Anbar police open new anti-terrorism centre

An Iraqi soldier inspects a weapons cache in Ramadi. [Stringer/Reuters]

An Iraqi soldier inspects a weapons cache in Ramadi. [Stringer/Reuters]

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The Anbar Police Command opened a joint professional centre to fight terrorism in Ramadi on Tuesday (November 15th).

The centre will analyse intelligence information about terrorist groups, study how terrorist operations are executed, and make recommendations about how to fight and eliminate terrorist groups.

Maj. Gen. Hadi Erzaij Kassar, commander of the Anbar police, said the centre includes officials from the Iraqi army, police, department of national security, tribal leaders and the local government, as well as psychiatrists and sociologists.

"The centre will be the first step toward eliminating the confusion and some of the daily uncertainty that arises in our war against terrorism. It will also establish a starting point to strike terrorism by launching pre-emptive operations that abort attacks before they occur," Kassar told Mawtani.

"The centre's focus will be directed primarily at al-Qaeda in Iraq and other terrorist groups. Our goal is to arrest or kill the terrorists and paralyse terrorist cells or limit them to a great degree," he said.

The centre will have three major sections. The first section is for collection and analysis of intelligence information, the second section is devoted to reviewing plans and security actions against terrorist suspects, and the third is for co-ordinating communication between citizens and security forces.

Anbar Governor Kassim Mohammad al-Fahdawi told Mawtani that the centre would strengthen anti-terrorism operations.

"We hope the centre will be the beginning of the end of what is left of the terrorists because it will operate on the basis of scientific theories without mishaps or speculation in deciding on what steps are to be taken."

Al-Fahdawi said the centre has "a huge store of security information that employees will work on and translate into security steps that will help secure the lives of citizens".

Brig. Gen. Khamis al-Dulaimi, director of the new centre, said the focus of the centre would be on improving co-ordination among Iraqi forces.

"The primary activity of the centre will be to co-ordinate efforts and build strong ties between the branches of the Iraqi forces. It will also be prepared to build extensive security ties with all Iraqi provinces," he said.

Al-Dulaimi told Mawtani that the centre would send some of its members to countries with a long history of fighting terrorism to train on the latest methods for fighting armed groups.

He also said the local government has equipped the centre with advanced computers, an internet network, and equipment for communicating with all government offices in Anbar and other provinces. The centre will operate 24 hours a day, with two working shifts for the staff.

According to al-Dulaimi, the centre will be funded by all security agencies that are collaborating in the centre's efforts. He said no security mission will be executed against terrorist targets without a legal warrant.

"The centre's work will not interfere with the judiciary. It will be a source for intelligence information collected by the security teams, which is then analysed and sent to the Iraqi forces to act on," al-Dulaimi said.

Rafi Abdul Kareem, chairman of the defence and security committee in the Anbar Provincial Council, told Mawtani that the centre's formation "is considered a new step forward in our war against terrorism".

"The centre will be an important agent for fighting al-Qaeda and other armed groups," he said. "It is a nucleus for work that is more co-ordinated, professional and focused on the mission."




    خير الله محمد


    The terrorists’ insistence on the criminal acts and organized murder in different ways proves that a group of the outlaws and dangerous elements that must be arrested and punished no longer adopts it, but it is more than this. We cannot take terrorism lightly, because it is very clear that terrorism is comprised of criminal plans and support from states and public figures. Hence, I believe that it is very important to open a center for studying and analyzing terrorism and its thoughts, to find out the ways of confronting this terrorist ideology if it continues to spread in this way. We want to expose their crimes and unveil the reality of their terrorist acts publicly, so that all people will know more about the evils of terrorism and its dirty and criminal objectives. We have to provide all the experts to study terrorism in this center, in order to come up with solutions to our current situation. We need to save the country from the maelstrom of terrorism in every possible way, and I think that opening a center for studying terrorism will play a significant role in helping us to save the country from the dilemma of terrorism and suicide attacks. This center must be large, and it should be provided with all the experience that was gained from dealing with terrorism. We can also seek foreign help through cooperation with the other anti-terrorism centers worldwide.

  • يونس عمر


    Al-Qaeda is among the terrorist organizations that have exploited some people through conveying wrong thoughts. They have also influenced some people who have no cultural or religious background that could protect them from the extremist and Takfiri ideas. That’s why there are many criminals and terrorists among the youth, who are in the most dangerous stages of life. Thus, the families must follow up on their sons. Besides, it is important to fight terrorism, not only through the military operations, but also through standing against its beliefs, which are the root of the problem. In fact, the spread of the terrorist beliefs has constituted a big threat to the Iraqi society.

  • خورشيد


    I am in favor of establishing centers for studying terrorism, in order to fight these extremist and criminal beliefs. This center will work on raising society’s awareness, and especially the youth, through revealing these terrorist organizations’ ideas and lies. In fact, the terrorist organizations have tried to attract some people in order to work with them. Thus, they have exploited religion, some verses of the Quran and some prophets’ Hadiths, in order to enjoy people’s acceptance. In fact, such a center for studying terrorism will have a great importance in warning people of the danger of terrorism. It will also work on spreading the spirit of tolerance and moderation, which has been recommended by our tolerant Islamic religion. Thus, I am in favor of creating such a center, which will fight terrorism and its criminal organizations. It will also reject the culture of terrorism. In fact, this center and its responsible members will fight the extremist ideas of the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda, which has pretended Jihad for the sake of the Islamic religion, which has nothing to do with this criminal organization. In fact, many youth need to be aware and be warned of the terrorist organizations’ risks and poisonous ideas. Thus, it is important to fight terrorism through establishing this center. And we hope that this center will perform its role, which will refute the pretenses of the criminal terrorist organizations that have tried to sow these sick ideas among our youth.

  • Ghassan


    Terrorism and the terrorists have reached all of the Arab countries. In fact, every nation is witnessing a lot of desolation and destruction operations. However, the good people will eventually prevail. There are many hateful terrorist members in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Libya, but the brave security forces will rid the Arab nations of them and their evil. In this respect, I want to tell all the Arab countries that the force of terrorism and terrorists from al-Qaeda has begun to weaken. The Muslims and sensible people have become more powerful. Thus, I want them to make more efforts to rid the Islamic nations of the evil of terrorism and terrorists and to make them join Osama bin Laden or Abd al-Rahman, who were killed. The latter were the first two masterminds. However, the destiny of the Arab and Muslim countries was to get rid of them forever. Still, we want to get rid of the rest of the cowards now. In fact, the infidel liar al-Zawahiri is leading the group of liars, deceptive and despicable people. Indeed, he is in a tough and deplorable condition. We should seize this opportunity and get rid of him, and all his hateful companions, once and for all. The latter do not want the good of the Arab-Muslim nations, and al-Zawahiri is a sick, weak and crazy man. Therefore, we should be able to take advantage of this important opportunity, and to be certain that we really want to get rid of the terrorists, in order to not be their lifelong enemy.

  • Asem


    It is important to open centers to study terrorism. It is also important that it include specialized cadres that will guide and advise people. This is in order to fight all the sources of terrorism, criminality and violence. In fact, the situation requires following up on all the terrorist operations that can lead to deterioration through the criminal operations of bombing, booby-trapping, kidnapping and assassinating. Thus, it is very important to establish centers to study violence and terrorism, because this will achieve many positive results, especially through fighting these terrorist acts. Terrorists have competed with the security services through taking advantage of science and technology. In fact, the terrorists have also exploited technology in order to spread their malicious and violent plans. This is also in order to tarnish the image of the Islamic religion in a brutal way. In fact, the Islamic religion has nothing to do with these acts, because it is the religion of love, cooperation and peace. Besides, Islam condemns terrorism, violence and criminality. Thus, it is important to challenge and fight terrorism in all the Arab and foreign countries. This can be achieved through opening centers that will contribute to the studying of terrorism in order to educate people and warn them of the terrorist groups’ objectives. In fact, these terrorists want to carry out malicious operations because they have neither humanity, nor mercy nor a conscience.

  • ابو سعد


    It is important that the cadres work on fighting these members and gangs through guiding the citizens and through interdicting the terrorist operations that have aimed to claim people’s lives. These terrorists have also caused people’s suffering and pain due to their destructive operations. Thus, it is important to fight these terrorist groups and gangs that shed innocent blood. In fact, many people have been the victims of these savage terrorists. That’s why it is important to open centers to study terrorism, in order to achieve security and stability in all the countries that have witnessed the presence of the malicious and violent terrorists.