New community police force in Anbar to discourage youth from terror

The new police force will help youth avoid becoming involved in terrorism. Above, youth gather around a car bomb site in Baghdad in 2009. [Mohammed Ameen/Reuters]

The new police force will help youth avoid becoming involved in terrorism. Above, youth gather around a car bomb site in Baghdad in 2009. [Mohammed Ameen/Reuters]

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Anbar province inaugurated community police departments in every provincial police station Wednesday (February 1st) in an effort to offer guidance to local youth.

"The opening of community police departments is intended at help adolescents by monitoring the youth and children out of concern they could be exploited for terrorist activities," said Maj. Gen. Hadi Erzayj, commander of Anbar provincial police.

Erzayj told Mawtani that the responsibilities of the community police include following up on students who dropped out, returning them to school, and resolving social problems that parents encounter.

He said 107 community police departments were opened throughout Anbar province, and 413 police officers and personnel participated in training courses at the police academy.

Brig. Gen. Khamees al-Heety, deputy commander of the community police directorate, said the Ministry of Interior and Anbar officials provided the necessary support to open the community police departments.

"Now that the police are in full control of the security situation in collaboration with the Iraqi army, they are also responsible for increasing awareness and training citizens to fight terrorism and crime, especially among children. They will support parents by supervising their sons and help them solve the problems they face," he told Mawtani.

Al-Heety said the community police will also be involved in social, tribal, economic and health duties. The activities include sponsoring large seminars to shed light on supporting the security services, fighting terrorism, supporting the government's plans to eliminate administrative and financial corruption, and fighting all types of crime.

He said the community police will collaborate with educational departments to return dropouts to school and eliminate illiteracy. Training workshops for the unemployed will be organised so they can acquire vocational and technical skills in addition to receiving financial support.

Al-Heety said the community police departments will cooperate with all the security services and government agencies and institutions to wipe out drug use and fight smoking by holding seminars at schools and colleges.

Lt. Col. Munim al-Barakat, director of the community police section in Ramadi, said all the community police departments in the province include female staff members who specialise in providing services for women in Anbar.

Al-Barakat told Mawtani that women can obtain training on tailoring and house management in addition to learning about the dangers of family violence and the prohibition on violence against children.

He said the community police section will host seminars to explain women's rights in society and their responsibilities in the community.

Al-Barakat said these departments will work on eliminating the use of children labour, end employment of children in hazardous industrial professions, and discourage the practice of begging.




    ايوب حسن


    Success in various fields of life, such as the political, security, social and educational fields, invite all of us to work to strengthen those successes by embracing the youth from different parts of Iraq and guiding them in a proper educational method, to keep them away from engaging and slipping into in actions that might harm the nation. The current situation in Iraq requires making proactive efforts to develop a sound and productive environment among the Iraqis, especially among young people, by spreading and promoting dialogue, tolerance, democracy, non-violence and freedom in Iraqi society. Such a culture is very important after periods of psychological recession of the young people. It is necessary and is also important to improve the living conditions at all levels, as well as the development of the situation of economic development and welfare of the Iraqi people, by teaching the youth how to create, establish and manage their own projects without resorting to governmental departments to search for jobs. The youth can be convinced of the futility of violence as a means to change through the following: First, introduce the verses and hadiths, i.e. prophetic sayings, that renounce violence, and consider the use of force as the last resort for change. Second, educate them about the obligation to maintain the mandatory system and the rights of parents. Third, teach them about the plights inflicted by the violent groups upon the nation throughout Islamic history, and acquit Islam of such acts. Highlight the bounties of Muslims throughout history, such as tolerance and defending the oppressed. Also, the committees and councils of fatwas, i.e. religious opinions, have to declare that the basic principle in relations with non-Muslims is peace, not war.

  • ابو علي


    It is my duty as a father to enlighten my children and tell them that the terrorists hate us and that they want to destroy us because they kill the innocents heartlessly. I want all mothers and fathers to remind their children that the terrorists are hateful people who want to destroy us. The parents must educate their children and tell them that the terrorists want to disunite us. We ask God to take revenge upon the terrorists. I warn strongly against this, because our children can be easily deceived into joining the al-Qaeda terrorist organization. Hence, we must protect them in every possible way and we must work hard to keep them away from this threat. Terrorism will never have a place among us or among our children, because they are upright.

  • موسى عبدالرحمن


    We have to publish as many statements and as much information as possible to make the youth know that this is very wrong and that they must think thousands of times before falling into this trap. I would like to say that the terrorist moment of al-Qaeda exploits the circumstances to do what it needs and to tempt the youth after brainwashing them. This campaign is very important before we lose our youth and destroy our country with our own hands. We call on all youth and parents to pay attention to the danger of terrorism and the vicious role of the cowardly terrorists. We must always remind our youth that the terrorists do not wish good for us, but they want to destroy us.

  • موسى عبدالرحمن


    We have to publish as many statements and information as possible to make the youth know that this is very wrong and that they must think thousands of times before falling in this trap. I would like to say that the terrorist movement of al-Qaeda exploits the circumstances to do what it needs and to tempt the youth after brainwashing them. This campaign is very important before we lose our youth and destroy our country with our own hands. We call on all youth and parents to pay attention to the danger of terrorism and the vicious role of the cowardly terrorists. We must always remind our youth that the terrorists do not wish good for us, but they want to destroy us.

  • عبدالرحمن


    Today, we are in desperate need to follow different intellectual and educational methods and deliver them to the people to immunize them against the radical thinking of the terrorist organizations. We need to make the efforts of the deviant organizations fail because they only aim to ruin the minds of the youth. They do so by taking some jurisprudential texts out of context and interpreting them in accordance with their criminal actions against people. The terrorist organizations in Iraq are turning the wheel of feuds by setting the fires of hatred among the people in the Iraqi society. It is now necessary that the Iraqi men of religion and scholars play their role in weakening the dreams of the terrorist organizations. They need to shed the light on the terrorists' empty and devious thoughts that include incorrect interpretations of texts or what is called today "a word of righteousness that aims for falsehood". They have to prove that they are wrong and not in harmony with the principals of the Islamic religion that bans assaulting the spirits of people, their money and their honors.

  • مهدي العيثاوي


    There are big blows that the security forces gave to the terrorist al-Qaeda, as well as confronting every terrorist they found. The stability of the security situation is the biggest proof of the collapse of this terrorist organization, which prepared for a long time to do what it has done in Iraq after the fall of the offender Baath regime. The control of the security forces all over the Iraqi cities and provinces is a further evidence of the collapse of this criminal organization that wanted to spread chaos and destruction in Iraq as well as the elimination of all milestones and progress. They were dreaming of establishing a terrorist state in Iraq. However, they did not think about the authenticity of the Iraqis, their devotion and loyalty to their country. Al-Qaeda now in Iraq is going through its worst phase where the terrorist organization witnessed in the recent period the killing of all its leaders, sparking chaos, terror and panic among the elements out of fear that they would meet the same fate because the security forces were able to reach their leaders. What about them as they are ordinary elements in this criminal organization?

  • ظاهر محمود


    It is necessary to guide Muslim Youth and hold a lot of educational seminars, meetings and conferences with the aim of educating the Muslim youth not to use violence in any areas of their lives, whether with their wives and families at home or with their children in the streets, and with vendors. In other words, they should be advised to change the way they deal with everyone and embrace the principle of the advice. Friday preachers should educate young people on how Islam rejects violence even with wife and animals because Islam is a tolerant religion, not violent, as terrorism tries to distort the image of Islam before the whole world using a strange style of violence and trying to link it to Islam by means of Jihad. But surely any educated, conscious Muslim youth will not be convinced with such a takfiri ideology of violence, murder and terrorism, for it is based on violence and killing innocent people.

  • مؤبد جمال


    I think the lack of awareness among youth in a lot of countries is yet one more reason behind the spread of al-Qaeda ideology. Here, I assure you that there is negligence by the states and even families are derelict in monitoring their children who may have an interest in these ideas and, little by little, they find themselves deeply influenced by them. Consequently, these ideas start to spread in communities directly or indirectly, or intentionally or unintentionally among those who don’t have enough immunity to such ideas. Therefore, the danger grows more and more and spreads in all countries in an unprecedented way. I am for monitoring and confronting these ideas, as well as monitoring the Internet in order to block all websites that promote such ideas because they circulate extremist ideas which cause a lot of problems for some countries, especially to communities which are considered fertile soil for the growth of terrorist ideas. Means of communication, books and CDs which some people use in order to promote radical ideas are the reasons behind the spread of the ideas which lead to the destruction of communities. Therefore, terrorism tries to use sluggishness in the field of monitoring and control to spread its ideas at the international level. It tries to communicate its ideas in order to gain as many supporters as possible, to use them to carry out despicable terrorist acts, which result in a lot of crimes, especially in countries that are plagued with internal problems and complicated situations. This organization tries to take advantage of such conditions to promote its ideas and beliefs. Therefore, it is necessary to watch out for this danger because terrorism has an influential media machine that promotes its ideas and activities.

  • نديم كمال


    Educating young people will have a significant impact on the stability of security in Iraq. Also, everywhere in the world, there will be a need to be sensitized to the risks and remnants of terrorism as well as their impact on them and their home, especially at this critical stage of the history of Iraq and the world in facing terrorism that threatens the security and stability. The terrorist organization of al-Qaeda cells and the criminal and deviant gangs try to influence young people's ideas in order to induce them to work in its ranks, taking advantage of perhaps their standard of living, material and difficult conditions, especially for those who are out of work. I think that the danger of the terrorist organizations is very large for the young people and communities. Therefore, we must combine our benevolent efforts in order to educate these young people and enlighten their ideas. These positive steps will contribute in eliminating terrorism as well as stopping it and refuting the dirty and extremist ideas. The process of immunization of the young people through anti-terrorism, in my opinion, should be activated in order to avert the threat of terrorism and also for the safety of our young people to keep them from drifting into the terrorist organizations and organized gangs. Raising the young people’s awareness will have a significant impact in maintaining the countries and communities from the danger of terrorism. Increased awareness of young people will have a positive impact in planting the seeds of security, stability and peace, and will be an effective response to the terrorist organizations. I commend such actions, which should become larger through the unity of effort.

  • سلطان حميد


    The young people are the backbone of the community for their importance in moving the country forward. Therefore, the youth population is the most important segment of society that must be taken care of in all respects in order to preserve them and benefit from them in building the country and directing them in the right direction. This gives a positive result. Through guidance and awareness, our youth will become conscious and through provision of employment opportunities, there will be the elimination of unemployment. I am also for attention to be paid towards the young people and working to educate in this aspect. We should be guiding and introducing them to the threat of terrorism in order to increase their awareness.

  • زكريا سلمان


    The lack of government interest, with respect to the field of the awareness of terrorism of the Iraqi youth, is supposed to be dealt with in a different way in order to prevent them from joining the terrorist groups who are working on their recruitmentin order to get as many as possible of the young people involved, especially with regards to the involvement of money and giving them all that they need. The young people of Iraq are suffering from rampant unemployment to this day and this has a lot of negative results, which constitute a very big threat because unemployment has caused the deployment of a lot of situations of poverty, hunger, and deprivation that heavily damages the young people of Iraq. This is what contributed a lot to the dissemination of terrorism in Iraq because a lot of the young people needed the money. This is what the terrorist groups deliberately do so that they will gain the largest possible number of individuals who will join al-Qaeda and the other armed groups, which have been constituting a danger and threat to the security, safety and stability of Iraq, in addition to prosecuting religion in order to reassure the young people about these groups on the grounds that they are groups working for the liberation of Iraq and imposing justice and equity among citizens. However, when the young people discover that they have been victims of fraud and deception, they cannot return back later because their lives are threatened. For this reason, we see that they have been involved forcibly in the drift after the temptations that are not true and they did not receive any guidance from the outset. They are victims of violence and they may have committed the deadliest and the most brutal and cruel acts against their people. They are forced to commit these terrorist acts under the circumstances that varied in aspects. First was temptation, second was threat and the third was involvement. However, they cannot be undone.

  • زياد 000


    The government was supposed to assume its role from the beginning to pursue the things important to the young people and that there is awareness of the dangers of terrorism for the youth of Iraq. They should guide them and warn them not to be involved in crimes such as killings and bombings. Thus, they were victims of the many tragic aspects that existed in their lives and under difficult, bitter and very severe circumstances including unemployment, poverty, hunger, and deprivation. Those were what caused them to get involved with the terrorist groups, which used a lot of negative aspects in the life of the Iraqi individuals. The government should have prevented everything from happening from the start, however, there is no power but from God.

  • هيثم ناصر


    The Almighty God prohibited the killing of one’s self and if one commits suicide, he will go to hell. Therefore, it is necessary to solve all the issues which drive youth to commit the sinful act of suicide, determine the reasons behind following this path, and then solve them psychologically, intellectually and religiously. Then, a lot of youth will be protected from committing suicide. This act is totally rejected by the norm, religion and the society. It is a wrong behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to spread awareness among our youth to protect them from pursuing this wrong and sinful path. Also, the government should pay attention to this huge segment of the Iraqi youth. One of the reasons that make the youth commit suicide is that they are without hope or future. They can’t go on with their lives easily because they are weighed down by heavy, unbearable burdens, so they choose to end their lives by their own hands. It is sad that the Iraqi youth have reached this painful and tragic end. Another reason behind committing suicide is unemployment, deprivation, hunger, poverty, homelessness, feeling lost, the deterioration of the standard of living and the widespread corruption. More importantly, drug and alcohol addiction also causes the youth to commit suicide. All these reasons drive them to commit suicide unwarily and without thinking. Here comes the role of clerics who should protect, galvanize and guide the Iraqi youth towards hope and a bright future, in order for them not to feel disappointed or defeated again. Also, the government should pay attention and help the Iraqi youth.

  • منجد عيسى


    It is necessary to educate and galvanize the youth about the terrorist ideology and principle, in order to protect the Iraqi youth from any evil acts which aim at recruiting them to carry out terrorist operations. The poor and unemployed youth are most likely to fall for such attempts because they are an easy target for these groups, which use the opportunity in order to extend their control over the people at any price. Let’s not forget they hide themselves behind the cloak of religion to justify committing terrorist attacks against humanity. They assault innocent citizens for wicked purposes. Therefore, it is very important to spread awareness among the Iraqi youth and educate them how to avoid the plans of terrorist gangs, which always look for youth in order to recruit and engage them in killing and shedding innocent blood. The media should play a significant role in this aspect because it has a great influence on youth. Also, clerics have a great role in spreading awareness among youth of the grave consequences once they are involved in such acts. They should advise them in order not to fall easy prey for these terrorist groups. In addition, these youth should be educated and enlightened in order to be beneficial and effective people in their country and to depend on themselves in the future.

  • خليل ابو علي


    The young people should be educated in order to be fully aware that terrorism and terrorists are devastating for the future and the Arab youth. Iraq is the most vulnerable of the Arab states to these terrorist acts and these groups must be thrown out of Iraq in order to return Iraq to what it was. These young people needed someone to warn them and to stand beside them in order to get rid of terrorism and the terrorists as well as their despicable and cowardly acts. O my Lord, please keep Iraq, the Iraqis, and all of the Arab Nation away from the evil of terrorism and the terrorists. Please save the young nation of the Prophet Muhammad. I want to tell all the young Iraqi or Arab men to be more responsible and confident on their own in order to stand against terrorism and the terrorists. Terrorism and the terrorists want to control the Islamic Nation and its youth, but it is impossible to give them the opportunity to control the situation in the region. I want to say that the young people should respect their parents, elders and religious scholars, and take their advice. We have to say that the duty of the scholars is to alert the youth of that group who want to kill all the Arabs and Iraqis. God Almighty has made a solution for every problem and those solutions are, however, in the hands of the sheikhs and the clerics and scientists who have a prominent place among the Muslims. I invite every young Muslim man, who knows God, to be a brother to his Muslim brother in order to advise him and speak with him in the language of charity. O Lord, please save all the young Arab and Iraqi people from every terrorist that wants to work on creating sectarianism and racism between the Arab Muslim communities. I ask God Almighty to please save us from all the infidels who do not want anything good to happen for the nation of the Prophet Muhammad. O God, please save all the young people and make them happy and good, Amen.

  • بشار


    The worldwide spread of al-Qaeda ideology threatens global security. The late phenomenon of terrorism, especially among youth, pushes the world towards the abyss. This radical ideology has spread like wildfire. Hardly does a day passes without hearing about operations carried out by people affiliated with this organization. Such operations are carried in a lot of countries, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia and the Sahara Desert in Africa. This has caused several countries to be tension spots and justified external intervention in Arab countries by foreign countries, especially America, which occupied Afghanistan and Iraq using the same pretext. This paved the way for other wars in which millions of people paid a heavy price in the poor countries, in addition to the destruction of infrastructure. Therefore, there should be preventive measures to stop the tide of this extremist ideology which is sweeping the world under the name of religion, leaving behind destruction wherever it exists.

  • نصر حبيب


    Al-Qaeda's ideas were planned from the start to be deployed on an international scale, not at the level of one country and this is what the terrorist al-Qaeda aspired for in order to disseminate such ideas. They used several means to deliver their ideas and their actions via the internet or the creation of terrorist cells and preachers to this organization in every part of this world. For this reason, we see that the terrorist al-Qaeda does not contain elements from a single location, specific place, or a particular country, but rather they are of different nationalities whose minds have been controlled and manipulated, and the ideology of al-Qaeda implanted in their heads. This is the reason why they come to any place in order to work with this organization and this ideology should be fought in every place because we see it today in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries.

  • سامي قادر


    The youth’s increasing awareness about the risks of terrorism is important because the terrorists took advantage of the lack of awareness among the young people and the lack of knowledge about the risk of terrorism as well as its tricks and lies with which it promulgates the atoning ideology expressed by al-Jihad and the other lies which the non-conscious and non-cultured youths are exposed to, and they bring them into the trap of getting involved in terrorist acts without knowledge. Therefore, they have to intensify programs to increase the awareness and culture among the young people against terrorism and the terrorist ideology specifically. This can be done through conferences, universities, the clergy, and their important and significant role in educating the youth, mostly the fanatics among them in terms of religion because their role is very important, especially since the terrorists exploit the religious side and the lack of knowledge of the young people of all the necessary and important details of religion as well as inviting the terrorists to jihad in order to support the religion and Islam. This is what must be clarified to the young people. It must be revealed that all the terrorists’ claims are false and untrue. Also, they have nothing to do with the Islamic religion. The campaign to fight the terrorist ideology has to be continued as well as the important awareness of the task in this aspect. Such awareness will oust terrorism and the terrorists. It will isolate them as well as their sick ideology and will not give them the opportunity to recruit more young people to become involved in their criminal acts of terrorism.

  • فتاح


    I demand that the government offer the unemployed youth job opportunities at these ongoing investment projects in Iraq. There should also be job opportunities for youth in these projects amidst the lack of government jobs. At least, we want to get job opportunities in these projects because we are in need of work. I have been unemployed for almost two years and I have tried all possible means to get a job but I could not find anything because I should have to pay a great deal of money or have a strong connection. I am poor and I do not have money to offer as a bribe or any influential persons to help me get a job. I am an Iraqi from this country. Do I need to have any connection? The problem is that the government does not work seriously on solving this problem and providing us with opportunities, so we can create a future for ourselves.

  • جمال عبدالسلام


    History has shown us that the real enemy of terrorism is culture and that its main ally is ignorance. Therefore, in this respect, I think that all governments, especially in the Third World, must fight against the ignorance of youth and educate them against terrorism in all its intellectual and physical forms. They need to promote a culture of tolerance and peaceful coexistence with them because they certainly represent the nucleus of every society and working with the saying "prevention is better than the cure". In light of the relative deficit of other means of fighting terrorism like the military operations, as it appears, addressing this problem should be a radical solution and using the media for awareness campaigns, forums, and student and youth conferences, in addition to including it in the educational programs. Statistics have shown that most terrorists are young people and teenagers who have been lured by modern means of communication represented mainly by the internet. However, the terrorist groups build websites on the internet that define them and publish their hostile speeches, and take advantage of the social networks like Facebook or direct meetings at colleges and universities or in places of worship and religious lectures as these religious groups use the religious deterrent of these to convince them, which puts the role of parental control at stake. Monitoring of children, especially during adolescence, and educating them the need to renounce violence and extremism is necessary like vaccination against the radical intellectual tide which may confront them outside the home, especially as they are the most susceptible to errors. Also, we should come to the important role of the school. The educational programs must contain themes concerned with the development of the sense of responsibility among students and develop in them the spirit of citizenship.

  • سلام


    The young people of Iraq are unemployed in addition to those who do not have any rights or duties, and all they are doing is to take responsibility and work. But the Iraqi government does not give them any chance or perform any action in order to provide work. The government has not provided Iraq and the Iraqis with anything and it does not want good for the Iraqis as a whole. The hidden terrorism and terrorists in Iraq will work to manipulate the young Iraqi people to carry out despicable and hateful terrorist actions, and young people are without work or anything good to benefit from the country because the Iraqi government does not provide them with anything. So, we will see in the near future that these young people will go to al-Qaeda and organize terrorism and terrorists that will kill themselves.

  • حسني


    I demand we get job opportunities, work on securing our future in our country and guarantee decent lives for our families. I’m hopeful that I will get a job or even a contract job at any government institution. The same is true for a lot of youth who have been unemployed for a long time. We hope that all of our problems and daily suffering will end when we get our long-awaited job opportunities.

  • حسني


    I demand that I get a chance to work, and we have to secure our future in our country to provide our families with an honorable life. I am full of hope that I will get a permanent or even contracted job in any government institution. This is the case with many youth, who have been sitting for a long time joylessly. We wish that all of our problems and daily suffering would end soon, when we get the long-waited job.

  • نزار قاسم


    Even though we trust the Iraqi youth and their level of awareness, I think that our respectable government should work and move in all directions in order to increase awareness among the youth, to make them aware of the gravity of terrorism and what it can cause to countries, their future and their families. We can protect Iraq’s youth from this fatal danger by organizing TV programs or educational seminars, which can be delivered by expert professors. Unfortunately, the current efforts are not sufficient and that’s why some youth engaged in terrorism or in working in criminal gang activities such as armed robbery or targeting their people. This happened because they lack awareness of the magnitude of the gravity of terrorism and being affected by its deviant thoughts. Government programs are not enough and we hope the government will work harder in order to raise awareness among our youth through learned elites or clerics who have the ability to foil and refute all radical ideas that terrorists try to spread in our communities.

  • سالم كريم


    I think we all realize the magnitude of the gravity of terrorist organizations and their ideas by which they try to deceive youth into engaging with terrorist groups and therefore losing their future after they become terrorists. This danger that threatens our youth has a deep destructive impact on our community because youth will join terrorist and radical organizations and as a result, crimes will prevail all over the community. It’s necessary to protect our youth by all means. This requires an adequate level of awareness supervised by the government sector, including its institutions that can raise awareness among the youth about the dangers of terrorism, its ideas and acts, and how it destroys their future and besmirches their families’ reputations. I see this aspect to be weak due to the absence of awareness institutions, which can be a protective shield to our Iraqi youth from terrorists who take advantage of them, especially the unemployed. Therefore, government institutions are weak with regards to this issue and they don’t have programs and plans that can rehabilitate the Iraqi youth in order to fortify them against challenges in life.

  • كمال


    The government should provide large campaigns for education involving all civil society organizations, clerics, and tribal leaders in order to educate young people about the risks posed to society by terrorism and the emphasis on the importance and the necessity of respect for the rights of the members of the society of various sects and religions because every single one of them is their brother in religion. The most important of these rights that must be preserved and respected is the right to live, as it is not permissible for any person to kill another person. The sacred religion of Islam considered that killing one person is like killing all mankind and God stressed the importance of preserving life and its maintenance. The Almighty made sure that the first important thing to judge on the day of resurrection of the creatures is the blood until the right of the slain is taken back from the killer, and then the killer must abide in the fires of hell forever. Through cooperation to provide various forms of advice and guidance in addition to strict laws about it, young people can be influenced , thereby, achieving a sense of safety for the children of the community.

  • رعد قاسم


    The government must raise the level of awareness among all people, especially the youth, to the dangers of terrorist operations carried out by terrorists in the country that lead to bloodshed and cause chaos across the country as well as the impact of these organizations on the minds of some young people in order to win them to their side and involve them in terrorist operations against their own people, making these young people into a compliant tool to follow these evil outlaws, who are dealing with innocent people in different types of cruelty and abuse. It is essential to overcome this deviant group to prevent the fall of our young people which will turn them from good citizens into criminals shedding the blood of innocent people by influencing them to resort to violence. In addition to the use of other dirty methods on them, such as drug addiction, brainwashing, provoking sectarianism, and fueling hatred inside their souls, these will prepare the young people to do any required criminal act even if it was the killing of their parents or relatives.

  • هادي خماس


    What have security forces done about this? We see them in the streets and everywhere, but to no avail. This is not the way to combat terrorism, government. We need to see actions, not futile and life-obstructing force deployments. This deployment is perhaps what gives the terrorists the biggest opportunity to move. I think there are stupid and non-specialized people, who, unfortunately, have joined the security field by means of affiliating themselves with some parties or through nepotism, while those who are experienced in the security field were pushed aside. That’s why we see terrorists move freely and smoothly in the presence of these inactive security services, which cost millions of dollars to be brought in. They were thought to be capable of detecting car bombs and to be knowledgeable about other security issues, but they turned out to be useless, because the person who finalized that deal is certainly one of those stupid people who claim to be experienced in the security field. The government should work seriously and appoint qualified security experts. Security forces have to use all available means in order to take control of the situation and not allow the terrorists to again kill huge numbers of civilians and innocents in the bombings of the bloody days, as the government put it. Apologies should be made immediately to the Iraqi people, in addition to the return of building a truly systematic security institution.

  • ابراهيم طه


    I think it is very necessary for the government to know how to deal with terrorism wisely and work on spreading continuous awareness among the youth in this country, to prevent them from getting involved in terrorist acts, either intentionally or unintentionally. The government can do this by paying attention to the youth first, because then they will feel that the government is taking care of them and trying to provide a better life for them. But if there is no one to care for them, the Iraqi youth won’t feel that it is necessary to listen to the government’s demands and advice. The fact is that there isn’t awareness in the country, because the government is unconcerned about the youth and how terrorism manipulates our youth’s ideas through spreading lies and promises, as well as convincing them about resistance, i.e. jihad, and other terrorist tricks. Therefore, the government should take care of all programs that would help spread awareness among the youth of the dangerous consequences of joining or supporting this terrorist organization, which will make them devastated men. They should tell the youth that what the terrorists are doing is against religion and the law, and that therefore, it is better for them to stay away from this terrorist organization and its ideas. It is necessary for the state to organize youth seminars and educational meetings, through which the youth can talk about their problems and needs, and the same time, they can be galvanized against terrorism and its dark ideas.

  • عادل أحمد


    The community police are facing a lot of difficulties in Baghdad because of the authorities' interference, the weak capabilities given to them, and the lack of moral and financial support. In short, if the police succeed in Baghdad, they will succeed in al-Anbar, where most of the community policemen are young graduates. They have been clean up to now, meaning that they don't take bribes, yet they face many obstacles. For example, the policemen in the stations hate the community policemen and they don't want this experiment to succeed. They, i.e. the community police, solve the citizen's problems without pressing charges, which is something not wanted by the officers, because this way they will not be able to take bribes, whether from the plaintiff or the defendant.

  • ستار


    The government should institute large campaigns for education involving all civil society organizations, clerics, and tribal leaders in order to educate young people to the risks posed to society by terrorism and the emphasis on the importance and the necessity of respect for the rights of the members of society on various sects and religions because every single one of them is their brother in religion. The most important of these rights that must be preserved and respected is the right to live as it is not permissible for any person to kill another person. The sacred religion of Islam considered that killing one person is like killing all mankind and God stressed the importance of preserving life and its maintenance. The Almighty made sure that the first important thing to judge on the resurrection of the creatures is the blood until the right of the slain is taken from the killer and then makes the killer abide in the fires of hell forever. Through cooperation to provide various forms of advice and guidance in addition to strict laws about it, young people can be influenced, thereby achieving a sense of safety for the children of the community.

  • سلمان الحسن


    Peace upon you my brothers! All the currently available indicators point to the reformation of al-Qaeda. Indeed, a new generation of fighters is leading the field work. This is due to the backdrop of the ongoing campaign suffered by the leaders of the previous generation. The reports also indicate that the new generation is characterized by their reliance on local fighters. Previously, al-Qaeda was dependent on Arab and foreign fighters as well as the domestic financing. According to observers, the removal of the old generation of al-Qaeda started in early 2007 when U.S. Forces launched large-scale operations in the Karkh district of Baghdad, particularly in areas surrounding Haifa Street. The latter overlooks the River Tigris. Such operations resulted in the killing and the arrest of dozens of al-Qaeda field leaders. The latter chose this region to be their starting points to carry out attacks in other areas. Since al-Qaeda is not an institution with interdependent and related organizational structures, there is no strong correlation between leadership. Indeed, the instructions do not reach the branches directly from the central leadership. For these reasons, it is safe to say that al-Qaeda is going through the beginning of its collapse because the leaders are the essential source of material and moral drive. They also represent the link between the active members. Nevertheless, no one can confirm that this collapse will be final.

  • شاكر عبدالمجيد


    The terrorists are trying to target the Iraqi people in whatever way they can, to prevent Iraq from making progress by scaring its people and terrorizing them. Al Qaeda is trying to intimidate young people, so they will not join the state apparatus.