Al-Qaeda behind mosque bombings in Abu Ghraib: officials

Three simultaneous explosive charges went off at three mosques in Abu Ghraib on Friday (November 19th). [Mohammed Ameen/Reuters]

Three simultaneous explosive charges went off at three mosques in Abu Ghraib on Friday (November 19th). [Mohammed Ameen/Reuters]

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Al-Qaeda is responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks in Abu Ghraib last week that left nine Iraqis dead and 19 others injured, Iraqi security officials said Sunday (November 20th).

On Friday, three explosive charges went off simultaneously targeting worshippers at the Rahma, Rahman, and Sadiq al-Ameen mosques in Abu Ghraib. Three security personnel who were providing protection at the mosques were killed in the explosions.

"All indications point to the terrorist al-Qaeda organization and parties that are affiliated with it. We are not ruling out involvement by militias supported by a state neighboring Iraq of being behind the operation," Colonel Sabah al-Falahy, commander of the Abu Ghraib police, told Mawtani.

"These terrorist operations are aimed at creating a major crisis in the town, which is noted for its wide ethnic and sectarian diversity, but these attempts will not go unnoticed by the citizens here," he said.

'No mercy for those who desecrate the house of God'

"The investigations will reveal the group that was behind the attack, and we will not show mercy to those who desecrated the houses of God and turned them into areas of hatred and extremism for despicable objectives seeking to destroy and fragment national unity," al-Falahy said.

Ziyad al-Tamimi, chairman of the defense and security committee for the Abu Ghraib town council, said Iraqi security forces imposed strict security measures at other mosques in town as a precaution against future terrorist attacks.

"The attack was somehow expected because the terrorists want to create a crisis between the Iraqi people. It is expected that Husseiniyats will be targeted as well to ignite a crisis and break down the spirit of citizenship and national unity," he told Mawtani.

The security forces will reveal the results of an interrogation of the detainees when they are completed, according to al-Tamimi.

Maj. Gen. Adel Dahham, the Ministry of Interior spokesperson, told Mawtani, "We will not hesitate to launch a major military operation in retaliation for the attacks."

Dahham said the Iraqi forces' insistence upon launching a retaliatory security operation was intended to prevent the terrorist groups from planning other attacks.

"Al-Qaeda terrorists will repeat their action if they do not see a painful retaliation from us. The lives of citizens are not cheap," he said.

'Terrorism has no faith'

Sheikh Yusuf al-Zawbae, a preacher and imam at the Rahma mosque, said, "This attack proves to us that terrorism has no faith, and it does not belong to any sect. Everyone must fight it and get rid of it in any way possible."

Zawbae urged Iraqi citizens to cooperate with Iraqi security forces to ensure the success of future security operations.

Shaker Mahmoud, 43, who witnessed the attack at the Rahma mosque, said, "The terrorists intended to strike against the highest number of victims possible. Their plan is to kill Iraqis and destroy the country."

"These plans will not succeed," he said. "We have declared our war on terror, and we will wipe out the terrorists soon."




    محمود ياسين


    What happened in Abu Ghraib is an absolute ugly crime; it is one of the crimes of terrorism. Attacking mosques and the worshipers in the places of worship is a terrible crime. There are terrorist attacks against civilians in Abu Ghraib, which is a city that has suffered a lot from terrorism, al-Qaeda and its ideas. They tried to force every cleric in the area to follow terrorism. They tried to oppress the people in Abu Ghraib through attacks, threats, terrors and fear to submit to the al-Qaeda organization, but the people in Abu Ghraib did not abandon their patriotism. They worked to protect the nation and the city, so the terrorists kept committing their ugly crimes. We have to arrest those scumbags, punish them and execute them immediately, because they are committing the worst crimes. They kill the civilians and innocent people, especially in Abu Ghraib, in which many victims died because of the endless acts of terrorism. I urge the government and the security forces to exert more efforts to protect the people in Abu Ghraib city, especially in mosques, which are the main target of the ugly terrorist attacks. This is because the imams in the mosques always confirm the unity of the Iraqis and reject the ideas of terrorism that contradict religion, sharia, i.e. Islamic rulings, and the law. The government has to be aware of its responsibilities in maintaining security and safety and preserving the lives of innocent people. They should not be a target for the terrorist attacks, which aim to compel people and make them submissive to terrorism. May God curse terrorism, destroy all terrorist organizations and reveal all their ideas and filthy attacks against the innocent people. What are those innocent worshipers guilty of, who were praying at the mosque? What did they do to deserve to be attacked and killed? Why do they destroy the houses of God and the places of worship in the terrorist attacks?

  • نذير حمدان


    I think that the terrible crimes that have impacted the mosques in the Abu Ghreib region recently, and which are condemned by all the people who have different religions and beliefs, are the most terrible crimes that have been carried out against the secured people in the houses of worship. The terrorist organizations have attacked the secured houses of God this time in the Abu Ghreib region, which is located on the outskirts of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. These deviant organizations have committed a great crime through a series of attacks they have carried out against the city mosques, which led to the killing of a great number of the people who were praying in them, and injuring the others.

  • ممتاز سعيد


    The terrorist organizations have committed the most severe massacres in Iraq and they have not been deterred by any deterrent, because they are a group of deviant people who have no religion or values. They have been covered by the cloak of the pure Islamic religion so as to control the Iraqi society through the religion. They are very far away from the religion, because they have allied themselves with the dirty devil. He will be their guide to hell, because they did not respect human life, so they killed people randomly without discriminating between one person and the other. Moreover, they did not respect Almighty God’s sanctities, and they have attacked the mosques not only in the Abu Ghraib region but in all the Iraqi cities, forgetting the warning of Almighty God against committing such crimes in his saying in the Holy Qur'an: “And who is more unjust than he who forbids that in places for the worship of God, God´s name should be celebrated? Whose zeal is in fact to ruin them? It was not fitting that such should themselves enter them, except in fear. For them there is nothing but disgrace in this world, and in the world to come, an exceeding torment.” This is God’s answer to such deviant groups, which kill the people who went to the mosques to perform their duties such as praying and mentioning God’s name, commanding virtue and prohibiting committing vices. They are not occupied with their trade and selling and they do not forget to mention God; they pray and give to charity, and they do not want anything but God's satisfaction towards them. And then the terrorists kill those people so as to prevent the mentioning of God's name in the mosques, and to spread chaos in the societies. God’s answer is to stand in the face of the oppressive and repressive groups. We call upon the Iraqi government to resort to the security forces so as to provide sufficient security to all the mosques in order to ensure the protection of those people who pray, and who go to the mosques to perform their religious duties.

  • غالب صهيب


    May God bless all the martyrs of Iraq, particularly those innocent people of the mosques, because they have not represented anything and they have not played any role. They were not going to a meeting with the government; they were going to do their prayers and show obedience to God the Almighty. I wonder what sin they committed, for which they should be murdered, and for which their pure spirits have been assassinated in such an infidel way, which reflects the hatred of terrorist against whoever prays and obeys God. In fact, they want to eradicate our values and change our ethics. They want to cause us to stop obeying God and going to mosques. In addition, they want us to obey their foolish leaders, who claim to be clerics, while they are murdering the worshipers. May God bless them, and I believe that there is no better opportunity for martyrdom than dying in one of the mosques while you are going to show obedience to God the Almighty. May God grant blessings to our martyrs and patience to the families of the victims. Therefore, I hope that the government will allocate real compensations for the latter. They should not be just symbolic, given that they have lost people who are certainly precious, particularly those who have left families, widows and orphans behind because of terrorism.

  • عبدالقادر


    I would like to tell the distinguished people of Abu Ghraib that they should not be too arrogant. You should bear in mind that they should deal with all those who do these despicable acts. You should not give them the opportunity. On the contrary, the inhabitants of Abu Ghraib should bring their region back to normal. I will be among the most enthusiastic defenders of my region and I will help my brotherly fellows in protecting the mosques. I will do my best to rid my region of the current terrible conditions. I would also like to tell the terrorists that Almighty God is our only Helper. God willing, we will restore the security and the safety of the region, and we will be proud of what we are doing.

  • انس راشد


    A real catastrophe took place in the region of Abu Ghraib when a number of criminal infidels attacked mosques. The perpetrators frightened the inhabitants of Abu Ghraib and spread tension and fear among them. In fact, terrorist attacks are very frequent in this region. Therefore, we call on the Iraqi government to ensure greater protection of this region, which should restore its lost prestige. We call on the Iraqi government to protect places of worship in the area of Abu Ghraib and all the other Iraqi provinces, from north to south. Indeed, the houses of worship are the most important places in Iraq and the entire Muslim world. Whoever tries to damage these mosques is actually provoking the Islamic faith and harassing Muslims. They are stirring up sectarian strife and spreading terror among the citizens. The places of worship and the religious leaders are very important and we must protect them every day. I call on the Iraqi government and all officials to protect the places of worship and to get rid of all the despicable terrorists who want to stir up sectarianism among the Iraqi citizens. In fact, we have to find a quick solution in order to maintain the security and safety in every place and every time.

  • صلاح بدير


    I call on the Iraqi government to send more troops in order to maintain security. I wonder how long the important places such as mosques will suffer. In fact, people there are suffering a great deal. Therefore, we call on the Iraqi government to find us a solution to protect our mosques, so that we can live in security and safety, just like the other regions and provinces. I supplicate Almighty God to rid Iraq of these dire conditions. I hope that the country will manage to restore its previous position and to make more progress. The inhabitants of Abu Ghraib are very poor people who do not have enough money to help themselves. Thus, the concerned authorities should help the inhabitants, so that they can put an end to the terrible conditions in this region. The inhabitants of Abu Ghraib have suffered enough from the poor services. It is the duty of the government to restore services for the citizens in that region. God willing, we will strive to let people restore their full rights once again, so that Abu Ghraib will get back to normal. I supplicate Almighty God to protect mosques against the arrogant, tough people who do not seek the well-being of Iraqis. I pray to God to favor Iraq and to protect it against any kind of evil. In this respect, I call on the Iraqi government to take account of the services in all of Iraq, from north to south, to maintain the mosques and to ensure the security and integrity of Iraq and Iraqis. May God protect Iraq and its people. We keep repeating this supplication, so that God will protect Iraq from all evil.

  • مورجان


    Terrorism and terrorists are mostly attacking mosques in order to stir up dissension once again and to work on terrifying all citizens. In fact, Abu Ghraib’s citizens are oppressed, and as one of them, I would like to tell you about the recent attacks which have taken place in our region. Indeed, the sanctity of mosques has unfortunately been violated. Besides, these people have sown dissension among the inhabitants in this region, and the situation is currently bad. Thus, we would like to improve security there, especially since the citizens of Abu Ghraib have begged the capital and the province’s mayoralty a great deal for this. In fact, although the poor Imams of the mosques have been subjected to a lot of humiliation, beatings and threats, they are still determined to continue and calm the situation in the region. However, terrorists have never left us in peace. Indeed, they have always worked on sowing sectarianism, especially since the inhabitants are both Sunnis and Shiites. As a matter of fact, all such attacks have affected the morale of citizens in the city. Thus, the governor must work on finding a solution to this problem, especially since the inhabitants are currently going through in a very difficult situation. Therefore, we want to calm the situation there.

  • بهاء


    Believe me, if the government holds the negligent accountable and punishes every security official whose region has been subjected to a terrorist breakthrough, the security performance will be better, given that the security official will really pay attention to his job, for fear of the punishment that is awaiting him. In so doing, we will eradicate all the negative aspects and fill all the security gaps that led to the loss of the innocent.

  • ناطق علي


    May God take revenge on you and on your malicious acts. You want to eradicate Islam and not support it or the Muslims. You are really infidels, and every one of you is devoid of a conscience and honesty, because whoever is able to murder the guests of God in the mosques and attack them is not human at all. He is a stupid animal. Your barbaric behavior will not intimidate us. We will continue defending Islam and the country, even if this costs the shedding of the blood of all Iraqis, because we are right and you are wrong. The latter always fades and this day will come soon, God willing, and we will be able to get rid of terrorism. We will punish each one of you through execution for the unprecedented crimes which you have carried out in any country in the world. In fact, you have come bearing poisonous ideologies in order to spread them in our community and among our youth. Then, you wanted to sabotage and defame Islam through Fatwas that have nothing to do with God. These Fatwas urge you to bomb mosques, murder Muslims and the innocent children, women, clerics, Sheikhs, intellectuals, doctors and teachers. In fact, no one has escaped from you, and when you do not find someone to target, you go to the mosques in order to murder civilians. What criminality! I wonder about the moral state of all the adherents of this organization. It is really a filthy moral that reflects infidelity. They are really filthy and they will be punished severely soon.

  • فاروق بشار


    Damn the cowardly and despicable terrorists for targeting mosques in all the regions! Those arranged plans, made by the filthy al-Qaeda, are meant to make Iraq into a puppet in their own hands. Therefore, we must cut them down to their real size. We must make Iraq a country which is worthy of pride in every region in the Arab and Islamic world. The only concern of al-Qaeda is to control Iraq and Iraqis. This organization is always using religion as a pretext for their despicable criminal acts. Therefore, we must address them in order to prevent them from committing such criminal acts. In fact, they are trying to attack the places of worship. This is absurd! We should not keep silent towards such acts. I swear by Almighty God that if ever I come across a despicable terrorist from al-Qaeda, I will stab him a thousand times to kill him. In fact, places of worship are sacred. How did this person dare to come into the mosque and carry out that attack? Didn’t they fear that Almighty God might punish them at that moment in order to make them a lesson for insensible people who do not fear God the Most High? Praise be to God, He might await but never forgets. God forbid! We should not keep silent while some people are attacking mosques. In fact, we ought to preserve them. We should not let them assault the sect of any person.

  • عبدالكريم


    We supplicate Almighty God to give rest to the souls of the innocent Iraqi martyrs who died recently in Abu Ghraib, as a result of the takfiri terrorist attacks on a number of mosques in that city. We call upon God to grant mercy to the martyrs of Iraq, accept them in His eternal paradise and to have them join the martyrs and the good people in the Gardens of Eternity. We also supplicate God to console their families, since they lost their loved ones, who died because of terrorism. We do not know when this machine will stop. We do not know why they target mosques, although the members of the terrorist organization, called al-Qaeda, claim that they are the legitimate representatives and defenders of Islam. This does not make any sense. There is no excuse for those who support al-Qaeda or encourage the growing role of this organization in Iraq. How could a wise person approve of such a criminal act? Will those people keep their propaganda and praise al-Qaeda, which has proved to be cowardly and despicable? In fact, everyone is aware of the wickedness of al-Qaeda and its significant deviation from the teachings of Islam. Indeed, this organization represents nothing but a criminal group of mentally and physically sick people who are suffering from schizophrenia. They grow beards and wear short garments and claim that this is the real Islam. Meanwhile, they are killing citizens in all the cities of Iraq for no reason. How do people who are praying in mosques become a target for al-Qaeda? Do worshipers represent the government, so they deserve to be killed by the criminal and dirty al-Qaeda? I swear that Hell will be their fate, because the members of this organization were so arrogant that they dared to attack the houses of God. They showed no respect for the places of worship. How could they expect the mercy of God? May God bring His wrath down upon the supporters of the terrorist al-Qaeda! May God displace them and make their evil plans hurt them! I supplicate God to have mercy on our pious martyrs and to accept them in Paradise with the favored ones.

  • Samir


    The worshipers have been exposed to the savage killing operations. This is in addition to the assassination of religious scholars. Besides, they have attacked the mosques in a savage way because they have no religion, no legislation and no law. Thus, I ask the government to protect the mosques of Abu Ghraib. This is in order to prevent these infidel dogs from continuing their terrorist attacks against the mosques and the innocent. Those who have claimed religion have committed crimes that are unprecedented in human history. In fact, they have destroyed and violated mosques where Muslims go to perform their prayers.

  • جميل باسل


    The city of Abu Ghraib has witnessed many terrorist operations. And it has been a scene of many crimes and assassinations. It has also witnessed many criminal operations of kidnapping, killing, torturing and slaughtering. In fact, this city is no longer able to endure more suffering. That’s why it is important to enjoy stability and safety. In fact, all the regions have resumed their life, except the citizens of Abu Ghraib. Thus, we want a solution. And the security forces and the government must move in order to clean the region of the terrorist cells of al-Qaeda. That’s why I ask al-Maliki and all the governmental members and security leaders to conduct campaigns in order to get rid of terrorists and to restore the region’s security. In fact, this region is still witnessing suffering, due to these despicable terrorists. That’s why we don’t witness any services or projects that can develop the region or eradicate unemployment, which has significantly spread among the youth due to terrorism.

  • كرار


    We are in Abu Ghraib. In fact, this region still suffers from many problems and terrorist attacks. In the recent period, we have witnessed terrorist attacks against Abu Ghraib’s mosques. Thus, we ask the government to provide more support for the region. This is in order to control all the aspects and to prevent these infidels from carrying out any terrorist operation that can destroy our lives and our traditions. These terrorists have also prevented us from going to the mosques in order to perform the obligatory prayers, because they know that the religious scholars have advised and guided us in these mosques. This is in order to raise the youth’s awareness about the dangers of terrorism. This is also in order not to follow the way of the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda.

  • قيس صالح


    This is a cowardly and mean terrorist organization that kills civilians and innocent Muslims, in addition to clearly violating the prohibitions and breaking the laws. We thank God for saving us from Osama bin Laden, and the rest will follow in the same way. Believe me, God the Almighty will help us to eliminate al-Qaeda and its thoughts, because no one can accept the injustice and oppression of al-Qaeda and its elements. Those terrorists kill the innocents and mutilate their bodies, which God prohibited to be killed. They do not respect the lives of the women, children or sheikhs. In addition, they profane the houses of God and assault the people. No one has been safe from the crimes of al-Qaeda.

  • ناظم حسني


    Through repeated attacks against mosques, the terrorist al-Qaeda is trying to attack all divine religions. In fact, its aggression is not confined to the mosques of Muslims and their holy places, but extends to a lot of churches and other places of worship. Thus, I personally condemn all the attacks that have targeted these places and all the divine religions. In addition, I would like to curse terrorism and the Takfiri al-Qaeda, which boasts about religion. I wonder what religion allows the terrorist al-Qaeda to target mosques through its heinous acts that reflect the extent of terrorism and the ideology of the criminal murderers of this organization, who are preventing the remembrance and worship of God in these mosques. Thus, may God disgrace and shame these corrupt people and may He curse their organization till the Day of Judgment. In fact, we really reject such acts and condemn the targeting of the innocent worshipers. We also curse this organization and whoever collaborates with it and approves of its criminal, Takfiri and extremist acts, which are wrongly targeting the innocent and civilians. I wonder who allowed this despicable Takfiri organization to target places of worship with their IEDs and booby-traps. I also wonder who allowed it to target Islam in such a criminal way, which has done nothing but increase our wrath and hostility towards the terrorist al-Qaeda. Thus, may God curse all the criminal murderers and whoever targets mosques and all places of worship. They are really criminals and are devoid of religion and honesty. These are assassins and we can do nothing but to condemn them and their criminal acts and to curse them. We also have to curse this terrorist organization. They are carrying out such acts in order to target Islam and places of worship, as was the case in Abu Ghraib, where three mosques were recently targeted in this city, which has suffered a lot from terrorist organizations and their acts that target civilians and places of worship.

  • نور


    Damn those fools and damn their deviant, black and misguiding thoughts that have made them reach this stage of criminality and hatred towards mankind and all monotheistic religions. May Almighty God send His curse upon them. We condemn those who target mosques and cause harm to worshipers who are praying to God. Shame on you, criminals and killers! You will remain accursed till you receive your just punishment on Judgment Day. You will be a lesson for others and for whoever wishes to target places of worship.

  • ابو جلال


    Everyone should remain vigilant in order to thwart these terrorist-related plans. In fact, the criminal takfiri al-Qaeda and similar armed groups in general are agonizing, God willing, thanks to the vigor and determination of the Iraqi citizens, the security forces and the Army troops. The latter have done well in addressing the remnants of the Takfiri and criminal members. We must not fall short in the performance of the national duties. Indeed, there is no room for defaulters in our country, especially among the people who are responsible for security, the regional leaders. The latter should be held accountable for the occurrence of any security breaches or terrorist attacks, because these violations cause the death and injury of significant numbers of innocent civilians. In addition, these violations destabilize the internal security situation of the country. I support any legal action against those who fail to carry out their duty as appropriate.

  • ياسين اكرم


    I supplicate Almighty God to bestow His mercy upon the martyrs of Iraq. Those innocent people died as a result of the terrorist bombings of the mosques in the city of Abu Ghraib. We ask God to accept them in His spacious Gardens of Bliss, with the martyrs and the Saints who are the companions forever. These innocent people were targeted by cowardly terrorists in the purest places, where worshipers pray and supplicate to God. In fact, these martyrs were worshiping God in the mosques when takfiri terrorists targeted them, although they were not guilty of anything, and put an end to their pure lives. We condemn this criminal act which targeted a mosque and resort to the Graceful and Merciful God though sincere supplications to accept the victims as pious and honest martyrs who were loyal to His religion. May God grant them mercy. I pray to God to forgive their sins and make them as pure as the angels. May God accept them in Heaven and allow them to live in a better place and with better families. May God make their graves as wide as the gardens in Paradise. O Almighty God! We are supplicating You to have mercy on our pious martyrs! My God respond to our supplication, forgive them for their sins, accept them in the Gardens of Bliss, console their families, and compensate them with something better. May God have mercy on the Iraqi martyrs, heal the injured and the wounded, and send down His wrath on the criminals who targeted innocent worshipers in the mosques. O God, forgive the sins of our pious martyrs and let them drink the water of Paradise. O God, the martyrs depend on your forgiveness, mercy and might! You are more merciful than mighty. We supplicate You to accept our martyrs with mercy and forgiveness.

  • وقاص كمال


    Terrorism and its criminal members are really targeting our religion, the teachings of Islam, the religious scholars and whoever faces their terrorist Takfiri ideology. Thus, we have to protect mosques so that they will remain the strong voice which exposes terrorism, makes people aware of its dangers, and faces it and its criminal plans that are trying to harm our religion and country.

  • عبدالغني


    I call on our brave and heroic security forces to make further security efforts and to work on setting the required mechanism and plans and to provide the sufficient security forces which are staying next to mosques to ensure their protection. This also aims to ensure the protection of the worshipers who are frequenting them. The latter aim to draw closer to God the Almighty through performing prayers and praying to Him to alleviate the sorrow from this safe country, God willing.

  • صالح صبحي


    Terrorism and the Takfiri organizations have targeted Abu Ghraib through a lot of terrorist attacks. As far as I am concerned, criminal cells and terrorist al-Qaeda members still exist in Abu Ghraib, and they are stil trying to carry out cowardly terrorist acts against the inhabitants of the city. In fact, the latter have suffered a lot from terrorism. In addition, the attacks have started to affect places of worship and mosques, as well as the innocent worshippers who are remembering God and raising their hands to pray to Him there. In fact, even worshippers and mosques have not been spared from the outrageous acts which are carried out by the murderers, fools and bastard members of al-Qaeda, which we would like to condemn for the crimes it is carrying out. Therefore, protecting mosques is one of the important necessities that would have considerable effects in halting such attacks which have been responsible for harming a lot of civilians and violating the honor of these places. The latter have been established to remember the name of God. Thus, through their acts, these criminals and infidels are trying to target the honor of Islam, which has nothing to do with them and with their Takfiri ideology and their false slogans which they are using to convince themselves. In so doing, they aim to pursue murdering the innocent and civilians and to target our country, its sacred religious places, mosques and places of worship. In fact, we have to face the terrorist al-Qaeda and protect the places of worship in Abu Ghraib, in order to thwart all the evil and extremist plans which are carried out by this organization. Thus, I would like to curse this organization and its acts, which are as filthy as the infidel and the decadent members who are collaborating with or supporting it.

  • وعد قاسم


    We really reject these acts, which do nothing but increase our determination to confront al-Qaeda and eradicate it and all its evil acts. This will also encourage us to assist our brave security forces and to get united in order to expel terrorism from our city, which is suffering from the Takfiri criminals and fools who must be eradicated, together with their abhorrent criminal organization.

  • ابو حسن


    Damn al-Qaeda and whoever collaborated with it in criminality. As citizens from Abu Ghraib, we have suffered a lot recently from the influence of this organization and from many of its crimes that used to target us and our city. In fact, such acts contributed to causing much pain and tragedy for us, given that they targeted the innocent civilians and life as a whole. Thus, may God curse the terrorist al-Qaeda, which we hate very much, and may He disgrace and shame this organization for the criminal acts which it is carrying out, particularly the targeting of mosques where the name of God the Almighty is remembered. As a matter of fact, these criminals are really fighting God and His Prophet through their filthy, Takfiri and criminal acts which they are carrying out. In addition, we are very upset because of this organization and its criminal members, who are targeting our city in such a way. Even mosques and places of worship have been targeted by the Takfiri al-Qaeda, which is combating Muslims and trying to undermine Islam. Thus, we really would like to deplore and condemn the targeting of mosques on the part of criminals and their infidel organization.

  • عماد عبدالله


    The filthy criminal acts which have been carried out by the Takfiri al-Qaeda, and which consisted in targeting mosques and places of worship in Abu Ghraib, are considered to be among the most decadent terrorist acts. The latter reflect nothing but the extent of criminality of this organization and its violation of all the norms. They also prove clearly that this extremist organization has nothing to do with religion. In fact, as a citizen from Abu Ghraib, I was really affected because of this criminal incident which targeted mosques and places of worship. Such acts led to the martyrdom and wounding of some of the innocent in mosques. In this respect, I wonder what religion these criminal murderers claim. I also wonder where their claims are, that they are working for the sake of Islam and its glory. In fact, what the criminal al-Qaeda did against the mosques has dropped all the false masks which this organization is hiding behind in order to conceal its ugly face, which might have deceived some filthy and obstinate people.

  • سيف سعد


    Iraq and Iraqis have been suffering during the recent years, which are among the toughest times for Iraqis. This is due to the wave of terrorism and its evil organizations that have caused many tragedies to all Iraqis.

  • ابو وقاص


    May God curse the terrorist groups of al-Qaeda that have targeted the mosques and the religious scholars who have constituted a threat to their presence in Iraq. In fact, these religious scholars have worked on guiding people in the right direction. This is in order for them not to be an easy prey for the terrorist groups of the cowardly organization of al-Qaeda. In fact, these terrorists have exploited people under the name of religion. And they have lured the youth with money in order to carry out their terrorist operations. Thus, they have recruited the youth in order to launch attacks against innocent people. This is in order to get money by taking advantage of the deprivation and unemployment that have spread among people. Thus, the religious scholars have always worked on fighting the terrorist members. That’s why the cowardly criminal members have tried to kill them. They have also launched attacks on the mosques and they have carried out bombing operations against them.

  • روؤف


    It is important to benefit from citizens’ help. In fact, this is among the duties of the citizens of Abu Ghraib. Besides, the Iraqi security forces must protect the citizens by tracking down and arresting the criminal members. This is in order to get rid of their evil and harm. These terrorists have claimed people’s lives, and they have tried to sow terror and fear among them in order to get money. Moreover, they have targeted the religious scholars by bombing the mosques without paying any heed to the Muslims’ sanctities. This is in order to prevent any person from fighting them. In fact, the religious scholars have worked on raising people’s awareness. This is in order to protect them from the cowardly groups’ evil, because these terrorists don’t want the Iraqis’ well-being. That’s why it is important to get rid of them through cooperation between the citizens and the security forces. Besides, it is important to inform the security forces about any case or suspicious groups. This is in order to facilitate the security forces’ work and to arrest the criminal and malicious members as quickly as possible, because these terrorists have launched attacks on the mosques. That’s why it is important to get rid of them forever. This is in order to achieve stability and safety in the city of Abu Ghraib and in all the Iraqi regions and provinces, God willing.

  • عراااااااقييييييييييييييييييي


    As an Iraqi citizen who loves his land, honor and country, I want to call for protecting all the regions. Thus, it is important to monitor all the events taking place in the country, such as the terrorist, brutal and violent operations that have caused Iraqis’ pain and suffering. In fact, the city of Abu Ghraib has witnessed successive and continuous attacks on the mosques. That’s why the government must strengthen the military presence in the region. This is in order to achieve the safety of all people, and especially the religious scholars who have been exposed to many brutal and violent crimes. Thus, those who have carried out such operations must be without ethics, conscience, mercy and humanity. That’s why it is important to provide the necessary protection for the mosques of Abu Ghraib.

  • ربيع محمد


    The government must strengthen its military presence in the region. This is in order to get rid of all the criminal members. It must also protect the citizens from the terrorist operations of bombing, kidnapping, assassinating and booby-trapping. These terrorists have also tried to sow discord among the citizens of Abu Ghraib. However, this city needs stability. This can be achieved through putting an end to the criminal members who have launched attacks on the Muslims’ mosques. They have also tried to kill the religious scholars who have urged people to avoid following the criminal gangs. Thus, Iraqis must be vigilant in order to enjoy safety, security and stability. Besides, they must not submit to the terrorist groups’ desires, because these members want to undermine the country’s security. That’s why they have attacked the mosques and the religious scholars without respecting Muslims. Besides, they have continuously attacked the religious scholars in all the regions, and especially in the city of Abu Ghraib,which has witnessed many brutal and violent terrorist operations without discriminating between men and women or between children and Sheikhs. May God curse them, because they have been the reason behind all this destruction taking place in the Iraqi land.

  • زبيد


    The terrorist attacks against the mosques of Abu Ghraib have been a criminal and brutal thing. This shameful and scandalous operation has been considered an attack against God’s sanctities, because these places are set aside for prayer. Thus, this malicious behavior has proved the terrorist groups’ hatred. In fact, they have tried to sow discord and sectarianism among people, because they are criminal members who don’t want people’s well-being. Therefore the government must put an end to these events through tracking down and arresting these terrorist members. It is also important to bring them to trial in order to save people from their evil and hatred. In fact, these terrorists have launched attacks on the mosques of Abu Ghraib, which has witnessed a lot of terrorist operations against innocent citizens.

  • طاهر احمد


    This deed is a cowardly terrorist act. We must hold accountable whoever assaults the people and the sacred places. In addition, the Iraqi security forces should carry out their duty and work on tracking down and pursuing terrorist groups and arresting them immediately. Besides, citizens and the security forces must cooperate in order to capture terrorist groups as soon as possible, so as to prevent the terrorist members from spreading once again and carrying out malicious and criminal acts. Thus, we have to get rid of them, given that they represent members who do not want the wellbeing of this country. They are also alien to our community. May God curse whoever tries to harm, destroy and sabotage the sons of Iraq. May God damn and disgrace them for the evil, harm, violence, terror and worry which they are causing to Iraq and Iraqis. In fact, they are the first and main reason behind all the havoc and cruel acts which are taking place. They are also responsible for tarnishing the image of Islam, which they have exploited to carry out all their malicious acts. In this respect, they are carrying out their terrorist acts and attacks under the umbrella and principles of Islam. Thus, we pray to God to curse and disgrace them in life and in the hereafter.

  • الياس


    We all curse and condemn the evil acts of immorality, terrorism and criminality that you are committing, including targeting mosques. Where will you escape from the torment of God, O infidels and heretics? Actually, you are fighting God and His prophet and trying to prevent people from worshipping him. May God curse and defame you, O bastards. I curse all forms of terrorism and crime that prove your ugliness, O apes and bastards, through targeting the mosques. You are fighting God and you hate Him. What is your religion, O accursed people? What are the thoughts and ideas that have infiltrated your stinking minds and that provided you the boldness that allows you to attack the mosques and kill the innocents? Who are you, O fools, to target the mosques and prevent the remembrance of God in the mosques? May God curse you, O bastards. This curse will continue hunting you to your graves, and it will continue pursuing your families, if any, O bastards. All people curse you and your mean terrorism that targets the mosques. May God curse and disgrace you. I ask God to defeat you until the Day of Judgment.

  • نور


    We ask God to make the angels of mercy and forgiveness accompany the martyrs of Iraq who were killed by the filthy terrorist hands. We ask God to have mercy upon them and we ask God to bless them and admit them to Paradise. O God! Take revenge upon their criminal killers and bastards who target them in this horrible way. May God have mercy upon the martyrs who were killed in the mosques at Abu Ghraib, and shame on the killers and the criminals.

  • ابو الطيب


    From time to time, we see security breaches in the Iraqi cities. We oppose all forms of security weaknesses that are exploited by the terrorist elements and their criminal organizations in targeting their compatriots. Whenever the security situation improves, we find that there is a violation taking place over here or there, disturbing security and killing many innocent Iraqis. These security breaches must not happen, because we need to continue moving forward as to the security situation in our country, especially following the successes that were achieved by our brothers in the security forces, who defeated terrorism and made it go through its final days. Hence, there is no room for backwardness and the security issue, following the dazzling success against the remnants of terrorism and its originations, which have started suffering defeats in Iraq and at the hands of the Iraqis, who fought against terrorism and foiled all the criminal and cowardly plans that were put together by these deviant and misleading groups to destroy our country.

  • صهيب احمد


    Following the fierce terrorist attacks on the Iraqis, I ask God to have mercy upon the souls of the martyrs who fell as a result of these criminal and takfiri attacks. I ask God to have mercy upon our beloved martyrs who lost their lives in the terrorist and criminal attacks on the mosques and houses of worship in the Abu Ghraib area. O God! Have mercy upon them and admit them to Paradise. O God! Forgive them. We ask God to admit them and all the martyrs of Iraq, who were killed in the terrorist operations, to Paradise. O God! Purify them from all sins, make them like the white garment, accommodate them, and make them companions of the martyrs and the righteous. The martyrs are innocent and they were worshipping God in one of His houses that can never be targeted by anyone in any way. We ask mercy for the martyrs of this attack and all the other martyrs in Iraq, and we condemn the attacks that kill the Iraqis in this horrible and barbaric way by the elements of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, which does not care for anything other than killing the Iraqis and destabilizing the country.

  • صادق سلمان


    The Abu-Ghraib region is one of the regions of the capital Baghdad, which is located at its western borders. Throughout the previous years, this region has been exposed to a lot of terrorist acts and attacks, which caused destabilization in the security and stability of the city of Abu-Ghraib. As one of the citizens living in this city, we have suffered a lot from the crimes which are carried out by terrorism and the armed groups which lead to deepening pain in our hearts, as a result of the attacks and the acts which we are exposed to, and which target civilians and innocent people from time to time. The Abu-Ghraib region is one of the regions which include diversity of doctrines. Terrorism has long wanted to target all these components, so as to strike the national unity among the people of Abu-Ghraib, who have lived in peace, and they are living that way to this day. Therefore, I believe that terrorism has tried to target the mosques in the Abu-Ghraib region to achieve this malicious goal, which did not and will not succeed, whatever terrorism and its miserable organizations did.

  • فلاح ثامر


    In spite of calling upon the security authorities to work on providing protection for the houses of worship, we should all unite together. We should also provide support to our brave security forces, so as to protect the mosques in the Abu-Ghraib region, in which the mosques have recently been exposed to a lot of malicious attacks by the terrorist al-Qaeda organization, the last of which was the exposure of three mosques in this region to one of these malicious operations at the same time. The houses of worship should be greatly secured, so that the people could perform their worship normally, and also so as not to let terrorism target these mosques, and consequently to eliminate all the failing attempts through which it tries to stir up the detested sectarian strife among the components of our people. Terrorism is trying to manipulate the detested sectarianism so as to target the unity and consistency of the Iraqi people. The houses of worship in the city of Abu-Ghraib should be protected, and terrorism, along with its cowardly schemes which target mosques and worshippers in this bloody way, should be thwarted, as we greatly reject and condemn this method.

  • تحسين غالب


    I curse the terrorist organizations and all the criminal acts which they carry out. I curse the al-Qaeda organization, this criminal and infidel organization which has targeted the innocent people, as well as the mosques and the houses of worship in Iraq. May our curses fall upon you, the criminals of the infidel elements. We condemn your targeting of God's houses; may God curse you. Even God's houses do not escape your criminality and your mean acts safely. Thousands of curses upon you and upon the acts you carry out, villains. You do not have religion, though you are exploiting Islam and raising its slogans; Islam is innocent of you and of your acts. Those who target the houses of worship do not have any idea about religions, worship or the sanctity of these holy places, as you are infidels and blasphemers, and you do not have any idea what is the meaning of houses of worship. I ask God to shame and curse you in this life and in the hereafter, and to set you as an example for others, as God is able to do anything.

  • رعد عبدالله


    As a citizen living in Abu-Ghraib, I condemn all these terrorist attacks which have targeted the worshippers in our region. This cowardly terrorist act will increase our insistence on uniting, standing in the face of terrorism and addressing it. The terrorist al-Qaeda organization does not have religion, and it does not know that mosques and houses of worship have their own sanctity. The intention of this infidel organization is to claim the largest number of victims and to destabilize security and stability. We are aware of these criminal plans which the terrorist al-Qaeda organization and the criminals of Iraq and the Iraqis enemies are carrying out. This cowardly act, which targeted three mosques in our region, has a great impact on our souls and on the souls of all the Iraqis, as a result of claiming a large number of the innocent people's lives, as well as injuring others. Even God's houses are not safe from the criminality and the infidel acts carried out by the criminals, who do not have any idea about honor, and who do not have religion. I would like to say that God is aware of what those criminals are doing with the houses of worship, and He will shame all those who have participated in targeting the houses of worship, which have been built so as to mention and raise God's name on high. Even those who worship God are targeted by the murderers and the mean people. The Abu-Ghraib region will remain difficult for terrorism and the terrorists, whatever crimes they carry out.

  • نصير الحق


    I am one of the inhabitants of Abu Ghraib, and I would like to give you a clearer picture, and I am telling you that indeed there were massacres that took place in our district as a result of these criminal and hateful acts. The inhabitants of the districts are still scared to this day, and they don’t know what to do. Mosques have been bombed, and large numbers of innocent Iraqi citizens were killed for no reason. They just want to bring back fear and horror to Iraq once again. O God, my Lord, cause mayhem and turmoil among them, and set themselves up against each other. The al-Qaeda terrorists have laid out a meticulous plan in order to attack these mosques, and they have chosen this precise moment because the US army will start to withdraw, so that people would engage in infighting. They want to gain control of the situation here, but they will fail to achieve their ambitions, because God is on the side of the truth. We, the inhabitants of the district, are well aware that this is a staged act, meant to undermine peace and security in the district. Believe me, I swear to God that we will live in peace, because these terrorists do not scare us at all, regardless of what happens. Our district has been the target of much violence as a result of the cowardly activities of the terrorists, and they have raided many homes without any reason. They have killed many children and they have stolen money. At times, they disguise themselves as the local police, which they were not. We want the Iraqi government to solve this issue, and to protect our district, as we are poor people whose only concern is earning our livelihood in order to survive.

  • عدنان العراقي


    As a respectable Iraqi citizen, I want the Iraqi government and the officials to protect the mosques in the city of Abu Ghraib, because the mosques there are subjected to numerous terrorist attacks by the lowly and cowardly organization of Al-Qaeda. I am one of the citizens that will stand beside all those who help establish peace and security in the city. The mosques in the city of Abu Ghraib have been the target of heinous attacks by hateful terrorists. God willing, we will avenge the houses of God, with God’s permission. The terrorists will get what they deserve, by God’s permission. The only concern of these terrorists is to tarnish the image of the Islamic religion, and to cause trouble and instability in the Iraqi provinces, especially in Abu Ghraib, because there are Shiites and Sunnis living together there, and the terrorists want to create sectarian strife and exploit this situation to the maximum, which we totally reject. It is the duty of the Iraqi government to send in larger units to the district of Abu Ghraib, and to provide it with more protection, and the security forces should relentlessly search for every lowly terrorist who does not want anything good for the district and arrest them, to obtain information about their future plans. We pray that things will be OK, God willing.

  • خيري اسعد


    We all know that the terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda and its criminal agents, do not care about anything. They are ready to commit any crimes, without any hesitation. The love of crime runs in their blood. We know that terrorism has no religion or homeland; it has been targeting innocent people and infrastructures all the time. Even the places of worship are attacked by them from time to time. This is why I ask the security systems to put all of the necessary plans together, to provide all kinds of protection to the mosques and the places of worship for all religions in Iraq. We want to eliminate any chance that the criminals and agents of Takfir, those who declare others infidels, might take to carry out their ugly acts that we all condemn and refuse. The plans of the Takfiri extreme organization have become very clear to all the people who suffer from the evil plans, agendas of terrorism and Takfiris. We must end any chance that those criminals might take; we must stop them from committing any crimes in our mosques or any places of worship built to mention the name of God. Everybody should fulfill their rights to fight terrorism.

  • حاتم


    Three mosques in Abu Ghraib were bombed in terrorist attacks orchestrated by the filthy Al-Qaeda organization, which wants to reignite sectarian strife among the Iraqis. It is engaging in these bomb attacks against mosques in order to attribute them to Iraqi Shiite groups, with the aim of causing tension to flare up between the two sides. Also, it is again engaging in bombing Husseiniyyat ceremonies in other regions, in order to say that the Sunnis have taken revenge for their mosques, creating tensions between the two sides under the pretext that the US army has left Iraq. All of these are tactics that it has used in the past, and still is using, with the objective of creating sectarian strife, and spreading fear and anxiety among the Iraqi citizens. I seek God’s protection from them! How filthy they are! They destroy the houses of God, and they want to destroy the house of every Iraqi. It makes us wonder who those people are that are behind all these criminal activities being perpetrated in Iraq.

  • عبدالواحد اكرم


    May God have mercy! We will persevere and we will confront these terrorist activities, and we will work in order to stop these attacks by our unity and strength. However, we need even more strength, and we need the security forces to work together with us, so that we can extricate ourselves from this great ordeal. We also need to protect the houses of God, be they Husseiniyyat or mosques or even churches, in order to deny them the opportunity to engage in their cowardly activities once again. God willing, peace and security will be restored to Iraq and the Iraqis. O God, my Lord, save us from the plots of the cowardly terrorists and from their hateful acts. We Iraqis are not afraid of them at all, regardless of what happens, and God willing, we will continue to persevere and be strong; the mosques will be rebuilt and we will protect them under our watchful eyes. We, the inhabitants of Abu Ghraib, are sending a message to every terrorist, and we say to them, “Come and fight us face to face if you are really in the right, and you will face something that you have never faced in your life, and you will know that the inhabitants of the Abu Ghraib district are the most respectful of the houses of God in Iraq. They are the most concerned and most careful for the district. I am one of those who are willing to put their lives on the line in order to protect the houses of God, and we will intensify our vigilance and other activities in the way of increasing the protection of the houses of God. We will teach the terrorists a lesson that they have not been taught in the past. God willing, we will be up to this task. I call on the security forces to protect our district, and to show the same vigilance for them as they would for their own homes. We are all the people of one and the same district, and we need to stand in the face of those who do not wish us well, and God willing, peace and security will be restored soon.”

  • راشد خطاب


    I pray to God to give the security forces patience and strength, because they work on protecting the dignity of Iraq and the Iraqis. They should work harder to regain security and safety for Iraq, because they also have families that they want to protect. God is the Arbiter of Success! He will help them to do goodness! God willing! I consider the government and all the officials responsible for what is happening in Abu Ghraib, such as the sabotage. They should work on achieving security and stability in the area. They should take the responsibility and do one good thing, even for one time in their lives. The people of the city are living in fear and terror. We want to assure them that the county and its people support them.

  • عبدالسلام احمد


    May there be thousands of curses on any lousy terrorist who does not want any goodness for Iraq or the Iraqis and who attacks the mosques of God. May God punish them! How dare they attack the houses of God? Are not they afraid that God will make them a lesson to the Arab and Muslim nations and even the whole world?! God will make the earth swallow them! The Almighty God will never be harmed by those dirty ones; He wants the righteous people to stand and unite to protect His houses, the mosques! I am one of the people who hate terrorists the most. This is really strange, but even the mosques are not safe from their crimes?! What do they want from the mosques? They are safe places and no one can violate them. We pray to Almighty God to paralyze your hands and we order the land to swallow you, to be a lesson to anyone who might think of committing terrorism! Amen! The lousy al-Qaeda has been defaming the reputation of Islam for a long time, and now they want to defile the houses of God. This is impossible and will never happen! We will never yield, submit or give them the chance to commit their filthy acts. As Iraqis, we will stand against them and we will defend the land of Iraq. May God curse the dirty al-Qaeda organization, which does not want any kind of goodness to be happening in Iraq! They work hard to totally destroy Iraq! The al-Qaeda organization is targeting the houses of God to cause sectarian feuds, worry, terror and fear among the Iraqis, as it used to get rid of the mosques’ imams everywhere. The bombings in the Abu Ghraib area are unbelievable incidents. We should not remain silent over this! I support any efforts to achieve security and safety in the area. We should be more careful in the future, especially by protecting the houses of God. Al-Qaeda wants to cause sectarian feuds. They want to set Iraq on fire with sectarianism to control it, yet this will never happen. They will never control Iraq or even touch it. In the near future, all the Iraqis will be united like one hand; they will be more protective of Iraq.

  • سعدون اشرف كريم


    Thousands of curses on these hateful, vicious people! May God make the earth swallow them and make them a lesson for anyone thinking of harming Iraq or the Iraqis! May God shatter and disperse them. May God lead them to fight each other and become weak! O God, do not let them succeed and do not accept their repentance, because they have defiled your pure houses and mosques! May God punish those hateful, envious people and let us see the day when they are ruined! God, You are The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate! This is to relieve every Iraqi that has suffered because of them, and every martyr who was unjustly killed for no reason. Amen, O Lord of the worlds! I pray to God to punish the terrorists every day, in every prescribed prayer, including the Muslim five prayers of the day, and everywhere, and to destroy them totally, to get rid of their evil. He is The Best Protector! The al-Qaeda organization is attacking the mosques again, even though this is quite difficult. We have to stop them. We have to stand against any act they commit. We have to be united and strengthen our faith to clean Iraq of those filthy, corrupt rats. Terrorism and the terrorists are cowards. If they were strong, they would have faced the Iraqis, but they are cowards, because they attack the houses of God and the mosques. They think they will defeat the Iraqis, but this is nearly impossible. Iraq is still strong; Iraqis are more courageous and strong enough to defend the security of Iraq. They are ready to do whatever it takes to relieve Iraq of the dirty scumbags who do not know God! God willing, the houses of God will always be protected and saved. God willing, all the hateful terrorists will get their punishment for what they have done. Amen, Lord of the worlds! Make their final destination hellfire! Do not give them mercy in the present life or the hereafter! Amen, my Lord! Thank God for everything! Peace and Blessing Be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah. May God save Iraq from the evil of every hateful terrorist who does not want any goodness for Iraq! Amen, Lord of the Worlds!

  • صباح


    There is no power but in God the High, the great and merciful upon the victims of the bombing that recently happened. The government should compensate the victims' families, pay attention to them and carry out its duty towards them. It is very necessary to work on reaching all the terrorist elements that caused these terrible bombings, which led to the murder and the martyrdom of many innocent people who had not committed any crime. May God curse the terrorist and armed elements, gangs and groups which spread terror, fear and violence everywhere, and they spread death and terror among the people. These groups should be reached so they would get their fair punishment, after being arrested by the Iraqi security forces, and they should be reached through cooperation between the security forces and the citizens, through the citizens’ reporting on any suspected case. This will contribute to the speedy capture of the terrorist gangs, and we will get rid of them and eliminate them. They will be a lesson to everyone who wants to carry out cowardly and frivolous terrorist acts, which target innocent people. They do all this in order to divide the Iraqi people, and it is very important to put an end to everything that is happening, and to hold accountable and punish all the criminals who have caused harm to the people. They were the reason for their pain, suffering and wounds, which are still bleeding, and many of the people have been killed without having committed any guilt.

  • نصير احمد


    It is very important to have cooperation between the citizens and the Iraqi security forces in order to get rid of the terrorist elements, by having the citizens report on them to the specialized authorities, the security forces, army and police, in order to reach those gangs at the earliest time. Cooperation is the best solution in order to eliminate all these criminal and sneaky gangs, which destroy everything before them, and which don’t respect anyone and don’t have even the minimum of morals, mercy and humanity. They don’t have any religion or doctrine; they are just insects that should be killed, because they are harmful and sneaky. We should get rid of them, and the citizens of the Abu-Ghraib district should cooperate in order to get rid of the terrorist elements, never to return, God willing.

  • عبدالصبور احمد


    I would like to ask the government to protect the houses of prayer in the Abu Ghraib region, because it is exposed to continuous attacks by the cowardly terrorist groups, which perform vile operations that indicate the hatred, violence and crime against the houses of prayer. They are the enemies of God and humanity, so it is necessary to get rid of these groups and gangs that perform these immoral acts. It is the duty of the government to work on providing security to the citizens, and to send support to the regions that have a lot of terrorist groups that have targeted the houses of prayer, where the people go to in order to pray. It is a clear assault on the Islamic religion, and they exceeded their limits very much, even against the houses of prayer. They are groups working for money, and they are not afraid of God. They are real criminals, and the Iraqi security forces should pursue and chase them in order to arrest, detain and hand them over to justice, in order for them to get their fair judgment. They are criminals and they deserve execution, because they have no morals, conscience, mercy, religion or doctrine. So, I request that the military presence in the region be enhanced, so as to protect the houses of prayer in the Abu Ghraib region, and also to protect the souls of the Sheikhs and religious scholars, because their lives are exposed to danger. They are targeted by the criminal, envious and sneaky elements who don’t want any good for this nation, and don’t respect any religion or doctrine.

  • فارس صادقي


    It is very essential for the government to provide the necessary protection, and to do everything to get rid of anyone wants to perform such criminal acts, and to be an example for others who would think about performing such criminal acts against the Iraqi people, especially those who are praying and the religious scholars, because those people exist in such places in order to be on the right path. And of course, that is far from what they want, as they will be in danger if Muslims fight them and they cooperate. So, the terrorist groups took the mission of fighting the religious scholars and people who are praying, and targeting them and launching attacks on the houses of prayer in the Abu-Ghareib region.

  • نجاد


    May God curse those criminal groups which target the mosques and fight the religion of God. Everyone stands up to them, because they don’t feel the real danger which they are facing from the Iraqi people, especially those who are praying and the religious scholars. The religious scholars are educating people and working on fighting corruption, injustice, terrorism, violence, crime and everything those terrorist groups perform in terms of attacks, explosions, criminal operations, murdering, bombing, assassination, displacing the citizens, kidnapping and slaughter.

  • نشوان مجيد


    Aggressive operations, murdering and bombing of the clergymen, the mosques and houses of worship have expanded, and especially what happened in the area of Abu Ghraib, which witnessed many of these cases that have increased and escalated. The government should assume a larger and more comprehensive role in order to get rid of these attacks that take place against the innocent people, including the clergymen and the people praying inside the houses of worship. These are terrorist acts that are rejected by all the people. This phenomenon should be eliminated, which indicates the terrorism, criminality, brutality and cruelty. Therefore, they must be fought by all ways and means. May God curse all these terrorist groups of the al-Qaeda organization, which is fighting against the religion, although they claim to follow the religion, and say that they do all this for the sake of the Islamic religion; or they are groups that call themselves Islamic and Jihad names in order to deceive and cheat the people, making them think that they are Islamic groups which want goodness for the people. But what they are carrying out proves their hatred for the Islamic religion and their deep envy. They do all this in order to distort the Islamic religion, and for the whole world to get the idea that the Islamic religion is a religion of terrorism, violence, criminality, slaughtering, kidnapping, and discrimination between the people. This is because of these elements and the malicious, criminal groups who do not want goodness for anybody. Everything that they are carrying out is in order to get money, no more. May God curse all the criminals and terrorists who carry out all the acts that harm the innocent people, who have not committed any crime. The phenomenon of targeting the mosques is nothing but malicious operations which intend to eliminate and get rid of the clergymen who save the people from the evil of these groups. Therefore, they have killed the scientists, sheikhs, imams, preachers, people who pray and everyone who is committed to the Islamic religion in the right way, because they pose a risk and a threat to the existence of the malicious, violent and brutal, failing terrorist groups; may God shame them and prepare hell for them.

  • العراقي


    I am an Iraqi citizen from the Abu-Ghraib region, and I want to talk about the attacks that took place on the mosques which are in the region. It is a hideous and terrorist war, which indicates deep hatred and envy of the terrorist groups which attack the mosques that are the houses of God. They call them Azan, and the Muslims pray in them, but the terrorist groups don’t want that. These are terrorist groups which are armed and dangerous and don’t want good for this country or people. They have deep hatred and envy against people, and they perform all of that under the name of the Islamic religion, but what they do is horrible and terrible, and it reveals the truth about them to the people regarding their attacks that are carried out against the houses of God. These are hideous criminal acts; they indicate that such people don’t want Iraq to live in peace, security and stability. They are just malicious, sneaky gangs that work for money, not for religion, and everything that they call the victory of religion or the other stuff which they use as a cover to perform their dirty and cowardly operations. They are the enemies of God and humanity, and they don’t respect anyone. They believe in criminal, sneaky, violent and terrorist ideas which carry the language of violence and terrorism. They don’t differentiate between a child and a woman or an old man or a young one. Everyone is equal for them, and anyone who goes against them will be killed instantly, without any mercy or humanity, as they don’t have a conscience or morals. They are groups, gangs and armed terrorist elements which are dangerous to the safety, security and souls of innocent people. So, we should get rid of them by having the Iraqi security forces chase them, and for them to be arrested and detained and handed over to justice to get their fair punishment. They need to be an example to anyone would like to perform such terrorist acts, attacking the mosques and other places, as they kill innocent people who are not guilty of anything.

  • جميل هاشم


    Iraq has witnessed many terrorist operations that have targeted our country. Therefore I curse terrorism and all those who believe in its criminal acts that have affected the innocent civilians in this bloody way. That’s why we curse all the criminals and terrorists and we curse the day of their coming into existence. In fact, these infidels have practiced criminality itself, because they have targeted children and women. Besides, they have targeted our country and all the countries of the world. This is proof of their dirtiness, especially since they have adopted accursed and abnormal ideas. Thus, we curse all the terrorist organizations and all their plans. We also curse all those who have a relationship with them. May God curse these criminals and bandits whose sick souls have allowed them to shed the innocent people’s blood in this brutal way. Thus, we denounce and condemn all the types of terrorism. And we pray to God Almighty to destroy terrorism and to save us from its evil forever. In fact, we have been exposed to significant suffering due to the terrorism, which has led to people being killed in a brutal way. These terrorist organizations have carried out mass killings of our people, and they have targeted our resources and infrastructure. Thus, terrorism has caused all this pain in our souls. And it has been the reason behind our country’s destruction. May God curse terrorism and its dirty terrorist organizations that have proved the extent of their arrogance. In fact, we will be stronger in fighting terrorism. This is in order to save our country and people from the influence of these despicable, Takfiri and criminal organizations.

  • نهاد


    This is the best website I have ever visited. Thank you for shedding light on the terrible suffering of the Iraqis.

  • مجيد جلال


    I wonder where the courage and heroism reside when we target innocent civilians. I also wonder where manliness lies, when terrorist acts which are carried out by criminals and murderers target children. I wonder whether claiming the lives of children and civilians is a heroic act, of which these criminals should boast. May God damn these murderers and their false heroism that reflects nothing but the cowardliness and lowliness of these bastards. We curse them, all the terrorist organizations and all kinds of criminality. May God curse these fools in life and in the hereafter. I wonder how I can describe those who murder children and shed the blood of the innocent civilians. These murderers are no more than damned criminals. Indeed, God has blinded and disgraced you in life, and your end will be gloomy, God willing, just like your acts in life. Thus, I would like to curse terrorism and these deviant, criminal and foolish members who are targeting civilians in public places in order to carry out their cowardly, abhorrent acts through their booby-trapped cars and IEDs. The latter will claim the lives of the innocent and lead to the murder of our children in such a painful way that reflects nothing but the heartlessness of those filthy al-Qaeda members who are damned in life before the Hereafter, God willing. May God damn terrorism, terrorists, murderers and assassins, who are targeting our people, country and young children in such a tragic way. They are a deviant social class that is doomed to Hell and to a bad ending. Shame will keep following you and your families, and we will also keep cursing you till Judgment Day for carrying out such filthy acts. I wonder what sins the innocent civilians and the innocent children committed, that they should be targeted in such a terrible way. Where is the courage and manliness when these man-like members carry out such acts? May God curse and disgrace them. May all the curses of all honest people befall these followers of Satan and their terrorist acts.