Why do they focus on Iraq and Pakistan? I am waiting for the answer from our brothers.

  • صالح الخطيب


    The pure Islamic religion has provided mankind with the best laws to protect human rights and it has considered this one of the religious duties which the Muslim people should stick to, and which calls for not attacking the rights of others, the most important of which is the right to life and to respect it. It is not permissible for the human being to kill himself or kill others, because the Islamic religion considers killing one person like killing all of the people. According to Almighty God’s saying in the Holy Qur'an, “If anyone killed a person not in retaliation for murder, and/or to spread mischief in the land, it would be as if he killed all mankind, and if anyone saves a life, it will be as if he saved the lives of all mankind.” Moreover, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was advising the armies which head out to fight the enemy not to kill a Sheikh or a woman or a child, and not to cut a tree or demolish a silo or a church, but we do not know what religion is believed by the terrorists, who claim Islam while they disobey all its detailed instructions. They commit horrible criminal acts by implementing killings and bombings, by using bomb-filled cars and the explosive belts which the suicide bombers wear, and by blowing themselves up among the innocent people who are gathering. They kill the innocent people, both women and children, randomly, making their bodies a fuel for their accursed war against the innocent people, on the pretext that they follow the Islamic religion’s instructions, while in reality they have abused the Islamic religion greatly as a result of these deviant acts which they practice under the cloak of the Islamic religion, which is innocent of their criminal acts.

  • فلاح مصطفى


    The jihad which the terrorists are calling for has nothing to do with the Islamic religion or the Jihad at all. It is a mere job for which they take their wages and nothing more. They are directed in a way that cannot be discussed, because the person who could discuss this matter was killed immediately, because he was thought to be refusing this matter. The operations of killing women and children that they have carried out and are still carrying out are highly criminal, terrible, villainous and mean acts. It proves that they have an animal psychology which does not know the meaning of humanity or mercy, and that they are mere groups which have sold their conscience so as to get a small amount of money in return. May God curse, shame and humiliate them in this life and in the hereafter, and put them with those at the bottom of hell. They are mere groups of hatred and malice; they are elements, gangs and militias that do not want any good for this nation or for the Islamic religion. They are defaming the image of the real Islamic religion, which they take as a cover for all the malicious and criminal acts they carry out against all of humanity.

  • راجح ابو شهاب


    What are those children and women guilty of, who are being killed without having committed any crime or mistake? They are mere children and women. Where is the jihad in this whole matter? What is the pretext or the religion which justifies carrying out these horrible and terrible deeds? It proves the extent of horribleness, terribleness and criminality of these malicious and criminal groups and gangs, which do not want the good for the Islamic nation. They work on getting rid of the women and children, who are the future of the Islamic nation. Therefore, we believe that they are getting rid of women and children; so Iraq should be cleansed of these malicious groups. They should be gotten rid of, killed and buried under the ground, so that they will not come back to life again. They need to get their fair punishment from God, and to know that God is the truth, and that what they are carrying out is pure evil. At that time, they will wish to return back again to life, so as not to carry out the crimes, violence, terribleness and brutality they were carrying out against women and children; but they will not be able to return again, no matter what they do, and they will get their just punishment fairly.

  • ali.ozil


    In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the ever Merciful. We ask God to guide and support you. O God! Help the poor and helpless families. O God! Provide them with help. The children are innocent, especially those who lost their parents, or one of them. The state must look after the orphans and provide them with orphanages. We ask God for help and guidance.

  • محمدالعربي


    We ask God to take revenge upon the followers of Yazeed for the sake of Muhammad, peace be upon him, and his household.

  • xmad


    We ask God to save all those who lost a loved one, especially our young innocent children. However, the problem is that those who are supposed to protect us are thieves.

  • صباح الشويلي


    We ask God to help them and we also ask Him to engulf her in His mercy, as He is responsive. We belong to God the Almighty and to Him we shall return.

  • هندالجبوري


    We belong to God the Almighty and to Him we shall return. We seek God’s help against them.

  • ali.ozil


    In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the ever Merciful. The citizens have to help the poor and helpless families, and we should be one hand in the face of the infidel terrorism. Ali Al-Saa’idi ali.ozil

  • حيدر حسن


    Terrorism targets everything and all that is beautiful in this world, particularly the children and money. Therefore, we should not consider the targeting of the children a strange thing.

  • بارنشرا التياري


    Dear brothers, peace be upon you. First I want to ask: who are the terrorists? Aren’t they the ones who misuse the verses of the Quran to justify their shameful acts? Therefore, why didn’t we see any official Islamic institution adopting a strong stance against those people by issuing a fatwa to judge them as infidels? The Muslim sheikhs condemned the death of Osama bin Laden and described him as a martyr, despite the fact that he was the leader of the terrorists. What shall we say about them? I am sure that they are Islamists, because we have no stance from Azhar University or any official Fatwa House in any country to describe them as non-Muslims. I do not know how the Muslims do not even have a code of ethics that would prevent them from killing the children and the innocents, despite the fact that the atheists have such a code. Dear brothers, the terrorists themselves are victims of an ideology and a disagreement among the jurists, elucidators and scholars. I do not know whether I said something wrong or not, but I apologize to all of you. I sympathize with those poor people who are killed by those victims of the authoritarian thought. We have to shed light on this ideology to reveal the truth. Peace be upon you….