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Iraq to replace hundreds of dilapidated schools

Children study at a newly built school in Baghdad. [Mahmoud al-Mulhim/Mawtani]

Children study at a newly built school in Baghdad. [Mahmoud al-Mulhim/Mawtani]

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Iraq has begun a project to construct 826 new schools to replace mud and dilapidated structures throughout the country, the Ministry of Education announced Tuesday (January 24th).

The project will replace 410 mud-brick and 416 dilapidated schools with new buildings using a ready-made concrete construction method, according to the director of media at the Ministry of Education, Waleed Hussein.

He said students attending schools slated to be demolished will be temporarily reassigned to other schools, and the ministry will provide buses to shuttle the students back and forth every day.

Hussein said the design and construction work has been awarded to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction.

"We need more schools to eliminate congestions in the classroom," said Dr. Falah al-Qaisi, chairman of the committee on education and higher learning in the Baghdad Provincial Council.

Al-Qaisi told Mawtani that in addition to the new Ministry of Education projects, the Baghdad Provincial Council is working on building schools in the centre and vicinities of Baghdad in collaboration with ministries that have empty plots of land near highly populated areas that suffer from a shortage of school buildings.

UN report says Iraq needs more schools

According to the latest report issued by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), the education sector in Iraq has been severely weakened during the past two decades. This was attributed to several factors, one of which is the lack of educational facilities.

Education supervisor Ali al-Saedy of the Diyala department of education said, "The educational sector in Iraq suffered considerable negligence due to wrong policies the former regime embraced by focusing on the military establishment while neglecting the educational and learning sector, in addition to the subsequent terrorist operations that swept the schools and the teachers."

"I believe the time has come to upgrade the process of education and learning after the achievement of security," he said.

Abdul Adheem Yusuf, director of the education programme at the Sabreen civil society organisation, said his organisation has consistently sought to hold meetings and seminars with officials in the Iraqi government to work on developing the state of education in the country.

Through these meetings, they were able to "publicise the problems facing the educational sector, especially the huge shortage in schools," he told Mawtani.

"However, here we are today taking important steps on the road to success through the unification of efforts," he said.




    استاذ زيد البدراني


    In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful…. Greetings to you! I hope we will be objective in discussing issues and problems in the Ministry of Education in particular in Iraq. I work as a teacher in Baghdad. My experience in education is limited, but I managed to document all the mistakes in my school and I presented a study titled “The Method of Success for the Educational Institution” to the Minister of Education, Mohammed Tamim. The research is under discussion now. So, I ask my brothers to diagnose the problem, limit it and find a successful solution to it. My regards and best wishes for success!

  • عمر


    The field of primary education in Iraq suffered a lot in terms of the old curriculum and traditional teaching methods as well as the limited capabilities of the teachers. Therefore, we now need to correct the situation by learning about the teaching methods, the quality of the curricula and their contents, including the scientific material in line with building the learning techniques at the primary schools because of their great importance to the fact that the mind in these stages will be at the top of its capabilities to receive information. Therefore, care must be given to students and the course material. This is done by sending missions that include specialists in the field of primary education and teachers for the purpose of communicating with the Arab countries, learning about the curricula, delivering information to students, bringing the students into the developmental courses with the use of modern means of illustration, hosting some Arab experts and benefiting from their expertise in this area, activating the training centers, and rehabilitating and developing the teachers’ teaching capabilities. Thus, there should be work on the development of education in Iraq in building an educated generation through modern and scientific ways that is beneficial to the country in the future for the preparation of an educated generation that will contribute in building a bright and prosperous Iraq. We should not forget to mention that the construction of new schools and rehabilitation of old buildings are priorities that must be carried out by the Ministry of Education.

  • محمود


    The Ministry of Education has done a great job. It is really worthy of thanking them for the efforts made by such a Ministry, unlike the rest of the ministries that do not offer anything. At least the Ministry of Education initiated many projects and some of them were completed. They are necessary projects for the country's future and education. This was done through the construction of more than a new school and the opening of a number of schools in various places and regions in the various governorates of Iraq, especially the villages and rural areas.

  • عادل


    The student, when going to the school, feels like he is going to prison or to a place he does not like. I hope that the Ministry of Education will give more attention to this important matter. Also, the government should work on developing our schools and making them model schools to get them out of the poor state of the schools we have in Iraq.

  • عبد الصاحب


    I greet the ministry and thank the minister for the move and I hope to see more work and the continuity of the establishment of such important projects in the coming years as well as the rehabilitation and development of the school buildings. They should build more new schools in order to serve the movement of science and development in the country.

  • هاشم عبدالرزاق


    What we want from the Ministry of Education is to keep providing and contributing on improving our students, scholars, and that there will be an implementation of many projects that will contribute to the development and establishment of building modern and developed schools because Iraq is now moving from one stage to another. Our country needs to have an entirely different situation from the past.

  • علي قادر


    What the Ministry of Education is doing has a very big role in improving and refining the level of the country. For this reason, we wish that the Ministry of Education continues to give an interest and that all the schools in Iraq will receive care and development in building and bringing them to the best levels that our students aspire for as well as their comfort and willingness to study. Thus, we wish all the success for the Iraqi students who dream of becoming prosperous.

  • جاسم فهمي


    What the Ministry of Education wants is the implementation of projects for the construction of new schools. It is a good business and will contribute on improving the education level in Iraq. It will yield the best results because the newly developed schools have a very big role in terms of improving the level and performance of the students with regards to their success and pursuit of knowledge. For this reason, we hope that that there will be a great interest in terms of the scientific and educational aspects because education is one of the highest and finest aspects that interest the lives of the communities. It is a proof of the progress and development as well as the advancement of the country with regards to taking care of the school and its comprehensive changes.

  • Goraz


    It is very important for the government to cooperate with the Ministry of Education and undertake the construction of schools so that it will be eligible to welcome the students. There should be enough care and attention in providing all the aspects of service as well as maintain their cleanliness and continuously provide all the requirements of the school including blackboards, desks, new books, and stationery. It should be sufficient for all the students. Also, there should be educational cadres of very high efficiency and capability in order to produce generations who will be successful in life. This is what the Iraqi people wish for all of their children.

  • مسلم نور


    The situation of the schools in Iraq has become delapidated and tragic, as well as embarrassing, because it is experiencing neglect and delinquency. The Ministry of Education is supposed to do its duty perfectly with attention and care. For this reason, the Iraqi schools should be at the highest levels and not suffer from poor services. They should stay in the same condition. However, it shows a lack of interest in the educational aspect and school is just a place that carries the concept of filth, dirt, destruction, great deterioration, and shortage of comfort for the students and teachers. They are just places that contain trash and stagnant water that brings together a lot of harmful insects as well as odors. Do not forget that many schools are places where people throw their garbage. As a result of this, there are filthy walls, lumpy floors and demolished fences. They became ruins that the students go to so that it can be said that they are students and studying there.

  • فائز


    I would like to commend the actions undertaken by the Iraqi Ministry of Education and praise them for their interest in restoring the infrastructure of schools in all parts of Iraq. In addition, there is the development of plans and mechanisms for the purpose of building a large number of modern schools and within the high specifications that have been prepared by the committees. These committees traveled to some countries for the purpose of accessing school buildings, and selecting models to suit the requirements of the new phase of the scientific march in Iraq. This is in addition to what has been added to the modifications of these models, to make them commensurate with the status in Iraq, which is consistent with the varied social situation in Iraq. This is for the purpose of raising the level of the deteriorating educational situation in the country. The starting point begins by building model schools. This is enough to meet the needs of the Iraqi people for these buildings, in order to accommodate their children, as well as attempting to reach large numbers of students who dropped out of school due to the lack of places to accommodate these large numbers. This led to a significant social problem, namely the problem of the return of illiteracy to the country again. There are now in Iraq more than a million illiterate people who do not know how to read and write. This situation is one of the big problems that affect the future of the scientific career in Iraq, because illiterate people cannot breed a new, educated, aware and enlightened generation, because of the scientific deficiency to which they were subjected. This made them blind, and they are not able to distinguish the directions. This is a fact that we must recognize, because knowledge is like a light.

  • نديم سلطان


    The Iraqi Ministry of Education at the moment is in a time of challenge and self-sacrifice to assume its role in the achievement of the great Renaissance in Iraq, through repairing schools that need to be maintained and furnished, to serve the educational process, away from the administrative and financial corruption. It is also time to abandon the old schools that are built from mud, which spread dramatically in the villages and rural areas, and to work immediately on building new schools, on a model similar to schools built in the neighboring countries, to say the least, and to provide these schools with all the basic needs of the students and to develop the faculty through admitting them to various courses for the purpose of strengthening them in modern and advanced methods in order to serve the scientific process, in addition to re-evaluating the curriculum and working to develop it.

  • مراد


    Our religion has emphasized seeking knowledge because of its importance in human life, in order to be able to build a life according to the best ways that allow the human being to enjoy comfort and stability and the advanced services through scientific development. This begins by learning the character based on the words of God in the Holy Quran: “Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created-Has created man from the dust; Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous, Who has taught by the pen; he has taught man that which he knew not.” And starting from these verses, the Ministry of Education should keep this in mind and proceed immediately to build new schools in order to achieve the principles of science and knowledge.

  • عساف علي


    The schools in Iraq are considered among the largest stations of radiating knowledge and civilization in the country, as they educate the children of Iraqi society in the various humanities and scientific fields. These have a large impact on the continued development of science and knowledge that make civilization of this country brilliant over time, so that it would continue the civilization of the past, the present and the bright future, filled with dynamism and multiple benefits of evolving nature. These make the people of Iraq a living nation that is able to inspire the spirit of the past and embody it in the community to build the nation, and in order to reach these noble and lofty goals in the lives of the Iraqi people, in order to be the torch light referred to as stigmatized among other nations, we must be advancing the places allocated to study in the country, show exceptional interest in them, and work to expand and provide them with various needs that will strengthen the bonds of the march of scientific renaissance. In proportion to the number of Iraqi people covered by the plan, the faculty members of the country each year will enable these schools to fulfill their educational needs. This will lead to the development of science in the country, so that the people of Iraq will assume their responsibility confronting the big challenges that face the country's development and prosperity, and they will work to overcome the various images through the arms of science and knowledge, for which these schools are a large and fertile source.

  • راشد يوسف


    I would like to thank every official at the Ministry of Education who has provided everything that the students need. The schools are the basis of education. Without education, the people would be backward. Our country, Iraq, is one of the countries that could always be seen in the most beautiful and best images. Now we want the Ministry of Education not to stop these efforts, but to increase them, so as to reach a very good stage. I pray to Almighty God to bless those who work for the goodness of Iraq and the Iraqi people, and to grant them health and blessings; Amen, Almighty God.

  • صوت العراقيين


    Thank God our voices have reached the officials and now they have carried out what we would like from them, and they have carried out new projects to build new schools, and God willing, they will have all the services provided. I pray to Almighty God to bless them because they have exerted all their efforts so as to provide everything that the school students need. We are proud of them and we hope they will try to provide more work than before, so as to provide the future children with everything that they need. I am one of the students' parents and I am very proud of the valuable efforts carried out by the Ministry of Education; it really respects the Iraqi citizen. We would like more from it, and I hope there will be developments at the schools, not only building. I call upon the praiseworthy Ministry of Education to continue its good work and to provide all the services to the students, including good and clean health facilities and the provision of electricity, as well as clean and healthy water. The school should include all the facilities so that the student could feel comfortable and be better than before, so he will have the ability and the capability to develop himself and to have a more distinctive scientific level than before. All those matters make the student love education and the school, and not want to be absent from it one day, and to prepare his homework quickly and to have a great appreciation for education.

  • يونس عبدالله


    We put all the responsibility now on the Iraqi government, and the Ministry of Education should find a solution for us quickly. God willing, I will call upon all the Iraqis, and especially the families, in order to meet so as to work together in order to make our voices reach the officials, so they will find a solution for us very quickly. God willing, the matters will all be great, and goodness and charity are from God. I would just like to tell you that you have children in the schools, and we also have children, and we hold your sleepy consciences accountable.

  • عطا حسين احمد


    The Iraqis are respectful people but they need to live a good and pleasing life. I do not think that this matter is hard for a government that is robbing the Iraqis every day, and the Iraqis are silent towards a lot of matters. The important thing is that the Iraqi student should study at a good school and it is more important to provide services. The media people have shown us a lot of schools that have collapsed, and we have witnessed that with our own eyes on the satellite channels, but unfortunately there is no-one who has a conscience and who will rebuild those schools.

  • خالد


    I don’t think that a lot of schools are in a satisfactory situation because a lot of schools suffer from miserable conditions. I criticize this situation because these schools suffer from a lot of shortages and damages in their structures, which need periodic maintenance. Most classrooms are in very bad condition and they don’t create a suitable school environment, but on the contrary they cause depression among students. This is clear negligence by the ministry of education, which is supposed to work continuously on improving school buildings. We have seen that negligence has caused a number of incidents when school ceilings and fences collapsed and, as a result, some students were either killed or injured. These incidents are an indication of the negligence of the follow-up committees within the ministry of education and its general directorates, which I criticize for their negative performance, as a lot of school buildings are in ramshackle condition and are unsuitable to continue the educational process because protecting the lives of students is a top priority.

  • عبير ناظم


    We see that schools are built in our areas and provinces in an unprecedented way. Therefore, a thousand thanks are due to the ministry of education for its efforts and construction projects.

  • خلود


    In order to create an appropriate school environment, the student needs to observe development in school buildings where he spends years moving on with his educational journey. Therefore, it is necessary to repair and rebuild old schools which were built a long time ago. We call upon the ministry of education to pay special attention to this issue, especially after the disastrous accidents which happened in some school buildings.

  • فاروق


    I would like to thank the Iraqi Ministry of Education after it has announced many projects to build modern schools that suit the needs of the Iraqi student. I believe that the Ministry of Education started adopting the strategy that we have been demanding from it, given the great importance of this ministry and its role in improving the academic process in Iraq. Building the schools at this speed will help alleviate the overcrowding in many schools. In addition, many areas in the cities that are far away from the main governorates’ centers are in urgent need of the schools, and they should get some of these schools, which have been already built, through the plan of projects that were adopted by the ministry. We really laud the performance of the ministry and its plans in this vital field of building new schools that will boost the academic process in Iraq. We value these non-structural projects, which will have a significant influence on the psychology of the Iraqi citizen, particularly the students who sit at the study desks.

  • نصر


    The education sector is one of the important sectors that have an influence on developing the countries, through utilizing the competent academic cadres that will graduate from this vital sector. Hence, the education sector must be integrated in all aspects, in order to reap the fruits of the scientific development that is urgently needed by the country, as a prerequisite for building a strong academic base that will start in the schools. Of course, this requires developing the schools and providing all the means of rest for the students, in order for them to be more creative in their study. Today, I criticize the shameful conditions of the schools; especially the elementary schools, and I also criticize the headmasters of these schools throughout Iraq, because they are mostly pathetic and they lack the simplest methods of entertainment. The buildings are very old and they need periodic maintenance on the part of specialized committees in the Ministry of Education to determine their needs and assess their overall condition, to handle the problems as soon as possible. We have noticed that some schools have collapsed and we heard about similar incidents in some Iraqi governorates that killed some schoolchildren. I believe that allowing such incidents to take place repeatedly is painful to all people. What are the children guilty of, to deserve to suffer from such incidents? We must not allow them to happen again. I criticize the conditions of many schools, and we have to work on renovating or even rebuilding them, in addition to putting plans in place to open new and modern schools, to avoid such accidents and protect the lives of the students. We want to know the cause of the lack of any inspection visits to the schools on the part of the Ministry of Education. I think that the ministry is responsible for visiting the schools regularly, to determine their needs and to order any required maintenance or modifications. The conditions of some schools are very bad and we cannot just ignore them. The Ministry of Education must adopt a strategy to build modern schools that are equipped with all the means that help the student to spend a nice day without feeling bored or tired, especially given that Iraq is a rich country and the school buildings there must be as good as possible.

  • امير صباح


    The Ministry of Education should review what is happening in Iraq's schools from all aspects starting with the building, development, and reconstruction, as well as providing stationery, good books, chairs, and blackboards. They should teach the staff themselves regarding educational and teaching methods. All of these things need to be reviewed and given the attention in a correct way through which we would produce a conscious, cultured, and educated generation that holds ideas, values, habits, and correct principles that can be relied on in the future. This is what we wish for and we look forward to it as it is the hope of every Iraqi citizen.

  • نشوان محمد


    The Iraqi schools are in a miserable, embarrassing, and very shameful condition as a result of their improper and uncivilized form. It indicates the extent of deterioration happening and the poor provision of services to the Iraqi schools. This, of course, is a result of negligence and failure on the part of the relevant Ministry in this regard. It is very necessary to work on building more schools that are more developed and more aesthetic to be worthy of the level of the new Iraq. The demolition of any old school should be carried out so the students will feel a more secured future because school is the second home for students. For this reason, the schools must be aesthetically sophisticated and all the students require new seats, blackboards of good quality, and suitable-for-use books. Their condition should not be damaged, torn, or missing many pages. The students should be in a very comfortable environment. They should not have the urge to run away from school for fear of its appearance because it has a major and very important role for the students to constantly love studying and learning. Iraq's schools are experiencing a tragic situation and a large decline in terms of providing services. In addition to this, there is the absence of wellness as the majority of Iraq's schools are suffering from the phenomenon of closing the bathrooms as a result of carelessness, negligence, and lack of hygiene, and this is an evidence of the large decline in terms of teaching our children the customs, ideas, principles, correct moral values, good hygiene, and proper orientation. Learning is just teaching what is found in torn books and sending them to their homes without any understanding or education.

  • Rave


    The Ministry of Education is very important and it is necessary to pay more attention to the schools and the projects of building and renovating the schools of Iraq. Such projects must not have an end, but we should continue making progress and development through helping the new generations to graduate and shoulder the responsibility. This will not happen without laying the correct foundations and providing our schoolchildren with all the services that they need. Of course, this is the duty of the ministry, and all the personnel of the ministry must shoulder this responsibility seriously and sincerely. That is because education is the core of the message of humanity, and people will never do away with it under any circumstances. Hence, we have to prepare good places for a wonderful educational process.

  • يونس علي


    I would like to hail any one at the Ministry of Education who performs his duties sincerely and contributes to the improvement of the situation of the Iraqi students through working keenly towards improving the conditions of the schools. This proves that the spirit of patriotism is very strong among many Iraqis in the Ministry of Education. However, we should remind them that these efforts must include all the Iraqi governorates, rather than limiting them to one governorate. We should never forget that education is very important for society and we have to offer the best services in this regard. There should be no delay or neglect in the field of education, because this sector reflects the development and progress of any country as well as the future of the generations.

  • شهاب محمد


    Building new schools in Iraq and finishing many of the most-needed projects that concern the Iraqi students are very important developments. It is the duty of the ministry to continue such steps to change the conditions and develop the situation considerably. In this way, we will allow our dear students to continue their study process in a more aesthetic and better way. They will also love their schools, because the mentalities of the students need renewal, change and development, so that they can feel that they are better than ever and will love the study process. The good approaches of the school and providing all the advanced services play a key role in encouraging the students of Iraq after the long period of deprivation and difficult and terrifying circumstances. The destruction has affected everything. Hence, the Ministry of Education is required to commit to making a radical change to create a new and better reality in the schools of Iraq, which are witnessing a very pathetic situation.

  • عبدالله فادر


    The administration of the schools, which suffer from pathetic conditions and need new construction, should file complaints and applications to the ministry directly, without any hesitation, during the summer vacation, so as not to affect the study of our children. The Ministry of Education has to respond immediately to the calls of the administrations that need quick work, through providing them with everything that they need to renew the Iraqi schools. Our schoolchildren should enjoy good schools that will contribute to improving their level, because the civilized appearance of the school plays a key role in improving the morale of the student. Hence, it is very important to give them the services that they need, in addition to providing them with new desks, blackboards, and healthy and clean bathrooms that are suitable for use all the time. I mean the bathrooms of the students, not the teachers or the headmaster. That is because the student is the focus of the educational process. I think that this is the time for us to provide the Iraqi student with all of his needs, to allow him to enjoy more development during the study under better conditions. The Iraqi citizen has to keep up with the rest of the countries that have modern schools to compensate the Iraqi student for the period of deprivation. Paying more attention to the projects of building new and modern schools will contribute to the spread of knowledge, in addition to providing jobs to the unemployed youth, who need new jobs in these service and investment projects. Therefore, working on these projects is very important for the new Iraq.

  • حسن صادق


    The conditions of many school buildings are pathetic. The suffering of the citizens, the administrative personnel, the parents of the students and the students themselves is very clear, because they appear in an uncivilized way. There is flagrant neglect in this respect, because most of the schools in Iraq need to be rebuilt, because they are below the required level that could allow the students to continue their study and make progress. School plays a very important role in the psychology of the students, especially the bathrooms, which suffer from very bad conditions. The bathrooms of the majority of Iraqi schools are closed because they are unsuitable for use, due to the damages and uncleanness. Hence, I think that the Ministry of Education and the government should take this issue seriously for the sake of our schoolchildren, to enable them to achieve the best levels of progress.

  • عامر بديع


    Personally, I ask the ministry to adopt modern plans in building schools and to take care of the form and content of those schools, which should be built according to the plans of constructing new schools. A school is not just a block of cement and bricks only, but also a magnet for children in terms of shape and colors. It will help the child to accept the school and to be attracted to it. Indeed the school becomes a second home for the child and from there, he acquires knowledge, manners, and literature, as well as good values for the Iraqis. Thank you and Allah bless you and everyone else who contributes in building and developing Iraq.

  • سالم الناصر


    Frequently, we appealed to the Ministry of Education to do a campaign of building schools. Praise be to Allah because finally, we have seen a response from the ministry and, of course, we have to say thanks to the ministry not because they did a favor for the Iraqis, but because the building of schools is its duty. At least, it realized that the problem of the shortage of schools has become large and that any delay in beginning the construction of schools will lead to significantly negative consequences in the education sector of Iraq.

  • قاسم


    We hope that the government and the Ministry of Education will demonstrate transparency and credibility, and that they will bear their responsibility as well as take the initiative to build schools and promote the reality of basic education in Iraq because we will lose Iraq in the next generation if we do not prepare them properly or if we do not offer them better education.

  • عبدالرب حسيب


    God, I feel disappointed and I write my words here because we are in the twenty-first century and the world is not thinking about such dilemmas because most of the world had gone beyond these topics, even the most impoverished countries. However, our country Iraq is still suffering from neglect and lack of seriousness in dealing with these things because of financial and administrative corruption, and because of the great conflicts fought by Iraq under Saddam and what came after Saddam in terms of power struggles among politicians, thus disabling Iraq. I feel ashamed inside of me when I think that we are a rich country that has resources that most of the countries of the world wish for and we have the second largest oil reserves in the world, but we cannot build a new school or reconstruct an old school and prepare it to be able to play its role to embrace the students to be like a second house to them. I swear by Allah that the guilt of the children and what they suffer from due to bad schools will be on the Minister of Education and the Prime Minister until the day of judgment because they will be asked where Iraq's money went as well as why the schools have not been built so far and whether this is beyond the ability of the Iraqi state or there are other reasons that make the interest in schools not possible now.

  • ياسر همام


    How does the government deal with the educational situation in Iraq? The schools are considered as the first in developing the child's personality as well as the expansion of his mind, and future prospects. Is it possible that we use the same schools that were built in the last century which became doomed to fall? They do not meet the needs of the students and educators. Rather, they became buildings with gloomy, dark structures, but have nothing to do with school or education.

  • عدي رسول


    The Iraqi Ministry of Education is commendable as it recently improved work and follow-up on the need for building a number of schools in different regions and provinces in Iraq, and we have witnessed the building of more than one new school and the completion of work with provision of all requirements and supplies needed to be opened soon in order to alleviate the suffering of congestion among students in the few schools that are no longer sufficient to accommodate the increasing number of students, as well as contribute to provide schools in all areas so that a student does not have to go from one area to another in order to reach his school. And this situation exists, particularly in the provinces because they do not have a large number of schools, especially in villages and rural areas far from the city center. The ministry actually built schools there in order to make things easier for the students, completing more than one school through its contract with construction companies, which have built the schools, and, God willing, the next ones will be better and the educational movement in the country will recover if they continue to support the education sector and the Ministry of Education, whose staff I thank, along with the respected minister for his attention and follow-up personally on such projects. Therefore, we have seen how it was carried out quickly and has been completed because supervision was present and direct, and recommendations were also found. Thanks for all of those efforts and ultimately the service is not for a particular person or a student, but is for the whole of Iraq as many generations will pass through these schools in order to graduate and look to a future in the leadership of the country.

  • عمر ارشد


    The situation of the buildings assigned to be schools in Iraq in order to provide education to students with efficiency and comfort is very miserable. I hope the officials will visit those schools in order to observe closely what the students are going through and their suffering from filthy schools infested with dirt, without waste disposal and constant cleaning, and to work on the upgrading of schools on an ongoing basis with working bathrooms and hot water for use in times of winter, especially as the classes are always in the cold winter; all of those things and other shortcomings. Sport halls and stadiums to practice sports do not exist and are unavailable, and school structures and areas are very small. And indeed, the status of schools is not good and the problem lies in the small size and the lack of attention and care for them. Therefore, the Government and the Ministry of Education who are responsible should notice this aspect and develop buildings for schools in our country and improve their tragic and miserable status, which significantly reflect negatively on the students. Clearly, there is a need to build schools with more convenience and availability of services in relation to the students, and buildings should really be designed to provide education, as the students should not go to school while upset from the suffering he undergoes there. In general, as an outlook for education, these buildings reflect the views really negatively.

  • بهار الجادرجي


    We have recently heard that the state and its ministries will build new schools in Iraq to replace the old schools, which are about to collapse, because they were built using clay and mud. This is a relatively good step, because we know that the schools in Iraq are not built according to the requirements of the modern buildings. The schools are simple, but this is a good step, as we said. They are better than the schools that are built with mud that are about to fall down in some cases. The students sometimes also find that they are studying in a house rather than a real school, and such things make the task of the student very difficult. Building the new schools will improve the conditions of the educational process and this will encourage the student to go to school and will encourage his family to send him to the schools and follow up on his progress and commitment to the study and homework. When this happens, we will have good school achievements in Basra, Karbala, Najaf, Imara, Anbar, Tikrit, Mosul, Duhuk and all the governorates of Iraq. This is one of the good steps on the part of the government and the concerned governorate. The more we pay attention to the academic aspects, the better results we achieve. We will also encourage the students to love their schools and help them to be more creative and distinguished. We support building modern schools that meet the international standards to improve the educational process in Iraq, which has always been one of the states that take care of such things. However, we now see that many of the neighboring states have achieved progress, while we still lack this important thing in our schools.

  • جمال


    The situation is generally terrible at our schools in every part of Iraq. All schools need to be improved since they are old and unsuitable to be an educational institution. In light of the enormous development in all countries of the world, schools are built according to the latest standards, whereas in Iraq, the school buildings are old and inappropriate to serve students, who are supposed to be taught at better and developed schools that are equipped with all their needs and requirements in order to make the students feel more comfortable.

  • جهاد


    I hope that the government will work seriously on taking care of the educational sector and the role of education represented in schools, as well as allocating enough budget to build modern schools as a first step towards development in the field of education. In the 1970s, the educational system was very advanced in the 1970s, but maybe the circumstances Iraq has been undergoing since the 1980s until now contributed to the negligence of education in the country.

  • عباس الهيبة


    Thanks are due to the government, represented by the Ministry of Education, for building new schools in the country in an attempt to facilitate the students’ access to schools in villages, rural areas, and cities in order for school to exist everywhere and accommodate students sufficiently because the former regime left behind no schools or good education. Also, schools were very few and the students were suffering in order to reach their school because it was not close to their house. In addition, there were more than one morning and afternoon shifts at these schools. Therefore, there were not enough schools to receive the big numbers of students. This problem will come to an end soon in light of the continuous efforts of the Ministry of Education of building more than one school in every Iraqi province. This will play a great role in serving the educational movement in the country and will improve the level of students when they find that things are easier.

  • فارس


    I criticize this tragic and shameful situation of the Iraqi schools. In fact, Iraq must include good schools like the rest of the Arab countries.

  • هدير كمال


    I think that school appearance can show good performance. In fact, if I go to an old and bad school that is deprived of all kinds of maintenance and renewal, I will not enjoy staying. And the same thing will be for the students who have spent half of the day there. In fact, schools must be beautiful and include all the requirements and beautiful graphics. This is in order to make the Iraqi students to love studying. Besides, it is important to preserve schools’ cleanliness and beauty. And students must learn how to take interest in environment and must be responsible for their behaviors even if they are young. This is in order to create an educated and polite generation. In fact, schools play a big role in the generations’ development and progress.

  • حسني بشير


    The Iraqi schools have witnessed a very bad situation. Thus, the Ministry of Education is supposed to provide all the schools’ requirements especially that they have contributed to preparing the next generations. These schools must be reconstructed in a more civilized and developed way in order to be able to accommodate students in a better way. This is also in order to improve the students’ psychological comfort and motivation. Thus, the Government must allocate amounts of money in order to develop the Iraqi schools in all the provinces without exception and without any neglect or humiliation. This is in order to create educated, conscious and developed generations. Besides, the Government must provide all the children and students’ development in order to create a suitable atmosphere for education.

  • ناظم


    Iraq had an admirable scientific and cultural charisma in the past to the extent that its sciences traveled across the world, but current weakness and decay has caused its scientific position to decline. Also, the negligence resulting from wrong policies such as the lack of schools and terrorist operations that left a lot of teachers dead has led to the deterioration of the educational sector. Because of the current security and stability, the ministry of education should improve the educational process in terms of building modern schools and replacing old curricula with more developed ones.

  • هادي محي الدين


    The Iraqi ministry of education has recently exerted continuous efforts in order to create a new plan for building a number of schools in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces to accommodate all new students in the country. Also, the project includes a plan to replace all mud-built and ramshackle schools with new schools made of concrete just like any other modern schools in the region. Also, all classrooms will be equipped with luxurious furniture including desks, modern blackboards, and air conditioners to meet the demands of students, especially since the weather in Iraq is fluctuating. In addition, scientific labs, sports grounds and computer labs will be established, in addition to building health facilities that include clean drinking water and bathrooms for children. Plus, the ministry of education decided to move students whose schools will be demolished to other schools and provide them with means of transportation back and forth until their schools are rebuilt and furnished. In my opinion, such an arduous initiative taken by the Iraqi ministry of education to serve and improve education in Iraq after it ebbed in the past years should be written in letters of gold because money and power are not the key for a nation's advancement, but rather it is knowledge. The current technical development in the world is basically because of scientific discoveries, which has made man explore outer space and dive into the seas.

  • احمد كاظم اللامي


    Millions of dollars of the Iraqi people’s money are wasted while school buildings are the way they are and getting worse every day. As a result, many school ceilings collapsed on students’ heads leaving a number of students dead or injured. As for the schools that were built of mud in villages and rural areas, they are unfit for students because they lack all healthy conditions in addition to the potential danger of falling down at any moment. May God help us overcome this big problem.

  • فلاح راضي


    In the meantime, most Iraqi school buildings are not in conformance with specifications and standards adopted by the world and even in the neighboring countries because they are old, and no one repaired or improved them as required. The Iraqi ministry of education didn’t lay down a plan in order to improve these buildings, most of which are about to collapse because they are old, and relevant bodies don’t take care of them. Most officials within the ministry of education don’t even visit these schools in order to assess their conditions and see whether or not they are suitable for students. Committees that are responsible for repairing schools used to agree with some contractors to repair schools. Contractors used to provide some photos showing the progress of maintenance operations, and committees never paid any visits to these schools to observe how work was going on. Hence, millions of dollars were spent on fake business while this money could have been used in building new schools and equipping them with high specifications and other facilities, such as scientific and computer labs and other developed educational means, but the administrative and financial corruption that spread in the ministry of education prevented this from happening.

  • امير


    These schools that will be established throughout the country will be like the civilization emergency centers for the coming Iraqi generations. They will provide them with a secured place and healthy academic environment as well as other services from which the students are deprived of due to the physical state of the previous schools. Thus, canceling most of the personal humanitarian services which the students need during the official academic year are inevitable. The student will be able to accept the educational materials with a comfortable state of mind and if the requirements, attention, and care needed are achieved, making it enjoyable for him to attend his new school.

  • ابو حازم


    The developed countries throughout the world are evaluated according to their scientific status, when it has been affected by the faltering at all stages. Today, they need to pay attention to it through establishing projects to rebuild the old schools that have become inappropriate to be centers for education and knowledge in Iraq due to their dilapidated state which made them unfit for receiving different levels of students. Through the advancement of this, the Ministry of Education has taken responsibility upon itself so as to regain a better educational status during the stability stages which Iraq was enjoying as the ministry has thankfully initiated a great plan to demolish the old schools and build well-developed and modernized schools containing all the standard specifications for the schools in the world. The ministry has included in this plan all the Iraqi governorates as well as the villages and rural areas affiliated to these governorates, which are in dire need of modern schools to replace the schools built from mud in those areas. They are looking forward to be included in this humanitarian and generous initiative which has been prepared by the Iraqi Ministry of Education so as to raise the efficiency of the modern schools as well as distributing the teachers on all the schools to fulfill the shortage in the teaching cadre in it and introducing modern academic syllabi that suit the scientific development in the world so that these schools will be like the fruitful tree which will enrich Iraqi society with the intellectuals of this generation and bear the responsibility of advancing the country during the coming stage of Iraqi modern history.

  • مالك الساعدي


    We do not know why the Iraqi people are exposed to these great tragedies. It may be that the purpose is to empty Iraq of its scientific content or the people responsible for the education sector are corrupt and not to be trusted. They may have contributed to the exposure of the Iraqi people to the great suffering in this aspect which includes a lot of negatives which made the Iraqi people leave their education and provide the simplest health factors in it as well as the fear of the students' parents for the safety of their children in these schools. Moreover, teaching has become less serious and does not achieve any benefit for the student as most of the teachers are searching for their own financial revenue increases by giving the students private lessons which led to the teachers ignoring responsibilities to teach in these schools. This is considered a kind of managerial and financial corruption which is taking place at the present time in most of the schools. This way, the buildings of the current schools as well as its teaching cadres are not fit for this noble act.

  • طه خليل


    Students need a school atmosphere which helps them to improve their scientific level from good to very good in order to improve the educational and scientific procession in Iraq, and also in order to obtain scientific competencies that will contribute to building our country in the future. For this reason, I criticize the condition of some of the schools, which suffer from negligence in their restoration or the lack of services due to poor management by the departments of the schools or of serious follow-up by the Ministry of Education, which assumes the primary responsibility. I see that there is a declining interest in the schools to take them towards the paradigm shift, which we aspire to in order to make the education sector better than it is today through the interest in schools and the structure that these schools require; a place where everything the student needs is available. Some of the schools even suffer from a shortage of bathrooms or negligence of them, which affects the students, especially the younger ones, because they need to have healthy and clean bathrooms or suffer from rotten hivesand from the absence of the means of cooling and heating that must be provided for the convenience of the student and the creation of all necessities which are considered psychological motivations for him in school in order to be more creative and excellent.

  • هاشم صالح


    I want the Minister of Education to be ashamed of himself and if he could not do anything to improve the situation, he should resign because he is not the right man for that position. The Iraqi student needs several things and proper attention. With God’s will, there will be change, a radical change.

  • رفيق خليل


    If I ever meet the Iraqi Minister of Education, I will hang him myself because he is one of the most impure people whom God created on earth. He is a despicable infidel who steals the money and he and his group left the Iraqi schools without cleaning, repair, or care. By God, who among the officials will accept that his son goes to a dilapidated school which is threatening to collapse? No one accepts, only the children of the poor and those who are needy. The Education Minister does not know what happened to the schools that have fallen on children. There is a school that collapsed completely and he did not even come out. He did not ask the officials what they needed to work on in order to rebuild them better because he is a professional thief. He only works to steal money. There are many schools that do not have adequate services in order to satisfy the Iraqi student. The student is tortured during the summer because there is no cold water, refrigeration, or ceiling blowers, as well as in the winter when there is not sufficient heat in order to make the student comfortable. The health services are essentially neglected and there are a lot of diseases that have become rampant in many schools. There are schools that are infested with animals. However, what we want now is that there will be special attention from the officials and there should be a clear interest by the Minister of Education in order to overcome all those things and be more realistic or else there will be more serious matters for the treatment of students in the future.

  • انور


    All the Iraqi people are living in a state of anticipation and fear of the collapse of school buildings on the heads of their children and of death as happened to their peers in the past, and it is clear from these incidents that in recent times, the education sector in Iraq has become unable to perform its duties towards the educational process in addition to being unable to develop plans to conserve the lives of Iraqi students where it is possible for the Ministry of Education to build some schools in different provinces for the transfer of students from the buildings and old schools built of mud as this responsibility lies on them and other concerned departments. But we do not see any improvement in this aspect except for some campaigns that took place to repair a section of the schools in the cities for the media only because it is focused on the external appearance of the schools, nothing more. But in villages and rural areas, the schools are still made of mud and lack the most basic health and safety requirements where a lot of students sit on the ground because no seats are reserved for them in addition to the lack of water and electricity and these are not suitable schools at all.

  • شاكر العزاوي


    The education sector in Iraq suffers from the significant shortage of school buildings in all parts, especially in rural areas remote from the centers of cities, since the reign of the former Iraqi regime until today, where the crisis deepened in school buildings because they are old and built of mud until they become devoid of the most basic health requirements that must be available to protect students from exposure to disease or death from school roofs falling on their heads as they become older and do not meet the specifications of strength and durability in order to protect students from such incidents as happened in Basra, Hillah and other Iraqi provinces where school roofs fell in on students, which killed a number of young students who couldn’t get out, where this incident had a negative psychological impact on the families of the victims.

  • رفيق نادر


    We should not only paint schools and their walls from the outside, but also work on building modern and model schools. Such schools definitely will attract students and they will love them when they see football pitches and tennis courts, sports halls, painting rooms, large cafeterias, and other things such as libraries. In addition, space should be taken into consideration. The bathrooms also need special care because in most schools, they are not working. We need the culture of the school to be of great importance. This starts with the state and then comes the role of the students. Our schools are small in size and they are unclean. There are dirt and pieces of paper everywhere. There are no small gardens to make the school look beautiful. All of these things are absent in our schools and the students really hate the school and just feel obligated to go to it. I think they are right because there is an absence of care or attention towards our school buildings. In addition, there are no elements of development or change, which are very necessary these days.

  • نزال علي حامد


    Iraq was among the countries that took special care of the educational system and schools, but the situation now is different. Everything is declining in Iraq. There is a lack of care for school buildings. No one works on improving and expanding schools or demolishing them and building new model ones. There is no work regarding this field and school buildings are really in a tragic situation. One can easily realizes the difference if he notices how schools are built and taken care of in the Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries.

  • قادر سالم


    A lot of schools lack many indispensable services, such as health facilities and shops. Many of these schools constitute much burden to students because they are old and severely damaged where a pupil can’t enjoy a learning environment that makes his daily learning hours normal and comfortable. Therefore, I criticize the current conditions of so many schools, which are unbearably neglected. The ministry of education should work better through inaugurating more new schools and repairing the damaged ones for the safety of our students.

  • نبيل احمد


    The educational system is one of the most important systems that can contribute to the development of the community and develop educational qualifications through education and this vital sector should have its schools in their best condition including all the available services to the qualified teaching staff that contribute to all the available enhancement of the educational level of the student. Therefore, I think the educational process in Iraq is suffering from a lot of negative aspects. One of these negatives is the indifference of the schools’ administration towards their schools, not working on improving their structure and determining their weaknesses, which may cause harm to the students or lead to their death, as happened in al-Basra province when the fence collapsed and killed a female student. Schools suffer from a lot of negligence and I criticize this miserable situation especially in schools that were built in villages and rural areas or in the southern provinces. In addition, a lot of schools were built many years ago and they are in desperate need of periodic maintenance. Also, the ministry of education should form committees in order to determine their demands and work on meeting them directly. Student lives should be protected. What we hear of incidents taking place in some schools, such as the collapse of a ceiling or wall, is enough. We strongly criticize such incidents because they are the reasons behind the death of some school children who were sitting at their desks.

  • امير توفيق


    Despite the enormous wealth in Iraq there is a sharp shortage in services provided to the Iraqi people. These services are related to the people’s journey in life and as result many failures and breakdowns occur in different fields in Iraq, including education, which has gone downhill after it was characterized by distinction, intelligence and knowledge.

  • zainb


    I hope… the ends to the private schools so as to keep the governmental education and to save the great expenses we pay to the private schools.