Iraq completes new road and bridge projects

The Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction is expected to get $1.2 billion for projects in 2012. [Mohammed Ameen / Reuters]

The Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction is expected to get $1.2 billion for projects in 2012. [Mohammed Ameen / Reuters]

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Four road and bridge projects in Ninawa and Anbar provinces have been completed, the Iraqi Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing announced Tuesday (November 22nd).

Sameer Bashqa, director of the general commission for roads and bridges, said the projects included the construction of the Saqlawiya Bridge on the main highway between Ramadi and Fallujah, the maintenance of the old bridge in Saqlawiya, the repair of the Palestine Bridge on the Euphrates River, and the construction of the Tal Afar-Tal Apta highway in Ninawa.

The total cost of these projects is estimated at 18.7 billion dinars ($15.5 million).

''The completion of these projects will help boost services provided to citizens by facilitating traffic movement between the provinces, easing traffic jams and keeping pace with the population expansion in the country," Bashqa said.

Zaid Hassan Ali, spokesman for the Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing, told Mawtani the ministry plans to start work on eight service projects in several provinces in the near future.

"One of these projects includes maintenance work on the 66-kilometre Amara-Teeb highway in Maysan province at a cost of about 7 billion dinars and the construction of the 20-kilometer Revival of the Marshes Highway in Basra at a cost of 3 billion dinars.''

The projects also include the rehabilitation of 16 kilometres of the Kirkuk-Mosul highway at a cost of over 1 billion dinars, repair of 11 kilometres of the Muelha road in Babel province at a cost of 2 billion dinars, and the repair of other roads in Najaf and Ninawa provinces.

''About 110 projects on roads and bridges were completed or rehabilitated this year,'' Ali said.

Vian Dakheel, chairwoman of the Iraqi parliament's committee on reconstruction and services, praised the ministry's efforts in completing infrastructure projects.

''The ministry is working aggressively to provide the best services for Iraqis. This has become clear through regular monitoring by our committee of this institution's activities and its performance in completing service and building projects that fall within its authority," Dakheel told Mawtani.

Dakheel said the committee is planning to increase allocations for the Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing in next year's budget. The funds are needed for the execution of development that would improve major and secondary roads network, and the construction of new bridges.

The Iraqi government announced last September that it began preparing the 2012 state budget, which parliament is scheduled to approve before the end of 2011.

The total budget is expected to be around $112 billion of which $1.2 billion is allocated for projects in the Ministry of Reconstruction and Housing.






    The road network in Iraq is significantly deteriorated. In fact, most roads were either destroyed or damaged as a result of the military operations, the acts of sabotage and the lack of sustainable and regular maintenance. This situation has led to the deteriorated quality of the road network. The negligence of the competent authorities also led to the loss or damage of most road signs which warn and guide road users in the highways. The deterioration in security situation led to the lack of control on the roads which are marked by acts of looting, robberies and bombings. Therefore, the rehabilitation of the road network requires large financial investments. Indeed, the competent authorities should improve the road network through the rehabilitation of existing roads and the building of bridges that were damaged as a result of war, the military operations and the acts of sabotage. Besides, they must install new road signs that guide and warn drivers. In addition, they should increase the capacity of the existing network and ensure the safety and security of road users. In fact, they must protect them from damage. Moreover authorities should complete the remaining parts of the highways that had been implemented previously and these roads link to the centers of cities. Still more, the Iraqi authorities must link Iraq with all other neighboring countries through highways.

  • ابو مراد بهجت


    Due to the expansion of cities in large and in a vertical manner, it is essential to construct new roads and bridges and to provide potable water. The sanitary and electric system should also be extended to reach every Iraqi house in each city, and even villages that are considered a productive environment for the Iraqi people, to let each Iraqi enjoy those services and to be able to produce continuously. The availability of these services is necessary, because the requirements of living have become greater than ever before, and in turn, the demand for these services has increased.

  • صالح


    It is Enough for citizens suffering from the governments failure in providing many services needed by the citizens, for example the problem of roads and bridges. The roads in Iraq are poor, badly damaged, and the lack of maintenance leads to a lot of losses for transportation that require recurring repairs. The bridges have also been damaged as a result of suicide bombings and terrorist attacks, roads and bridges in general need rehabilitation, re-repair, re-securing, expansion and the paving of new roads, in order to be used at the best way possible.

  • خلود


    A future strategy has to be put to restructure the transportation networks in the city of Baghdad to cope with the increasing population growth, the number of cars and the expansion of the city and neighborhoods in the future. Stations for travelers should be transferred to other places away from the crowded areas. The state institutions and ministries have to be relocated in complexes which will contribute to decreasing the crowdedness to a great degree.

  • عصام فارس


    After the conditions witnessed by our country and the successive wars since the era of the former regime and after the terrorist attacks that targeted Iraq for years, I believe that these wars and terrorist attacks carried out by terrorists in the main and subsidiary streets, and also in the external roads had a significant and deep impact on the roads in Iraq. In spite of the work of maintenance carried out by the service institutions to modify some of the streets and roads and the paving of some of them, the roads are still suffering from a lot of collapse and needing to be paved better. Do not forget that the large number of cars that entered Iraq and also cars that are going on the external roads have affected the roads in Iraq and caused a lot of collapse there. Therefore, the roads in Iraq still need maintenance and paving again. Many of these roads are paved but after a period of time, we see them collapse again. This is an indicator which I see as negative and an indication of the failure of the companies that do business regarding paving, maintenance and corruption as one of the reasons for this failure. Thus, we see that there are a lot of incidents that occur, especially in the external streets, which also need continuous maintenance and road traffic. They need lights during the night to try to avoid traffic accidents as much as possible.

  • البغدادي


    Iraq has suffered many acts of violence and brutality since the war, and now it is suffering from terrorism. What happened in Iraq is not a minor thing, it is huge. Most areas in Baghdad are totally destroyed, especially the roads and bridges. All the areas and sidewalks of Baghdad are in bad shape; they need a lot of reconstruction. The situation in Iraq has to improve. Our area is in the worst shape. I ask the officials to build and repair the roads in the al-Ghazalayah neighborhood, on Dawr al-Amn Street. It is one of the worst streets in the area, especially in a place called Souq al-Nafla; this place becomes filled with waste water in the winter. No one is able to get out to the market in the winter because of this. The situation is very bad. I cannot be silent anymore about the situation. We, the people of the area, have complained and told many officials, but no one is helping. The children cannot go to schools, and neither can the university students and the employees. We cannot be silent concerning this bad situation.

  • نجيب الموسوي


    I pray to Almighty God to bestow security and goodness on Iraq. Amen! Baghdad has witnessed a lot of improvement lately in several areas. Many bridges were built in different districts; this helped in making traffic flow smoothly. The bridges solved the problems of blocked and congested roads; many streets were blocked, but thanks to the bridges they are open again. Thank God, Iraq is still well. It is in the process of building and reconstruction. We urge the Iraqi government to establish and build more bridges and highways, to get rid of traffic congestion. I am sure the Iraqis will do their best to rebuild and reconstruct Iraq. We have many foreign and Turkish companies working in Iraq; we want them to build bridges and develop the conditions of Iraq. We really need a lot of rebuilding and reconstruction. We need a lot of services. I expect that such projects will offer job opportunities to the unemployed people. This is a good chance for Iraq to become even better than before. God willing, the situation will change in Iraq. We will work to improve Iraq; it will be a lot better. May God save Iraq from the north to the south!

  • نسر


    Iraq needs more important projects, such as building bridges and the improvement of roads. We have very important projects in Iraq, but we need more progress in rebuilding and reconstruction. All Iraqis should work hard to improve and rebuild Iraq. We want our country to be a lot better. The building of bridges and roads has made Iraq more important, but Iraq needs more work and development towards better conditions.

  • ناصح


    Thank God, the Exalted and Sublime, for helping Iraq establish many important projects, such as building bridges and important roads. Many bridges and roads were constructed in Iraq. Thank God, the districts are safer now. Many bridges were built in Iraq in important places. Many important roads were constructed, improved and opened. Thank God! Yet, we need future projects. The bridges that were built helped many congested areas and made it easier to move from one place to another via bridges.

  • Rami


    The General Department of Traffic has to find a solution to the problems of traffic. It needs to be more organized. The department should help the Iraqi citizens instead of taking money from them. The movement of cars should be organized and improved. The department should use an odd-even license plate number system that allows driving cars on alternate days, as they did once before. They should get rid of old cars. They should work hard to find a solution. I think the traffic signs should be replaced with new ones, because we need to improve the movement of traffic. We need to pay more attention to cars. God willing, the situation will improve in the next few days. The traffic will be more organized in Baghdad and the other governorates.

  • عساف


    Recently, many new cars entered Iraq from overseas. I know Iraq has many problems, but there has to be a solution to the problem of traffic congestion. In Iraq, there has been a great deal of traffic congestion lately. It is something that we do not want to happen in our country, because it is not suitable, with the bad security conditions. There are bombings and murders each day; traffic jams are a good chance for terrorists to kill more innocent souls, because they make use of this crowdedness. Almighty God has given us our minds to think and plan new conditions for Iraq and Iraqis. This is the most important time to start working; we have to challenge all difficult conditions. We have to find a quick solution to the problem of traffic congestion, because such problems cause more destruction in Iraq.

  • عبدالرزاق


    I call upon the Baghdad Municipality to provide this service in our region and put an end to our suffering as a result of the absence of paving in our streets in this region. Its streets are suffering from dust and rubbish, as a result of their not being paved. The Municipality of Baghdad and the competent authorities in Sab’a al-Boor region should continue its servicing works, which everyone is waiting for, at the forefront of which is the paving of the streets as well as extending the sewerage networks. The process of street paving is one of the important and necessary services, and it is indispensable so as to beautify our regions. In order to obtain this service, I call for paving our region in Sab’a al-Boor as soon as possible, and for it to be included in these service projects, which we all need and which the Municipality of Baghdad and the Directorate of Road Paving should continue, as we are in dire need of that.

  • شكري عبدالكريم


    The road and overpass projects which we witness now are some of the most important projects. We find that it is important for us at the present time. The process of starting road paving and opening the new roads, as well as building overpasses in many of our regions, is one of the highly needed things, especially at the time in which we are suffering from the severe traffic jams which all the Iraqi governorates are witnessing. The increase in the numbers of the cars which enter Iraq should be balanced with opening more public and private streets which bypass the cities, so as to lighten these crowds from which everyone is suffering daily when moving or going to their jobs. During the past period, our public streets were unbearable due to the severe crowding which we see and live in daily, and which had a great effect upon everyone, as result of the clear delay in getting to work or carrying out any of the works which we are working on completing. After paving the streets and extending a lot of them and opening a number of the bridges, the situation has changed a lot. We have witnessed a decrease in the percentage of congestion, and the movement of vehicles has become faster. This relieves a lot of the trouble moving from one place to another. I think that the road and bridge projects which all the Iraqi governorates are witnessing, especially the capital Baghdad, are positive and necessary projects for us. We wish to see more of these vital projects, which will also add a lot of beauty for the residential areas and for the general shape of the governorates and for our beloved capital of Baghdad. The projects of maintaining the roads and bridges, as well as opening more of these bridges all across Iraq, is an index which we praise, and we praise those who are responsible for implementing these construction projects as well. These are considered among the most important projects, which will add to our governorates a lot, as they will contribute to relieving many of the traffic jams which we see in our streets as a result of the increase in the number of cars.

  • باسل


    I think that the traffic jams which many of our streets are witnessing is one of the public problems which are accompanying us daily, and which have contributed to increasing our suffering, as a result of the crowds we see in our streets and crossroads. These crowds have started blocking the movement process of the citizen to his work and to any other place he would like to get to; much of our time is wasted as a result of the congestion and the large number of cars in the streets. Reaching work at the required time has become one of the difficulties which face many of us daily, and the same is true for the students when they go to the colleges and universities. The crowds sometimes and in some regions are suffocating, especially in the city centers. This matter needs to be addressed through opening more major streets and connecting them to each other, and also periodically maintaining the public streets and trying to extend them. Moreover, we should build more overpasses, especially at the major crossroads, so as to try to avoid these traffic jams which we all suffer from, and which have become one of the daily phenomena and problems for all the citizens when they go to their daily jobs. The crowds have become very large, especially with the entrance of the cars and their being imported, and the streets have become crowded and the foot traffic in it has become very slow and tiring for us.

  • بشار


    I think that many residential areas, including our region in the Sab’a Al Boor quarter, are among the regions in which the streets and alleys are not paved. In this region, a number of the major streets were tiled some years ago, and as a result of time and usage, these streets are suffering today from a lot of dips and bumps which block the movement of the cars on them. They need to be paved again; in addition, the streets and the alleys are still not paved. This is one of the problems from which we suffer, especially during the winter season and with the rainfall, as it is hard for us to walk in the alleys as a result of the lack of pavement. I call upon the competent authorities, which are responsible for the servicing issue in Sab’a Al Boor region, to perform their duty concerning this issue, to speed up the organization of the streets and to establish dips as well as paving the secondary roads, so as to get the region out of this situation, from which we are suffering as a result of not paving the public and secondary roads. The capital Baghdad today is undergoing a lot of pavement projects which are implemented by the Municipality of Baghdad and the construction companies, and this is considered one of the positive matters. Our region is one of the quarters in the capital of Baghdad and it is located at its borders. I wish that construction and paving could reach it and to pave all its streets, so as to appear in a positive light, which enhances the servicing reality of the city, and for them to be in better condition.

  • حسين احمد سعيد


    I am an Iraqi youth who graduated from the Engineering Faculty and I have a certificate that proves that I was one of the outstanding students who have been distinguished thanks to their success. As for me, I would like to ask that I be granted a job opportunity in one of the state departments or on the projects the state is working on implementing. Therefore, I call for a job opportunity on one of these ongoing projects. I would also like to contribute to serving my country and earning some money, given that I am a youth and I dream of being someone and an independent person. I also dream of relying on myself and leading an independent life. Thus, it is necessary to deal with the youth who are longing for a brighter and better future, so that they will be able to fulfill their dreams and ambitions in order to be able to start families and support their relatives as required. They should not be a burden on their families, given that the current living conditions require a lot of efforts to earn Halal and honest money, which is better than having a high unemployment rate. In fact, terrorist organizations are exploiting this issue in order to carry out all their malicious acts and terrorist attacks against the sons of Iraq. Therefore, the government must exploit the young talents for the sake of reconstructing, developing and advancing Iraq, so that Iraqis will live comfortably, in safety, stability and peace. This also aims to fulfill a bright future which is full of goodness, generosity, excellence, success and exploitation of the talents in good things, God willing. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the young Iraqis in particular, given that they represent the future of Iraq and the abundant wealth. In fact, exploiting them appropriately and as required would be better than using them in destroying, sabotaging and devastating Iraq. Therefore, I would like to ask that I be given an opportunity to work and get a salary that would facilitate my life and that of my family, especially since the latter needs someone to care for and sponsor it to meet all its needs.

  • عبيد احمد


    I am an Iraqi citizen from the province of Ninewa, and I would like to make an appeal for the provision of services that would help make the lives of citizens more comfortable. The province lacks many services, and the government should provide all the services, including electricity and potable water, as well as health services, such as hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, schools, residential complexes, and all the services that the inhabitants of the province need. The province lacks many of these important services, and the officials should demand the provision of everything that contributes in making basic services available, because the citizens have made many demands and complaints regarding the provision of these services. The inhabitants of the province are simple people, and they are poor and do not have anyone to provide them with help and assistance. So, the government should carry out its duty vis-à-vis these citizens and serve them, and ensure the implementation of the service projects, and go ahead and employ those without jobs, as a service to those unemployed people. It should provide them with money in exchange for their contributions in the implementation of the service projects. This aspect will also solve many of the problems that exist in the province as a result of poverty and unemployment, and the fact that many families are in need of money. So, the idea of providing services in the province will solve many of the problems, which are many and of massive proportions. As such, the relevant authorities and officials should do what is necessary in order to make life easier for the inhabitants of the province of Ninewa, which has witnessed gross neglect and negligence on the part of the relevant authorities and the officials.

  • سرمد نزار


    Frankly speaking, it is the government’s duty to follow up on all the important and pending issues which help the inhabitants of the province to carry on with their everyday life normally, as is the case in the other cities, where services and facilities are provided to the citizens. We are all the people of Iraq, and we have all gone through hardships, injustice, oppression, harshness, barbarity, violence, criminality, fear, terror, anxiety and deprivation of all the necessities of life, even the most basic ones. So, the time has come to make the people of Iraq feel happy and comfortable, and for them to enjoy stability, security and peace, as they deserve everything good.

  • حسون محمد


    We need to pay a great deal of attention to the roads in Baghdad, because the latter is a snapshot of the whole of Iraq. It is imperative that the roads in Baghdad be taken care of, and all of them need to be asphalted without exception. Bridges should be built for pedestrians, in order to help preserve the lives of the citizens from being inadvertently exposed to accidents as a result of crossing the road. It is very crucial to provide everything that serves the interests of the Iraqi citizens, and to develop Iraq and to improve the living conditions in this new era, with help from the government and the ministry.

  • عبدالغني


    As an Iraqi citizen, I demand that new roads be built in the Al-Huseineya area, which is suffering from huge deterioration in the paved roads. We need roads that are suitable for both vehicles and people. All people, including students, want to get to their places of work and study, and also to the markets. That’s why the government should seriously consider the subject, because it is something that bothers the citizens a lot. The citizens of Al-Huseineya area have filed several complaints to the concerned parties to find solutions to this problem. However, all these complaints were in vain, as no one responded to them. The issue of paving the streets of the area has become a very essential one, so we hope the execution of the solution would start as fast as possible to best serve the Iraqi citizen and the people of Al-Huseineya in particular.

  • شهد


    These projects are very essential in many areas that suffer from huge deterioration in the area of services, when it comes to the roads and the bridges. I think that we need immediate execution of the projects, especially the important ones, like the water, sewage, electricity, roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and housing compounds. These projects are very essential and they should be executed immediately, without any hesitation, on the condition that they be implemented everywhere in Iraq, with no exception. It is the government’s duty to do this.

  • صلاح البحر


    The idea of building bridges and roads and working on such projects has a very positive, important and effective role. Baghdad’s streets are now witnessing many traffic jams, so it is very important to work on constructing these projects and to immediately implement them. The concerned parties should supervise and monitor the projects, after contracting with the implementation companies to make sure the project is delivered on time. The concerned ministry should also contract with the companies, and all the expenses of the projects should be monitored and supervised by honest and clean committees. These committees would work on serving the Iraqi people’s best interest and providing them with the required convenient methods. The idea of the roads and the bridges is very important because it is essential, especially today, as Iraq is witnessing a big shift. Iraq needs to be a new country that has all the qualities that make it a new, developed country that has the best services and techniques. It is important to implement these projects in all the Iraqi governorates, because these service projects are very important to the Iraqi citizen. All the streets should be paved and cleaned, so that the citizen can walk on them without fearing trash cans or anything else. It is very important to provide these services in the areas that are deteriorating as to the condition of the roads. Some roads are dusty, muddy and many other things, which might be caused by the flood of water or sewage, especially in the winter, when the rain is heavy.

  • ابو خالد


    Work should be done to solve this problem that causes overwhelming distress and exhaustion to the Iraqi citizen, who suffers from delays and very long waiting times in the street. The checkpoints are the main reason for the delay of the citizens, in addition to the blockades, including the concrete ones, which also cause huge jams in the streets of Baghdad and the rest of the governorates. The concerned party should take all the necessary actions to open the road, including removing the blockades. In addition, the useless checkpoints should be reduced, and they should only be limits to the main entrances of the districts, no more or less than that. The excessive presence of the checkpoints is a big obstacle in the Iraqi citizen’s path. The Iraqi citizen needs space and needs to be able to enjoy open and smooth roads. That’s why it is very important to work on removing these points and blockades, in addition to building extra new roads. Moreover, bridges should be built to connect between the districts, to facilitate the life of the citizen who needs to get to his destination, using the fastest and the shortest way possible. It is the government’s duty to conduct these reforms and supervise them, to better serve and contribute to the convenience of the Iraqi citizen, who needs to be provided with many services.

  • ياسين احمد ياسين


    The traffic jams have become really suffocating, so the concerned party should work on solving this issue and putting an end to it, in order to better serve the Iraqi citizen. The Iraqi citizen has always suffered from this issue because of the many checkpoints, not only in Baghdad’s streets, but also in the other governorates and cities as well. That’s why all the ways should be opened and the concerned party should work on providing the Iraqi citizen with convenience. This could be done through building bridges and constructing new roads that would contribute to eliminating the phenomenon of traffic jams, especially in the main areas. These main areas are important because they have a lot of traffic and congestion, which cause delays to everyone. This would help the citizens arrive on time at their destinations.

  • نشات حميد


    Human services are rights that the Iraqi people deserve, and the government must provide them in order to meet their basic needs. These are the basic rights of Iraqis, and they are closely connected with human dignity. It is known that our country Iraq suffers from the lack of the basic services that are needed by the Iraqi citizen in many fields, including building modern roads and asphalting them. The need for good roads today is urgent. It is worth mentioning that most of the streets in Iraqi cities have suffered damages as a result of the military wars that took place on the land of Iraq during long periods of time that went on for years. This made them unsuitable for use, and these wars were followed by the terrorist operations that destroyed the bridges and the streets severely. The terrorist organizations used to plant bombs on the roads and bridges, and this caused a great deal of damage and made them unsuitable for serving the people, due to the large number of holes and craters that were caused by these explosions, or the barricades that were used by some people to slow down the cars that pass in the residential areas. The ultimate result was that the streets became totally unusable, and this worsened the suffering of the Iraqi people in most areas of Iraq.

  • فاروق نصر


    Most of the roads and bridges are very old, and they were constructed more than approximately 50 years ago. Hence, they have become unsuitable for use. These projects are considered the perfect opportunity for the development of this important sector, which has many benefits. For example, it would give Baghdad an aesthetic dimension that reflects the civilized face of this ancient capital, which still carries the fragrance of the past, when it was one of wonders of the world. In addition, the implementation of these projects will provide employment opportunities to all those who can work on these projects because, as it is well known to everyone, Iraq enjoys extensive and comprehensive scientific expertise and cadres. They should be given the opportunity to participate in building Iraq, because it is the right of all citizens to participate in building our home. Hence, we support all these projects, in the area of roads and bridges, as well as in the other fields that must have similar projects, because Iraq today needs the unity of its people and those who must stand for Iraq's progress and civilization, so that we can restore our grandeur.

  • محمد جبار


    My brothers, traffic jams are among the most common problems suffered by the Iraqi citizen, and they have become an integral part of the lives of Iraqi citizens. The traffic jams that began about eight years ago were the reason for slowing the growth and development process in Iraq. For example, if we considered the case of the Iraqis who work in public and private institutions, we would find that most of the workers and employees do not get to their work places on time because of the traffic congestion in Baghdad. In addition to this, it causes many other problems that cannot be counted. It is like a stone blocking the way of development in Iraq.

  • مجدي رسول


    The projects of roads and bridges are very important in Iraq, and it is a step in the right direction in order to improve the condition of Iraq in the field of the development of construction, so that Iraq will return to its former status as one of the most developed states in the Middle East, scientifically, socially, economically and as to construction. As for the Iraqi citizens, we encourage the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Construction to implement these projects that represent the interests of the Iraqis and unveil the civilizational face of the governorate of Bagdad and the other governorates. It is worth mentioning that Iraq in the meantime is in urgent need of these projects, because in the past years, Iraq faced many terrorist attacks and fierce wars that destroyed many of the roads and bridges as a result of the bombs and explosives that were used during these wars, which harmed Iraq.

  • صادق بديع


    We demand that the Iraqi government work on maintaining the streets in our area and work on fixing them in order to restore them to life and to serve the people by building additional roads and bridges to alleviate the congestion in the residential areas, to achieve a smooth flow of traffic in the streets. The traffic suffers due to the lack of good roads and bridges in the meantime. The existing roads and bridges are not commensurate with the increasing size of the population, which needs to open new roads to serve the residents of the area, because they are considered basic services that are needed by the Iraqis.

  • حسان حمدي


    We as citizens wish to see an end to this problem as soon as possible so that Iraq returns to the way it was in the past. The traffic jams have paralyzed the movement of the Iraqis in their jobs. It worth mentioning that the cause of the traffic jams in the capital Baghdad comes back to the fact that most of the roads and bridges were designed 40 years ago, and they were designed in a way that accommodated the number of cars and the means of transportation at that time. Today, and with the openness of the Iraqi borders, with many countries of world and the activity of the importation of cars, a new problem has appeared in reality and started growing little by little. This resulted from the increase in the number of the imported cars, which can no longer be accommodated by the old network of roads in Iraq. That is because these roads are narrow and old, and they were designed to accommodate a limited number of cars and means of transportation. In addition, most of the roads were destroyed because of the wars in which Iraqi was involved, by Saddam’s free will and in spite of him. On the other hand, the spread of concrete barricades all over Baghdad to limit the terrorist operations in Iraq led to the worsening of the problem of the traffic jams in Baghdad. All these factors collectively led to the worsening of the problem of the traffic jams. Hence, we demand that the Iraqi government find a radical solution to the traffic problems, which have become a source of concern for all the residents of the capital, which is in urgent need of development and expansion to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles in the country.

  • الاسمر


    We often hear about a lot of investment projects that will start in Iraq and be established by national and foreign companies. As an unemployed young Iraqi, I would like to make my voice heard in order to get a job opportunity in one of those areas of investment or in any of those projects. In fact, I would like to earn a monthly salary and earn a living for me and my family. Thus, I call on the government to impose conditions on the owners of these investments, in order to employ the Iraqi workforce. We want to become employed. We cannot put up with this tragic situation any longer. We are no longer able to cope with the harsh life conditions. I really feel embarrassed whenever I come home, because I do not have one single dinar for my wife. I cannot provide one single dinar for the household purchases. We want a job opportunity in any vacancy that requires workers. I think that the distribution of the workforce on those projects is a great idea. However, it could be achieved only through an honest government, which should be committed to imposing employment in order to resolve the problems of many unemployed people.

  • كمال صديق


    I am one of the jobless youth who have been jobless for about two years. I completed my study in the college excellently, and I waited to get a job, especially given that I am still at the beginning of my life and I still have much to do to complete the other half of my religion. I also want to enjoy my life normally and I wish that the concerned officials would consider my case. This also applies to many other graduates who are waiting for jobs. The living conditions are extremely difficult and we cannot continue in this way. I am an optimistic young man and I wish to work, not just stay at home. Hence, you are required to provide us with jobs to contribute to the construction of our country, which is witnessing the beginning of the process of construction. I hope that the youth will contribute to the construction process and perform our duties towards our country. I demand that they open the door to the jobs and provide me with one. I have searched for any job since my graduation to improve my conditions, without any result.

  • عبدالحكيم


    Do we speak honestly and will he critique what we write and will it be published? I am an Iraqi citizen and I would like to speak about the widespread administrative corruption in all state departments. Many youth have been deprived of job opportunities they were supposed to get, because of this administrative corruption. But unfortunately, all of the administrative corruption in the state departments, the administrative officers’ interference in the issue of employment for many youth, and the youth’s deprivation, are a result of bribes and nepotism. In addition, there are those who pay money to be accepted in jobs. What is happening is very unfortunate, because this behavior has deprived many youth from specializing in their fields. What happened has increased the unemployment rate greatly, which then causes more terrorist acts, because the youth are in great need of money. The terrorist groups exploit this in order to recruit the Iraqi youth to execute terrorist acts and commit bombings and suicide bombings, as well as setting up booby-traps and assassinations for very little money. This is the result of depriving the youth from working. If we had assumed the opportunity and it were left available for those youth, all of this would not have happened in Iraq.

  • نصرالدين


    Today, the absence of job opportunities in Iraq is one of the most serious problems that we suffer from. Many Iraqis, especially young people and graduates, are jobless. I am one of the young graduates who have completed their studies and aspired to get a job opportunity. I waited too long, and so did a lot of graduates. However, I am still jobless while I am going through these difficult living circumstances. I wish I could get any job opportunity that would provide me and my family with a decent living. I ask all those who are responsible for the appointment dossiers in all the government institutions to consider my situation and that of many others who are deprived of any work. I call for a chance to get a job that will have a lot of positive impacts on my life, namely my psychological state. I really cannot put up with unemployment. It is too hard for me to tolerate this situation. I wonder how long I will remain unemployed while the country is going through a period of reconstruction, building and the development of the new Iraq. We would like to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq and to take part in its development, which is taking place in all parts of Iraq.

  • ستار


    Creating job opportunities will enable Iraq to move from one position to another. Of course, I mean a better position. In fact, there are many young people in Iraq whose energy should be invested to serve their individual interest, as well as those of the nation. This would benefit the country a great deal. I would like to express my thanks and respect. And, I hope that you will consider my application. In fact, I would like to get a job opportunity that would spare me the need to ask for aid or charity. Indeed, I would like to help my family during this tough period.