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Tribal sheikhs: courage of Yemeni tribesmen decisive in fight against al-Qaeda

A tribesman stands guard outside the historic al-Ameriya school in Radaa.
					[Khaled Abdullah Ali Al Mahdi/Reuters]

A tribesman stands guard outside the historic al-Ameriya school in Radaa. [Khaled Abdullah Ali Al Mahdi/Reuters]

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A number of Yemeni tribal sheikhs say the courage that tribesmen have displayed in defending their territory against al-Qaeda has been a critical factor in the government's fight against terrorism.

They told Al-Shorfa that the tribal efforts in expelling al-Qaeda from Radaa last month provided evidence of their important role in combating al-Qaeda's violence and brutality.

Tribesmen forced Ansar al-Sharia, an al-Qaeda affiliate, to withdraw from Radaa on January 24th after the group took control of parts of the city for 10 days. The group attempted to declare an Islamic emirate in Radaa under the leadership of Tareq al-Dahab, who was later killed by his brother in mid-February.

"The tribesmen's courage was the decisive factor in expelling al-Qaeda militants from the city after they surrounded [al-Qaeda's] fortified positions," said Sheikh Ali al-Mansouri, deputy assistant of Bayda province for Radaa affairs.

"The tribesmen have contributed to the government's efforts in its battles against al-Qaeda, especially during the difficult circumstances that Yemen is undergoing," he said. "The rejection by some al-Dahab clan members of Tareq al-Dahab's actions is the clearest evidence of this."

Al-Qaeda leader killed by brother

Al-Dahab was killed by his older brother Hizam al-Dahab on February 16th during a dispute that arose between them.

Tareq's al-Qaeda followers wanted to take up residence in a room in a mosque in al-Bayda province, Sheikh Khalid al-Dahab, Tareq's brother, told al-Arabiya television.

Hizam and his men objected to Tareq's request because the room is normally used as a shelter for the poor and others in need. The dispute escalated and led to an exchange of gunfire between the brothers that left Tareq dead.

Hizam reportedly fled to his house after the incident. Al-Qaeda militants banded together, surrounded the tribes to prevent them from coming to Hizam's aid, and then blew up Hizam's house.

"The barbarism, violence, and fanaticism of al-Qaeda militants in pursuit of their goals surprised no one. They bombed Hizam's house with the intent to kill not only him but everyone who was inside even though they committed no offense worthy of such punishment," said Sheikh Mohammed Jaraoun, a senior leader of the Qifah tribe that Tareq al-Dahab belonged to.

According to AFP, Hizam was killed along with his brother Majid and their nephew Ahmed.

"Tribal affiliation is very important to the Radaa tribesmen, and it takes precedence over any other affiliation, whether it is to a party or an organisation, including al-Qaeda," he said. "This unified all the tribesmen and local elders against al-Qaeda, including some of Tareq al-Dahab's brothers, whose stances are considered courageous. Hizam al-Dahab paid for his courage with his life."

Tribesmen 'taught al-Qaeda a lesson'

Sheikh Abdul Salam al-Nasiri, a Radaa tribal sheikh, said that while the tribesmen were aware of al-Qaeda's brutality, they insisted on standing up to them and ultimately expelled the group from Radaa.

"The tribesmen's courage and resolve to prevent Radaa from becoming another Abyan compelled them to organise and take turns protecting various neighbourhoods by forming people's committees that cut off all supplies to al-Qaeda," al-Nasiri said. "They set up checkpoints and besieged al-Qaeda elements. This gave the army a chance to reorganise in the city and force al-Qaeda militants to withdraw."

"The tribesmen taught al-Qaeda a lesson in courage and protection of their territory and neighbourhoods," al-Nasiri added.

Dr. Saeed al-Jamhi, an al-Qaeda analyst and president of the al-Jamhi Centre for Studies and Research, said, "The tribal network is highly cohesive in Radaa, and the interest of the tribe is the top priority, and that is what enabled them to respond quickly to their tribe's call to defend its territory."

Al-Jamhi said there were powerful factors that motivated the tribesmen to vigorously defend their territory, including "the profusion of weapons among tribesmen in Radaa due to the pervasiveness of feuds. They feared that their city would become another Abyan and their lives would be tragically affected as happened with displaced Abyan residents."

Al-Jamhi said al-Qaeda's failure to devise a strategic plan enabled the tribesmen to drive its men out of Radaa.

Al-Qaeda handbook: 'The Management of Savagery'

"When al-Qaeda sets out to control a particular area, it does not consider the consequences of its actions. All it concerns itself with is entering the area and then relies on God's grace in taking control of it. They hope to find people who would put themselves at its service and support it, but this did not happen in Radaa because the tribe comes before everything else," he said.

Regarding al-Qaeda's use of violence as a means to achieve its goals, al-Jamhi said, "Al-Qaeda speaks openly about its tactics and is proud of its violent and brutal methods. It trains its members on utilising them, and there was even a book written by an al-Qaeda thinker titled 'The Management of Savagery'".

The book, which was released a few years ago, calls for the use of violence as a means to affect change, he said.

"Al-Qaeda and its affiliate groups will not hesitate to use violence, and their members are not ashamed by being called terrorists," al-Jamhi said.






    What should be fought is the ideology. What are the deceived youth guilty of? They use the pretext of defending Islam and being Muslims, while Islam repudiates them.

  • عمر انور


    I swear by God, we are fed up with this talking. Why do we always say al-Qaeda? Why, why? Why don't we say the Mahdi Army? Or Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq? Why don’t you mention those scumbags? Why do you get away with not mentioning anyone other than al-Qaeda? I don't belong to al-Qaeda and I am not proud of this cowardly terrorist organization. For your information, I work in the Ministry of Interior, but it is wrong to talk only about al-Qaeda. Quit this talking and let the people live in peace. Do not say that the government is the one that commits these terrorist operations for their interest and for their posts. Stop this talking, so that people don't laugh at us. Stop this hatred; stop for God's sake. There is no benefit to this talking. No matter what I say, there is no use. Sadly, we are Iraqis.

  • بدران


    Please participate, thanks!

  • عراقي


    Islam did not call for spreading its teachings by killing. The idea being promoted about spreading Islam with terrorism and violence is baseless and absolutely not true. On the contrary, dozens of verses of the Qur'an show in a very clear way that the call in Islam has to be done with kindness, not violence. Let's not forget that some of these ideas are still living in the shell of premonitions. They attribute everything that happens to this or that pretext, and they forget that we have not given anything to humanity for hundreds of years. We waste the fortunes inside our lands, and no one forces us to bring other people in to dig them out. We don't even realize these things; we live in the present while dreaming of the past in which we were the best nation for the people. Unfortunately, we have become a nation which is neither enjoining goodness nor preventing evil. We don't act merciful, we don't give to charity and we don't work. My regards to everybody!

  • عامر نصيف


    O God! Send your wrath and curse upon the members of Al-Qaeda who harm the peaceful civilians of Al-Qaeda and the other terrorist organizations that threaten the security and stability in the country. O God! Curse them and those who support their evil thoughts and spread them among the people, because whoever provides support to the oppressors is equal to them and they would all go to hell.

  • ليلى احمد صايل


    All the Yemeni tribes have to work in concert in confronting and fighting all the terrorist elements that are striving to destroy the country and bring them devastation, damnation, pains, suffering, harm, recklessness, and the shedding of the blood of innocent people that have done no wrong. As such, it is imperative to stand up to these elements of criminal gangs that are undermining the security and stability of the country, as they have exploited the current unstable situation in Yemen in order to expand their presence and reach among the people, so that they can spread their venom and inflict death upon the people by means of terrorist attacks, including bombings, booby-traps, slaughtering, kidnapping, assassinations, robbery and violating the rights of innocent citizens. As such, it incumbent upon all the people of Yemen, starting with the tribes which are the core element of the country of Yemen, to strive in order to eliminate and get rid of all the criminal and terrorist elements that want to spread their recklessness and destruction across the whole country, in view of the fact that Yemen is undergoing extremely difficult conditions and circumstances, and that there is a lack of security there currently, and that the conditions have deteriorated considerably as a result of the chaos and unrest due to the demand of the Yemeni citizens for their rights, and for all their demands to be met, which is why we find that the security apparatus is preoccupied with many complex and thorny issues.

  • حسن


    Brave people… They lived the adventures and faced the tanks, using stones as weapons. Have you seen any people more masculine than they are, i.e. having the qualities of brave men?

  • خلود


    The proliferation of al-Qaeda groups in Yemen will have many negative effects, which could drive the country towards collapse. This is why it is very necessary to confront these elements and resist them in order to prevent them from spreading across the Yemeni territory and establishing their presence there, because they will cause the spread of death, killing, violence, criminality, destruction, recklessness, atrocities, barbarity, harshness, terrorism, bloodshed and instability, in addition to the loss of peace, security, calm and freedom. As such, all the Yemeni tribes have to unite and form a wall in the face of these gangs and savage elements that cannot stand the idea of anybody opposing them. So, it is very important to have a deterrent for all their plots and filthy activities that aim to tarnish the image of the Islamic religion, and also to spread violence, atrocities and barbarity. This is why I believe that the proliferation of the al-Qaeda elements is a dangerous issue, and this will constitute a really heavy burden on the Yemeni people, and the presence of al-Qaeda elements in Yemen will pose a threat to the lives of the citizens, and inflict upon them death, torture, suffering and hardships for extended periods of time, which could last for many long years, as has happened and is still happening in Iraq. Thus, all the Yemeni people have to cooperate and have solidarity among themselves and not allow any entity to interfere with the internal affairs of Yemen until the formation of a permanent government, which will work on the definitive eradication of all the terrorist elements by the deployment of the army, the security forces and the police as well.

  • خليل العيساوي


    The only concern of al-Qaeda's terrorists is defaming the reputation of the Islamic religion. I think the application of the prescribed punishment that they get should be executed against them, not the people. They do not even know the meaning of the prescribed punishment. It is a very important matter. It is very difficult and wrong to give swift orders, because this means injustice against the person. God forgives the wrongdoers. The best of what God says is: "The best of those who make mistakes are those who repent." That means the mercy of God includes everything. The actions of terrorists are just a distortion of Islam's reputation. I call on everybody to study the meaning of the prescribed punishment and to realize its meaning. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, used to reduce the punishment, no matter what it was. The prescribed punishment was applied at the time of the Prophet, such as the punishment for theft. The Prophet said: “If Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad, stole, I would have cut her hand off,” because theft is very serious. Now the times have changed. The rulings are diverse; extremism is not required, because it affects the Islamic religion. What we want to say is that the Islamic religion is a kind religion. It does not tolerate injustice or error. God willing, the terrorists of the al-Qaeda organization will be punished for their actions. With the will of God, the Lord of the Worlds, the right will always remain right and the false will remain false. I hope the prescribed punishments set forth by God become known to everybody, so that no justice or oppression will happen.

  • نسرين عياض


    Dear reader, you should know that the spatial and geographical nature and the nature of the people themselves and their habits do not allow them disobedience to each other. This is real and the wisdom saying one for all and all for one; it is a wisdom applied by the tribes generally strictly, and they cannot in any way violate it, especially on a larger scale within the tribe. To sum up, the Yemeni tribes facing the extremists there is possible, but it does not work or, more precisely, its impacts will not be fast and influential.

  • هلال فارس


    We all know that those who created al-Qaeda and funded it, whether by money or weapons, were the U.S. Government so as to eliminate the Soviet movement, but later it split from them to be an independent movement named after that (the Islamic Jihad movement), al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda has spread to extend its influence over most of the countries of the world to instill the idea that any terrorist attack is attributed to al-Qaeda. What is sad is that in these operations, many unarmed victims are children, women and elders who are innocent and that those who carry out these operations are our youth, they do those operations. We must organize seminars and lectures to raise the awareness of young people in schools and universities. The clergy have a big role in this to know the origins of religion because most of the religious movements are using the religious issue to persuade people to join them. The idea is that it is jihad for the sake of Allah but that is not so because our Islamic religion did not teach us to kill the soul without any right whatever the religion. There are also people who recruit other people to see their need for money. We find that most of the recruited are from the poor category and the young people who are unemployed. They found them to be easy prey by luring them with money, although they are not aware of the risks that surround them in the future. The governments should provide adequate job opportunities for them to be able to provide a living to avoid the temptations offered to them from those movements if we have assessed our youth religiously and socially, and we let them exert their energy in work to avoid putting themselves in those destructive terrorist movements. Therefore, those movements will grow weaker and weaker in the future until it fades and our countries would become without destruction. Then, the death sentence for these individuals will only help us in the elimination of an individual and we want to eliminate the entire entity.

  • بسمان يوسف


    Bravo to Yemen, bravo to all the Yemeni people and bravo to the heroic Yemeni tribes, and to all its people and sheikhs that have been raised on the love of Yemen and on sacrifice for the sake of this land and for making efforts to help keep stability in this country, far away from problems, conflicts, al-Qaeda or whatnot. The efforts of the heroic people of Yemen are something that really deserve commendation from every prideful and honorable Arab, who can feel the high sense of patriotism that all the prideful Yemenis have, as they have quickly pounced on terrorism and al-Qaeda everywhere in order to deny them the opportunity to destroy the country, especially after al-Qaeda had begun to make its move and declare its control over certain regions, and started perpetrating crimes, car bombings and bombing attacks, and enforcing the death penalty by attacking citizens in any way they wish. But the Yemeni people were quick to have their say, as they took a heroic stance and carried out their responsibility and hunted down the terrorists and al-Qaeda in Yemen. So, congratulations to you indeed on this beautiful spirit of patriotism, and I pray to Allah that Yemen will continue to have peace and stability, and that the Yemeni people will remain together hand in hand, so that Yemen can become a better country, Allah-willing.

  • عبدالرب


    The threats which face countries from al-Qaeda dominance are suicide bombings and destructive operations like what is happening in some Arab countries. The loser is the citizen because of his/her worries about his/her family. The citizen will not know peace of mind. Economic collapse will occur because investors will be scared. Therefore, unemployment and poverty will increase. Some countries might become battlefields between security forces and terrorist cells. Therefore life will be interrupted and more victims will fall. The danger will extend to other countries and it might be considered as a threat to the political relationships. There are countries which went through big confrontations until such cells disappeared. Then these cells appeared again more aggressively and controlled big parts of the world. Consequently the only beneficiary from these operations is the terrorist cells and wasted are innocent civilians. The governments must cooperate to eliminate these cells by advanced plans. By such cooperation between the countries, we can eliminate these cells and enjoy life without this threat in the world.

  • سليمان محمد


    Congratulations to all the Yemeni heroes and I want to say congratulations to the Yemeni men because they gave a real lesson about how to love your homeland and not to abandon it. The homeland is calling for every citizen to go out and bring it victory without waiting to be asked for it or to be encouraged. This is actually what happened in Al-Yemen as all the heroic tribal Yemeni men stood up and faced terrorism and the al-Qaeda Organization after everyone had been afraid of embracing such a methodology in Yemen, this authentic Arabian country, which thinks that its people is not unaware and uncultured, but are actually a people of culture and Arabism, jealousy on their land, honor and true Islam. They didn’t give the opportunity to al-Qaeda to manipulate their lives and the lives of their children and their families and to spread terrorist and intolerant ideology among then. They won’t give the opportunity for all of that to happen and for the bloodshed in Yemen. Actually, the situation of the champion Yemeni people was great and they deserve all the blessing for their fight against terrorism and breaking its will since the beginning, especially that this situation which have been taken by all the Yemeni People from the North to the South, who are all unified against terrorism and are supporting the stability of Al-Yemen before anything else in their lives, all through the difficulties and period of change that they are facing, which provided the benefits for terrorists to exploit, but the Yemeni heroes stopped all of that and prevented their sick terrorist dreams.

  • خليل العيساوي


    I think that there is no need for more drives, because the issue is about the homeland, and this is sufficient for any honorable citizen in Yemen and for all the Arab tribes to carry arms and confront the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and get rid of its evils that threaten all the Yemeni society. The tribes should crush this terrorist organization and its criminal plans in Yemen, because it seeks to turn it into another Afghanistan. Hence, we see that all Yemenis and most of the Yemeni tribes took a stance to support the homeland and fight the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and its cells everywhere in the governorates, which suffered recently from the movements of the terrorists with the aim of gaining control over some areas in some governorates where they raise the banners of Al-Qaeda and declaring that they became under their control. On the other hand, the reaction of the heroic Yemenis was very strong and this proves how the Yemenis love their homeland and to what extent they are loyal to it and ready to sacrifice their souls to secure their country and prevent the bloodbaths and great numbers of the victims that would fall in Yemen if Al-Qaeda succeeded in controlling Yemen.

  • salim


    Establishing the penalties of God is a duty upon all the Muslims to achieve the justice in the universe. However, this must exclude all forms of injustice, because the religious penalties were legislated to restore the rights of the people and take revenge upon the criminals and aggressors. The main purpose of the religious penalties is deterrence, because the thief will have his hand amputated and his leg will be cut off if he stole many times, and the killer will be beheaded. These are the religious penalties that God ordered us to work according to, and they are inhumane as claimed by some human rights organizations, but the retributions protect the lives. These penalties are legislated to deter the criminals. I see that there are many countries that do not adopt these penalties that were stated in the Quran and the Sunnah, while this is necessary in order to protect the rights. All that we need is the satisfaction of Allah and working according to his laws. I do not care for the opinions of any state that does not apply these penalties. I call for adopting the sharia in all the Muslim states, but this must never done unjustly, because justice if the foundation of the kingship.

  • عبد داود


    Al-Qaeda gives itself some illegitimate rights. It accuses people of disbelief and threatens the people as it wishes, as it became a higher authority over all peoples. It considers itself the only party that has the right to give orders without any objection or interference. The legitimate ruler is the only one who has the right to execute the religious penalties after considering all the relevant religious commandments to ensure fairness, because the ruler is a guardian and he will be held responsible for his subjects. If the ruler treated anyone unfairly, then his Lord will punish him. Al-Qaeda is not a legitimate ruler to treat people like this; rather, this is a form of terrorism against the people. No member of al-Qaeda or any other person can execute the penalties against others. Those people consider that they are the soldiers of God on earth and that they purify it from the corruption and filthiness. If they are right, then they should start by applying the rulings against themselves, as no one asked them to rule us. I have always said that al-Qaeda does not deserve respect and that they only seek to achieve their interests at the expense of the Yemenis citizens. However, I trust the government and the Yemeni people who would defeat them completely. We ask God to protect Yemen and its people.

  • بشير


    All leaders of the tribes should enlighten their youth about the danger of these extremist groups that may destroy their home. They should also confront them strongly because this is a duty of all those who live in this country, whether the citizens or security men, to eliminate these movements that caused many troubles in Yemen such as the poverty and unemployment. Since the fall of Saleh’s regime, these movements have controlled southern Yemen. There were wars between the Yemeni forces and these terrorist movements many times. However, the current cooperation between the tribes and the security forces proves that the conditions of Yemen will improve and that they will succeed in eliminating al-Qaeda not only in southern Yemen, but also everywhere. The Yemeni tribes are old and they are known for their strength and intolerance of anyone who tries to tamper with the stability of Yemen. The Yemeni tribes will never accept this, but they will continue fighting to secure their wives and children and because they want to purify their lands from destruction, especially after they say that the security forces are incapable of confronting these movements. I wish that these tribes would also focus on the danger that may have negative influence on the future of Yemen and its relations with the neighboring states. The strongest force to fight Al-Qaeda is the Yemeni tribes, given their knowledge of the geographic nature of Yemen. They could also know the hideouts of these terrorist groups and they could help the security forces to tighten their grip around them to save Yemen form these groups. I hope that al-Qaeda and the other terrorist organizations will disappear from Yemen soon for a better future for the Yemenis.

  • عمار فاضل العتابي


    The undeclared alliance of the tribes and the state, and tightening the noose on al-Qaeda members, have mitigated the latter’s attacks and enabled them to benefit from their war on terrorism. In fact, this represents a golden opportunity for them to get closer to the Government and win the hearts of both Saudi Arabia and the USA, in addition to taking advantage of the confirmed American State’s desire to win the trust of the Yemeni tribes and overwhelm them with money so they will face al-Qaeda members and not host any of them. In fact, they are waiting for what the coming days will bring about under the new situation in terms of their participation in political work.

  • هالة العبيدي


    The conflict in Yemen between al-Qaeda and Yemeni Government Forces is getting worse. In fact, al-Qaeda resorted to other tactics in order to take control of Yemen. It has already imposed its control over several cities and provinces such as Abyan and Zinjabar. They even declared an Islamic Emirate there. Then they withdrew, thanks to the intervention of the elders of the tribes. They were in quest for control of the oil resources in the south. Besides, al-Qaeda resorted to acts of assassination against their opponents. This organization started its fight in Abyan with a campaign of assassinations of intelligence officers, particularly in the Governorates of Aden, Lahaj and Abyan. Indeed, al-Qaeda has penetrated these institutions. Fortunately, the tribes made an alliance with the State and tightened the noose on al-Qaeda upon the outbreak of clashes with Yemeni forces. They killed many members of the army. It seems there is a shift in the Yemeni scene. Al-Qaeda is widening the circle of confrontation in Yemen.

  • شبعاد حسين


    The Yemeni tribes are still exceeding the role and function of the State given that the tribal customs are the prevailing laws. In fact, the influence, rebellion and outlaw status of the tribes have lately increased and this has led to a state of insecurity and weakness. Thus, given the absence of the role of the state in facing the tribes, al-Qaeda has taken the advantage and exploited the reality which is characterized by poverty, unemployment and the lack of development and absence of civil services in the countryside and remote areas. Al-Qaeda has also exploited the Yemeni tribal base that boasts the acquisition and use of weapons in addition to the anti-American and anti-Western religious extremist and traditional ideological values. This Organization has also taken advantage of the unrest emerging in the north, the control of Shiite Houthi rebels of three provinces and the demand of the south to secede. In addition to that, the armed tribesmen and the dissident Army units are taking control of the entire neighborhoods for fear that Saleh will cling to power, given that his family and supporters still have control of the security services and hold important State positions. All these factors have led to the sympathy of tribes with al-Qaeda. Only with the ousting of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the signing of the Gulf Initiative, the conflict of interests with al-Qaeda and the latter’s declaration of an Islamic Emirate, the Yemeni opposition and the tribes’ Sheikhs have rushed to accuse the regime, its members and the security forces of handing over the city to al-Qaeda. This has turned the situation upside down. Thus, some tribes have become obliged to declare their support to the Army against al-Qaeda. The first result of this has been the withdrawal of al-Qaeda from Ridaa after the success of tribes‘ Sheikhs-led mediation.

  • ابو مريم


    Herein lies the wisdom in Iraq: al-Qaeda, or the ones whom we call Salafis or Wahhabis, kill the Shiites and Sunnis; they consider Shiites as Rafida and so they are infidels; they consider Sunnis as apostates, so they destroy the nation and distort Islam. They say that they are our guardians and that they are the winning party. They visualize God, and have God walking with them, according to Ibn Taimiya's Zionist concepts of Divine Anthropomorphism. They deny Mohammed's mercy; they commit indecencies, as they believe that they are guaranteed paradise. They have their own rules, which they had taken from Israel’s Talmud. Treachery is their motto, just like Mu'awya's motto, because they sanctify him. They destroy Mohammed's legacy, peace be upon him, as well as his family and his friends. They take advantage of the simplicity of the people' awareness and teach them the rules of the international Masons. They get funds from Hejaz and the Arabs’ oil. Reversing the facts is their most important motto; they wear the dress of Sunnis and this is the bottom line, to destroy the biggest Islamic doctrine; they want to destroy Islam from within. It is a complete Zionist movement. Wake up, youth of the nation, face them; the serpent's head is in Hejaz!

  • سلمان زكريا


    It is an honorable situation that tribes which used to fight each other transform their powers against one target enemy; al-Qaeda. It’s a national duty of each citizen, either civilian or security, to eliminate these movements which cause so many troubles in Yemen like poverty and unemployment. Since president Saleh, these movements have been controlling the south. Battles were conducted between Yemeni forces and these terrorist movements several times. But what is happening now with the tribes shows that Yemen is improving and are able to erase al-Qaeda members not only from the south of Yemen but from all over. Yemeni tribes are known for a long time for their strength and for not allowing anyone to disturb the stability of the country. Al-Qaeda is disturbing the situation in Yemen and this is not acceptable to all these tribes. They will continue to fight to secure their wives, children and land. They want to clean their land of destruction, especially after they saw the disability of the security forces in facing these movements. I hope for these tribes to succeed in extricating Yemen from other problems, just as they cooperated against al-Qaeda to make Yemen better for them and for others to enjoy life. May Allah save Yemen and its people, and cleanse it of terrorist movements.

  • بلال اديب


    Al-Qaeda has an influence and control over wide parts of southern Yemen and they are trying to control more. Al-Qaeda brings nothing but destruction anywhere they go. Al-Qaeda has been in Yemen now for a long time. It increased its activities recently because of the weakness of the security forces in Yemen. Al-Qaeda’s work is becoming more powerful day after day because of the increasing number of recruited persons, and they are taking advantage of the poverty in Yemen. If the security forces stayed at this level of weakness, al-Qaeda would gain control over larger areas in Yemen faster than we can imagine. Every honest Yemeni citizen must cooperate with the security forces against these terrorist movements. In regional terms, problems will be on other neighboring countries like what happened at the Saudi and Yemeni borders when Saudi Arabian military forces and Yemeni forces cooperated to fight al-Qaeda forces on the borders. In economic terms, the percentage of poverty is increasing. Businessmen are afraid to establish projects because of al-Qaeda. Therefore, unemployment is increasing too and the Yemeni citizen is paying the price for all these problems. In terms of the security of citizens, the citizen is scared and worried for himself/herself and for everybody around. The Yemeni citizen is afraid that Yemen might become like Iraq. Therefore, Yemen must regain its security power and destroy al-Qaeda’s ghost because security brings a better economy for all the people in terms of better education, services and unemployment reduction. If al-Qaeda’s acts continue, the situation in Yemen will worsen. Therefore, Yemen has to cooperate with its neighboring countries to eliminate these terrorists’ movements before it reaches other parts of Yemen and on to its neighbor countries. May Allah save Yemen from all evils?

  • سليمان خطاب


    Thousands of greetings to the genuine Arab tribes, which have proved to everybody that they are protective of Yemen and that they have the patriotic sense by preferring the best interest of the country and the Yemeni people over the interest of the region or tribe. This is an achievement of you, tribal men; you fulfilled your national role by fighting the al-Qaeda terrorist organization. Peace to these tribes and their heroic sons! I think the tribes played a great role in stopping the march of terrorism, which was planning to spread its control over vast areas of Yemen. The position of the Yemeni tribes is honorable, and they deserve all the praise, appreciation and thanks for it, because it is a heroic and courageous position. It contributed to the defeat of the project of terrorism in Yemen, with which terrorism wanted to take advantage of the shaky internal situation of Yemen. Yet, God defeated terrorism and its plans. Thanks to the courage of the Yemeni tribes, which should be registered in history for their noble and courageous position that contributed to enhancing security and stability in Yemen and putting an end to the terror cells.

  • عبدالباسط


    I think the Yemeni tribes are adding a new bright point to their shining historical records. They are doing their national, legitimate and moral duty by fighting the remnants of terrorism and radicalism, represented in the followers of al-Qaeda. The Yemeni tribes are showing the courage they are famous for and the great intellectual maturity they have. The security and stability of Yemen are the main focus of these genuine Arab tribes, which play their role in defending the nation, its history and people. The Yemeni tribes set an example of forbearance, confrontation and manhood by fighting the worst remnants of evil and terrorism on earth, namely the remnants of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

  • براء عامر


    Al-Qaeda in Yemen is threatening everyone politically in terms of security and economy, and its presence has become a threat to everyone, especially after its activity increased in recent times after the stepping down of the President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Al-Qaeda is looking forward there to taking control of particular areas or possibly looking to control the entire Yemen. So many reasons pushed it to do so, perhaps the political or economic reasons. It is probably due to orders from outside from the major leaders in other countries such as Afghanistan and others, or those who were their shield protectors throughout their history to other reasons known to the leaders of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda attacks in Yemen have been increasing in almost everywhere and against any one, whether those who they attack or assault is one of the members of the public or from the army. We do know that Ali Abdullah Saleh is a Yemeni and belongs to a Yemeni tribe, which is significant in Yemen. We also know that most individuals composing al-Qaeda in Yemen are originally Yemeni who belong to a specific tribe in Yemen, and, thus dear readers, do not be surprised that those who are currently fighting in Yemen are from the tribe of the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh or a tribe loyal to him and his followers. Do not be surprised that they also go to specific areas to carry out what they want from the attacks and killing whether these places are public or specified places in the army or others. Do not be surprised also, dear readers, when you hear that some of the Yemeni tribes, which used to host these individuals in the past, belong to al-Qaeda by virtue of an intimate partner or the commander of the country, or even to be saved from their evil. Do not be surprised now that they are fighting them as they probably felt their danger for themselves or their danger for Yemen and its stability as a whole, or maybe the obstacle has vanished, which prevented them from fighting them. Who knows? Therefore, they are now fighting them and wanting them to get out or stopping those who belong to those movements who believed that they can control Yemen, and other reasons.

  • جليل محمد


    It is known that al-Qaeda activity in Yemen has increased recently, especially after the former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, stepped down. The question now is, “Why?” Why in particular, after the stepping down of the deposed leader, has the activity increased there? We will try to infer the answer from the following lines: Certainly al-Qaeda and its presence in Yemen are not new to anyone. They have been there since a long time ago. It is certain that we did not hear about them a lot, especially after the departure of the deposed Ali Abdullah Saleh. It is likely that there was a hidden agreement. This is most likely between al-Qaeda and the regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh, even if this was not a known and specific agreement. Maybe it was a reality existing on the ground. Its two parties know that their interest lies in keeping the other alone. Who knows, this is presumably the reality of this matter, or else why has the activity increased suddenly and unexpectedly, especially after the former president stepped down? Every day, we find bombings here and there adopted by the group al-Qaeda in Yemen. We find them attacking the Yemeni Army patrols. We find them also attacking the army camps and we have in the last attack of them on a Yemeni military camp the best evidence. The question is, “Why did they do so and in this particular time? Are they taking revenge for the army and the Yemeni people because they had stripped down their protector and leader from the presidential chair? Is al-Qaeda showing gratitude to Ali Abdullah Saleh as a result of leaving them alone in Yemen? They represent his upper arm in Yemen which he strikes with and reacts to everyone to take revenge on the people and the army loyalists, and to send a message to America and the West that he was an icon of stability and the pomegranate of the balance in Yemen. Maybe this and Al-Qaeda have found that the opportunity is favorable to pounce on the power in Yemen. There will be no better opportunity than this to consolidate their rule and have a State to govern according to their ideology and their approach. Who knows? Perhaps this is their plan.

  • ;;كامل العراقي


    With all pride and dignity, I greet the Yemeni people under the leadership of the zealous and lawful clans, who defy and face the terrorist al-Qaeda, which gets failure instructions from the foreigners and the enemies in order to kill the innocent people. I warn my brothers in Yemen against spies, spies who sell their honor in exchange for money, to satisfy their greedy selves. Enemies of the Arabs are trying hard to defeat the Arabs by all means; for this reason, beware, and God is with you, people of dignity and generosity. Victory is from God, Al Aziz Al Hamid. Welcome to victory!

  • عبدالخالق


    I ask God the almighty to save us from his evils and I hope that the coming days will prove the strength of the Yemenis. I call on the Yemenis to hold steadfastly to their rights and defend them in every possible way. The Yemeni tribes exerted praiseworthy acts and fought the terrorists fiercely. We want them to insist on their stances and I ask God to provide the Yemenis with the power. The tribal efforts must be supported by a strong Arab force from the neighboring states in order to overpower the terrorists. They need to work on saving Yemen from the criminal acts and I ask God the Almighty to make the tribes stronger in order to fight the terrorists who enter Yemen and try to control it. The terrorists of the stupid organization of al-Qaeda seek to frighten the people. However, al-Qaeda has no place here because it seeks to control the states and transforms them into strongholds for its members. The Yemeni tribes fought the terrorists of Al-Qaeda strongly and are thanked for what they did because the terrorists of Al-Qaeda committed insane crimes of murder, slaughter, and bombings. They have to be reckoned for their crimes severely. I ask God the Almighty to provide Yemen and the Yemenis with security. Amen

  • ماهر


    I see that the Yemeni tribes must strengthen their capabilities through regular training and armament in order to confront the terrorists fiercely. I ask God the Almighty to bless the Yemenis and the Yemeni tribes with all that is good and I am sure that Yemen will be better than ever because the crimes of Ali Abdullah Saleh are worse than the crimes of the dirty terrorists. He also is responsible for allowing the terrorists to enter Yemen and control it. The crimes of this dictator are disastrous and must be confronted. I know that he thinks he has escaped punishment for his crimes against the Yemenis believing that the international immunity will protect him. He thinks that the Yemeni people will not leave him, but this is not true; the Yemenis will bring him to justice as soon as they finish the acts that have the precedence. Once the Yemenis get rid of the terrorists, they will stand against him and will get rid of him because this stupid man allowed the cowardly terrorists of al-Qaeda to enter Yemen.

  • شكور


    The Yemeni tribes fought strongly and stood in the face of terrorism, and cooperated to save their country from the evils of the terrorists who committed unforgivable acts. We cannot remain silent in the face of these crimes and I see that the stance of the Yemeni tribes is very wise because Al-Qaeda must be confronted and defeated. Al-Qaeda tries to dominate any country, which it activates but they will never succeed, God willing. I see that the Yemeni people must support the tribes and their efforts in order to get rid of these dirty terrorist acts that are being carried in Yemen. The poor Yemen suffered from pains and disasters and we never want it to be under the terrorist occupation of Al-Qaeda. We want to be stronger and united in order to make Yemen better and better.

  • ابو هدير


    The crimes of al-Qaeda in Yemen are very horrible and the poor Yemeni people suffer from disasters and pains. All the acts of violence that happen in Yemen worsen the suffering of the Yemeni people and I see that the Yemeni revolutionaries must not allow al-Qaeda to dominate Yemen. They must do their best to save the Yemeni people from the dangers of terrorism and the terrorists. The efforts of the Yemeni tribes are praiseworthy because they defeated the terrorists in a strong way in order to get rid of them. Indeed, the senior leaders of al-Qaeda were arrested and killed or brought to justice. However, we call on the judiciary to be strict and do their best to execute those criminal terrorists. We hope that they will be destroyed because they commit crimes against the Yemenis. These mean and spiteful crimes make us supplicate to God to save us from them and make them destroy each other so they will realize that the Yemenis are peaceful people and that Yemen must restore its former status and even better. The Yemenis deserve to enjoy an honorable life, God willing. The Yemenis do not deserve what is happening in their country and I hate the cowardly terrorists mostly because they carry out mean acts of murder, exploitation, and killing souls without guilt.

  • محمد سرحان


    I greet the tribes of Yemen and congratulate them for their honorable stance facing the terrorist al-Qaeda. I greet the men of these heroic tribes who taught terrorism a lot of lessons and forced its remnants to flee and leave a lot of cities in Yemen. After that, the authentic and courageous Yemeni tribes were able to root out the Takfiri remnants and kill the elements of terrorism and criminality as well as arrest a large number of them.

  • زهراء


    Congratulations to you, men of Yemen. O tribes, this historic stand that your country will not forget, your history will record you in characters of light because they are positions of dignity and masculinity that everyone would be proud of. I congratulate these Arab tribes that have proven their authenticity in all of these positions which make us delighted. They contributed to the preservation of Yemen from the influence of terrorism and the influence of the terrorist al-Qaeda, which, without the standing of the brave tribes of Yemen, the remnants of terrorism would have been now controlling the largest areas of the Yemeni cities. A thousand greetings to these Yemeni tribes. Thanks for their national positions that saved Yemen. They contributed in extending a helping hand to these people who suffered from the terrorist cells and their attempt to invade Yemen with the extremist ideas and terrorist acts as well as the dissemination the criminal, atoning and extremist gangs to increase the suffering of the Yemeni citizens who have been worn out by the events they experienced and the difficult conditions that hit this country.

  • يوسف


    The Yemeni tribes deserve everyone to praise its role in fighting terrorism and the regulations of atonement, which are trying to invade Yemen, taking advantage of the emergency situation experienced by it.

  • عدي محمد


    Congratulations to you, the tribes of Yemen! You are amazing the international community through your patriotic stance that reflects the originality of Yemen and Yemeni tribes. The latter rejected terrorism as well as this abominable organization. Indeed, al-Qaeda entered Yemen in order to destroy it and increase its problems. Your triumph and brave position represent a victory for Yemen and its people. Had they not stood firm against terrorism, Yemen would have been controlled by terrorism. In fact, the position of the tribes resulted in the defeat of terrorism and criminal individuals. God bless the tribes of Yemen. I would like to express my deep appreciation for their efforts, which could be added to their brave stances over the times.

  • طارق نوري


    I support the stance of the tribes of Yemen against al-Qaeda. Yemeni tribes are rather genuine. Indeed, the position of the tribes of Yemen is worthy of appreciation and praise not only of the Arabs but also the international community.

  • عامر الموسوي


    The Yemeni tribes have proven to everyone their courage and patriotism by putting the interests of their country and people ahead of those of the tribe. In fact, Yemeni tribes have played a major role in expelling terrorist members and al-Qaeda remnants, which have tried to appear to Yemen under another name, in order to erase the image of this filthy organization, the criminal al-Qaeda. Thus, I would like to greet this patriotic spirit and the ability of the Yemeni tribes, while they are facing the remnants of evil and terrorism, the followers of the so-called Ansar Al-Shariah remnants, the second face of the terrorist al-Qaeda. I would also like to praise all these heroic acts and victories, which have enabled the Yemeni tribes to eradicate terrorism and defeat it in Yemen.

  • منير عثمان الجنابي


    Congratulations to you, tribesmen. O sons of Yemen, who are tough on terrorism, your authentic positions have shown the Defense of Yemen its unity to be free of murderers and criminals, those who want to establish the Emirate of evil in your country. Greetings to these tribes, as well as their historical and brave position, because their determination was the reason for their success in their fair battle against the terrorist al-Qaeda, against its dens and its elements of criminals. God bless you and your position which everyone appreciates. I call upon the Yemeni tribes for more effort and work to preserve the victories they achieved on the ground in defeating the remnants of criminality and terrorism related to the terrorist al-Qaeda. I hope that everyone stands by the tribes and provide them all the support in order to eliminate al- Qaeda ultimately and that the Yemeni people would get rid of the nightmare of terrorism and extremism. A thousand greetings to the tribes. We congratulate them all on their work and their honorable positions in Yemen.

  • سمير


    The presence of al-Qaeda in Yemen does not have a strong influence on its economy. I did not see them affect the budget of the people or force them to take any money from them as a threat or anything like that, but I believe that the Yemeni economy has not been affected only by the corrupt regime, which had been more dangerous than the organization of al-Qaeda who was looting its resources and violating the rights of its people. The real danger that affected the economy of Yemen was the former regime which ruled them for decades with corruption and violation of freedoms. They did not care about the Yemeni economy as it cared more about plundering so it could have a large amount of the wealth of the Yemeni people. However, al-Qaeda, if there are any of its elements left in Yemen, are not a strong influence on the course of events in Yemen and the Yemeni economy in particular. What we hear from the former regime about the fighting against al-Qaeda in Yemen is only an imaginary cover of the former regime for justifying its crimes against the people of Yemen which Allah honored by ending this era. The start of a new era may be good for the people of Yemen and the development of its economy in order to enrich the rules of freedom and progress in it. As for al-Qaeda in Yemen, they are a few elements that do not have the slightest impact on the Yemeni people or any of its proceedings. They are a few elements and subset members of al-Qaeda. However, the Yemeni economy, in both cases, is poor and needs to be strengthened and changed in order to develop and move it forward after it suffered from recession during the period of the former regime as well as the deterioration that led to the delay of the progress of the country from the rest of the neighboring countries, and make it into the list of developing countries.

  • زياد


    The tribe in the Arab community is considered as the backbone of the entity of the society due to its substantial role in the leadership of their members and their guidance towards the right prospects that will enable them to achieve security and stability in the country. This is in order to have other contributions to the construction, reconstruction and development through the establishment of the principles of cooperation between the tribal people in general and the government in the country. Thus, the countries can get rid of the abusers who seek to undermine the country and dignity of its people. From these basic principles, the tribes in Yemen took their role in defending the honor of the nation through the great jihadist stance of the terrorist al-Qaeda which took advantage of the current circumstances that existed in the country and translated for its benefit. It reunited its dispersions once again, taking advantage of the difficult security situation that was taking place in the country in order to re-arrange its ranks, strengthen its elements and equip them with all weapons and equipment in order to take control of some cities in Yemen, and to take the rest of the cities one after the other by taking advantage of the difficult situation that had occupied the armed forces and other security forces. This will allow al-Qaeda to carry out these criminal acts in order to extend its influence in Yemen and make it an Emirate affiliated to them. They will start from it and continue towards the rest of the Arab countries in the region to control them.

  • محسن


    The high awareness of the elders and the sons of the Yemeni tribes prevented the achievement of this dream that al-Qaeda dreamed of and whoever supported it. However, there was a joint cooperation among the Yemeni tribes to prevent the achievement of al-Qaeda’s evil objectives in the region. Indeed, several armed clashes occurred between the people of the tribes who are righteous against the wrong that is represented by Al-Qaeda the aggressor, especially in a number of Yemeni cities where heavy fighting occurred. In these cities, the tribal people of Yemen strove in the defense of their towns and their people, which led to a lack of resilience on the part of al-Qaeda in the face of the violent current of the tribal people who believed in their cause. They were able to defeat the terrorist organizations and get them out of the city, panicking and dragging its tails of disappointment, shame and dishonor behind them. Thus, the will of the righteousness triumphs over the wrong, which its roots are cut.

  • صالح عبد


    Serious reflections: the one who is paying attention to what is going on will know about the existence of Al-Qaeda in Yemen during the reign of the resigned or toppled president Ali Abdullah Saleh, and his silence towards them throughout this period of his ruling, although he knew about their existence along with those who support them; this is my opinion. The one who is paying attention to what is going on believes that Ali Abdullah Saleh was supporting al-Qaeda in Yemen, so as to strengthen the cornerstones of his rule, so as to make the west and the Americans fear that he would step down from power, so Yemen would simply become another base for al-Qaeda; and perhaps a stronger and more dangerous one than the other al-Qaeda bases in other countries, such as Afghanistan, Somalia and others, and some of those countries where there are people who follow al-Qaeda’s ideology. It is known that Yemen overlooks or, to put it more accurately, controls the country of Djibouti on the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, this strait which is the sole outlet for the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, or, to put it more accurately, the sole outlet for the Suez Canal to the Indian Ocean, and from there to the world. Al-Qaeda’s control over Yemen could lead to threatening the global trade and creating a new, disturbing focus in Yemen; this is what Ali Abdullah Saleh was always supposed to say to the USA, the west and the Arabs. You can choose between me and chaos, this is a popular saying that every Arab president says, and if it is not a saying, indeed the one who watches and the one who analyzes the scene will find that we did not hear about attacks by al-Qaeda or another group during the ruling period of the toppled Yemeni president. The answer to this question may be known by everybody and everybody can deduce it, but now, after the elimination of the toppled Ali Abdullah Saleh’s rule, we will find that al-Qaeda has appeared in the arena and has become an effective power that kills, destroys and bombs cars and roads and has carried out one terrorist attack after another. Why does it do that? Does it feel that the opportunity is here for it to control Yemen, or are there other reasons?

  • أيهاب


    Terrorists have to be held accountable for the crimes they have committed, no matter what. I pray for the heroic Yemenis, that they will do their best to fight the terrorists and make Yemen better. I think that if every Yemeni goes out and defends the unity of his nation and land, the actions of the terrorists will totally end, no matter what comes up. The activity of al-Qaeda will end; it will not find any place in any country. I pray to God Almighty to relieve the people of Yemen of every evil and oppression. The Yemeni woman will be the best Arab woman; she will regain her freedom. The Yemeni cities are controlled by the cowardly terrorists, and the women suffer a lot. What has happened to them is horrible. The Yemeni woman works very hard; we have to thank her for what she did, because the cowardly terrorists are the ones who put pressure on the Yemeni women. They don't want them to have anything good. I pray to God Almighty to relieve us of them and their evil. I pray that Yemen becomes better than the way it used to be in the past. What happened in Yemen should not happen again. The Yemenis need to live their normal lives and become one of the best Arab countries in terms of status, security and safety after the revolution.

  • ابو طلحة


    I would like to commend the stance of Yemeni tribes against terrorists who are trying to impose their domination on Yemenis and murder everyone. Yet, thanks to Allah the Almighty, they will not manage to carry out their attacks and malicious plans, thanks to the Yemeni tribes which will face all these terrorist acts. In fact, cooperation and collaboration will drive Yemenis to the safer side, God willing. Thus, the sons of Yemen should remain aware of what is happening and not surrender to the will or control of terrorist al-Qaeda members and groups which are trying by all means to carry out terrorist acts as was the case in Iraq, which was targeted by this Organization and its members. In fact, all the Arab nations must learn this lesson. Therefore, if the Yemeni tribes want to maintain the security situation in Yemen, they must cling to unity, cooperation and control of all the security conditions. Also, they must prevent al-Qaeda members from taking control of Yemen or Yemenis once and for all. For this reason, I would like to praise the Yemeni tribes for all the acts which they have carried out in order to maintain all the security conditions in the country and prevent the criminal members from carrying out their plans and exploiting the current situation in Yemen, namely the lack of security and stability as well as the strong rejection by the Yemenis of the Government which has not been fair to them.

  • كامل العراقي


    Greetings to the chiefs and elders of the Yemeni clans for being united together in order to confront this deviant group of people who have left Islam. I ask my brothers to unite and cooperate together, so as to defy and stop that filthy, deviant group. Let the new name for the brothers in Yemen be 'The Yemeni Uprising,' just like the 'Iraqi Uprising,' which was also a big challenge to terrorism; thank God they succeeded. May God bless the hands that fight for the stability and security of the country in which they live as one nation; nothing separates them due to being Sunni or Shiite. On the contrary, they are as one hand against their enemies in general. Welcome to victory, with God's support!

  • كامل العراقي


    I am your brother from Iraq. My greetings to my heroic brothers in Yemen, the nearby Muslim country that suffers from the oppression and tyranny of al-Qaeda! They don't even have a base – “al-Qaeda” means “base” in Arabic. They are homeless people who claim to represent Islam and Jihad, while they are actually the garbage of the society. They have no religion; they are just hiding behind something called Islam. Islam is the religion of righteousness, and all of them represent falsehood. I call on my brothers in the Republic of Yemen to fight this kind of people, who went astray from the religion of Islam. Victory is coming soon, God willing, because you are right and falsehood will never prevail over righteousness. Victory comes only from God.

  • اكامل العراقي


    No to the hired criminals! I am an Iraqi; we have seen a lot from terrorism, such as the killing and slaughtering of people. I have seen with my eyes a human slaughtered with a knife. They chopped his head off without his being guilty of anything. The big problem is that they wear black outfits and they are Iraqis who claim that what they are doing is jihad for God. Well, God prohibits the mutilation of bodies and killing people. This is not the true jihad. Jihad is an obligation, my brother. Terrorism has no religion. They come from opposing entities that love to get revenge on Muslims, claiming that it is jihad for God. God and His Messenger renounce their despicable actions, which they commit in the name of jihad. I urge all Muslims to be careful of the feuds and disunity happening among Muslims. God is the Best Protector and the Most Merciful.

  • ابو متعب


    The current situation in Yemen is difficult due to the changes and challenges facing Yemen. The terrorist groups of al-Qaeda in Yemen think that they now have the chance to move and commit the crimes which we are used to seeing from the al-Qaeda terrorist organization. This is why I do not think that the challenge, danger and fights which are facing Yemen in the next year are small or minor. At the same time, I am optimistic because the people of Yemen will not give any chance to al-Qaeda to control their areas. I am certain now, especially after seeing the uprising of the Yemeni tribes and their patriotism against al-Qaeda. They carried their weapons and fought al-Qaeda to send a powerful message to this organization saying to them, “You don't have a place in Yemen.” This made me feel somewhat relieved. The only aim of al-Qaeda is not reconstructing Yemen and improving the situation there. It only seeks to destroy, ruin and control the country. They will do whatever it takes to push Yemen into the abyss as they did before to other countries. Everybody should learn this lesson. The citizens should not help al-Qaeda or believe in their radical or deluding thoughts because regret will not be of any benefit afterwards.

  • ثائر عبد علي


    God willing, Yemen will not give itself up to al-Qaeda which will not have any chance to commit any crimes in Yemen or spread their sick ideas. Yemen will be better and stronger in the next years with this chance of change. Yemen will enter a new age of democracy and freedom which the Yemenis really need.

  • مصطفى وحيد


    Everyone is a potential target for terrorism that is why the level of awareness that the Yemeni tribes have is very high. Their fear over the unity of Yemen and its safety from terrorist attacks pushed them to take their national and brave decision in resisting terrorism and attacking its forces in many areas in the country.

  • محسن العوادي


    Terrorism has been taking advantage of the Yemeni home situation, the lack of security and stability at that stage which accompanied the demonstrations. In addition to that, while the army and the security forces have been busy with these events, the Yemeni tribes have realized that they are in front of an historic responsibility before the Yemenis. They have also realized that they have to fill the security vacuum and carry out their security and national duties imposed by their patriotism and their glorious and ancient history.

  • ناصر


    The Yemeni tribes have realized that the threat of terrorism is very big. In fact, the pain, destruction and dangers which it will cause to Yemen, its people and even on the Yemeni tribes are very considerable. The Yemeni tribes are aware of this fact.

  • أحمد


    The Yemeni tribes have carried out this important historical mission and faced terrorism after they realized that the terrorist organizations had started to murder and shed blood as they want. In fact, this has taken place in some Yemeni cities which have been controlled by the terrorist, Takfiri and evil organizations after the Yemeni tribes witnessed what happened in the cities and the suffering, harm and tragedies of the Yemenis because of terrorist crimes. Thus, the brave Yemeni tribes have rushed to save the Yemenis and Yemen from this Takfiri evil attack, especially since these tribes have much patriotism and have proven that their loyalty to Yemen is greater than their loyalty to the city, region and tribe. Since the persistence of these tribes is vital for Yemen and its stability, the Yemeni tribes have rushed to save Yemen and the Yemenis, and thwart the terrorist plan that aimed at establishing an Emirate for this organization and the terrorist dens which have tried to take control of the country. However, Allah has thwarted and disgraced them thanks to the courage of the Yemenis and brave tribes which have defended the freedom of Yemen.

  • عصام عبد الرحيم


    Yemenis will never remain silent about their rights; they have to find a solution for these matters. They have to totally control Yemen. Thanks to the Yemeni tribes for strongly fighting the terrorists. They fought the terrorists in a strong and brave way. I want them to increase their fighting against the terrorists so that they will get rid of them to regain the strength of the Yemeni economy and solve the current problems. The current conditions of Yemen are really difficult; the Yemen citizens suffered a lot and they are now suffering more than before. They have to find a solution to improve the economy, to make it better. The poor economy is the reason for poverty and hunger in Yemen. We have to work as hard as we can to solve this problem and make the situation better. I want to say that poor Yemeni citizen did nothing wrong; what is he guilty of?! What is the poor person guilty of, who cannot bear any more of these problems?

  • صفاء عبدالله


    We congratulate the tribes of Yemen for their union and stand against the criminal and terrorist elements, which are trying to harm their sons. This is self-defense; therefore they have to continue defending themselves and protecting all the people from processes that factions of al-Qaeda wish to implement on the land of Yemen; they must be eliminated and kicked out.

  • عزيز بديع


    I would like to congratulate the tribes of Yemen who stood together to oppose the criminal, terrorist and malignant elements, which are always seeking to kill people and exploit loopholes in the States that have unstable and unsafe conditions. Therefore what happened is a testament to a stand of the sons of the Yemeni people side by side; we hope that this situation will exist to the end, not allow any incursion element among themselves, and be coherent and not allow groups of al-Qaeda to exploit what is happening in the country in order to insinuate their poison among the people and the expansion of its influence, and therefore would like to control the state of Yemen in order to do whatever it wants to the people and spread death everywhere.

  • هيثم نوح


    I think that all the States should work to fight the common enemy that threatens the whole world which is terrorism. This happens through the cooperation between these States and the exchange of information about all the terrorist activities as well as the threat of terrorism to any country in the world in order to find a common neighbor to eradicate terrorism. It is relentless and determined to hit the interests of all countries and harm each people of different religions, races and colors. Thus, it is crucial to surround the enemy through a concerted global effort and exchange of security information, and try to find neighbors to help put it down and try to thwart all its dirty actions in any country in the world. If terrorism triumphed in one country, it means it will work on targeting another country and so on, thus, the spread of terrorism.

  • اسماعيل عواد


    As Arabs, we have to think of Yemen and the incidents happening there so that we can help make Yemen better than the way it used to be in the past. Yemenis are the poorest and most forbearing people. The harm, poverty, hunger and suppression happening in Yemen are very bad. Yemen has to be better than before. It has to be like other countries; it has to have a good status among the countries. I pray to God Almighty that everything becomes all right in Yemen. God willing, the Lord will help the heroes of the Yemeni tribes who defend their land with all the strength they have to protect themselves and their country from the evil of terrorism and terrorists in the stupid, despicable organization of al-Qaeda. I pray to Almighty God to bless the Yemeni tribes with goodness and success. May God give them strength to maintain the safety and security of Yemen! God willing, things will be better. Yemen is an important country, despite the poverty, hunger and oppression that have afflicted them. They still fight and defend themselves with all the strength they have. God willing, the Lord will give safety and security to Yemen and Yemenis. The abode of terrorists is Hellfire, by the will of God, the Lord of the Worlds.

  • محسن قيس


    The dirty actions happening in Yemen are because of the filthy terrorism. Almighty God wants goodness for Islam and Muslims all over the earth. Terrorists commit cowardly actions so that they can have fun. They don't know that Almighty God supports the truth. One of God's names is The Truth. Things will be better all over the Arab countries. They will be better than they were in the past. Yemenis will live a decent life without any problems. Yemenis are heroes. The heroes of the tribes fought with everything they have to kick the terrorists out of the Yemeni lands. They did not get out of Yemen totally, but the people did the best they could to destroy terrorists. They attacked them to banish them from the land of Yemen. The Yemenis have to think about the same thing; they have to work hard to banish the terrorists from their land. Yemen has to be the best Arab country. The Yemenis have to do the best they can to get the occupier off of their land. God willing, the terrorists will get out of Yemen. Life will be better than before. God will help the Yemeni tribes for all the good things they did for Yemen. God will help them to be respectful people and to be one of the developed countries. God willing, the Lord will bless Yemen and Yemenis with goodness, security and safety. God willing, Yemen will be better than the way it used to be in the past.

  • عمار هلال


    The fact that Yemeni tribes are fighting against al-Qaeda is not hidden behind the curtain anymore. The intention of this fighting is very obvious. The al-Qaeda militants have been in control of Zinjibar and now the armed tribesmen want it back. This fight has become intensified, as the strategy of the al-Qaeda militants has brought only chaos and destruction. There is no sensible reason they have given for abducting and assassinating innocent civilians. Southern Yemeni tribes have turned against al-Qaeda in a major way and have regained control of a number of towns previously held by al-Qaeda. The tribesmen also want to guard their seaboard, which is their chief source of revenue, in the form of oil shipping. It is also believed that these tribal leaders and local residents are backed by the US and Yemeni governments. “Al-Qaeda, get out of our country!” is the new mutual slogan being born in Yemen.

  • سندس


    Everyone should support these tribes so as to keep the country in security and to bring about the end of those who support the al-Qaeda organization groups. Their end will be death soon. What the al-Qaeda organization groups are seeking is to cause harm and damage to the innocent people, especially the simple and poor Yemeni people. A country like Yemen knows the Islamic religion and the ideas, values and ethics it holds, and that it brought the people to the shore of safety and peace. Therefore, they knew well what the al-Qaeda organization groups are seeking and how they use the teachings of the Islamic religion to cover their malicious actions. Therefore, they are aware of the manipulations by al-Qaeda elements. This matter enables them to distinguish between a real Muslim and the organizing elements for the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

  • عبدالله


    My salutes to these tribes, which will be mentioned a lot in history. There will be more heroism and great achievements of these tribes, which will be registered in the history of Yemen. If it were not for these tribes which fulfilled their heroic duty, the remnants of al-Qaeda would have swept Yemen from the north to the south. But thank God, it did not happen. The Yemeni tribes moved to rescue Yemen and the Yemenis. They carried their weapons and fought gallantly against the cells of al-Qaeda. All their victories are registered; we bless their victories and we salute the Yemeni tribes for their honorable and heroic position.

  • محسن انور


    The conditions in Yemen will stabilize, God willing, and everything that is going on now in Yemen is nothing but a transitional period after Ali Abdullah Saleh’s ruling period. It is known that if a country is void of its rulers or if the chaos spreads, everyone who has a personal interest, or to put it more accurately, every criminal or thug will surely be active, but everything will return to the way it was before, in case of the presence of the safety and stability in the country, and knowing who the ruler is and who the ruling powers are. We now in Yemen, or to put it more accurately, the Yemeni people, are going through a transitional period and with an agreed-upon, transitional president. There is a restructuring in the army and it is natural that there will be some people who have personal interests and aims, whether these are movements, like al-Qaeda in Yemen, or tribes that would like to be independent with parts of Yemen and rule themselves. Also, my words do not mean to leave everyone free to do whatever they want to do; they should be confronted strictly till stability returns back to the Happy Yemen again, and God willing, it will come back and be better than it was before.

  • الكناني


    The Yemeni people suffer from deprivation, need, poverty and the lack of education and awareness among the people. This is why the Yemeni environment is one of the most suitable places where the al-Qaeda terrorist organization can manipulate and use the youth, who have limited understanding. It is easy to affect the thinking and minds of those youth and spread the lethal poisons and destructive thoughts, which have spread in Yemen in an unbelievable way. This has increased the suffering of the Yemeni people, so the problem of radical and terrorist thoughts has been added to their problems. Terrorists try to attract the youth, using their miserable financial status. They manipulate the unemployed young people and exploit their need to seduce many of them through their crooked methods to be part of the radical thinking, which is harming Yemen and its society. I am certain that one of the most important reasons for the spread of radical ideas in Yemen is the lack of awareness, governmental supervision and programs that can help limit the spread of these thoughts. Yemen is busy with its problems, and accordingly the authorities ignore the citizens. They do not care about them and do not try to spread the moderate thinking that represents the true Islam. True Islam makes society secure against any ideas spread by terrorism to increase the suffering of Yemen, after negatively affecting many minds and brainwashing them to believe in such ideas. This is why they work for the terrorist and criminal organizations. They shed the blood of innocent people and threaten Yemeni society. Poverty, misery and hunger are some of the most important reasons for the destruction of societies in which radical thinking is spreading. It is used as one of the places of terrorism on earth, exactly like what is happening today in Yemen, which is suffering from the dominance and control of terror cells. Those entities found a foothold, i.e. a place in Yemen, because of the thoughts they spread, which paved the way for the presence of criminal and terror gangs.

  • ابو عبدالله


    Clashes between the Yemeni tribes and al-Qaeda still continue in many parts of South Yemen. These clashes have increased after al-Qaeda has seized the city of Zinjibar, the capital of Abyan province. In spite of multiple narratives of Yemeni official reports related to the number of victims and their affiliations, whether Yemeni tribes or al-Qaeda, and with the conflicting reports issued by the Yemeni government with respect to deaths among al-Qaeda’s fighters and leaders, the main narrative indicates that al-Qaeda, which has intended to harm the tribes, cause a lot of tragedies and displace tens of thousands, has suffered significant losses at the hands of Yemeni tribes as a result of these tribes’ indignation, awareness and patriotism. Al-Qaeda has committed lot of mistakes as usual, and it will probably reap the results of these mistakes soon, but we also are discouraged and pessimistic about that. Terrorists who have their terrorism through several suicide attacks in Yemen also have alternatives and the potential to change terms. This comes at a time when the country is facing an ongoing crisis regarding the shortage of oil and electricity supplies. In addition, the fight in south Yemen continues between government forces, backed by tribal fighters and al-Qaeda. It is likely that al-Qaeda will succeed in building bridges again with the tribes in light of the ineffectiveness of the state in this aspect. The state doesn’t have mediators to negotiate with the tribes. Also, it has hostilities with most tribes giving the fact that they live an overwhelming tribal and popular indignation.

  • شاكر قادر


    I would like to bless the tribes of Yemen for their unity in addressing the elements, gangs and terrorist groups that seek to disperse the reunion and reduce the determination and enthusiasm of the people of Yemen by sowing sedition, sectarianism and hatred among the people. What was done by the tribes of Yemen is a source of pride for the Yemeni people. It is an evidence of the degree of caution and extreme vigilance in order to deploy security, stability and preservation of the situation which vacates any presence of the terrorist groups and elements of al-Qaeda. To stand together from the start is the best thing the Yemeni tribes did to prove to everyone that no group can differentiate between the sons of the Yemeni people even if they were al-Qaeda terrorist groups. Therefore, the work done by the Yemeni tribes must be done by everybody in order to eliminate the elements and gangs of the cowardly terrorist al-Qaeda and to address them through cooperation, unity and solidarity. The real and serious rejection of this wild regulation of which we only hear regarding harm, ruin, destruction, and bloodshed of innocents and martyrs is a result of their heinous, savage and malignant actions and crimes.

  • جلال اسعد


    We congratulate all the tribes of Yemen that seek to eliminate and remove the terrorist groups from their land. We hope that they are coherent and will not to allow any person or group to cause sedition or snatch their dignity and their peace.

  • هنداوي


    These tribes agreed on one goal, which is not to allow al-Qaeda to tamper with their destiny by controlling their cities by force. They confronted the members of al-Qaeda with all their strength and determination, and they became united against al-Qaeda. A member of one of these tribes killed his brother for being a member of al-Qaeda. This brave position indicates how strong the loyalty and belonging to the tribe is, which exceeded even the bonds of brotherhood. As a result of this determination and the strong will of the people of the Yemeni tribes, the men of Yemen, the heroes were able to teach al-Qaeda a lesson they will never forget, now or in the future. They were able to expel them from their city and conquer them, after they had killed a large number of them. They were able to seize their equipment and their weapons, which have become booty for the tribes of Yemen. These tribes had confronted al-Qaeda in the region; and after the brilliant victory of the tribes of Yemen had been achieved, they took security measures to protect the different neighborhoods, through the formation of local committees, and they set up checkpoints to ensure that al-Qaeda members would not be able to enter these neighborhoods until the Yemeni military takes control of the cities and imposes the security situation for these neighborhoods. This is to protect them from the terrorist organizations, which will not find anyone who will support them or stand on their side from any of the tribes of Yemen in the future, because they have proved to the people of the community that they came to tamper with the security of the homeland and the citizen, through the commission of shameful criminal acts against the innocent people.

  • اسماعيل فرحان


    Among the most important factors that prompted the Yemeni tribes to confront the terrorist organization of al-Qaeda in Yemen is the fact that the Yemeni tribes are not satisfied with the fact that al-Qaeda occupied the cities of Yemen, tampered with their security and insulted their children. This happened in the province of Abyan, when al-Qaeda occupied the city of Zinjibar and announced that it was a principality belonging to it, after they had killed a number of its inhabitants and displaced the others for refusing to comply with its orders. The Yemeni tribes therefore refused to let their cities become like Zinjibar city, so that al-Qaeda tampers with it and controls it as they want, turning their lives into tragedies and an unbearable hell, in addition to the fact that the Yemeni tribes are tied to a common destiny and consider belonging to the tribe to be above all other considerations. Thus, loyalty to the tribes becomes very important in the lives of their individuals, as is defending its position and protecting its members with courage and valor, whatever the sacrifice is.

  • احمد الموصلي


    All the Yemenis have to stand together to support their country and reclaim their rights without the further shedding of innocent blood. What is happening in Yemen is very tragic and painful for everybody. They don't deserve to be in this situation. We pray to God that Yemen will stabilize and that the Yemenis will enjoy security and calm. We pray that everybody will enjoy comfort, peace and safety. This will happen only if the Yemenis unite. Yet, if they disunite and disperse, then they will become an easy target and they will all fall into the abyss of terrorist operations, which will never end. It might take years and years, and it will harvest a lot of souls in its way.

  • هارون


    The future of the land of Yemen and Yemenis is in the hands of God. We pray to God that the situation settles and calms down in Yemen, because the Yemenis deserve nothing but goodness. They are simple, poor and kind people. They have suffered from unemployment, poverty, hunger, neglect and deterioration of their country. They do not have good services or the availability of good things. This is why, after the bad conditions and circumstances that happened in Yemen in recent months, al-Qaeda is using the opportunity to commit terrorist operations on the land of Yemen. They try to control everything in Yemen. If we don't destroy and end the existence of the groups and terrorists of al-Qaeda in Yemen, they will push the country to fall into the abyss. The Yemeni tribes have to unite and cooperate; they have to stand together to fight and destroy all the terrorists and groups of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization. They have to be demolished so that they don't spread all over the country or increase, God forbid. If this happens, it will lead to the loss of many innocent souls who did not do anything wrong.

  • ثائر علي


    Each day, the heroic Yemeni tribes prove that they are the righteous guards who defend the borders of their homeland against the attacks of the al-Qaeda organization or any other attack, whether an outer or inner one. These attacks aim to tear apart the unity of Yemen, weaken the state of stability and security, and violate the honors of the innocent citizens who live in peace and safety in their country. The Yemeni tribes have taken responsibility for defending their country and cities as they always do. This is quite clear in their firm position at the face of the terrorist organizations, especially al-Qaeda. This terrorist organization aims to swallow the Yemeni cities one after the other. Yet, we see the sheikhs of the tribes standing firmly against these criminal organizations. They defend their cities, money and honors against the barbaric attacks planned by al-Qaeda, which exploit the current unstable conditions in Yemen by occupying a number of Yemeni cities. Al-Qaeda took those cities because they feel that part of the inhabitants support them. At some point, they managed to implant corrupt thoughts in the minds of these simple people and they made them believe in the doctrine of killing and bloodshed, which al-Qaeda brought into Yemen.

  • محسن روؤف


    At the present time, Yemen is going through an historic turning point, especially after the political change that took place there. In fact, the Yemeni people have managed to get rid of the injustice of the former regime, which was led by President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Today, the Yemenis are enjoying a new kind of openness and democracy in their rule. The popular elections marked the beginning of the democratic process. The elections were held in the country in order to choose the President of the Republic. Mr. Abed Rabbu Hadi Mansour won the elections and became the first coalition president of the new Yemeni government. The next Yemeni election will be a general election, in order to enable the people of Yemen to vote. Therefore, there will be serious competition among the candidates for the positions of sovereignty, by conducting free and fair elections in the country. Thus, the future of Yemen will be much brighter than its gloomy past. In fact, the elections will lead to the stability of the general situation in the country, through the cohesion of the mass among the Yemeni people with their elected government. The latter will emerge in accordance with the will of the Yemeni people. This government will definitely respond to all the requirements of the people, including construction, reconstruction and the provision of all services for all social categories. The latter are seeking to put an end to the consequences of the past policies and the terrible legacies of the previous regime. These policies prevented the people of Yemen from enjoying their deserved right to live in peace and security. The Yemeni people are expected to approve of these principles, which will have a significant impact on bringing life in Yemen to normal, the way people have been aspiring to live.

  • مشرف العقابي


    Yemen will be under the control of terrorism and the Yemeni people will not be able to control their conditions after several years, if those tribes are indifferent to confronting terrorism. I think that Yemeni society is a tribal society; therefore, if the tribes announced their war against al-Qaeda, this will reduce the opportunities for success for al-Qaeda to play a role inside Yemen and facilitate for the Yemeni government and the army and the police their work in fighting terrorism. Greetings and thanks to all the individuals of those original Arab tribes in Yemen that have taken on the responsibility of fighting al-Qaeda and facing terrorism in Yemen, so as to protect their country and keep it from the effects of terrorism and al-Qaeda.

  • صباح فارس


    In my opinion, many reasons made the Yemeni tribes unite as one in the face of Al-Qaeda. Among those reasons is the fact that those tribes are characterized by their sense of patriotism and they do not want to allow the corrupt ones to manipulate the fates of the country and its people. Moreover, the high awareness of the acts that al-Qaeda carries out in the different countries where it spreads over their territories made the sheikhs and the individuals of those tribes imagine the future if al-Qaeda is allowed to spread in Yemen, God forbid. Of course, what will not be hidden from anybody is the fact that al-Qaeda has carried out some activities in the Yemeni territories in the recent years. Were these activities for the benefit of Yemen as a territory and people? Of course, the answer will be no, because all that the al-Qaeda organization has carried out are suicide operations against the Yemeni people, and these led to a lot of murdered and injured people, as well as losses of public and private properties. After all that, I do not wonder at all about the fact that many Yemeni tribes are resisting terrorism and al-Qaeda, because logic makes that imperative for them.

  • خضر اازيدي


    I call upon Almighty God to save us from them and to grant goodness to Islam and Muslims. Al-Qaeda should know that this world is small and that the acts it is carrying out will be turned against it one day, God willing. I call upon all the Arabs and the Muslims not to give it the opportunity to carry out the acts it wishes.

  • ابو احمد


    The Yemeni tribes undertook the responsibility for standing in the face of the terrorist organizations and forcing them to leave their cities by the force of arms. This is the strongest proof that al-Qaeda has no foothold in Yemen, because the majority of the Yemenis reject its presence on the Yemeni lands. Hence, the tribes called for unity and united their ranks to stand as one front in the face of terrorism of al-Qaeda in Yemen. The tribes managed to defeat al-Qaeda in the Yemeni cities, after imposing a siege upon them in the places where they took shelter. This led to killing many of them, in addition to arresting many other terrorists who were delivered to the government security forces that supported the tribal forces in Abyan and Al-Baida. In this way, the victories of the Yemenis against Al-Qaeda will continue, while it suffers from successive losses.

  • نذير بدري


    I congratulate the Yemeni tribes for their heroic stance, which is considered among the strongest factors that consolidated the front that confronts the al-Qaeda terrorist organization. Al-Qaeda exploited the fragile security situation in Yemen and invaded the Yemeni cities by force, in addition to launching attacks on the residents of the cities to force them to support it, after declaring these provinces emirates under the control of al-Qaeda, which seeks to divide and weaken the country in order to control it completely. However, the serious and great efforts that were made by the brave tribes played a significant role in confronting this aggressive tide of al-Qaeda in Yemen. After trusting God, the Yemeni tribes cooperated to expel al-Qaeda’s elements from their cities by force, despite the immense sacrifices that would be made by these tribes to protect the state from division and dissection, as well as from falling under the control of the brutal Al-Qaeda terrorist organization. This organization has become more savage in the recent period, after the political changes in Yemen, which led to comprehensive political change in the country. Al-Qaeda exploited this new situation in order to control some Yemeni cities and declare them emirates under its control. Certainly, this step is an exploitation of the weakness and instability of the official authorities in Yemen that has continued for more than a year now, and that was exploited by al-Qaeda for its sake.

  • هادي سعدون


    I congratulate all the Yemeni tribes without exception, and I salute them all for their patriotic spirit and great courage. I congratulate them for facing up to al-Qaeda and thwarting all of their plots that aimed at turning Yemen into a terrorist country. Al-Qaeda was dreaming of this, but they were shocked at your courageous and heroic response.

  • هشام كمال


    The people of Yemen and their strong and determined confrontation with the al-Qaeda terrorist group, as well as their love for their homeland and patriotism, indicate the authenticity of these courageous Yemeni tribes. These tribes are the origin of the Arabs, and therefore they have to be up to the responsibility, in terms of defending their land and their homes. They should display tenacity in the face of the voracious, greedy and hateful individuals who want to sabotage Yemen and turn it into another Afghanistan. God willing, that will be next to impossible, and terrorist groups will not be able to compromise the future of Yemen and its people. They will not be able to destroy this country, no matter how hard they wish and dream about that. Al-Qaeda and the world have witnessed the strong response of the Yemeni tribes. Before things got out of control, each tribe took it upon itself to fight al-Qaeda and vowed to expel this organization from the country. Thank God, they made this possible, and the mobilization of Yemeni tribes and clans has had a major role in facing up to al-Qaeda and confronting it. Al-Qaeda was thinking that it can exploit the current situation in Yemen, particularly because the security situation was not stable, and the country was also going through a phase of radical change. As a matter of fact, the elements of al-Qaeda made a move and perpetrated a number of attacks. They also announced that they had gained control over some areas of Yemen, but the Yemeni heroes quickly reacted to them.

  • labio


    Al-Qaeda are savages, more than we can imagine, because they don't just murder each other, but they commit the most heinous crimes, such as violating privacy, rape and other crimes. They apparently call for Islam, and Islam is innocent of them and their deeds. May God damn them and all those who are unjust and inferior to them in life and in the hereafter!

  • عادل جاسم


    Al-Qaeda must be fought. We are thankful for the exerted efforts, which try to put an end to al-Qaeda, because they are infidels and they must be killed.

  • فلاح العلي


    I ask the al-Qaeda scholars if the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, were present now, whether he would agree with what this criminal group is doing. No, I swear to God. Where are we in relation to his Hadeeth: "Every Muslim's money, blood honor are taboo." Wait for God's punishment in this life and in the Hereafter.

  • nahidaltmemy


    The most terrifying crimes committed in history were committed by the al-Qaeda gangs. Unfortunately, they are committed in the name of Islam. Whoever witnesses their crimes shouldn't comment on them, in order not to commit sins. These people killed, slaughtered and raped women in the name of religion, and religion is innocent of them. God is our supporter and best helper.

  • قاصد عبيد


    Al-Qaeda became known in all Arab countries and got famous everywhere. It is doing what it wants in all Arab countries and no one can speak with them. And I'm one of the people who hate those vile and infidel groups. I pray to God Most High Almighty, to save us from them because all continuous evil and pressure come from them and I want all Arabs to take care of the terrorists, and do something each and every day to stop it. The spreading of Al-Qaeda at the international level is causing great danger to all Arab and Muslim world as their power is beginning to grow more and more, and what a difficult thing this is.

  • عازم علي


    Al Qaeda’s strength has weakened very much now and we have to take that opportunity to work against terrorists and increase their fear and teach them that Iraq and the Iraqis are not afraid of cowards like them and I ask God Almighty to save us from them and the evil of every hateful who does not want the best for Iraq and Iraqis. O Lord, save Iraq and Iraqis from all harm and return all the things back to as it was in the past and better.

  • اسامه


    This is socially good because it indicates unity and one position against terrorism in general. Without such attitudes safety won't prevail at all. May God bless you!

  • قتيبه


    Al-Qaeda is a bloody group. They allow all the forbidden actions. I am an eye witness in Iraq who saw the son killing his own mother and his older brother.

  • muhamad


    The Yemeni people suffer from poverty and unemployment. Hence, we see many students who were deprived of education in order to work and contribute to the costs of living of their families, who consider this as more important than education. We have to contain all the new students and spread education in all areas and among all the social classes so as not to deprive any person of education, which is a right and duty so that one can be ignorant no more.

  • عاصم مجيد


    The collapse of al-Qaeda is a normal thing because everything is inevitably destined to fall. The Arab rulers are the most corrupt and their turn has come in order for the people to get rid of them. The same is true for al-Qaeda.

  • هڤال


    I don't believe that the al-Qaeda groups are brutal to that extent!