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Civilians represent over 80% of victims in al-Qaeda attacks in Iraq

A girl lies in a Basra hospital after being wounded from a bombing in January. [Atef Hassan/Reuters]

A girl lies in a Basra hospital after being wounded from a bombing in January. [Atef Hassan/Reuters]

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The Iraqi ministries of Interior and Health released statistics showing that over 80% of the victims of al-Qaeda's suicide operations in 2012 were civilians.

"Al-Qaeda's suicide operations left 98 persons dead including 71 civilians, and 321 wounded including 278 civilians since the beginning of 2012," said Dr. Khamees al-Saad, deputy secretary of the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

Al-Saad said women and children represented 50% of the total number of those killed, with children representing 33% and women 17%.

Maj. Gen. Adel Dahham, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, said the new statistics included victims who died in al-Qaeda suicide attacks in Baghdad, Anbar, Ninawa, Babylon, Diyala, Salah al-Din and Karbala provinces.

"These suicide operations targeted popular markets, public places and religious processions," Dahham told Mawtani.

He said during 2012 "a serious decline was recorded in the terrorists' ability to reach sensitive security centres, government institutions, and ministries, which led them to focus their anger on civilians".

"Al-Qaeda is using [mentally ill] individuals and drug addicts for their operations, which indicates al-Qaeda is facing a crisis in recruiting new suicide bombers to their ranks because of their declining support in Iraq," he said.

Dahham said Iraqi security forces prepared a new plan to curb those attacks and thwart them before they occur in order to safeguard Iraqi citizens.

'Suicide attacks are the cheapest weapon in al-Qaeda's arsenal'

Maj. Gen. Mohammad al-Askeri, spokesman for the Ministry of Defence, said, "Al-Qaeda suicide bombings, which targeted mosques, religious celebrations, weddings and marketplaces, indicate the organisation is suffering a serious phase of weakness."

"Al-Qaeda terrorists resorted to self-detonation because they found car bombs and explosive charges are costlier than recruiting suicide bombers who are ready to detonate themselves. Also, there is a possibility that the suicide bombers might be uncovered by the security forces if they used car bombs or explosive charges," he said.

Al-Askeri said the Iraqi government increased the reward for providing information on suicide bombers and their recruiters to 100 million Iraqi dinars ($86,000).

Most suicide bombers 'on drugs'

Khalid Abdullah al-Alwany, a member of the Iraqi parliament's defence and security committee, said, "It is apparent that in most of al-Qaeda's suicide attacks, based upon tests performed on the remains of the suicide bombers, that the attackers had taken drugs that affect their mental capacity."

Alwany told Mawtani the committee obtained reports showing that al-Qaeda has resorted to kidnapping individuals, handcuffing their hands to cars' steering wheels, and detonating the car bombs by remote control.

Sheikh Faisal al-Essawi, a professor of Islamic Sharia and chairman of the religious affairs committee for the Anbar provincial office, said, "Al-Qaeda's killing of innocent civilians and Iraqis in general is very far from the teachings of the venerated Islam, which prohibits the killing of people without the right to do so."




    عبدالمؤمن ناصر حسين


    Oh lord of the Worlds, O God, we pray to you to have mercy upon civilian martyrs whose lives were claimed by terrorist attacks that target residential areas. These areas sustain huge losses among its members, and I can only seek mercy for them. I ask god to forgive and pardon them have his mercy upon them since He is the Merciful Lord of the mighty throne. God is all-knowing regarding the injustice sustained by those people killed by terrorists. He is also aware of the evildoers who took the lives of these innocent people, and we ask god to put these martyrs in gardens of delight, have His mercy upon them and shade them with the shade of His throne. We ask God Almighty to forgive them, raise their ranks in the heavens, have mercy upon them, compensate them good and unite them with Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

  • روؤف


    O Lord of the Throne of Glory, the Eternal Owner of Sovereignty, the Supreme-Answerer and Succorer of those who seek help, You are the Most Merciful! I pray to You and ask You to bestow mercy upon the souls of the Iraqi martyrs; Your mercy embraces everything! O God, raise their status, O Most Merciful! O God, bestow Your forgiveness, wellbeing and goodness on them, i.e. the Iraqis, in terms of religion, the present life and the hereafter. Make their pure blood that was shed on the Iraqi land for Your sake and to raise Your word, the word of righteousness and reform! O God, forgive all their sins! You are the All-Knowing! You are the Knower of the unknown!

  • فارس احمد


    The martyrs of the terrorist attacks among the civilians and those who do not have any guilt deserve a lot of compassion, and to perpetuate their memory and not to forget them because they were victims of violence and crime, ugliness, cruelty and brutality caused by the malicious, criminal elements that do not know the meaning of humanity, compassion, conscience, morality or even religion; for which we ask Allah to have mercy on our righteous martyrs and that they would rest in peace, and take revenge on the criminals and save all of us from them because they cause harm and evil to people. The terrorist attacks carried out by these elements are too many. Therefore, we see many of these victims and martyrs are civilians who are blameless, whether children or old women and men, and everyone that is safe from the tragedy that took place in the land of Iraq. Now, many Arab countries are experiencing the same fate that has plagued and passed the Iraqi people due to the presence of the terrorist, malicious and mischievous elements that do not have mercy on anyone. For this reason, we ask Allah mercy and forgiveness for all the martyrs whose blood was shed, and without any guilt, and the curse of Allah to be on everyone who is causing harm to innocent people and shedding their blood.

  • عاصم شاهين


    Mercy be upon the martyrs who fall in terrorist operations. I hope Allah will place them in paradise. May Allah give their families patience and preserve all civilians from all evils and punish heartless, dead conscience and merciless people when thousands of victims loosed their lives because of their criminal acts. What is the fault of those children who got killed? Is this Jihad? Killing children! Is this justice? The image of Islam has been tarnished by these groups. A result of what they did that the Muslims have become terrorists to others. Islam is free of them. Islam does not order us to kill. Since these terrorists movements started, we saw nothing but killing and destruction. All these movements are funded by others abroad to disturb our safety and stability. I pray Allah to preserve us from all evils.

  • مقصود احمد


    Terrorism did not leave something of criminality without pursuing it and doing it and committing lots of genocide, as we see today in Somalia, for example, or in its terrorist attacks in Iraq, which resulted in hundreds of martyrs and wounded. The crimes of terrorism cannot be underestimated, they are major crimes which we condemn and denounce, such barbaric acts that kill all these innocent people. I not know what terrorism wants by committing all of these heinous crimes. May God curse terrorism and whoever pursues it; may God curse these dregs of the elements of crime and the killers and the spillers of the innocent blood of all those innocent people.

  • شهاب راضي


    Damn terrorism and its criminal works, targeting the civilians in Iraq. I reject terrorism in all its forms and I condemn its dirty terrorist, atoning and cowardly acts that claimed the pure Iraqi blood in such an ugly and heinous way. It shows how visceral the rancor is that this organization and these fools hold towards Iraq and the Iraqis. These operations indicate the extent of crime reached by these murderers, from the elements of extremism and criminality who commit heinous crimes by these terrorist attacks which claim the pure lives of the Iraqis. These atoning attacks are terrorist attacks that no one can accept. They see the innocent people being targeted by criminals in this method and form, in which the expiatory are delving with their filthy criminal acts as into dirt, and the dirt of this organization. I condemn all these cowardly, terrorist attacks. I condemn terrorism and its work that does not please God and his Messenger. How could the Iraqis be targeted? Who gave the right to these fools to claim the lives of the Iraqis and target them in this heretofore unseen way? O God damn terrorism and those who carry out such terrorist attacks, which are internecine. All conviction to the black terrorism, and all condemnation to the followers of terrorism, who kill innocent children and the needy. In what right mind will these murderers and criminals be, with their hands stained with the sinless blood of the Iraqis? Therefore, the acts of terrorism must be condemned, and the whole world is also condemned, and whoever supports them is condemned among the countries targeting the Iraqis through supporting terrorism and sending the elements of atonement to Iraq to kill the innocents in the city streets. All shame on terrorism, and I condemn all the terrorist attacks carried out against the Iraqis. I condemn every criminal attack; I condemn them and reject the extremist terrorism. Iraq will not be an easy prey for those criminals, whom we will eradicate, God willing, to end the nightmare of terrorism and its dirty and cowardly acts. We condemn and confront these acts and the criminal terrorism, which tarnished the civilians in Iraq with its repeated criminal targeting, which shows the truth about this decadent regulation.

  • موسى اكرم


    O God, we have lost a lot of our people among the innocent civilians who fell victim of the atonement and the blind terrorism that claimed the lives of many innocent people. So these souls depart to their God and complain to Him about the injustice of the oppressors. O God, we ask you by your dignity and your Majesty, have mercy on our righteous martyrs in Iraq. We ask you to pardon them and have mercy on them. O God, today we stand at the door of your generosity and your nobility, and we pray to you by demanding, and we ask you to respond, O Lord of the great Throne. Send your mercy down on the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, who were targeted by the criminals of al-Qaeda among the followers of al-Qaeda, and those who followed it among the criminals who target the innocents in this way, which does not please you. O God, Oh God, forgive our martyrs in Iraq, and honor them and replace their world with a better world. Be sympathetic to them with your pardon, your forgiveness and your mercy that filled the heavens and the Earth. You are the All Compassionate, the All Merciful, the Absolute Ruler, the Pure One, the Clement with his servants. O God, have mercy on our martyrs and bring them to your heavens. O God, our martyrs were killed without having committed any sin. They are under your protection today. Take revenge for them, O God; fight the offenders, who are doing what your beliefs and your laws do not allow.

  • Akram


    All the operations of the terrorists and their failed assistants, including the futile criminal attacks, prove that those murderers and criminals are despicable people. The latter are targeting the innocent people of Iraq. I have nothing to say after the recent terrorist attacks against civilians in Iraq but to supplicate Allah to have mercy on these helpless people, who have been victimized by criminals’ acts and deeds. In fact, these criminals are the true enemies of humanity. I ask for Allah’s mercy on the righteous martyrs of Iraq, who have sacrificed their pure blood for the sake of freedom. Indeed, the martyrs sought to eradicate terrorism. O merciful Allah! Bless our brotherly Iraqi people. I ask mercy for those martyrs who were the victims of the obsessed and criminal terrorists. Oh God, I bless the souls of the martyrs! Bestow your mercy on them! O Graceful and Merciful Allah, forgive their sins. Accept them in Heaven with the blessed Muslims! Extend your mercy, which encompasses all things in Heaven and Earth, to include them. O Lord, forgive them and expand their graves and take them from the narrow graves to the Gardens of Eternity with the martyrs who gained your satisfaction. O Lord, forgive their sins. Lord of the Worlds. Amen. The martyrs of Iraq are today in your holy throne and under your mercy and your pardon, O the Almighty God. Forgive them, overlook their sins and have mercy on them. We ask You by Your might and Your glory to kill the criminals who caused the death of those innocent Iraqis, to befall Your anger on them and to shake the earth beneath their feet for their witnessed crimes against innocent civilians. The latter are victims of terrorist attacks targeting Iraqis. I also supplicate You to grant solace and patience to the families of martyrs, to grant them wellbeing and to compensate them with better rewards. O God, increase their good deeds! Increase their blessings because they sacrificed their most precious things for Iraq.

  • زياد اكرم


    We ask God to have mercy upon the victims of terrorism in Iraq because they bear no guilt for what is happening. May God help all the families that lost their relatives or breadwinners because of these horrible terrorist operations. Those who perform these terrorist operations have no hearts and they do not know the meaning of mercy or humanitarianism. They are people who lost all meanings of humanity and know nothing about the Book of God. May God support the victims of these operations, especially the widows who lost their husbands in one moment and the children who were orphaned because of these criminal and inhumane operations that left them without parents overnight. We ask God to help all the Iraqis who lost their parents in these operations that caused unexpected pain and suffering to the families of the victims. May God help the Iraqi people who suffer from oppression.

  • رستم


    I ask God to have mercy upon the civilians who have fallen victims of terrorism in Iraq. O God! Have mercy upon them. Amen, O Lord of the Worlds.

  • خالد عيسى


    We ask God to have mercy upon the martyrs of Iraq and we congratulate them for entering Paradise, God willing. I was among the people who suffered much because of the pains and the problems that face the poor Iraqis. The most important problem that faces the Iraqis is the problem of the martyrs who fell in the cowardly terrorists operations of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization. What they did is not good, but it is the worst, and I ask God to save Iraq from the evils of terrorism and the terrorists. We all wish that everything would return to its normal condition or even better. Those poor victims were innocent and helpless, which also applies to all the raises . We cannot describe what is happening in Iraq, but I ask God the Almighty to save Iraq from all evils and to provide it with security and stability, for the sake of the free Iraq. I believe that those martyrs will be immortalized through the celebrations in the schools and other places. We can also celebrate them by setting up statues for them, to immortalize them forever and to make the coming Iraqi generations know about those who died because of these criminal works. I believe that the Iraqi government must assume the responsibility for immortalizing the memory of all the Iraqi martyrs and to help and support their families, so they will not feel that they are humiliated and abandoned. We ask God to help them and provide for them. As for the families of the martyrs, they should insist on remembering their martyrs and insist on getting their rights, so that they could rest in peace. I ask God to admit our martyrs into His mercy, as he is the Merciful and the Compassionate.

  • محمدامين


    It is truly sad what we hear on the media about victims of terrorist attacks every day. Why do these groups target unarmed civilians while they want to hurt the Iraqi government? What the terrorist movements are doing in Iraq make them guiltier and make us believe that what they are doing is not for the future of Iraq, but for destroying it. If the Iraqi government has a bad reputation, then what is the victim's fault in paying the price for something they had nothing to do with? All the people want is to work and live. I believe these movements work for someone’s interest to achieve specific aims that will make the Iraqi citizen suffer in his life and not enjoy the grace of security and safety. A third party might be behind these movements. Iraq got rid of the American occupation to get terrorist movements instead! Iraq lived through many years of oppression, starting with the late president Saddam Hussain who taught the Iraqis fear, which made them prefer the American invasion over him because they thought the Americans would save them from oppression and poverty. But it added insult to injury. The American invasion was the reason behind the appearance of these movements, which took advantage of the war and came from different countries to destroy Iraq. The most powerful international teams could not eliminate these movements. On the contrary, this made them more aggressive. We can say that these movements are professionally trained. They truly studied the Iraqi land quite well and learn how to commit their operations and disappear where nobody knows. The only way to eliminate these movements is through the cooperation of citizens with security forces, informing them about wanted persons in order to decrease these operations. This process might take a long time in getting rid of these movements, but in the end will make these movements disappear. If fear remains the same in citizens, there will be no more trust in the security forces. Citizens complement security personnel. Security forces cannot conduct their work unless citizens cooperate with them. They are an important couple and together they can eliminate these corruption movements and Iraq will become a safer place than ever. May Allah preserve Iraq and prevent the evils.

  • حسان الموصلي


    We ask God to accept them as martyrs! They are not guilty of anything, forgive their sins and settle them in the highest rank of heavens. Please God, accept our appeal! God is capable of all this! May God save and keep Iraq and its people against any evils! Amen!

  • ابو حسن


    I appeal to the Almighty God to bless all the souls of the Iraqi martyrs, remove the black cloud from Iraq as soon as possible, establish peace and safety, happiness, joy, and smiles on the faces of all the Iraqis! O God, have mercy on all of them, both dead and alive, Amen! I ask God to grant patience and consolation to the martyrs' relatives! I ask God to have mercy on Iraq and the Iraqis, and keep us against any enemy! May God reveal this grief from Iraq and the Iraqis, bless our martyrs, and settle them in the heavens! O God, have mercy on their relatives and judge their dead as martyrs. I ask God to help everyone looking for peace and safety in our beloved Iraq, and live in stability and security! God is the best savior! O God, make them steady and confident when asked by the two angels, lighten their graves, make their tombs part of paradise, and not a hole of hell! O God, unite us, strengthen our faith and defeat our enemies! O God, we ask you with all your beloved names and superior adjectives to bless the victims of Baghdad, families, individuals, elders, grandparents, and grandchildren! O God, bless our children, forgive our youth, women and elders, and settle them in paradise! We hope they are all martyrs, God willing, because You are the only who knows!

  • Asd


    Terrorism has become known for its wretched acts that reflect its weary reality and the extent of its collapse while it is witnessing its last days in Iraq. This terrorist organization can do nothing but target civilians with their booby-trapped cars. In fact, I believe that it is actually exhausted and unable to do anything in Iraq after the painful blows it has received from the brave Iraqi Security Forces who have thwarted the extremist Takfiri plan in the country. Thus, we think that this Organization, which we curse, is directing its filthiness and terrorism at civilians and residential areas. In fact, this has been reflected in its last attacks that have targeted a lot of Iraqi cities and claimed the lives of dozens of the innocent martyrs and left a lot of the wounded in addition to bringing about a lot of material losses. May Allah curse terrorism and the terrorist al-Qaeda, given that it is carrying out such cowardly acts which have targeted Iraqis in the last operations. May Allah curse the members of terrorism who have carried out these massacres and genocide against the sons of Iraq in this rough and condemnable way. We also denounce terrorism and condemn it and its acts.

  • سعد الخياط


    I would like to condemn terrorism and the recent attacks that affected Iraq and targeted the innocent civilians. In fact, terrorism should not continue in its endless temptation. In addition, we must face these foolish people, given that they are carrying out all these crimes, which I personally condemn, in order to spread terror and fear among Iraqis to continue shedding Iraqi blood. However, I want these cowardly people and terrorist members to know that it is impossible to terrorize Iraqis through such cowardly acts. The latter will rather increase their patriotism and determination to pursue the reconstruction process and their longing to lead a decent and free life despite the difficulties which are facing them from the enemies of change in Iraq and the terrorist al-Qaeda which is carrying out such a huge number of terrorist acts. Thus, these murderers should be aware that I condemn them and these recent terrorist attacks, which have targeted the residential areas in Baghdad and some other provinces. May Allah disgrace these criminals and foolish people for targeting civilians this way. May Allah curse them and their acts which all of us condemn. We also condemn their gloomy terrorism which will come to an end through their eradication, God willing, thanks to the patriotic sons of Iraq and their brave Armed Forces’ members. The latter have undermined terrorism which has become unable to target residential areas. This really reflects the collapse of these despicable people, their failure and the stage which they have reached. Thus, I would like to strongly condemn terrorism and the acts which it has lately carried out given that it has targeted women, children and civilians. In fact, these infidels think only about targeting the largest possible number of Iraqis. May Allah disgrace them and curse them until the Day of Judgment as they are carrying out such filthy terrorist acts which we condemn together with terrorism and its members.

  • هارون صالح


    May God curse you and the evil organization which has carried out all these Takfiri crimes against our people. The latter reject you, your crimes and all your terrorist acts, particularly the cowardly terrorist acts which have targeted our residential areas and claimed the lives of civilians in such a blatant way. The latter reflects the extent of aggression and brutality of these foolish people. Thus, may God curse terrorism and this disillusioned and “parasitical” organization. We pray and ask God to eradicate, destroy and rid Iraq and Iraqis of it.

  • عبود سليم


    Iraqis are subjected to the worst kinds of criminality by terrorist al-Qaeda gangs. Their criminality is causing more grief and sadness for Iraqis while they are losing all these martyrs because of these foolish people and criminals. The latter are devoid of religion, conscience and honor, given that they are murdering the innocent and targeting civilians, using the infidel machines and terrorism cars that carry hundreds of tons of explosives and trappings that target the innocent. Thus, I can do nothing but ask God to bless the martyrs of Iraq who have been murdered by terrorists and the armed groups which have harmed Iraq and Iraqis through their Takfiri acts that aim to deepen the wounds of Iraq and Iraqis. We also pray to God the Almighty to bless the martyrs and grant them Paradise. May God bless and forgive the sins of our martyrs. May God remove all their sins in the same way a white cloth is cleaned of impurity. May God enlighten their graves and grant them the intercession of the Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him. O God, bless our martyrs who have been unjustly targeted. May God disgrace terrorism and whoever has targeted civilians in Iraq. In fact, all those who have been targeted in these cowardly terrorist acts are innocent and did nothing but reject terrorism, its behavior and criminality. Thus, the criminal al-Qaeda has started to target civilians in order to disturb the general atmosphere in Iraq. Indeed we disapprove of this extremist and criminal approach.

  • ارشد


    I call for holding all the security leaders who have not carried out their duty as required accountable and firing whoever is unable to protect the lives of the people, given that security work requires caution and all kinds of vigilance in order to thwart the plans of Takfiri terrorism, which is targeting civilians from time to time. In fact, I personally approve of holding the negligent security leaders accountable, because the blood of the innocent cannot be targeted in such a way, as a result of the negligence or failure of the leadership.

  • معين قاسم


    The continuous terrorism, its criminal acts and its intimidation of Iraqis in this way cannot continue. Also, terrorist attacks which are affecting civilians and residential areas, claiming the lives of many martyrs from time to time in this blatant way, should not continue either. In fact, we have always heard that there are investigating committees which are working on uncovering the reasons behind the security breaches and exposing whoever neglects his security duties, whether the security leaders or lower-ranking officials. Indeed, we approve of forming these committees in order to determine the truth about these security breaches, so that we could hold accountable people who have neglected their security duties, given that these murderers and criminals, who are Takfiri and terrorist members, should not continue their acts, which legitimize the shedding of innocent blood. Thus, I personally disapprove of these security breaches, which are costing our country and people a lot of pain and martyrs, whose lives have been claimed in such a way by these foolish, terrorist al-Qaeda members. The latter are looking for mistakes and laxity in the security performance, in order to exploit them in this brutal way that claims the lives of more martyrs and endangers the security and safety of our country.

  • منصور الامير


    I personally condemn the cowardly terrorist acts, given that they are clear evidence of the extent of criminality of this evil, satanic organization. I wonder what the civilians have done to deserve to be murdered in such a heinous way. I also wonder why the Iraqis have been targeted with booby-trapped cars in such a way. How long will these bastards continue committing these crimes? As an Iraqi citizen, I would like to address these people who have no conscience and who are dishonest, and tell them that I condemn terrorism and these terrorist attacks, which are harming innocent civilians. Indeed, I wonder what these murderers who have no conscience and who have nothing to do with religion want to achieve through their crimes, especially since they could witness what their crimes and booby-trapped cars cause to the innocent. The latter are massacred in the streets and markets because of their terrorist bombing acts. These people are the enemies of God. Thus, may God disgrace and shame these bastards and their terrorism, as well as their evil organization. In fact, I would like to condemn its crimes, which have affected all the Iraqi neighborhoods.

  • عبدالقدير


    All of this illustrates the reality of the rotten al-Qaeda and the deviancy of those who belong to it as well as the mental illness that controls its leaders who relish killing, even if the target is an innocent child who has no power to defend himself. Through this, they are increasing hostility in the hearts of all the Iraqis, all the honest people in the world, the insistence of the Iraqis to eliminate al-Qaeda, punish its elements, and bringing the harshest sanctions against them because they did not consider the human rights in Iraq. They violated the sanctituaries and killed women and children, and mutilated their corpses. There will come a day when Iraq eliminates the last terrorist on its land and he would be crushed under the feet of men, the heroes of the Iraqi Armed Forces.

  • وليد جلال


    I swear by Almighty God, we are tired of the terrorist operations and the actions of the al-Qaeda organization committed against the innocent citizens. I pray to God to punish them for their evil and hatred. God willing, they will fight each other, deteriorate and their leaders will become weak. I pray to God to give the Arab nation goodness, security, safety and kindness. The despicable al-Qaeda has hatred and animosity towards the Arab nation. The terrorist actions taking place in the Arab countries are committed by the stupid organization of al-Qaeda, which does not want anything good happening to the Arab and Muslim nation. I pray to God Almighty to bestow goodness and kindness on the Arab and Muslim nations. Hopefully, the next days will bring all the goodness, kindness, security and safety.

  • عيدان حمد


    I wonder about the reasons that push the terrorists and armed groups of al-Qaeda to commit such brutal, ugly, harsh actions against the civilians in Iraq. Why do they commit such crimes? Who benefits from them? Even though they claim to be Muslims and claim that they are protecting the people from oppression and tyranny, in fact they are the reason for everything bad that took place. They were not satisfied with what happened; they are still spreading and moving. They started to reside in the neighboring countries as well, because they are witnessing tragic, harsh, bitter and brutal circumstances. What is the point of this violence? Who will benefit from it and who supports them? Why do they hold all this hatred and malice for the Islamic religion, even though Islam is opposed to such terrorist thoughts, concepts, methods and the radical principles of al-Qaeda? The Islamic religion does not accept injustice, first and foremost. It does not allow any violation against the rights of the people, let alone harming them or shedding the blood of any person. So, why has the al-Qaeda organization killed so many souls?

  • حاتم صبري


    Because civilians are innocent people who have no power and no strength, the cowardly terrorists are working to frighten them and they want to stir up discord and confusion in Iraq. The despicable and cursed al-Qaeda’s work has become known to the Iraqis, and it only wants to control Iraq from behind the cemetery, but it cannot because Iraqis are heroes and are defending their country with all their power. Targeting civilians is something very serious and scary, and the poor Iraqis are tired and have suffered due to the dirty acts of the absurd al-Qaeda to the Iraqis, and the Iraqis have endured a lot and have been patient and will not give terrorism and terrorists of al-Qaeda the opportunity to do their despicable acts. And al-Qaeda wants to say that civilians are mostly weak and cannot do anything, but the despicable al-Qaeda does not know that there are heroic men working for all the Iraqis, and they are the security forces who do their best in order to provide security and stability to Iraq and all Iraqis, and that God may give them power in order to save Iraq from the evil of al-Qaeda and from the evil of those who work with it.

  • شكري طه


    The danger of terrorism lies in its ideology, which is the foundation behind its spread. It is the real danger from which we suffer because terrorist ideas, which al-Qaeda tries to spread, contribute to brainwashing some people and therefore lead them to the wrong path. Al-Qaeda tries to recruit as many people as possible to work in this takfiri organization, which spreads its venom everywhere, trying to expand its operations by recruiting more people who believe in their terrorist ideas, which are the foundations of al-Qaeda’s terrorist acts.

  • مصطفى ذياب


    I am against these criminal acts and I condemn them completely. I also reject the ideology of al-Qaeda, as well as its crimes against our people and the peoples worldwide. Shame on al-Qaeda, which earns more hatred every day. Damn those who orphaned the children and stole their innocent and childlike happiness. Damn those who widowed the women and made them experience tragic days. Damn those who broke the hearts of the mothers who lost their children because of a criminal act of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization. Shame on this criminal organization because of its mean acts, and we will never forgive them or their mean, takfiri crimes. We ask God to destroy them, because they kill the innocents and shed the blood. How long will those criminals who belong to this sick organization continue their criminality and carry out all these massacres?

  • سعد احمد


    All the operations of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization are cowardly and mean, just like this organization. All acts of this terrorist organization express its meanness, because whoever kills like this and in this barbarian way can never be human. I can use all the dirty and mean attributes to refer to it. We have been suffering for years from persecution, pain and destruction at the hands of this organization. I cannot tell about its objectives from all the criminal and terrorist acts that are carried out by its members and supporters. They should be satisfied with their crimes against the innocents, especially since we heard nothing about it before, such as cutting off heads, car bombs, programmed killing, and targeting the children are very horrible crimes.

  • محمود صلاح


    I thank all the Iraqi doctors and, frankly, I greet them and salute them for not being reluctant or fearful. I also thank the Doctors of the Canadian Hospital specifically since they received my friend who was injured in one of the explosions. Praise God and thank God because after the help of the doctors, he survived from the incident, and returned and recovered. I saw their great effort in order to save him. My thanks to them.

  • محسن


    May God curse the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda that has led to thousands of blessed martyrs in Iraq. And may God curse this cowardly and criminal organization. In fact, we indict and condemn all its terrorist acts. I think that these terrorist operations have proved the extent of the terrorist’s cowardliness. In fact, the despicable terrorist members have caused our suffering due to their attacks that targeted our country and people. These operations affected our psychologies because we lost our families due to these gangs of al-Qaeda. Thus, these operations have delayed the building and reconstruction process in the country.

  • مشير علي


    The terrorist organization of al-Qaeda has carried out the dirtiest terrorist operations. This despicable organization has practiced the most brutal criminal operations due to its deviant categories. And this proved the extent of their filth especially that the evil members have always targeted Iraq. This destruction has affected our country and people. Thus, we have been exposed to significant pain and suffering. What can I say and how can I describe the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda?

  • نضال


    After the fall of the mask from the ugly face of al-Qaeda, the reality of the evil acts appeared that are being carried out by this criminal organization. It is suffering from psychological complexes and deviation in the ethics and in dealing with others. This offender regularly committed the most heinous crimes against the Iraqi people at first, when the security situation was fragile and was still at the beginning of its formation in the process of development. But the Iraqi security forces, led by the brave men of the brave Iraqi people, decided to address the terrorist al-Qaeda and all the other criminal organizations that support them with all of their energy and potential, to fight it and eliminate it from all the Iraqi cities. Thus they prepared the stage to perform this national mission, even if it costs them their lives, because they have devoted themselves to sacrificing for the nation from the outset, for the purpose of standing up to al-Qaeda and whoever assisted them. Thus, military plans have been developed by the leaders of the army and internal security forces, to launch raids on the centers of terrorist organizations, and many battles have been fought between the Iraqi armed forces and the terrorist organizations, and the other Iraqi forces were able to achieve a brilliant victory against those outsiders who came to tamper with the security and stability of Iraq.

  • مصلح مسعد


    I don’t think that there are real reasons that can drive the terrorist groups of Al-Qaeda to carry out all these terrorist operations. In fact, they have targeted the Iraqi civilians. Besides, they have tried to preserve their existence in the country. However, they are now weaker than before. Thus, we hope to get rid of them forever.

  • مولان


    God's curse on the groups of al-Qaeda who caused all of this harm, destruction, vandalism, tampering, suffering, pain, murder, and the shedding of innocent blood in the land of Iraq without any guilt. We call upon God to save us from them and all that is happening in Iraq. It is not something easy or simple and they had caused great tragedy that no one can bear with regards to the rights of the Iraqi citizens. No one could escape from their harm. God curse all of those who caused harm and evil to the innocent people whether they were children, women, elderly, or young people. They caused their deaths and disability. The children, widowed women, and the elderly were all victims of violence, tampering, destruction, brutality, and cruelty throughout the years. It was stressful and tiring. It is well known to everyone that what happened is the result of the presence of the terrorist elements, which caused chaos in Iraq.

  • سيف عامر


    I criticize the government's operations to eliminate the groups and factions of al-Qaeda, and what is happening is a farce. The situation cannot continue like this because the life and souls of the citizens are very valuable. However, it does not seem to be so for the government. They failed in their operations and they did not contribute to the disposal and elimination of the terrorists, armed elements, gangs, and militias, which constitute a risk and threat to the security, stability, life, and safety of the Iraqi people. For this reason, it is very important that there is hard and genuine work, and that the government should be working in a way that demonstrates they are more keen on the Iraqi people not to let the situation be chaotic and lacking in stability in general.

  • وسام عبدالله


    That is their reality; they have hidden from people in order to continue to spread their poisoned ideas to control them. The curse of God is upon them for all the wicked, criminal, barbaric, ugly and deviant acts they have committed.

  • هادي فريد


    In my opinion, the terrorist acts committed by criminals and wicked groups are evidence of the hatred, violence and savagery of these terrorist men. The criminal groups of al-Qaeda in Iraq have caused a lot of problems and horrendous crimes, which haven’t happened before anywhere. The Iraqi people always pay a heavy price as women, children, the elderly and youth are killed in these criminal acts. They always try to get rid of the people and sow schism among them in order to provoke infighting among the Iraqi people and eventually seize control over Iraq. Such acts are totally rejected because they lead to the creation of division, confusion, sectarian strife and hatred among people who are the first and last victims of what is going on. Thus, it is necessary to eradicate all the terrorist and criminal men who spread terror and commit bombings, kidnappings, assassinations, thefts, forced displacement and massacres. No human would ever accept such acts, but these terrorists used sly and hateful ways in order to distort the image of Islam and use money to tempt people into joining them. Therefore, everyone, in one way or another, has been a victim of these criminal groups which have targeted people by killing and spilling innocent blood. Therefore, it is very important to eradicate these criminal, wicked gangs, which tamper with the country’s security and stability, as well as the lives of people. It is necessary to use justice and law in order to inflict penalties upon them and rid the Iraqi people of them forever.

  • مسرور


    Maybe the main objective of this action that is targeting civilians is the act itself or it may be that they want to destabilize security in this country more and more, and spread the spirit of fear and terror in the hearts of the innocent people in order to reach their other goals. Perhaps their greatest objective is to sow terror and fear in the souls of the people and, thus, they may have destroyed the main engine of any production, economy, or even any movement of the humanitarian nature of the Iraqi citizens in the country. They have paralyzed the life in it and perhaps the civilians who died every day were innocent of any sins. However, their fate may push them to it. Perhaps it is an organized agenda, arranged and carried out by them to achieve their goals in this Arab country. Perhaps the killing of the civilians in Iraq is nothing but punishment in order for them not to resist the occupier or even punishment for them for fighting with each other based on their different beliefs. Perhaps the above is the basis to start the fight and so there is insecurity in Iraq. Maybe it is a mixture of this or that, or maybe there is another reason that we do not know.

  • منير محمد


    May God have mercy on all heroic martyrs who were martyred in these cowardly terrorist acts perpetrated by al-Qaeda. May God protect the youth of the nation of the Prophet Muhammad, Amen.

  • عبدالرحمن علي


    Cowardly terrorists work on killing and slaughtering innocent people who are not committing anything wrong, but Iraqi heroes have effectively confronted al-Qaeda and arrested its key leaders and those who commit killing and bombing acts. These dirty people should be punished differently and the death penalty is the least they deserve. They have wicked and despicable ideas and they try to spread lies and rumors in order to terrorize and confuse people. These hateful and dirty ideas lead to destruction. Osama bin Laden was responsible for a lot of cowardly and despicable acts, but thank God, he was finally killed in a very terrible way and doesn’t even have a tomb. And God willing, the fate of his successors will be similar to his. Al-Qaeda is threatened to collapse because it has lost a lot of influential people who were assisting it. Also, the funds it used to receive have stopped due to the lack of money. As a result, it is now in a very awkward position and we should take this opportunity and stand up against it in order to wipe it off the entire earth. I pray to the Almighty God to rid us of terrorism and terrorists of al-Qaeda. I call upon all Arabs to stand up against it to stop its efforts of destabilizing security everywhere in the world. We should rid the world of its evil, so it retreats and respects itself.

  • صباح


    There are several factors that drive al-Qaeda to target civilians in Iraq and one of the most important of these reasons, I believe, is that al-Qaeda thinks that the Iraqi people are all apostates from their religion because they are disloyal to this criminal organization and stand against it, supporting security and cooperating with them against the cowardly terrorist acts carried out by this organization, which now does not hesitate to kill Iraqi people and target innocent civilians everywhere without discrimination between the targets of its criminal execution of car bombs, explosive belts and tampered packages in the market and roads in order to achieve what it wants, which is to kill the largest possible number of innocent people. Al-Qaeda was, at first, the one who called for acts of jihad against the occupiers as it claimed but, shortly after, the goals and intentions of this organization became clear, which considered this entrance a gateway that will lead it to the implementation of its objectives planned by the occupation of the country, control over its wealth, the marginalization of its families, and killing or displacing of a large number of them. Here, the cover for al-Qaeda’s targets in Iraq was revealed, making all the Iraqi people the object of its terrorism as well as seeking to ignite the flames of sectarian war in order to exhaust the Iraqi people and make them easy prey.

  • يونس صالح


    The terrorist acts carried out by al-Qaeda in Iraq are barbaric and brutal practices, as they have killed millions of innocent people, because they refused to heed to the ideas or work of this deviant criminal organization that spreads terror and fear among the good and peace-loving people of the Iraqi society. This deviant organization follows different methods of aggression that lead to war crimes and major genocide including various social strata of the Iraqi people. This was done in order to reach their political goals of control of the country and quest for power, reverting to all the perverted ways that hurt the community to achieve their desired goals. These terrorist organizations are a major challenge for the Iraqi people who are suffering from the activities of the al-Qaeda terrorists. They declared from time to time their responsibility for the perpetration of the terrorist attacks in various Iraqi cities, where every time a lot of the innocent people become victims of these acts. This barbaric act of the criminal al-Qaeda organization is a challenge to the security services of Iraq and these stray groups exploit the political positions crisis as well as the security gaps that may occur in the country for various reasons in order to implement its criminal acts. It is worth mentioning that such behavior practiced by al-Qaeda in Iraq is not consistent with the principles of the heavenly religious beliefs and social norms because it deals with the innocent people in an aggressive and extremist way far from respect for the lives of others. It is adopting the acts that will cause damage to all members of the society without discrimination in the target of its criminal work.

  • فريد جمبل


    We pray to God to save us from the oppression of the terrorists and their lies. The large number of deaths and casualties caused by the terrorists in our country is enough since they entered their perverted ideas into our country from the time of the fall of the tyrant Saddam and, so far, it continues. Do they want to kill all of the Iraqi people? A day must come when terrorism will end and I insist that the government strike with an iron fist and full force to get rid of it. We do not want it to remain a matter of challenge for the government. The victims are the targeted people in every place. They became unsafe in this country. It used to be that Iraq was one of the safest countries in the region. Many crimes carried out by this organization will continue to remind us of its offense. There are many hideous criminal scenes condemning this organization and its idea. There are many days that we woke up due to the sound of explosions and chains of suicide bombings that shook the areas of the capital Baghdad as well as the remaining horrible scenes of the dead, wounded, cut pieces of limbs, and bodies scattered everywhere. All of that wwas at the expense of whom actually? Are the enemies all of the Iraqi people? If rejection of terrorism is the enemy, yes, we are all enemies of terrorism forever. God will take revenge on the terrorists and have mercy on all the martyrs in Iraq.

  • محمد طاهر


    My opinion of all the crimes that have been carried out by the terrorists against the innocent citizens is that they are nothing but malicious acts that prove the extent of hatred, horribleness and evil that exist inside the souls of those terrorist elements. They have carried them out to defame the image of the Islamic religion in order to obtain small amounts of money for shedding the innocent blood that is not guilty at all of everything that has happened and is happening. May God curse them and shame them and prepare shame and disgrace for them, God willing. It is an act that proves the extent of their cruelty and lack of conscience, as well as mercy, humanity, good thinking and a good approach. Therefore, such groups should be eliminated and gotten rid of, so they will not be the cause of the deterioration of the nation and its retreat backwards as a result of destruction, sabotage, corruption and harm. They are mere armed gangs that do not have even a small part of human conscience. They are mere wandering monsters, walking on earth so as to absorb the blood of the innocent people, whether they are women, children, sheikhs or even youth.

  • محمود


    Damn the criminals and the killers who shed blood. Damn all those who support the al-Qaeda terrorist organization in any way. May God curse this organization and all of its cowardly crimes until the Day of Judgment. We ask God to shake the land beneath the feet of the criminals of al-Qaeda and to destroy and disunite this criminal organization. May God curse it in this world and in the hereafter.

  • ابناء الغدير


    May God curse the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization and all those who kill the innocents and target the civilians unlawfully. The al-Qaeda terrorist organization is one of the worst organizations in history. Hence, we condemn it and curse all its dirty acts. This terrorist organization hates humanity in a strange way, and it adopts destructive, extremist and takfiri thoughts. We ask God to curse it and all the criminal people who work for it. May God curse all those who follow the line of this organization. We ask God to curse and destroy this terrorist organization and to take revenge for the innocent martyrs who fell at the hands of this ominous terrorist organization. I reject the ideology of al-Qaeda and I condemn all of its mean, criminal, accursed acts.

  • جمال


    When the despicable al-Qaeda enters any country, it will start all of its despicable acts such as killing, trapping and acts of detention while spreading its vile and hateful ideas in order to cause sedition. It also wants to control the sectarian condition. I pray to God Most High to save us from them and that there would be no more despicable ideas for it to work on, especially among the nations. Iraq is one of the Arab countries that have endured vile and hateful terrorist acts the most and it now wants to cause internal problems, including stirring sectarian strife between Iraq's Sunni and Shia people, or among the Shia or between the Sunnis alone. It now works and spreads despicable ideas as it has sparked discord between the two Shiite tribes in order to do what it wants while the Iraqi people are distracted from those things so that they cannot pay attention to what is happening from the other things. The most important thing is that they do not want Iraq to live in security, safety and stability. However, Iraq will become better than it was in the past. O my Lord, please save Iraq from that vile and corrupt organization. They know that they are the worst of God's creation on earth and they are losers. I hope that the Iraqis, particularly the young people, will be aware of the acts of the al-Qaeda terrorists so that it does not control their thoughts. They are stronger and better than that. May God be with them. I also want to say that the despicable and cowardly al-Qaeda terrorists are the losers and they cannot stir up strife afterwards. The nonsensical ideas that they spread among the people are both despicable and villainous. God knows the truth. O Lord, please shake the earth under their feet. I call on you, O God, to get rid of every nasty terrorist that does not want anything good to happen to Iraq and the Iraqis. Al-Qaeda's ideas are the silliest things and, with God’s will, all vile and suppressed things will be shown. Thanks to God. O Lord, please save Iraq and the Iraqis in the name of your Beloved Muhammad.

  • زبير


    The terrorist organizations or the armed groups adopted extremist ideas that were contrary to the divine laws implemented in the streets of the cities. The Islamic religion has emphasized the clear truth to everyone who bears witness that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. His blood should be guarded by the people and He shall not be expiated or be killed. Islam also ruled respect for the lives and blood of the non-Muslims among those who live within the Muslim communities. They enjoy the same rights as those enjoyed by the Muslims in addition to the respect that we have through our international relations with them. They did not come to us as fighters brandishing their weapon against us. This is what Islam passed in its blessed law.

  • موسى ***


    Allah the Almighty has forbidden humans to kill themselves because it is one of His blessings that should be protected. Thus, humans become restricted to these commands because they guarantee survival and safety away from the dangers and difficulties with respect to the law of the natural balance that brings humans comfort and safety. However, what the terrorist al-Qaeda is doing, including the chilling criminal acts, is contrary to these divine commands totally. Their criminal acts are far from the tolerant teachings of Islam, which emphasize respect for the lives of others. This leads to chaos and conflict as this deviant organization seeks to commit criminal acts in order to make Iraqi society suffer. Nevertheless, Allah will let them down and get rid of them soon.

  • قادر بدران


    The works of al-Qaeda are acts of brutality and inhumanity in Iraq because they violate all the principles of divine and human-made religions. In addition to the norm in the customs and traditions in all the human societies, there are still some who live in forests, which are governed by the law of survival. They do not practice fishing and they kill only when they are starving. However, I think that this deviant organization cannot be considered of the human beings category because their activities and actions are inhuman. They enjoy committing crimes against the innocent people despite the affirmations mandated by Islam, which calls for respecting the moral and material human rights as well as the right to live which Allah gave to the people.

  • محمد عبدالخالق


    The curse of Allah on the cowardly terrorist al-Qaeda groups, who have always committed many criminal, malicious and spiteful acts, indicating the extent of malice and hatred towards the people of Iraq. They were always taking advantage of the situation that has been experienced by Iraq, including the chaos, confusion, and lack of stability. May Allah curse, disgrace, and prepare for them their end because they caused the spilling and shedding of a lot of the innocent blood of the people, who did not deserve any of this. The elimination of all terrorist elements must be accomplished as well as the capture of all those who cooperated with the terrorist groups and contributed to the bloodshed of the innocent. There must be prosecution of everyone whose hands are stained with the blood of the Iraqi people and they must be eliminated permanently so that the people will live under better conditions and circumstances.

  • عويز


    For how long will Iraq bleed? Your situation and that of your honorable people have made me cry. To those who violate the Iraqis’ blood mainly the Iraqi politicians, movements, and public and secret organizations from all trends and sects, fear God, you are shedding the blood of this honorable, patient, and innocent people. Undoubtedly, God will take avenge on you.

  • عماد ادهم


    Shame on all those who belong, collaborate or support the filthy al-Qaeda! It is really shameful that they carry out murder and criminal acts against the Iraqis given that even the Mongols or Tatars, whom we used to consider the cruelest people in history, have not carried out such despicable acts. In fact, al-Qaeda and its criminal members have exceeded the Mongols and the Tatars in their criminality. They have reached the world’s most extreme degrees of lowness and immorality. Yet, what is really sad is that after all such criminality, al-Qaeda claims Islam and that it is following its teachings. I really consider that it has nothing to do with it and Islam is innocent of those murderers who are bombing markets, murdering on identity, kidnapping women, violating honors, and assassinating men. In fact, the strangest thing is that although the government arrests these terrorists, who admit committing terrorist crimes, they are still imprisoned without execution. I really do not know why there is laxity and indulgence. These criminals must be executed for the damned terrorist acts which they have carried out and claimed the lives of a lot of Iraqis.

  • emrod


    Al-Qaeda has carried out many criminal and bloody operations in Iraq. This has reflected the extent of their brutality especially since they have adopted sick ideas. In fact, they want to apply these ideas in our country in order to carry out killing operations under the name of Islam and Jihad. Thus, we do not need someone to teach us real Islam. We do not need their way of Jihad. We only need the Iraqis’ cooperation in order to reconstruct the country. This is also in order to support the oppressed people. In fact, this is a Muslim Iraq and the organization al-Qaeda has pretended to spread Islam instead of supporting this Muslim country. Thus, al-Qaeda has tried to destroy the country. This is in addition to killing Muslims and Christians. This terrorist organization has created discord, sectarianism and civil war. They have exploited the government’s preoccupation in order to behave as they want. These dirty operations have proven al-Qaeda’s impurity and criminality, especially since these terrorists have claimed people’s lives in this way. They are animals and they have neither feelings nor conscience. In fact, they have even bombed Imams’ tombs. This is in addition to the Al- Dujail, Al-Hillah and A-Nukhayb crimes. The capital Baghdad has witnessed bloody days. May God curse and destroy this Takfiri organization and may God punish all of its followers.

  • عواد جلال


    Iraq and the Iraqis have been exposed to a significant suffering for almost eight years due to the terrorist organization al-Qaeda. This organization and its cells have caused a lot of pain and sadness. In fact, we have witnessed murder and assassination operations. This has led to a large number of martyrs, disabled and orphans. In fact, death has become a normal and natural matter in Iraq due to the terrorist organization al-Qaeda. Therefore, everyone without exception can be targeted by explosive devices and bombing operations.

  • نورالدين


    The government has failed in performing many of its duties towards the Iraqi people, particularly the services that must be provided to the Iraqi people. This is a black hole in the history of the Iraqi government. This is also very sad, because the government was chosen by the people themselves, but they were disappointed in this government, whose performance is below the required level. Hence, it is very necessary for the government to improve the level of its performance as to the provision of the services to the Iraqi citizen, because it is responsible for this in front of God and the people.

  • نجيب


    The al-Qaeda terrorist organization targets all the Iraqis and kills them. We hear about many victims among the civilians and I do not understand what those victims are guilty of to deserve to lose their lives in terrorist explosions, through which the terrorists attack the Muslims and violate the divine law, which prohibits murder and bloodshed. However, no one responds to us, as if we are calling to dead people. The problem is that they are happy with what they have done, and they believe that they came to our country to perform jihad. However, I still do not understand against whom they have been declaring jihad over the past years. When the US forces were inside Iraq, the civilians were targeted, and this continues until today, even after the departure of the US forces. What jihad are they talking about? These lies have become known to all people, O villains!

  • مهند فالح


    The al-Qaeda terrorist organization in my opinion tries to commit its crimes against the innocents and the civilians and kill them in this horrible way that angers the people and turns them against the government. They try to use the people to exert pressure on the government, to force the government to either tolerate the idea of terrorism and its existence through giving them full reign to do whatever they want or to face the consequences of targeting the civilians in this way. There is no other reason! I would like to believe their idea and their insistence that the fall of the victims among the civilians is inevitable collateral damage. However, they explicitly target the children, women and men with the aim of killing them. I wish I could know what their victims are guilty of. Simply put, al-Qaeda seeks to control the country through exhausting the power of patience and determination of the Iraqi citizens, in addition to pushing the political process and the government into failure, to destroy all the achievements that have transformed our Iraq into a new country. The terrorists want to destroy the political process according to external orders from the neighboring states that seriously seek to prevent the success of the new political life in Iraq in all possible ways. On the other hand, the terrorists receive support from the takfiri fatwas issued by some criminals who claim that they are clergymen. These invalid fatwas accuse the Iraqi people of being infidels and grant permission to the terrorists to kill whomever they want, as long as he opposes terrorism and al-Qaeda or fights their sick thoughts. All people adhere to the truth and the religion and the real jihad in constructing and building this country, rather than the fake jihad of Al-Qaeda in killing the innocent people in Iraq.

  • RT


    Is Islam the religion of mass killings, car bombs, and improvised explosive devices? Is Islam a religion of kidnapping and rape? Al-Qaeda is doing all such actions. Is this the religion that you would like al-Qaeda to spread among you? I hope that my words will reach the conscious minds and clean hearts in order for them to think a bit, then ascertain what I have said once they get to the internet and look for the events that took place in Iraq as well as the confessions of al-Qaeda members themselves in order to check what I said and know the truth about al-Qaeda. Finally, I tell everyone in the organization of al-Qaeda, “If you know the truth about al-Qaeda, that is calamity and if you are dumb and do not know the truth about al-Qaeda, the calamity is greater because Allah will punish you for what you do whether you believe in the ideas of al-Qaeda or not.

  • اشرف غني


    I just want to ask every cowardly terrorist, “Do you think that you will attain anything from such people? Do you think that the sedition that you are trying to raise will succeed? No. By Allah, terrorism will collapse and these steadfast people will triumph because what happened on that day made my heart feel that Iraq is well and everyone forgot about the naming, titles, sectarianism, and tribalism. We were only thinking that we are Iraqis and we have a moral and humanitarian duty towards the injured and wounded, but to the medical staff, I am happy for what I saw and I wish them all the best. I hope that all of Iraq's doctors and nurses would act the same as what I saw on that day. With mercy and brotherhood, we shall eliminate terrorism and anyone else who tries to divide the Iraqis and ignite strife among them.

  • وحيد


    Islam is a religion of goodness and respect for others even if it is differing in ideas. It is not the same as what al-Qaeda does in acts of bombing, killing, raping, looting, and plundering the vulnerable innocent people such as children, women, and the elderly. This is clear evidence that al-Qaeda is one of the organizations that are hostile to the Islamic religion and every human in the world because it seeks to achieve its objectives through the use of violence so all the Muslims must fight and stand against it.

  • ثامر صباح


    The person who kills Muslims is not a Muslim any more than the one who kidnaps women. These do not represent the Islamic religion. The one who is bombing the peaceful citizens is not a Muslim and also one who assaults the sanctity of houses of Allah through detonation and burning is not a Muslim either. Therefore, I am confident that al-Qaeda does not represent the religion of Islam either closely or remotely and there is no link to it as it is working under a plan that wants the destruction of Islam so that the other people will see that the religion of Islam is a religion of blood and displacement. For this reason, the terrorist al-Qaeda is one of the biggest enemies of Islam and the most dangerous because it seeks to spread sectarianism among the sons of Iraq. It seeks at the same time to spread conflictual, ethnic, and religious factors with the non-Islamic people in order to be able to achieve its objectives of igniting the fire of strife even on an international scale between the different countries of the world. I think of the most dangerous satanic actions exercised by this deviant organization in order to satisfy its ego, deviation, and psychological complexities it suffered from. It is through these inhumane practices considered so far from the Islamic religion and its tolerance which has preserved the rights of every human, both Muslims and non-Muslims. The Muslim must have the virtues and abandon vices as well as be in the community. It is the key to goodness and closure from evil. They should deal with people in the best ways possible because these are the most important factors that the Islamic religion recommends which emphasizes tolerance, compassion, and love.

  • ربيع غني


    Since the US-led invasion of Iraq, many of the armed groups, including al-Qaeda, turned to murdering thousands of civilians, men, women and children alike through car bombs or by suicide bombers. They assassinated government officials, politicians, judges, journalists, and workers in the field of humanitarian assistance who were deemed to be collaborating with foreign forces in Iraq. And the reasons adduced by the organization and its supporters to justify illegal attacks are a US-led invasion of Iraq and subsequent military occupation that has killed tens of thousands of civilians when it took the invasion of Iraq illegally and killed countless thousands of Iraqi civilians while the Iraqi government, which they consider a puppet of the United States, they consider as an illegitimate institution serving the United States or subject to the hegemony of the Shiites.

  • عصام


    Al-Qaeda claims that it attacks civilians in Iraq to achieve different objectives, such as pressure on the occupation to leave the country and to encourage Iraqis not to support the current government. It also aims at attacking the translators, drivers, contractors, Iraqis and others who work with the occupation, to punish them for their cooperation with them and warn others against this type of work. Also, the attacks aim to push Iraqi supporters of the government to a loss of confidence in the government's ability to provide security for the Iraqi people. But there is another reason, which is the belief of some Iraqis and some members of al-Qaeda in Iraq that the attacks against civilians is an act of the U.S. forces in an attempt to create chaos and to mobilize the Shiite population around the new government. In addition, the United States sent a special unit to carry out assassinations, sabotage and indiscriminate bombings attributed to the organization to discredit them; otherwise, why do we not hear the existence of these operations against the population of Iraqi Sunnis?

  • توفيق محمد ابراهيم


    Most of the people who commit suicide live in a state of isolation and therefore lack the religious faith either because of weakness in themselves or basic lack of religious morals. Here, is highlighted the role of the clergy through awareness and religious preaching to fortify the soul of drifters in peril and offer a moral guideline to seek values and virtuous ideals, though it is hard for the clergy to be able to eliminate the phenomenon of suicide or to work on reducing it due to the isolation and loss experienced by the persons committing suicide. For the role of the cleric to be prominent and effective, he must have the means to deliver his speech to such an unknown category and away from the circle of his advocacy’s activities. There cannot be a prominent and effective role for the clergy with those who attempt suicide because of the negative aspects of this stage except through the availability of enough room for him, commensurate with the size of the problem, where it is necessary to diagnose the problem and the proportion of suicides within the community, awareness of the risk of suicide, how to deal with problems and deal with stress, so as not to be contributing factors to suicide.

  • ابو كمال


    Islam forbids ending life, including suicide in any way and indicates that human life does not belong to him and therefore he may not control it and lead it to destruction. In most Christian denominations, suicide is a sin, based on the writings of influential Christian thinkers of the Middle Ages. The causes of suicide are different and many, including the inability to adapt to the society where there’s conflict between home and abroad, and not paying any attention to the social, cultural factors. Also, one of the causes of suicide is material loss and human casualties. One or more persons, who shall use a weapon such as explosives, in most cases, may be used as a means to facilitate transfer jobs such as car bombs to enter the area of the enemy at the right time and place. Often described as terrorist acts, some hard-line religious parties impart the impression of legitimacy and defeatism to why desperate personalities commit suicide.

  • مسعود مهدي


    The obvious aim of al-Qaeda is the liberation of Iraq and establishment of a state governed by the Shari’a law of Islam. The main objective is killing and targeting all the elements of the police, the army and Shiite civilians who liquidated the Sunni Iraqi people, and establishment of a Shiite state like Iran, which help them to do so. But the success of the Iraqi security forces with the help of U.S. forces from strikes that blew up al-Qaeda in Iraq where the organization lost many places of influence and control in some areas and changed the status of its operations from target killings to kidnappings, robberies and ransom due to the loss of the organization’s material resources that were available to them before.

  • معين


    With U.S. troops entering Baghdad and the occupation of Iraq, al- Qaeda took advantage of the chaos that Iraq has witnessed and the infiltration of dozens of al-Qaeda cells in Iraq began under the pretext of fighting the American occupation forces. And al-Qaeda formed many armed groups within Iraq, such as Jihad Base in Mesopotamia which was led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who was later killed and several armed groups formed a single entity under the name of the Mujahedeen Shura Council. This organization has been implementing many of the terrorist attacks including the attack on the headquarters of the United Nations and killing its envoy, killing the leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution, bombing of three hotels in central Baghdad, storming the headquarters of the Iraqi National Guard and then releasing them later, the massacre of the Church of Lady of Deliverance and a lot of other processes such as car bombs and improvised explosive devices.

  • وعيد


    I pray that God punishes al-Qaeda terrorist organization that kills people and declares its sick, infidel ideology, which opposes religion as they kill Muslims in all parts of the land and are the cause of our loss of beloved ones who had no guilt. At any available opportunity, you see them under the pretext of jihad killing people intentionally. This soul which Allah has forbidden killing and hurting, they kill meaninglessly and unnecessarily while there is no need to do this killing. So, what do they gain from it and what is the profit they get or victory when killing Muslims in the streets or in mosques or the obituary? No place remains where they did not spread terror and bloodshed, which did not spare a woman, young or old person, or child. They are all equal for them in terms of killing. They only want to kill the largest number of victims. Is this their thought and what they want? What kind of injustice has befallen us because of them? That you go out in order to earn a living for your family and come back to them torn in a shroud because of the suicide bombings. Allah curse them and their hateful thought that wants revenge on Muslims and Islam.

  • مواطن


    Al-Qaeda is a criminal organization that was established depending on the Wahhabi and Saudi fatwas. However, when we say this, some people argue that Saudi Arabia is an Islamic state. However, our leaders and speakers must realize that those people are spiteful and they want to take revenge upon those criminals, and their mosques are intended for harming us and issuing the invalid fatwas that allow killing the innocents.

  • منذر


    The terrorists are disrespecting the religion and say that they are going to have lunch with the Prophet, peace be upon him, or that they will do such and such. This is ridiculous and frivolous, as well as disrespectful to the law and religion. Your jihad is limited to raping the women and children, as well as slaughtering the people and disuniting the Muslims. May God curse you and Al-Qaeda will end soon, God willing. All members of Al-Qaeda will be executed, to be an example to the others.

  • عباس خيري


    The ideas held by terrorism represented in the terrorist al-Qaeda in Iraq were all indeed abnormal ideas. They encourage taking up arms and involve sectarian and internal strife. This is one of the most important negative points and it encourages jihad in its own way, which is committing suicide and bombing public areas with the biggest possible number of civilians and innocent people that is called al-Jihad in this intellectually sick organization. They are working on recruiting young people and manipulating their thoughts as well as encouraging violence, murder, destruction, and devastation. Also, they are not shaving their beards so that everyone would be similar to them. Even the barber profession has become prohibited to them. Drinking cold water and selling ice in the summer is also forbidden so that the people will not experience drinking cold water to eliminate the summer heat. All of these are ridiculous things and aberrant ideas in fact. So why does not terrorism look to other countries and why does it not apply those sick ideas in them? Why is it that Iraq is the only one they want to terrorize? Carrying these sick filthy ideas by them, they are lies and everyone must be warned. It is a foreign agenda which is intended to not allow the Iraqis to live a stable, better, and sophisticated life. They want us to go back to the ages of ignorance and have the Iraqi mentality decline while our country is a land of history and civilizations. We must fight the abnormal and suspicious ideas created by everyone including the state, religious leaders, intellectuals, every Iraqi, and every nobleman because they are ideas that are not worthy to be raised in our society and in a country like Iraq. We do not want the violence to continue and we do not want it to exist in our country, and the realization of this goal comes through the full elimination of terrorism and al-Qaeda in Iraq.

  • زيد ثابت


    This is enough for Iraq of what is happening in terms of unstable political conditions and those who cling to power. Unfortunately, nobody wants the good for Iraq. The Iraqi people must work to seize all the opportunities in order to help their country to get rid of this catastrophe of the great political problems and the acts of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization. This organization has made Iraq one of the worst Arab countries, because it made the Iraqi people lose many of the important positions, in addition to the attacks on children’s schools and the police stations, and the killing of a lot of doctors and engineers. Those who work with al-Qaeda do not want the good for Iraq. Iraq is in a bad need for great progress in order to restore what has been taken from it. In addition, the government must put effective and intensive plans in place in order to get rid of the mean terrorist acts which are being carried out by the cowardly terrorist organization. The Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense must work hard in order to get rid of the al-Qaeda organization and the dirty acts carried out by them against Iraq and the Iraqi people. May God save Iraq and help them to get rid of every mean terrorist who does not want goodness and peace for Iraq. May He direct all evil to the dirty Al-Qaeda organization and shake the land under their feet, and not grant them goodness. May He scatter them severely and, God willing, Iraq will get rid of the evil of the terrorism and the hateful terrorists; Amen, Almighty God.

  • رشا



  • ربيع العباسي


    Why do we witness all these crimes? Why all this indiscriminate killing? Have the terrorists thought that this will enable them to dominate Iraq? In fact, if these criminal acts could frighten Iraqis, they would have succeeded in dominating the country in the past. However, they have not succeeded in dominating the country and these crimes have been unable to achieve their objectives. Why do they continue to carry out their terrorist operations? Who will assume the responsibility? These terrorist operations of al-Qaeda have claimed the lives of many martyrs. This is in addition to the injured and disabled. All of the victims have been the poor and innocent youth.

  • منصور فارس


    What is the opinion of the people who are living in grief? The country has been exposed to devastation and destruction. This is in addition to the crimes that have been committed by the terrorists in an indiscriminate and savage way. Thus, I indict all the terrorist crimes in my country or in any other country. I also indict this sick and silly ideology that calls for violence and killing, especially since we are in the era of development and technology. Besides, it is supposed to develop the Islamic nation which has witnessed a significant deterioration because the West has achieved a significant superiority for thousands of years. We still suffer from such sick organizations that want to bear arms in order to commit crimes. There is neither law nor constitution and they do not respect religion. All these crimes have been committed by the ugly organization of al-Qaeda that has targeted the Iraqis. The dirty terrorists have tried to exploit any opportunity in order to kill the largest possible number of civilians by committing suicide operations during people’s gatherings. In fact, the majority of victims are children and women who have been burnt due to this explosion.

  • صبيح


    Terrorists envy the Iraqis because of these great blessings so they are masterminding plots and intrigues to the Iraqi people to remain at risk due to the weak security in the country, but God is with the righteous and He does not tolerate those who seek to spread corruption, evil, and atrocities against the innocent people in Iraq. The terrorist organization’s days in Iraq are counted because the mask has fallen from their faces.

  • مختار عبد الحسن


    The suicides have increased in many Iraqi cities recently because of the difficult conditions suffered by the Iraqi people. A number of them turned to suicide due to their inability to cope with difficult circumstances and their weak will power to address them as well as overcome them through patience and trust in God, as these cases are considered one of the things that were unknown previously in Iraqi society, given its enormity in terms of religion and due to the decline of religious consciousness in many areas because of the intellectual invasion and vulnerability that others are creating by committing sins and crimes.

  • محمد


    I curse all the thoughts and works of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, as well as the extremism in which it believes that drove it to commit such shameful crimes. Damn the Al-Qaeda takfiri and terrorist organization and all of its supporters and members, whoever they are. We hate those criminals, and the stupid murderers who kill the innocents without right. Damn all the criminals and the gangs of Al-Qaeda, whose crimes prove the extent of the stupidity, foolishness and deviance of its elements and ideology, which promotes nothing but destruction and the shameful acts that have wronged most of the people through the mean and the dirty acts. All these factors prove that this terrorist organization, its members, supporters, and fans are mean and vile. Hence, we ask God to curse them and all their thoughts and the horrible crimes that planted pain and sadness in our hearts. We lost many of our loved ones in Iraq, and our country was destroyed at their hands. May God curse the oppressors, Takfiris and stupid criminals. May God curse their takfiri organization, whose criminal acts will send it to the dunghill of history. To hell, O criminals, and we will continue cursing you until the Day of Judgment.