Iraq connects electricity grid to regional network

An electrician checks wires connected to his local generator in Baghdad. [Saad Shalash/Reuters]

An electrician checks wires connected to his local generator in Baghdad. [Saad Shalash/Reuters]

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Iraq inaugurated the Iraqi-Syrian transmission line on February 3rd, completing a two-year construction project to link its power grid to the regional electricity network.

The line extends 180 kilometres, starting from the Qaem border station opposite the Syrian border in Anbar province to the Teem station in the Syrian city of Deer al-Zawr.

The regional project was started in 1989 when five countries -- Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt -- signed a joint agreement to interconnect their electricity networks, allowing them to exchange and import energy via transmission lines.

Since 1989, Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories and Libya were added to the project's signatories, and a number of interconnecting lines were inaugurated: the Egyptian-Jordanian line in 1998, the Syrian-Jordanian line in 2001, and the Syrian-Lebanese line in 2009.

"The line with Syria will allow us to import amounts of electrical energy from Egypt after having reached a final understanding with both Jordan and Syria," said Adel Hameed Mahdi, advisor to the Minister of Electricity.

Iraqi Minister of Electricity Kareem Aftan visited Egypt last December and asked Egyptian officials to determine Iraq's share of the 450 megawatts (MW) that Egypt is now supplying to Jordan and Syria.

Next month, a meeting is scheduled in Amman to discuss Iraq's request and to reach a final agreement on dividing that amount of energy so that each of the three states would not receive less than 150 megawatts.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, Mussab al-Mudarres, told Mawtani that Iraq's entry into the regional project will improve energy supplies provided to citizens.

"We expect that the coming summer will see a large increase in supply; in addition to the 150 MW that we will import from Egypt, there is more than 3,000 MW that will be added to the national grid before next July."

He said his ministry is working on a number of projects: a campaign to maintain and rehabilitate a number of gas and steam-powered stations across the country that would add 1,500 MW by mid-May; adding nine quick-install generating units that would add 900 MW by next June; and inaugurating eight Hyundai type diesel-operated stations in Baghdad and other provinces that would add 360 MW and a gas-operated Sadr station that would add 320 MW.

Al-Mudarres said the added megawatts would raise the average supply of electricity to citizens during the summer to about 16 hours a day.

Iraqi officials say that Iraq needs at least 14,000 MW to meet the rising demands for energy. However, it is currently producing about 6,000 MW, which only provides about 10 hours of electricity a day.

Suzan al-Saad, member of the Iraqi parliament's energy committee, urged the Ministry of Electricity to speed up the fulfilment of its obligations so that citizens can feel "tangible results, not just mere promises".

"Although there is talk every now and then of numerous projects being carried out by the electricity sector, the problem of electric energy, in the end, is still exacerbating, and the supplies have not seen the required improvement."




    عاشور حسين


    The great importance of electricity in human life and in the lives of Iraqi citizens urge us to develop the electricity sector in the State of Iraq to provide good services for the Iraqi people. Indeed, the electricity sector is the main responsible for the delivery of electricity to Iraqis’ houses. Here comes the great importance of developing the electricity sector in Iraq. Indeed, developing this sector enables the provision of many services for the benefit of the Iraqi people and the Iraqi State. The Iraqi State is currently struggling to regain its former economic position. Certainly, achieving this requires a lot of efforts. Therefore, the economic movement, the Iraqi factories and Iraqi force require great amounts of electricity which must be provided so that the Iraqi people can achieve development. Developing the electricity in Iraq is a great advantage which would serve the Iraqi people and provide many benefits in order to lead a secure and peaceful life. The development which will affect the electricity sector will certainly bring a lot of benefits to the State of Iraq, its people and economy. Iraq will regain its former economic position Thus, it is necessary to develop the electricity sector in Iraq.

  • شكري


    The reconstruction process of Iraq's economy depends on the oil sector. Indeed, the field of oil is very important. Iraq must be reconstructed in order to eliminate many problems that have plagued this country in particular. Iraq is suffering a lot from several problems, mainly unemployment. Still, this problem could be contained through showing careful attention to the oil sector. In fact, this field should receive radical reconstruction and rehabilitation. The competent authorities could invest the oil revenues in the reconstruction projects. We need to construct new prestigious projects which would require a massive workforce. As a matter of fact, unemployment in Iraq today has become widespread, which is actually very dangerous. Unemployment could lead the young people to deviant solutions in order to get money. These people need to make a living. Today, most university graduates and other young people do not find job opportunities in Iraq. Indeed, job opportunities are very few. This problem goes back to so many years and the competent authorities could not resolve it. For this reason, a lot of Iraqis are migrating out of Iraq in order to get any job opportunities.

  • ياسر خليل


    It came on just for two days and went off. We don't know to whom we should complain. For your information, we had electricity and we thought of ourselves as humans; we could feel the cold, then the heat. Our complaint is to the Almighty God. I am a citizen from Al Qa'im city, I'm included in the fifth or sixth link, and I admit I was affected by this project.

  • عاكف


    The frequent and long hours of power failures affect the students who are unable to do their homework and get ready to sit for their exams at the end of the school year as appropriate, let alone the other consequences of these continued power outages. In fact, this year in particular is very hot. None can bear the high temperature. We have become entirely dependent on electricity, and cooling devices could ease the suffering from the scorching heat. On the other hand, the frequent interruptions also have negative effects on patients, the elderly and children who are helpless and can not withstand the intense heat. For this reason, the Iraqi Government is supposed to respond to this crisis as soon as possible. Besides, the problems of water supplies and sanitation represent an important problem for the Iraqi competent authorities. In fact, the Iraqi citizens are entitled to live in dignity. Water is essential for life. Indeed, there are many water plants which were destroyed after the war in Iraq which created a very big problem. The human body is composed of water.

  • بهية حسن


    The government should exert many efforts to contribute to the provision of electric power, whether through buying huge generators or establishing electrical fields, which should be maintained and repaired so as to pump a great amount of continuous electricity to all the Iraqi governorates, and this matter needs a lot of manpower who specializes in this field.

  • همام


    The citizens cannot get any solution for their problems. Where are the officials that the people have entrusted to solve their problems? They only care about their selfish interests. The government has to restructure the officials and monitor their performance, and it should take action against those that are negligent and do not perform their duties towards the citizens for the sake of a brighter future for Iraq.

  • لمياء هاشم


    We demand that the government increase the electric power, especially since the summer has come with its heat, and the government is serious about improving the electrical energy supply. The Iraqi citizen has felt this recognized improvement and the government had overcome a lot of challenges. Among these challenges is improving the electrical power after it has been affected by vandalism and terrorism from time to time. However, the government has managed to address the hands of vandalism, which affected the power stations. The constant dream of the Iraqi is that they aspire for their wishes to be achieved in one year of the years of negligence or suspension of the electric power that it would not be cut off in their homes or the places of their work for a single hour in a day. The government has improved its efforts to provide electricity to the citizen after any interruption and an effort to push along the wheel of progress in Iraq and the pursuit of everything good for the future. However, with this improvement in the electricity, we demand that the government increases the number of operating hours and reduces the hours of interruption of the electric current, especially in the summer. The government began the action of replacement and modernization and maintenance of all the electrical equipment grid before the increase of the high temperatures in preparation for the coming summer months. There is a direct interest by the Prime Minister after Maliki's visit to the Ministry of Electricity to see the efforts of the provision of electricity to the citizens as well as the problems and the obstacles facing the ministry and its staff. The Iraqi Government's efforts are meant to complete the construction and the expansion of the electricity network where it appears that it is working hard to provide energy through projects that require time to be implemented.

  • نهاد سالم


    I think that the Iraqi government has started to make considerable efforts in order to improve the electricity sector in Iraq, which I consider to be one of the most important sectors. I support all the efforts that are being made in this regard, whether they be in terms of the contracts made by the Iraqi government with international companies, or in the field of opening more power stations. We offer our congratulations on such projects, and we hope to see more efforts being made, and we encourage the government and support it, and we congratulate it on all those measures that it has taken lately in order to make life easier for the Iraqi citizens by providing them with electricity. Moreover, I think that the idea of providing the owners of the local generators with fuel and providing the citizens with more hours of electricity without any extra charge from the owners of these generators is a measure that we find suitable and a positive step towards the eradication of the electricity crisis in Iraq, as this will allow the Iraqi citizens to enjoy the benefits of electricity next summer. All these major steps and plans that the esteemed government and the Ministry of Electricity are putting in place will be met with success, and we are with the government and all the measures that are being taken. May Allah bless our esteemed government and its efforts for providing comfort for the Iraqi citizens and removing many of the hurdles that stand in their way.

  • محسن قادر


    The electricity problem in Iraq is a great and thorny problem, and it has many complicated dimensions, whether economic, political or security dimensions. You should not wonder, dear reader, when I tell you that through deep reading of the situation in Iraq from the perspective of the experts and the political analysts and others, you will find that those who stand in the face of development are the Iraqi government itself. It is not just the serious security situation there, or the red tape and bureaucracy and others, as you believe, dear reader. I do not deny the role that I have mentioned before, when it undermined the construction and development efforts, especially in the electricity and power field, but the retardation and the lack of progress of Iraq have several reasons and deeper ones than that.

  • اركان


    As citizens, we thank the esteemed Iraqi government for its exceptional efforts. We ask the government for more efforts to end the problem of electricity. The electric power is considered the artery of life nowadays; it is indispensable and we cannot give it up. It is necessary in order to operate all the human and non-human sectors. Most of the machines and apparatus run on electricity. The lack of power means the stoppage of all the services, industrial and commercial systems. It means no lighting, heating or cooling. That makes people look for alternatives which might not be as efficient as the power produced by electric stations. This is why we ask the Iraqi government to cooperate more with the people, to get out of this crisis that has been affecting Iraq for a long time.

  • كمال اسعد


    The performance of the government of Iraq is still lacking in many aspects of interest in the lives of the Iraqi citizens and it is interested in what is happening about politics only. Concerning the Iraqi citizen, he is still stuck in the stage of waiting to live in the best and the safest way with more safety and stability, and peace and quiet. The Iraqi government, unfortunately, does not work properly as required with respect to the Iraqi citizens because many people complain of the deprivation and shortcomings and negligence and government deficits and that government is not working properly but is working for their personal interests only, and the Iraqi citizen is still suffering from deprivation of many aspects of life, the most important of which is safety and the provision of services; mainly electricity, ration cards and the establishment of residential complexes, which are needed by a lot of Iraqi displaced families and those without accommodation, in addition to providing services that should come later, such as attention to the health, education and service sectors for all the aspects, such as oil and petrol and gas, and reducing the prices of goods that are increasing for the Iraqi citizen who is suffering from rampant unemployment, especially the young people. There is much negligence and deficit arising from the government and its members, and those who are always busy with their personal disagreements and fighting with each other and accusing each other on disputes over power and politics, and other things such as theft or other matters that do not mean anything for the Iraqi citizen who has lived a very long period of suffering, injustice and oppression, violence and crime, and neglect and deprivation and the need for many requirements of life, even the simplest of them.

  • عبدالله سليمان


    For sure the performance of the Iraqi government has so many mysteries. This is obvious from the situation nowadays in Iraq. The issue of terrorist operations is not yet solved. What we hear from officials is they have control of the security situation and they are carrying out arrests of leaders of these organizations but without any tangible evidence. Regarding the services provided to our citizens we find the first demand is electricity. They did not look for solutions for this disaster. Without electricity there is no life. They put out a temporary plan to solve the problem but without developing these networks and power stations. Water and sanitation are just like electricity. The citizens do not enjoy water services and sewage. Illiteracy dominates Iraq just like other Arab countries. The government did not develop education. Schools and universities have been the same since Saddam Husain. Only some school names have been changed, no solutions for illiteracy. Housing problem is all over Iraq. The housing projects are very slow growing. Unemployment is increasing and no solutions have been found. Graduates are suffering from unemployment and other services which a citizen must get. Negligence generally is there. The government claims but doesn’t implement, nothing but personal interests. I hope to have a new structure for the Iraqi government led by whoever can raise this country to a better future.

  • كميل


    Finding real and radical solutions for Iraq's electricity crisis is overdue. Over the past 10 years, we heard about the establishment of many projects, whether in the building of electric power stations, the extension lines or contracting with neighbors to import electric power, and millions of dollars have been disbursed on such projects to end Iraq's electricity problem. However, we see that the electricity issue is still the same. We did not notice that it required change which we waited for years ago. Therefore I call upon the Iraqi Government to make more effort to solve the electricity issue which haunts everyone. For how long will the electricity crisis remain continuing in Iraq? The question is, “When will our daily problems end?” This is due to the limited hours during which we are provided with electricity. Also, until when will we hear about statements from some officials who make statements that we do not see applied on the ground? Every year, we hear that by the next summer the electricity crisis will have ended, and the Iraqi citizen is used to hearing such statements but, unfortunately, to no avail. The situation of electricity is not pleasing in Iraq and especially today, we are expecting the hot summer where the temperatures are high in Iraq to unprecedented degrees, as happened last summer.

  • ابو سرمد


    How could I demand that the Iraqi Government solve the problem of electricity while it is incapable of running the country or pushing the wheel of development? The Iraqi Government looks like the former suppressive regime. Iraq does not need radical amendments in their policies and government to start reforming the infrastructure, including electricity, reconstruction and others, to solve the problem of electricity. We have to identify and solve many problems such as providing the financial resources to fund the project and solve its problems, let alone putting the right plans for this project. We need to contract with the major companies to carry out this project and improve the power resources, from which we will generate electricity in order to accommodate the rise in the production. Electricity is an integral part of the infrastructure in any advanced State. Hence, taking care of the electricity helps in improving and developing the rest of the other sectors, and saves much for the Iraqi people. The government must start immediately in planning to solve this problem and put corruption aside so as not to anger the Iraqi people and face the fate of their counterparts in the Arab states that witnessed angry revolutions against the corrupt governments. The Iraqi Government either needs to be purified or replaced with another honest government that does not use the money of the Iraqi people wrongly. We ask God to help the Iraqis, who suffer from the administrative corruption.

  • باقر


    The important thing is that we demand that the Iraqi government and the Kurdish president of the state solve this crisis. Indeed, this is not the responsibility of the president, who does not have the powers that allow him to interfere, but we call on him as the president of the Iraqi Republic to do something, to be more reliable and to solve the electricity problem. Some people say that this crisis will end in 2013, but no one knows whether this is true or not. Of course, all these are mere lies and contemplation; however, what can we say, other than that God is gracious and that we will enjoy a good life in Iraq someday, when everything returns to its normal conditions and even better? The crisis of electricity is very important, and the Iraqi government ought to be ashamed of itself, because it needs to be with the Iraqis, not against them. Anyone who harms Iraq or the Iraqis will be destroyed by God. We wish to enjoy security and stability soon, God willing.

  • عماد


    We have asked the Iraqi government repeatedly to solve the crisis of electricity, because this crisis is now chronic and we have failed to solve it for a long time. The Iraqi government must work on ending this crisis soon. I believe that it is the duty of the government to buy generators or to get electricity from any country to help the poor Iraqis, who work day and night and need some rest in their houses. The problem of electricity in Iraq is very important, and the Iraqis only care about finding a solution to the problem of electricity. I want to ask our prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, who has the ultimate authority in the country; do you not feel ashamed because of your failure to solve this problem, which has lasted for many years? Some people have committed suicide because of these crises, and you, as well as those who work with you, are responsible for this. You are cowardly and you do not deserve our trust. I want to tell you to stop stealing from the Iraqis, as you have done throughout the past years and until today, through illegal and suspicious acts. I call on all Iraqis to revolt against this infidel villain, who did not give the Iraqis a chance to live their life comfortably.

  • خطاب


    How could I ask the Iraqi Government to solve the problem of electricity? It is a government unable to manage the country and the progress of the wheel of development. The Iraqi Government is similar to the oppressor former regime. Iraq does not only suffer from the problem of electricity but from many problems, and all belong to the same area which is the neglected infrastructure. Iraq is in need of radical changes in its policy and its government in order to start the reform and repair its infrastructure including electricity and the construction, ... Many of them, in order to solve the problem of electricity, must follow up on many problems and solve them. For example, the provision of material resources for the work of the budget for that project and solve its problem, proper planning for them initially, the agreement with big companies to do this project and to improve the energy resources, and attention to the energy resources, which will bring electricity, improve it and increase it to meet the increase in production. The electricity is an important part of the infrastructure of any developed country, and the interest in providing it in clean and sound ways helps to promote and develop the rest of other fields and provide a lot to the Iraqi people. The government should soon begin planning to solve that problem and leave the corruption aside or else they will raise the wrath of the Iraqi people and bring upon themselves what happened to the other Arab countries, which witnessed angry revolutions against their corrupt governments. The Iraqi Government will either be cleared or changed and we will come up with another that will be honest and not manipulate the money of the Iraqi people in other unwanted entities. May Allah help the Iraqi people that suffer from this administrative corruption.

  • صبري شامل


    The problem of electricity is considered one of the biggest problems in Iraq, which is causing the Iraqi people to suffer from blackouts continuously and intermittently. The government did not find any solution to this problem so far. Electricity is one of the most significant necessities that should be available in any country, especially in Iraq because it is involved in all the sectors of life. It is the basis of the advancement of industry by running factories and plants as well as the increase of the production that will lead to the rise in the prices of some food items, especially meat, that need to be frozen in order to be saved. These foods can be damaged very quickly due to the lack of electric power. The traders and owners of small shops do not store large amounts in their stores for fear of the loss caused by damage to the food because of the lack of electricity needed to save that food which leads to a lack of supply, thus causing high prices. The Iraqis are also suffering because of electricity in terms of another social problem because we know that Iraq is characterized by a hot atmosphere and high temperatures, especially in the summer, and the electricity is not available. We see that the Iraqi families are struggling because of the inability to run the coolers and air conditioning that will help them to withstand such very hot atmosphere. The suffering of the Iraqis did not stop at this point. However, the Iraqi students are also affected a lot by this issue as a result of the interruption of electricity at night and the inability to continue their studies in the darkness. The kinds of suffering caused by electricity in Iraq are so many because of its ongoing interruptions and the subject of electricity became the main concern for the Iraqis who consider that the reform of electricity is something almost impossible or it is just a dream that cannot be achieved despite what they were told of many false promises in this regard by officials.

  • مهدي عبدالكريم


    The high electricity prices offered by the owners of generators to citizens was due to the increasing power outages in Iraq, as a result of the government’s failure to repair the lines that feed Iraq with electricity and set up high voltage generators to produce electricity in Iraq, therefore increasing the prices of electrical amperes offered to the citizen by citizen-owned generators in Iraq. Also, this rise in prices, from which generator owners complain, is because the Iraqi government doesn’t provide them with a sufficient share of kerosene and oil needed to run generators. Claiming that that they are buying fuel from the black market at a high price, suppliers raise electricity prices. The Iraqi government must give owners of generators more quotas to increase operating hours and thus reduce electricity prices . They also should form specialized committees that will determine the reason behind this rise in prices and punish whoever receives his allocated and increase prices, since not all people can cover all the required expenses of household services and pay daily life expenses at the same time. Therefore, the Iraqi government should help the citizen deal with the situation by providing more affordable energy.

  • طارق عادل


    In my opinion, the Iraqi government’s inability to reform the electricity can be attributed to the deactivation of the monitoring, integrity and public inspection systems in the ministry, which were set up to eliminate the great administrative corruption in it, as well as holding the officials accountable. This of course is one of the greatest obstacles that have contributed to the delay in the electricity sector up to now. The Iraqi government should take the issue of electricity in Iraq seriously and appoint a new minister, who has the required efficiency and experience that will enable him to manage the matters of this important ministry appropriately. He should not be like those who preceded him, who were ministers who followed one after the other in that ministry since its establishment and till now, and who issue great declarations and make rosy promises without being able to fulfill them. Therefore, the government should first use the experience and the efficient people and the academics, or those who hold certificates in the field of electricity, and let them work at the Ministry of Electricity, i.e., assigning the right person in the right place, starting with the post of the Minister, down to his assistants and the general managers. Moreover, the Iraqi government should open the way for investment in front of the great global companies, to invest in the electricity sector and advance it, and to recruit companies that will work on building new generating stations. Also, the government should educate the people, because they hold a great part of the responsibility for the electric power outages, because they do not ration power and they buy the electric appliances in a reckless way. This leads to great pressure being put on the electricity, and this cannot be overcome by the ministry.

  • رشاد


    Iraq desperately needs almost everything because what the former regime left is one of the biggest obstacles and difficulties facing the Iraqi government, given the fact that the country suffers from the shutdown of all major sectors, such as industry, trade and agriculture. The Iraqi government should invest oil revenues to improve the country’s infrastructure, establish projects and rehabilitate industry, trade and agriculture. The Ministry of Planning should take care of this issue since it is responsible for determining prioritized projects to be implemented, the estimated cost of these projects and the feasibility of these projects with regards to other projects. The electricity sector is probably one of the most important sectors that the government should quickly take care of by building new plants to generate electric power, rehabilitating old ones and working on the development of electricity distribution networks, because this sector affects and overlaps with all other sectors, such as factories, laboratories and even small shops, because electricity will enable them to keep their goods in refrigerators.

  • زبير غانم


    There is a clear shortage in the electricity sector. I expect that administrative corruption and fake financial contracts are behind this decline in the electricity sector, which is an important sector and should be promoted to rid Iraq of this crisis by finding suitable solutions. I call upon the government and the Ministry of Electricity to work on resolving the electricity crisis in order to get rid of its burdensome problems. In my opinion, it is necessary to follow up the electricity issue, monitor the process of contracting and tightening censorship on this file by the government, as well as activating the role of the Office of the Inspector General, in order to find out about the reasons behind the delay in the completion of many projects, but still we haven’t seen any improvement in the power situation. I think this is an intended delay in this field.

  • شامل علي


    There has been a huge government deficit regarding the electricity issue. Despite all the promises that have been made by officials for years, I still see that the solutions proposed by the Ministry of Electricity have not been very successful and are not parallel with statements of promises made to resolve this crisis. This in itself, l see, is a large deficit whose reason we still don’t know. The electricity sector, just like the rest of other sectors, hasn’t seen any change. We see that the government has achieved some success in this field and we found this success to be encouraging on the way to improve the country and provide better service for the Iraqi people, but the solutions developed for the electricity issue have been at a standstill for years. We still suffer from the electricity crisis and from systematic blackouts, which have clearly impacted citizens and stopped a lot of our businesses. In addition, we pay a lot of money to owners of private generators in order to obtain electricity, or we buy gasoline in order to turn on the indispensable small generators in our houses.

  • منصور ابو عبد


    I hope that there will be a tightening control over the electricity issue and over the contracts by the venerable government in order to activate this sector, which suffers from administrative and financial corruption over the years. This corruption, I think, is the main reason for the decline of power energy projects. There are contracts that we hear about from time to time that cost millions of dollars in the state budget. We have a real deficit in this aspect and we look forward to the advancement of this sector.

  • رسول الجيوي


    The financial allocations to the electricity sector over the past years and until now are billions of dollars. However, in spite of all this money, this sector is still wallowing in its place. We have not seen any improvement in power in spite of the repeated promises that we have heard over the past years. This has increased the suffering, especially in the summer, that we cannot tolerate. Some days during summer it is more than fifty degrees Celsius. How long must we suffer from the problem of electricity? Why is there such a deficit in the performance of the Ministry of Electricity? They bear the responsibility for this deficit. How long will it take for the problem of electricity to end? The performance on the electricity issue was not at the level that everyone is waiting for.

  • مسلم


    The problem of electricity is one of the problems that I do not think will be solved in the near future. I wonder why this problem occurs in a country that is wealthy and which also has scientific minds and skills. They are unable to solve the problem of electricity even if we assume that the power grid in the Iraq market is rebuilt from scratch. Through the possibilities of the country and its resources, it will take a few years to see Iraq become productive and rich in terms of electrical energy. It will fill the needs of the country and will be able to export to the neighboring countries. I really think that we are unable to reach the production stage that will make Iraq close the file on the electricity crisis. At the same time, I believe that based on the electricity sector, they are unable to manage this and they lack sufficient experience and competence in order for them to succeed in the power sector, which is one of the most important sectors that can help us move a lot of other sectors to open laboratories and factories.

  • كميل ثامر


    I demand that the Ministry of Electricity work seriously to develop the services related to the provision of electricity. This can be achieved through the urgent construction of power stations throughout Iraq and not squandering the Iraqi money by buying electricity from different regions in order to satisfy the political parties. Indeed, the issue of electricity is related to people’s life and has nothing to do with political stances as they are among the basic services in the country.

  • قاسم علاء الدين


    I would like to file a complaint to the Iraqi Prime Minister in which I would like to ask him to hold accountable all people who are proven to have fallen short of their duties as far as providing electricity is concerned. In fact, the Government has allocated $17 billion during the past two years. However, the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity has spent this money without achieving anything concrete as far as electricity is concerned. We should bear in mind that Iraq could use this amount to buy power generation stations which can supply all Iraq with electricity. In fact, Iraq has been unable to solve the electricity problem although electricity is the cheapest power in the world. Even the poorest countries in the world are able to provide electricity for their people without interruption, given the importance of electricity in human life. We cannot do without it in any way. However, it is almost lacking in Iraq. Therefore, electricity has become the main reason behind the death of many children and old people suffering from some diseases. In fact, many medical devices work with electricity. Besides, importing electricity from neighboring countries cost a lot of money for the Iraqi Government. Moreover, electricity is at times interrupted. Thus, it leads to the failure of most electrical appliances used by Iraqis at their houses. People no longer want to use power imported from Iran as it leads to catastrophes and problems. They prefer to use electricity that they get from generators owned by private people despite its high prices. It is a stable electric current which does not fluctuate as is the case with the electricity imported from Iraq and on which the Government spends millions of dollars every month.

  • عراقي


    All the Arab countries must create alternative solutions that will contribute to the provision of electrical energy to the Arab people, who are now suffering due to a very large scarcity of electric power. This is very dangerous and will contribute on the creation of chaos by the Arab people because they will consider this as a limiting of their rights by governments that are not doing their job. For this reason, it is essential that they work to provide electric power to the Arab citizen, who is suffering from failure and neglect. They must find alternatives that will provide electrical power. Also, they should buy large generators that work to provide electrical energy as well as comfort and stability for the citizens, in addition to taking advantage of the competencies that exist in the Arab countries. They are able to provide electric power in ways that are more experienced and mastered, as well as provide everything the people need including services. Electric power is very necessary and we cannot live without it. For this reason, the governments have to find solutions as soon as possible. There will be cooperation between the States so that everyone will benefit because the cooperation will give everyone the best and immediate results.

  • مها سمير


    Investment is just a media issue, nothing more and nothing less. Everything that is happening in Iraq is just between the government and the officials, as well as the investors, as they conclude contracts without seeing any jobs no matter what they are. We must not remain silent. We put pressure on the Iraqi Government through demonstrations and protests because our country, Iraq, needs to be developed. What happened in Iraq, including the acts of destruction and devastation, cannot be tolerated and must reach a solution in order to live in peace and security. I think that there should be demonstrations in order to deliver our demands to the officials for them to support us. Investment in Iraq is very important and such projects will work seriously in our country. Through these projects, Iraq will become better. There are a lot of Iraqi provinces, especially the north, where such projects have been started. The launch of such projects must be done in all the governorates of Iraq so that Iraq will improve. The Iraqis have to insist on their demands and they must be prioritized at work. I am one of the first few citizens who are demanding the opportunity to work through these projects.

  • شعيب عبدالرب


    All the Iraqi people have been suffering and have filed complaints, asking for the provision of electricity, so that the citizens can feel better and enjoy electricity. We have to put an end to this suffering, which has made them tired. Thus, the government must find solutions to all these issues, which reflect the extent of backwardness, deterioration and neglect of the government. The government must work hard to achieve the comfort of its citizens and make things easier in their life, and not just remain an onlooker. Unfortunately, if the government is unable to provide electricity, it has to give the opportunity to others.

  • اديب فضل


    The Iraqi government is unable to repair many things, among which we find electricity. Unfortunately, this is the current situation of the government. They just make promises and utter useless words. Thus, the government must carry out real and serious work in order to serve the Iraqi people, who have been suffering from neglect, dereliction, deprivation, poverty, unemployment, hunger and great deterioration as far as water, the sewage network, oil, rationing and electrical services are concerned. In fact, electricity has become a real problem. Thus, the government must provide electricity which comforts the Iraqi citizens, who have been suffering throughout the past years. Such things have become a burden on the Iraqi citizens, who have borne much suffering, oppression and deprivation, as the government has fallen short of carrying out its duties. Thus, the Iraqi government must compensate people and change the situation in a significant way. They must purchase giant generators to provide electricity to all the Iraqi governorates, which suffer from great shortcomings and from power outages and even the total lack of electricity. We hope that this time it will not be mere words or stealing public money in the name of providing electricity for the people. They have made promises for many years. However, nothing has been provided.

  • نعمان


    Iraq has been witnessing an unprecedented revolution in the field of construction and the development of infrastructure. It makes me very happy when I hear that my country is advancing towards development and progress, which will reflect positive results. I hope that our happiness will be complete when we get job opportunities at these projects which are being implemented all over Iraq. These are very huge projects and can help rid us of our daily problems resulting from the lack of job opportunities. Therefore, I call upon all relevant bodies and ministries to provide me with a job opportunity at one of these projects, knowing that I studied at the university and can, along with my colleagues, contribute to these projects. I demand to get that long-awaited job opportunity. I’m in desperate need for a job, especially under the current difficult circumstances, which I can’t bear without a job, which will help me secure my living condition, as well as help my family make ends meet.

  • رائد الرماحي


    The sector of public services continues to deteriorate and a lot of people complain about the government’s performance and negligence in providing the needed services to their residential areas and improving them in a way that satisfies the people when they see their areas are equipped with all types of services. We can’t help but criticize this decline in the service sector which is considered one of the most important issues to the citizen. We hear that service and construction projects will be implemented in a lot of residential areas, but nothing has been established until now and these areas still suffer from neglect and the lack of services. Where are our service institutions where officials have always made statements? These statements were beyond their capacity to accomplish service projects. Where are the municipal departments where officials didn’t even look at the reality of residential areas, which are within their municipal responsibilities? It is necessary to take care of and activate the service sector in a lot of cities and areas. Some institutions took the responsibility of taking care of main streets and planting trees in central squares at the expense of residential areas, which still suffer from the lack of municipal and other services. I criticize such conditions and I hope everyone will be up to their responsibilities. Those in charge of the services sector need to go out to the street and see with their own eyes the low level of services that are provided for the citizen. Also, the southern provinces suffer from a decline in the service sector.

  • نصرالدين احمد


    The Iraqi government has terribly failed in providing electricity for the Iraqi citizen who complains so much because of this problem while the government hasn’t done anything to solve this crisis. It has made a lot of promises that it will purchase huge generators in order to provide electricity for the Iraqi people, but in reality, these promises were purely attempts to deceive and lie to the citizen, as well as operations of theft and administrative and financial corruption.

  • جليل عبدالصمد


    The Iraqi citizen is the only person who suffers from this. The government has proven to be incompetent and inconsiderate of this issue. This has enraged the Iraqi people who haven’t yet received any electricity. Unfulfilled promises are still made even though the government can provide electrical power within a month. However, unfortunately, the well being of the Iraqi citizen is an unimportant issue to the Iraqi government which was supposed to have provided electricity to people a long time ago. The Iraqi citizen is destined to endure a lot of difficult and bitter conditions. It is the government’s duty to exert more efforts in order to serve the Iraqi citizen and provide him with a lot of services. It should meet the needs of people, who rallied in the Liberation Square to ask for their needs, including the provision of electricity, which they haven’t had until now. The government continues to make promises and at the same time continues to embezzle money under the pretext of serving and implementing projects for the people while the people are still waiting and if they demand their right, they are regarded as being Baathists and terrorists and that they are trying to plan a coup against the government. Why doesn’t it go out to the street and see how the Iraqi people are suffering in their houses, how electricity lines exist in all the streets of Iraq and how the Iraqi citizen tries to find ways by himself to get electricity? Unfortunately, this is what the situation is like in Iraq while the government is working to serve its own interests only.

  • &&&ناصف&&&


    It is natural that any government that runs Iraq would not be able to repair many things including the electricity. You know that even if the Iraqi Government spends millions of dollars to repair breakdowns as well as debilitated and destroyed power plants in all Iraqi provinces, it would be destroyed again by vandals and those with special interests and political agendas, which they implement in the neighbor Iraq. You never know if they can fix the power lines in a country whose areas are not subjected realistically and effectively to the control of the weak and fragile Iraqi Government with security defenses that are very fragile. All of this leads to stopping any progress within the electric field in Iraq. Electricity is one of the most important things that underlie any economy in the world and one of the basic pillars of progress. Perhaps one of the suggested solutions, only on paper, to make progress in this area is the establishment of heavily guarded nuclear power stations in Iraq so that they can generate electricity without the use of traditional methods such as the use of diesel and natural gas, as well as motors and dynamos generating electricity for personal use at homes. However, it is difficult. Who can take a risk with something like this in Iraq, especially in the middle of a country full of destruction, ruin and corruption in all aspects?

  • احمد عبدالكريم


    The Iraqi government has shown a lot of negative aspects and it has left a negative impression, especially in terms of the lies that are being pumped to the Iraqi citizen. This is a sad thing because it shows the reality of this government, which was elected by the Iraqi people, who chose this government hoping it would meet their demands and provide them with all the needed services. It shouldn’t abdicate this responsibility because it must fulfill all the promises it was making when they wanted people to vote for them. For example, it promised to solve the problem of electricity, which has become one of the most difficult problems for the Iraqi people who have actually suffered so much as a result of the ongoing delay and slowdown in the efforts to provide electricity for the Iraqi citizen in order for him to enjoy this service. Every Iraqi citizen dreams that this nightmare will end and Iraq will return to its glorious age when the citizen used to live in peace and security.

  • رياض سرحان


    The government's inability to provide electrical power for the Iraqi people, despite the allocation of such large amounts that can provide electrical power to all of Iraq's neighboring countries in addition to the countries of the Gulf, shows that there are other reasons not related to disability but which may instead be related to political matters, which dominate Iraq at the present time. From my point of view, the main problem in this is the joint venture of sectarianism, which formed the Iraqi Government and stood as a stumbling block in the way of the national interest that must be met in order to ensure a decent life for all the Iraqi people who are deprived of this service that has a significant impact on the activity of the other services associated with providing electrical power. They should stop spending huge amounts of money on importing electricity from neighboring countries because they are not sufficient to meet the local needs and they operate at rates less than the amount allocated, which disables most of the household appliances acquired by the citizens. Thus, the imported energy becomes another problem for the citizen and a waste of money that could be used instead to build larger plants to provide electricity in Iraq and lift the country out of this ordeal, which has become the talk of all the Iraqi people.

  • سفين


    We are seeing progress and development regarding the scientific and industrial world, which include all areas of life and service sectors of the people. We see that the issue of providing electrical power in any country has become one of the simple and easy things that cannot discourage any government from achieving it for the people, especially in a country like Iraq, which is one of the rich countries. No sensible person will believe what he hears about the things that are happening in Iraq at the present time, whicht exposed the Iraqi people to great suffering for decades as a result of the government's inability to repair the electricity that it allocated billions of dollars to without making any progress in providing electrical power to the Iraqi people, who are suffering because of the increasing lack of access to electric power which has reached almost 20 hours of power cut off in a day.

  • سلمان عيسى


    The Iraqi Government is finished and it sold Iraq a long time ago to all the hateful infidels with great regret. If it was a good government, it would not lead the Iraqi people to destruction. It is very important and all of the Iraqis must understand this. Also, the recontruction of electricity has become difficult to achieve because it is impossible for a failed government such as the Government of Iraq to return it to how it was in the past or even better. The matter of electricity has been forgotten because it was sold to other countries. The situation of the Iraqi people is ignored, but with God’s will, the circumstances will turn against them. God will be with the Iraqis and the Iraqi people will teach the Iraqi Government a lesson that they will never forget. It is shameful for a government that is all based on lies to enjoy themselves. What do you expect from a government selling Iraq's resources to others? The matter of electricity is very important and the officials do not know what the poor Iraqi citizens are going through and even the infidels feel for the Iraqis’ situation. However, God is generous and God will change things for the better. The liar al-Maliki has promised Iraq that everything will be fine and that things will get better, but all of that was a lie. There was no truth in those things that he said. I want to tell this to the Iraqi Government: “Stop theft and fear Allah.” I also want to tell you, “Shame on you because you could not solve the matter of electricity that is supposed to be the easiest and the funds that you have stolen from Iraq, God will never bless you with it. God is with the righteous, even though unbelievers are averse.” The Iraqi Government is untrue and deteriorating. It is shameful among the other Arab countries because it failed and could not solve any of the important issues of Iraq and the Iraqis. I pray to God Most High to save Iraq from this absurd government, which cannot purchase generators with less voltage in order to solve the power crisis. However, God is generous and He is with the righteous.

  • ahmed


    Iraq will not advance even a step and the proof is the eight years that have passed and billions of dollars spent without return or output because nothing is really being done and there is only corruption, embezzlement and theft.

  • محمد برماوي


    The government should fulfill its promises and live up to the level of services that must be provided to citizens and stop the lies. We are waiting for these promises made by state officials for many years and none of them has been implemented. The suffering is the same and on-going and even getting worse day after day and the government already failed and is unable to provide the most basic services to citizens. The government should resign if it does not find itself able to serve the oppressed Iraqi people and give way to another government that will be perhaps better and more caring of the citizens as required.

  • سعد ليمون


    I do not see any reason that prevents the Iraqi government from repairing and delivering electricity to all beneficiaries. This country which is full of natural wealth, especially hydrocarbons, is still suffering from power cuts while the petroleum wealth is being plundered and exploited outside. Iraq’s wealth has become a curse rather than an asset for the people. The only real reason is the government's indifference to this difficult problem, failure to perform its duties and the scramble for positions instead of working on helping the people. Therefore, the government should bear this demand in mind and fix these weaknesses since it has all the necessary material and logistic resources. Iraq is teeming with hundreds of thousands of unemployed people, including those with advanced degrees in engineering and mechanics. Therefore, the government has no excuse for not performing their duties and responsibilities.

  • حسان مهدي


    The citizen suffers while the government and its officials lead their normal life, as they get everything that they need, in terms of the services and security. Only the citizens suffer on a daily basis.

  • عبدالحي


    The inability of the Iraqi government to fix the problem of electricity and provide this necessary service to the citizens everywhere in Iraq reflects the failure of this government. It represents a negative point in the record of the government, given its failure to use its cadres and the capabilities of Iraq to solve this problem, which represents the main demand of the Iraqi citizen. The Iraqis demand to enjoy national electricity supplies, to get rid of their suffering from the owners of the private generators and the danger of keeping gasoline in every Iraqi house, because this causes many incidents that lead to the loss of many people because of such things. Is it possible that the government has not been able to solve the problem of electricity in eight years, while the other states have solved this problem a long time ago? I think the government’s preoccupation with looting the money of Iraq, in addition to fostering administrative corruption and money laundering, as well as putting money away in European banks, are the main causes of the failure to achieve any real project that would contribute to solving the problem of electricity. Otherwise, we have to ask about the destiny of the huge amounts of funds that were earmarked for the Ministry of Electricity and the projects of power generation. All of this disappeared, and we heard many promises from the officials in this respect, but we discovered that these promises were mere lies and the problem continues without any hope so far.

  • حسون شريف


    It is necessary to look for other energy alternatives that are renewable, cheap and clean to preserve the environment and use them in the production of electrical power. These sources are like solar, wind and water power, and the use of nuclear energy instead of oil and natural gas. It is known that renewable energy exists all over the world and can rationalize the current rate of energy consumption in the world if used properly. In order to guarantee the best use of renewable energy sources in oil and natural gas producing countries, they should adopt plans and mechanisms to reduce the costs, improve clean techniques and use nuclear energy commercially in order to generate electricity. A lot of countries depend on nuclear energy in generating electricity. It’s necessary to support the sector of renewable energy through laying down suitable policies, organizational frameworks and incentive mechanisms to improve the sector of renewable energy across the world.

  • صبحي هاشم


    Electricity is considered one of the vital necessities for countries in our time, and is one of the most important sources of energy in our lives. Since the Arab countries are witnessing continuous growth in the numbers of populations, and due to the relative modesty of the levels of consumption of electric power in many Arab countries, it is expected that the future will witness a huge demand for electricity in these countries. To face the shortage of electric power, an electricity linkage project can be established between the Arab countries. The importance of electricity interconnection projects between Arab countries is that they will facilitate generating electricity in these countries, working at its full capacity continuously and taking advantage of the surplus production through the exchange of electrical energy surpluses throughout the day.

  • مراد علي


    The appropriate solution to the problem of electricity is to start building giant plants to generate electricity, carried out by well-known companies and in safe places. However, this solution collides with the reluctance of these companies to come to Iraq in light of the prevailing security situation. Also, increase the number of technical specialists and consultants. In addition, pay attention to routine and necessary maintenance and fair distribution of electricity to areas in Iraq.

  • ناصح خالد


    The Iraqi government is not interested in the problems of the Iraqis and focuses on the political scene only, leaving the advancement of economic and security processes, of ongoing vandalism, continued and organized theft, also hitting workplaces by the targeting people, especially high-voltage towers. In addition, employees in the workplace face constant threats in various forms, many of them were murdered and the difficulty in securing parts and hardware required at working sites.

  • نواس بغدادي


    What a miserable country that is destined to live always in the scourge of war, siege and occupation. The electrical system has been destroyed because of the war on Iraq in the Second Gulf War and the subsequent neglect and aging of power plants, distribution networks and subdivisions. Deterioration of this sector has continued over the years, and then came the war of the U.S. against Iraq again in 2003, and the subsequent chaos of looting and pillage in all state facilities that led to the deadlock of electricity that the government has not overcome for five years. The government has witnessed another type of targeting carried out by unknown groups aimed at sabotaging the economic sectors in its conflict with the government, including the electricity sector, as well as financial and administrative corruption, in addition to the dispute between the ministries of oil and electricity, exemplified by the advantage of selling oil to the outside and taking material benefit from it. If the government is honest and eager to comfort the citizens, it will reform electricity during this year. Failure to reform the electricity is intended by the government and the power sector of the corrupt. But what rises and is contrary, is that the government buys electricity from neighboring countries at very high prices, even fictional, of course, so that theft can be carried out formally and to benefit neighboring countries with Iraq's money.

  • رماح يونس


    The citizen is the one who suffers because the officials are all sleeping comfortably with air conditioning together with their families. They have the best life in the Green Zone. They are living a safe and stable life with sufficient services while the citizens outside are living a miserable life without any services or care. It is a completely unsuccessful government that is unable to provide a solution to the simplest of services. Even in poor countries this is resolved and they are able to deal with it. There is provision of electricity there. We do not know when the government will be able to end this crisis and provide electricity. Maybe after generations from now or maybe it will go on forever and the problem will be everlasting for this country, wherein the citizens can only dream of getting rid of the complexity of electricity and sleep comfortably in the summer heat and winter cold. The student would be able to revise his studies under the light of the lamp lantern and not a magic lantern, inventions which are permanently used in every home of the Iraqis.

  • عبدالمالك


    I swear by Allah that the electricity issue took more time than it needed. I think that the government is deliberately doing what it does in not providing national electricity to the citizens in order to use the same policy of Saddam's regime earlier by distracting the citizens by those things so they stay away from politics and don't interfere in it. It could have made the issue of electricity an investment to any renowned companies in the field of electricity. This is one reason, and the other reason is the inability of the government to deal with the problem of electricity and end this crisis. This reason is more significant and casts more blame towards the government because it did not know how to end the power crisis all these years in a rich country such as Iraq. This means that it is completely unsuccessful. Both reasons are bad and reveal that the government is a negative one which does not work to serve the Iraqi people properly. There are claims and protests, and even marches that came out in Iraq as well as demonstrations calling for the improvement of the situation of services, especially electricity, which is necessary to provide comfort for the citizens and improve his situation. It will also contribute to the continuation of business owners and shops, and will not cause them losses because of electricity. It did not work as the government has remained determined not to provide the electricity because I am not convinced of any other reason. Iraq is a rich country that has billions of dollars every year. Where did they go? The government cannot control the money spent on the Ministry of Electricity for contracting with real companies.

  • عبد الفتاح


    I need to get a job because I am an unemployed citizen and I'm looking for work, but I cannot find any chance and I hope the government will work on the involvement of the unemployed like me in the projects and investments launched by the government instead of bringing the workforce from outside Iraq from the companies that are contracted with. The involvement of the unemployed to work in these investments will have a major role in reducing the number of unemployed; all the large numbers. We in Iraq are now suffering much from the spread of this phenomenon and we cannot afford the expenses and needs of our families because of the lack of job opportunities and the spread of corruption, which do not give us the opportunity to get jobs in the state and its departments.

  • محمود النسما


    The Iraqi government should find a solution to this problem and not keep silent at all, because silence will make the Iraqi people erupt more and more and they will revolt more, because Iraq is their own country and it is being stolen right in front of their eyes, and they cannot do anything about it. Therefore, what is requested is that everything that the Iraqi citizen needs be provided, in terms of conditions. The electricity problem is the most important thing in his life, because without electricity, he will not be able to do anything. If a solution is found for this problem, Iraq will live peacefully and securely and everything will return back to the way it was before and better, because the citizens will be free of the life issues, and they will not remember the government at all and what it is carrying out, because the electricity is the most important thing for them, more than anything else. I call upon the Iraqi government to solve the electricity crisis and to find a solution for it, so that the Iraqi citizen will stop searching for other issues which will make the Iraqi government regret in the end everything that it has done and what it is doing. God willing, there will be a solution, God willing.

  • علي


    I criticize the deteriorated situation in Iraq in terms of the municipal duties. In fact, the Iraqi municipality has not performed its duties properly. Thus, the citizens have filed complaints and made suggestions. These citizens have called for services. Unfortunately, no one has responded to their demands and there is no cooperation with the Iraqi municipality in order to implement services projects in all the Iraqi regions. In fact, we have witnessed a very bad situation due to the backwardness, neglect and humiliation. Thus, the concerned and responsible authorities must punish those who have neglected their duties. This is in order to achieve the best services.

  • اكرم محمد زكي


    The Iraqi Government is providing services that do not meet the required level for the Iraqi people at all. Thus, it needs a lot of work in order to develop and improve them. We could start with the issue of electricity which represents one of the deficiencies which Iraq has been suffering from since a long time. Indeed, every new president and government makes a lot of promises to the Iraqis. They promised that they will solve this problem but in vain, since they have not implemented any of these promises. In fact, there is a dire need to improve the electricity service in order to improve the level of electric power production. In addition to electricity, drinking water is also suffering, given that it is pumped through old and broken pipelines. Thus, we need to establish new water reservoirs. Also, water must be sterilized and its pumping should be followed up. We should ensure that it reaches all the inhabitants everywhere. There are no new pumps and there is a troubling water scarcity. Furthermore, water is contaminated, unsterilized, non-potable, and contains a lot of bacteria. In addition to all this, many other necessary services must be improved upon in order to promote the conditions and services which are provided in Iraq.

  • كمال عيسى


    We strongly criticize this sector, especially the officials’ promises to get rid of the electricity crisis. In fact, they have promised to put suitable plans and solutions in order to put an end to this problem. However, there have been no solutions during the previous years. Many countries have reached the state of producing surplus electricity and they have become successful in exporting electricity. In Iraq, we still suffer from the lack of the simplest of services. The Kurdistan Region has completely overcome the electricity crisis but in Iraq, we still rely on generators that cost a lot of money. This has increased our burdens. Thus, we criticize the sector of electricity due to its big failure which has led to the people’s suffering especially in summer because no one can endure the absence of electricity.

  • سباع


    I think that all of the people know the problem of electricity in Iraq. In fact, this problem has caused the suffering of all people and no one knows up to now why the electricity crisis continues in Iraq despite all the actions and projects. This is in addition to the huge amounts of money that have been allocated to the electricity sector. Thus, I would like to criticize their performance in this aspect. Where is the electricity? Where is the improvement? In fact, we have been suffering from this crisis for many years. That is why many works have been halted such as factories and workshops that need electricity. How long will this crisis continue? Where are the solutions? We are always criticizing the work of the officials and of the Ministry of Electricity. These officials have announced many contracts with specialized foreign companies in this field. This is in order to import electricity from the neighboring countries by being linked directly to their stations. Despite that, electricity still remained in the same situation.

  • عادل


    Some government actions took place to resolve the crisis with the Iraqi Council of Representatives through intervening and calling those responsible for the electric power sector in Iraq, where it became clear that there was great corruption in the Ministry of Electricity. It includes fictitious contracts or import of inefficient equipment at unreasonable prices, as well as other matters that disable the process of development and construction of power plants to provide electric power in Iraq. This resulted in the resignation of some officials and compelling the Ministry of Electricity to work to provide electric power, work on the completion of projects related to the provision of energy in all Iraqi provinces at full speed, and its delivery to all the people for the purpose of removing the injustice and harm from them. They suffer from living without the provision of electric power which is very important in human life, especially in our era where almost everything is run with electric power, even in very poor countries. Iraq, in spite of all its fortunes, is suffering from injustice, darkness, and fear of the unknown, and we are waiting for relief.

  • ثامر حمادي


    There must be a solution to electricity in order to return life to Iraq because electricity is the only hope for the Iraqi people, and Iraq needs power because every business needs to rely first and foremost on this power, such as the plants, factories and all other places; all of which are dependent on electricity because in summer or winter, it is very important to a considerable degree. Iraq is one of the countries that have suffered much and we should make it a State that is living in security, safety, and stability. And all the lies about electricity as enough and working; all of this is a lie. Electricity is absolutely non-existent in Iraq and is even worse now than before. In my opinion, all Iraqis must find a way out of this situation and, God willing, Lord of the Worlds, all the best for Iraq and Iraqis, Amen.

  • يوسف مصطفى


    The problem of electricity is not just like any other problems, no by God. Iraq has a lot of problems and the problem of electricity is the least of its problems. There must be a clear and explicit solution by the Iraqi government to solve the problem and it’s clear that the government has sold the generators to foreign countries so they can benefit from Iraq's electricity. And I want to say to the Government of Iraq that by God it’s enough; take what you want but return the rights of Iraqis for them to live in security, safety and stability because the Iraqis are most vulnerable to terrorist acts and many of the problems that make it one of the countries that is in a very difficult situation.

  • هاشم عاصي


    Electricity is largely non-existent in Iraq and I'm one of the people most critical of the Government as it always works to make Iraq a country for foreigners so that it could take comfort to rob Iraq and its oil and other things. Iraq is in dire need of living like other countries that have rights and duties. In my opinion, the Iraqi government wants to hand over Iraq fully to Iran in order to be hidden, otherwise, there is no government that would not work for its country. All the countries work for their own interests, no less, no more. The electricity problem has become one of the forgotten things, which we cannot remain silent about and think about something else. Iraq has to improve its situation in order to return to its previous status.

  • عدنان النعيمي


    The provision of electricity is an important priority to the development and the construction of Iraq for correlation among many of the important sectors that fall within the re-buildingand development of the various services that were lost to the country. This is in addition to the increased suffering of the Iraqi people who are tired of the tricks, who now pray to God the Almighty for the workers of the Ministry of Electricity because of the poor supply of electrical energy. We are going through occasions without achieving any progress in terms of increasing the provision of electrical power to people’s homes, making them easy prey to the owners of private generators who are sucking the blood of the people as a result of high electricity prices, which are imposed on the citizen because he cannot do without them and is suffering from the urgent need for electricity, especially in summer time when the temperature is high and the air temperature reaches more than fifty degrees Celsius in addition to the need to provide lighting for university students and the schools of our children so they can continue their studies. Thus, electricity is one of the major problems that have raised doubts and suspicions in the country because the government announced that it will solve this problem within 100 days, but no progress occurred.

  • شعلان مشكور


    The problem of electricity is ongoing and the suffering of the citizens in Iraq still remains because of the lack of national electricity, leaving the owners of civil generators manipulating the citizens as they wish in the absence of any real concern to end this crisis and provide of electricity, because they do not feel the suffering as all the officials have electricity and all the services are available to them night and day. They do not feel the extent and the scale of suffering experienced by the citizens due to lack of national electricity. And this aspect is a clear failure by the government. Is it possible the entire government cannot end this crisis in a country like Iraq, a country that possesses many advantages and is a rich country? For over eight years the government has not seriously handled this crisis and provided this essential and important service to the citizens at a time when we are fed up with promises and pronouncements. The electricity will get better in the coming year and the coming winter every year and throughout all the governments that were formed and billions that are spent on the projects of electricity authorized by officials we have not seen any change. Electricity is still not available; I wonder where that much money goes, which is disbursed for the projects of electricity? Where is the money and budget that are allocated to projects of electricity and the reform of electric power stations and the work to build other stations in various sovereignty of Iraq? We only hear that there will be a station with a certain capacity, and work has been completed and achieved that will provide electricity, but they are all statements, which I think are not true. The government should respect the citizens and should not keep them waiting for the false promises. This is will reduce the citizen's confidence in this government.

  • عبود امير


    In Iraq, we are still suffering from the simplest and most basic service in this aspect. Also, the best example is the Kurdistan region, which has eliminated the electricity crisis radically, while we still depend on the civil generators, which cost us huge amounts of money that are added to the burdens of life which we endure. The electricity sector is one of the sectors at which we direct all kinds of criticism as a result of the great failure that it is suffering from, and which was the reason behind a lot of suffering and problems from which we suffer, especially in the summer season, which we cannot endure without the provision of electricity.

  • مرعي النعيمي


    I think that the electricity problem is no longer hidden from anybody in Iraq. This problem bothers everybody, and I do not know why the crisis of the electric power is still persistent to this day in Iraq, in spite of the procedures and the projects which are carried out in this sector, and in spite of the huge amounts of money that are allocated for the electricity sector. I would like to criticize the performance in this aspect; where is the electricity and what do you think this improvement is that has happened to it? For many years we have been suffering from a severe crisis in electric power, which was also the reason behind the stopping of a lot of work, like the plants and the workshops, which need to work, and whose operation needs electric current to be provided. How long will the electricity crisis persist in Iraq, and where are the solutions that we have long heard about from the officials at the Ministry of Electricity? We criticize their work in this sector that is still struggling in its place. Many contracts have been announced, whether with the foreign companies specialized in this field, or the contracts that will be used to import electricity from some of the neighboring countries through a direct link with its stations. But in spite of all that, the electricity conditions are still as they were. We criticize this sector greatly, especially because of the promises that are given by some officials on behalf of the electricity sector. They were unable to eliminate the electricity crisis by coming up with suitable solutions and plans that could put an end to this problem and crisis. We have waited too long for it, and it lacks all kinds of solutions, in spite of the fact that many years have gone by. Many countries have reached a stage in providing electric current such that they have a surplus and are able to export it as well.

  • مها سمير


    I salute the Ministry of Electricity on everything it does and the great efforts it has made to provide electrical power and support for the owners of generators so as to provide electricity even if from the generators. The most important thing is to be available to the citizen at this time until the completion of the huge projects that are being carried out in order to provide electrical power according to the requirements and needs of the citizens from north to south. And I thank the Ministry of Electricity for everything it does because it is actually one of the ministries that work honestly and truly and the achievements it has made are credited to it.

  • عباس قاسم فحل


    I would like to thank all those who contributed and worked hard to solve the problem of electricity whether from within the country or from outside countries friendly to Iraq and the companies that worked to make investments in this sector in order to improve the electricity. And indeed we suffer and there are still some problems with the service of electricity, but it is much better than it was in the past that on one hand and on the other hand work is going on in the Ministry of Electricity which is working hard and trying to improve the electricity service in spite of the difficult conditions experienced by the country as well as the seriousness of the situation with the terrorists targeting all projects. Let’s not forget that though it has been eight years, but the terrorists and al-Qaeda did not let the government work comfortably. We can blame the government for not working hard, but all of us know the conditions and how the government and the Ministry of Electricity are doing all they can to attract investors and convince them to invest in Iraq and to risk themselves, and it really has succeeded in this matter and provided everything companies need to work in the electricity sector and maintenance and construction of new plants and the government provides all the money required for such projects, some of which were carried out. The government and the Ministry of Electricity say that electrical service will be available and the Ministry will fill every need for electricity in Iraq, but with the passage of time providing enough electric power is not that simple. We need to build long-term projects and not just for a year or so, and then lose everything and go back to square one.

  • ابو ضحى


    I salute the Ministry of Electricity on everything it does and what it has done in great efforts to provide electrical power and support for the owners of generators so as to provide electricity even if from the generators, most important is to be available to the citizen at this time until the completion of the huge projects that are carried out in order to provide electrical power according to the requirement and need of the citizens from north to south. And I thank the Ministry of Electricity on everything it does because it is actually one of the ministries that work honestly and truly and achievements it has done are accounted to it certainly.

  • ازهر داود


    I would like to thank all those who contributed and worked hard to solve the problem of electricity, whether from within the country or from the outside countries friendly to Iraq and the companies that worked to make investments in this sector in order to improve the electricity. And indeed we suffer and there are still some problems with the service of electricity, but it is much better than it was in the past that on one hand and on the other hand work is going on in the Ministry of Electricity, which is working hard and trying to improve the electricity service in spite of the difficult conditions experienced by the country as well as the seriousness of the situation with the terrorists targeting all projects. Let’s not forget that though it has been eight years, but the terrorists and al-Qaeda did not let the government work comfortably. So we can blame the government for not working hard, but all of us know what are the conditions really are and how the government and the Ministry of Electricity is doing all it can to attract investors and convince them to invest in Iraq and to risk themselves. It really has succeeded in this matter and provided everything the companies need to work in the electricity sector and maintenance and construction of new plants, and the government provides all the money required for such projects, some of which were carried out. The government and the Ministry of Electricity say that electrical service will be available and the Ministry will fill every need for electricity in Iraq, but with the passage of time providing enough electric power is not that simple. We need to build long-term projects, not just for a year or so and then we lose everything and go back to square one.

  • قادر صالح


    Such efforts and persistent follow-up to eliminate the problem of electricity, if continued steadily in the right direction, will achieve a great benefit to the Iraqi people, who had great patience, tolerance, and are worth all the efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Electricity that is working in various sectors for the provision of electric power. We ask God to illuminate their way in this world and the hereafter.

  • العراقي


    A word of thanks or gratitude is, in my opinion, a minimal reward to each person who contributes to solve the problem of electricity in Iraq. However, as an Iraqi citizen, I consider such an action as a religious obligation on my part as well as all the Iraqi people to those who work to restore electrical power that solves all the problems of the people of Iraq. We turn to God and ask for Him to help them and guide their footsteps towards charity, bless them with abundant wealth, health, wellness, and forgiveness in the hereafter because they have contributed to the removal of the largest burden on the Iraqi people who suffered from the problem of electricity supply for more than twenty years. We also, at the same time, thank the Ministry of Electricity for its tremendous work to re-establish the electric power by following all the ways and means, the most recent of which was the contract with Turkey to send barges of electric power, which are currently anchored at the Arab coast in the Basra province. We have also heard through the Iraqi media that a third barge had arrived to Basra in order to join the other two barges which were docked previously to be there at the present time. In addition, the Ministry of Electricity has declared that the electric current in Iraq will witness a significant improvement during the next summer this year due to the availability of electrical energy that will be produced by these barges in addition to building the other stations that had been in contracts with a number of companies specialized in building power plants, and this is what came up through the Iraqi Minister of Electricity in the previous days.

  • عبد الرزاق


    How long will the unemployment problem remain in Iraq without any solution? Why do only the Iraqis suffer from unemployment, while all the countries of the world have found solutions to this problem, knowing that we have projects that are sufficient for the entire Iraqi workforce? I am sure that we will need the foreign workforce to be able to finish all these projects. However, I still do not know why they have not eliminated unemployment. How long will this pathetic situation of the Iraqi people and the Iraqi family continue? The unemployment rates have become very high and I think that the Iraqi government has to come up with plans to fix the situation as soon as possible. We all need to work, including me, and we see every day on the TV screens many reports that speak about the Iraqi government signing contracts for new projects, but we see nothing on the ground. That is because if there were really huge projects, as we hear on TV, no Iraqi citizen would remain jobless. We would never have seen the youth sitting in the coffee shops because of the rampant unemployment. The main cause of this problem is the administrative and the financial corruption in Iraq, and we have to solve this problem as soon as possible.

  • خليل ابراهيم


    The crisis of electricity from which the Iraqi people have been suffering for decades has turned into a chronic problem; the Iraqi government failed to solve it, and we cannot solve it while we live under administrative and financial corruption, which have become rampant among all the workers in all the public institutions, including the Ministry of Electricity. This ministry offers nothing to the Iraqi people except empty promises that are made from time to time. The last of the promises was made last week, as the spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity said that electricity will improve during the coming summer in Iraq. However, I think that this statement is one more lie that come out of the Ministry of Electricity year after year. Of course, this worsened the suffering of the Iraqi people, especially given that the negligent officials are never brought to justice by the central government. We do not understand the causes of this silence and leniency with the negligent people, which overburden Iraq, because they spend huge funds without achieving any results other than emptying the Iraqi treasury and weakening the infrastructure in the country.