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Iraq to begin construction of Grand Faw port project

The Grand Faw project will supplement Iraq's existing system of small ports, like the Basra Oil Terminal pictured above. [Thaier al-Sudani/Reuters]

The Grand Faw project will supplement Iraq's existing system of small ports, like the Basra Oil Terminal pictured above. [Thaier al-Sudani/Reuters]

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A number of international companies will be invited over the next two months to submit offers for the first phase of the Grand Faw Port construction project, the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation announced Sunday (March 4th).

This project would be constructed on the beachhead area of Faw peninsula, south of the city of Basra.

"The first phase includes the construction of a stone breakwater in the Arab Gulf waters to protect the port against strong waves resulting from climate change, in addition to building a service pier in the port's basin," said Omran Radhi, director general of the ministry's Iraqi Ports State Company.

Cost of constructing the breakwater and pier is estimated at $350 million with a 36-month construction period.

Radhi said the final studies and designs of the first stage have been fully completed.

Last year, the transportation ministry contracted a group of Italian companies led by the firm Technical Engineering to complete the sea surveys and special investigations for the project, as well as preparation of the designs for the breakwater and the service pier, at a cost of $62 million.

Kareem al-Nouri, media advisor at the ministry, said the first phase of construction would start by October.

Al-Nouri told Mawtani that the ministry will invite international companies to submit offers.

The standards set by the ministry in awarding contracts include "the company's competence, experience in the implementation of similar works according to international specifications and conditions, the company's financial assets, as well as its ability to complete the works awarded to it in the shortest time possible," he said.

The overall cost of implementing all phases of the port's construction is estimated at about $6 billion.

The latter phases include digging a navigational canal and building decks and platforms to handle the containers and goods.

The overall capacity of the port is expected to be 99 million tons a year of various products and goods.

Wihda al-Jumaily, member of the Iraqi parliament's services and reconstruction committee, said the port, once built, will place the country on the world maritime map.

Companies will start transporting their goods "from Southeast Asia to Europe and vice versa through Iraq because the cost of transporting the goods will be less and the distance shorter than going through the Suez Canal," he said.

"This new sea passageway will bring Iraq huge revenues from transit charges and will help energize the commercial activity of the other Iraqi sea ports, as well as enhance the pace of investment in the country. In addition, there is its immense importance in creating work for huge numbers of unemployed hands," he said.

Currently, Iraq owns six commercial ports overlooking the Gulf in Basra province. Not all those ports are located at the tip of the Gulf, but rather on waterways and narrow sea canals which make them capable of receiving ships with only limited depths.






    I see our esteemed government is making a lot of effort in the reconstruction of Iraq and is working hard for the advancement of Iraq and its people by taking care of infrastructure and establishing construction projects. We hope that these projects will be a qualitative leap for Iraq, and we all desire this to happen. This is a positive thing done by our national government, which is working for its people and I, as an Iraqi citizen, commend the government performance and look forward to see more construction projects and expansion of current ones. In addition, I look forward to setting up and launching more investment projects that will make Iraq stand in the ranks of developed nations in terms of construction. I encourage the Government to continue all of its work which will provide more services for the Iraqi people, and I thank this government, which ensures the convenience of its citizens. I wish them more achievements in terms of projects as well as completion and provision of more services to citizens through taking care of residential areas and construction projects, and giving attention to electrical, agricultural and other projects that would make our country self-sufficient in all fields and be seen as a developed and advanced nation. This is what I wish for my country, Iraq.

  • حازم نوري


    The Iraqi citizen remains disappointed by the promises that have not been implemented on the ground, and that did not save the Iraqi citizen from his suffering, inflicted by the lack of service improvement and the advancement of infrastructure of the country's reconstruction projects. These projects are not commensurate with the needs of the country, especially after the demographic and social development that happened in Iraq. Hence the importance of the establishment of construction projects in Iraq, through the provision of studies and related research. The issues of reconstruction are among the supreme national duties that are in the interests of the motherland and the citizen, and working to achieve economic growth in the country which had stopped for a long period of time, due to the difficult conditions experienced by Iraq, and the serious work at the moment in order to build the country's major projects that contribute to the rehabilitation of Iraq in the present and in the future. They need to stay away from launching promises for political bids, because they lead to more risks. This leads to benefits, because the Iraqi people are an aware people; they are now greater observers of the national issues and of what is happening on the ground indeed. The Iraqi has the ability to assess things.

  • أبن العراق


    All Iraqis aspire to this project and wait to see its completion to benefit from its role in changing Iraq. I am one of those Iraqis and I certainly wish to see my country in the first position in the region, to play a significant role in the commerce, and to control the movement of goods. This port will play a great role in helping Iraq restore its real position and role. Finishing this project represents a specific shift in the Iraqi economy and commercial movement, especially given that Iraq enjoys a strategic location between Europe and the Gulf States. Therefore, we need this project and similar projects that would boost the Iraqi economy. This project is one of the most important projects because it will be the largest port in the Middle East. Despite the attempts by some parties to cripple the project or at least postpone it, the government is required to continue and to provide all the financial support and other requirements to complete this project. Iraq really needs such projects rather than projects of painting the pavements and the other useless things.

  • شعبان علي


    My view is that the enforcement of legal and judicial procedures should not be limited to low-level employees only, but instead they should first be enforced on the top-level employees, so that they can serve as examples to the rest of the employees. Consequently, everyone will understand that the laws apply to all, and that there can be no compromises made at the expense of the rights and wealth of the Iraqi people. Also, the Iraqi Government could grant more power and jurisdiction to fairness and transparency organizations in order to encourage them to combat corruption in the huge projects where much money is stolen, resulting in uncompleted projects due to lack of funds and administrative corruption. This lack of funds would not occur if there were real oversight of these projects and of how contracts are made and the percentage of completed projects, which requires the setting up of special committees that look into every detail of these projects, so that they can find corrupt individuals and send them to the Iraqi justice system so that they can be punished for their dishonorable acts.

  • فتاح عبدالله


    The monitoring of administrative and financial corruption requires courage, above all. Indeed, those who work in this domain must keep in mind the interest of the country and people first. They should not care about the blames of others since they obey Allah. No one could ignore or overlook the spread of administrative and financial corruption in Iraq. In fact, this phenomenon has become too serious. Its impact on the progress of the construction and reconstruction processes has become too visible. The corrupt people are abusing and stealing the money of the Iraqi people. Therefore, effective control of administrative and financial corruption, especially in large and giant projects requires the formation of specialized committees whose members are renowned for their integrity. The latter should follow up such projects, the stages of completion and the allocated money. They must make sure that money is spent wisely. On the other hand, the Committees of Integrity and the offices of the Inspector General must make greater efforts in the inspection of the follow-up contracts. In this respect, I support the rule of majority vote in Council of Ministers when the Government decides to accredit huge projects. In so doing, we mitigate the phenomenon of corruption in these institutions. In other words, the prerogatives of the minister should be limited to minor projects while the mega-projects remain the jurisdiction of the Council of Ministers. The latter must examine the nature of the projects and the utility of their services to people. In addition, we need to fight administrative corruption through the Iraqi judiciary, which should play a greater role in this issue. In fact, we are supposed to restrict the phenomena of corruption in mega projects that are more vulnerable to theft and mischief than the small enterprises.

  • همام


    The corruption has spread in Iraq during the era of the current government more than any bygone era in terms of frequent thefts and badly provided services. The establishment of a project, for example, costs tens of millions and the opportunity for thefts and misappropriations are very large and this is due to two reasons, either the absence of adequate control or because of the involvement of the project personnel and observers in dividing the stolen funds among themselves. Usually the robber is the one who is responsible for the project, thus he is followed by a long series until they reach the staff of the project, and we find that it is done without the awareness of the government about what is happening. They placed bids for the amounts that have been audited by the observers to confirm that information, thus everything is done well without any mistake. How could the Government know what is happening? If they know and tolerate it, this would be a calamity, and if they don't know then the calamity is bigger and greater, because in that case, this is simply neglect and the officials must be accountable for it. Hence, the problem lies in the Governmental administrative officers and the responsible official and the observers. Each of them should control the other in an orderly way, and the government Prime Minister must be controlled to know the neglect because such theft is from the funds of helpless citizens. All that they do is a trust around their necks, and the prime minister must appoint a responsible official of the Government, who is trustworthy and well known for his integrity and honesty. The responsible party of the government must also appoint a responsible official for the project with the same qualifications, and the observers as well. If the official is known for his integrity the subordinates beneath him would be warned of him and fear him. Thus, we found a solution to that problem because in that way the monitoring will be severe for the old and the young, and everyone will know that whoever will be convicted, he will be severely punished. Preferably, the government also should be monitoring the movements of those responsible for the projects so that they would not give them an opportunity for theft, and this is an easier way than the first. Observers must be changed as it is correct that one person monitors more than one project so it is not a means to give him a chance to steal. He could prove his integrity in the project and steal from the other after gaining the trust of the officials, and this is the case of most of the observers, except a few. We must send observers to the observers, giving more attention to the fact that the people should not know each other so that there would be no sympathy on the part of one for the other. These are some of the solutions.

  • عاصم سميع


    Kuwait and its Government officials are going to build Mubarak Port and benefit from it at the expense of Iraqi interests. This is neither permissible nor possible. Thus, I hope that our brotherly Kuwaitis will refrain from doing this and stop these policies that aim to cause as much harm as possible to our country and people. Indeed, their intransigent stance in establishing Mubarak Port, that has reached its fourth stage despite the Iraqi demands to halt the project, is a negative move which proves the excessive deliberate stance of Kuwaitis. Therefore, I hope that the latter will reconsider their stance concerning the completion of this Port, given that this has become one of their most important problems with Iraq. Thus, I am hopeful that our brotherly Kuwaitis will change their negative stance towards Iraq through building Mubarak Port. As a matter of fact, they have to establish relationships and take stances that work on serving both countries and easing the tension between such neighboring and brotherly countries. This is really what we hope for.

  • ابو حياة


    We need a comprehensive strategy related to the immediate and future Kuwaiti-Iraqi relationships. In fact, the great Mubarak Port is established on the Kuwaiti territories and water while the proposed Iraqi Faw Port is away tens of kilometers from the Mubarak Port.

  • زاهد جلال


    Thank God that the efforts of good people in reconstructing it are still ongoing. Thus, Kuwaitis must not exploit the situation of Iraq, given that the conditions will change. In fact, we have to take this issue into account and we will have equal opportunities. Also, we have to take the mutual interests between both countries into consideration and avoid radicalism in making decisions, as is the case today with Kuwait and its stances concerning the building of Mubarak Port.

  • كمال يوسف


    I personally criticize the stance of Kuwait concerning the building of Mubarak Port and consider it a major violation of Iraq. Kuwait needs to review and work on revising its policies towards Iraq, given that the latter are very radical and will harm Iraq a great deal and bring about a lot of tension between both countries. In fact, in our new Iraq we do not want this situation; we long to live safely and peacefully with all our neighbors. We also seek to deal with them according to mutual interests and the principle of “no harm.” Besides, Kuwait should be aware that Iraq has started to recover and we have to support it rather than harm it, especially since Iraq will not remain the way it is now.

  • مجيدعلي


    Those who have observed the attitudes and behavior of Kuwait towards Iraq in the past years will notice that this country is undoubtedly seeking to inflict the greatest damage on Iraq, its interests and the interests of its people. In fact, Kuwait has insisted on constructing the Port of Mubarak. It has already completed some parts. This represents a striking violation of neighborly conventions. The construction of the Port of Mubarak will cause great damage to Iraq. The Kuwaitis will inflict a considerable loss to the Iraqi economy through building the Port of Mubarak in this place in particular. I think that the rigidity of the Kuwaitis in this respect proves that they want to hurt Iraq. I really do not see any reason for such a negative position. Indeed, this firm position will not serve the interests of our brotherly fellows in Kuwait. Iraq and Kuwait have many things in common. They should respect their neighbors. The two countries must forget about the painful past and seek to make exchanges and achieve common interests that could promote the economy of both brotherly neighbors. Kuwaitis must not think that the interests of Kuwait and its people could come at the expense of the interests of Iraq and Iraqis.

  • ناصح خالد


    The Great Port of Faw will represent a boom in the history of Iraqi achievements. It will be added to the past successes in the reconstruction sectors of Iraq. In fact, this great project will enhance a lot of other sectors in Iraq. This project must be completed as soon as possible. There should be no negligence in the execution. We need to harness much effort, energy and money in order to establish the Great Port of Faw. The impact of this port on Iraq will last for years and for many generations. Therefore, we look forward to this port, which will be one of the most important economic and marine achievements of Iraq in the Persian Gulf.

  • هادي البصراوي


    The Great Port of Faw is one of the necessary projects. It should be established and launched as soon as possible. We all stand by the government in its quest to build such a project, which will have a positive impact on the Iraqi people. The port will also employ a great number of jobless people. We are encouraged by this good project, which will represent a sea outlet for Iraq. The country will benefit greatly from this project. As an Iraqi citizen, my dream is that this great project will see the light. I hope that my country will achieve all its projects. I also hope that Iraq will overcome all obstacles. We want to see this seaport in full operation. We also want to see the export of Iraqi oil from this port.

  • سعيد مامون


    Our beloved Iraq has achieved significant security and political stability. In fact, it is now focusing on reconstruction and construction in many aspects of life, especially since the country managed to put an end to terrorism. The terrorists seem to be reeling and fading out, thanks to the accomplishments of our armed forces. On the other hand, the economic situation of Iraq has improved, thank God. Compared to the past years, Iraq’s economy has prospered. God willing, Iraq is moving towards reconstruction, construction and economic recovery. The implementation of great strategic projects will hopefully enhance the recovery of the Iraqi economy. Chief among the hoped-for giant projects is the establishment of the Great Port of Faw. I expect this project to be the beginning of the period of affluence in our country. This port will become the main outlet for Iraq, overlooking the Persian Gulf. It will also represent an additional outlet to our country, and it could be used for import and export operations. We could benefit from the significant economic and financial revenues from the Great Port of Faw. The latter will be used in shipping goods between world countries. The Port will become the focal point of various global markets, because Iraq lies in a good geographical location.

  • خيرت علي


    Probably, the complicated political relationships between the neighboring two states, Iraq and Kuwait, are unprecedented as to their long duration. The political problems between the two states started even before announcing Kuwait's independence in February 1963 and continue until today. If Kuwait actually wants to have normal relations and good neighbors, away from doubts and suspicions, then it must take the conditions of Iraq, the suffering of its people, and its political problems during all these years into account. We also emphasize the role played by the Kuwaiti State and Government in those circumstances, and the huge price paid by all Iraqis because of this. Kuwait must take the full responsibility for reviewing these calculations and their results. Kuwait is also required to think seriously about compensating the Iraqi people for the sacrifices and pain that they suffered because of helping Saddam to stay in power for such a long period at the expense of his people and his neighbors. Certainly, the demands of the Iraqi people will be very modest and will not exceed writing off the debts of Saddam, and the heavy legacy that he left for the people, including compensations. We also request Kuwait to extend a helping hand to us as it did with other countries that are far removed from us ethnically, religiously, and even geographically. The small neighbor must realize that it is not in its interest to have a large people (irrespective of the ethnic unity as stated in the documents of the Arab League) suffering from serious deterioration in their living standard while its own people enjoy incomparable welfare and luxury. This is not a threat, but the facts of geography that remind us of the theory of communicating vases in physics, which is used to remind us of the facts and pressures of politics, which are similar to the fluid pressure in vases!

  • صادق


    The Faw Port project, which will be created in the province of Basra, is one of the vital projects with a significant positive impact in revitalizing the Iraqi economy. This mega project will also serve as the basic building block in the reconstruction of the economic infrastructure in Iraq. It will also be a good start for the Iraqi people. Given the huge influence in advancing the progress and the economic development in Iraq towards the best ways, it will have a significant impact in solving a large part of the crisis experienced by Iraq, as this project will act as a portal of goodness flowing to the Iraqi people. It will lead to the flow of goods and commodities to Iraq in order to fill the large local needs at the present time and it will ride the horseback of construction and reconstruction to restore what was destroyed by the wars that took place in the country as well as the delay and the stopping in the areas of development that accompanied those wars. It had a significant impact on the decline of the Iraqi economy. It has left a lot of economic and social problems and that have made Iraq into an arena of conflict and liquidation of the regional and internal problems due to the weak loyalty which a lot of people were subjected to because of the suffering that took place in the social settings and the decline in services and security in the country.

  • هشام راضي


    Kuwait is offending and breaking international laws through constructing Port Mubarak. The latter represents a controversial issue. Indeed, they have planned to build and implement this project without any discussions or consultation with Iraq regarding the issue. Port Mubarak will block the movement of Iraqi ports. This issue will have a negative impact on Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations and possibly cause a major crisis. Therefore, Kuwait must not rush to make decisions to carry out projects that serve their internal interests and harm and damage the neighboring countries. The relations between the States, and especially the brotherly and neighboring ones, should be based on total respect. The project of one country should not harm the others. They should not come at the detriment of others’ interests. There must be some consultations before taking decisions on projects that might affect the neighboring countries. The latter should approve of these projects first. Then, they could implement them. Of course, the benefit of both countries and their international relations depend on mutual respect in making decisions. This applies to Iraq and Kuwait in particular because these countries went through a crisis. It is very important to deal without hatred. They should forget their past clashes. Kuwaitis must not be affected by the historical events. In fact, Iraq has become a pacifist and good country. It does not want to receive any harm, especially from its neighbors. Therefore, Kuwait must act appropriately and respect the rights of others. It should not deny the rights of others. Indeed, the Mubarak Port will cause a lot of damage to the movement of trade ships and ports in the south of Iraq. The latter will not tolerate this issue.

  • فضيل خيري


    Iraq is making significant progress. In fact, it has started to implement many projects that will improve the economic situation, especially now that the country has overcome the period of bombings, terrorism, violence, destruction, devastation, tampering, displacement and meaningless bloodshed. Thanks to God, Iraq is witnessing a better era. We supplicate Allah Almighty to grant Iraq's honest people whose main concern is to develop their country. Everyone must cooperate in order to ensure the advancement and recovery of the new Iraq which needs to restore its international reputation and influence. Iraq should become a strong Arab country. Of course, this is possible only through cooperation, solidarity and hard work. We should focus on construction, reconstruction, and the implementation of many vital and important projects in the country. The Iraqi authorities should create more possibilities and strive to develop the country. In fact, Iraq has gone through a very critical period. Therefore, we need to implement these important projects in order to make up for that period. Indeed, Iraq suffered from delayed development, an economic downturn and a lot of degradation and destruction. Thus, we must seize all available opportunities in order to implement many important projects, which could increase the monthly income of many Iraqi families who will work on these projects. The country needs the efforts of the people to carry out projects related to construction, reconstruction and development. In this respect, the Port of Faw will provide many possibilities to implement important and necessary projects for the country in order to continue the process of development and prosperity. God willing, this process will be different this time. Thus, it is very necessary to supervise the implementation of the project through a staff that is characterized by honor and integrity, and faithfulness to their country. These people should not hesitate or neglect the implementation of these projects. Otherwise, they should quit. This important and vital project should not be plagued by corruption that could delay its implementation. We hope that more and more huge and sophisticated projects will emerge soon.

  • محمد عبدالكريم


    This is what we regret because the Kuwaiti side insists on the construction of this non-blessed port in that place. In any case I personally hope that the government of Mr. Maliki will instruct those responsible for the implementation of the project of the Fao port to immediately carry out the project, convert the plans to concrete things in reality, and make the disbursement of funds necessary to complete the project. We really need a large, modern port that accommodates oil tankers and large merchant ships because the current ports are not sufficient to handle the oil tankers and commercial ships, in addition to their antiquity and lack of maintenance. We want from the government actions, not words, because in the past we have witnessed a lot of mega-projects, which the government said would be implemented soon. The truth was they were just words spoken during a press conference in order to polish the image of the government. Actually, we have not seen any serious implementation of those projects. We hope that the fate of the large port of Fao is only paper and talk. We hope that we will see the practical stages of the implementation and that the government will share with us through the state media the stages of the construction and development of the project. This particular project is vital and important for Iraq. It will help us avoid conflict with Kuwait because of what this neighboring Arab country is doing. Instead of helping the Iraqi people, it is trying to cut off the Iraqis' livelihood and prevent them from selling their oil through the present ports overlooking the Gulf because they are building the Kuwaiti port of Mubarak.

  • عبدالرحمن ستار


    Personally, I am one of those people who encourage the immediate start of the construction of the large port of FAO to avoid a major economic crisis if Kuwait continued to build the port of Mubarak. It will lead to the obstruction of the International Maritime in the current Iraqi ports. Therefore, we will enter a real ominous crisis at that time. We do not want to reach it because it will certainly lead to a clash between the two countries and that would mean cutting the livelihood of the Iraqi people.

  • نزار حمدي


    I hope that the greater effort by the Iraqi Government does not give the opportunity for just anyone to play with the money of Iraq. The Iraqi Government must understand that this project will make something very important in terms of the development of relations and exchanges. More importantly than this is that the Iraqi people will live in a very advanced stage. They will return to a better situation than it was in the past and better. I call to Allah the Most High for this project to be successfully implemented so that Iraq will live in bliss and break the enemy's thorn and that Kuwait will be among the failing countries that return to the creatures because she was coveting the goodness of the other. O Lord, please reconcile Iraq in order to be among the best Arab countries and make it reach the level of the largest European and international countries, Amen.

  • نعيم فلاح


    For a long time, Kuwait has been carrying all the hatred and jealousy of the Iraqi people. After learning that Iraq wanted to start the project of building the port of Fao, it took the same style and deliberately started building the so-called Port of Mubarak. It is not possible that we let Kuwait construct this port because it is not its right. It is an Iraqi project and Kuwait is not included. The authentic Iraqis are able to take control of it. We will not let them do what they wish as they do not have the right to interfere in such things. We want to show the world that whoever touches the Iraqi territory with evil intent, the Iraqis will cut off their hands, God willing, because the goodness that Allah the Almighty gave to the Iraqis cannot possibly go to others, no matter what happens. The State of Kuwait wants to control Iraq in any way. Saddam Hussein was not wrong when he turned everything upside down because he knew essentially that they are cowardly people and cannot do anything at all. Thus, the Kuwaiti Government must withdraw from this decision quickly because it is not possible for the Iraqis to give it such an opportunity. Iraq mainly needs some kind of development. This great project is the one that will make Iraq among the largest Arab countries that export the most oil among them. Those countries that will work with Iraq will be among the most competitive countries. Basra will be a station. Those who wish their goods would arrive through the port of Fao will make Iraq among the most developed Arab States. It will be the most successful because the ships that pass through it will be most fortunate. Iraq is among the important countries that have participated with it. Therefore, the port of FAO must be built.

  • صلاح عبد


    Administrative corruption has become one of the thorniest issues. Thus, I would like to criticize whoever commits administrative and financial corruption in Iraq. All of us also want to face corrupt people and their dishonest acts which they carry out in order to earn money, rob the projects’ funds and delay the provision of services to all people. In fact, the State concern has focused for years on reconstruction and building which is something positive. Thus, we would like to support the government but we hope that it will tighten the control on projects and follow up all their details, particularly the financial ones. This aims to deprive corrupt people of the opportunity of carrying out corruption, given that they represent a stumbling block in the process of reconstruction in Iraq.

  • نبيل سالم


    God willing, their project will be cancelled soon. However, the Great Faw Port will be built. Indeed, we want to show the world as a whole the capabilities of the Iraqis and their ability to make development by themselves. The Great Faw Port will help Iraq become an important and highly developed country. Besides, Iraq will benefit from the revenues of this port and this will enable them to enjoy peace, security, high living standards, and comfort. I pray to Allah the Most High to make things go well. He will grant Iraq and the Iraqis all the best. The Great Faw Port will be the best and the largest harbor. Kuwaitis will be defeated.

  • غريب صبحي


    I call on the Iraqi Government to do its utmost to follow up this issue for the sake of Iraq and the Iraqis, and in order to preserve their dignity. As for me, I want just one thing from the Iraqi Government, which consists of depriving Kuwait of this opportunity and exploiting this huge project with foreign companies in order to strengthen the relationships with the other countries so as to undermine the Kuwaitis. I also wish this government would do even one good thing for the Iraqis so that we could remember it. Thus, if the Kuwaitis establish Mubarak Port, we will be totally aware that the Iraqi Government is a traitor, has planned this issue and has sold Iraq at a low price. Furthermore, it is actually trying to clear itself. Yet, the Iraqi Government is expected to respond to Kuwait and make them aware that Iraq is one of the most powerful Arab countries. No matter what happens, Iraq will become better and as Iraqis, we will not grant Kuwait what it wants.

  • شهاب خليل


    I would like to congratulate the Iraqis for their strength and ability to fight Kuwait. God willing, we will keep defending our rights at any price. In fact, Kuwait wants to exploit the Iraqi Port in order to strengthen its relationships and work on linking Kuwait with the other countries which enjoy a considerable importance so as to improve its investments. Yet, as Iraqis, we are patriotic and we will never let Kuwait do what it wants, especially since it does not want the well-being of Iraq and the Iraqis. Iraq does not want the well-being of Kuwait because the latter wants to take advantage of all the properties of the Iraqis. Thus, the idea of establishing Mubarak Port is comical. In this respect, I would like to remind and tell them that Iraq is for the Iraqis and we will never give it to them. I also would like to tell them that they cannot do whatever they like and Allah will always support the righteous especially since the Iraqis have the right. In fact, Kuwait wants to take advantage of this place in order to break the relationships of Iraq with the other countries and prevent it from good sources of income. It also wants to exploit the oil resources of Iraq and rob things as it likes. Thus, such a division is a wrong decision and no one will accept it.

  • طالب فريد


    I am personally against the acts which Kuwait wants to carry out, especially since the Iraqis are honorable people who do not deserve any of this. As far as I am concerned, the Iraqi Government must play a great role to show the Kuwaitis that the Iraqis are neither afraid of it nor of anyone else. It should show that Iraq will become better. In fact, we will work on establishing the large Faw Port, especially since the Kuwaitis want to harm Iraqis a lot by building the Mubarak Port. The Kuwaitis want to benefit as much as possible and behave comfortably as if they own the Iraqi territories. As far as I am concerned, Kuwait is one of the most failed countries. Thus, if they have exploited their country, reconstructed it, established more investment places, and increased their relationships with the other Arab and European countries, they would have become one of the best countries until now. Yet, they are stupid because they have relied on so and so and now they want to take control of the Iraqi Port. However, this issue will never be fulfilled even in their dreams, given that the Iraqis will not let them carry out the acts that they want.

  • قاصد جلال


    I hope that the Kuwaitis will not find room in Iraq since this country is for the Iraqis. God willing, all the crises in Iraq will be solved. In fact, Iraq should think of everything that could promote progress and all the best things so that this country will live in peace and safety forever. I wonder why Iraq and the Iraqis do not exploit the wealth that Allah the Almighty has granted for their benefit. What could you say about such a failed government that is not able to solve the outstanding problems which would make Iraq one of the best countries? In fact, this progress will enable the Iraqis to lead a decent and comfortable life instead of the tragedies and pains. God willing, Allah the Almighty will grant all the best and success to the Iraqis. In addition, the great Faw Port will be established and completed so that we could show the Arab world that Iraq is still able to do everything. May Allah the Almighty bless the Iraqis.

  • Rasam


    Kuwait must be aware that the era of Saddam is over and the Iraqis have been harmed a lot during that time. Yet, they were able to do whatever they like. In fact, they are the decision makers. Thus, it has become impossible to discriminate them given that the Iraqis have learnt a great lesson from what Saddam and the other presidents have done for them and with regards to the terrorist acts and wars. In fact, they have taken a great lesson and now they want to live fairly and happily. In this respect, the big Faw Port project will solve a lot of problems for them. Firstly, Basra will become one of the distinguished provinces in Iraq, thanks to the development that it will enjoy. In addition, trade and international relationships will increase in this province. Also, investors and foreign companies that want to contribute to this historic project will show further interest in Iraq. Furthermore, the unemployment rate will decrease given that the Iraqis will work in this project and their exploitation will be better than the foreign workers. Therefore, this will be a very good opportunity which the Iraqi Government must examine. Indeed, we only want to undermine Kuwaitis and preserve the wealth of Iraq to the Iraqis. Besides, we want the whole world to be aware that Iraq cannot grant its rights to any other party. God willing, many things that would make Iraq one of the developed countries will be far better than before.

  • يونس ناظم


    God willing, Mubarak Port will never be established as long as the Iraqis are still alive and prevent Kuwait from doing what they want in Iraq. In fact, Saddam Hussein was right when he invaded Kuwait and wanted to restore it to Iraq because of the abundance of money and properties which he took from Iraq. I wonder what sin have the Iraqis committed if they wanted to take revenge on the acts committed by the former Iraqi regime especially since they do not let others take their money and all their properties.

  • فاروق صالح


    What was done by Kuwait is what they are and their image, and the lack of respect that comes from them is unacceptable at all. And Kuwait must immediately recalculate with respect to construction of Mubarak port.



    Kuwait's position on the subject of trying to build Mubarak port is encroachment and a violation of the rights. It is unfortunate what Kuwait did against Iraq because it causes the fueling of the situation and aggravation for Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations, so it would be better to get prior agreement and get approval from the State of Iraq, and then start planning for this project instead of implementing it immediately and without any permission. It is shameful for Kuwait and shows arrogance and lack of respect and encroachment upon the property of others, and this project will cause significant damage to Iraq and the southern region, specifically because it will close the road to Iraqi trade and movement in the south to the ports and operations of trade and travel. The process of building the port of Mubarak came at a time of exploitation of an opportunity or a crisis that Iraq is now going through and they may have built this port because they thought that no one will be demanding their rights or that Iraq is preoccupied with internal events, but what happened is beyond clear and explicit, it is immoral, and shows Kuwait's intentions towards Iraq. If we assumed that any other country was near Kuwait, Kuwait wouldn’t even dare to build this port because they will refuse any encroachment.

  • طاهر منصور


    We hope that the implementation of this project will have credibility and integrity in serving the Iraqi people. Iraq must have a major role in the restoration in respect to working in the ports that boost the economy of the country; so it is good to implement such projects in Iraq.

  • منير حجاج


    My opinion on the project of Faw port is that it is an important project and will have very good results in the future, God willing, if done properly. It is very necessary that important projects, which develop and expand the important aspect in Iraq be held in the province of Basra, and that Iraqi ports, which need a lot of vital projects that contribute to the reactivation of the province of Basra, which is one of the provinces that has a very big role in terms of business, and a lot of other things such as travel and tourism. The work in the field of ports and new projects is so important; the province will receive great importance, so those who provide the project must do their duty to the fullest accuracy and constantly follow-up, the project must be fruitful and should be completed fast.

  • عمر


    I think that the State of Iraq has a good relationship with Kuwait. There is no disagreement or something like that because Iraq is preoccupied with its private matters. It is very far from positions that make it at odds with any state. As for Kuwait, we do not know if it has a dispute with Iraq or not as this is an issue related to Kuwait itself, as a neighboring country to the State of Iraq.

  • سالم النمر


    The Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations are witnessing a certain tension in some of the aspects pertaining to ports and oil fields as well as the debt claimed by the State of Kuwait from Iraq. For the other aspects, they are relatively normal. There is no other downside because Iraq is a peaceful country. It is not pleased with overriding or taking what does not belong to it. It does not put itself in a difficult position or dispute with any country. Therefore, Iraq is a country that suffered a lot from war and engaged in its private affairs. It is a country that does not cause harm to anyone and maintains its relations with other countries whether Arab or foreign.

  • صبحي العليل


    I call upon the Iraqi government to do its best in order to implement this important project. We all know that Kuwait, the Arab-Muslim neighboring country to Iraq, unfortunately wants to occupy this place and build Mubarak port, which will bring money which they have never taken into account. They don’t know that they cannot set foot on this territory because it is an Iraqi land, but they only want to control Iraq at any price. They do not remember what Iraq did to them and how it stood by them, because they are ingrates.

  • نسر


    The Grand Few port project is considered one of the most important projects in Iraq. This will be the first and most important project in terms of global commercial development, as all ships will have places there through all the goods and other things that are transferred. This project is the best proof of Iraq’s development both economically and in terms of building relationships with both Arab and European countries. The Grand Faw port should be built completely because Iraq does not have such a huge port, and is now in desperate need for it. The Port of Umm Qasr is one of the oldest ports and cannot be developed because the amount of money needed to improve it would be enough to build a new port. There is no better idea than that of Grand Faw port. It is the duty of the Iraqi government to start working on this project immediately and agree with giant companies in order to get this project fully done. No matter how much money is to be spent on it, profits will be multiplied. This project is being discussed now, but still we want to see tangible results.

  • عيسى خالد


    Kuwait is the first to fight against any project that might contribute to developing Iraq and improving its living and economic condition. The best evidence for that is when Iraq announced the establishment of the great Faw Port, which caused Kuwait to hasten to announce the establishment of the great Mubarak Port, so as to damage the Faw Port project. This matter has led to a crisis between the two countries, unless there is interference from other parties and wise action on the part of the Iraqi government. Therefore, if Kuwait would like to improve its relations with Iraq, it should change its way of dealing and its approach towards its relations with Iraq.

  • ثامر احمد


    I swear by God that the relations are very bad. I think that the negative stance that the politicians are taking in Kuwait, and the political system there, are the reasons for the situation through which the current relations between the two countries are passing. Consequently, there should be awareness and recognition of the deep historical relations between the two countries, as well as maintaining the neighborly ethics between the two countries. We are two Muslim Arab countries, and there should be real cooperation and confidence in dealing and relations. Since the time of the former regime in Iraq, these relations were frozen; they are not moving in a positive way, so as to eliminate the existing disputes. Kuwait and its rulers should be aware that the political system in Iraq has changed, and that this is a democratic regime. Saddam Hussein did not come up with it, but the Iraqi people are the ones who chose it, and a new leaf should be turned over, as well as showing a spirit of cooperation and help for the Iraqi people, who are going through the worst and hardest conditions. Kuwait is taking the stance of the observer. On the contrary, I feel sometimes that it has greatly contributed to everything that has happened in Iraq. Iraq has tried more than once to solve its problems with Kuwait through the new political system in Iraq. It also interferes with other parties from the USA and the UN, but in vain. Kuwait to this day has not taken a single step towards improving the relations with Iraq. For example, to this day, Iraq has been paying compensations to Kuwait for more than twenty years, which have amounted to a billion dollars. Kuwait is still taking that money and it was assumed, for example, as a way of expressing good intentions, that Kuwait should waive its right, especially since it received the compensations and more, or that it has already received its right, and Iraq is still suffering, due to these deductions from the fuel money.

  • ياسين حمدي


    The relations of Iraq and Kuwait have been stormy and there has been bad blood, driven by the conflicts over oil and debts. These two countries have been up against each other on the battlefield two times, and the situation keeps worsening every day. Lately, a few fishermen from Iraq were killed in Iraqi waters by the Kuwaiti coast guard. The peace negotiations between the two countries have always been in a precarious position, and these kinds of predicaments result in provocation. There are fewer chances that the Kuwaiti government will apologize for their acts, in an effort to mend the already strained relations. And there is no hope of peaceful talks between the two countries, to come up to one common point towards their relations.

  • ابو الكرم


    I think that the Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations now have been improved, and they have been improving gradually and rapidly as well. It is known that Saddam Hussein has passed away, and consequently the other party of the conflict which was present has vanished. Especially the followers of the deceased President Saddam Hussein have left as well, and if they haven’t died, they have left their positions. So, now we have people who will never be punished by the Mulla family in Kuwait because of what was done to them by that man many years ago, and this is not reasonable. But the other party, which is the royal family which suffered from the scourge of this attack, will naturally be affected by them every time they remember him. The small number of the Kuwaiti people can’t even forget that in a matter of only one night. There is one person who made their people homeless; but I think that the parties of the conflict will forget, or to be more accurate, they will try to forget what happened in the past, because what is past is past. No one will be able to change the past, and with the passing of the days, the two peoples will forget, and there will be a great impact, especially on the Kuwaiti people, as they will be replaced and the people will be changed.

  • صادق محمد


    What happened in the past has passed and Saddam Hussein has died. Of course, the threats against the Kuwaiti people and the war on Kuwait forced the Kuwaiti royal family to escape to Saudi Arabia in an ominous night for both the Kuwaitis and the Iraqis. This was terrible; most of the Kuwaitis, if not all of them, hate Iraq and the Iraqis because of what happened to them. The Iraqi army destroyed Kuwait and razed its infrastructure to the ground in about 10 hours. You can imagine that overnight you become displaced and hunted in your own home. However, I believe that we can certainly get over the sorrows of the past, because the interests of the neighboring countries in particular, as in the case with Iraq and Kuwait, can heal all wounds. All parties must admit that what happened has happened, and that the relations between the two Arab neighboring states must be resumed completely or partially for the time being. We all know that both the Iraqis and Kuwaitis were deceived in this war, which was a serious conspiracy.

  • ليون


    Among the projects that pleased me significantly is the determination of the Iraqi Government to carry out the implementation of the port of Faw in Basra province, near the al- Faw peninsula where invitations were sent to the international companies specializing in building such projects in order to submit their offers for contracting with them to begin the implementation of this mega-project. It will have significant financial returns leading to the revival of the Iraqi economy significantly. However, it is expected that the capacity of the port would reach 99 million tonnes per annum of various products incoming and outgoing because it will put Iraq on the map of global shipping due to the low cost of transportation through the port between East Asia and Europe in addition to the importance of the port of Faw in the employment of large numbers of unemployed in various disciplines to contribute to the alleviation of unemployment in the country.

  • عمار أحمد


    Iraq desperately needs to restore the economic infrastructure of the country and develop better ways to serve its interests, which were subjected to the destruction of its vitality as a result of the wars and unstable security conditions that have occurred in the country. The terrorist acts implemented by terrorist organizations and armed groups have had a great impact on the security of the country. The fact that the Iraqi Government today is implementing large projects in the country is considered vital and a step in the right direction that will make Iraq recover slowly, especially at this stage during which Iraq is witnessing security improvements that enable the country to take measures in order to carry out the establishment of mega projects that will turn it into a developed country in the region and the world, especially since it has tremendous potentials which are abundant in money, labor, and scientific and technical capabilities to do projects like these. They will serve as a strong and solid foundation for the Iraqi economy in the future. I congratulate the Iraqi Government whenever I see or hear through the media about the achievements that the Iraqi Government is undertaking to push Iraq to becoming one of the developed countries in the region.

  • سمير عدلي


    Although the situation is charged with caution, Iraq and Kuwait are united by Arabism and Islam, and on both sides, there are people stressing the importance of cooperation and the developing relationships, and even trying to do so despite all obstacles. Iraq and Kuwait should try harder and submit more solutions in order to move forward towards developing relations between them, in order to achieve security and relative stability in the region.

  • جهاد محمد


    As is the case with the various facilities and important sectors which have suffered from negligence and deterioration in Iraq, the Iraqi construction sector still suffers the same factors that eventually led to a sector that is almost devastated due to the administrative corruption, which impedes its progress. Despite the importance of the Iraqi reconstruction sector, which is seen as a way towards progress, development and stability for Iraqis, and in spite of spending billions in continuous attempts to improve this vital sector and enhance its capacity to meet the needs of the Iraq people, the Iraqi government is still in some sense unable to achieve tangible results in this regard.

  • كاظم فهمي


    Kuwait must reconsider the issue so as not to bring harm to itself of which it is completely indispensable. It should not behave randomly and show lack of respect for the neighboring country such as the State of Iraq, which has a distinctive, large and high position. A small country such as Kuwait has to respect others’ rights and expand its work on the expense and interest of large and prominent countries such as Iraq.

  • ابو اسراء


    Kuwait's position is indeed shameful because despite their knowledge that this project will cause large damage for the Iraqi Ports, they still continue to create this project. They are indifferent about what this will cause for the Iraqi State. It was better that there would be discussions and consultations with respect to this matter, but unfortunately this situation was not fairly and equitably dealt with. They have already begun constructing the project, not caring about what will happen to the port of the State of Iraq in the southern region. Therefore, my position on this matter exceeds and breaches the international rights. It was very important to consult and handle it with the State of Iraq and get approval first. Then, they can start planning for this project because it cannot be implemented directly and without any permission. It is very sad that this is the position of the neighboring Arab State to Iraq. It was supposed to get the approval of many operating entities in the State of Iraq with respect to the construction of Mubarak Port, which is large and open, expanding against Iraq and the Iraqi people.

  • عساف احسان


    We hope that the large port of Faw would have a great and very high deal of development and progress characterized by the best specifications to reflect the new image of Iraq while also providing all the new techniques, developments and modernization during the period of construction to be one of the best projects that take place on the land of Iraq, thanks to the people who have a national spirit and who work for their own country to be one of the best. This is the hope of every honorable Iraqi citizen. They want the best for their country through the provision and availability of a lot of areas that contribute to improving their country’s situation, God willing.

  • رافت


    The process of creating very important projects in Iraq is a step and vital initiative that will contribute to activity in the field of creation, construction, reconstruction, and providing a lot of areas of work and prosperity. For this reason, the establishment of the project of Faw Port is a good and important step, and should be completed so that there would be an improvement in terms of ports that are found in the dear province of Basra, and to expand the dealing with the companies in order to bring movement back to the land of Iraq again in order to begin reaching all the other provinces, especially the capital. For this reason, the large project of Faw Port is an evidence of determination that Iraq will be better than it was. There will be a workforce that will have a very important role in promoting the Iraqi people while they are under quite different circumstances and situations. They will witness, feel and see the real change with their own eyes that Iraq is able to recover its well being because of those who care about it and those who are struggling so that Iraq would have the best image and build many important and vital projects which will contribute in restoring the activity of ports that need a lot of care, attention and provision of services.

  • خليل صاببر


    It is in the interest of Kuwait to deal with some wisdom with Iraq and not stick to the oppressed notion that it uses most often as a card to win the public opinion in the world. Things have been revealed for what they are and these tricks can no longer deceive people who know the truth. I see the interest of both countries to introduce their problems to the Arab Summit Conference that will be held in the end of the current month, March, in Iraq for the information of the Arab leaders. Perhaps they found a solution to guarantee the rights of both parties regarding the repetition of the demarcation of the border and the significant impact of the port of Mubarak, and removal of Iraq from Chapter VII, which has bedeviled the Iraqi economy and stopped the threats looming by Kuwait against Iraq because that was not in the interest of Kuwait and it was incompatible with the principles of good neighborliness.

  • نعيم مودة


    Both sides, Iraq and Kuwait, should tear up or burn up the past with all its negative effects issued by the two parties, and work on adopting new political and information orientations. This will restore the relations between the two countries, through the release of public information which creates crises between the two parties. Thus the people of Iraq and Kuwait will have some harmony and peace of mind, by working on the restoration the rift that occurred between the siblings, because the media escalation is stirring up trouble. This increases the rift factors between the two countries, especially since the relations are still fragile. They can be aggravated at any time, because it is like hot embers under the ashes, which only needs a spark and pouring oil on it, and it will burn everything and everybody.

  • شامل عجيب


    There are persistent historical problems between Iraq and Kuwait. They need to empty their hearts of malice and hatred between the two parties, for the purpose of being able to find appropriate solutions to these problems that led to an armed conflict between the two countries. However, Kuwait considered itself affected, oppressed, and felt that its rights had been assaulted. The opposite is true, because Iraq has been subjected to economic, political and social problems as a result of the actions of Kuwait, which reached in some cases to the vulnerability of violating the sanctity of the Iraqi people and their defamation among people. I do not want this matter to stir up all the problems.

  • مسرور سعدي


    I don't see a point in the Port Mubarak issue as Kuwait can build the port anywhere else in the Kuwaiti territorial waters. Changing the location of the port will not affect the Kuwaiti economy or the work in the port. So, the insistence of Kuwait on building the port in the current location makes us sure that Kuwait wants to weaken the economy of Iraq. Kuwait is still dealing with Iraq, whether the government or people, as an enemy. This is something that we criticize and condemn. I do not think that such methods will be of any benefit to Kuwait, it will not help Kuwait get what it wants because Iraq is a big country with great civilization that is deeply rooted in history. The desperate attempts of Kuwait will not affect Iraq or make it weak. At the same time, what Kuwait is doing will not improve the mutual relations or push them forward. On the contrary, it will cause disagreements between the two countries. We, the Iraqi and Kuwait people, don't want this to happen. Yet, what can we do or say?! The two governments of Iraq and Kuwait are not doing a good job of solving problems or dealing with these issues.

  • سعيد جلال


    Based on what I see, the Kuwaiti government is the main reason for the strained relations between the two neighboring countries, Iraq and Kuwait. Yet, I blame the Iraqi government sometimes for lack of seriousness in resolving the pending issues between both countries. As a matter of fact, the biggest of those problems are created by Kuwait because it still holds against Iraqis the problems, sorrows and miseries that happened when Iraqi attacked Kuwait. I don't want to talk about the reasons for this attack but let's say that Saddam made a mistake and made a bad decision by occupying Kuwait. What is the point of this hatred, animosity and lack of faith from the Kuwaiti side toward Iraqis even after the removal of the reason by the departure of Saddam?! The Kuwaiti government should have been more helpful to the Iraqis after overthrowing Saddam. It should have started good mutual relations by taking part in the reconstruction of Iraq. But, sadly this is not what happened; it was quite the opposite. The process of sabotage, vandalism, looting and plundering that happened after the foreign occupation of Iraq was mainly plotted by the Kuwaiti Intelligence Service. Many of the governmental departments were burnt and we saw the Kuwaiti slogans on the walls which indicated that it was the time for Kuwait's revenge against Iraqis. Despite all this, we forgave and forgot and we said they still have some hatred in their hearts, but after all those years we still see from time to time Kuwait causing a problem or issue so the two countries can have a new conflict.

  • ابو كريم


    Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations have been fluctuating ever since the nineties of the last century and until now. Even though the reason has been removed, namely Saddam Hussein, yet we see that the mutual relations of both countries are not up to the expected level. The reasons are the weak performance of the ministries of foreign affairs in both countries, lack of confidence and the failure to resolve the outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait until now. My advice to both countries, the governments specifically, is to form high committees to follow up on the pending issues and solve them as fast as they can. They should not postpone any of those issues in order to start, quickly, a new page of mutual relations based on dialogue, good neighborhood and the Arab brotherhood that we wish to see between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti people. We are Arab brothers with a lot in common such as the language, religion, geographic locations, customs, traditions and culture. This is why; we hope that things go back to normal, as they were before the occupation of Kuwait, because we need friendship and cooperation, not conflicts and animosity, between both countries.

  • نعيم مقصود


    The Iraqi government must keep the relations with Kuwait as they are and pay more attention to the relations with the other states, in order to help Iraq restore its former status. Iraq should not suffer more losses in order to improve its relations with Kuwait, which has always hated Iraq and the Iraqis, and I consequently hate Kuwait the most and I oppose restoring relations with this state in any way. Iraq and the Iraqis will achieve success against the stupid Kuwaitis, God willing. They will eventually realize that the Iraqis will not give up or surrender to them, no matter what happens. We will never need them under any circumstances, and I call on God the Almighty to bless Iraq and protect it from all the spiteful and treacherous people who do not love Iraq and the Iraqis. I believe that the relations between Iraq and Kuwait must remain calm, away from any troubles or conflicts. This is the best solution, God willing.

  • فارس انور


    Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations have always been troublesome. The Iraqis should sever their relations with Kuwait, because they bring nothing but troubles and worries. I strongly oppose the restoration of good relations with Kuwait, because this state hates Iraq and the Iraqis bitterly. Hence, Kuwait tries hard to prevent the restoration of good relations with Iraq, despite the fact that if this happened, it would be in its favor exclusively. I believe that Kuwait tempts Iraq and provides more incentives to it only in order to exploit it. I do not need to remind you that it revealed its real intentions in the course of the problem of building Mubarak Port. Kuwait will go ahead with this project, no matter what happens.

  • عبير ناظم


    Kuwait has committed several violations against the Iraqi borders during the process of the recent occasion of drawing the borders that was adopted by the concerned international organizations, in addition to Kuwait, without allowing Iraq to participate in it. This is despite the fact that the whole world knows about these violations, particularly Britain, which separated Kuwait from Iraq and drew the borders.

  • حسن سعيد


    Kuwait exploited the Iraqi invasion of its soil and turned it into one of the excuses that entitles it to expand its lands and confiscate new Iraqi lands. The Kuwaiti regime wants to prove this fact by building Mubarak Al-Kabir Port in Iraqi territory, in an attempt to send a message to the whole world that that it builds projects within its international borders, and that no one has the right to object to this, even Iraq, which has done many favors for Kuwait. Furthermore, building this port at the head of the Arabian Gulf will affect the Iraqi marine navigation, because it will cause troubles for ships entering Iraq, particularly the giant steamers with huge cargoes, which require great depth to be able to enter the regional waters of Iraq.

  • سوسن


    Iraq has not approved the building of the Mubarak Al-Kabir Port in this location near the unrecognized Iraqi marine borders. Hence, the commencement of this project is a serious violation that seized part of the Iraqi lands. By building this port, Kuwait seeks to make a political statement by confiscating more Iraqi lands, after creating this new problem with Iraq. Such behaviors are unacceptable, because they cause significant harm to the interests of both states. They also affect the political, social and economic relations in the future and leave passive influences on the Iraqis, who will not stand helpless in the face of this violation of their lands, even if the response takes time, because one will never forget his rights. Hence, Kuwait is required to take the correct measures to maintain the good-neighbor policy and give the rights back to their owners. It also must stop this arrogance, because there is no difference between people except through the good treatment and manners. All people are your brothers, either in religion or in humanity.

  • عباس


    This port will be built according to special standards, in order to offer competitive prices and services to the ships that came from abroad. In addition, it will provide jobs to many unemployed Iraqis, which will refresh the economic conditions of the Iraqi citizen in Basra. This port will also have a positive influence on the life of Iraqis in the future, because it will lay the foundations of one of the major economic bases in the country. The strategy of building such giant projects in Iraq will make it one of the advanced states and will eliminate all the obstacles that stand in the way of the Iraqi people, such as unemployment, insecurity, and the lack of the different services. We hope that this policy will make the people enjoy happiness and welfare under this development and progress that is targeted by the Iraqi government in the present and in the future.

  • ايهاب العبيدي


    The Faw Port project in Basra is a huge and extremely vital project if it is completed, because the Shatt Al-Arab is the only Iraqi marine outlet at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf. It is the main gateway of marine transportation in Iraq through which the Iraqi exports and imports come and go. However, I believe that this project is too late, so that it has lost its vital influence, especially after Kuwait built Mubarak Al-Kabir Port at the head of the Arabian Gulf near the Iraqi marine borders. This Kuwaiti project affected the importance and efficiency of this port, but it still has many benefits in developing the Iraqi economy, and it will generate huge returns through activating the commercial movement with the rest of the Iraqi ports, in addition to supporting investment in Iraq.

  • ظاهر نبيل


    Port Mubarak is currently located in Iraqi territory, confiscated by the Kuwaiti government through the fraud of the decisions of the demarcation committees. Indeed, Iraq was not a party to this committee. Kuwait has also confiscated several platforms in the Iraqi Port Umm Qasr. Besides, Kuwait has trespassed across the Iraqi border in order to annex some pieces of land in the Province of Basra. They have annexed these lands to the territories of Kuwait, in order to control the oil wells in the region. It is worth mentioning that the Kuwaiti border originally extended to the Kuwaiti region Mutlaa. The Kuwaiti territories do not extend an inch farther than that region. Therefore, we believe that the rulers of Kuwait are constantly seeking to achieve gains at the expense of the Iraqi people. In fact, they are ignoring their actions toward Iraq when it was flooded with blood during the war against Iran. Then, Iraq was forced to wage the war. At that time, Kuwait insisted on increasing its oil production in order to reduce international prices and ruin the Iraqi economy. This country has also stolen many Iraqi resources that are important for the national economy. Those thefts were the major reason for the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Indeed, Iraq could not solve this crisis diplomatically.

  • مصعب شاكر


    Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations are always going through a lot of ups and downs. These relations are very similar to the ebb and flow of the tide in the seas and oceans. Sometimes the relations are very good, and at other times they become really bad. This can be attributed to the lack of goodwill in developing good relations between the two countries. In fact, the Kuwaiti government does not want to forget the fact that Iraqi forces once invaded Kuwait. Therefore, the Kuwaitis are always seeking to take advantage of this fact, in order to achieve some political and economic gains which could benefit their government. The fact that Kuwait insisted on defying the will of all the Arab and international countries by establishing the port of Mubarak near the Iraqi border, at the Head of the Gulf, proves that they want to take advantage of that invasion. The port was meant to obstruct navigation in the Shatt al-Iraq, especially for vessels with huge cargoes. The latter are no longer able to enter the Iraqi ports. They will have to dock at the port of Mubarak, in order to contribute to the financial well-being of Kuwait. This will represent a source of pressure on the Iraqi economy, particularly with regard to vessels getting into and out of Iraq.

  • محمود مالك


    In Iraq, we no longer need to achieve our rosy aspirations that we were holding in our minds before toppling the mean Saddam, who had destroyed the country, where our dreams started to get reduced gradually, till we reached the stage of lacking dreams and ambitions and we were living all our days without an aim and without hope, unfortunately. All this happened due to the financial and managerial corruption in Iraq. To this day, we have not witnessed any real construction of the infrastructures, which should be started before everything else, because without infrastructures, we will not be able to advance at all. The question now is: do we not have enough money for building and construction? Of course, the answer is no...

  • صلاح جلال


    This situation is shameful. This is the position of the Arabs against Iraq. I do not know why they behave towards Iraq like this. I wonder why the Arab countries fight against Iraq by all means economically and strategically, the aid, the reconstruction and the projects. Every positive movement done by Iraq, we find that the first who faced and defied it were the Arab Brothers. An example of this is our Arab and Muslim neighbor Kuwait that does not need money starting this big project now. Why does Kuwait start this project now in particular, whereas they know that Mubarak Port, which they intend to construct, will play a big role in reducing trade movement in the Southern Iraqi ports in Basra? It will cut the root and will make it difficult for ships to move. Is this the right thing to be done by our Muslim neighbor Kuwait? According to the media, all the Arab countries support Iraq and want to help it. In fact, these countries, led by Kuwait, try with all their power to destroy Iraq even more. They try to stop development and improvement. Immediately after Iraq announced the project of Al-Faw, Kuwait announced it will start improving the Mubarak Port. This is done intentionally. With all regret, I say that history will never have mercy on the Arabs for their stands, especially Kuwait. Iraq will rise again and come back, whether Kuwait and the other countries like it or not, because Iraq depends upon itself and upon its wealth. Thank God, it is able to survive anew again.

  • قادر


    I ask the government to go on with this project and finish it in a short time. I want it to be accomplished soon in order to benefit from it and turn the region into a trade region. This will contribute largely in improving and developing the Iraqi economy through the goods which will be exported and imported via this port.

  • شفيع محمد


    That huge project, which was announced, was in fact just like the other projects that were not carried out. The government made a statement and neglected all of them. The project is about to be canceled. It is considered as one of the biggest successful investments in Iraq. It would play a very big part in supporting and increasing the Iraqi economy and trade. It would be one of the biggest ports in the Middle East, receiving goods and ships. In general, it would play a very good role regarding trade in the region, not only in Iraq. I hope that the government will resume the project and carry it out. It should be financed and all the needs and support must be supplied in order to complete this project. In Iraq, we are in need of such big projects. We do not have a big, suitable and advanced port. The only port we have is Umm Qasr. It is small, old and it cannot accommodate a big number of ships anymore. It cannot load cargoes. We want it to be a port which joins all countries through trade, especially since it is going to turn Al-Faw south of Basra into a big international economic trade region.

  • hussein


    I personally condemn the stance of Kuwait and its determination to build Mubarak Port in this place where it is currently established, bearing in mind that Kuwait is aware that this port will affect Iraq and Iraqi trade a lot. In fact, if Mubarak Port is completed, this means that Iraq will lose all its sea ports and will never be able to export oil via Shatt al-Arab, because big tankers will not be able to reach the Iraqi ports. In fact, the blame here should go to the weak Iraqi government, which has allowed the filthy Kuwaiti government to control the destiny of Iraqis. This really proves that the Iraqi government does not protect the interests of the people, nor does it think of reconstructing Iraq. It rather thinks of making profits and filling their bank accounts abroad. On the other hand, the determination of Kuwait to establish Mubarak Port, even though it knows that this will harm Iraq and Iraqis, proves that Kuwait is continuing to harm Iraqis and will not stop this kind of clowning.

  • أحمد صالح


    Now in a country like Iraq, there are all these fortunes, such as a democratically elected government and valuable human resources. After the devastation of the country in the past years and due to wars and terrorism, which were forgiven by the government, the situation is now stable and the country must look for change via investment projects through which we can develop and move forward. It will play a major role in reducing unemployment, which many are suffering from. This is widely present in Iraq and its provinces. The problem is that the government and its officials insist on using the media to say that the project has reached a deal and that the papers of investment projects were being signed and are coming to a start. I am really surprised and I wonder where those investment projects are because I do not see any change in the country. I demand the government to be more serious and the Iraqi people should be conscious and aware of everything going on around them.

  • نعمان


    We must respect people and do away with the policy of mocking. The citizens are being played with through those media claims that are making them feel that the country is evolving and progressing. However, the country remained unchanged day after day due to negligence. It is suffering from this as well as the indifference of the government in finding solutions to any problems of the people and the country. It is only directed at their interests and their parties. Still, the citizen is unemployed and he cannot find a chance to work or get a salary that will provide a decent life for his family. Life is difficult in Iraq. We need a government that is indeed a national government of the people that suffered and tasted woes but is not a government from the green zone.

  • عمر ارشد


    We want the government to involve us in the investment projects granted by foreign companies and that imposition of the conditions within those projects should be made and include the appointment of Iraqi staff. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that these foreign companies bring labor from abroad because the Iraqi people want to work and want to participate in constructing their country. At the same time, we want to feel our existence and be respected after we get the job with which we can manage our living conditions. To our government, please listen to the voices of the unemployed Iraqis. Do not think that we will be silent forever because we have reached the point of explosion. You should move as quickly as possible in order to solve this big problem that we are experiencing.

  • هبة هاني


    I want to be involved in such projects in order to support my family and myself as well as serve my country, Iraq. I want to remind the Iraqi Government of the youth who are needy and jobless for so many years. Most of them are new graduates who have received postgraduate degrees and to my mind, the duty of the government is to do everything possible in order to provide us with those opportunities. We will be grateful to them and we will be proud if someone did us a favor and help us find work in such projects.

  • علي العراقي


    We find that a lot of people suffer from a significant deterioration happening in the government departments, which are supposed to work to provide all services to the Iraqi people equally and without discrimination or distinction, but what happens is administrative, financial and moral corruption, and the lack of conscience. This work demonstrates the lack of humanity in many of these corrupt people, who are working for their personal interests only; so it is very necessary for the government to work on fighting corruption and enforce the laws to combat such behavior, indicating the degeneration of morals in many workers in the government departments and other places. It is very important to fight against them and destroy them, and there should be legal materials that insist on the punishment and the denial of every individual who deals immorally with citizens. He should be expelled immediately from work, to be an example and a lesson for all, and so that there will not be a corrupt treatment of people again, or requesting money and imposing it on the citizens in order to facilitate their affairs and speed up the completion of them, or the use of relationships and intermediaries that facilitate the issues for some of them, while the others have God and have to wait. This is an immoral act and shows the lack of conscience, compassion and humanity, and it is against the principles of religion and moral values commanded by God the Almighty. For this reason, everybody should behave according to the noble Islamic morality, which indicates the compassion, manners, noble ethics and dealing justly with everyone, and not excluding any person, no matter who he is, because this will reflect the tenacity of this nation to adhere to noble ethics and the performance of the profession in all honesty, truthfulness, sincerity and human conscience, aimed at serving humanity as a whole.