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Iraq's oil production reaches 3 million barrels a day

Iraqi officials say they want to increase the country's oil production to 12 million barrels a day by 2017. [Atef Hassan/Reuters]

Iraqi officials say they want to increase the country's oil production to 12 million barrels a day by 2017. [Atef Hassan/Reuters]

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Iraq's oil production had risen to more than three million barrels a day for the first time since 1979, the Iraqi ministry of oil announced last week.

The increase in production came mainly from three giant oil fields in Basra province -- Rumaila, Zubair, and West Qurna -- that are currently undergoing rehabilitation by foreign investment companies, according to Sabah al-Saedy, deputy director-general of the ministry's licensing department.

In 2009, the Iraqi government signed development contracts with several international oil companies to rehabilitate and raise the production of these three fields.

In 2011, Iraq's oil production averaged around 2.6 million barrels a day, of which 2.2 million was exported.

Oil production at the Rumaila field, whose rehabilitation contract had been awarded to Britain's BP and China's CANC, has risen from 1.066 million to about 1.3 million barrels a day.

The present volume of production at the Zubair field, which is being developed by a consortium of oil companies led by the Italian ENI, is about 250,000 barrels a day, whereas the initial production of the field was 184,000 barrels a day.

The West Qurna oil field, which is being rehabilitated by American Exxon Mobil and British-Dutch Shell, saw its production rise from 244,000 to 350,000 barrels a day.

The Iraqi government said it wants to raise production of these fields in the near future to more than six million barrels a day, and is planning to reach more than 12 million barrels a day by 2017.

Al-Saedy said other oil fields will soon start production, such as the Halfaya field in the province of Maysan, which is expected to reach about 70,000 barrels a day by next June.

Export capacity increased

"The present rise in production will raise the average of Iraqi oil exports to between 2.6 and 2.7 million barrels a day," Abdul Illah al-Ameer, an oil consultant at the office of the deputy prime minister for energy affairs, told Mawtani.

"Within the next two years, Iraq will be able to raise its oil export capacity to about 4 million barrels a day, which is the quota allocated to it by the Organisation of Petroleum Producing Countries (OPEC)," he said.

If Iraq export capacity surpasses this quota, al-Ameer said it would become necessary to start discussions with OPEC to increase Iraq's share in a way that reflects the country's huge oil reserves and production capacity.

Iraqi officials have indicated the intent to build four offshore oil export platforms opposite the Basra coastline to absorb the expected increase in oil production. The overall export capacity of the four platforms is expected to reach 5.4 million barrels a day.

"When the daily amount of Iraqi oil production increases, its oil exports increase too, and consequently this generates larger financial revenues that could be used to fund more development and reconstruction projects," Secretary of the Iraqi parliament's energy committee, Kassim Mohammad Kassim, told Mawtani.

He said Iraq faces major infrastructure challenges, particularly in the service sectors such as electricity, housing, education, and health, as well as in the implementation of national plans and strategies to fight poverty and unemployment.

"Overcoming these challenges will require huge funds that cannot be secured except through the cultivation of all of our natural resources and the diversification of our national economy, so that we will not be solely dependent on oil revenue," he said.

"The increase in oil production achieved so far will help meet the deficit in this year's Iraqi state budget, which is expected to be around $15 billion."






    The appropriate oil policy means, above all, the right decision making. The decision does not come from scratch, but from a certain train of thought. This thought should be based on the belief in the truth belonging to the nation. The competent authorities should bear in mind that the oil matters represent the central issue. It is quite different from the other issues of the Iraqi economy. As a matter of fact and in the light of these constants in Iraq, oil is the major life issue for the people. This means that the Government's strategy should be clear and well established. We need to develop the Iraqi economy through the diversification of oil structure and the integration of the oil production into other commodity sectors. Indeed, the oil industry should not be isolated. The two parties must be committed to their obligations. The Government must be committed to respecting the rules of these companies and to provide the required guarantees for them.

  • شعبان عبدالمالك


    Despite the material and human advantages, diversified productive structure compared with the oil economies that rely on the purely rental nature that the Iraqi economy has, it has been living for decades under the pressure of a range of developmental problems, which resulted to the failure of the implementation of plans and development programs that were adopted over the past four decades. Those dilemmas increased in the early 1990s and turned into a severe developmental predicament after the economic decision making went towards the full abandonment of the development programs and adoption of a set of approaches and irrational economic policies that were aimed at the exploitation of the oil revenues to serve the political, military and security ambitions of the regime during that period. This orientation led to almost complete neglect of spending which served the purposes of productivity and spending, which contributed to raising the level of human development. Thus, the serious setbacks and profound structural malformations that the Iraqi economy was subjected to during the 1990s is the bitter fruit of those approaches and the external economic, political and military pressures that followed after Iraq's invasion of Kuwait came to deepen the melancholy of this scene. After the fall of the former regime in 2003, the looting, plunder and terrorist acts came to destroy the remaining part of the productive structure destroying much of the infrastructure, and in particular, the pipelines and power transmission lines and the power plants. All of these developments contributed to bringing the Iraqi economy into long-term inflationary stagflation as a result of the paralysis or the almost total cessation of the sectors which constitute the main sources of the supply of goods, particularly the agricultural and manufacturing sectors and the surge in unemployment rates.

  • حميد ناصر


    I think that the continuous increase in oil production is double-edged. On the one hand, it contributes and helps increase the revenues of countries which increase their oil exports and provide them with hard currency and money. However, it is also the reason behind the decline of oil prices in the international markets as they provide huge quantities of oil. All countries endowed with oil do their best to exploit this wealth and export the largest possible quantities. This has a great impact on the oil market and leads to the decline of oil prices. This market is governed by supply and demand. At times, the price of one oil barrel skyrockets significantly and at times it goes down, according to the availability of this product. If it is available in great quantities due to the increase of production, this means that prices will decrease. Thus, the OPEC organization made of oil exporting countries must work better and study production increases and decreases and take the suitable decisions.

  • سندس


    The importance of petroleum will remain as an economic good until an alternative cheap material is discovered that can be used instead of the moving energy that is secured now by the petroleum wealth. The petroleum shall keep having the same importance until this natural wealth ends. Then there will be a great necessity to find alternative resources. This will not happen in the near future, as petroleum will remain important as an economic good until a cheap alternative material is discovered that could be used instead of the moving energy that is currently secured by the petroleum wealth.

  • خالد


    Where are the oil, gas, and electricity? I swear what is happening in Iraq is very strange and astonishing. I wish to know the destination of the oil income, even if only once. Please, consider the conditions of the poor Iraqis. The Iraqi child leaves school to work in the market to make a living. He hears the impolite words from people but he could not do anything, in order to continue living in this horrible way. There is no one who may accept this. The children pull the carts in the markets in order to transport the stuff of the citizens to their houses in return for money. Is this enough to grant him an honorable life? What is happening in Iraq must make the government feel shame, because the poor child committed nothing wrong to deserve this fate. However, those children may be the only breadwinners of their families because their fathers or mothers may by sick. Therefore, the children leave studying for work. Why this is happening to the children of Iraq? This is a question to al-Maliki: Would you accept this to happen to your son or daughter? Only God knows what luxuries you have in your house, which may be enough to feed the Iraqi people. What is the cause of this hateful racism and meanness on part of the rulers? You must consider the fate of the other rulers like Mubarak, Gadhafi and other rulers who were thrown into the dunghill of history and you must realize that you will certainly follow them, God willing. I call on all Iraqis to demonstrate against all these things, not only the case of the children who leave their studies to work. There are millions of these bad, pathetic cases in Iraq and there are families that fail in securing their daily needs. What should they do? Are they required to steal? They just want to lead an honorable life without humiliation.

  • صبحي عبد النور


    I think that the future will be better, God willing, and the oil production will increase over time. We hope that Iraq will be the number one country in oil production and exportation someday, which would play a great role in supporting the economy and developing the country and the other economic projects, which would fortify the economy of the country in the future. The oil sector is very important, because it is the only source of income in Iraq. There are several concluded agreements and signed contracts with various companies with the aim of improving and raising the oil production. In the light of these contracts and mutual trust, which will improve gradually, I expect that there would be strong competition between the companies for the investment in the sector of Iraqi oil, which would raise the oil production significantly, putting Iraq on top of the oil-exporting states in the coming years. This would represent a turning point in the development of Iraq in general because of the development of the oil sector. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that we should utilize the oil returns correctly and spend them wisely in order to develop the state in general and raise the living standards. We also need to develop the construction projects and team up with the Gulf States, which achieved a real renaissance through the good investment of the oil returns and production increases. We have many unused oil fields, which have not been used utilized yet. There are even undiscovered fields, which makes me feel that if we made use of these fields, Iraq would be different completely in a short period and it will be even better than the Gulf States.

  • حسين سعيد!!!!!!!


    As a citizen of this country, I think that Iraq is one of the richest countries in the world since it features huge natural wealth, including oil. This amount could end all the outstanding problems such as the electricity sector. I also believe that Iraq is able to find radical solutions to the problem of electricity. It could afford to construct the most modern generation electric power plants in Iraq. It could have also bridged the country's needs of electricity and even export the surplus of energy if some officials had worked a little harder on this dossier in past years. Indeed, the situation in Iraq and the life of Iraqis could have been better in terms of electrical energy production. Iraq could have managed to build the latest plants that comply with the international standards. These stations should have been accomplished many years ago. In fact, I do not know the reason for the backwardness of this sector in this way and who bears the responsibility for this failure. Billions were spent on the electricity sector without avail and without any noticeable improvement in power in Iraq, which was and still is one of the most important reasons for the daily suffering of the citizens.

  • هلال فارس


    The oil wealth is a great wealth and accrues to the Gulf great revenues. For this reason, working on increasing the production will help in the evolution of the situation in Iraq, and many Iraqi families will be blessed with a lot of goodness, although there are many oil fields that are supposed to be accruing to Iraq. However, they were seized by Iran which had seized many of the oil fields that were located on the Iraqi territory and not demanded by any official authority. We hope that there will be good investments under the supervision of committees working in a planned and organized way without any errors or reduction of oil production in the market. Thus, it is very important that there should be strict and intensive control for the permanent and continuous increase. This will contribute to a very large and fast development that works on serving the people and making their lives a state of complete rest under conditions that are totally different from the previous situation. Currently, Iraq relies completely on the oil revenues, and there will be an increased oil production rate because there are a lot of oil fields in Iraq, which are considered to be huge and massive stocks that can make an entirely different situation for Iraq. It would witness a new situation if it were under the supervision of sides working in the interest of Iraq to improve its situation and that everybody will be blessed under good and luxurious conditions. Iraq would be like the other States which witnessed very large development such as the UAE, Qatar and the other Arab countries. All the Iraqi people need to see the provision of all services that contribute to the development and progress, and that there would be economic improvement in all the areas falling within the lives of the Iraqi citizens. Thus, all of this goodness would be towards the Iraqi people.

  • ليث زكريا


    Among the impacts that will result from the increase in the oil production is first and foremost an improved economic situation of the country. It will be possible for the turnout on the implementation of many services projects that contribute to the improvement of the situation and the provision of conveniences for the citizens, despite the rise of the dollar versus the sale of a barrel of oil. For this reason, whatever quantity the value is, it is still almost the same. Therefore, everyone wishes that there would be a positive outcome that will contribute to further the improvement in the conditions after the increase of oil production, whether in Iraq or in other Arab, or more precisely the Gulf countries. The Arab governments should benefit as much as possible from the increase of oil production operations by selling it through contracting with companies that would benefit these States. Thus, the rates of oil production will increase in the market and will contribute to benefiting people, improving their situation, and bringing them a lot of requirements and services that would change all aspects of their lives.

  • قادر الغزاوي


    I expect a rosy and brighter future for Iraq, provided that the country achieves political stability and the Government deals carefully with the basic needs of people. In fact, the authorities should provide people with these needs as soon as possible. They must also bear in mind that such efforts would strengthen the relationship between the Government and the people. Indeed, the citizens would cooperate more with their Government as long as it achieves national gains consistently. These efforts will also have a significant impact on Iraqi citizens as it will liberate them from the shackles of the past that were imposed on them and led them to losses and to live in need. Iraqis were really deprived of everything. The fate of the regimes that had ruled Iraq in the past was utter failure because they were aliens to the citizens. In so doing, they ended up with political suicides, which led them towards the abyss.

  • طالب جعفر


    Iraq is among the most important oil-producing countries at the global level. The increase of its production and its return to the global market with all strength will have positive implications and will also have an evident impact on the economy of our country and even on the Iraqi currency. The strength of the economy improves the role of the currency if we compare it now with the size of the other currencies traded in the market including the dollar, for example. The increase in oil production, as the officials expected its increase to reach almost three million barrels, is a good thing, of course. Also, there are expectations of more increases over the coming years and this is what we hope for, God willing. I demand that our esteemed government be more assertive with the corrupt and towards those who steal the Iraqi oil in order to be able to increase production more and provide the best service to our country and our people who await from the government and from all the Iraqi ministries more achievements on the ground.

  • خيري


    The revenues of the oil wealth have a significant impact on the establishment of many projects after the promotion which they will achieve in the economic field of Iraq. As an Iraqi citizen, I rejoice when I see that Iraq's oil exports have begun moving in an ascending way in order to increase the production because it is a positive thing. However, at the same time, I am afraid of those who practice corruption and those who are trying to steal Iraq's money and the money of the people who are looking forward for more services. From here, I see that the impact of increasing the oil production in Iraq will have a lot of positive effects first in terms of providing adequate financial support to increase the investment projects and increase the construction and reconstruction in Iraq. This is what we expect and look forward to, all of us, as well as the increase in the Iraqi oil exports that will take Iraq back to its natural place in the global market for oil and will also restrain the role of those who exploit the scarcity of the Iraqi oil production as well as those who work for their interests at the expense of the interests of Iraq. Therefore, the increase achieved in the Iraqi oil will also lead to an increase in the stability of world oil prices, which suffered from instability for years.

  • بارزان خلف


    I expect that there will be a remarkable increase in the rest of the international markets after the rise in the oil market. This rise means making a fortune that would help in developing many Arab States, and I expect that there would be a greater storage for these countries in order not to lose the strategic reserves that they keep to use during times of crisis. I think that this increase will have positive influences on the international and local markets, but we are afraid because of the greed of the other States, which have launched wars to loot the oil wealth. We all know the importance of oil to these States, especially the military States, which plan to control the Arab world to loot its wealth. If these States did not fortify their armies and develop their military fields, then they would be the first victims of this greediness. I think that this increase will have good economic results in the future, given the stability in these countries.

  • سلطان ابراهيم


    Iraq was completely destroyed because the process of construction and development stopped completely since the eruption of the Iranian war, in addition to the stoppage during the time since the invasion of Kuwait that resulted in the total destruction of the infrastructure as a result of the first and second Gulf Wars and what was destroyed during the processes of the chaos that accompanied the fall of the regime. The percentage of salinity rose significantly as a result of the neglect of the agricultural lands for more than thirty years. Desertification too became like a monster as a result of depriving Iraq from its water rights by the neighboring States. The causes of the deterioration of the services that are offered to the citizens are results of the stoppage of the development, especially in the infrastructure sector, as well as the economic deterioration. All of this can be listed under the name of the administrative corruption in Iraq these days. The main cause that led to the escalation of the unemployment problem is the administrative corruption of the officials and senior politicians. Of those officials who became upright, all the conditions of the people will be fixed and the unemployment problems will be solved. However, the situation will continue deteriorating until we eliminate the rampant corruption in Iraq, which threatens our political and economic future. The corrupt senior officials are the main causes behind the rampancy of the administrative and financial corruption across Iraq and the loss of any chance to rebuild the Iraqi economy and infrastructure following the recent war.

  • فارس صدقي


    We expect good developments after the increase in the production of the Iraqi oil. We hope that this will help Iraq restore its former status, and will achieve better results. I believe that if there were organized work on part of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, Iraq would witness a great development and would handle all of its affairs. The oil production and its increase in the market will make Iraq one of the richest countries in the world, because the quantities sold will be very high. The financial market will be much better, and I want the Iraqi government not to neglect this issue, but we have to find quick solutions to this crisis through exporting oil, as this is the only solution for Iraq to restore its normal status. The increase in the oil prices would mean that Iraq will be among the best countries in the Arab arena and internationally, and its conditions will be much better. Iraq is one of the leading oil-exporting states at the Arab and international levels, because Iraq has entered into a new stage of development. Hence, I believe that Iraq will be among the best Arab states, as to the living conditions. However, we need an organized government to handle these affairs and to improve the status and conditions of Iraq, to be more important. However, I believe that Iraq will continue deteriorating as long as Nouri al-Maliki in his office as prime minister stays in power. Under the rule of this man, the Iraqis get nothing, regardless whether the oil production increases or not.

  • يونس عبدالصمد


    If you want to speak about the impact of the increase of oil production in Iraq as an example, and I mean by that the effects of the increase of oil production internally, I say to you, in spite of the financial and administrative corruption plaguing Iraq, the increase of oil production will lead to faster economic growth in the State of Iraq and will also lead to the acceleration of performing reconstruction plans in Iraq. If you want to speak regarding the implications of increasing the Iraqi oil production abroad, this increase will necessarily contribute to the fact that Iraq would have a good economic situation among the States as well as a very good political economic situation. Everyone respects the powers militarily, politically and economically. The increase of oil production in Iraq is a very good thing for it externally and internally. It is a trump card both internally and externally. If you want to speak about the increase of the oil in general which means the increase in oil production and increase of the supply in the global market, this increase, of course, will significantly contribute to the decline of the world oil prices. However, I suspect that this decline will be temporary or, more precisely, for a brief period of time that will not exceed a few years, even though the oil-producing countries continue to increase their supply of crude oil and even if this is mostly because the non-producing countries in this case will resort to storage in large quantities due to the low prices, making the supply always diminish very quickly, therefore subjecting the prices to increases, soaring in case of the lack of production by the producing countries.

  • حمودي


    Saudi Arabia is getting ready to increase its oil production, to avoid any fluctuation in the international oil market in case the USA imposes any new sanctions on Iran. Saudi Arabia is very determined to increase its oil production. In addition, the increase in production would limit any increase in crude oil prices, in case the above-mentioned law is finally issued. Saudi Arabia will continue to play its role as a force for stability in the international oil markets by working actively with the partners in the Group of Twenty, which includes the major economies of the world. In addition, Saudi Arabia is maintaining its role in the international economy and keeping its commitment to finding a kind of balance in the market, at a time when the financial markets are under pressure and when the oil markets are fluctuating. It is worth mentioning that the International Monetary Fund confirms the important role played by the Saudi Kingdom in stabilizing the production levels. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia always affirms that it is the top oil resource for crude oil in the world. It also ascertains its care to stabilize the oil market. No doubt, the Saudi economy has the power to play that role on an international level. Thanks to its policies, it succeeded in standing firm before the winds of the financial crisis starting in 2008 and continuing until now. The Saudi economy is growing at a time when the economies of the major countries are shrinking. If things take a turn for the worse, they are certain that they have the tools to deal with the new challenges. As for the international economies which face crises, clear and persistent dangers in terms of the international growth, especially the international financial system, the European crisis still represents a pivotal challenge for the international growth. It has effects and many results, as all companies are affected by this crisis. This in turn leads to an economic slowdown spreading in some countries in particular, more than the rest.

  • زهيد غانم


    I expect from the increase of the production in the oil market a significant increase in the rest of the international markets. Such an increase assumes a wealth that helps in the development of many Arab countries. I expect that there would be a larger stock for those States so that they would not lose everything that they have regarding the strategic stockpile that saves them in times of crisis. I think that this increase will have many advantages on the global and local markets, but the fear is of the ambitions of the other countries and starting wars, as they used to, in order to get such oil wealth. We all know how important it is for those countries, especially the military countries that are planning to dominate the Arab world in order to plunder its wealth and goodness. If the producing countries do not strengthen their armies and develop their military field, they will be the first victims of this greed. I believe that this increase will have a good economic return in the future in light of stability in those countries.

  • زهير


    I think that Iraq needs these contracts because they will be working for the convenience of the Iraqis and provide job opportunities as well as in the case of building oil companies and vital oil facilities. Iraq will be among the top exporters of oil in the world and the crisis of oil products and its derivatives, including gasoline and fats in Iraq, will decrease, as will the need for Iraq to import these oil products from abroad. Therefore, it is an effective step in the interest of the economy of Iraq because it will strengthen the Iraqi economy, especially since Iraq needs a lot of money to rebuild the service institutions and sectors working in the service of the citizens, and the signing of oil contracts will contribute to finding the money that fill this work.

  • منجد عبدالسميع


    Those who follow the news about oil prices in the world would notice that they rise constantly given the continuous world demand for it, and importing huge quantities of oil by some states beyond their actual needs in order to keep them as strategic reserves. That is why many states fear that crude oil will be depleted and realize that it is a basic need in the life of its citizens. Some states also resort to this solution to avoid the continuous rise of oil prices because the price of oil reached more than $135 per barrel and is continuing despite the increasing production of some oil-producing countries.

  • بشار قاسم


    Economically, it is known that human needs are affected by demand and supply, and that a rise in supply means a decline in demand and prices accordingly due to the competition among service providers or producers of the basic goods and needs whether oil or otherwise. However, as we mentioned, the prices of these goods and services are determined by the movement of the markets and the fluctuating supply and demand. However, I see that the whole world today is suffering from political instability as a result of the conflicts between the major world powers. This is reflected in the continuous rise in oil prices irrespective of the increase in production because the world is in need of fuel, given the political and environmental influences of weather changes. The factors also include the eruption of wars in some states or imposing sanctions on the oil-producing countries such as Iran currently and Iraq formerly.

  • ابو محسن


    According to the statements of those responsible for the oil sector, Iraq produces in one day nearly three million barrels of oil. We all know also that the oil prices are on the rise. There is a large global demand for oil and for these oil exports from Iraq. With this huge number, we hope it would be more developed and have a lot of financial returns to the Iraqi economy and to the State Treasury. The allocation of a lot of money for urban projects and many sectors of interest to the citizens is also made. However, I would like to ask why these sectors did not amount to the level of our expectations and the level of ambition of all Iraqis with all these financial allocations. Where does the oil money go and how is it disbursed? I demand that the people know about the amounts allocated for construction and reconstruction as well as the amounts allocated to each sector. However, the services sector is still stuck in its place despite the millions of dollars spent on it that are allocated by the government for this. Also, the electricity sector has not seen that development with which we can say that the problem of electricity in Iraq has been completed and has been resolved completely as well as the other sectors. We also did not see the concrete development in it, whether it was in health, education, or the elimination of unemployment.

  • ايهاب الجاف


    I congratulate the government and the Iraqi people for increasing the oil production. I hope to use the increase of the oil production the best way. The funds of increasing and exporting oil have to be employed in re-establishing projects, building and reconstruction in Iraq. They should be used in solving all problems and defects which the country and the people are suffering from.

  • غالب علي


    Many years passed and Iraq is considered as one of the biggest exporting countries of oil. Iraq exports great quantities of oil for huge amounts of money. They are considered the only income for Iraq. The country depends on this income totally to satisfy its needs. If we collected the budgets which were allocated and the funds which entered the country after the fall of the former regime, we will find that they were frighteningly huge sums of money. I really wonder where the billions of money go. They are supposed to be employed in a better way to reconstruct Iraq and provide the best services to the citizens, not the officials or the Green Zone. The citizen has the right to enjoy well-being because of the huge fortunes of his country. They are not owned by the officials or the government. They are owned by every individual of the Iraqi people.

  • باسم الساعدي


    I congratulate the Iraqi people, the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Oil for working double time on improving the level of oil production and exporting it to all the countries in the world in order to improve the economy of Iraq. We know that the oil resources in Iraq play the main role in the budget of the country and have a great effect on the economy. I think that the increase of production and exportation will be a good thing for all the Iraqis, God willing. Investment will become strong again in the country as it should and many projects will be established. This will help in increasing work opportunities so it will be a good step in helping Iraq to be one of the great countries that affect the oil market. Iraq will be one of the big countries that have a strong economy. Many things will change for the better. God willing, we will be like the Gulf States which progress and develop because they use their resources properly.

  • بهاء سالم


    Iraq is an oil–producing country. Praise be to Allah, Iraq’s oil wealth is huge. Therefore, the future of Iraq's oil will be fine. Indeed, Iraq will be ranked first in terms of the export of oil and its derivatives. The oil sector will recover in full within the next few years. This is what we have noticed in the last period where the oil production in Iraq index started to raise at a steady pace. Nowadays, the Iraqi oil exports amounted to nearly three million barrels per day. I think that this is a positive sign. The security and stability situation in Iraq are fine today. In fact, the improvement in terms of security and stability would create favorable conditions for more work in the extraction of oil. Thus, the increase of oil production will be all the more important in the future. Oil production will become safer in the future. This is attributable to the benevolent efforts of the staff responsible for the oil sector. Undoubtedly, oil production in Iraq will increase to reach unexpected figures. We expect Iraq to witness a real and significant revival in terms of oil production. We aspire to witness such an increase because we want to see better living standards in our country. In view of the intensive work and the current achievements, we are very optimistic about the future of the oil sector in Iraq.

  • عباس احمد


    The future of Iraq is fine especially with the increase of oil production which will have positive effects on many other sectors. The latter will witness the desired renaissance thanks to the increasing oil production. Oil could provide enough revenues to fund reconstruction projects. These funds could also be invested in the expansion of the oil fields. In so doing, we would manage to increase oil production in Iraq. The future of Iraq's oil production will become stable and will see more advancement in this respect.

  • تحسين علي


    Iraq has shown much interest in the oil sector. It is making a lot of efforts in the extraction of oil reserves. In fact, Iraq is trying to increase its oil exports to the international markets through the contracts that Iraq has signed with the investment companies. These contracts fall into the system of licensing rounds that the Iraqi Government and the Ministry of Oil are signing for the extraction of oil reserves and the drilling of more oil wells.

  • رعد ضياء عبد الله


    I would like to criticize corruption in Iraq, which has reached exorbitant rates. I wonder how long the Iraqis will suffer from administrative and financial corruption which has become one of the new facets of terrorism. I also wonder how long the housing projects will suffer from delay and lag in achievements because of these corrupt people who have harmed Iraq and even contributed to tarnishing its image, and conveying a negative one to it because of the rampant corruption on this issue. The latter has made Iraq one of the world’s most corrupt countries. God curse the corrupt people whom I strongly criticize and condemn. Their corruption must be eradicated by activating the role of supervision of the reconstruction process. I also call on our esteemed government to be stricter with these corrupt people who have been responsible for the decline of reconstruction in Iraq and holding the corrupt people accountable and bringing them to the judiciary so that they will get their due desserts.

  • IOA


    My opinion of the future of the production of Iraqi oil in light of administrative and financial corruption is that there certainly won’t be any future, and that the Iraqi people will not feel any difference. It is true that oil production is on the increase, but what is the point if there are large-scale thefts, in addition to the endless, unaccounted-for corruption. The future of oil production is continuously increasing, but those working in this field are not responsible and reliable enough, and are just working for their personal interests only, ignoring people’s rights, and the oil revenues are supposed to be saved in order to improve the country's economic level. Unfortunately, what is happening is that a lot of oil money is being stolen and piled in the pockets of those who work in the fields of oil production. Therefore, there should be intensive and strict monitoring of whoever is involved in corruption, and he should be brought to justice in order to be punished fairly. Also, it is important to appoint honest, sincere and noble people in order to gain more money for the country's budget. This is what will create a big difference for the Iraqi economy. All we need is honest, honorable and patriotic government men in order for everything to be all right. Then, stability will be restored in the country, and people’s conditions will be improved considerably, but…

  • قاسم عدلي


    So, the Americans cannot always be blamed for problems occurring in Iraq. Corruption is the new phenomenon, playing an efficient role as an enemy of Iraq and its economy. The situation usually gets out of hand when journalists try to expose the new wave of corrupt government officials and their dirty attempts, coming under the category of fraud. Bribery, fraud and dishonesty are mostly common in the sectors of oil, housing and various other industries. The dictatorship has certainly been replaced by a corrupt and crooked political system. These government officials are using the comparative stability created by the flow to supplement and invest in their pockets by stealing from government projects. From ministers to clerks, corruption takes place, and it is believed that it will soon topple the country’s economy again!

  • SOR


    The Iraqi government is trying its best to recover its oil resources and improve the country’s economy with the production of oil, ever since the Americans withdrew from Iraq. It is being said that, in the future, Iraq will produce as much oil as Saudi Arabia. The Iraqi government is making efforts and has appointed various international oil companies to boost its oil production. Now Iraq is on its way from position 13 to position 4 as the top producer of oil in the world. Moreover, the oil production in Iraq is better and higher than in the neighboring nations. As a result of Iraq’s aim to boost its oil production, countless investors are willing to work with the Iraqi government. With supplementary assets, improved security and equipment, there is a hope of a constructive future for oil production in Iraq.

  • فواد غسان


    We know that the Iraqi government has now announced an increase in the production of the country’s fuel, to reach 3 million barrels per day. This is a very large increase that exceeded the production rates. These resources, or, to put it more accurately, this daily fuel production, generates billions of dollars. Where is this money being spent? This is an important question. everyone is saying there is too much corruption in the Iraqi government and it is stinking badly. More precisely, everyone knows it. It is also known that most of the Iraqi oil money should be used in the reconstruction of Iraq and its infrastructure. Yest there is a lot of administrative and financial corruption but stopping the oil production even decreasing it is not an option and we should find another solution

  • ايهاب غازي


    It is known that the services in Iraq are low and poor as well. The wars have done a lot in Iraq, as they have destroyed the infrastructure, and if it is not destroyed entirely, most of it has been destroyed, if it was not destroyed at the hands of the Americans and their supporters. The services have been destroyed by the ethnic and sectarian conflicts in Iraq. You should not think that Iraq is stronger now and that its infrastructure is good, even if the media shows this matter and the people tell you so. This is a country fighting against everything and one that has fought everything since the seventies of the previous century, but God has granted this country natural wealth, whether on earth like the mineral resources or the lands fit for agriculture along the banks of the Euphrates River, or even the desert lands that were reclaimed by the Egyptians and the Iraqis during the days of the late president Saddam Hussein, and the largest part of the natural wealth that God has granted to the Iraqi people, which are the sea of sand that exists underneath the Iraqi soil that is saturated with petrol and natural gas. Those huge wells will bring the Iraqis trillions of dollars, and we wish that every Iraqi official could use the Iraqi fuel money so as to build an infrastructure that resembles the one in the developed countries.

  • ايوب المصري


    We, the Arab nation, especially the Egyptian people, congratulate the Iraqi brothers and the Iraqi people, as well as the Iraqi government, for increasing their production of oil, which is about to reach 3 million barrels or more per day. We wish the Iraqi people, as well as the Iraqi government, could return to its previous era, in particular in the petroleum field, in which Iraq is about to reach in its production the real levels that it was producing before. It is known that Iraqi petroleum, which made up the greatest global reserve, is the main source for the economy in Iraq. Through this petroleum, Iraq can build itself again. We hope that Iraq can return to its previous era, whether military, economically, or even at the level of the infrastructure that was destroyed by the wars.

  • رشاد منعم


    Great future! It is known that Iraq possesses oil reserves on its lands, and it is estimated to be about 50% of the international oil reserves. I think that Iraq was producing about three and a half million barrels a day of crude oil. It is also known that oil was the main cause behind its wars against Kuwait, and it will be also the train that will take Iraq to be among the main world powers again, as to the economy, military power, social aspects, food and security in general. Iraq currently produces about three million barrels a day and they are priced at about 3.5 billion dollars. I say so and I am sure of what I am saying. I am confident in the justice of heaven and that Iraq will restore its former status, God willing, or even better. Iraq will return as a major world power, as it was before, given the blessings that God has granted to it.

  • فاضل الكعبي


    Everyone knows that Iraq is an influential oil producing country in terms of refineries. Thus, the Iraqi Government should take advantage of this important resource by eradicating unemployment in the country. In fact, the Government could sign contracts with the major oil companies in the world. These contracts will help in the employment of manpower in Iraq. We could end the crisis of unemployment in Iraq through the operation of all the oil refineries of Iraq and the drilling of new wells. In this respect, Iraqis are known for their intelligence. Besides, Iraqi oil experts are considered the best in the Middle East and the world as a whole. Given that oil is the major resource of Iraq, it should be exploited for the benefit of the people. Oil revenues should be exploited to reduce rates of unemployment in Iraq and to improve living standards. In fact, the proportion of joblessness in the country is alarming. The number is so big that the Security Forces could not employ every one. In so doing, these people will become mere consumers rather than active producers. Therefore, oil is the most important industrial sector in Iraq. It should be well exploited in order to eradicate unemployment in Iraq.

  • حمودي


    The oil sector is very important. It must be promoted in order to eradicate many negative aspects that have plagued Iraq in particular. In fact, Iraq is suffering from several problems, mainly unemployment. The unemployment rates can be contained through taking more interest in the oil sector through reconstruction, rehabilitation and the investment of more money. Indeed, we could invest oil revenues in the reconstruction and construction of prestigious projects. The latter will require a massive recruitment of manpower. Today, unemployment in Iraq has become a widespread phenomenon which is an alarming fact. Joblessness might lead many young people to make many illegal practices in order to earn money at any cost. These people want to make a living and lead a decent life. The majority of today's unemployed are university graduates. However, educated and non-educated people are unable to find job opportunities in Iraq at the present time. Indeed, job opportunities are very rare. Authorities have not resolved the problem, though the unemployment crisis dates back so many years. A lot of Iraqis have migrated to foreign countries in order to get job opportunities. The oil industry represents a very important sector in many countries because it funds the building and promotion of their infrastructure. The exportation of oil is very profitable when it is invested as appropriate. It should not be plagued by theft and corruption. Therefore, the Iraqi Government and the oil experts are supposed to examine the way to rehabilitate the oil sector and benefit from it as required. This will serve the Iraqi people in terms of unemployment in particular.

  • حسني بكري


    Over the past years, the Iraqi government has spent billions to develop this sector and has tried to benefit from all international experience, but the rampant corruption aborts all hope of improving it. We have recently heard and read that concerned authorities have pumped in billions to improve the reconstruction sector in Iraq, but all this has had a weak impact on the development of its performance. Undoubtedly, this noticeable inability of the government’s performance to solve this sizable and important problem is due to the presence of corrupt men, who are responsible for spending what has already been spent on the implementation of futile plans which cost billions of dollars without proper planning to benefit from what has been spent and activate the role of the construction sector: one of the main pillars with regards to the development of the country towards a better future. The problem is still in place without any signs that it will be resolved soon.

  • اسماعيل جواد


    The talk about the future of oil in Iraq is no longer subject to numbers and statistics that tell us that Iraq is one of the biggest crude oil producing countries, and has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. Furthermore, there are studies and reports showing that Iraq, at present oil production rates, will surpass the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the next half century. All these expectations and opinions have exceeded statistics on what is more important; that is the unity of Iraq. With the dawn of a new Iraq, a secure and democratic Iraq that took off the cloak of oppression, repression and dictatorship, nothing makes experts worry about the future of oil in Iraq as much as the unity of Iraq itself represented by the people and their cooperation to confront anyone who tries to spread division among them and deprive them from benefiting from the good things God bestowed on them. Iraq could become a major exporter of crude oil in the world at the current average price of a barrel of oil. It is estimated that the annual income of Iraq could be more than $ 400 billion. Iraq faces some problems of how to manage maintenance and employment contracts related to oil fields, especially the contracts depending on foreign companies, but these problems will not last too long if Iraqis learn cooperation and determination to develop their country and overcome hardships and difficulties. The future of oil in Iraq, like Iraq as a whole, will not be saved without the unity of Iraq.

  • ثامر ياسين


    I want to discuss many obstacles faced by the Iraqi citizens throughout these years, including Human Services, which are the provision of electricity, water, food, medicine, and communication services between the people in addition to the great suffering that has become a significant burden on their lives as a result of unemployment. It led to hunger and poverty among members of the society, increasing the amount of suffering in spite of the huge flow of funds brought into the state treasury of the Iraqi oil imports issued by Iraq, which makes me stand amazed in front of this big problem. Supposedly, the Iraqi individual, for the time being, should have the best economic situation in the world because of the large number of funds that come to Iraq, as there must be integration in all the services needed by the Iraqi citizens and to the fullest extent of development and progress. However, I think that most of the Iraqi people live in the present time under the poverty line and no one knows where the massive fortune that comes from the export of Iraqi oil and gas goes to. Its size is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars. Therefore, we demand that the Iraqi Oil Ministry issues statements and regulations between the areas in which the Iraqi oil money has been spent that is, in fact, the Iraqi people's money.

  • شعيب ثائر


    There are a lot of good news and statements released by the Iraqi Oil Ministry, which refers to the high production capacity of Iraqi oil so that it becomes more than three million barrels a day exported outside Iraq as well as the daily increase in the price of oil. Positive actions such as these are the beginning of the emergence of Iraq from the financial impasse which it had been suffering from because it will yield significant financial returns to Iraq for the purpose of financing more development projects, construction and services. This is considered among the great key factors that will make Iraq a country with significant financial potential that would reflect clearly on the country's economy and lead to the creation of a state of economic well-being among the Iraqi people. At the same time, it will also be a big factor in the high level of various services in the country and it will lead to the integration of all the things which will make Iraq among the prosperous and developed countries significantly between the countries in the region and the world.

  • رمضان صدقي


    The technical personnel in the Iraqi Oil Ministry prepared studies and plans that would lead to the development of the oil fields in the different provinces of Iraq, the most important oil fields in Basra, Kirkuk and the Kurdistan region of Iraq by opening prospects for cooperation with foreign companies specializing in matters of energy and oil. In doing so, there has been a rehabilitation of a large number of Iraqi oil fields in addition to the discovery of oil in northern Iraq and drilling oil wells that are in the realm of production at the present time. These efforts have given the good fruit in the present time and the relevant committees in oil and gas in Iraq are granting a number of foreign companies the right to invest in some oil provinces, which will see productive activity of oil in the near future. This, in turn, will lead to higher exports of Iraqi crude oil, reaching four million barrels per day during the coming period. Iraq is preparing to build additional oil ports on the Shatt al-Arab in Basra to be able to accommodate the increase in the production of Iraqi oil.

  • صباح نذير


    Congratulations and blessings to all the people of Iraq for the continuous work done by the oil sectors in the country through the sound guidance of the Iraqi Government. It resulted in an increase of the oil production level in Iraq, rising to three million barrels per day. This record level had never been witnessed before by Iraq. It was a result of the considerable efforts undertaken by the oil firms in Iraq, which took upon themselves to work on increasing oil production and work on the employment of its financial resources in the service of the Iraqi people as well as building a new democratic Iraq, where such outstanding works by the people are because of their strenuous efforts to serve their country.

  • ياسر علي


    The Iraqi citizen will feel a big difference when many service projects are executed. He will also feel the difference with the vast movement towards reconstruction, building and change in the situation of Iraq, which needs a lot of efforts made by the honest, sincere and virtuous hands of the Iraqis, who love Iraq and its people.

  • عبادة


    The Iraqi citizen does not get any care, services or improvement in the situation. So, what is the point of increasing oil production, as long as there are corrupt people who steal everything without being held accountable or being punished? They do not even know the difference between what is forbidden and what is permissible. They do not see the deprived and poor people who suffer from unemployment and hunger. We have to have men in the government who are righteous, honest, virtuous and sincere. They have to care for their country and feel for Iraq. They have to work hard to change the situation of Iraq towards the best, after the long suffering that has affected the poor Iraqi people. What the Iraqis face now is only deceit, fraud, deprivation, neglect, negligence and theft from the government and the officials of the oil and funds. They betray the integrity in public, in front of everybody. Unfortunately, this is happening without their being held responsible for what they do. If the Iraqis speak out and go out to protest and ask for their rights, the government fights them and announces that they are terrorists and supporters of the fallen al-Ba'ath political party. They are ordinary people asking for their stolen rights; they ask that the true criminals be banished outside the country, because they suck the blood of the Iraqis; i.e., they steal their fortunes. This is why we have to demolish the administrative corruption once and for all, so that we get the benefit of the oil revenues, especially now, after the increase in oil production.

  • ايوب


    Everybody wonders about the value of increasing the oil production and the beneficent of such an increase. Is the money from the oil production employed in the service of the Iraqi people? Is it being stolen by the administrators and specialists, whether they are from the government or whether it is the least significant worker in the oil field? Corruption exists everywhere in the administration. The increase of oil production will not have any effect, as long as there are corrupt individuals who steal the money of the Iraqi people. There are people who always obstruct the work and efforts in many fields, the most important of which are construction, building, establishing, developing and cooperating with companies. It is very important to punish the corrupt people and hold them responsible for their mistakes. We have to get rid of them and make them a lesson and a warning to anyone who might take the same kind of filthy actions that defame the image of the country.

  • موسى عمر


    Unfortunately, we do not know where the oil revenues are spent. We don't know who is in charge of spending and managing them, or the projects that are accomplished with those funds. We should keep in mind that until now, no real service projects have been executed in any of the governorates. Wherever we go and ask the people, they complain of neglect, negligence, serious deterioration and lack of services in all fields and departments. This is why everybody wonders about and questions the things on which the money is being spent. Who is taking the money? Who are the authorities that divide and appropriate the money to execute projects that are supposed to be established on the land of Iraq? This is important, especially after the long period of suffering that Iraq has gone through, the deterioration, neglect, negligence, sabotage, destruction and shortage of services. Thus, all the people of Iraq need a statement of the oil money, where is it being spent in Iraq? What is the reason for the poor services in Iraq? Who should be held accountable for this?

  • بدري الموسوي


    The Iraqis ask about the money and revenues from the oil: where are they spent? Who is in charge of spending them? Why are the services not available in Iraq to this day, even though the revenues from oil are greatly increasing? The production has increased, so I ask the government to show all the evidence to prove the validity of what is happening. We want proof that the money is really being spent on service projects in Iraq. Where are these projects? Everybody is complaining about the poor quality of services. The situation is getting worse. The country is deteriorating as a result of the people being deprived of the services. The Iraqis need more care on the part of the government. The money from oil should be spent for the benefit of the Iraqi citizens, because they are the most deserving of this money. It is important to have cooperation and business with companies that will contribute to building, construction and prosperity in Iraq. They are needed to provide services for further development and progress. This will make the Iraqi citizen feel absolute comfort and unimaginable happiness.

  • مسعود خبير


    I want to congratulate the Iraqis for increasing their oil production, which will have many positive results, such as boosting the economy of the country for the benefit of Iraq and Iraqis. Increasing the production of oil shows the continuation and progress of the work of drilling oil fields and oil wells. This has allowed the exports of the Iraqi oil to increase and rise to the best levels which everybody is looking forward to. The increase in oil production will change the current reality of Iraq towards development, progress, building, construction, prosperity and a general change for the better. This is really needed, especially after Iraq went though difficult and harsh circumstances. Life in Iraq stopped for a very long time, because of the terrorist operations committed by al-Qaeda and other armed militias. They have always been a danger to Iraq and Iraqis; they stopped the wheel of development in Iraq. They were the reason for the operations of destruction, sabotage and vandalism against many oil lines and pipes. They steal or burn oil to harm Iraq by degrading its economic status. They wanted the people of Iraq to be in a state of chaos, disorder and hunger; but, thanks to the patriotic Iraqis and the workers in the oil field, the production is increasing, which is very substantial for the country. There will be huge and noticeable progress in the economy of Iraq. This of course requires a lot of work and efforts to continue in the oil production process. The revenues can be directed to other aspects that truly matter to the Iraqi citizen and present all services to him, because if the economy improves and become more prosperous, the Iraqi citizen will enjoy a lot of prosperity, God willing.

  • مقداد


    Currently, Iraq needs to put a mechanism in place, so as to be able to develop and rehabilitate and reconstruct the fuel sector, so as to increase the number of the barrels produced that are exported outside Iraq, and thus take advantage of its financial resources through which the situation of Iraq could be improved in the different fields, if they have been distributed fairly and equally among the projects that are spread out in all the Iraqi governorates. Through this money, the investment can come back, as well as working on the projects. All this would eliminate even a small part of unemployment that is widespread in Iraq at the present time, as well as the lack of requesting the manpower. The problem is that this unemployment is increasing day after day, and it increases the percentage of the unemployed people, and this may cause a problem in the country that will be very dangerous if it is not eliminated quickly. Through developing this sector and working on the development of the agricultural and industrial sectors and rehabilitating the streets and the roads and other projects, all of that will contribute to the elimination of unemployment in Iraq.

  • عبيد حسن


    Fuel production in Iraq needs to have a great foreign investment in it. It needs to have joint and studied work by the government and the competent authorities, so as to bring and attract the global companies to Iraq, especially those which are specialized in the fuel field and its extraction and production, as well as developing the fuel fields. Currently, the developed countries have great companies that have become global companies, practicing their work in this field. In reality, Iraq now needs these companies to be present in Iraq, so as to develop the situation of the fuel industries and products, so as to eliminate the crises that Iraq goes through from time to time. In all ways, the citizen is the one who is harmed, because it is incredible that the oil-producing country and the country that has the most fuel in the world is suffering from problems and crises in the supply of fuel products, and that it does not have any fuel industry. Therefore, there should be encouragement from the Iraqi government, and this surely will come through the good dealing and not cheating, as well as the good intentions, respect, credibility and enforcing the conditions by the two parties, as well as the commitment of the government with respect to these companies and its laws, and providing the required guarantees for these companies from the government, as well as providing the security aspect for them, so they can carry on their business that requires freedom from them freely and without any fear.

  • صابر فريد


    To solve the problem of the shortage in Iraqi oil production in the near future, the government decided to require licenses to be able to invest in the oil of Iraq. The government invited many international oil companies to invest in the oil of Iraq to drive an increase in production and, for example, to reach 3 million barrels per day soon. Accordingly, Iraq needs to develop the oil wells and drill new ones to contribute to the increase in oil production. This increase will help restore the economic power of the country, and the Iraqi government can establish different projects that would benefit the Iraqis. Construction, industrial and agricultural projects will be also undertaken, in addition to other projects, for the benefit of the Iraqi economy, thus making it strong and able to compete with the economies of the other countries in the region. This will eventually provide Iraqis with comfort and well-being. Furthermore, this can be achieved by employing the funds in projects that serve the best interest of the Iraqis, whose main concerns include getting rid of poverty and getting the basic services that are not available. This happened after Iraq went through unstable security conditions that prevented the achievement of the nation's goals of providing services to the people.

  • خليل كوفي


    Exporting Iraqi oil is like a running vital artery of bounty and goodness for Iraq. It paints a prosperous future for the Iraqis for the time being. It also preserves the rights of the next generations and provides the means and factors of development and goodness. Moreover, oil is important because Iraq needs a lot of money to employ people in the campaigns of building, reconstruction and provision of services needed by the Iraqi citizen nowadays. It is needed to alleviate the negative impact of wars and repair the destruction that Iraq has been subjected to, such as the sabotage that affected most of the Iraqi cities committed by the terrorist organizations in Iraq. These terrorist organizations negatively affected the economic infrastructure with the brutal actions they committed from 2003 till this day.

  • أحمد الشنواني


    In Iraq, which is the first oil reserves in the world, at this time there are very large amounts of crude oil that would raise Iraq from its current level to the top countries in the world. In Iraq today, there is a great change that will get rid of these thorny situations, which impede the march of evolution.

  • عادل


    The terrorists have contributed in targeting the infrastructure of Iraq. They blew up the bridges including the Iron Bridge, which fell completely in the Tigris River. However, the government soon ordered it rebuilt quickly because it represents a feature of the capital Baghdad. Terrorism also targeted many factories, oil pipelines and petroleum facilities as well as water pipelines. The terrorists planted an explosive device under the tube and detonated it, causing a stop of this line conveyor for a while until repaired. At other times, we see them targeting government buildings such as the ministries and government departments. As we have noted in the last period, there were fierce attacks by terrorists on the government ministries through which the terrorists tried to break the infrastructure of the state and even when transferred to other sites, they also were targeted in a structured process to shatter the state.

  • عبد الهادي


    In the oil sector, we need companies as well as modern and sophisticated methods to increase production in Iraq and find new oil fields to which to extend new oil pipelines. There is a plan to expand al-Amiq port in the province of Basra in southern Iraq in order to supply ships with crude oil in the depths of the sea. Such a step needs very high potential and very high efficiency. It also needs expertise in this regard in order to avoid any possibility of leakage or explosions. Such processes cannot be supplemented by Iraq alone, but it needs all global and international expertise. The rest of the reconstruction projects are in the same level of importance for Iraq and the Iraqis. In all areas, we need the expertise and aid of the global giant companies.

  • عبد الحسن


    The government should promote the oil sector in terms of methods of building refineries and extracting oil like gasoline, kerosene and other derivatives in order not to have to import them from outside Iraq. Thus, providing convertible currency costs the state a lot upon importation as well as attention to the education sector in Iraq because of its importance in building a generation that will be the effective core in building the future. Therefore, attention must be paid to developing the curriculum, keeping up with the methods of modern education, paying attention to school building, and constructing pilot schools that meet the needs of the students and accommodate the growing numbers.

  • ماجد صابر


    In fact, there is no discussion on this topic in terms of its importance and impact on the lives of the Iraqis as well as on the development and improvement of Iraq. As we all know, Iraq and the Iraqis are directly and basically dependent on petroleum stockpiling. They depend on it a lot and all of their hopes lay there too. There are big plans for the campaign of the reconstruction and development of Iraq. This campaign needs a lot of financial support and large sums of money that Iraq can only pay through the exploitation of the Iraqi oil resources, which will cover all the costs.

  • بشير عبد الصاحب


    The large amounts of money entering Iraq through the sale of petroleum products must be invested properly for the construction and reconstruction of the country. Therefore, the most important thing that must be provided for the success of the projects is the establishment of a Ministry of Planning that takes it upon themselves to plan the implementation of the most important projects for the Iraqi people, the development of science in terms of the feasibility of studies and the implementation of projects during a period of time which would not be in conflict with the other projects.

  • مصداق


    It is known that Iraq is currently highly dependent on oil exports and revenues. The government should appoint competent committees and hold them accountable for every dinar allocated for reconstruction operations. The government shouldn’t agree to pay money for reconstruction without any follow-up processes, the lack of which has led to no real process of reconstruction in the country. They were all just ideas and nonsensical talk and we haven’t seen any tangible results with regard to construction processes. The other reason is that they don’t entrust construction projects to specialized companies with a good history and reputation, and which will be sincere, committed and punctual. What happened in the past was due to government's poor performance and instability, but now as it has regained balance, provided a suitable atmosphere for reconstruction, given licenses to some foreign companies to start developing Iraqi wells, extracted as much oil as possible for export and developed oil fields.