Iraqi forces detain 18 al-Qaeda suspects near Tikrit

Iraqi forces arrested 18 al-Qaeda suspects near Tikrit Tuesday (February 14th). Above, suspects arrests this week near Mosul. [Stringer/Reuters]

Iraqi forces arrested 18 al-Qaeda suspects near Tikrit Tuesday (February 14th). Above, suspects arrests this week near Mosul. [Stringer/Reuters]

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The Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced Tuesday (February 14th) the arrest of 18 suspects believed to be members of al-Qaeda in a security operation in the Ishaqi district south of Tikrit in Salah al-Din province.

The suspects included the "prime operative" of al-Qaeda operations north of Baghdad, according to Iraqi officials.

Major General Adel Dahham, spokesman for the Iraqi Interior Ministry, told Mawtani, "Seventy security officers from the federal police and the Iraqi Army 4th Infantry Division arrested the suspects while they were hiding inside a building and seized weapons and explosives that were inside."

Dahham said that the security force used helicopters "because of the dangers posed by the gunmen".

He said fierce clashes erupted as the security force approached the building where the suspects were hiding and continued for 30 minutes until all the suspects surrendered.

"One of the detainees is Shahim al-Abbasi, the emir of the group who is accused of committing different terrorist acts, including the attack on the Salah al-Din provincial council, taking hostages, and killing and wounding 122 people," Dahham said.

He said three of the detainees are suicide bombers, and two are Iraqi while the third is an Arab national.

Dahham said the security force took the gunmen to a temporary detention centre as a first step before having them face the Iraqi judiciary.

Colonel Jassem al-Sammarae, deputy commander of the Salah al-Din police, said "Al-Abbasi is considered one of the figures from al-Qaeda in Iraq's first generation. He is extremely dangerous, and he possesses important information that we hope to obtain."

He told Mawtani that Iraqi forces "were chasing him everywhere, but he had the ability to move between cities quickly. He could be described as the prime operative behind terrorist operations in areas north of Baghdad".

Huge depot of terrorist weapons destroyed

During the operation, the security forces uncovered huge quantities of weapons, explosives, rockets, explosive charges, car bombs, and explosives belts, officials said.

Hassan al-Bazi, an advisor to the Salah al-Din province on security and defence affairs, said forces from the Iraqi Army's 7th Engineering Brigade, were able to destroy the depot three hours after transferring the weapons and explosives to a military base outside Tikrit.

"The depot was sufficient to keep al-Qaeda fighting and carrying out terrorist operations for more than three months," al-Bazi said.

He told Mawtani the arrest of the suspects "occurred after the Iraqi forces received intelligence information indicating they were gathering inside their stronghold in a special meeting".

He said the operation is considered the fruition of efforts, co-operation, and collaboration between the Iraqi people, the army, and the police.

Hameed Jassem, the mayor of Ishaqi, praised the security operation.

"It removed a serious threat from our lives, and the residents feel more secure than at any time in the past," Jassem said.

Munaf Ali, 40, a taxi driver in Ishaqi, said, "We were pleased by the news of arresting the terrorists. We were worried that they might gain control of the district and start to sow terror amongst us."






    What would you say about the Iranians in the different military forces and what they do to the innocent Iraqis? Then, the so-called government forces arrest the innocent people and force them to admit things which they did not do. Are they guiltless and irresponsible for what is happening in Iraq?! The image is quite clear. We know who is backstage. God is sufficient for us, for He is the Best Disposer of affairs.

  • ابو الحكم


    There are many reasons that led to the collapse of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Most important of these reasons is that the Iraqi people are not convinced by the criminal acts that al-Qaeda is doing against the innocent people. They are almost always susceptible to al-Qaeda targeting them because of the grudges and hatred that this organization carries against the Iraqi people. Therefore, all the people denounce and condemn the terrorist acts that kill the innocent, in addition to the sabotaging of the infrastructure, which happened in the country because of the tyranny of terrorism and its acts of reprisal.

  • ابو ليلى


    It is very important that these traitors, criminals, and terrorists be a lesson for all those who are tempted to commit heinous crimes against the innocent people. The rest should be advised that all the terrorist attacks issued by individuals and malicious groups would be stopped and that the security forces would reach these groups in order to get rid of them permanently so that the Iraqi people would live freely and safely with stability, peace, calm, tranquility, and without any fear or concern.

  • هادي علي


    Non-execution by the government of terrorists is a matter of surprise to us really. It is considered as surpassing the blood of innocent people and the government does not know the value of the Iraqi blood, which these immoral terrorists have spilled wherever and whenever they want without any guilt. At least they would be executed as they have committed crimes against all humanity.

  • شاهد علوان


    In the battle of Iraq with terrorism, the Iraqi judiciary plays a very important role in the fight against acts of sabotage and killing of innocent people by issuing deterrent provisions to those which pose conflict with the law and all human values. We have followed the provisions issued by the Iraqi judiciary to those belonging to al-Qaeda regarding their crimes against the people of Iraq such as killings, destruction, and devastation. These provisions reflect the desire of the Iraqi society for a secure future free from the enemies of peace and security. Since not so long ago, the Iraqi judiciary sentenced to death a wide range of terrorists belonging to al-Qaeda who had been convicted previously of the backdrop of terrorist attacks and other crimes. Such provisions will guide the fatal blows to al-Qaeda, which began to collapse with the increasing incidence of the fall of its members into the grip of justice and the fall of many leaders in conjunction with the confrontation with al-Qaeda to the threat of depletion of financial resources due to the death of Osama bin Laden and the Arab spring revolutions. Iraqi justice faces issues related to al-Qaeda firmly and fairly, and it does not tolerate those guilty killers. The Iraqis felt the results of its provisions in the Iraqi streets, after the Iraqis who had suffered for the loss of a friend and lover for a long time because of the al-Qaeda terrorist operations, through the provisions of penalty, which sentenced these criminals.

  • ايمن عبدالعظيم


    I deplore all the actions carried out by the terrorist al-Qaeda over the past years. Those acts of suicide, bombings, and the crimes committed against the innocent civilians in the different provinces of Iraq, all of them are unnecessary. I demand the terrorist al-Qaeda to give up these actions and lay the arms aside. Every one of them should return to his country and surrender to justice, especially those who were involved with terrorism, among the reckless young Iraqis who did not raise their awareness because things need not continue in killing the innocent civilians. The image which is given about this organization in Iraq and their position when they commit such offenses is what puzzles me. Honestly, when a terrorist commits suicide, we see a great number of the innocent people fall victims including children, women, and elders. What do the rest of the terrorists or suicide bombers have to say? What were they thinking? They certainly see what such terrorist and suicide acts result in, including ordinary citizens. What we see is clear and explicit, crimes horribly committed against humanity and against the citizens deliberately to create confusion in this country. The terrorists did not only kill the innocent civilians, but they also detonated bombs in the tombs of imams in Iraq. They also went into the mosques and the houses of Allah in order to create sectarian strife among the people of Iraq.

  • خطيب تامر


    Curse al-Qaeda, this cowardly terrorist organization, which was dreaming of dominating the world, especially Iraq, and it sought to sow schism, division, and sectarianism, but it could not because Iraqis have adhered to the religion of God and refused to fall into the trap that was set up by al-Qaeda. In addition, it wanted to spread darkness and a false ideology in our country through its sick and takfiri ideas. Thank God, everyone confronted al-Qaeda in Iraq and refused any role it might be playing, whether allegedly supporting the Sunni sect in Iraq or claiming jihad and protecting religion. We saw how the Sunnis eliminated al-Qaeda and helped the security forces in eradicating it. Also, all of the clerics from all religions and sects forbade this organization or working with them as well, and they made it clear that this organization is way too distant from Islam and jihad. All of these are false allegations through which they try to destroy the country and manipulate youth. Let us not forget how al-Qaeda recruits children and sends them to their deaths without taking into account that they are children. May God curse them and avenge them. Al-Qaeda committed countless crimes against the Iraqis. With every terrorist explosion carried out by the dirty infidels, we see how many people fall victims without doing anything wrong just to satiate the desire of this organization and whoever is behind it, to kill as many Iraqis as possible. May God take revenge on al-Qaeda. This is not difficult for God. Al-Qaeda will come to an end in this country and security will be back.

  • محسن الفتلاوي


    We can say that the Iraqi situation is in a state of improvement, stability, and control by the Iraqi Government. If we compared it to how it was in the past with the current situation, we are in a good state because in the past, there were an unknown number of explosions that cannot be counted and we cannot expect who was exactly responsible for that. The charges were attributed to terrorism in general and there were no persons accused in particular. The daily number of victims, as a result of the explosions, were very large that exceeds two hundred between killed and injured as well as the other corpses that were lifted from the rivers and corpses with heads cut while the other corpses that were killed could not be counted or be identified. The situation was tragic while today the Iraqi Government and security systems could determine exactly who was responsible for the explosion and how many were the collaborators as well as where it started. There are also questions as to how it will end, who the cooperators were, and their location.

  • شهاب الزيدي


    I think that the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda failed ever since the first day in Iraq. In fact, it has dreamed of forming a large popular base and it thought that the Iraqis would support them. Since this day, the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda has declared war against all the Iraqis, including the government and military forces. All of these people have become exposed to death due to terrorism. In fact, this organization will face failure and it will not be able to kill or deceive anyone. Al-Qaeda has made many attempts in order to sow discord and sectarianism. This is in order to dominate people. However, they have not found the opportunity despite the bad situation. There have been no security or military forces. All of them have been retired and the Security and Military Departments have become dismantled. However, Iraq has succeeded in rebuilding its forces as quickly as possible and it has made a great effort by providing the required training for the Security Forces. This is in order to dominate the situation and to prevent the terrorists from attacking the people and regions.

  • علي عبد داود


    Terrorism killed crops and cattle and disseminated obscene evil and the bloodshed of innocent people until it reached the point where it enjoyed watching blood spilled in the streets and markets as a result of its terrorism and barbarism which was implemented in various cities of Iraq. In spite of these brutal and heinous crimes, it claimed Islam and the command over the affairs of the Muslims, from which it is very distant. It is clear from the diverse criminal acts which al-Qaeda has enjoyed carrying out that this organization has no religion, as it is an intruder on the Iraqi people, who disagree with the vision and the conclusion because the Iraqi people are among the people who are characterized by the goodness of their hearts and their high sense of respect and love for people. Also, they are one of the nations who did not contaminate their hands with the blood of the innocent people because they consider murdering innocent people as one of the greatest sins, and that one must go to Hell for committing this crime. Therefore, we see that the Iraqi people reject terrorism and dealing with it because it is legally forbidden.

  • أمل سعاد


    The terrorist acts that storm our Iraqi cities and governorates are cowardly and painful. We attack these terrorist operations and takfiri acts, as well as the resulting state of instability every day, because they have affected our country severely. The terrorists try from time to time to commit such dirty crimes in order to destabilize the security situation in our country and disturb the stability that we witnessed over the recent years. These takfiri operations express nothing but the meanness and criminality of the takfiris.

  • فاضل


    I call upon the Iraqi government to provide protection for all the Iraqi people because this duty is one of the important things that must be performed by the ruling authority; otherwise, what is the point of their existence if they do not protect the citizen and provide the legitimate services they need? The government should as well form committees to punish those who are negligent in the performance of their duty among the security services because we are witnessing every time that terrorist operations kill a lot of innocent people, the negligent of such services are not punished. But if there were punishment for them, we will find that attention to the security aspect would be better. Thus, the security situation will improve and the citizen will feel comfortable given the security and the stability he enjoys while performing his various works and walks around in every place without anything that bothers him and no harm disturbs his life.

  • عدنان


    Terrorism has no rules or religion and they are actually a group of outlaws that want to destroy everything in this world and are deployed everywhere, and they have cells and bases in all countries of the world in order to impose their control or commit their crimes, which we are used to seeing in all places as terrorists have no place specific to them among Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, as well as Pakistan and also in Western countries. They have many scattered cells. It is like a disease spreading everywhere and the reason is the exploitation of young minds, especially the intolerant and Sufis and those who are easily persuaded by the thought of terrorism and the contents of jihad and the other lies and tricks, and of course through the play in the name of religion and jihad. This is the greatest danger of terrorism: the idea of atonement and killing anyone the terrorist wants to, that he is able to kill him to issue an advisory opinion from himself and kill everyone who he sees or does not like. Frankly, fear is present in everyone from the continuing spread of terrorist ideology of al-Qaeda and that is what al-Qaeda terrorism is trying to spread among young people in Muslim countries and non-Islamic countries where some of the Muslims live.

  • استبرق عبد الرزاق


    Cooperation with the security services is the straight path that leads to the salvation of terrorist organizations and restoring security and stability in Iraq after getting rid of extremism, corruption, elimination of other people, and their non-acceptance within the community as well as all that is happening in Iraq as a result of poisonous ideas that came with the terrorist organizations from outside the border. Thus, it is the responsibility of all members of the society to stand up to terrorist organizations in close cooperation with the security services because the terrorists must not remain at large as they constitute great danger to all members of the society. They should be arrested and brought to justice as this is important so that peace and good would prevail all over the country.

  • هشام محمد


    Retribution in this world is one of the most important factors that leads to lower crime rate among members of the society if implemented properly, which includes all the factors of the right, away from the injustice that affects humanity among the members of the community and the government authorities as it also creates a kind of pain in those who have lost their loved ones because of terrorists on whom the implementation of the penalty was unjust.

  • سلام


    Didn’t you receive intelligence information about the return of the terrorists who had killed and looted the people in 2006 and 2007 and those who attacked the mosques and killed the leaders from Iran?