Al-Qaeda trying to exploit security flaws on Syrian border, Iraqi officials say

Iraqi soldiers stand guard along the Iraqi-Syrian border. [Ali Mashhadani/Reuters]

Iraqi soldiers stand guard along the Iraqi-Syrian border. [Ali Mashhadani/Reuters]

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Iraqi security leaders and analysts say the increased rate of militants from Syria attempting to infiltrate Iraq is evidence that al-Qaeda is trying to exploit Syria's ongoing political crisis.

Officials say the crisis has emboldened militants to exploit the security flaws along the Syrian side of the border.

"Syria is not making enough effort to control its borders with Iraq, especially in the desert areas close to the Iraqi cities of al-Qaem and Rummana in western Anbar and Rabiea in western Ninawa province," said Iraqi national security advisor Falih al-Fayyadh.

Al-Fayyadh told Mawtani that militants attempt to infiltrate Iraq usually in groups of four to eight individuals.

During January and February of this year, border guards detained 42 infiltrators and forced around 50 more back into Syrian territory after clashes with Iraqi forces, according to al-Fayyadh.

Some of the detainees were of Arab nationalities – from Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria and Jordan -- and some were wanted by police in their own countries for belonging to al-Qaeda, he said.

Al-Fayyadh attributed the increase in infiltration attempts to al-Qaeda in Iraq losing the ability to recruit more members and fund its terrorist operations.

"The security force's success in drying up al-Qaeda's financial resources, in addition to Iraqis refraining from donating funds to them -- whether as zakat or money extorted by al-Qaeda by force -- in addition to the severe lack of field commanders who are usually of Arab nationalities, were all factors that led the organisation's decision to bring in gunmen from outside Iraq," he said.

Al-Qaeda's 'failure to recruit Iraqi youth'

"All indications point to the fact that al-Qaeda is trying to start a new battle in Iraq by throwing its external fighting capability into the arena to undermine the improving security situation in Iraq," political analyst Saad al-Hadithi told Mawtani.

"By bringing in more gunmen to fight in Iraq, al-Qaeda is trying to make the international efforts aimed at rebuilding Iraq a failure, particularly with the approaching Arab summit conference, the entry of international companies, and the re-opening of foreign embassies in Baghdad."

Al-Hadithi said the battle that al-Qaeda is trying to wage will not succeed because of three factors.

"Al-Qaeda is badly in need of money […] needs huge quantities of weapons because Iraqi forces have seized those weapons and ammunition in various security campaigns, and al-Qaeda's failure to recruit Iraqi youths who are now looking forward to a better future, which is why it sought assistance from the neighbouring countries," he said.

Intensified measures along borders

On February 22nd, Iraqi forces discovered three tunnels of various lengths that extended into Iraq near the border towns of al-Qaem and Rummana, according to deputy commander of the border guards forces, Maj. Gen. Hashim Jawad al-Iqaby.

Infiltrators "sought to enter Iraq through those tunnels because they could not pass through the border crossing points, since they are wanted by the Iraqi judiciary. Therefore they use the border territory between the two countries to cross every then and now," al-Iqabi told Mawtani.

"But our intensified measures will prevent that," he said.

On February 27th, Iraq announced the launch of a new security plan in co-ordination with the Ministry of Defence and the Iraqi National Intelligence Service to control the international borders with neighbouring countries.

The announcement was made after Iraq obtained information that al-Qaeda was seeking to import suicide bombers, gunmen, funds, and weapons from outside the country.

"Iraqi security forces of both the army and police are at their utmost readiness to confront any infiltration attempt," Maj. Gen. Hadi Kassar, commander of the Anbar police, told Mawtani. "We have other plans and measures that are sufficient to foil the attempts by infiltrators who are trying to push the country back to square one."

"There is also considerable co-operation by the tribesmen who live near the border areas to spot any fighter trying to infiltrate," he said.




    امجد سعيد


    I cannot find the right words to describe these criminals because of what they are doing in Iraq and with its people. They were able to destroy the country completely because of the terrorist attacks which they were doing many times every day until they have already managed to destroy it. After it was known that the State of Iraq enjoyed the prosperity and the fame through the availability of the natural and the mining resources, these terrorists have eradicated them through their terrorist actions and their terrorist attacks. All these resources that Iraq already enjoyed will cease only after exhaustion of the great efforts and they need an enormous amount of money that is hard to provide in a country that has ended the war only after asking the aid from some States. We may know that probably the support is not always enough at least to satisfy the basic needs. I cannot explain why these terrorists have done such things and what kind of spirit they have.

  • صفاء


    One of the best steps taken by the Iraqi government and the security forces was to take control over the Iraqi borders with the neighboring countries. The Iraqi security forces killed many terrorists who were planning to carry out their attacks and made these terrorists commit many mistakes that brought them into the hands of the Iraqi security forces that arrested and brought them to justice. The Iraqi forces started implementing many security plans against the terrorist al-Qaeda, who used to enter Iraqi territory illegally when the security situation was not controlled, and then secured the Iraqi border and prevented the terrorists from entering Iraq and implementing their terrorist acts in addition to the reduction of the infiltration of the terrorists into Iraq recently, which comes from the fact that many of those who used to be loyal to terrorism or believe in its ideas are no longer believers in such ideas, making them reluctant to join them. As al-Qaeda began doing what they have been doing against the Iraqis and against the Muslims, the Arabs knew that the terrorist al-Qaeda did not want the welfare of Islam and Muslims but wanted to show the world and the general community that Islam is a religion of terrorism based on murder. Therefore, this greatly weakened terrorism and I think these reasons are preventing them from infiltrating into Iraq.

  • مسعود ابو اكرم


    The government should start by strengthening its power and concentration in all the Iraqi cities, especially the border cities. The borders must be under surveillance to discover any suspicious movements and to secure the borders against the infiltration of the terrorist movements. Arresting the members of the movements will uncover the rest of the members of these movements, who hide in Iraq and threaten the security of the citizens across Iraq. The Iraqis need to see the return of stability soon and to solve all the crises of the citizens such as the lack of security, which embitters the life of the Iraqis everywhere, such as the electricity services, which is not available to a large portion of the Iraqis. The Iraqis want the government to solve the problem of security soon to focus on providing these services quickly and to start the production, which will improve the Iraqi economy. All problems in all sectors need many solutions. The terrorist organizations took much time, but they are weak and the government should interrogate all the arrested terrorists to get to the masterminds and leader of these groups to obtain more information about their movements and way of work. This information is important to accommodate their plans to confront these disasters in the future. In addition, these steps would strengthen the love and trust between the security forces and the people because they would be convinced that their government can change their future for the best and that they can trust the Iraqi government, which can keep its promises to make it among the best states in the world. I wish that the security forces would succeed in finishing the existence of the terrorist movements on the Iraqi lands soon to help their home to be stable soon away from the destruction. May God protect the Iraqis.

  • حكمت ايوب


    I call on the Iraqi Government to find a solution to that problem. It should impose more control on the borders with neighboring countries that do not want the best for Iraq and Iraqis. If ever the Iraqi Government does not react against the terrorists, it will be considered as an accomplice of their operations. It facilitated their infiltration into the country territories in order to get rid of Iraq and Iraqis. I supplicate Allah Most High to grant Iraq and Iraqis all the best. God willing, the past terrible events that took place in Iraq will never happen again. Allah Almighty will preserve the civilians. Besides, the police and the army of Iraq will not leave them unprotected. They will always defend them, God willing. Lord of the Worlds will grant all the best, peace, safety and security to Iraq and all Iraqis. O Lord! Save Iraq from north to south! O Lord of the Worlds! Amen.

  • خيري


    As a human being and as an Iraqi citizen, I am entitled to enjoy some rights and I call on the Iraqi Government to preserve them. In fact, this Government is reluctant to settle the situation in Iraq. I want them to protect Iraqis from the cowardly terrorists who do not wish us well. I call on the Iraqi Government to protect Iraq, especially on the borders separating Iraq from other countries. We all know that there are some countries which seek the downfall of Iraq in order to impose their total control on the country. God willing, we will do our best to prevent them. God is mightier than everyone. Personally, I am very keen to protect my beloved Iraq. My nation is suffering day and night while I feel very helpless. I cannot do anything. However, the Iraqi Government is strong enough to do everything and anything. I supplicate God Almighty to save Iraq and the Iraqis and to grant us safety, security and peace.

  • خضير ياسين


    The security situation in Iraq is still experiencing many terrorist attacks as a result of the existence of many frivolous elements that do not want goodness for this people, and its members, especially during this period, which witnessed many difficult , bitter and cruel situations and circumstances, whether in Iraq or in its neighboring countries, including Syria and the other countries where there are many terrorist elements that are trying to sneak into the land of Iraq in order to create chaos, violence and crime and carry out malicious acts again that are taking place against the Iraqi people. However, we ask God to save Iraq and the Iraqi people from any misfortune or evil or harm. The security situation in Iraq must experience stability and tranquility, comfort and safety because the Iraqi people have suffered greatly as a result of violence and terrorism, and the government should provide security and protection for the people by strengthening the military’s presence and eliminate the groups that tampered with it and are still tampering, in order to impose its control over Iraq by force, but it will be hard for them to get what they want because there are courageous men in Iraq that will not allow these elements to enforce their control over the people by carrying out bombings and killings, threats and dispersal and destruction. The Iraqi people should hit anyone who tries to impose their control over them through terrorism, violence and criminality. Thus, the Iraqis will get rid of all malicious and terrorist acts; we must improve the security situation in Iraq for the sake of children, women, the elderly and the young people.

  • ابو شعيب


    The security forces should work day and night in order to eliminate all the terrorist elements that are killing everyone and without any discrimination or distinction. Iraq must return to what it was, including security and stability, calm and comfort, and containment; the government must make a lot of efforts in order to maintain the lives of the citizens of the Iraqi people and to control the border, especially, so as not to let the terrorist groups infiltrate into Iraqi territory and that these elements would not practice their activities again against the innocent people.

  • ثامر ياسين


    We must ask ourselves why the operations of these movements have not ended, so far. Firstly, all solutions must be used to enhance the military tactics of the security forces by several steps: investigate the files of each corrupt official, raise the salaries of the security forces in order to encourage them to exert more efforts to protect this country, rewards must be given to whoever reports any suspect, forgive each person who decides to abandon terrorist acts, and patrols must be made all over Iraq, especially at the major points where weapons are smuggled across the borders; such access points must be blocked in order to restore security in Iraq as much as possible. May Allah preserve Iraq and its people from all evils.

  • فارس الشايب


    The terrorist al-Qaeda Organization, and we are getting used to it, is trying to sneak and exist in our lands because of the circumstances which will help it to grow and also exploit the instability in any Arabian country to be there and to start publishing its lies and fake slogans and the unreal jihad, and all other lies. There is a move now from the al-Qaeda Organization to exist in Syria and have groups there in order to control this region and then to enjoy murdering the innocent here and there and exploit everything, because all that is what al-Qaeda is waiting for as it didn’t go there in order to get victory for the innocent people or the revolution, but to grant victory for the criminal Bashar. It went there to control the situations in Syria and create civil war, explosions and to participate in arousing the situations and tensions. Since the entrance and existence of al-Qaeda, everything has become weird as there are a lot of massacres being committed against the houses and families, children, women and girls. I accuse the al-Qaeda Organization of being involved in a lot of crimes, not all of them, because we know that the Syrian regime is efficient in committing crimes, but there are explosions in Syria, and these are one of their acts which we are getting used to. I think that all Syrian should take care and be cautious, and Bashar should leave as soon as possible before it is too late, and before the entrance of more terrorists into al-Qaeda, and starting long sufferings. Meanwhile, the status of Syria is awful, and nobody will be pleased with it, and blood will be everywhere in Syria.

  • شريف خضر


    The issue of the Iraqi borders became open before all people; the terrorists come to Iraq from the neighboring states, and no one can stop them. The worst thing is that the Iraqi government itself knows that the terrorists come from the neighboring states in order to carry out acts of sabotage and that their sole purpose is to control Iraq. Actually, they do whatever they want, and our officials are satisfied with saying that everything is under control and that the terrorists are cowardly and treacherous elements. However, the terrorists of Al-Qaeda are still free and move freely without any objection. We want the Iraqi government and officials to stop lying and to care for Iraq and its affairs. They have to expel the terrorists from the land of Iraq in every possible way, and I am sure that everything will be OK and that Iraq will be better than ever, God willing.

  • صفي الدين جميل


    I support the efforts of Syria’s neighboring countries to control their borders. In fact, they are supposed to strive in order to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into Syria because, above all, they will increase the complexity of the internal situation of the Syrians. Second, the gathering of al-Qaeda terrorist groups in Syria will not threaten only Syria. In fact, Syria will represent a springboard for their terrorist operations in Iraq, Jordan and other neighboring countries. Besides, Syria would become a convenient place for the terrorist al-Qaeda because of the loose situation there, especially after reducing its influence and aborting its plans in Iraq. Indeed, many terrorist groups were targeted in Iraq so much that terrorist al-Qaeda have become relatively disabled in this country, compared to a few years ago. Therefore, I think that the situation in Syria will be more dangerous after the entry of al-Qaeda to this country. In fact, the members of this organization have started to infiltrate Syria in order to carry out their terrorist operations inside and outside this nation. The current situation, where security conditions are loose, will facilitate things for them. Therefore, controlling the borders is both important and necessary. Terrorism should not be underestimated in order to thwart its evil plots and members who want to infiltrate Syria from Iraq or anywhere else.

  • عبدالخبير


    I believe that terrorist al-Qaeda usually strives to operate in a new place whenever it falls apart in any country. Indeed, they want to heal their wounds. They seek to take advantage of any vulnerable position in any country in order to reorganize their takfiri evil members. In this respect, terrorist al-Qaeda is now focusing on Syria, especially after their utter failure in Iraq. Indeed, the al-Qaeda agenda and plans of terrorism were doomed to failure. This terrorist organization fell apart thanks to the Iraqi Security Forces and their leadership. The latter were determined to eradicate terrorism and eliminate it. We note that terrorism started trying to enter Syria, taking advantage of some of the infiltration either from Iraq or other neighboring countries. They want to take advantage of the loose security situation in Syria at the present time.

  • مها


    Al-Qaeda is known for its opportunist positions. It is always exploiting opportunities to achieve its evil objectives against the innocent people and after it has been proven to al-Qaeda that Iraq has become hard for them. They have no place in Iraq because they revealed what they are in front of the people and the mask fell from their faces in the sight of the people because of their aggressive and despicable acts.

  • عبيد خضر


    In all countries, the issue of borders is very important. In fact, borders should be fully and completely protected and without any defect because the least mistake or neglect may cause a big problem in this country, God forbid. Therefore, we notice that all States are making great efforts to impose more and more control on the border crossings leading into their territories. They want to make sure that none could sneak into the country, by sea and not only by land. Such infiltrations through ships are very frequent at the present time. However, the satellite and other devices could help in maintaining security and stability in the country. Thus, we hope that such technologies will be used in Iraq in order to provide adequate protection to all the Iraqi border crossing points from neighboring countries. Our only objective is to ensure prevention, security and stability for all. We do not need any confrontation with the countries which harbor terrorists and those who are seeking to create discord, confusion, sectarianism, hatred and grudges, whether between States or between the citizens of a single society. For this reason, we must intensify protection and deploy more military units to be stationed on the Iraqi border and from all directions.

  • شاهين احمد


    The remnants of terrorism are trying to flee to Syrian territory to re-organize their atoning remnants and also in order to start their terrorist actions in the Syrian territories. They are taking advantage of the dire situation that this country is going through in spite of Iraq's disposal of the remnants of the terrorist cells. However, I think that the risk is still significant and the presence of the terrorist elements heading to Syria will be a great and continuous danger to Iraq. The absence of security in Syria means the absence of control and keeping the border by the Syrian side well. This is a great harm for Iraq and Syria also. However, the terrorist al-Qaeda seemed to be heading to Syria in order to initiate acts of terrorism from there and also to increase the complexity of the situation in Syria. The threat of terrorism and al-Qaeda would be great in Syria and adjustment of the Iraqi-Syrian border must be done in order to root out terrorism as well as the infiltration between the two countries.

  • معطي حبيب


    Terrorism and the criminal al-Qaeda have reached the stage of collapse that forced them to leave the Iraqi territory. I think that Syria today is one of the countries which I consider to be among the suitable places for the presence of this organization because it is always looking for places that are bursting into conflicts and lacking the security and stability in them. Syria is currently undergoing such circumstances.

  • صابر صلاح الدين


    I call on all the Iraqi people to take caution and beware of both the Iraqi Government as well as the al-Qaeda terrorist attacks. In fact, al-Qaeda is seeking to kill the innocent children, women and elderly adults in order to control the situation in Iraq. However, this organization will never manage to implement its plans, God willing. Indeed, al-Qaeda has weakened. At the present time, they want to seize any opportunity in order to hurt the Iraqis. They will not manage to do so. The recent bombings and other attacks that they have carried out will not change anything. They will not manage to repeat these operations. I call on the Iraqi Government to provide the citizens with security and safety. Officials must do their utmost to prevent further terrorists operations by the dirty al-Qaeda. O Allah, have mercy on all the brave martyrs who lost their lives due to the criminal operations of al-Qaeda. I also call on the Security Forces to increase their efforts in order to prevent the repetition of such criminal acts. In fact, we want to prove that the Iraqi people are true heroes who never relinquish their rights in favor of others no matter what happens. God willing, the criminals will be punished at any cost. I hope that the terrorist attacks such as the acts of murder, slaughter and trapping will never occur in Iraq. God, please help Iraq restore its past position and achieve progress. This depends on the might of the Iraqis and the strength of Allah. Amen.

  • حسين قاسم


    Al-Qaeda is made up of vile and hateful groups. They are infiltrating into the country through the Iranian and Syrian borders in an illegal way. In fact, there are some organized groups which received their training in Iran in order to carry out any kind of attacks they want. Iran is really a despicable country which does not seek the wellbeing of Iraq and the Iraqis. I am surprised at the Iraqi Government which allows these cowards to do everything they want in Iraq.

  • عصام شاهين


    What the groups of al-Qaeda are trying to do, like infiltration into the State of Syria in order to fuel the situation there more than it already is, even if it does not need any fueling to be in a state of crisis. Infiltration must be stopped so there will be no more victims and bloodshed. Al-Qaeda terrorists should not attempt to exploit the circumstances surrounding the country's situation, and they should be ashamed of themselves for being the cause of all this seeming chaos, and we must stop all of these criminal acts because the Arab nation does not need more terrorist attacks and they are tired of everything that is going on. Many lives have been ruined by malignant terrorist attacks that happened at the hands of these malignant elements. They did not stop at this but continued their work and are infiltrating Syria, which is living in chaotic, cruel and very painful conditions; certainly if this thing happens, it will increase the bad situation constantly, the killings, bombings, suicide attacks and trapping will increase, but we ask God's mercy and protection of all, God willing, to get rid of the terrorist elements completely.

  • عامر


    Terrorist groups are always looking for loopholes in order to execute operations against innocent citizens, therefore the processes of accountability and punishment of security leaders will have an important and chief role, and will be proof that justice exists and is being implemented on everyone without any exception even if they were leaders.

  • غازي صادق


    We must keep away from the worst by providing the necessary and adequate protection on the Iraqi border in order not to let the tragic events get repeated once again in Iraq or the sons of Iraqi nation because Iraq has suffered what it suffered and went through the worst, the hardest and most bitter of the difficult, harsh and very painful conditions. So, any state or terrorist attack should be prevented, which may happen to the children of the Iraqi nation through intensive surveillance at the border and prevent entry of any suspicious element in the land of Iraq.

  • علاء جواد


    The reality of border crossings in Iraq is something that requires much precision and follow-up and there must be a larger and more comprehensive military presence, and all border crossing points must be brought under control in order to eliminate any actions that may cause harm and damage to the children of the Iraqi nation. The border crossings are the most important issue because what happened in Iraq and is still happening is a result of the security chaos with respect to the border side, which has been without protection and without any intense and large military presence in order to protect the sons of Iraqi nation, so we see that a lot of terrorist and armed groups had crept into the Iraqi territories as a result of smuggling and illegitimate entry ways. The government should provide adequate support and military presence necessary in order to protect the Iraqi borders and all the countries in order to stop any breach or bypass or the smuggling of weapons and explosives, or the infiltration of terrorist and armed elements who would like to cause havoc and destruction in Iraq and to the sons of Iraqi nation. So, it is very important for the government to support this aspect enormously in order to maintain the atmosphere of the Iraqi security and the preservation of the lives of people from the risk of terrorist operations; and to continue international relations, and no disagreement about the terrorist groups will happen. Also, this matter will contribute to the reduction of the number of terrorist operations inside Iraq, as well as, Iraq is now in dire need to impose security on the borders because the situation is tough in many of its neighboring countries, so extreme caution and prudence must be taken so that no infiltration of terrorist elements from neighboring countries will happen that could put the two countries in differences, and perhaps in closure of the borders between them in order to stop intruders and smuggling operations of weapons and many other things.

  • ابراهيم


    I am very happy with the ongoing developments in Iraq especially with regards to the security aspects and others. The most important thing which I consider to be a victory is that Iraqi border ports are secure, and there are no more problems. The Iraqi border is protected by Iraqi heroes who fear for Iraq. We know that the closest two countries to Iraq that don’t want any good for Iraq are Iran and Syria. Syria is sending terrorists in order to stir up sedition and terror in Iraq, and Iran is working on controlling Iraq, but both have failed because the heroic border guards do their best in order to secure the lives of Iraqi citizens. Border guards are now still investigating things coming into Iraq, and they check everything that enters, but still there are bad things, they do not know how they enter, but they will do their utmost in order to protect Iraq and Iraqis. The Iraqi border is secure and no one can say that the Iraqi border is not secure and that their outlets are not good. I pray to the Almighty God that there will not be more problems in Iraq, and that border guards will work harder in order to prevent anyone from causing any harm. Iraq has true heroic men who care about it. I wish them all luck and success, and I hope that all the countries that do not like Iraq will always be disappointed to know that Iraq is a country of good. O God, Lord of the worlds, grant Iraq all good and peace, amen.

  • عبالغني


    Iraq's borders are open to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and there are no security ways to protect borders. Smuggling is carried out very easily. There is clear collaboration and collusion with bodies working to ruin Iraq. Iran is one of the most neighboring countries to Iraq. Iranians resent Iraqis too much, and they want grab any opportunity in order to destroy Iraq. They have already brought corrupt medicine into Iraq and smuggled drugs across borders. Borders need to be safer for Iraq to be free of problems. In my opinion, there should be tight security precaution by the Iraqi government, which should provide full protection for the borders. Border guards should do their best to secure the lives of Iraqi citizens. I think that it is the duty of the Iraqi government to do its utmost in order to secure the Iraqi citizen’s life, God willing. I am wondering about the Iraqi government’s role. Isn’t it supposed to do its duty, secure the lives of Iraqi citizens, work hard to make Iraq a safe country and prevent greedy countries from seizing the opportunity to ruin Iraq. I pray to the Almighty God that Iraq will be better than before, God willing.

  • صقر


    Suicide bombers exist everywhere in the world practicing the same terrorism. Terrorism is one thing that doesn’t differentiate between old and young or women or men. This phenomenon is alien to the culture of Iraqis, and it is a covert phenomenon which came to Iraq after 2003. All Iraqis should fight this phenomenon, which makes Iraq a theater for terrorism. This phenomenon spreads among those who are religious fanatics of all denominations. They join terrorist armed groups, which recruit fighters from poor countries, and they particularly brainwash them to convince them to participate in their terrorist acts, which kill people and cause destruction to be prevalent in anti-terrorist countries.

  • شاهين


    We must be cautious of these groups that seek to achieve their goals by exploiting the gaps that exist in all the Arab countries in order to control the Arab States. I ask God to save us from these terrorist gangs and to remove them from existence so that people will live comfortably and safely, Amen.

  • زبير حداد


    What the elements and members of the terrorist al-Qaeda are trying to do to sneak into Syria is just a proof of the truth of what is said, which is echoed by everybody. These malicious elements always run to the countries which are witnessing disorders in order to slip their toxins, malice, grudge, sowing discord, sectarianism, and hatred between the sons of the same people so that everyone would kill each other. They are groups working to spread poison and hatred as well as their dirty ideas among the people, taking advantage of the difficult, harsh, bitter, painful, and tragic situations of many Syrian people, as happened in the lands of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and many other countries. For this reason, we must address these elements. We must remove them so that there will be safety and stability in the country. The sons of the Syrian people need help and support, and not transmitting grudges among themselves because this matter will simply worsen the situation.

  • منجد هاشم


    The Iraqis are united against their enemies. They are determined to destroy all the terrorist organizations that entered Iraq to kill its people and shake its security. The Iraqi security forces are now standing on the Iraqi-Syrian borders in order to stop al-Qaeda from sneaking into Syria to make use of the absence of the Syrian security forces on the borders shared with Iraq. They want to mess up the state of security and stability in the country. The Iraqi security forces put out a new plan based on developed technical foundations in order to ensure not to leave any security breach at the borders between Iraq and Syria. They want to make sure that the terrorist organizations will not be able to use any security breach to move between the two countries. The Iraqi security forces conducted tight inspection procedures throughout the border's crossing points between Iraq and Syria. They check the documents and identities of the people entering and leaving Iraq. They do not want to give any chance to the terrorist organizations to make use of the current instability in Syria. In addition, the security forces conducted search operations in the places near the Syrian borders to insure the non-existence of any terrorist hideouts inside the Iraqi lands as the terrorists might make them their centers from which they can enter Syria and retreat easily.

  • حمدان غازي


    The Iraqi security forces are intensifying the security procedures on the Iraqi-Syrian borders so as to thwart the attempts of the al-Qaeda organization to infiltrate into Syria to commit acts of killing and destruction as they did in Iraq and Yemen. They want to make use of the bad security conditions in Syria. The organization exploits these chances most of the time in order to achieve political and economic gains. This gives them the opportunity to get to their criminal aims and accuse other entities which have nothing to do with the crimes. This is exactly what happened in our country. They committed filthy criminal actions that made Iraq fall into a civil and secular war due to the dirty and coward operations of the terrorist organizations. They made the brothers fight each other. However, this black page has been closed forever in Iraq after the game of these organizations has finally been exposed.

  • عثمان


    Al-Ramadi is one of the important cities which can be exploited, as it is a border town in which there is large movement associated with three countries on the borders. Thus, the government must take into consideration the idea of building a center in the city of al-Ramadi and building in it great restaurants and hotels, because this construction will activate the movement in the city of Al-Ramadi and contribute a lot to creating a touristic movement in it. This will improve the economic reality of the city and raise its level as all the visitors of Iraq can go through this city which would become a stopover for them. The care of the city of Ramadi should be more than what is currently offered by the government.

  • هاشم بو صلاح


    The al-Qaeda terrorist organization kills people in cold blood, and it does not care about those who will die or live, because it only really cares about controlling the situation in the countries in which it has a presence, as a preamble to ruling them according to its whims. After that, the al-Qaeda terrorist organization seeks to seize the riches of these countries and loot the wealth of the people, in addition to spreading fear, hunger and diseases among them. This appears through the criminal acts that it carries out against the peaceful people from time to time in the Iraqi cities, leaving many innocents wounded and dead. Al-Qaeda launched a number of attacks, using car bombs and explosives, in addition to a number of assassinations that left serious destruction and losses. We ask God to admit the lives of the martyrs to paradise and to have mercy upon them. We also ask God to curse and disgrace the criminals who wounded them.

  • فاروق علي


    I think that al-Qaeda, having felt that it no longer has a place in Iraq and that the situation in Iraq has become more stable, has decided that it is better to relocate its operations to Syria. They saw that the convulsive situation, insecurity and unstable circumstances in Syria allow al-Qaeda to move freely. As a matter of fact, we have seen that there are some terrorist activities that have begun in Syria recently, including bombings and the like. This is proof that al-Qaeda has begun to operate in Syria and perhaps they want to shift from Iraq to Syria, because the current situation there is more appropriate and can provide a safe haven for their terrorist activities. I believe there are numerous infiltration attempts by terrorists that take place across the Syrian borders, not only from Iraq, but also from Lebanon, Jordan and other neighboring countries, in order to reach Syria and form a large organization for them. They want Syria to be their next stopping point and are preparing to control the situation there, after the fall of the Syrian regime, which is “terminally ill.” They want to control Syria through murder, intimidation and coercion, and by forcing people to follow this deviant organization and adopt their sick way of thinking.

  • نبراس احمد


    Al-Qaeda has accomplished countless works in Iraq and what it has done towards the Iraqis is unforgettable because the cowardly terrorists left a disaster in each house of Iraq and the suffering that Iraqis have endured was not experienced by anyone before because so many innocent lives have gone in vain. Al-Qaeda wants to establish power and a base in Iraq in order to control the situation there because they want to make of the Arab countries a place that controls all the Arabs. There are a lot of Arab countries that have been subjected to acts of terrorism by al-Qaeda including Yemen, Syria and Libya, and all Arab countries have enough of these terrorist acts that occur on their own soil, and Iraq is one of the Arab countries where the sanctities have been violated and the land has been desecrated because of these dirty people who work to control Iraq and to establish an Islamic state specifically for al-Qaeda.

  • زيد ثابت


    The government must increase the number of security troops stationed on the border and the emphasis on protecting the border with the Syrian side until there is an eradication of terrorism, ensuring the control of the border and preventing any attempt of terrorists to enter from there even through smuggling, false identities, or other methods.