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EU to grant Iraq €24 million for development projects

Money from the EU's grant will go to develop the health, education and social sectors in Iraq. [Mahmoud Raouf Mahmoud / Reuters]

Money from the EU's grant will go to develop the health, education and social sectors in Iraq. [Mahmoud Raouf Mahmoud / Reuters]

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Iraqi officials praised the efforts of the Ministry of Planning Tuesday (November 29th) to reinforce co-operation with the European Union (EU) on a number development projects.

Last week, the Ministry of Planning concluded a bilateral co-operation agreement with the European Commission, a division within the EU.

"The agreement falls within the framework of the strategic partnership between us and the European Commission, and what this partnership expresses in terms of continuing desire to build and consolidate active, strong bilateral relations in all fields," said Sami Matti, deputy minister for technical affairs at the Ministry of Planning.

Matti told Mawtani the European Commission played a major role during past years in helping Iraq develop its resources and capacities by providing financial support and preparing the necessary expertise for development.

"We want to continue to develop this role during the coming phase through the conclusion of further agreements that would help develop our country and establish an exceptional status for it among the countries of the world," Matti said.

The agreement will go into effect at the beginning of 2012 and continue through 2015. Under the agreement, the European Union will provide a grant of €24 million ($32.3 million) to Iraq.

According to Matti, about €11 million ($14.8 million) will be allocated for health and higher education. Another €6 million ($8.1 million) will go towards creating a suitable environment for displaced Iraqi and refugees returning to the country. Another €5 million ($6.7 million) will be allocated to develop civil society organizations in Iraq. The remaining €2 million ($2.7 million) will go towards investment and economic projects.

EU to provide skills and expertise

Anwar Jameel, director-general of the Ministry of Planning's sector planning department, said the agreement also stipulates that the EU mission in Iraq would provide the necessary skills and expertise to implement these developmental projects.

"We aspire under this new agreement to expand the scope of the European Union contribution in developmental projects in Iraq, and open wide horizons for joint co-operation with the European Union, especially since our country is heading toward changes and a comprehensive economic boom and building," Jameel said.

Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi, official spokesman for the Ministry of Planning, told Mawtani that the agreement would be beneficial for both Iraq and the European Union.

"The countries of the Union look at Iraq as a promising economic and investment partner in the region in light of the huge natural and human wealth it has. They are consequently interested and keen to establish advanced and mature relations with it, based on mutual benefits and interests," he said.

"For our part, we also share Europe's concern and interest, and look forward to having them establish wider presence in the campaign for building and reconstruction going on in our country now, supporting us with what they have of capacities, expertise and well-established experiences."

Al-Hindawi also predicted a rise in national development indicators in Iraq during the coming year. The government has earmarked about $112 billion to finance investment projects and support the strategic plans and policies to fight poverty and unemployment.

"The ministry has relied on various internationally recognized parameters in preparing the draft budget of 2012, including taking into consideration each province's needs for service and development projects, and the determination of the budget relative to the number of the population, in addition to benefiting from the experiences and expertise of the developed countries in the area of managing financial assets and revenues," al-Hindawi said.




    فلاح رحيم


    I demand that the Iraqi government and Ministry of Health pay attention to the conditions of the hospitals and medical centers and that they fulfill their promises in this respect. They told us that the coming period would witness new hospitals and medical centers in the Abu Ghraib district, but none of these promises saw the light. We are living in a large town, and it is not near Baghdad’s center, to be near the large hospitals in the capital; hence we want the government to look after the health and medical services that are offered to this town. We demand that the government build a large and equipped hospital to offer the medical services to the residents of the city, in addition to medical centers in all the districts of Abu Ghraib until they finish the project of the large hospital.

  • معروف عبدالقادر


    We need to develop the agriculture, health and services in many fields, so they can play a role in the elimination of the unemployment and the improvement of the economic situation. Hence, these states provide financial grants to us. In other words, they are not granted to us to be looted or to be used in painting the schools or pavements.

  • صادق حمدي


    The European countries thankfully offer financial grants to Iraq and the Iraqi government, to help the Iraqi people in the important projects that are needed by Iraq, so the money will not be stolen by the officials or looted by the contractors and the other senior officials. This problem must come to an end, and these grants should be spent on real and important projects, rather than painting the pavements and schools. It is unfortunate to see that these millions are being wasted, while we could use them in big, important projects. Hence, I hope that the government will focus more on the service projects, because they are the most-needed projects these days, and the ones that will help people to end their suffering as to electricity, sewer systems and building hospitals and equipping them with the most advanced and expensive devices. We also need projects to take care of the people with chronic diseases. These things are very important and the citizens need them to achieve the required benefits, rather than wasting them on trivial projects that do not benefit the Iraqi people, as we have noticed during the past years.

  • شوكت احمد


    The current situation requires the existence of strong control authorities in all sectors, and it requires dealing seriously with violations in order to get rid of the corrupt elements and to bring them to justice, regardless of their names or relations with the senior officials and politicians, because this issue harms the Iraqi people and state as a whole, not only a certain person. Hence, I wish that all corruption would end and that the state would pay attention to this issue as fast as possible, particularly the funds that came as gifts from the European states, which are being stolen by some people. Hence, these funds must be under strict control measures, so we can know the destination of each penny, with all the required documents and purchase orders, by which the control authorities can verify this. That is because much of this money is being stolen and manipulated, and that is why we feel that we do not benefit from these grants in the best way.

  • فارس عبدالمجيد


    I thank all the European states that helped Iraq, and I wish that they would continue helping Iraq until it returns to its normal situation. We will repay all this aid to these states, because Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world. However, we suffer because of the instability. Consequently, the Iraqi government has to behave well and deal with these funds rationally, to reap the greatest benefits from them in important humanitarian projects.

  • سعدون عادل


    I thank all the friendly states that worked during the past years to support Iraq and its projects and provided it with its humanitarian needs, after the long suffering that we all know and the unusual circumstances of the state. This caused serious problems and deficits in the budget. Despite the fact that the European countries are also suffering from economic crises, they did not neglect humanitarian needs and support for reconstruction, development and education projects, as well as the projects of the human cases and providing funds to Iraq to help it to get rid of this situation. Thanks to all the friends who supported the Iraqi people, knowing that I blame the rich Arab states, which should have helped their oppressed Iraqi brothers to rebuild the new Iraq and help it stand on its own two feet and achieve the renaissance. Unfortunately, many Arab states adopted disgraceful stances towards the developments in Iraq. Quite the contrary, some countries paid huge funds to destabilize Iraq and support terrorism, rather than helping Iraq and granting money to the orphans in Iraq or contributing to useful humanitarian projects in Iraq. Unfortunately, the west supports us and our Arab brothers failed us.

  • بشار لازم


    Tourism has flourished significantly in Kurdistan. Tourists from inside and outside Iraq have started to flock to this province, given that it has all that tourists need, and given the facilities provided by the Kurdistan Regional Government to tourists and investors in the tourism sector. Indeed, the government is focusing on the development of tourism.

  • ابراهيم البغدادي


    There are many projects in Iraq and they should be built in order to save Iraq from this awful burden. I believe that these funds must be under strict supervision from the concerned authorities, and all expenditures must be within the needs of the actual projects, without extravagance. The most needed projects in Iraq these days are the projects of the residential complexes, which must start as soon as possible, to save the poor families from their heavy burdens. I hope that Iraq and the Iraqis will benefit from these projects, which must start. I want to explain to the Iraqi government that if these projects were built, they would save the citizens from serious problems and would generate many jobs for the unemployed Iraqis. These people would work and overcome their depression, and in this way, we would achieve many purposes in one stroke. We thank God, because the Iraqis are competent and they can assume the responsibility. I support all those who want to contribute to the construction of the new Iraq, and we hope that it will move forward. These funds are granted to us by many European countries that want Iraq to restore its former grandeur and to enjoy better conditions. Iraq is in urgent need of reconstruction, because it has suffered from severe destruction.

  • مصطفى عبدالله


    I want to remind the Iraqi government that it must stop stealing the funds of the Iraqis and stand with the Iraqis in their trials, to be up to the responsibility and work on restoring all the rights of the Iraqis, as it was in the past and even better. The children of Iraq are poor people and they have not tasted comfort and security at all, from the time of Saddam until today. God is generous. These funds came from European countries, not Arab states, knowing that we are all Muslims and we have to help each other and be united in order to build our beloved Iraq. I hope that this will be a golden opportunity for all of Iraq, which really needs the reconstruction and renovation of many places. Iraq needs many projects for the sake of construction; it needs to build hospitals and important centers and to help the poor, who need real help. I ask God to help those in charge to succeed in creating new jobs for the Iraqi youth, in order to build the new Iraq that is based on goodness and dedication. I ask God to help Iraq restore its former grandeur, so it will be better than any Arab state and will remain a thorn in the eyes of the traitors, who do not want any good for Iraq and the Iraqis.

  • كمال ساعدي


    By God, Iraq is in urgent need of these funds in order to commence with the projects of construction and reconstruction depending on specialized technologies. We need to reorganize the new situation in Iraq, which is our home. Iraq needs to return to its normal status and to be even better than all the other Arab states. However, the rampant administrative corruption in the country is a negative phenomenon and we have to be cautious in order to save Iraq from this difficult situation.

  • مجهول


    In the Iraqi departments, there are many forms of administrative corruption, which will destroy Iraq. I work in a public department and I suffer a great deal, but I cannot leave it, as this is my only source of income, and we all know that vacancies in Iraq are very few. I have heard that there are donations from the European countries that want to help Iraq. I would like to say that there should be specialized departments to distribute these funds and protect them from the administrative corruption in the Iraqi institutions. This corruption will not allow these funds to be utilized in a good way, and they will be stolen publicly. Unfortunately, in Iraq there are many thieves who want to exploit this country in this horrible way that we see in these departments and institutions.

  • عباس صادق


    Iraq needs to stand on its own two feet and to be at the head of these countries that work on reconstruction and want to help Iraq in all its aspects, instead of these funds being stolen by many groups that want to destroy Iraq. We should allow them to help Iraq to rise again and restore what was stolen from it and to help life in Iraq return to its normal course. We should be ready to rebuild Iraq and make it ready. God has made these European grants a gift for Iraq, to help this great country to restore its grandeur. These grants are very important for the Iraqis, and this will help reunite many families that were displaced because of the acts of sabotage that were carried out by the cowardly people of the Mahdi Army and the other terrorist organizations. These European countries have no interests in Iraq; they only want it to restore its grandeur and previous glory. Hence, the Iraqis can thank them by showing that they can take the responsibility and that they care for the European countries and respect them very much. We all full of hope that Iraq will return to its former status. I also call on these European countries not to leave Iraq alone, because there are many thieves in Iraq who want to loot it. It is for the benefit of Iraq to have foreign support to handle these grants rightly. Personally, I believe that there should be reliable Iraqi and European officials to be entrusted with the utilization of these funds for the benefit of Iraq and the Iraqis. We ask God to protect Iraq from the north to the south, and to make its lands blessed, as He is All-Hearing.

  • رعد احمد


    Indeed, Iraq needs huge support from many Arab and European countries to reconstruct its facilities, which were destroyed during the wars and through the terrorist acts that were carried out by the terrorists of al-Qaeda. All they care about is how to destroy Iraq. Unfortunately, some Iraqis are immoral and they did not rebuild Iraq, but they worked on destroying it through administrative corruption in all the departments and by looting the funds of Iraq through the current government and the official departments. Likewise, many Iraqi officials looted the money of Iraq, and none of them cares about the conditions of Iraq, which needs the restoration of its activities and the reconstruction of its infrastructure. Therefore, I would like to thank all the countries that granted Iraq money to help it, as these states want Iraq to recover from the destruction of the wars and the torment that targeted all the Iraqis. Hence, I want all Iraqis to take this great advantage and stand with all those who love Iraq and what concerns it. I am one of the first people who want to work with all those who want to build Iraq and construct it during the coming days through beneficial projects that would help Iraq. However, we want to stress the fact that there are priorities as to the reconstruction process. We should start with the demolished buildings, ministries, hospitals and schools, and then work on the restoration of the services to Iraq, to improve the situation in Iraq. These states helped Iraq stand again on its feet, but Iraq wants men who can assume the responsibility and make use of these funds in the construction, and grant the rights to the families of the martyrs and the poor Iraqis who live in the streets and sleep under the bridges.

  • عبدالحميد يوسف كريم


    As an Iraqi citizen, I would like to call on the authorities to build a hospital in Anbar Province. This hospital should be equipped with all the modern technologies. They should make the efforts to build it, because the inhabitants of the Province are in desperate need for a hospital in order to treat patients who suffer from diseases and injuries. Therefore, this government should allocate a budget and contract with contractors and companies that are specialized in establishing and building hospitals. Indeed, hospitals should be dedicated to providing services to the Iraqi people. In this respect, it is essential and very important to build hospitals in all Provinces and regions. Therefore, the Ministry is working hard for the convenience of the inhabitants of Anbar Province, because they are suffering from neglect and failure in terms of the healthcare, which is necessary and important for many citizens. Thus, it is essential to care for people in all Iraqi provinces, and not just in Anbar. Nevertheless, the people of the province need a hospital there.

  • عصام عبدالقادر


    I am an Iraqi citizen from Bab Muaddham. I would like to complain about the local hospital, which has witnessed a lot of neglect, dereliction and deterioration. In fact, the patients' situation is very unfortunate, especially in the emergency departments, which are supposed to care for people through providing hygiene and intensive care. Many patients and wounded people frequent this hospital, but they cannot talk to the cleaners and the staff. The latter believe that they are superior people. Authorities are supposed to appoint employees who respect citizens, care for them, and provide them with all their requirements. They should clean and disinfect the place, including the beds, bedspreads, pillows and blankets, in addition to the bathrooms and the floor, without asking people to pay money for the service. In fact, this is too costly for patients who are not able to pay.

  • خيرية


    I am Khairia Khaled Emad, a citizen of Al-Mosul governorate. The governorate’s maternity and children’s hospital suffers from a severe shortage in the services provided. The service is only delivered when the money is paid, and the staff doesn’t carry out its duties as required. When the mother exits the delivery room, those accompanying her must pay money to the workers, nurses and cleaning ladies. They also pay money again for the mother and the child to be taken care of. The service level in this hospital is very low and the care given to the patients, especially delivery and children’s cases, is insufficient. This type of hospitals must have all the required services for the people who check up and handle the delivery cases. The Ministry of Health should play a more prominent and active role to provide the necessary care to patients, delivery cases and people who come for a checkup. Medications should be provided, and the staff should be dedicated and honest while they are performing their duty. The staff should do their tasks without taking money from the patients, because they already get salaries to do their job. They shouldn’t push and pressure people who accompany the pregnant women or the mothers who have delivered their babies into paying them anything. If someone wants to give them a gift, they can do that, but with no pressure or forcing from the staff. It is necessary to have committees that will supervise the hospitals and will play a greater and a better role. Everything a citizen needs should be provided, including the required care, comfort and drugs. There should be more cleanliness and a better view from the hospitals, because this plays a big role in the patient’s comfort and psychological status. We hope to achieve even a slight change in the hospitals and clinics in Al-Mosul and in the rest of the Iraqi governorates.

  • عبدالعزيز


    I, as an Iraqi citizen, would like to demand better medical care, because the Iraqi citizen is in great need of being provided services for his total comfort, after all the terrible terrorist and criminal circumstances he has gone through. The health of the Iraqi citizen needs to be taken care of, especially the chronic cases that constantly need medical care and medications. The Ministry of Health should do its duties and role better by working hard on providing all medical services the Iraqi citizen needs. Clinics and hospitals should be provided to facilitate the many difficulties the Iraqi citizen faces, including getting the required medications. The condition of medicine in Iraq now is really deteriorating, and many hospitals and clinics are in a very awful and deteriorating condition. There is also a severe shortage of medications that the Iraqi citizen needs. In addition, the pharmacies sell the medication at very high prices. These have become a very heavy burden on the citizen. The government should set the medications’ prices in order to facilitate the lives of citizens, who need them in order to be healed. This decision would contribute to the convenience and better serving of the Iraqi citizen. The government should also do real, serious work to provide the citizens with hospitals and clinics in all the governorates and districts. In addition, the required medications and drugs which the chronic cases and all other cases need should be provided. The ministry, the government and the concerned parties should take care of all the patients, wounded, injured and all other cases.

  • نوري صديق


    The government should take this matter into consideration so that the Iraqi citizen would feel in a better medical situation. The Iraqi citizen needs to feel safe being near medical care and ambulance centers. The medical side must be taken care of because it is very important and necessary in the country. Iraq has witnessed and still is witnessing many diseases, injuries and accidents because of the terrorist attacks targeting the poor Iraqi people. The Iraqi people have suffered for a long time and many have died because of neglect and the deteriorating condition of the medical side. For example, there are no hospitals or clinics that treat the injured and the wounded. That’s why Iraq is in real and serious need of upgrading its medical status, because most of the people suffer from diseases and they are in real need of doctors and medications. There are many chronic diseases, like diabetes and high blood pressure, which are caused by the stress, anxiety and fear that people have experienced. That’s why the Iraqi people should be taken care of, through working on providing clinics and hospitals that have good and efficient medical staff too. The Iraqi citizen is in real need of finding some respite after suffering for such a long time under the shadow of terrorism and painful and harmful wars. These wars caused the loss of lives of many Iraqi people who have shed their blood on this honorable land. The government and the concerned ministry should do their duties towards the Iraqi people with no neglect, under-performance, laziness or failure. It is time for Iraq to be in a better condition, because Iraq today will witness a better situation, God willing.

  • تحسين فارس


    I think that the terrorists have played a leading role in this decline, since they have frequently targeted medical competencies and killed many of them. This has obviously affected the general competencies in the Iraqi medical and healthcare sector, which has failed to come up to our expectations so far. In fact, there is a significant decline in the competencies and services provided to the Iraqi citizens, which has affected this important sector. Indeed, healthcare is one of the most important sectors, because we all need it. Thus, it should receive more and more improvements. However, it is noticeable that some hospitals need to carry out their duties and provide better services. We need to raise the medical capacities of our hospitals by equipping them with advanced medical devices, because they enable the hospitals and healthcare centers to provide better services for the patients. In short, hospitals need more medical devices and cadres in order to promote all aspects of the healthcare sector.

  • Ebro


    I call on the authorities to make Iraq a developed country in terms of healthcare, because this sector is very important for human life, especially since our country has much competence and expertise in this field. Thus, I hope that the medical and healthcare sectors will achieve the true breakthrough that we wish for in our country. In fact, Iraq has started to make some progress in many of these fields. Such progress would help in the reconstruction of the country and the provision of services for the Iraqi people. In this respect, we call on the Iraqi authorities to promote the healthcare situation by providing patients in the hospitals with better medical and healthcare services. The latter are in desperate need of the recruitment of Iraqi competencies and the provision of the best and latest medical devices that are used in the examination of patients, such as scanners and x-ray machines. Hospitals should be equipped with the latest operating rooms because citizens need such medical devices. In fact, many patients are obliged to wait for quite a long time before they are examined with these devices, because of the long lists of bookings and the large number of patients whose health requires such examinations. So many people are suffering from this situation, especially those who are in very critical condition.

  • منجد


    I call for spending this money on supporting these projects, which everyone is awaiting in order to promote the progress in such important sectors that contribute to advancing the educational and the health conditions in the country. Or, I call for spending this money on other ongoing projects. What counts most is that the money should be spent on important projects that will contribute to promoting the reality of the services provided to citizens. In fact, there are a lot of projects which we hope will be implemented as soon as possible, given our desperate need for them, such as paving the streets or establishing sewage networks. For this reason, we call for spending the money which has been granted by any brotherly nation on completing projects and starting more urban and service projects that will contribute to promoting the conditions of services to meet everyone’s ambitions. Therefore, this amount of money must be spent according to certain state regulations set by specialized committees, so that money will be spent appropriately and thus serve our country. The latter is spending a lot of money from the Iraqi budget on such projects, which will make Iraq one of the region’s most beautiful countries and help it recover, God willing, so that it will become as we hope.

  • زاهد فوزي


    Today, Iraq is going through a stable situation by establishing relationships with the other countries of the world. In fact, these countries have contributed to the improvement of the service sectors in Iraq by sending various amounts of money in order to establish some humanitarian and service projects. Thus, the European Union has played a big role in establishing such projects. In fact, it has allocated 24 million Euros to some programs. I think that these amounts of money must be appropriately spent. Thus, the corrupt people who have weak souls must not interfere in our country. Iraq has been suffering from administrative and financial corruption, because these deviant and corrupt people have contributed to the deterioration of the reconstruction process.

  • ماهر العبيدي


    I call for spending the money that has been given by the countries of the European Union in the important sectors. In fact, people need some sectors more than others. Today, we are witnessing many reconstruction and service projects that have contributed to the provision of services for the citizens. Thus, many projects need the continuity of work at the same pace, in order to be faster in increasing the financial allocations that have been provided by the European Union countries. We can use this money in the education and health sectors, which are among the most important and vital sectors in Iraq. Besides, we must expand the projects of the school building in the rural areas, because the students have been suffering from the lack of schools close to their residential areas. It is possible to use 24 million Euros in the health sector, for building some clinics in the regions that have been suffering from the lack of healthcare centers.

  • ابراهيم شاكر


    I am afraid that the corrupt people will manipulate these grants that have been sent by the European Union or by any other country. In fact, this will lead to the loss of money, due to bad management or corrupt people. Thus, I ask our esteemed government to follow up on this issue, in order to preserve these amounts of money that must be spent in the development and reconstruction programs, and to prevent the corrupt people from reaching these amounts of money. This can be achieved by forming specialized committees that will spend these amounts of money in an appropriate way in order to benefit from them, especially by supporting the projects and the other sectors. In fact, this will develop the services sector. Thus, the government must accurately follow up with this issue, in order to keep corrupt people from committing fraud, and to benefit from these amounts of money. Thus, it is important to follow up on everything, and I ask the government to work hard at preventing the honest people from falling prey to the administrative corruption. This will help to protect the Iraqi money and the grants that have been sent by the friendly countries.

  • جميل غانم


    This cooperation is among the most positive things, and we hope that it will continue. In fact, this amount of money will support some projects and it will contribute to the opening of others. The European Union has provided a lot of assistance. That is why we commend this vital side which will contribute to the establishment of the relationships with the countries of the European Union. This will achieve cooperation between Iraq and these countries. Thus, I would like to thank the countries of the European Union and all of those who have contributed to the development of the building and reconstruction process. This has served the interest of the Iraqis, who will enjoy the best services, especially in the field of the country’s development and will reach the level of our ambition. In fact, the European countries have supported our country by sending the scientific expertise and by training the Iraqis in these skills. Thus, they have provided a lot of expertise for our cadres in order to help the country’s construction.

  • سمير الحسيني


    I am a sick Iraqi citizen, and I ask the Ministry of Health to take the necessary measures in order to improve the medical services that have been provided for the patients and the hospitals’ visitors, in order to improve the health situation in Iraq and to protect the public health. I request this in order to avoid all of the kinds of infectious diseases that can threaten the public health in Iraq. In fact, the health sector is very important to Iraq. That is why it must reach the best situation possible, especially since Iraq is the country of science and knowledge. It must remain like this, and it must establish an integrated health system in all aspects, in order to avoid having to travel to the neighboring countries to receive treatment or to undergo surgery. As we know, Iraq currently has many experienced doctors. Thus, the health sector needs improvement and reconstruction. It also needs more attention in order to provide the best services for the patients, so they can avoid visiting the hospitals of the neighboring countries, because this requires huge amounts of money.

  • شريف معين


    The European Union is one of the most important unions in the world. In fact, it has many capacities, in addition to its big role in the economic field. This union has a lot of expertise in many fields. Thus, the European countries have shown positive stances toward Iraq and the Iraqis. In fact, they have been the first to have provided support for Iraq during the previous years, and they have provided financial aid for the development programs for the improvement of the country. And they have provided many programs that have significantly contributed to the reconstruction process. Today, the European countries have allocated 24 million Euros in order to improve many programs that will serve the country. That is why I would like to thank the European countries that have continuously supported Iraq. They have significantly affected the development and reconstruction process. Thus, we are always working on developing our countries in all fields through cooperation with the other countries, in order to continue the reconstruction process.

  • شوقي احمد


    The corruption in the Ministry of Health has reached a peak, because this corruption is related to the weak institutions. This led to exploitation by some powerful parties that do not obey the law. They manipulate the laws and legal wording to serve their interests and objectives in getting large sums of money through administrative and financial corruption, which has become one of the rampant problems in the Iraqi Ministry of Health. The officials in this ministry conclude sham contracts that cost the treasury millions of dollars in the name of contracting with private companies to provide the public hospitals and medical centers with medicines and modern equipment, which are urgently needed in most of these hospitals. However, these hospitals do not offer any services because of corruption, which constitutes the main factor in the backwardness of other societies. Administrative and financial corruption is one of the serious problems that threaten the safety of the Iraqi people, due to the lack of the health services that can save the patients and treat them to alleviate their pains. In addition, public money is being wasted on projects that are mere ink on paper. In order to stop the forms of corruption in the Ministry of Health, it has become a duty of the Iraqi government to take all the precautionary procedures in the financial and administrative aspects in the Ministry of Health through forming committees for financial and administrative control in order to bring the corrupt people to courts.

  • Dewan


    Today, Iraq is in desperate need of any assistance from other countries that want to help Iraq to become better. Iraq has to take advantage of these opportunities to turn a new page and start on a new path. Even though Iraq has many resources and it does not need much money, yet it is useful in terms of strengthening the relationships between Iraq and these countries. This way, we will have countries supporting Iraq. This should be recorded in history, because these are good gestures. We hope that these funds will be used in the best way. They should be employed in helping the Iraqi citizen who is looking for a new Iraq. The money should be spent on the services that affect the life of every Iraqi, because the Iraqis have witnessed a lot of misery, suffering and pain. This is why we have to work together, in order to invest these funds that are given to Iraq by the European countries in useful and important things. Certainly, the Iraqis offer their sincere thanks to all the countries that help Iraq. The funds should be spent for good purposes, such as to achieve cooperation and solidarity among the Iraqis. We want to remove any destruction or corruption that has happened because of the terrorist groups, wars, and acts of violence that have affected everybody in Iraq.

  • غسان


    As an Iraqi citizen, I ask the government to spend the funds donated by some European countries to Iraq, for purposes of reconstruction, building and humanitarian causes. Funds should be in the hands of honest people who will work for the best interest of Iraq. They should be employed in the right way; they should not be given to a certain group that does not even know what to do with it. A committee has to be formed to be responsible for investing this money on activities that should be done in Iraq. The Iraqis are in so much need of this money, because they have been suffering. It should be used to build housing complexes, hospitals and schools. It should be also spent on efforts to provide electricity, drinking water and other services needed over all the lands of Iraq. Iraq is in desperate need of projects of building and reconstruction. We should also ban any administrative corruption, so as to prevent any misappropriation of funds, because they should be directed to serve the Iraqis, not any other purposes or people. They are the right of every Iraqi individual; the money is for reconstructing the areas which were destroyed by criminals all over Iraq. The funds are for the Iraqis who are in need, such as orphans, widows, the poor and the unemployed. The committee responsible for these funds should be very careful to use this money to serve the Iraqis. It should be spent the right way, and not be wasted on things that will not benefit the Iraqi citizens.

  • محمد نافع


    The funds donated to Iraq by the European countries are to help Iraq to accomplish operations of building, reconstruction, development and progress. They are for implementing services and projects and for improving the situation in Iraq. It is a great initiative by some European countries which want to help Iraq and the Iraqis. Iraq needs a lot of help, and a lot of achievements, especially now, to accelerate the operations of building, reconstruction and all of the needs of the Iraqi people. We have to thank the European countries for the funds and donations they give to Iraq. They are helping a country that has been suffering a lot of misery, destruction and sabotage by cowardly terrorist groups. These groups messed up and destroyed everything in this country, which was one of the best and most beautiful countries in the world. This is why whoever takes the responsibility for managing these funds should use them in the right way, by spending them in the right direction. Many projects and services have to be established; we also need development, reconstruction and building in many fields. We need to revive Iraq once again. This is why we have to deal with and build relations with many countries, for the benefit of Iraq and the Iraqis. We have to employ and use the experiences of professionals. We have to contract with and attract companies and investors, to help us in the process of reconstruction.

  • زهير


    These funds have to be handled by honest and transparent authorities with no record of corruption. They should be spent and appropriated for operations and projects, but they have to be supervised so as not to be affected by administrative corruption or be controlled by certain entities. It might be said that the funds are to be spent on services, but in fact they might go directly into the pockets of the corrupt and the thieves, who are known for their administrative corruption. This is why we need keen supervision by the committees in charge of these funds. It is necessary to record every sum of money that we spend and supervise every project that we establish. The projects have to be genuine, because the Iraqis need real and honest work, and the implementation of services. This can be achieved with these funds. This is what the Iraqis are hoping for, and it can happen if we have honest, fair and sincere people.

  • مهدي جبران


    The money donated to Iraq by some European countries has to be spent on important projects and services that will make it easier and more comfortable for the Iraqis. The authority that would handle such funds has to be a committee with experience in that regard. The funds should not be controlled by a certain person or group. They should be placed in honest hands that have experience with using these funds and investing them in building, reconstruction and service projects. It will help to develop Iraq. The money can be used to provide various services for the Iraqi citizens, who need a lot of important projects to be built. It is very important to build housing complexes and units, hospitals and dispensaries. We should also provide electricity and drinking water to all districts of Iraq. We should help the orphans, and build orphanages for them; we should support the widows, the poor and the needy. There have to be some health services in every area. There has to be building, reconstruction, and paving of the roads. Peace be unto you!

  • وجدي قادر


    My dear brothers! Iraq needs every person who will help in achieving goodness for this country. It is necessary to cooperate with the countries that would like to help Iraq and the Iraqis. The government has to fulfill its duties; it has to provide support for the Iraqis by using these funds in the right way. They should use them to improve the living situation in Iraq, which has suffered from pain, destruction and sabotage. Iraq needs a lot of work on construction, progress and development. We have to employ those who do not have any jobs, by cooperating to develop Iraq, so that it will achieve progress and advancement. Iraq has to catch up with the current developments in all the Arab and foreign countries. We have to thank all of the countries that shared in helping the Iraqis, by giving any donations, even if they are simple. It is a good gesture between Iraq and these countries. It means there will be mutual relations towards a better future between Iraq and the donors who want goodness for the Iraqis.

  • نذير البغدادي


    Our hospitals should serve the citizens and provide them healthcare, because they were established for this reason. The services offered in Yarmouk Hospital are below the required level and do not fulfill the aspirations. I wish to have more care in the hospital as to the services and control of the officials, who must look after the patients and provide them with what they need when they visit the hospital of Yarmouk. We are also required to provide high-quality services to the patients to improve the quality of service of Yarmouk Hospital. The staff, which is tasked with providing services to the patients, must be monitored to ensure the quality of this key hospital in Baghdad. Many of the residents of Baghdad and the neighboring areas depend on the services of this hospital, and this necessitates working on improving the service aspects and the treatment of the patients in the emergency rooms, which must improve their performance and care. We need to see this hospital and the other hospitals offering the best services, to improve our medical and service reality in the most important sectors that we all need.

  • Majd


    As a citizen from the capital city of Baghdad, I wish to see the public hospitals in Baghdad offering high-quality services, developing, and working positively to serve the patients. Hence, I would like to speak about Al-Yarmouk Educational Hospital, which is one of the largest hospitals in Baghdad, which serves many of the residents of the capital. However, despite the large size of this hospital and the large number of cadres who work there it, its services are still below our aspirations. Hence, many people complain about this hospital because of its carelessness in treating the patients. The patient needs to feel safe and secure when he heads to the hospital, and we have to provide him with all the facilities that serve him in such a way that makes all parties feel that they care for him and his health condition. In this way, the patients will feel assured and tranquil, especially when they go into the emergency room. Nevertheless, some doctors and nurses do not pay sufficient attention to this issue, to the extent that we may feel that this does not concern them in any way. However, this behavior is wrong.

  • مقداد علي


    I think that we are in urgent need of improving the health situation in our country. Medical care has a special importance in our daily life in Iraq, which witnesses a new phase of construction and projects, which contribute to the development of the country. Hence, I believe that we need to take care of the health sector in Iraq, through opening the projects through which we can see more government hospitals and medical centers that offer services and care to the citizens. Many areas are in urgent need of opening specialized health centers and hospitals, especially in the rural areas, outside the cities, where there are no medical centers to serve the citizens. Many areas need to have health centers and hospitals opened, especially in rural areas outside the main cities. These areas need medical centers and hospitals to serve their residents and to revive the health conditions there. In addition, we are witnessing a serious increase in the population, and we have to provide them with health services through building medical centers to accommodate the increasing numbers of the patients, and to provide medical services to all people.

  • Gara


    As citizens, we thank, praise and applaud the kind initiative by the European countries to help Iraq to overcome this big crisis which Iraqis suffer from, due to the serious shortage in the human services. People cannot survive without these services, because they are part of their daily needs. This initiative is an example of the humanitarian activities of the European countries, which are very careful to strengthen the mutual relations in all aspects of life all the time. They want effective mutual relations with Iraq and all the countries of the region, by ascertaining the principals of the human cooperation and humanitarian aid to help others build their future through financial and moral support and by offering experiences that would help in that regard.

  • دريد جمال


    The health situation in Iraq relies on the provision of other services, which have become nonexistent to a large extent across the country. This has led to the deterioration of the health conditions of the Iraqi people, as a result of the acute shortages in the other services provided to the Iraqi people. This is considered the main cause of their suffering and the fact that they are affected by various kinds of diseases which did not exist in the country before, or which had been completely eradicated. However, they have made their way back into Iraq, due to the gross neglect suffered by the health sector in Iraq. There are acute shortages of medicines and other medical equipment, and a shortage of medical personnel and other professionals working in the diagnosis and detection of various kinds of diseases. This is also due to the fact that there is a lack of modern equipment and to the limited role played by hospitals and dispensaries in the country, which are not sufficient to satisfy the needs of the Iraqi people, because of the fact that the relevant authorities have failed to build new hospitals in order to keep up with the growing population in Iraq. This population needs healthcare services even more than before, due to the fact that the Iraqi citizens are suffering from poor services in other sectors. This has reflected badly on their health conditions, which were already poor to begin with.

  • ناظم


    The availability of electricity is an issue that plays a significant role in the deterioration of people’s health conditions, because most medical or utility equipment is operated using electricity. When it is not available or when there are numerous power cuts, this will affect the health of many of the patients, whose health conditions are dependent upon the operation of equipment running on electricity, and power interruptions will lead to certain death for them. Additionally, electricity is necessary for removing sewage water from residential areas, where the streets and open spaces have turned into pools of stagnant water that are infested with all kinds of insects, bacteria and rodents that carry diseases, thus causing many people to catch these diseases, be it through these insects or bacteria or through infection from other people. This exacerbates the suffering of the people, because of the fact that these infected patients cannot receive the appropriate treatment, and this is the result of the lack of any one of the basic human services that are not being provided to this day.

  • جبار احمد


    As one of the Iraqi citizens who have been affected by these health problems, I am filing a complaint against the hospital located in our district, because in spite of the availability of some medicines and medical equipment, the hospital’s condition is lamentable. The cause behind this is neglect, intentional or otherwise, on the part of the medical personnel who have started to work for their own personal interests and gains at the expense of the patients who come to the hospital. In addition to this, there is the fact that the hospital buildings are very old and unfit for their purpose. Also, the medical equipment, be it beds or blankets or medical appliances, all are liable to be sold and exploited by some unscrupulous individuals among the doctors or nurses. They have begun to play with the lives of the patients, which has led to the death of many, due to lack of the necessary treatment. It is worth mentioning also that some of the individuals working at the hospital have become corrupt, which has led them to take advantage of the difficult living conditions in order to sell medicines and medical equipment to some people who collaborate with them. All of this is at the expense of the Iraqi citizen, whose hardships have but worsened since the year 2003. So, I am lodging this complaint against this hospital, and the authorities should level the harshest punishment against those who are found guilty of neglect, and who are proven to have made money at the expense of innocent lives.

  • عدي كريم


    Health is one of the most important aspects in the lives of people, because its existence or lack thereof reflects directly on whether human lives can exist or not. The doctor’s or physician’s task is a humanitarian one, and a difficult responsibility to shoulder, which is to save the life of another human being. However, despite the fact that it occupies this critical position, we find that in Iraq it is suffering from many problems, and that its condition is in constant decline. This has led to patients suffering from many diseases, in addition to their health problems. This is why we are demanding that the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Health and all the other relevant authorities shed light on this critical aspect, and pay attention to it in order to save the people of Iraq, because the health situation in Iraq is very poor, and it is constantly getting worse. So, we should pay more attention to this than to the other aspects, because human beings have always taken care of the aspect of health. If we were to go back in history a little bit, we would find that, since back then, humans have been making medicines and drugs that save them from the specter of death, which was threatening the lives of humans at that time, due to the proliferation of some diseases and epidemics. This is why we need to give attention and care to the aspect of health in Iraq, so that we can improve the situation in this important sector and develop it, so that Iraq can join the ranks of the developed countries in health matters.

  • عباس فاروق


    I would like to take advantage of this opportunity that has been offered to me in order to talk about some of the problems affecting the aspect of health in Iraq. The first and foremost issue is that most of the hospitals and health centers suffer from an acute shortage of medicaments, as well as a shortage in medical personnel qualified to work in this area. Additionally, most of the health centers are in a deplorable condition, as they are unfit for providing healthcare, and they lack the necessary equipment and medical appliances which are used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. The combination of all these factors has led to a very noticeable deterioration of the health aspect. This is why we are demanding that the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Ministry of Health pay attention to the aspect of healthcare, by coming up with urgent strategies in order to save the lives of innocent people and to improve the poor health situation that has led the Iraqi citizens to feel confused.

  • حاتم غني


    Iraqi citizens have been suffering from deteriorating health conditions in Iraq, and they still are, as a result of the problems and misfortunes that have befallen the Land of the Two Rivers, Iraq. Eight years ago, healthcare in Iraq was not experiencing any problems, because of the availability of all the basic medical amenities, which should be available as part of the provision of healthcare in any country around the globe. However, during the past eight years, we have seen the health care situation in Iraq suffer tremendous deterioration, to the point of becoming extinct, as a result of the numerous wars that were fought in Iraq, which led to the neglect of health care in an unprecedented manner. This is especially so with regard to the health centers, hospitals and health clinics that began to suffer from the lack of equipment, medical staff and medical amenities. The cause behind this considerable decline in healthcare is the multiple problems that have cropped up in Iraq.

  • Tarq


    As one of the Iraqi people, I turn to the European countries, which provided a large financial grant to Iraq, in order to contribute to the rebuilding of the infrastructure of different services in Iraq. Iraq was exposed to destruction and devastation as a result of the wars which took place in Iraq, as well as the acts of sabotage that happened in the country. The various terrorist organizations were the main reason behind this. This corrupted the security of the country and the citizen, and led to the destruction of the different infrastructures in Iraq, which have become useless at the present time. It badly needs rehabilitation today, in order to provide its services to the citizen, who is suffering from the lack of different services in all the humanitarian fields, as a result of the inability to provide the financial resources to the Iraqi government to rebuild these institutions and departments, which provide their services to the Iraqi citizen. This financial aid, which the European countries thankfully have provided, has come at the right time and will be employed to find solutions, so that the Iraqi government could utilize this money in developmental and service projects which seek the interest of the Iraqi citizens. The citizens are tired of the current situation that they are living in, as they suffer from a shortage of everything.

  • عاطف سلطان


    Due to the spread of administrative and financial corruption in Iraq, where there is corruption in most of the governmental departments and institutions of Iraq at the present time, I call upon the Iraqi government to work seriously on the necessity of preserving the money of the Iraqi people, as well as the other money provided by the other countries. This is especially so for the large sums of money provided recently by the European countries, in order for them to be employed in vital and useful service projects that are related to the lives of the Iraqi people. They alleviate the burden of pain and suffering that the people are exposed to, as a result of the great lack, as well as the severe lack in providing those services, whose springs have become wet in some humanitarian field. This led to the disappointment of the Iraqi citizen, who witnesses a great lack in services, as well as the neglect in meeting the services of the Iraqi citizen. Their suffering is increasing day after day, and the citizen is living in a state of despair and misery. This is due to the lack of human services which are related to heath, education, the social and economic fields and the rest of the other services that were lost by the Iraqi citizen, as a result of the dishonesty of those responsible for them, and those whose hands have become stained with illegal money that they gained through exploiting their influence and practicing administrative and financial corruption. They were the reason for the suffering that the Iraqi people have been exposed to, and this was the main reason for the backwardness in the development and the improvement of the country. This makes the Iraqi capital the worst capital in the world, according to the International Transparency reports issued recently.

  • شهاب احمد


    I turn to the esteemed Iraqi government, which is responsible for the protection of the interests of the Iraqi people. The government bears the responsibility for this. I call upon it to play its role in maintaining the money provided by the European countries and placing it in the right field, which is working to strengthen the infrastructure of the country by building developmental projects which seek the development of abilities in different fields. These include human health, education, building the poor economy of Iraq and helping Iraq to advance with its resources and energies. This is in addition to the social structure, which aids in the human being’s development through the help from the European countries to Iraq, through the provision of financial support, in addition to sending different experts to help in the advancement of these important projects that stopped in the country a long time ago. This is because of the wars that took place in Iraq, in addition to the other phase that followed these wars. This was the phase of security instability, witnessed by the country because of the terrorist acts that rocked the country and which led to the delay of the development and the services of Iraq, as a result of what was carried out by these criminal organizations. They prevented the Iraqi people from taking on the burden of the new stage of reconstruction, development and prosperity of Iraq, which works to occupy a high and prestigious position among the countries of the world.

  • ناصر


    May peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you. I’m one of al- Azamia’s citizens where al-Nouman hospital is. It suffers from great shortage in the services it provides that contributes to helping and aiding patients who need treatment. It’s very necessary for the Ministry of Health to do what it takes to improve the situation in al-Nouman hospital which lacks many services, treatment, syringes and sterilizers along with the patient beds. Better staff should be provided to give services to patients in a good way because patients greatly need to have people receive them better and need hospitals to be clean and well sterilized. They also need reception halls to be allocated for patients along with many beds. This is because Al-Nouman hospital is suffering from great deterioration regarding providing services for patients. Medicines should be better provided as this hospital lacks many of the medications that are given to patients on a free basis. Also, security staff and more guards should be provided so that no violations can be committed against patients who are admitted in the hospital to get better. The hospital should provide all that patients need and they should be well cared for so that people could be comfortable there. It lacks real attention that should be concerned because it’s almost the only hospital in the area. Many citizens frequent it in the al-Azamia area to seek treatment and healing from many diseases. More departments should be established to treat other diseases because such departments are lacking in al-Nouman hospital in al-Azamia. We hope all services would be provided in all the hospitals of Iraq and we hope they will be developed and expanded for the sake of citizens’ comfort.

  • مازن


    I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and I want to work in a hospital in Iraq, to be among the staff that provides services to Iraq and the Iraqi people, and to participate in the treatment of my people, especially the injured people who suffered injuries because of the terrorist bombings, booby-trapped cars and suicide bombers. It is also an honor to be among the qualified doctors who are willing and offer their services to their country and treat my compatriots. I ask to be given a chance to work and contribute toward taking care of many citizens. I do not want to be a useless individual who has no purpose in life. I want to start my life right and offer services to my country. I do not want to be an inactive person who does not perform his duty towards his country. Therefore, I will be grateful if you accept my request and give me a chance to work and benefit my homeland, rather than sit at home without joy, despite the fact that I have the potential that qualifies me be a hardworking and successful doctor. I was one of the excellent students; I am a graduate, and I have experience, capabilities, and ideas that can contribute to the treatment of many cases that affect the human body. Hence, I hope that you would kindly approve my request and grant me a job, so I can get a monthly salary and provide for my family, as I am the breadwinner. This is very important, to help one of my family members who suffers from a chronic illness and needs treatment and medications.