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Citizens and officials condemn Haditha attacks

Pictured above is a bullet-riddled vehicle belonging to militants who carried out an attack in Haditha. [Stringer/Reuters]

Pictured above is a bullet-riddled vehicle belonging to militants who carried out an attack in Haditha. [Stringer/Reuters]

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Citizens, officials and tribal sheikhs in Anbar province condemned Monday's (March 5th) attacks that targeted several checkpoints and security posts in Haditha.

The attacks, carried out by gunmen driving four-wheel drive vehicles, killed 27 people and wounded eight others.

Federal police forces commander Maj. Gen. Mohammed Rashid said that 50 gunmen on 11 black four-wheel drive vehicles entered Haditha from the east at 3 am, simultaneously attacking local Iraqi police checkpoints and Iraqi special forces bases using machine guns and hand grenades.

Commander of Iraq's special forces, Col. Mohammed Shufair, and its intelligence director Capt. Khalid al-Hadithi were among the dead, Rashid said.

Col. Khamees al-Dulaimi of Anbar police accused in a statement to Mawtani al-Qaeda and affiliated groups of carrying out the attacks.

He said the attacks are an attempt to undermine security and stability in the province.

"The Iraqi forces launched a large security campaign in Anbar's cities to capture the individuals who were involved in planning and executing those attacks," he said.

During one of the attacks Monday, the police in the western sector clashed with six attackers, al-Dulaimi said. Police killed a would-be suicide bomber and wounded five other gunmen who were captured and taken to a hospital under tight security.

"Anbar province formed an investigative team to probe the terrorist attacks and hold the individuals involved in them accountable," he said.

Hundreds of Anbar citizens on Monday converged on funeral processions along with tribal sheikhs, religious leaders, and security and political officials. Attendees called on authorities to prosecute the individuals responsible for the attacks.

"Hundreds of martyrs among Anbar's sons fell in the course of our war against terrorism in recent years," said Sheikh Obaid Nasser al-Dulaimi, a tribal sheik in Anbar. "They will not take Anbar back to square one because we will work with the security services and stand by the rule of law to strike at the terrorists' strongholds, wherever they are, to safeguard the nation's security."

Al-Dulaimi called on the Iraqi government and security authorities to accelerate their efforts to prosecute the offenders in accordance with Iraqi law, ensuring they do not go unpunished.

"They must serve as a lesson to other terrorists who indulge in killing the innocent and sabotaging the country," al-Dulaimi said. "The ideology of al-Qaeda is aimed at re-activating its sleeping cells by launching sinister operations; therefore, we should confront this ideology and fight it so that we can live in peace."

Ghazi Tauk, a Haditha resident, also called on the Iraqi government to "arrest all those who were involved in killing our sons and brothers and ensure their trial be made public through the media so that they serve as a lesson to others."

Tauk's brother, a policeman, died during an attack on one of the security posts.

"The sacrifices made by the sons of Iraq are considerable and will not be made in vain," he said. "What happened today will not scare us. Rather, it will increase our determination to pursue the terrorists and support the Iraqi forces."




    طه السياف


    O God, make the martyrs of Iraq torches of light with which people are guided in the darkness. They sacrificed their pure souls to protect the people and land of Iraq through their brave stand against the enemies of the country, who want to cause evil and destruction to them. Make the martyrdom of this good group of people a motive for the rest of the citizens to sacrifice themselves and their money to protect the nation and the next generations from every evil attacker. Make the Iraqi people learn the lessons from the martyrdom of those people, who filled the dust of the nation with their pure blood. O God, Your are the Generous One; no one is as generous as You! You are worthy of giving forgiveness and mercy, blessings and bestowal! O God, accept our prayers and send down the clouds of mercy with rain on the martyrs of Iraq and us! Protect us and protect the country from every evil, greedy person or exploiter. Make us among Your sincere servants and embrace us with Your mercy; You are the All-Merciful!

  • عقيل انور


    Terrorist attacks increased exponentially in Iraq. They happen on a daily basis. Who is paying the price of these acts? Innocent civilians. Why these groups commit such destructive acts against civilians? Why they kill innocents? If they are seeking revenge, then what is the fault of the innocents? If these groups are strong and work for the sake of Islam, then let them reveal themselves and fight in front of everybody.

  • ناصح رشيد


    As an Iraqi citizen, I condemn, deplore and denounce all the criminal acts perpetrated by the terrorist organizations against unsuspecting people in Iraq. I consider such acts immoral and inhuman, because the ideology of attacks on innocent people is a brutal ideology, implemented by predators against each other. They are not worthy of humans, whom God honored and raised their affairs and enhanced their prestige and lifted them up. They act like animals, because God had set man apart from other creatures and honored him with the sovereignty of a weighty brain. He chose man to be his successor on the Earth, promoting virtue and forbidding what is evil, and executing the prescribed penalty that God ordered his servants to carry out. Therefore, the Islamic religion has forbidden attacking people, claiming their lives and shedding their blood, and the desecration and plunder of their money, because the practice of such heinous acts is inconsistent with the greatness of the Islamic religion, which urges people to brotherhood, Muslim and non-Muslim, in order to realize the will of God the Almighty on earth through the formation of the community of understanding. This community is based on respect for people, not abusing them, except according to the law, and turning to resolving disputes through peaceful means which guarantee the rights of everyone. But we believe that the terrorist organizations that came to Iraq from the outside carry ideas which are not consistent with the ideas of the Iraqi people, who believe in dialogue among the brothers and listening to the opinion and the other’s opinion, and following what is true of those views, so that the community would follow.

  • كمال


    That heart is so sad because of the terrorist attacks witnessed by Iraq with almost daily scenes of victims who are innocent who fall because of those processes. I call Allah to have mercy on them, they are martyrs in being at their Creator in Paradise; as for those who have no heart who do those operations for which there is no justification, only Allah is the Avenger of them. What is the sin necessary to deprive a child of his parents or deprive the parents of their child? This does not satisfy Allah, never. What happens to the people who are helpless, what is their sin? Only that they are going to their schools or to their daily work. I don't know how they think and where their hearts are; they have no mercy and compassion. If they consider this Jihad, they are wrong. What they do is called killing without a reason, and if they know something about religion, they would not have done such a crime ever; but this shows they are wrong. O Allah, inspire patience and fortitude to the families of the victims, O Allah save the citizens from the treachery of these groups. O Allah take revenge on whoever wants to harm Muslims by preventing their conspiracy on them; Amen O Lord of the universe.

  • مسعد محمد


    I pray for God to grant them good health and abundant wealth and befall your anger and wrath on those who are responsible for this criminal act namely the crazy and criminal terrorist organizations which have attacked your people and violated your laws. May God grant them weakness and diseases and make them an easy prey for your monotheist sons of Iraq. O God, sow division among the oppressors and save us. May God sow division among them so that they will murder one another. O God, send them someone who will torture them till Judgment Day, You are most able and powerful, Amen O God the Almighty.

  • الخطاب


    We resort to Allah the Almighty to demand and pray for our righteous martyrs who are victims of acts of terrorism and barbarism carried out by the foolish murderers of the criminals of the terrorist al-Qaeda. O Allah, wash them with water, icy and cold. O Allah, bless them with your grace and good treatment, and forgive them all the sins that they did. O Allah, they are innocent and you know their situation more than we do. They were victims of the enemies of Islam and the enemies of religion. They were killed at the hands of those who do not fear you and forgot about your punishment. O Allah, have mercy on the martyrs of Iraq, the victims of terrorism and its heinous ideas and acts. O Allah, take revenge on those who killed them among the criminals, the elements and the followers of terrorism who claimed these innocent and pure lives. O Allah, we pray to you and raise our hands to pray for the civilians who have fallen victims of blind terrorism. Our Lord, treat them more with your beneficence and sent your mercy and contentment down. Raise their positions and assemble them with your Prophet, O Allah.

  • باسل


    Oh God, make our martyrs residents of a place of truth and bring them together in the paradise of bliss with the prophets, pious and martyrs who preceded them. Our Lord, illuminate their graves and expand them. Our Lord, we ask you for mercy and pardon for them. They are in your custody. O GOd, You are the Most Gracious. You are The Forgiver and The All Powerful.

  • علاء محمد


    The terrorist operations in Iraq will continue as long as the administrative and political corruption is still there, and as long as the USA dominates Iraq and continues its military operations that have no real purpose other than increasing the tensions and deterioration of the security status in Iraq. The Iraqis will continue suffering from the political tensions because of the continuous terrorist operations on the political and sensitive locations in Iraq. We ask God to protect the Iraqi people from the corrupt hands that plan to destroy its security and stability.

  • عبدالخالق جبار


    I don't like the security violations that happen from time to time. We should never give a chance to the criminals and the evil groups to catch their breath; we have to continue our painful strikes against the remnants of terrorism, so that we don't give them any chance to commit security violations. I support the security plans to make terrorism incapable of doing anything. We have to hold those who neglect doing their duty accountable; we have to punish them for abandoning their security duty, because the lives of the innocent Iraqis are a responsibility on the shoulders of the security systems. We have to keep this responsibility and protect it from the criminals. We have to destroy terrorism; we should never see the Takfiri, i.e. declaring others infidels, organizations commit terrorist attacks against the housing areas from time to time. Through these attacks, they try to ruin the security situation in Iraq. Today is the time to have victory over terrorism. There is no room for the delinquents or those who neglect their duty among us. All of us will stand against terrorism and will work hard to demolish it.

  • عمر


    The security failures and the continuation of the terrorist operations in Iraq are happening because of our wise government!!

  • يحيى


    I hope that the official will feel that he is responsible and will say to himself that he should stop lying. I will bear the responsibility, just for once in my life, and I will say to those who claim that the terrorists have become very few in Iraq that this is not true, because the reality on the ground is totally different. This is what we want, and everything will change in Iraq and be better. The officials will bear the responsibility, and I ask God the Almighty to save Iraq from the evils and turbulence and to help us restore everything to its normal condition, God willing.

  • عبدالاحد


    Those terrorist attacks in Iraq began a long time ago but have increased in intensity and ferocity recently, especially since the recent war in Iraq. If you look at the situation in a comprehensive and careful way, you will find that the Iraqi people are composed of a group of sects like the Shiite sects with almost all of its creeds and the Sunni community and others who are fighting among themselves, whether fighting is on the basis of religion or ethnicity or because of anything else. You will find that in Iraq there is also fighting for the victory of Islam, fighting for the victory of Christ, fighting in support of the faction, fighting in support of the intimate partner, and fighting against the enemy. The enemy in Iraq has different definitions and I do not mean only by the occupier. The enemy in Iraq is possibly any person, movement, sect, or other organized or non-organized group that varies with the other in thought, approach and the politics. There, you will find movements that want to take revenge and you will find movements that want to expel the occupier, who is plundering the wealth of the country and the people, and allowing him to do so as you can see. You will also find fighters on an ethnic and sectarian basis as we noted previously in detail and description. If we put all of this in one place, namely Iraq, the question is, “What would the situation be there?” However, as it is now the attacks that are occurring every day, as well as the fighting and killing revolving at all times and places there, the innocent people falling down, and shedding their blood and losing their lives without any guilt. Finally, murder is an ugly method to achieve any objective. Why did Islam not call for war, fighting, killing, and bloodshed for trivial reasons? Islam had righteously forbidden bloodshed and murder.

  • شهيد فارس


    Terrorist acts and security failures in Iraq draw the attention globally and regionally. The deterioration of stability and security causes worries, despite the official announcements by the government pretending the decreasing number of victims of violence every month according, to their surveys. The reasons that have led to this deterioration is the weakness of the Iraqi Government that lacks control over the security situation, months after the American military withdrawal. At the same time, every now and then, announcements are made to assure the ability of the national forces to establish peace and stability in facing terrorism. Shortly thereafter, many bombings occurred that raised doubts once more regarding the security procedures. The increasing numbers of explosions in more than ten cities prove that there is a predetermination by the armed groups to show that the government is incapable of keeping the security during the Summit with the aim to present a distorted image of the security situation. Despite all this, all security efforts will be intensified to face any terrorist acts and block all the points opened to wreck stability and security. These terrorist acts and attacks need a strong fierce reaction to stop them. We trust the Iraqi Security Forces, but there are many factors that should be taken care of seriously, such as enhancing the security forces and intensifying cooperation among the various civil authorities. To mention the succession of failures by the security forces to stop the terrorist acts before they are carried out, despite the exceptional procedures that have been taken to safeguard the Arab Summit, going back to the lack of skilled intelligence among the national security forces, especially technical enhancements.

  • صالح علي


    God bless the martyrs and may God grant their families patience.

  • زيدان التميمي


    I personally notice that some security breaches could occur because of some mistakes or non-compliance with instructions. In fact, this issue is considered as negligence in carrying out the security duty. Therefore, the neglect or negligence in implementing duties may be exploited by the criminal terrorist members to carry out their criminal acts which target civilians or the State institutions. As a matter of fact, I personally approve of holding accountable all the security members who neglect their security duty. This aims to urge everyone to be at the highest degree of alert and care and make leaders in their security and military sectors ready to thwart all plans of the criminal and terrorist members. The latter have started to change their methods that consist of targeting civilians using booby-trapped cars in order to spread the feelings of resentment and anxiety among the people. Thus, both the military sanctions against the security leaders and even lower rank officials are very important in the Army and Police sectors. It will put an end to the laxity of some people which urge terrorism to exploit this issue to carry out its crimes and put all its anger into residential areas to carry out bombing acts here and murder somewhere else through IEDs and booby-trapped cars. Thus, I call on the esteemed PM and the Ministries of Defense and Interior to issue orders in this respect so that everyone will be disciplined in carrying out security and national duties, and work in a more careful way in order to thwart such terrorist attacks.

  • زبير عادل


    As an Iraqi citizen, I suffer when I see my country subjected to this cowardly terrorist attack, which is carried out by the enemies of change and the new Iraq. I also curse terrorism and all the evil organizations, which are targeting our dear country and people who have been plagued by these foolish criminals. In addition, I condemn the acts of these murderers and those who have carried out the recent bombing acts which have affected our country. We strongly condemn and curse these foolish people and we ask God the Almighty to take revenge on them for their cowardly acts.

  • رعد كامل


    I call on the government to tighten the procedures on negligent people and on whoever proves to fail in performing his security duties. In fact, supervision and accountability are needed, to assess the security work and to avoid any gaps which could be used by murderers and criminals to target Iraqis.

  • نشوان


    The terrorist al-Qaeda is targeting civilians, and this has been revealed in its recent attacks that claimed the lives of dozens of innocent people. In fact, these terrorist attacks reflect the extent of filthiness of this terrorist organization. Thus, I would like to condemn its recent terrorist attacks that targeted our dear capital, Baghdad.

  • فاضل


    Peace be upon you, every honest human who suffers from hearing of the massacres by the criminals. May Allah curse them. They are not human beings, and even brutal animals are more merciful than these criminals. To combat and eliminate these people, we must seek the help of all the citizens and form popular security cells of trustworthy members of martyrdom seekers in all the residential and commercial places to control these centers and other places as well as collecting all the suggestions in this regard and developing programs and plans for using the latest tools. However, without planning, they cannot easily plan and study all the tricks and methods, therefore, we must study these techniques. For the elimination of the virus we must know the ways of eliminating them in advance and not after the attack. May Allah grant and bless all the loyal people and all those who were martyred and are being martyred, particularly the policemen who sacrificed their lives for the wounded Iraq and its oppressed people.

  • النسر


    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, “Think not of those who are slain in Allah´s way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord.” True are the words of Allah the Almighty. No matter how hard the criminals of al-Qaeda try to destroy Iraq with their criminal actions, including the killing of its people, making its children orphans and its women widows, and burning the hearts of their mothers, Iraq will remain dignified despite their despicable deeds of murder, kidnapping, looting, and other acts that they committed. The child will not forget who killed his father or the mother forget who killed her son. Iraq’s head is raised always, God willing, and Allah will protect Iraq and its people, God willing.

  • ابراهيم جلال


    May Allah bless all our martyrs who have been victims of all the terrorist acts that have been carried out by malicious, criminal and armed members who have always targeted the innocent. These members aim at nothing but to dominate people and tarnish the image of Islam. In fact, the people who have been targeted by these acts are the poor civilians from among the needy, ordinary and helpless people. Thus, may Allah bless all our martyrs and grant them heaven, and grant their relatives patience and solace so that they could overcome their predicament. In fact, they have gone through very tough and bitter times. The latter have been the toughest for Iraqi families who have gone through rocky times because of the acts of malicious terrorist members. Indeed, these people do not want the situation to become stable and calm so that peace, safety and calm be maintained. Therefore, they wreak havoc from time to time and target civilians through carrying out bombings, booby-trappings, assassinations, kidnappings, torture, slaughtering, displacement and discrimination against compatriots through sowing sedition, sectarianism, hostility and hatred among people. All this aims to weaken the position of the people, hence making it easy for terrorist members to dominate many regions and people so they will be able to do whatever they like in the country and spread their ideologies and principles, which are rejected by Allah and his people.

  • احمد باشا


    The recent terrorist attacks claimed the lives of many innocent people who did not do any harm. Therefore, the operations of terrorists and their attacks on people are totally unacceptable. They should come to an end right now. In fact, the Iraqi people have endured too much to tolerate more terrorist attacks. The gangs and malicious cliques are trying to restore their influence on the land of Iraq. They should be contented with their operations because they have shed the blood of enough victims. The Iraqi people reject any return to terrorist operations, which incite discrimination, sectarianism, criminality, malicious acts, bombings, trappings, suicide attacks, kidnappings, assassinations, robberies, deportation and displacement of the citizens. Therefore, the terrorist groups must not try to operate again because today Iraq is witnessing an entirely different situation. Those who intend to launch terrorist attacks against the citizens will certainly be faced by the Security Forces. They will be held accountable. They will not manage to escape punishment. The return of terrorist attacks to the land of Iraq has caused concern, annoyance and anger among the Iraqi people. The latter have rejected all attacks and bombings that took place because they caused harm and damage to a lot of people.

  • هاشم حميد


    The Iraqi government must avoid the sectarian wave under which the armed forces and the security forces have been established, so that the people’s loyalty will be only to the homeland, and not to this or that party. This sectarian establishment scatters the military and security efforts, in case any disturbance happens in the political situations between the different parties from which these powers have been formed. That is because its loyalty will be to its party, and not to the home country, and consequently the national security will be continuously exposed to breaches from the terrorist organizations, which derive great benefit from these conditions to which the security forces are constantly exposed. This is in addition to the factors of indifference and ignorance, and the indifference towards the existing situation. This is considered one of the dangerous factors in the life of the security forces that expose them to danger and inevitable death, as well as managerial and financial corruption, which is considered one of the greatest problems that lead to the failure of the security forces in performing their important duties in chasing the criminals and the killers from the terrorist organizations and the armed groups, because the corruption paves the way for those organizations to carry out their criminal activities easily.

  • صديق محمد


    There are a lot of reasons behind the security failures that are taking place in Iraq; these are considered the strongest reasons that lead to the continuation of the terrorist operations in the country, which claim the lives of many innocent people, between the killed and the injured. Moreover, these terrorist acts are reflected on the society’s structure. A large number of social problems come up, to which the people are exposed, due to losing important people in their families, particularly the head of the household or the one who supports the family. Work needs to be done to embrace the family and direct it towards the best ways of care that achieves the educational aims of the family in case it loses the one who did that. The family is exposed to displacement and loss, and this leads to the increase in the social problems that make the country an arena for conflicts, disputes, exploitation, crime and many other issues.

  • حاتم


    Please, God, allow the shedding of the blood of the terrorist organizations that have allowed the innocent people’s blood to be shed. Please, God, allow the blood of those killers and criminals against the Iraqi people to be shed. Support the people with your dear victory against those mean and cowardly people who violate the religion and who are considered outside this age. They make it permissible to assault the sanctities of the religion and the innocent people, and they defame the image of the Islamic religion with their brutal acts. In spite of the great sacrifices that the Iraqi people made, and whose innocent people’s blood is still spreading throughout Iraq’s cities and streets, we have complete confidence in Almighty God that He will respond to our prayers. We do not neglect an effort to pray to Almighty God to grant us victory over the terrorist organizations, a victory that is great and huge, and to bless the souls of Iraq’s martyrs among the innocent civilians who have fallen due to the treachery and the terrorist aggression and to lead them to the immortal paradise, as He is able to do that and he can do anything.

  • طاهر محمود


    I call to God the Great and Most High to save us from them and their evil. We should not remain silent about the criminality that they did. The actions that they are doing are just intimidation or merely a distortion of the reputation of the Islamic religion in order to do what they wish. However, this world and the whole world know that the terrorists are among the most cowardly people. They do want neither the goodness of Islam nor the Muslims. God the Almighty is always with the righteous and the Muslims are always holders of the right. Everything that al-Qaeda is doing, including the acts of evil and hatred, will return to them with the help of God the Almighty.

  • نور


    The government has to commemorate the memory of these martyrs through the establishment of a monument for them, through which they will be remembered like the existing Martyr Monument. It is very important to help the families of these martyrs because they have lost their loved ones and gave their most expensive possession as a result of terrorist attacks and operations that caused deaths and martyrdom.

  • هناء


    The process of accountability for the negligence of security leaders is a necessary matter because it is something essential and must be done on the grounds that security leaders are role models for other lower grades, therefore the process of punishing and accountability is a matter that contributes to the elimination of any fault or negligence or slowing of duty. The security leaders are the cause of deployment of the security environment in every place and any omission or default or negligence in carrying out the work will result in a very big problem that may cause the loss of lives, or bloodshed in the event of terrorist operations.

  • هاشم نصر


    The terrorist attacks that happened recently are unacceptable; terrorists and criminals prove the hatred of malignant elements and groups that always seek to create discord, tampering, destruction and damage to the Iraqi people and do not want the country to settle down or rest but want Iraqi blood to remain flowing without any interruption. So, we see that terrorist gangs started to become active again to carry out terrorist attacks against innocent citizens and those who did not do anything. The terrorist attacks that happened recently caused the shedding of much innocent blood and damage to a lot; their goal is clear for all, they're just malignant and malevolent factions and work to sow sedition and sectarianism among the Iraqi nation’s sons in pursuit of the stoppage of the wheel of life in Iraq, which remains unchanged without any advancement or preoccupation with most important things, so we see them launching attacks recently and intensively in order to control the situation more and doing operations and terrorist attacks in Iraq again, God forbid.

  • هادي


    In my opinion, the security situation in Iraq is still largely unstable because of the unreadiness of security forces and police services in a large country such as Iraq: a hotbed for terrorists, self-seekers and intelligence services of all countries that have disputes and interests in Iraq or have problems with the U.S. troops who are found there. For this, it is necessary to sign several agreements with the countries that manufacture weapons, including the United States who is responsible for offering all support to the Iraqi police forces and training using modern methods as to how to maintain security, arrest the wanted, foil all schemes of gangs and terrorists and the develop the fields of intelligence, evidence and research.

  • فاروق نصر


    The accountability process of the security chiefs is something very essential and must be carried out against all violators without any exception for anyone because everyone is subjected to question about whether he failed in or neglected the performance of his duty. For this reason, the security chiefs are considered very important because they are providing security and protection to the people. If any failure or omission of duty happened, this matter will possibly cause the deaths and bloodshed of many. It is very important that there is punishment in order to avoid negligence in the performance of their duties. This would be a lesson in performing their duties to the fullest so that mistakes will not happen. The security leaders should be role models for others; otherwise, it would be a form of disgrace with regards to carrying out their duties.

  • عبدالستار


    It is very important to communicate, work and do what it takes to recognize the criminals who are involved in executing the recent terrorist attacks. They have to be put on trial and get their punishment in public, with all the Iraqis watching. They have to be a lesson and a warning to anyone who thinks of committing the same ugly, terrorist, brutal and harsh acts. They are nothing but a proof of their criminality, hatred and hostility against all the Iraqis.

  • نبيل عادل


    As an Iraqi citizen, I want the findings of the interrogations regarding the recent bombings in Iraq to be announced quickly. We want to know who the parties are that were involved in the terrorist operations, the ones who want these acts to happen again. All of the Iraqis want to know the truth about what is happening. We want the interrogations to proceed. It is necessary to announce everything for the Iraqi people, so that they will know who the ones are who seek to harm the Iraqis. Who would benefit from these actions and wants them to happen again? Who wants to shed the blood of the Iraqi people, especially now, even though we have seen a relative recession of the terrorist operations? These operations were committed by terrorists and armed groups that represent a threat and danger to the safety, security and stability of the situation in Iraq. This is why it is important to show the findings of the interrogations regarding the recent bombings in Iraq committed by terrorists. They led to the death and martyrdom of many innocent citizens who did not do anything wrong.

  • مفيد خيري


    As a human, I denounce and condemn all the terrorist crimes executed by the terrorists of the al-Qaeda organization in all the Iraqi governments. They targeted innocent Iraqis who died without having done anything wrong or being guilty of whatsoever. I think the terrorist actions of al-Qaeda organization are filthy crimes that aim to kill the innocent people, weaken national security and spread chaos societies

  • خليل هادي


    I call on the security services to investigate and audit the circumstances of the last series of bombings and the considerable security breaches carried out by the terrorist organizations in a number of Iraqi provinces, particularly in Baghdad, the capital. These attacks left a considerable number of innocent people dead and injured. I also call on the security services to work on speeding up the completion of the investigation files of these cases and declaring the investigation results achieved by these services to Iraqis. In so doing, we will feel that there are intensive efforts and follow-up by the security forces, which are tracking down and arresting terrorist organizations, so that Iraqis will enjoy an abundance of security and stability. Iraqis should live in their country without being frightened or disturbed by the murderers and the criminals, because the security forces are ready to confront them. However, if the security situation remains as it is in the country, the feelings of fear and terror will remain for Iraqis. Consequently, the latter may think of leaving the country and emigrating to a safer one. In so doing, they could enjoy full protection there, without being subjected to murder, terrorism and fear of the unknown every day, because the security forces have not carried out their duty as required to protect the citizens from the evils of terrorist organizations.

  • عصام احمد


    From time to time, terrorist organizations in Iraq, particularly the terrorist al-Qaeda, which is one of the largest organizations, carry out a series of bombing attacks in various Iraqi cities, which claim the lives of a large number of Iraqi people of different ages and social classes. In fact, the acts of bombings do not distinguish between people, given that these organizations take advantage of the negligence and laxity of the security forces that sometimes affect them and exploit this situation to their advantage in order to carry out sabotage and spread chaos in the country. Every time such breaches occur, officials in the security forces make declarations about carrying out investigations of these incidents. However, the cases are soon written off as unsolved or closed without showing the results of these crimes, and without easing the tension of the sons of Iraq, particularly those who have lost some of their dear family members, relatives or neighbors.

  • ولي محمد سعيد


    Al-Qaeda is stupid, yes; because all the acts it is carrying out do not achieve what it aspires to. The murder, slaughter and bombings that they have carried out are the most cowardly, and they are now receiving what they have carried out, because the heroic Iraqis are the people who addressed it the most. There are a lot of al-Qaeda organization leaders who are now in custody of the Iraqi security forces, and some of them have received their punishment, and God willing, all those who do not do good will receive their punishment as soon as possible. Please, God, save us from al-Qaeda.

  • هارون سليم


    A thousand curses on the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, which deals brutally and barbarically with innocent and peaceful people everywhere, kills the innocents and violates their honors. The nerdy and extremist members of al-Qaeda carry out attacks using car bombs and explosives in crowded streets and markets. They also carry out attacks against the shops, banks and other facilities that lead to the death of many innocent people, who had done nothing wrong. These criminal acts are contrary to all the Islamic morals and manners that call on the Muslim to be peaceful and tolerant with other people, through keeping away from all forms of violence and murder, irrespective of the reasons, because this will destroy security in the country and cause disputes among the people, and this will transform society into an arena for the conflicts between the brothers and will transform life into an unbearable hell. It has become clear to all Iraqis that the al-Qaeda terrorist organization does not wish anything good for the Iraqi or Yemeni people or any other Arab, Muslim or non-Muslim people, because it is an extremist and deviant organization that goes against all the teachings of Islam and makes the people think that Islam promotes violation of the honors and aggression against the lives of the innocents.

  • ابو اياد


    O God! The martyrs have sacrificed their souls in order to support the truth and defeat falsehood. They fought in your cause in order to establish justice in the society and to defend the sanctuaries. Today, they are with You and under Your mercy, so, please send Your mercy and forgiveness upon them and make them wear the crown of grandeur, as well as those who will follow them until the Day of Judgment. O God! Provide them mercy, blessings and patience. Make them forget their disasters; engulf them in Your bounties, and send them, where you send the martyrs, to paradise with the prophets. O God! We ask God to provide their families with bounties and forgetfulness and put them in the same ranks as their relatives who died in your cause. O God! This is our supplication and we aspire to your answer. There is no power except with God the Almighty.

  • توفيق عمر


    The martyrs are the beacons who light the road of the nation and lead it to the safe side peacefully. The martyrs sacrifice their souls, which are the best and most valuable thing they have, for our sake. Hence, their souls will be immersed in the mercy of God to enjoy the blessings and endless bliss. God the Almighty said what can be translated as: “And do not say about those who are killed in the way of God, "They are dead." Rather, they are alive, but you perceive it not.” O God! Have mercy upon the souls of the martyrs and admit them to paradise and eternal bliss. O God! Widen their graves as much as they can see and make them a garden of Paradise, as You are the Merciful and the Compassionate. O God! Wash them with water and ice and provide them with spouses who are better than their spouses in this world. O God! Transform their misdeeds into good deeds.

  • نوري غانم


    These recent events in Iraq are a serious indicator of the decline in the performance of the security forces, which need reconsideration of the intelligence system and bringing the concerned officials to justice in order to achieve justice and fairness, because the blood of the Iraqis and their souls are entrusted into the hands of the security forces. Hence, those who do not perform their duties must be held accountable.

  • ابو كوثر


    May God take revenge on the cursed al-Qaeda which still exists. I hope that they are revealed and their dirty concepts are uncovered to show their barbaric plans of horrible operations and killings against the innocent. The last attacks are evidence, just like the previous ones were, that they want to increase violence and murder more innocent people as well as cause more misery, especially to Muslims in the Muslim countries as we see in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In Iraq, they committed shameful and distressful crimes. Good people get killed helplessly. They cannot face or overcome those bombers. These murderers kill many civilians all over the country and under any justifications which have nothing to do with law or relation. I do not know what the real doctrine is that this group is following! They kill people in groups all over the country and all their operations are alike. They are mean and rejected totally by the whole world, and by all religions and sectors. The only retarded and tough ones are those who believe in these sick thoughts. Curse them and al-Qaeda, the group that established and spread this massacre.

  • عبدالله


    I ask the government to pay more attention and give more care to the families of the martyrs. They must look after the orphans left by terrorism in order to make their lives better and also their future. These orphans and the families of the martyrs live desperately because of the lack of care. Therefore, they must take more care of them.

  • خيري مصلح


    May God grant mercy to our martyrs and victims of terrorism because of the bombings carried out by a bunch of terrorists who belong to al-Qaeda! The groups that caused all the distress from which the people suffer in Iraq and the big numbers of victims bombed by them are denied by all. The whole world asked them to stop terrorizing, but they would not listen to anyone. They love blood, killing and violence. What wrong did these innocent people commit to fell victims to terrible crimes? Who will take care of their children, women and families? They destroy whole families because of their operations of killing citizens in large numbers. May God take revenge on terrorism and the terrorists! May peace prevail in our country, remove distress, terrorism, and al-Qaeda! We have had enough of them! Down with them and curse them. Mercy and blessings for our martyrs!

  • طارق عبادة


    I demand that the government be more serious in the work of the security and activate the principle of reward and punishment as well as accountability for negligence and reward for the outstanding because it is very necessary and should be dealt with. This is important because we want all the leaders of the security forces to be serious in dealing with this issue. They must unveil any defect anywhere and repair it. It is not possible with all these possibilities and unlimited support for the security sector and leaders of the security forces that those terrorists can still kill the innocent Iraqi citizens. Therefore, evaluation is important in order to stop the corrupt or the ones who do not carry out their duty properly. At the same time, the good ones must be rewarded. The security forces that stop any terrorist actions must be rewarded as well. The terrorists move in car bombs amid all this security power and these security forces which are spread all over the country, which means that there is a big security breach and there are faults by the security forces in some areas and places. The terrorists exploit this situation. Therefore, we must look for expertise in audit and inspection properly led by the chief security leaders experienced in setting up ambush and controls against terrorists with experience in activating the intelligence aspect in their areas.

  • ياسر صابر


    This thought and terrorist approach has led to the murder of many people. It also has led to many victims live as handicapped. It has produced orphans and widows in Iraq. This group has been trying to exist in Iraq since the previous decade when the Saddam regime fell. Through its violent and continuous attacks, it tries to increase the number of its followers. They do not know the difference between right and wrong, or halal and Haram. Otherwise, if they have the least conscience, they would not have done these crimes to the Iraqi families whose houses and lives were destroyed by al-Qaeda. God is our supporter and savior. He is capable of destroying the terror and end the terrorist al-Qaeda for good.

  • مؤيد كامل


    The killing, terror, and violence machine is still going on in Iraq. This is because of that mad terroristic group. That is the first terrorist group in the world that has afflicted Iraq. Unfortunately, they murdered the innocent children and women in Iraq for no reason. Waves of violence that beset the capital Baghdad specifically had been done by al-Qaeda, the terrorist, infidel, and suicidal group. They bomb themselves everywhere among the innocent people. May God take revenge on them! I, as well as every Iraqi, deplore and condemn all these crimes that target the right of the Iraqi people to live in peace and security on its land and in its country. I ask the government and the security forces to exert more efforts chasing and ridding us of these terrorists. They must free the country and the citizens from their evils, crimes and perfidy. This atonement that they dream to enter heaven through, I wonder how they think? They murder thousands of innocent people and dream of going to paradise. The one who bombs himself among the innocent children and women claims paradise and 'shahada'! Our religion forbids killing the innocent people in more than one Koran verse. Their ignorant minds or their stupidity have led them to follow bin Laden and his concepts without meditation.

  • صبحي عبدالرحمن


    I would like to criticize the very weak performance of the Iraqi security forces, compared with what the Iraqi people need, in terms of providing a better and stronger performance, so as to confront the terrorist, criminal and malicious elements which do not want the goodness for Iraq. They are corrupting groups that carry out their crimes so as to defame the image of the Islamic religion, as well as getting money for shedding the blood of the Iraqi people. It is supposed that the security forces in Iraq should be a hitting strength that deals with everything that is going on bravely, and without allowing the terrorist elements to even think about practicing their activities. But what is going on is the result of weakness and indifference in performing their duty towards the Iraqi people.

  • رشاد جلال


    The acts of al-Qaeda terrorist groups in Iraq are dangerous, violent, brutal and heinous, which have caused the loss of many innocent lives. For this, the acts of al- Qaeda groups were the cause of destruction of everything and also sabotage, murder, bombings, trapping, suicide attacks, kidnappings, assassinations and theft and division among the Iraqi people, sowing discord, sectarianism, hatred and hostility among them, and all this in order to make them kill each other, may Allah curse them and disgrace them because of all the malicious, violent and brutal acts they have committed. Therefore, I believe the acts of al-Qaeda groups just indicate the level of decadence in which they live, as well as their underdevelopment and degradation, intellectual and religious backwardness, and abnormality in principle and ideology, values and ethics which they hold. They are without mercy, humanity or conscience. It is essential that we work to fight them, destroy them and all they carry in terms of ideas and beliefs of backwardness and terrorism, and everyone will deal with them so as not to allow them to commit more heinous crimes against innocent people till they disappear little by little, especially after they have lost a lot of their leaders by arrest, killing or imprisonment.